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Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
National Authors:
causes heartburn, sour
stomach, nervousness,
nausea, impure blood, and
more trouble than many
different kinds of diseases.
The food you eat ferments
In your stomach, and the
poisons it forms are ab
sorbed into your whole
system, causing many dis
tressing symptoms. At the
first sign of indigestion, try
the old, reliable, vegetable
liver powder, to quickly
cleanse your system from
these undesirable poisons.
Mrs. Riley Laramore, of
Goodwater, Mo.. siys: "1
suffered for ears from dyspep
sia and heanbiim. Thedtord's
Black-Draught, in small doses,
cured my heartburn in a few
days, ana now 1 can eat without
distress." Try it.
Insist on Thedford's
They say a bliuard's blovcitt', bat they
only y in vain;
I've ah Mo tht the wewther still is
I'm wandcriag off yoader in a fewer
scented lane
Where the hoaey-beiw are huDliaj; for
the honey.
It's lime, I know, for btioard's an4 the
falitHg of the mv,
But the heart can keep the sunny day
in tether;
The wind mars dawn the chimney aad
shakes the abutters so,
It's possible we're going to have tome
Let Sutton & Son furnish,your
home, then you will havethe
BEST. It will cost mora else
"We "Will SlbQ-w 7Z"q-u. S3Zq-7-
If you have ideas if you can THINK we will show you the
secrets of this fascinating new profession. .Positively no experience
or literary excellence necessary. No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film
manufacturers are "moving heaven and earth" in their attempts to
get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They
are offering $100 and more for single scenarios, or written ideas.
Nearly all the big film companies, the buyers of photoplays, are
located in or near NEW YORK CITY. Being right on the spot, and
knowing at all times just what sort of plots are wanted by the pro
ducers, our SALES DEPARTMENT has a tremendous advantage
over agencies situated in distant cities.
We have received many letters from the big film manufacturers,
us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll
gladly teach you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never
before wrote a line for publication."
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only
one good idea every week, and will write it out as directed by us, and
it sells for only $25, a low figure,
You Will Earn $100.00 Monthly for Spare Time Work.
URflU Send vour name and address at once for free copy of our
JXhi illustrated book, "MOVING PICTURE PLAY WRITING."
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write NOW and learn just what
this new profession may mean for you and your future.
A Wise Decision.
The report that the United
States Department of Agriculture
has decided to establish a horse
breeding farm in Central Ken
tucky furnishes conclusive evidence
that somebody connected with the
department knows his business.
I The United States already has a
farm of that kind in Vermont and
i it has been determined to establish
one in Virginia and one in Ken
, tucky. There has been some pres
sure to seeure one of these farms
for Indiana, but the department
j officials felt that Kentucky would
be the better place for it, and in
this they were eminently correct.
The farm will be under control of
'the Bureau of Animal Industry
and its object will oe to provide
( first-class animals for Government
use. Kentucky is headquarters
for that kind of horses and is bet
ter adapted for the successful con
duct of such a farm than any other
State in the Union.
The Federal Government has
been buying horses in Kentucky
for many years for the use of the
army, thus recognizing the superi
ority of the Bluegrass-grown ani
mal. It is quite natural when the
Department of Agriculture decides
to engage more extensively in rais
ing horses that it should select
Kentucky as one of the places for
maintaining a brooding farm. That
is the course that would be fol
lowod by the wise individual
breeder and, in this instance at
least, what is to the advantage of
the individual should be equally
advantageous to Uncle Sam.
Itchiug, bleeding, protruding or
bliad piles yield to Doan's Oint
ment. Chronic cases soon relieved,
finally cured. Druggists all sell it.
Have you tried the B. & C.
cakes at 10, 15 and 20 cents? It is
the best on the market lor the
money. Try it.
SStf S. E. Kelly & Co.
Who! AYhatl Why! 17-4t
1 543 Broadway
Her Hair Commenced to Grow
After Two Weeks' Use of
Newbro's Herpicide.
me to be en
tirely told. I
bad jrivra on
all hope of -nin
hair when J
was adrivd to
DM Herpicide
After two
weeks my hair
commenced, ta
prow. Now I
iVff bciutif ul bead
y or hair any
erne ever saw
I Praise toNcw.
, bro's rlerp5dde.',
Thus write Mr. Howard Bailey, of Rdleroe,
Mich. We can point to thousand of inttance
where the proper ate of Herpicide has been fol
lowed by a remaxkahle crowth of hair.
We absolutely cuarantee the one dollar sixa
VoUlcs of rc bro's Herpicide.
jY. S.LLOYD, - Special Agent
i Take It from the Old Man, Bud.
1 I want to hand you young guys
, a little advice you can paste on the
walls of your thinkery. It may
not be of much use now, but take
it from me, it is Straight Goods.
In starting out in life remember
that many a square guy has gone
in business with a capital only of
ability, hard work, honesty and
good reputation. Be grateful.
Remember that credit is based on
confidence in the individual rather
than in his bank account. Don't
get off your trolly and run into
uasty arguments and disputes.
Give and take. Be on the level.
Keep your temper. Stoop to con
quer and you will come under the
wire first. Cut out all thought of
revenge; there ain't a thing in it.
The use or abuse of credit is the
form sheet that shows whether a
guy will rise or fall. Take it from
me that the best kind of dope is to
keep your record clean, and if
later on you get off to a bad start
and you are crowded on the shoals,
your past will stand you in good
stead. If you have been giren to
sharp practice or dishonesty, and
have played your fellows-guys for
lobs, woe be onto you when you
fall. Arkansaw Thomas Cat.
