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The Mt. Sterling advocate. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.) 1890-current, January 02, 1900, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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4 mzaduoi 8 aator what do you
iBfok of the contett la the orang free
Atst I am ofthe oplntoa thit wi IIt I
irpvQ to bo B Summer jab at it J ia
t bard to settle R question of t ti Liode l
When botb Odes had more or lca
1rsud mixed ta it wel by the eternal
Ol1oeaactDt do kurtry gottlng ti aj l
otltQr apt oabatdusr ay Bill Owens
wer boeton by gale It dent look very
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avBBti r < prifl tha koli4y r i a U
diMieiglyss by th KUceI Gib < > B it A
thdi pretty labaito BR l t ItaiK tetr et O
Friday a1IahtliUttitu aralih IB
by Ikft El6 > l osd otrlaj bnd ai
raere were aboat fifty rouae people 0
preieat C r
Oa Tuesday nveBlajr Hiss Llssle I hi
uacraaa give a > oWockBcheon oS
of her frteadi > v try I
Miw I Kettle Wilder entortalaed the I L
folio wlBgyoaag ladies Monday at din
af ir io BIu asbT hiksTTTIfaae I + I jibe I
Glary JEHea Deatoa Either Tulbee r
Mrf Miller Colemia > Lucjjjo Heddeo r I
Alaaa and Koilftr Wwbltt
p + j T
A cro rd of young Unfidi and gentloJ
mar itormed ToBi Battoa Moadav
evening Tenth mother knew tho
ore coming sad pb myl J what t
tell or good ttitgs +
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Mr NTJ Tfiaiblk andtA i aatl twL
ter Marguerite oa yesterday after
ar taodabnin trlandeTiboa tl
150 + idrr woo teat out r The boas l
j t itefuliy decorated Mutlq wa i
ria airing baud tnd the
treaamootonu bleone o4ar
act rtitlo of the boatete
Qa V7e4a aday ovealag the Stflrllag
Daaftm Clnb entertfclBMl maR p
frieadi at the Mew io tiaiple la their
nasal ylBaeiag aafioiwr TUawailo
waifBralahed by 8axWaexBrebe tr L
Flwal deeeratioBj w rot wcuitiiag
bat the wealth ct beauty star the sour r
Aa a g Ua social fittorw of t tat
holiday elUattOB mutt be called to I I
w hop gives at the Commercial Club
NOme by Mieau IfaatL Tabb Mary
Hoaler Johaaoa ana Faaale Tlpton
three of our popular Bad attractive
Udlet of the younger claw woo were
very gracioni IB I their maaaerof a u
dlIr BOB Pratt Drake wterUUiodai
= T uumliiy 7eTTOingf lifter SB oeTe
br t1ng hla dttacnih ilLblsr CaY
Aaritstld for fifteen and fifteen
candle adorned the table The Ie
present were MlaBtj Linda 11111 Irit
tanfcrtlKyMjiry MllUc Coleman
leEtber Taulbee Emily Na bHtLocllo I
UoJden Mary Ellen Ooatoo Nell
ee1lptoa Anna Lwra Drake JPIJzibetb
lnleurc > BenJAmin Dr kvH
Tom uttQ Bob Cglqman Brent
NunnoIu > Gorman Brown 1 Gear ge
ryrubbtyAe d
Oil Y Friday Dec 29lb Mjw LuoUA 1
Hcddon cntor taluodattva t ifl i botior i
w f
ia > Miui + +
fbr felitoon Thoaa pTesonV were
MUre Linda Miller Anna Ltnra j
