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Brai co operation
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Of the FSice
Mrs Laura B Minis of SmithvilleQa
says A small pimple of p strawberry
color appeared on my cheek it soon
began to grow rapidly notwithstand
ing an euort9 to cueck it My
1 s
au tne case as
eye became terribly
inflamed and was so
swollen thatforquite
a while I could not
see The doctors
said I had Cancer of
the most malignant
type and after ex
hausting their efforts
without doing me
any good they gave
boneless When in
formed that my father had died from
the same disease they said I must die
as hereditary Cancer was incurable
At this crisis I was advised to try
SSS and in a short while the Cancer
began to discharge and continued to do
so for three months then it began to
heal I continued the medicine a while
longer until the Cancer disappeared en
tirely This was several years ago and
there has been no return of the disease
A Rea Blood Remedy
Cancer is a blood disease and only a
blood remedy will cure it S S
t guaranteed purely vegetable is a real
blood remedy and never fails to per
manently cure Cancer Scrofula Eczema
Rheumatism or any other disease of the
blood Send for our books
on Cancer and Blood Diseases
11 i i
any address
Swift SneciOc ifc v
To Atlanta Ga
Words of Approval J6r President
VVrJ ling from Chicago to a Now
Yorjc paper William J Bryan lias tho
following to say regarding tho inaug
ural address of President JtcKinloy
I havo load with much interest
those portions of President McKinloya
inaugural address which treat of tho
money question and tho trusts His
6 JiAimkllJU UfUlill IfUDlO 11114 lUIll
binatioua of capital itT encouraging
to those who boicivo that it is tha
duty of tho Government to protect tho
weaker members of sociqty from those
who aro pecuniarily powerful Hie
worus jusuiy us in expecting an
aggressive policy for ho promises to
recommend now legislationif new leg
islation is necessary as well as to en
force tlfo laws already in existence -
I was especially pleased to note tho
emphasis which ho placed upon tho
dbmantLfor equal rights It is not
equality of possession but equality
of rights that tho people demand
equality befpro tho law or to quote
if Democratic maxim Equal rights
to all and special privileges to nono
jTho President recognizes that pre
vailing conditions aro unsatisfactory
He refers to tho tact tlujt willing la
borers aro Idle and that loss is en
tailed upon useful enterprises Ho
admits that tho couutry is suffering
from industrial disturbances and
needs epeody relief By following
this admission of the financial ques
tion ho seems to suggest that tho
motioy quo3tion is tho paramount
His promiso to ondoavor constant
ly to socuro international bimetallism
is a rebuko to those who think that
tho gold standard should bo main
tained because of its own merits Tho
ystom which is so bad as to justify
an niivlv aiwl nnvupct ntlnmnf tn trni
rid of it can noube defended But Iris
declaration that bad as it Jp it must
bo indurtd until help conies from
abroad will bo discouraging to thoso
expect intorimt
can bo secured
flirough persuasion
It is humiliating to think that after
rnoro than a contury of national ex
istence wo must fiepend upon tho
right of petition instead of relying
upon tho right to legislate If any
part of our industrial depression is
dud to tho gold standard then it is
certain that to that extent tho
Kba epn w continue unless tho other
groat coinmorcial powers of tho world
join US in restoring bimetallism
lhr nntvmtc lint Hvn fri tlntlt nliil
Iron but with thorn Tho mothor
should allow no false modesty tq
Btaid in tho way of her daughter
knowlodgQ of horsolf of her possibili
ties of hei perils For ovor 30 yoius
DrPlcrco has used IiIb Favorlto Pre
sprfptioi as a strongthenorapuriflor
a regulator It works directly upon
theiolicatc distinctly fcininiuo or-
ganit in a natural goolhlng way
seavobos put tho weak spots and
-builds thom up A woman who
Ipfyoultl understand herself should send
21 cpJiiS to the Worlds Dispensary
iiiiffiildX7 Yorur PioqVb Mod
Interesting Notes on Matters Tlint
lAiiyiaor y a bookot lOye page - nrr tlo
V jf
B White seeu uats or
Tallied of iTi Europe
Enssia has jnst taken her first census
All tho figures hitherto quoted on tho
population tho religion and tho classi
fication thereof in the Rnssinu empire
havo been mere gnrsswork True Peter
Wio Greotcstablishcd a special kind of
census for tlio serf population which
was continued nt irregular intervals
