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n 1
President Cleveland Chairman
Wilson and Sontator Hill
Washington D C July 20
Editor Advocate
The tariff bill Oh whero is it
Mr mil nays a theory as well as n
condition confrouts us nt present
Tho Confeionco Committee on the
tariff bill has made Us roport and tho
conferees agreed to disagree and Mr
Hill iu opening his speech on tho
report made use of tho abovo
Tho Presidont has written a
letter to Chairman Wilson denounc
ing tho Sonato job as tin utter failuro
oi tho part of tho Sonato to redeem
tho pledges of tho Democratic party
Mr Hill is dofonding tho Presidents
position on frco raw materials Mr
Wlaon said in concluding his speech
yesterday If it bo true that tho
great American sugar trust has grown
so strong and so powerful that It says
that no tariff bill can pass the Ameri
can Congress in which its privileges
aro not adequately guarded if I
say thatbo true I hopo this IIouso
will never cotiBonfto adjourn I hopo
whatever tho fato of tho general tariff
bill is that this Houso Will not con
sent to au adjournment until It has
passed a single bill putting ro fined
sugar on tho froo list
Chairman Wilson has proven him
self a truo and patriotic Democrat a
Democrat for principlo and not for
what thoro is in it What wo need
to day is a few more WilsonBand
tho Democratic party will stand for
ovor It is thought that tho IIouso
will never agree to au adjournment
until tho bill is disposed of and ac
cording to tho Housos idea of tho
Thls stato of affairs convinces mo
moro thoroughly that tho Sonato
should cither bo abolished or that
Senators should bo elected by tho peo
ple Whon It comes to a few Incor
porated trust Senators wanting to
repudiate and destroy tho opinions
tho veins and the grand principles of
the great Democratic party It is time
to call a halt Tlio IIouso of Repre
sentatives must stand firm and get
what tho people want or nothing
Tho Wilson Bill as it was passed by
tho Senate is simply tho McKiuloy
Bill with Wilsons name at its head
After passing a number of bills from
tho Judiciary Committco to day tho
IIouso resumed tho consideration of
tho Tucker joint resolutions providing
for tho election of United Statos Sen
ators by a direct voto of tho people
About tho first thing ono hoars in
the morning and tho last thing at
night in Washington is Aint it
hot This seoms to mo to bo tho
hottest placo in the world
Tho Public Printer is still cutting
off heads and tho employes aro peti
tioning Congress tor a now building
a thing badly needed If an accident
should occur In tho printing office
thoro oan be no fault laid to anyono
oxcopt Congress herself
There aro groat preparations being
mado hero for tho outortalnment of
tho K of Ps Vico Presidont Stovon
spn haB promised to deliver tho ad
dress of welcome Tho Knights will
ceyfojnly reciovc a royal wolcomo and
bjavla grand time whilo hero Wash
ington being tho nations city tho
eights to bo seon aro well worth a
visit and tho WS of P Encampment
will afford an opportunity of seeing
all ai a little cost There will bo a
grand reception at Convention Hall
Which seats 0000 people This is
Whero tho Knights will bo received
by tho next President of tho United
States Jim Dash
For a Song
Iftcldlesboro Ky July 21 Tho
nominal Assets of the Coal rind
Iron Jlnnjc consistiag of personal
notop stocks of vuripus Middles
boro corporations ncl oity war
rants put up us collateral amount
ing to wore sold to dny
by Receiver D E McDowell nt
public auction for 16U
jvTwjmfijf jpy
Mother and Daughter
Mrs Virginia Botts ono of tho old
est citizons of Mt Sterling in length
of rosidonco as well as in yoars of life
died on Tuesday morning last at her
homo in this city For many years
sho has bcon almost a complete inva
lid and a confirmed ronluso for many
moro Sho would havo reached tho
ripo ago of ninety yoars had alio lived
till tho 10th day of Novombor noxt
and sovouty fivo of those yoars has
been spont as a resldont of Mt
ring Nearly sovonty ycare ago sho
joined tho Christian Church under tho
preaching of tho distinguished Alex
ander Campboll Mrs Botts had a
strong hold on tho friendship of our
older citizons who know her whon sho
was a woman in tho primo of life and
in tho discharge of its activo duties
Mrs Botts passed away about 10 a
m and as tho wiros woro bearing tho
news of her demiao to her daughter
Mrs Johu B Wilson of Shelby coun
ty tho some wiro was charged with
anothor message to tho family hero
that Mrs Wilson hcrsolfhad gone to