Drake FIJz h tk Dtk j Jws1 Sssi
atbitt Bmlly Nesbitt Mary BH n Den
tun Netila WHdorj Mary Tyler Nell
ieSulton Ella Hazslrlgg Either Taul
biMary Smith Nell Tiptop Mtry
KjititiVyirder < t IjUorintha eyonlntf
G youdif gentleman proeont were
hissers i George Blubblofield Tack bb
tr ipltjBiiht J Nuunelloy lien Drtkoj t
11 m Goodwin Aiil4ifint 1 Ktijjy l
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iit t e
1ij j 1 j < f
JV fwt iti
ii 1 11
f 7JI kqt n
Wf tr
T i < e T
ir r A
R ot L
IY fod more kw4 deficiMMl p iU rIeI 1Q 11
J a z1
= T
Judy Palter Wood lUo1 bpttox
Calsart lt tta Xosig
onrMaYJ Kt aIbt rrIfJ
btsgttve R ntlkrgtly axe k d netc
irtrer Kh + er gtetIds JID kt
eletbra 1JU f brvo RKii taalr
Rttaallt aa worn tte
txted ff 111 < nblr Of ribs Ml
IU1IJ11onJOomP 4l > tarp
1rN KTf8 ueoareea ana Ira Jidte W
elabrrate t1hifl prerttet Warr t MJ1IfiI 8a
tart Trdeicaj fJiera Sisaprf lUr WT Teyj
App r + tox i ile rero AInnla Loisdeti lie
Ohio Paul Jt Uobven Hstolltaa O
Doird Sftltegtiber Lebanon lad Tut1 h
aft ttlmaa amy Prtmltt and J
Gree TrJaibb ol thU city
A r
Y 7
MM > Jfury Ellen Dcrtoa was tbw and
hooey of tba following yoqng ladlp
Bttnrd y evpntng atlea1Wne ladtPfIn
IOller ColJjn Nrttlc TTilder c
Am ar > fJ l5nJv Nwbttt AaocrLtar alJ
nd EIi it W < ti Uikr Ladle Hrddnr
LiotIa Miller N U Shirley Mal f
be cTening the tellowlog Tpnop
tfentlemftn were present Parker
Wood Bob Coetnauv Percy Wilrtor tl
Jot Bocbriflf W 11 l Iliistr = I rs
1Slaw George Bfnbblefleld and 13e x
fit t 11Ir1 t Watilul Jot >
The showing mtde by the Mt 8t rc
ling National Bask wilt fce highly
gratifying I to ju ctocboldera and
fr eadr OB 1 ca IL Ml lit i60
wvfnil B gei Bgi < > earning pT
iBjaW Sl fortbapaak jrf5 months 1
InDIpocd of by declaring it four per
eecoo dividend and by pUclnjtto eyed <
erof undivided profits < 1201195
Hon I N Qreen I is on duty in
the Legislature Hei is stopping
hwith his cousin Chisf Justice las
H Hazelrigg On all l questions
coming before the LegtsUture
Mr Green can be depended on to
vote in i iirie with Democracy an if
will eVer be present i <
xoaliio Bank
a reaaereoi rho 1LnY0oARCn are
reetatetnent nude kt 7 Eipharige uax
rBank lK ntnIl Tbo bantJaJw e
healthy1 condition and under the man
agauiant Ofvtg roubtnin umcn i
a1The depost Dane dtvfdahd pupil 111
1arc ethnonvO a m oaoyntaki ttg
rYsuillantiai oflnarjBA < i
h JIJo
nuIMYo1liltAk t ty fj
By tutu r c OU801ib rmOi Y 1 l2
am nro h L81Jlllllolv 1 e 91 Mr qtUlt I i 1
lani8IicC31J l n gtJ11r t h therr H i t u ij1
lsia t g JlftA b 1 01 t tl h y h
1 7 4
sia A 4si h r
if j 1 Af t
ftft iri
t m
w y FdrA
fIE f H
R f leIOU84E l t
011 h
TC Iiif1 lat1 ptMkei M I
sn rrar
st iwJ1Iae rMc1tyrJ
aM SB lBy > 4 S t 8tor3
rev JJl wU1 Wgta Ms attlxi try
with the jTlrjrt ireebyietixtr tr 1teXt
5adV4r f 1809
K atilt ptp 1e pbcm f horn