down to 1868 it object being to deter
mine tho poll tux formerly payable to
tho stato by the owners of tho serfs
But with that exception therohas uovor
been any numbering of the people in
Hecordauco with the requirements of
modern statistical science It has been
n one dnyceusns and was earned into
offeot on Feb 10 Inasmuch as 80 per
cent o tho population of Russia can
neither read nor write the labor of
enumeration lias been exceptionally
Constprtinoplslo now in tho midst of
Ramadan or tho Mohammed Lent Tho
latter is scrupulously observed by tho
followers of the Prophet and from sun
riso to Hunset thoro is an entire absti
nence not only of food and driak hut
even ot tobacco Without tho latter seda
tive to tho nerves tho Turkish character
always prone to fanaticism becomes ex
ceedingly difficult to niinago Tlio ha
tred of tho mi believer assumes an
acuto form and UrffeEnmadnu is in con
seqnenco thereof nlSava regarded by tho
Christians in Mohtmcdau countries
with a certain drgrieo f apprehension
Iu the present tuisottled condition of af
fairs In tho Ottoman ompiro no mirpriso
need therefore ijo f olt if at any moment
popular disturbances aro reported either
f roin Odnstantiuoilo or from Asia Minor
Tho British gcrsmmenf in asking
from parliament a grant of 30000000
to bo ppent in the development of tho
defenses of thp empire announces that
of this uuiount 8000000 is to bo do
voted to the paichaso of Salisbury plain
for use an nmunotivcr ground Tho
plain jjfiich covers an area of somo GO
square miles takes in Stouchcngo and
fears ufe expr ssed lpst onio enterpris
ing geuofals ohdald convert theso most
ancient temples of tho Druids into mod
ern redoubts Tho monoliths have sur
vived many change but thoy might
not survive military zoal and cordite
Tho Transvaal lus applied for and so
cured uduiission to tho Geneva Red
Cross convention though not without
receiving u sharp reminder from Lord
Salisbury that no snob stop can bo taken
by tho Boer republic without tlio per
mission of Queen Vietoria in her capac
ity of suzerain tho sanction being
granted by tho British government
Without having been requested by the
Transvaal authorities
Tho British government on tho pro
posal of tho first lord of tho admiralty
Mr Goscficn has decided to mako a
grant of S0000 toward tho expenses of
tho much talked of autarctio expedition
which is to bo undertaken under tho di
rection of Dr Nansen
In order to understand tho extraordi
nary attitudo of tho European powers iu
connection with tho conflict botwoen
Greece and Turkey it must bo ronioin
bcrod that whereas most of tho enor
mous national debt of tho Ottoman em
pire is in tho hands of French English
and Austrian bondholders wolluighthj
entire state liabilities of Greece aro
held by Gorman investors Inasmuch
as a war between Turkey and Grceco
would tend still further to ombarross
tho finances of theso two hoavily indebt
ed countries and thus compromise tho
interests of their foreign bondholders
tho groat powers havo decided that un
der no circumstances would thoy permit
any conflict to tako place
According to tho plan now officially
announced in London for tho forthcom
ing Sudan campaign a railroad is to bo
constructed ncross the desert to Abu
Hamed fco as to bo nblo to tako up a
flotilla of river gunboats iu sections to
a point where I hey could bo launched
on tlio Nile above tho formidable and
dangerous Monassir cataracts Eleven
of theso guuboats aro now boiug built
in England and will bo shipped to
Egypt next month Onco launched and
armed at Abu Earned tho capturo of
Berber and after that Caidurmauby tho
flotilla will not bo a diiilcult matter
In addition to tho now deep level
electrio raijroad that isubout to bo con
structed beneath tho present lino from
Earls court to the Mansion House in
London a dismnco of fivo miles a light
overhead electrio railroad is to bo built
from Praed streot Paddington to WU
lesden a distance of 4J miles Tho
track will bo carried on a viaduct form
ed of steel columns B0 to 70 feet apart
supporting lattice girders tho rail level
being at an averago hoight of 15 feet
abovo tho roadway t
Francos treasury receipts for 1800
show an increase of nearly 15 000 000
in tho reveuuo derived from tobacco
which indicates that tho practice of
smoking nnd snuff taking is on tho in
crease This has led M Dcoroix tho
president of the Antitobacco league of
Frnnccj to ascribe tlio depopulation of
Franco and scarcity of Children to
thoabuso of nicotine and ho is especial
ly vehement in his denunciation of tho