join tho mothor in tho other land
Barely a half hour intervened between
tho demise of mothor and daughter
Tho remains of Mrs Wilson were
brought horo and tho unusual scene
was witnessed of mother and daugh
ter being laid away together in our
city of tho dead Tho burial sorvico
of tho two was hold at tho homo of
Mrs Botts iu this city on Wednesday
A Tape Worm Suit
A very peculiar suit has beon filed
In tho Bullitt Quarterly Court Dr
Kani8or a prominent physician of
Smithville sworo out a writ of de
livery against Dock Miller of color
for tho recovery of a tapo worm
which tho doctor claims ho took from
Millers boy several weeks ago and
which Miller promised to deliver to
him iu consideration of tho doctors
Recently tho doctor called upon
Miller for tho worm which was pre
served in alcohol and tho darkoy ro
fused to glvo it up claiming tho boy
would dio if tho worm went out of
tho family Tho doctor then tlpmand
edthe money for his services attending
tho boy but Dock didnt havo the
mOney and turned tho doctor away
with insulting words Tho doctor is
very wrothy and determined to collect
his fee
Conferreos Threatened
Tho conforrees of tho Tariff Bill aro
not only required to meet dissensions
in thoir own ranks but It appears aro
also compelled to recelvo threats of
personal violence from persons on tho
outside Theso threats havo so far
como by mail and aro generally an
onymous t
Senator Jones says ho has rocolved
at least a dozen letters of this charac
ter of which tho following is a fair
specimen Now York July 19 To
tho Congressional Committee on Tar
iff Bill If you pass tho bill with tho
income tax dont lorgct to order your
coffins You will need them all of
you as soon as you In Washington A
Democrat So help you God
Louis Stevenson tho Vice Presi
dents son was greatly ploased with
his appointment to the pay corps of
tho navy had his uniform mado and
was about to filo his bond but mean
while married and went to Europo
on his wedding trip and then resigned
No reason has been assigned for this
chango of mind but it appears to be
chiefly a rich father in law Louis
ville Post
Tho A E U leaders request that
no American citizen who beliovos in
equal justico to all men slial patron
ize tho PullmanCompany by riding in
thoir cars until they do justico to thoir
employes Dobs expresses his faith
iu tho Amorlcan pcoplo and says all
legal means will bo resorted to until
the grievances havo beon righted no
claims his organization to bo growing
at the rate of COO per day
For Rent
Choico bed rooms hi tho rJjylor
Apporson builcling Soo M S Ty
ler or oall at this office for particu
It Providos For tho Inspection of
Immigrants on tho Other Sido
Washington July 21 Tho Con
gressional authorities on immigra
tion laws nro much exorcised over
tho passage of Ropresentativo Will
iam A Stones Immigration Bill in
the Houbo yesterday while moBtfof
tho members were watching tho
exciting scenes in tho Senate Tho
Stone bill is far reaching in its ef
fect on the system of inspecting
immigrants ns the entire inspec
tion is transferred to foreign ports
and placed in tho hands of United
Statos Consuls instead of waiting
for inspection at Now York and
other ports when the immigrant
arrives in this country I expect
to see tho bill taken up by tho Sen
ate at an enrly day and passed
said Mr Stone and already sev
eral Senators who recognize the
evils of immigration havo signified
thoir purpose to urge it to speedy
passage Tho present immigration
system has proved a failure Im
migrants keep coming without
reference to restrictions Tho sys
tem is wrong as it leaves tho im
migrant to furnish all tho informa
tion on which he is to bo received
or rejected-
Mr Stono was asked if tho re
moval of the system to foreign
ports would not necessitate a large
force of inspectors or olso give tho
United States Consuls additional
work entitling them to additional
pay No said he Efforts have
been mado to so change the laws as
to let the Treasury Department
appoint the foreign inspectors
Such a chango would necessitate
the creation of a large force of oili
cers but as tho bill stands tho
United States Consuls who aro not
overburdened with work will have
charge of the inspection
It is understood that Senutors
Davis Chandler and Quay will
particularly interest themselves in
the Stono bill with a view to its
early adoption
Looks Like Paynter
Greenup Ky July 21 At the
county conventions to day Con
gressman Paynter carried Greenup
Carter Fleming Mason Nicholas
