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t I
TI T l I f
1 I i I
P i 1
t y 1
t 00I c c t
i I I a 2t 11 ffi et ou 4 I
a d p I Prosperir
OU couldnt Iras n New York
YOU out of town on New
Years ore and the only trips I
he will plan arc auto rides In I
some sequestered locality late on the
afternoon of the 1st so that he can
get fresh air and perfect quiet As for
the New York hostesses when they
are arranging for dinners It Is with
i the understanding that the party shall
so later to the theater and still luter
join the throng which Is bent on turn
ing night not Into day for no day was
ever like New Years eve In Manhat I
tan now hut Into a cross between
Mardi Gras a bullfight and a football I
game with dashes of a Coney Island
festival I and a queens birthday JslandI I
There Is one time honored custom of
New years eve which will not be cut j I i
out that of going to old Trinity where t
the chimes will be rung but there will I
IM > a change even In this Albert w11lI I
lahn the bell ringer who had ofllclated
for thirty years Is dead and a Colum
t J > a undergraduate Is In his place
At the big hotels and restaurants It
Js estimated that between 1000 and
2000 people will be accommodated by
each Tables have been engaged for
weeks and the demand Is so great that
IU the rooms usually reserved for
drawing rooms are to be furnished
with supper tables
In regard to specific arrangements It
Js the mode at present to have every
thing at the hotel table as delicately
fine as If one were entertaining at
ones own home If a dish Is served
that can be carved on the table the
hostess wishes to supervise It and
Any chafing dish article must have the
finishing touches put In by her Often
she will make the salad dressing all
with the notion to give the appearI I
nnce of the private entertaining wIthI I
the public environment
The old time favorites canvasback
and terrapin are no longer named by
Achef ordering In advance or by the
chef who prepares the regular menu
for such occasions said a hotel man
alter These articles of food are dlf
ficult to procure expensive and be
sides tastes here changed
The favorite supper dish now Is
some kind of shellfish daintily prepar
ed eo that one can hardly recognize
lln duvor The approved menu is ta
viure or oysters on the shell a consom
me or clam broth en tasse an entree
1of 1 sweetbreads frogs legs lobster a
la Newburg game and salad and Ices
with delicious cakes
Chrysanthemums and American
Beauties lead In the matter AmerIcanI I I
decorations with the usual holiday I
background of greens holly and mis
tletoe berries and red ribbons Cam
lions are also favorites Many of th
reserved tables will have pldlll Ill
orations of flowers anJ souvenirs < Im
by the entertainers One hostess lii
ordered an elaborate centerpiece u
orchids with orchids for the women
and gardenias for the men
Some of the hotels will not make
rules In regard to the kind of liquid
I refreshment served If ono wishes n
cup of tea at 2 a m nt these places i
be can get It But at many of th e
hotels and restaurants nothing but
champagne will be served after a stat
< d hour
Though the occasion seems to spell I
t j license this la not really the case The I
iroprletiea to a certain point are to be I
rigidly adhered to A woman for ex
ample may drink all the champagne
and cocktails she wants but If she
attempts to light a cigarette she will
be asked to desist
Taking care of a big restaurant or
hotel crowd it is learned is not so
difficult as it sounds When one of a
party becomes boisterous the head
waiter asks the assistance of his own
is usually given with decision One
of the Broadway restaurants which
will display the sign Champagne
Only After 10 oClock also offers tho
explanation that the reason for this Is
that n crowd champagne fed is merely
hilarious and good natured but when
highballs and mixed drinks are served
there Is always trouble afoot for the
The price for the table dhote sup
pers will be about the same in all the
first class places The hotels that do
not place an embargo on wine usurlly
go further and serve their patrons n
la carte as much or ns little as may
be required The regular sum char ell
Is 5 for the menu prepared without
wine In the grill rooms wine vaults
extra supper rooms less desirable in
location some of the hotels will servo
a 1 supper and a few offer a very
attractive menu for S3
Besides the hotel nnd restaurant cel
ebrations most of the clubs will keep
open house The National Arts club
will have a special reception for the
members and the members of the
Players club next door on Gramercy I
park always foregather no matter
what other attractions there may be
to celebrate founders night The lov
Ing cup Is passed around a custom In
ntiKuratcd by Edwin Booth and after
that the doings are wrapped in im
penetrable mystery
The Now Years eve celebration will
by no moans be limited to the res
resI i
tnuranls souls and clubs although
they perhaps furnish the most plctur
esque and Interesting elements of the
celebration Broadway will add its
decorative features and hundreds of
thousands of people will rush back and
forth It the night be fine enjoying
themselves by watching the fun of
other people doing the same thing i
Feast of Asses of the Middle Ages Still
in 1 certain parts of sou hern France t
New Years eve Is still celebrated by
the famous feast of asses of the mid
dIe ages Before the congregatlui is
admitted to the church a great glow
ing brazier is placed In the nave upon
the stone floor and a broad path from