short pipes and cigarettes which tho
French affect in proferenco to tho long
pipe1 pationizcd by tho Germans Tho
French uicUul of smoking ho declares
brings much mom nicotino into tho
torn than tho German
King Oscar has signified his iptontion
of placing u gunboat at the disposal of
i Explorer Adree for tlio purpose of
ivej ing IdsoxpjiditioM to Spitzborgon
mmfffiTflrT IHVVrr Amtrnh ifc
may bo remmboredproposes to rbaolr
o northpmejHr means of
r H
- -
Over 10400 15IU mid 3100 Resolutions
iVore Iutroduccl Iu tho Lower llousc
Some TlilutTR It Wo Keinarkt blo For
Third 81000000000 Congrcgg
Tho Fifty fourth congress will bo held
remarkable principally for what it fail
ed to accomplish In ono respect in
tho number of bills and resolutions in
troduced it was a record breakor In
tho houso alone ovor 10400 bills and
8100 resolutions wore introduced and
roferred to tho various committees On
ly a fraction of theso passed tho houso
and fewer still becamo laws
Tho principal business of the congress
aside from tho passage of tho appropria
tion bills was limited to tho first ses
sion tho net results of which wcro tho
enactment into laws of tlio bills creating
tho commission to determine tho true
divisional line botweoiivVenczucla and
British Guiana prohibiting prizefight
ing in tho territories permitting ap
pointments in tho army nnd navy of
former United States officers who
served in the rebellion making one
years residenco in a territory necessary
for n divorce incorporating thoNation
al Society of the Daughters of tfiq Revo
lution defining tho penalty fou inter
ference with railway trains and persons
riding thorcon and substituting sala
ries for fees to United States marshals
and district attorneys Asido fiqru tho
foregoing monsnrcs tho remaining bilb
oxcepting the immigration bill and the
joint resolution fur an inttrusttibnul
monetary conferenco passed uVthq sec
ond session were of no general interest
Included in theso were 700 priyato pen
sion bills an unprecedented number
In another respect tho Fiftyfourth
congress was remarkable Tbis wps it
failure to pass ti siuglo bill providing
for public buildings Tho hqnsecalen
dar contained 106 bills of this class in
cluding the senate bill for a custom
houso in New York city Speakor Reed
however iu his determination to ro
duco the expenditure to the lowest pos
sible limit consistent with tho necessi
ties of the government sot his face
sternly against all legislation of this
character Notwithstanding this cir
cuinstanco the present congress is the
third in American history in which tho
appropriations luivo exceeded 1000
000000 If it is claimed these appro
priations be deducted from tho sum to
tal tho aggregato for the past two years
would bo littlo in excess of 1000000
A number of important measures
which were reported to tho houso tho
provious session and wore expected to
receive favorablo consideration during
tho present session woro either defeat
ed or wero left on tho calendar Tho
bill to settle indebtedness of tho
bond aided rallwnys to tho government
which was a legacy from tho provious
session suffered a crushing defeat in
January last Tho substitute mcasuro
prepared by Mr Harrison of Alnbanui
to adjust these claims through tho me
dium of a cabinet commission was not
permitted by the committeo on rules t
come beforo tho houso
No effort was made at tho last sessi
to call up tho bills admitting Arizona
Now Mexico and Oklahoma to state
hood Tho sound money men in tho
houso wero a practical unit against tho
admission of any territories whioh aro
likely to send advocates of freo silver
to tho senate
Among the bills which passed the
house but havo not been acted upon in
tho senate aro the Morse bill to provont
tho selling of liquors in tho capitol tho
Brosius bill permitting tho establish
ment of national banks with a capital
of 20000 in towns of 4000 inhabit
ants and tho Loud bill to reclassify
second class mail matter
Tho work of tho seuato during tho
past session has not been heavier than
usual Tbo number of bills introduced
generally runs up abovo 3000 aud this
session tho total has reached 8783
Much of tho timo of tho seuato has boon
consumed iu tho discussion of questions
rolatiug to our foreign relations and
whilo no positivo action of any kind
has boon takon many columns of Tho
Congressional Record havo been filled
with speeches on theso topics Cuban
resolutions havo been introduced and
pressed for action by tho scoro but be
yond precipitating debate nothing has
been accomplished
A treaty with Japan has been ratified