Robertson Bracken Harrison Row
an and Lewis giving him within
four votes of tho nomination
A Young Congressman
If J M Kendall Democratic con
gressional nominee In tho Tenth Ken
tucky Distric is anything like tho
Courier Journals picture of himho
ought to bo a Froshmau in a first clabs
high8chool But ho mado a strong
speech In accepting tho nomination
Solma Ala Times
Dr John L Brown of Jefierson
villo waB married on last Wednesday
to Miss Prudio Cathorlno Bowling
Rev J P Ross of tho Methodist
Church Caraargo officiating at 0 30
Thoy wont to Frankfort and after a
fow days sojourn will roturn to Jcffer
sonvillo and begin housekeeping
Let Clark Settle it
In spite of tho fact that tho Camp
ton Convention Indorsed Judge W M
Bcckner for tho short term in Congress
to sucocd tho Hon M C Lisle ho will
havo to figlit insido tho party for the
placo Mr D C Lisle brdthor of the
doceascd Congressman has followed
up his announcement of candidacy by
commencing an actiro fight for tho
placo His claims aro purely senti
mental and that sort of thing goes a
longways iu that district and It may
bo that ho will bo a formidable factor
In tho race
It seems a pity that tho Democrats
of tho district at this particular time
whon harmony is so much desired
should bo called on to settlo a contest
for such a yory short term aud It has
boon suggested that Judge Bcckner
ana Mr Lislo leave tho settlement oi
tho matter to tho voters of Clark county
where thoy both reside It is said the
two gentlemen concerned havo prac
tically agreed to thin and it seoms to
bo the sensiblo way out of it Cou
rier Journal
Has Some Bigness His-own-self
Mr Vest indignantly resents Mr
Clevelands action in urging Congress
to do something toward redeeming the
pledges of tho Democratic platform
Mr Cleveland is a big man ex
claims Mr Vest but tho Democratic
party is greater than any ono man
It is not however according to Mr
Vests Tariff Bill as great as three or
four men whom Mr Vest happens to
know in tho Senate Courier-Journal
The Fifth Avcnuo Hotel ono of tho
best in tho city of Louisville has
changed hands and while its prices
will remain tho same it will If possi
blo bo placed on a higher grade than
of the past Tho Fifth Avcnuo under
its former management has pleased
its guests bo thoy ever so fastidious
aud now this hotel has au enviable
reputation tho country over Under
tho now management Mr Johneon
will not only aim to maintain its
high standing but to mako it moro
attractive and pleasant Tho Fifth
Avenue has low equals oven with
hotels vhiclyhrgctwico tho amount
and under the present management It
will continuo to grow In popularity
That was a glorious rain that fell
yesterday Nevor did rain come more
timely or in a manner to do moro
good It foil just fast enough to bo
drank up by tho thirsty ground and
as it reached tho roots of tho grass
corn and tobacco It sent now llfo into
tho parched vegetation and put a
broad grin upon every farmers face
Judge Seeds of tho Now Mexico
Federal Court upholds tho action of
tho Atchison recolvers in 1 of using to
ro employ strikers and orders that no
ono guilty of contempt shall In any
manner bo rc omploycd This latter
especially effects fourteen stiikors
whom ho has just sentenced to terms
varying from fifteen to fifty days in
It is said that tho pastors of three
churches in Catlettsbuighavo decided
not to preach moro than half an hour
and to call upon any member caughtl
nodding during sorvico to loau 111
Tho proacher who cannot keep his
congregation awake for half an hour
oven those sultry summer days de
serves to havo thorn go to eleop on
Fire Life
Strong Companies
REAL ESTATE IMt Sterling 137-
Robbed Near Winchester
Mr Win Spencer a well known
and popular farmerjof this county on
Monday night of last week reached
Winchester on his way homo from a
trip to tho west His train missed
connection and ho hired a horse and
buggy with a negro driver to como
Whon some distance this sido of
Winchester tho negro drow a razor on
Mr Spencer and demanded hismouoy
After getting what money Mr Spon
cor had with him somo 33 tho
bruto threatened to kill tiio old gen
tloman A ibitunato movement of
tho horso throw tho scoundrel to tho
ground and Mr Sponcer drove rap
Idly toward home Mr Sponcer sent
to town for his son-in-law Mr Chas
T Wilson and together thoy returned
to Winchester and found little diffi
culty in locating tho negro who
proved to bo Grant Goff an ex con
vict Mr Sponcer secured 2525 of
his monoy and had tho satisfaction of
