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y i
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x I rJddU all Communication to The National Stockman and Farmer Pittsburg Pall
Horse Breeders Meeting
The Horse Breeders Mooting o
be held at the College of Agricul
ture Lexington Ky during Far
c mers Week promises to be FIIIIl I
the most important ever held in
Kentucky The different kinds of
horses will come in for discussion
It is probable that scores of farm
ers will come to the college for the
entire four days work offered dur
ing this wtfek A different meet
I ing will occur on each succeeding
The horse breeders meeting will I
come on Januarv 5th beginning
with n judging school in the stable
t of Harbison Jewell at the Fail
Grounds Mr Shelby Harbison
has kindly offered to supply sev
l era different classes of horses of F
different types including saddle i
a roadster and line harness horses
r These horses will be scored by
point and placed one above the
other on their respective merits
This important work will begin at
230 and extend to 430 p in
A 8 p in the horsemen will I
meet at the College of Agriculture
when the following program will 1
be given It is possible that
i 4gram 4 later as all sneakers have
not yet signified their acceptance
of the invitation to speak on their
r Nervous
k I was very nervous
I Mfrserof i
of Carrsville Ky haa
palpitation of the heart
1 and was irregular
t On the advice of Mrs
T Hattie Cain i took 2 bot
i i ties of Cardui and it did
i ime i more good than any
medicine I ever took
I am 44 years old arid
the change has not left
me but I am lots better
The Womans Tonic
t Cardui is advertised and
sold by its loving friends
The lady who advised
Mrs Mirse to take Cardui
f had herself been cured of
i tserious female trouble by
Cardui so she knew what
Cardui would do
If Cardui cured Mrs
1Cain and Mrs Mirse it
1 surely will cure you loo >
Wont you try it
Please do
t 1z
favorite breed of horses
Hon Thos rT Bigsttifl Mt Ster
ling Ky
The Hackney Horse in Ken
tucky Mr Percy E Hoge Jett
The Trotting Horse Major P
P Johnson Lexington Ky
The Thoroughbred Horse Major
F A Daingerfield Lexington Ky
The Saddle Horse Gen John B
Castleman Louisville Ky
The Draft Horse Mr William I
Goodloe Lexington Ky
There is some discussion regard
ing the especial usefulness of some I
breeds for Kentucky and this pro
gram will furnish the speakers op
portunity to state the intrinsic
value of each breed for our partic
ular conditions
fDangerous Doctrine
It is with great regret not un
mixed with amazement that we
read President Tufts reasons for
commuting the sentence of death
passed upon John Wynne for a
murder committed in the harbor of
Into the circumstances of the
case it is unnecessary to go in de
tail beyond a bald description f
the crime as one committed by a
man in liquor upon a sleeping
comrade It is admitted that
Wynne had long nursed a grudge
but in the opinion of the Presi
dent his intoxicated condition
rebuts the inference of premedita
tion necessary to murder in tho
first degree
This is dangerous doctrine the
more so that it receives its sanc
tion and indorsement from so high I I
a source It is certain to be im I
mediately utilized to defeat the
ends of justice and to provide yet
another loophole of escape in a 1
land where life is so cheap as to
constitute murder all but a licensed
crimeI I
The distinction which Mr TaftI I
seeks to draw is a nice one it may i
be that it commends itself to theI I
legal mind it is certain that plainI I
people will regard it as a singularly I
larly unwelcome addition to the
large number of available defenses
For as we all know a very large
proportionthe majority proba
blyof murders are committed
under the influence of liquor a
circumstance which wo are dispos
ed to regard as an aggravation
rather than a mitigation and the
doubt which is injected by the
presidential dictum is one we could
have been better without
It is earnestly to be hoped that
Judges the country over will boas i
little impressed by this subversive i
dictum as we areLouisville
a Times
Company Solvent
Insurance Commissioners of four
States made public their findings
after investigating the flairs ol
the Citizens National Life Insur
once Company The commission
ers announced that although the
capital of the company had beet
impaired it was solvent and that
remedial measures had been taken
The present management of tin
company denies that the capital has
been impaired
How Old People
May Prolong
Their Lives
At advanced age the organs act
lation becomes poor blood thin and
watery appetite fitful and diges
tion weak This condition leaves
the system open to disease such as
Coughs Colds Grippe Pneumo
nia Rheumatism etc
VINOL is the greatest health
creator and body builder we know
the very elements needed to re
build wasting tissue and replace
weakness with strength
A case Is recorded In Albnny N yoC
a woman who felt slue viis biviilili
clown by MKO mid nun loomed CII ClIO
weak mill feeble condition of old luoiilc
Sho hud no strength nerd the slight cat ex
ertion tired her but VINOI innile hip
well and stronG and she stairs tluit cho
foro taking VINOL
We ask every aged person in
this neighborhood to try a bottle
of VINOL with the understanding
that we will return their money if it
does not prove beneficial
Sold by W Se Lloyd
Kentucky Editors Will Hold Mid
winter IllVltllllJ Mont
Louisville is planning to give to
members of the Kentucky Press
Association a good time when they
assemble in the Falls City on De
cember 28 and 29 for its midwin
ter meeting A comprehensive
program has been prepared con
cerning all manner of ethical
business and mechanical questions
arising in newspaper making
with incidental addresses on va
rious phases of the all absorbing
inquiry U Whats the Matter with
Kentucky The entertainment
features arc in the hands of the
Louisville Convention and Pub
licity League and include a theatre
party for the editors and their
For Sale Quick
Ten horsepower gas or
gasoline engine A bargain
if sold at once Call at
Farmers Week
In Lexington Ky January 3
