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Don't Miss This Opportunity
If in Arrears, Please Call and Settle
You will find us in our new home on
West Main Street across from
the Government Building
Advocate Publishing Co.
80 West Main Street - MT. STERLING, KY.
Abolishes Public Cup in
Interstate Conveyances.
Secretary of the Treasury Mac
Veagh with one swoop abolished
the time-honored public drinking
cup from railroad cars, vessels and
other conveyances operated in in
terstate traffic and from depots and
waiting rooms of common carriers.
This sweeping order against "any
drinking cup, glass or vessel for
common use," effective immedi
ately, is in the interest of the na
tion's health and was the direct
result of an investigation by the
United States Public Health Serv
icea branch of the Treasury De
partmentwhich holds the public
drinking cup to be a nienuco as a
carrier of disease. A drinking
cup, it is said, muy contain thous
ands of bacteria from diseuse-in-fected
Mr. MacVeaeh's action consti
tuted an amendment to the inter
state quarantine regulations. Sher
man Allen, assistant secretary ot
the treasury, stirred by the reve
lations of the public health service
and the fact that twenty-six States
already have laws foi bidding the
uso of the common di inking" cup,
recommended to move to Mr. Mac
Veagh mid was sustained by the
Solicitor of the Treasury Depart
ment as to ihe secretary's legal
power to mako the order.
Treasury officials recommend
the traveler equip himself with a
clean sheet of white- paper which
by adroit folding can bo turned
into an impromptu drinking cup.
The "soldier's cup" of childhood
days will easily servo the purpose.
Common carriers may now pro
vide drinking cups'Jonly in case
they arc thoroughly cleansed by
washing in boiling water after uso
by each individual.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles yield to Doan's OinU
incnt. Chronic cases soon relieved,
finally cured. Druggists all sell it.
YOU UNTIL JAN. 1, 1914
Sometimes one wonders if the
world has forever lost its sense of
peace and beauty, and if we are to
whizz and yell and advertise till
the end of time. Will simple
pleasures seem tame and quiet
ways unsuccessful? Or are wo
mad only for a little term, and will
we return to spacious and serene
things after this fever cools? Shall
we soon turn from the clatter of
these days, the temporal display,
the unreal values set on position
and success, the scorn of what is
simplu-heurted and generous, the
haste and noise that drown out all
gentle voices? It is time to re
cover our knowledge of the wind
on the hills, the silent passage of a
summer's day, the swift wind
swept procession of early autumn
clouds, the sea ;n calm and storm,
with the breaking waves that wear
away the beach.
The best that's made in furni
ture, carpets and rugs.
W. A. Sutton &Son.
A Training
School for Teachers
Cour... leading to ElrmeaLry
1ntriueili.U .oil Lifa BtAt Cur
tlttC.Url. ill .11 Publl.
gdioel. of Keutuckj, Bpecl.l
Course., Tultloarre.tolp
boluU.!. 1 wo.uleudlddor.
Lsurm sua a.m.
lultnrl.. n.w mmlel tchaol. n.W PlUIU.ltl.lnlDC bullHaf
prHllMchool,dFpwtiimlfPlolIi( " eiulppeij
irmclgm. IK.rcie-.llo rM.oM. '"Termtwflii.B.p-t.nihi-iK,
SMonaTirruNoTfmberW. Tblr4 Term Juairy
IT. Fourth Term April 7, Siuumtr Bolool oji.ii. Jiui. IS,
ciAH"n.. . .linn i....i,i.,
v. " " ' -
Ausr. 19U
Fresh and Cured Meats
Cannot be Improved Upon
Courteous Treatment Prompt Delivery
Robinson & Moore
Court St. Phone a$i- IMt. Sterling, Ky,
ttlW 6,ft? vs' "
W,IJI NfJ I J 1 w r
The tax books have been in my
hands for several weeks and your
taxes are now due. Heretofore
the Sheriff has not advertised
real estate for sale for unpaid
taxes, and in this manner has
been carrying a great many peo
ple. In the future all taxes that
are not paid within the time al
lowed by law, property will be
advertised for sale, as I must
protect my bondsmen. If your
property Is listed for sale for
taxes you will have only your.self
to blame, so come in and settle
at once. W. F. CROOKS,
Sheriff Montgomery County.