the entrance of the church to the altrr
lIs roped off
The eelDlilony begins with n procos
sloe of men made up to represent va
riots Biblical characters At Its head
walk two priests singing ar old Pro
vencal hymn NVhen the procession
reaches tIll center of the church six
men dressed as Jews of the time ot
Christ t stop forward on ono side and
six gentiles jn the other Two udvo
cater stand between them
The Lord In made man the gen
tiles exclaim
To this the Jews reply with scorn
ful demand for proofs the advocates
then summon the prophets and legis
Intors of the Old Testament Oin by
one the great personages of the past
Moses Aaron Isaiah Daniel and many
more slowly advance up the aisle null
pausing I for I a moment lu the glare ot t
the brazier bear witness to he dlvlnl
ty of Jesus and then pass on Into the
But the principal figure o the core
mony is Balaams ass frm which the
feast takes Its name The ass under
whose voluminous trappings a chlU
Is concealed bears Balaam up the nisi l L
and when beaten by his master re
bukes him In u piteous voice through I 1
the medium of the concealed child
just as the ass did the real Balaam in i
the Bible story InI I
The last personage of the procession
Is usually Judas who constitutes the
tragic feature of the quaint festival
New Years In Europe
In London Now Years day Is oh I
served with little formality but In the
capitals of the continent It Is a day for
official receptions
INS out trild belle to the wild afcy
the flying cloud the frosty light
Che year fa dying In the night
J King out wild bells and let him die
Ring out the old ring in the new
Ring happy bells across the snow
the year is going let him go
Ring out the false ring in the true
Ring out the grief that saps the mind
for those that here we see no more
Ring out the feud of rich and poor
Ring out a slowly dying cause
And ancient forms of party strife
Ring in the nobler modes of life
8fth sweeter manners purer laws
Ring out the want the care the sin
the faithless coldness of the times
Ring out ring out my mournful
But ring the fuller minstrel in
Ring out false pride in place and blood
Che civic slander and the spite
Ring in the love of truth and right
Ring in the common love of good
Ring out old shapes of foul diseaseI I
Ring out the narrowing lust of gold
Ring out the thousand wars of old
Ring in the thousand years of peace
Ring in the valiant man and free
the larger heart the kindlier hand
Ring out the darkness of the land
Ring in the Christ that is to be
Recipe For Reception a la George and
To hold a New Years reception u in
George and Martha Washington the
drawing room should be arranged to
look like that of a century ago Lei
holly and mistletoe festoon doors and
arches and be massed with pine and
hemlock and other evergreens knotted
with cherry colored ribbons
The gowns nnd headdresses of the
ladles Invited to attend may be copied
from old fashioned prints or reproduc
tlons of portraits of historic belles
The old brocades the powdered mill
and complexion patches will transform
the appearance of modern bonus and
belles in a manner truly wonderful
A few lines penciled Oil the face wll
aid In suggesting the appearance o
the Individual whose personality Is to
be represented Every guest should
be at liberty to select the character
most pleasing to hImselfor herself
Of course this choice should preclude
the characters of Washington and his
wife which belong to the host and
the hostess If they have a son and
daughter Jack and Nelly Custis should
be represented by their lion and daugh
tor The minuet will of course be the
first dnnco and It should bo led 1 by the
host and hostess In the costumes of
Washington and his wife If oilier
than buffet refreshments are served
the host takes to the dining room the
most distinguished lady present that
Is the one whose position In the so
clety of the time represented was most
Important Tie hostess takes the most 1
distinguished gontldman to fie dining
room The selection of course will
be largely Influenced by personal feel
lu the center of the dining room ta
ble a handsome decoration represent
Ing a chime of bells bearing aloft a
silver star and the figures denoting tin
date of the now year should be placee
on a bank of green or of flowers Itlb
bon streamers rod white and blue
should extend to the edge of the sup
per table where waxen cherubs such
as are made for decorations on the to
1as a Christmas tree perch among th >
little cluster of flowers Intended a
souvenirs for guests A knot of red
white and blue ribbon should tie th
flowers Intended for the ladles If In
dividual menus are prepared each mav
be given a personal significance bj
being inscribed with a verse relatlv
to the flight of time Any dictionary
I3f quotations will supply the lines
The dining room ought to bo lighter
entirely with wax candles In buudsoim
All France Buys Itself Poor In Be
stowing Presents
The custom of making New Years
gifts has gone completely out of vogue
among the people of the United States
with the exception perhaps of the very
wealthy who can afford to give on all
In France New Years day or Le
Jour dEtrennes literally day of gifts
Is the greatest day of the whole year
All France buys Itself poor The men
are supposed to give bonbons and flow
ers to every lady upon whom they
call nnd Jan 1 finds women sick from
eating sweetmeats and men sick from
spending more than they could well
afford but the average Frenchman be
lieves in the old observation that It is
all in a lifetime or according to
our vernacular that Christmas New