putting into immediate operation tho
clause of tho treaty of commcrco and
navigation negotiated two years ago
Tho general treaty of arbitration with
Great Britain after being fruitlessly
considered for two weeks wont ovor
until tho next session Tho Alaskan
boundary treaty with Great Britain has
not oven boon considered in committee
Tho Nicaragua canal bill which
was debated for sovoral weeks was on
tho point of final passage with a cora
fortablo majority in front of it when
tho protest of tho miuistor representing
tho Groater Central AmoricanRopublio
was recoived Now York Sun
The Socialist In Kansas
Nowhero elso is tho American social
ist so oamost so outspoken and bo un
hampered bysoruplo as In Knusas That
is because tho Kansas man is an Amer
ican with no guidiug motivo savo hia
dcBlro to kick When tho American does
get off tho track ho goes farther than
any 6no His good sense however al
ways jJrJngsS ijim back but whilo he is
Wlwroin comtfi
Amimcan b
echuluiiiq h
jalisui for in this state
Mn plain everyday
Mfvjng ina soeifyiuid
14 - i J
WMiQTO vamly t0lfa U0t
1 v
MtSterling Advocate Tuesday March 16 1897
Nr tkyjiirtitaifclqflqtijuj ilri
wnst is iulul wmi
I puttier cqmfQrt from tlio tilings 1 read
It HiuKcs my hrart mora nicllowltko
I ciBtt foiUytv wura tOMeenohoh lend
Thom JVho Unvo Attained This Honor
Havo All llnon Motv of Force
It is a remarkablo fact that every
president of tho United States has been
a lawyer with tho exception of five
who havo como into ofilco on tho tido
of popular sympathy nnd admiration
for tboir services as great war gonerals
Lawyers are seldom created by for
tuitous circumstances or by tho influ
ence of their early surroundings and
tho significance of this romark will bo
Mado plainer when it is pointed out
that nearly every president has oyi
donced at an early ago a very decided
inclination toward tho profession of
law and this tendency among somo of
them could not be diverted by tho dic
tates of oxtremo poverty and tho total
lack of facilities for education
Many of them wero brilliant men
whoso education permitted them to
grasp a wido variety of technical sub
jects and who felt the pulse of tho sci
entific world in a general though not
decided way but dominating and col
oring nil their acts and thoughts was
tho ono great hereditary mainspring of
their lives how to know and under
stand nnd appreciate tho relation of
man to man government to govern
ment and finally to control and sway
thom through tho influence of their le
gal logic
There aro hosts of lawyers who daz
zle tho public mind by tho power and
vigor of their word picturing men who
enrry juries off their feet by wonderful
bursts of silver tongued eloquence and
yet they aro unfitted for the presiden
tial chiir simply because they do not
cd coi iict tLic ibir the beautiful rule
ill vcc is prklen
Our presidents without exception
martial and legal alike havo been not
ed for knowing when to keep thoir
mouths shut men who wero not inva
riably diplomatic in their uso of Eng
lish and -Dine who could flavor it up to
the q Kins tato when thoroughly
aroused but withal inclined to commit
themselves but little even in tho sanc
tity of tliir family circle without duo
deliberation and tho weighing of their
oral acta1 New York Herald
Tho Unrlo of tho rainout New York 3111
lloimlrci Tvlls About It
Eliznr Sape who lately borrowed 50
from Iur uncle Russell Sago and gave
n mortgage on his homo to secure the
loan is chief of police of Channahou
Ills He receives a salary of 15 a month
and has a wife and niuo children
His house was burned last November
nnd when lie began to rebuild ho found
that ho lacked 50 of tho required
I wrote to Unclo Russell ho says
but got no answer Iwroto again say
ing that I could givo him a mortgage
on my lot and on tho houso I was build
ing if ho would loan mo tho money foi
thrco months Then iio answered di
recting me to send on my note together
with n receipt from tlio recorder of
Will county for tho mortgage
I onco paid a visit to my unclo in
New York continued Mr Sago I
stopped at a hotel
Of course I havo no way of knowing
whother my rolativo cared about my
ing to his houso I uso tobacco and
may bo that ho was afraid it would
spoil his carpets or furnishings New
York World
And ThU In n Free Country
In his lecture on tho Spoilsmans
Creed at tlio First Congregational
church Columbus the other night Rov
Dr Washington Gladden said
If tho queen of England should at
tempt to dictate in tho politics of her
government a hundredth part as much
ns ono man in New York evidently