Sells fine Horses.
Mr. It. B. Young sold and ship
ped last week two very fine bred
saddle colts to Mr. H. T. Ilundon,
of Hoxie, Ark. The two colts
were very fine individuals. Mont
gomery county horses are known
all over the country and any time
the breeders desire extra lino ones
they come here for them.
Celery and cranberries at Van
arsdell's. ipp's Liniment
Quickly relieves Rheumatism, Neuralgia.
Uackache, Headache ami other pains A
reward of $100 will he paid it It falls and
the purchase price is not refunded. Try
it and see. 50c At All Druggists.
for Sale.
Window curtain ten feet wide.
This curtain hns only been used a
short time and is as good as now.
A bargain. Apply nt the
Advocate Publishing Co.
" 'Ml .
Lot Sutton & Son furnish your
home, then you will Jiavo the
BEST, It will cost more else
where. Call 100 for anything in -1 the
meat line. Greonwade's. I
' i '
Iialah v, 7-1$ Nov. 10. ,
ITm unto Ihtm that rU up wly to tht
morning, that they may fottoto ttrenf drink;
that tarry Mi Mo iha night, Hil,tctne in
flam." Vi. U.
CODAY'S lesson bad its primary
fore In connection with the
affairs of natural Israel lh the
days of the Prophet But when
wo remember that Natural Israel types
Christendom, we And a value to this
lesson very pertinent to our time.
"And Ho looked for Judgment Jus
tice, but behold, oppression; for right
eousness and, behold, a cry of dis
tress." As to tho national cry and the
reason for It, eeo verso 8, which reads:
"Woo unto them that Join houso to
house, that lay Hold to field, till there
bo no place, that they may bo placed
alono In tho midst of the earth I" Hero
we pcrcclro that a spirit of 'selfishness
prevailed In Isaiah's day, as It does to
day; as then property was disposed to
accumulate In tho hands of the more
Buccessfnl, so it is today. As then land
lordism took possession of vast areas,
neglectful of the fact that "the earth
hath the Lord given unto the children
of men," and not merely to a few; so
is it today.
A Time of Trouble.
Divine disapproval ot human hard-"
heartedncss, selfishness and neglect of
poorer brethren, and
forgotfulness of the
fact that we are all
children of one
blood, amcnablo to
the laws of thesame
Orentor, brought
upon tno Israelites Jrr;.
Wo bellevo thnt the
Scriptures With ''Corporation have
equal clearness tell gratped land."
of a great "time of trouble" now im
pending over tho world, especially over
Christendom a time particularly men
tioned by St. James, saying, "Go to
now, ye rich men, weep and howl for
the misery that shall come upon you."
This trouble is mentioned In today's
study, verse 0: "The Lord of Hosts
said in my hearing, Of a truth many
houses shall be desolate, even great
and fair, without Inhabitant" If
we rightly appreciate what the Scrip
tures foresaw respecting times not far
ahead of us, wb will see that many of
tho great and rich will be in a sad
plight In their countryside homes, as
will be some of the poorer in the con
gested cities, for tho tlrao of trouble,
It is declared, will be upon all.
Musio, Revelry, Intoxication.
The text given us for today's lesson
comes nest in our study. In the days
of Isaiah's prophecy many of tho rich
indulged in intoxicating liquors, mu
sic, revelry, etc., to their own injury
as well as to tho neglect of their re
sponsibilities to God. They asked, "Am
I my brother's keeper?" even as Cain
asked this question. By their accumu
lated wealth they had more than heart
could wish, while others were needy.
And how about today, is it tho same?
We answer, Yes, and no. With many
It is the same exactly, "but with a con
siderable number of tho wealthy of our
day it is very different, we nro glad to
say. Continually wo have evidences
thnt some of the wealthy consider their
possessions as a trust from -the Al
mighty, to be used in His service, and
for tho sake of humanity. But alas,
thero nro comparatively fow. The ma
jority of the rich, like tho majority of
the poor, are selfish to tho core.
When tho selfish rich and tho selfish
poor shall Join issue in a great strug
gle, as tho Bible clearly declares tboy
will do, then tho world will see the
time of trouble prophesied "such ns
never was since thero was a nation"
a time of troublo which Jesus declares
will never bo again, because foUowlug
that great trouble, upon tho ashes of
the present civilization, Messiah will
estnbllsh tho Kingdom of God, for tho
blessing of all tho families of the earth
the rich, the poor.