Year In France comes but once a
The practice of makIng presents on 1
New Years day was originated by thlI I
Romans and from them taken up byI I
the Britons I
When gloves were novelties and
luxuries that every woman wantedI I
but not every one could afford theyI I
were the customary gifts often very
handsome ones made of silk and deco
rated with gold traceries nnd precious
stones Occasionally a sum of money
was given Instead of the gloves the i
donor designating the gift as glove
money Queen Elizabeth was espe
clally fond of stockings as a New I
Years gift I
Sir Thomas More when lord chancel I
lor once decided a case In favor of a
lady who to show her gratitude sent
Sir Thomas a pair of gloves containing
forty gold coins Sir Thomas returned
reuunldI I
the gold with this note Mistress I I
Since It were against good manners to I
refuse your Now Years gift I am con
tent to take your gloves but ns for tho
llnlngI 1 utterly refuse It
When plus were thst Invented find 1
brought Into use about the beginning I
of the sixteenth century they were
highly prized as New Years gifts
They too were made of very valuable i
material of gold and sliver as well nI I I
of the common metals The money
which hnd been expended In goves I
was then made use of for pins and
money given for the purchase of andI II I
new style gift was called pin money
The term his gradually enlarged its I
meaning and now the modern girl I
speaks of her pin money but she
buys all sorts of things with It and i I
Instead of receiving It from friend
once a year obtains It from pupa
once a month or once a week
+ Mr i Ik I +
HE New Years resolutlonlst Is
thinking hard these days
smoking against time to get
rid of his Christmas cigars
and get himself as full of nicotine as
possible before joining the antitobac
co league making memoranda of the
errors of his ways during the past
year and buying nice fat inviting
Journals with 305 white pages and a
cover of red leather lettered In gold
The New Years resolution habit is
one of those things that wont be
snubbed out of fashion as Valentines
day New Years calls and other an
cient Institutions have been It Is an
instructive proceeding this making of
promises signing of pledges and talc
lug the vows It shows up ones weak
nesses and ones strength to all and
sundry but especially to the signer of
pledges and maker of promises him
self It proves that twothirds of the
worlds resolutions like plo crust are
made to be broken and occasionally It
wakens up dormant pride and prln
ciples In some weak willed individual
and sets him strenuously on his legs
But the success attained by the man
who keeps his resolution unbroken
through the year Is sometimes of
doubtful value It puffs him up with
pride conceit and intolerance Having
accomplished his feat of strength he
has no patience with the weaker yes
sels who foil by the wayside to put li
One such Individual resolved one
Now Years day In the flower of hip
youth to take a cold plunge every
He considered cold plunges good for
health and good discipline for a lazy
and sleep loving body He lived down
south when he begun his early morn
Ing aquatic performances but later he
came north to live and he kept right
on plunging head first Into a cqld tub
every morning winter or summer
Ho kept tilts up for years and his
vigor and bloom were splendid adver
tisetaeuts for the benefit of the cold
plunge habit and incidentally to hIs
Strength of will in acquiring and stick
Ing to such t < r habit
But he had the weakness of his
strength He would brag and he I
would lecture people who did riot like
cold plunges or else took them only sia
months of the year As the years
went by he got more nnd more vigor I
ous and more and more impatient with
complaining late rising cold catching
persons who would not be converted
to his ways
I rise every morning at 0 Ill
used to tell every one who could heI I
prevailed upon to listen to him Then
1 draw the tub full of cold water tin
colder the better Then I plunge In
and in ten minutes 1 am ready tr
dress after n violent rubdown with
tho roughest crash In the market I
1112 I havent had a pain or an ache
after 0 oclock a in
Perhaps it is cruel to tell but it wnsI I
a positive relief to his friends when
one morning he was found dead In
bed at 030 The coroner said he had
blamed it all on his not having had for
cold plunge at II Had he lived anti
then and taken his usual dip they
laid he never would have died at all
New York Evening Post
4co w cda YV 0 td
STORY Of Tnt 4 i
Nine little resolutions won
dering at fate
Ten dollars comes in sight
then there are but eight
Eight little
point the
way to
heaven =
Long comes
a poker
game then
there are
but seven
Four little
still must
pay a fee
Wife makes
some in
quiry then
Ten little res
olutions all
in a line
Good man
burns his
thumb then
there are
but nine
Seven little resolutions in a
sorry fix
Pretty woman comes along
then there are but six
Six little resolutions
resf f
trying hard
to thrive
Long comes
a horse race
e If then there t
HORSE RACE are but five
Five little resolutions onlyr
five no more
Keyhole cant be found at all y
then there are but four
there are KEYHOLE CANT HE f
Ibut I
but threeI oi
1J J
Three little resolutions look J
ing very blue
Some unheardof circum
stance brings them down
to two
Two little res
whats to be x
doneii j
Preachers i1
sermon 1
hurts the
man theu
there is but one t
One little resolution leaves a
month before
Never mind next New Year
day you can make some
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