T O Piatt and ono man in Pennsyl
vania evidently Senator Quay
havo recently done she would bo de
posed within u fortnight
And yot said he Americans nro
frequently cited to England as a form
of despotism in government to bo ab
Up Again
Tho old project of a railroad from tho
City of Mexico south into South Amer
ica is up again for talk Tho distanco
from tho City of Mexico to tho South
American frontier is 1700 miles Over
400 miles of this road are in operation
and 800 miles more are under construc
tion Tho remaining 500 mako tho trou
ble and seem likcly to mako it for some
time to come Hartford Couraut
Tho Whnlo nnd the Creed
Rollidous llclitfl I always did buwull
Tls BomothhiR that I never tako u start lu
I hnta to sou BOodpooplo runt uiul rail
Of thliiKH ou which no ono bIiouU fool too
Bo this dlsputq twist Jonnh nnd tlio whalo
Its hard to soo how onu can take much
heart in
And cut his feoilnga all torn up and nottlcd
About a thine that novor can bo tottlod
I havo n frtciii hs old nsbo can bo
nis lofts nro wubbly and his head Is hoary
Who iu a tjiousandjvnys has shown to mo
A faith implicit in tho Jonah story
Ills old wife with him scarcely can agree
Sho says it a un nnclont allegory
And hh in peaco pontiffs his wlfo to doubt it
Though yoara ng thoyquarrclud somo about it
Tha Dlblo is a book that I adoro
For prppopts found ytliln its sacred pages
Oft when Im sad I turn its pages oor
And rood tho record of departed sages
Hut mutters in dlsputo nlns no mora
My wayworn tftid dlstrilctud mind encages
Liko Jonah and the vvhlomid Noahs lauding J
Aim iiiuiKs uiai ias my touulo uuueretauuing
I rond instead vliot I cnnuirtssi
Tho story of a KutlivrlSTovo undying
Tho promise of auothorbjttqr jnnd
Beyond this vale of pnlii and want und Bigli
Jl V
A mansion in a city groathnd grand i
Tlio glory of nnns lilShodt lift outi
f -- J
tt outvyln
bad Indian There indications that
aro wia wickediiMw can term m vi
tho LhasbUHueiucr in Kansas 1b done And wcury eouln can roitfri noaco furovo
yet tho stjitiftomaiu an excellent field I Am Yll1o t don bM on ony cro ld
tions oi And dootritios tlniRljtiiyfcboQjsicelcrli stto
Pi r
aafflffjBwvyii mw rnwgKf
Mr W fi c -
vv 4
M pP
v HfRiT U IH B r w tK
ff j Sutton
Mttnf7iiaftr 4
Will move his immenao stock of goods to tlio
Fizor Building on March 1st and will do away with
books and sell strictly for casb and I know by making
this change I can sell goods on smaller marging I
havo gotton my rent for very much less and propose to
Roll goods cheaper than evor before I havo a very
large stock of carpets and matting and thoy are of the
vory beet standard brands and I will foil tlicm at
about as cheap y you can buy shoddy slufT My mat
ting stock is large and well elected and I can sell mat
ting iroin iu rents a yard up My furniture stock
complete and at prices to nit the time
IJSirCall and sec ine at the Fizcr Buildin
Court St It will be to your interest
few 5
assssZSS JJS
l a ucMnnrn
fsi i
3 J
Bourbon or Rye is Always the Best
It is strictly mi old fashioned liantl mude Sour insh
Whisky put up twelve bottles to the case Each
bottle lias our signature strip across stopper Con
sumers should insist on getting the OLD PUG II
R S Straclerc6 Son
Salesroom 7 1 East Main Street LX i n HtO n Kv
A Fall in Silver
has made silverwear correspond
ingly less in price afid you can get
to day articles mado of that metal
at figures which would have aston
ished your parents The passing
of the Holidays foo has something
to do with the decreased price and
there is no better timo than now to
avail yourself of bargains
Agent Mt SterlinsiKv
Richmond - - - Virginia
HflnnlflK Of RIIRTPV TflRSffn Hinc a contract fnrB000 IIogHhciulu of Urljilit to Colory
ndllUIUla Ul DUIthtiY lUDAtbU
i riburul nilvnncea mide lui nnnu ntiantl
Wltcfcrcncc8 all bankora and lmniutj men of Uichinond Viu nnd all dculei of KciUutk
lllokhmond V 11 for bet TUICKS
for your slIORT tlKUUY ltKl your
EvwRUJXcsasw ojf v
i SiX H fl jtf - - -5
n toiir i a irttiuv - w
h k
iMrX i
i ciKmr jF7ii - i itvsMtrTi n k irjytemh
ji au lua oso aoac -- 1
i ijjvM r
nlTrarri rollablo and
Blway03kfgr DrHuita
PAnnvrnval ffntimln
Kfn Tmllul
Oottdn Boot nnd
Illis Tiior never
mt w
fill and nover InluraIMullikltuunruiU on rccelntcl 1 b
1 UreiK ou rticolvt of JlOQljy
MeawiDa wo bu rauiMiqru
UtKt pP
Curoa la 1 to 4 day Ilnroa
dlnto in offootl unlck to cure
ijjumiuu pruYHliUTO can DO
oarvioa luvent BocKctaiLi ii
pictoinonttetnnupaoKusc mauoa iq any
ars liJiisy ct txz

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