8jVte l CjTirlaia ehapch will bet
faeld to iaa rer roast last 1
8uEja for the Baptirt prayer most tA
TFcdBelday evening U BdigioB he
Ij gitrntttnbbletSdd pastor ollal
Btpilat cfaurcbe at Bbtrpufcnrj m
1Ic1 FieulBgtbnrp preachfd tot the Tbo
eveniag X 851
Owing I to th difltialry In heating bcr
thnbaildlagg on aoooaut Of detective W
furnace the church aervice for two
sleeks have been much iBtorrrnpled th t
tiliili atf
Preachta at Soutbnra Prwbyle
rian church on Btiurdaf at 330 d
i J
j < < Jl0
I a
W E I 1 NK
c t
r ode and Patrons of gprtetorefor il1 c < lilt I
6 T r g aa lust JoeedJJjL t I
uccesifal year In tne hiitpry p t our ff
SB ever promising tjjcbesticour line t
tab every human soul a Happy Hair b
hectfullioull II
n l
I 11
14T IS11tRI1ljC > 1 r
eqlrW mr
ICommatoe service on BUB a I
day mania aad preiohisg at Bight Ii I
All member are urged to attend S 5
Maarraa celebrated at the Qr < tbo
lib Church at midnight Sunday De
amber 31 uiheriag in i the lowe r i
Thi WM the tintt rvlce of the kind t
hare Jhe cbol real 2ili1 Pa Jt
HH1JTfir XI81Ut
The f cUnJriSgU tba program forth t
Week of Prayer to be obtenretd by the i
fljtiurche lit our fiitfj becinnlntf Jajj i j
uary 8 1900 V J
Uqndfiy evaaing < Methodist cbnreh
Rev H D Clark
Tuesday evening ChrUtUnchurch
Rey I1ISI1If > t t
so away evening Boatbera I
Bothe j
ohntedaytevent > IBFirer 1rvabnl 3iUr I
torian church Rev DW RQ artl 6n
Friday oveulog 0 ptlst churn h i
Rev 31 A J opt 1 n 11 > 1 < >
iI f I
l tOnevMouto Cough Qqro U the f
eliMtr l1dvt ever need farOu ate > 1
l 1i rtja nntauall 1t I42t
eSl1g ou6 ° Qtitarextr star ir
d 1h JrrrGontr lilo
lad 3t ltvlJt tails It lltbe only l
barmla a remade that gives itnmedU
aw raue < Oure oougbs coldti
hoarsarteatrcrnopl pne mcai r4 n
it8 early g4oPtflft + Bnivconiilmptldn j
DrY > age
irtiii > 1
p aY b P AOf waited l ftill Eng I
flit ltita6e arb 2 t l I
1 11 c
4 d i
> M Pa fP S I rj
t Y
itlktogial 6
OrSaturcy at llbOa Deaslwri 1p0
1809t Will ttde Barrough died ar
homntn thin tlbtl had bean Ha
treble health for > d few year but fdkce A
April feui fcesB very delicate and tat
time ksrStts bad been re4pt1 <
Mrrieeof wag and prayer sift
held at the residence oa Monday iiGl
id to nit Ida hvelab Abe WM a
member of the ChrUtian Cburd1g
family werfrruarQd In this oou = 4
tralidbd lived in towi for about A
35yem > < Tne docea od lived with A
cr ahtor MliV Bannie Her brother
William d5d sister Mr Mai tie Far A
mer are realdent of this c1tyT Q
them we extend oUrlrmJtbror
v IfF u
Cot John w Occar died Decembep r
owf toy5 xx dsyi clock p In at Tbia of
home oa the leadwatera of Hlafcatoa
crwkln thi coaaty Bo wan born
January 3 1817 on the farm on which
always 1 lived and died Be ma n
sever marriedt
B e was the ninth of a family of ton
children The only turvivor being
Joaejph C Drear who 1 s lying belilltI I