seeing his assailant lodged in jail
Ah There Senators
Tho Sonatos reception of tho Presi
dents letter was what might havo
been expected Tho small boy can
nevor understand the justice of a
spanking Tho Sonato Is out of sorts
It knows it has brought itself into
contempt It knows it has dishonored
tho pledges of tho Democratic party
It has managed to quiet its own
conscience by specious arguments bat
it has had a restless fear that there is
going to be trouble to mako theso ar
guments stand with the people Thoy
aro not too far gono to recognize in tho
Presidents letter tho opinion that tho
people entertain of them that they
have been driving tho Domocracy
toward party perfidy and party dis
honor Courier Jouonal
The marriage history of George K
Gates of New York who figures in a
divorce case which is to conic up will
bo as follows
1S65 Married Annio Dudley
quarreled and separated
1SG9 Told by his wiles father
that Mrs Dudley was dead
ISflO Married Alice Lipman who
tried to get hold of his property and
failing is said to have tried to poison
1892 Mrs Gates No 2 went to live
with tho boarder Andrew Wood
1893 Mrs Gates No 1 who had
not died sued for divorce charging
Gates with committing adultery with
Mrs Gates No 2
1892 Mrs Gates No 2 sued for
divorce charging Gates with carnal
knowlcdgo of Servant girl Maggie
Tho name of W C P Breckinridge
ha3 been dropped from tho list of Lex
ington Lodge No 1 F A M aud
in its list of members appear the
names of Henry Clay Crittenden
Beck Willie will not dio a Mason
It is a mistake to think that women
are less intellectual than men Tho
brain that can comprehend and carry
tho fancy work directions givon in the
fashion papers is surely equal to any
question of stato no matter how mo
mentous it may be
A school district in Grant county
Kansas contains onlv ono family
Tho fathermother and oldest son havo
elected themselves trustees and ap
pointed tho eldest daughter at 35 a
month to teach tho younger children
Babyloniamlablcts which have just
reached tho British Museum prove
that faith in ono God existed in that
part of tho world 3000 yoars boforo
The only holidays in the year
to which an English approntico is
legally entitled are Sundays Good
Fridays nnd Christmas Day
It is estimated that in Germany
last year 15000000 men wasted
over 85 working days each in play
ing cards
When a ptjrson is hysterical oft
entimes n portion of tho body 1ms
absolutely o feeling
Tanned elephant skin is over an
ineh t4iik and brkigs very hiyh
Pneumatic tiros have bcrti found
very serviceable on hospital ambu
X0 52
Wall Paper
Carpets for 10c n rani to floe n yai il up Wall
on piice
Chamber Set for fl9 a set up Glastcs 2c
each up Plates lc cacli Cups lc Salts anil
PcpneiaSc Spoons 2c One half pal IMclieis
foi 1c Ono fit for Pc HanKlng Lamps for
J 125 up stand Lamps 13c 15c 18c and tip-
We hae tho laijrcst line in the cltv and ivo
I1I mnku tlio lmot inicei eer juotud in tho
countiyfor a Rood stove Nails 2 lb for 8c
8 Tin Uijis foi rc 1 pal Tin coveied IJucKet 10c
3 cjt Codco Iot 10c 1 pal for 12c inuilunviuv
will ho void fni about tho piice of Tinwaio
Nici No s Tea Kettles In Gran I to for fioc wottli
Nott this sale w ill last for tho month of
M e run p sold a lup lot of poods in tilo lat few
dajsononi 2l pel icnt dls comit unlc but tills
will I much louei puces on lots of poods
Now tiit leason we mako this sale I want to
neit invlnml Id room and to do this I hac
tooiirrillconiy pood to mako room What ta
iii m our pain and now inakeiatirthionc
count h buying of
Every Sale Is Spot Cast
Main St Mt Sterling
Goodwins Higli School
Icncaa3r Sept 3 1B94
Catalogues aio out and
will bo sent on applica
m t
Emerson Institute
A Boarding aud Day Sctool for Girls
A ll Imary and Academic Depfti 1m
Miss Lein will udin dim go of the tliool
ad bo aistcd by competent tcarheir in tho
aiimis dep iitmtntH IioUion be mado
ffir it class of littlopiils mid lxa tindci teuu
jers of apo for tuuhouiH ilwh Tbu woikirj
uiteiatute roi tno c n win do dlwtfcd Int loin
coulees of nine cik cichjcuiWstinp uf I no
Llteintuics of Emobcan countries itiH tludi
inlliituce upon llistoit and a coui in 4nfr
icau Litciatmc Excellent aiUautifes Int
Mathematics Music iohI AH Latin and one
inodei n lanpuapc inclined in tho couua with
out eUri cliaipo Miss Lewin is at Mif Kan
nio Whites on Kauison aMiniu1 foi tko nuu
inur Foi fuithoi Infoi mitlon or for cTnicu3
call thciooi addicss Miss S M Lewin Jftlci
tA J

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