Thus Socialism, according to the Bi
ble, will bo tho ultimate condition of
tho earth. Social
ists, not aware of
this teaching of
God's Word, or If
,J aware of It doubt
i Ing it, propose to
- tnko over in the In
terest of all man
kind the great
blessings which
are now In the
hands of tho com
paratively fow. To
J.m 1 mi
brother1! us their schemes
appear dangerous,
Impractical. To us it appears as tho
Scriptures Indicate, that falling to ac
complish their benevolent designs, Bo
rlnllsts will hecoina bitter anarchists.
and plunge themselves and tho whole
world Into tho most awful troublo over
known. Wo need tho convcislon of tho
world to a heart-harmony with God
and tho principles of righteousness.
Will this ever come? Ab, yes! Tho
mouth of the Lord hath spoken ltl
But It canuot como through any pow
er of ours. "Walt ye upon Me, salth
the Lord, until that Day!" "For then
will I turn to tho pcoplo a- puro lan
guage, that they may all call upon the
name of tho Lord, to serve Illm with
one consent" In Ills own time, fol
lowing the great time of trouble, God
will bumble 'the world. Meantime the
elect saints will he glorified, and with
Meslah, constitute the long-promised
KiBgdoin of God for the blWlBg of
fSavf :i
How about a new
Overcoat? Also
Good ..Cleaning
v '
It will wear better, hold shape and ,look
ime iieyv. .
Veal and the High Cost of Living.
A movcment?must bo organized
in America toj conserve and, in
crease beef animals. Not only must
feeders see to it that the animal
goes to thejpacking plant with tho
maximum amount (of pounds, pro
duced atj tho fowesb possiblo cost,
but a movement JmnstRbe started
to prevent tho kiliinsr of calves for
veal. In times past, calves, eggs,
butter and similar farm products
have gone into the market with
too littlo concern as to actual cost
of production. There was a liv
ing on thej farm; the calf was for
sale; tho several or more cows
produced enough milk for tho
family and'tho calves. Tho four
or fivo'dollars which tho calf com
mands in tho market has been just
like findingjjthe f6w;dollars. The
regular dairymen are still selling
the calf to avoid the cost of milk
feeding, and with littlo thought
that cheaper foods will raise the
calf, and at a substantial profit. I
Tho result is droves and droves of
calves slaughtered for veal, that if
raised and -fed would overcome the'
present shortage in beef animals.
When the fish become thinned
out in the streams, when the deer,
tho quail and other game become
scarce, game laws prohibit iishing
or hunting. Under such laws the
marketer is. stopped from buying
a quail, enen though tho bird may
have been raised as a domestic
fowl and is offered for sale by the
owner., Such remedy, if the laws
are enforced, together with favor
able conditions, produces abundant
game for future hunting seasons.
In order to carry out the game
laws it is illegal to kill rabbits,
except in the open season. Such
laws are primarily in the interest
of the hunter, but have been justi
fied in the courts as competent ex
ercises of a State's police power.
It would bo regarded as govern
mental paternalism to apply such
an ..effective remedy against the
slaughtering of calves under one
year old. If the courts held pro
tective game laws to bo right and
necessary, a law to protect and
promote tho future beef supply
would certainly, Be justified. Aside
from how to do it, however, meth
ods must bo put to work to take,
veal, at least for tho present, out
of thojjmeat market. 'The first
move is a better, knowledge as to
economical calf feeding and tho
teaching of dairymen, who supply
tho veal market, that tho calf pre
sents a profitable opportunity for
converting giass and feeds into
beof. Tho knowledge of profitable
calf feeding is well ostablished, and
to bo had by all who wish to take
this advanced, conserving step to
wards increasing the beef supply.
Lexington Herald.
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etjt If in need of furniture, car
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Bam -i , i
collar op thai lait yrV
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A i
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Summer in the Western North ,
Carolina Mountains
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ica. Loftiest Peaks East of the Rockies.
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Greatly Reduced Round-Trip Tickets
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lightful Places. ft
Beautifully illustrated booklet de
scriptive of this country and giving full
information relative to hotels, boarding
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at uiw umce.

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