to 6 1911 will be held a series of
the most interesting and instruct
ive meetings for farmers ever at
tempted in the State and the most
progressive and intelligent will be
Tuesday January 3 will be
held the Kentucky Swine Breed I
ers meeting when different breeds
will be judged compared and
scored and speakers of note will
be heard on all subjects relating to
swine breeding feeding and mar
keting I
Wednesday January 4 Beef
Breeders Association
Thursday January 5 Kentucky I I
Horse Breeders and Sheep Breed
ers Associations
Friday January 6 Dairy Cattle
Club and the annual Corn Show of
the State Corn Growers Associa
tion and Farmers Corn School will
be held during the whole time
So something entertaining and
instructive will be going on all the
time to interest every farmer in
this State and all are cordially in
vited to attend
Fanners boys especially should
be encouraged to attend these
meetings which will be held at
the College of Agriculture which
every farmer should be interested
in and become better acquainted
with the great and good work
that is being done there for your
benefit the encouragement and
increase of agriculture and stock
raising in the State and increased
prosperity for all
New Plumbing Firm
M 1 It Mainline having bought
out W S Smathers in the plumb
ing tinning and gas fittings etc
the new firm name will be Main
line Leverett They will be glad
to make estimates on plumbing
roofing and gas fittings etc Sat
isfaction guaranteed in every wy
Growers Meeting
As a result of the meeting of
Burley tobacco growers held in
Lexington thVn movement to form
i permanent organization was en
dorse 1 An address was issued to
the growers of Burley tobacco to
hold mass meetings in their ro
spective counties on December 31
and select delegates to attend a
convention to be held in Lexing
ton January 5 for the purpose of
taking final action
Woman loves a char rosy com
plexion Burdock Blood Bitters
purities the blood clears the skir
restores ruddy sound henlth1m
Montgomery County Corn Grow
ers Association
All members of above associa
tion who received free samples of
Boone County White seed corn
will please report results and get
premium list > for corn show from
Bets Roosevelt is Insane
An offer of 500 for the appoint
mcnt of a commission to inquire
into the snnity of Theodore loose
volt was made by Rudolph Mc
Cube Patterson former assistant
State food commissioner at a ban
quet held in the Union Hold l in
honor of Herman B Myers editor
of the American Food Journal
Mr Patterson who was toast I
master made the olier after Rich
ard Cooney president of the Law 4
yerss Association of Illinois hadI I
eulogized Roosevelt as the great i
est living I American statesman and II I I
It was prorosed by Mr Patter
son that the commision be selected
by Got Dix William Randolph
Hearst Dr William B Whitta
ker of Chicago and William Jen
nings Bryan Mr Patterson said
he would give 1000 to the United
Charities if the commission did
not find Mr Roosevelt non com
pos mentis and a dangerous char
acter to the community withIl
I hobby to regulate everything
from an ant to shooting lions in
If you want meat and want FRESH
meat the place to get it is at a
first Class Meat Store
I conduct such place All
of my meal is CORN FED
guarantee the choicest meats
at nil times Prices reasona
tile Not Cut Prices but
Give us a trial and be con
vinced I
Phone 64
Next door to Post Office
State Poultry Show
For the first time in the history
of Kentucky a great State Poultry
Show is to be held The Ken
tucky Poultry Association was
formed some months since and it
will hold its first annual show or
Poultry Fair at Lexington on Jr aunty
uary 16 to 21 next Premium list
and catalogue will be ready for
distribution January 1 and will be
sent to anyone on application to
Secretary Frank L Smith
For Sale Quick
Ten horsepower gas or
gasoline engine A bargain
if sold at once Call at
Good Proof
I Have you forgotten that 5
you owe me 1
UNot at all Didnt you see me
try to dodge into that doorway 1
Commissioners Sittings
vs Notice of Commissioners Sitting
t i
Notice is hereby given that I will begin
my sittings in the above st ledcase at
my office in Mt Sterling Ky on January
2nd 1911 and will conclude the same
on January 14th 1911
All persons having claims against the
estate of Lizzie Thompson will present
same to me properly proven within said
233 Master Commissioner M C C
Commissioners Sittings
W G Reasor J T Coons Exors S A
Duff Plaintiffs
vs Notice of Commissioners Sittings
Margaret Reasor c Defendants
Notice is hereby given that I will begin
my sittings in the above styled case at
m office in Mt Sterling Ky on Janu
ary 2nd 1911 and will conclude the same
on January 14th 1911
All persons having claims against the
estate of S A Duff deceased are hereby
notified to present the same to me prop
erly proven within said time
233 Master Commissioner M C C
Commssioi er s Sittings
W R THOMSON Ailm c Plffs
vs Notice of Commissioners Sittings
Notice is hereby given that I will begin
my sittings in the above styled case at
my office in Mt Sterling Ky on Janu
ary 2nd 1911 and will close the same on
January Mill ign
All persons having claims against the
estate of Miss Nettie Taylor deceased
are hereby notified to present the same
to me properly proven within said time
233 Master Commissioner M C C
Mow did you make out on the
request for it raise 1
All right I was assured Id
get it
Fine I What did the boss say 1
Well he practically told me
not to worry about it lie said
Toriret it
All persons holding claims
against the estate of Harry Camp
bell deceased will present the
same properly proven to Attor
neys Prewitt SenfF or
On tile Census
Some folks are raising a great
to do ubout Kentucky not gaining
in population but six per cent in
ten years and we are probably the
only fool l that dont care Our
best judgment is that we could
spare a few more of those we have I
and get along just as well1e
dont like to be crowded Car
lisle Mercuryr
Scene from Madame X at Tabb Opera House Friday December 30a

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