atihe Jrear homestead Thceo two
have alwaye maintained a opsrtBer
ship IB their property and it I MK be
Ql1bltLU bro mJl o our UmokATe
tan HarmoilblFtKaa
theirs BBC j fault
this 0 road family have
become tiered in he world t
sad rii lug of thoa r tjro re 1
aaovtr a of this ttnrdy old
IS4tdre false II
Oran solo ardttibon
trysts ty with hlrtdaak
adaat0t the imoiedla
lea Col Joha W Orwir1
ere are now living la thi
coKiiyTR tho following lire Jose
pblaa Poyater Judge JCd O 0Real
and family and Miam Xaatjtd StMtf
Col Great wta buried In Machpe t
lah Cemetry Monday hie reactor Wec
lag preached from the It 3S churb
South by Rev D IT Qcbartfoa
aaddsrlyr Qf 1
hearMroublrat bit home ia WiMbiw 1 I
teroav8noday morning December 2i <
rvau aiFV 3lul rirte1r >
retch high mlndoi ian in every jf I
tlcumr who bad many frJenda nilI I
no ttaeuiie and no man was eye r I
atsradsTCtid to fcl tscillj Or iruor io
hla lnndB WIncheat r SUB
A Kflw Tioljaoco J Manufatory >
Maserz Seo o W Baird r Ht Tau blo
mid Bairti 8 ltixaver have formed
parfnerabip ro conduct tbo manufac
tire Pf KouUcky Leaf Tobacco ltrD
Goorgo W Baird having purchta ed
the iiifetctt of Mr RoD Ititllfi
Tl esegenWcimen will manufaclnrb
on a much j isrecr ijalotbAn l heretofore
aud will push tea busJnets for all there
la in It Suslnoss will l be conducted
JnjhBj K TalJtJ Mid ling Ail nned
pOinjljcifdern maTifiiiifijrjt TiK sfStcu
to facilitate the business will be put Inv I
ifentrttaIto Kind You hue AJwrs BeeM
= eel t Q
I AllA gantl hahd bock vase lhata uH
6a I e rthP111
b e ac ae tab1it t a t chi fa oAsae
wtn I avaiarolfmt4r j r fq
ir If I
ti t
J1 + i pi Qt
y N ktiY
tl 1111
ms fJ T J r V o
JPer Ctt > Ivld < nd 3grt6at
Added to rlush f 706 tin 4I I
Added tO i dto I r
pftyTasR i r 591 00I X
eft Prnfi Qo cod I 1
Tazca Paid Wi m > SS8Ofll4a > w4
mM rpnostashlsi 1 f
fyi tashlsi °
I i
Snbsctt s tobefore me by
> ruua JOLU way
r RT iS WOOD 1
No il o t omcryCo Ky
Mr vrefuses a ezpi a at iha etid et
next eseiSnt fnne 1
Kcnlncky sV
anti Fi ° fi 11
We want to furnts Tm r
your COAL Ke < l rv
Virginia C 1 V tj 7
trade t n frm fJ Vrfe
tj KitarausoNl t IV
mx o
W r
ft 6x
< x x
t 4
lhrdgglir oo
der lia t MHcan
Tonrt eeoarl th ft ° vlp
atit i x
3 aa jiffy tb V i u
taking 1 Inter
iR Hcxt Now
the rater area ta
q wtim op JU Pnllmafva l
tiou can wb tedthrongb <
Include all ez xe rAil a
and deeping alesidYl t
ing cars hotel tat
carriage guide rtes r
bloitinerary and follvi rnt
lug iho trip will bi
ed Pn application
D P A Iron Mon
edVine Btrett Cinuinnn I V J
llllrOkkstnitping II Utr ti
Soraaahaei > Yg Si i
jry iho > > ieAt the JGU i 3
Q d ap lvrn + irea
ped for a ll kin p aR N
Ion uaraiIWe ormonQ
2 Au
r e f
rr e pBln e f s h
Y rtllf
rtllft r
ar e
Ei tr XtS
4 A
Y4frgAiaar rx tPFci
G kcIF r

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