For high rade stationery of all
lawk, call 'pheoe 74.
yr'W ' (&
frfnxA. '-iry
To Consumers of Natural Gas.
In answer to many inquiries, the
management of this company ii
pleased to state that the plans
which vere made public last fall.
for extending its main lines across
, the mountains of Kentucky to the
(West Virginia gas fields, have
(been put into execution; the work
of constructing the line has been
4 vigorously prosecuted although
from the nature of the country it
has been a difficult and costly un
dertakingand we are absolutely
sure of its completion in aniplr
time to furnish all consumers with
a full supply. We deem it propei
and fair to give our consumers
this information so that they may
know how definitely our company
is faithfully performing its prom
ise to use every effort to furnish
them with a full and dependable
supply of natural gas for many
years to come; and also to notify
them that after the regular read
ing of meters in the month of De
cember, 1912, the rates will be ad
vanced five (5) cents per thousand
cubic feet.
Central Kextcckv Natural Gas
Comtaxv (Incorporated). 13-tf
Stop That Ache!
Any ache or pain in any part of the body
can be relieved with Shipp's Quick Relief
Liniment. $ico reward if it fails and the
purchase price is not refunded. Try it
see. 50c At All Druggists.
Excellent Farm and City
Property for Sale.
I offer for sale privately the
following: My modern new resi
dence on West High street, also
lot adjoining, which is 75 feet
front and 300 feet deep. My
farm near Grassj' Lick, consisting
of 18S acres of land in high state
of cultivation, can also be bought
well worth the money.
13tf Mrs. Mary A. McClure.
Doan's Regulets cure constiua
tion without griping, nausea, nor
anv weakening effect. Ask your
druggist for them, 25 cents per
box. la
Mark Ix, 2-13 Nov. 24.
"A voice came out of the cloud, toying, TMt
it Uy btlovtii Bon: hear ye Him. And Khtn
ikt rota teat pott, Jeiut teat found atone."
Lukt ix, U.
OUR studies continue to apper
tain to Messiah's Klngdotn of
Glory. Today's lesson tells of
a tableau Illustration given to
FIls disciples respecting It. Tho lesson
ccply impressed tho Apostles who wit
aesscd tho vision, Peter, James and
lohn. St. Peter referred to it nfter
rnird In his Epistle (II Peter 1, 10-10),
laying, "Wo nave not followed cun
ningly devised fables when wo mado
known unto you tho power and com
ing of our Lord Jesus Christ, but wero
eye-witnesses of His Majesty
when we were with Him In tho holy
Jesus prepared His disciples for tho
transflguratlon vision, saying, "Thero
be some of them that stand hero,
which shall not taste of death, until
they see God's Royal Majesty having
;omo with power." Tho occasion will
be remembered. Jesus had fore
told His death, qulto contrary to the
previous expectations of the Apostles,
and now Ho sought to draw their
minds gradually to a realization that
His death would not moon a repudia
tion of tho promlso of tho Kingdom
and Its glory, but a fulfilment of their
expectations on a
higher plane.
J e s u s was to
formally offer Him
self to Israel as
King, riding upon
the ass, flvo days
before His cruci
fixion, yet Ho
would bo despised
and rejected and
crucified; but His
Kingly Office and'TAta it Jfy Beloved
work would there- Son"
by only bo confirmed. His authority
to be King of the earth, to release
mankind from tho power of sin and
death, to uplift humanity and bring
the earth to Paradise conditions, would
all be founded upon His sacrificial
death at Calvary.
All this was presented to tho three
chosen disciples. Jesus took them to
the mountain-top and was transfigured
beforo them, nis flesh and His gar
ments shone and glistened white, after
the manner of angels, the vision thus
representing the Lord after having ex
perienced His resurrection change.
Then with nim talked two men, "who
appeared in glory." says St. Luke. In
some manner the Apostles recognized
these two men of tho vision ns Moses
and Elijah. They heard these dis
course with Jesus respecting His de
cease "which He was about to accom
plish at Jerusalem."
Then came a voice from the over
shadowing cloud, saying, "This is My
beloved Son, hear ye Him!" and sud
denly the vision vanished. Several
good lessons may have come ou$ of
this. It would be a great refreshment
and strength to their faith to witness
this vision, which showed them that tho
death Jesus had foretold, was n certain
ty and known of God and of Divine
approval. The voice from God would
also encourage their faith.
As the Apostles, with Jesus, wero
coming down the mountain side, won
dering about the meaning of the vision
they had seen, Jesus said to them, "See
that ye tell no man the vision until
after the Sou of Man Is risen from the
dead." (Matthew xvil, 0.) Tho fact
that Moses and Elijah nppcared ns real
to the Apostles, as though they wero
In life, does not contradict the words
of Jesus that what they saw was a
vision. Remember the many visions
given later on to one of these Apostles,
St. John, recorded In the book of Rev
elation. In those visions St. John saw
angels and men, beard vo cos, etc.. Just
as In this vision.
Tho Meaning of the Virion.
We have St Peter's words that what
they saw on tho mountain represented
tho Roynl Majesty of Messlnh-tho
Kingdom of Messiah. Moses repre
sented the faithful of Xatural Israel,
tho "Houso of Servants" "Moses ns a
servant, wns faith
ful over nil his
House." Elljnli rep
resented The Christ
in the tlcsh. tho
IIouso of Sous. All
of tho consecrated,
splrlt-begotton peo
plo of God during
this Ago nro repre
sented by ElUnh.
who, God promised,
"T,U 1A" '" " Messln" wou,l t
up Ills Klugdom.
In other words, tho Klljuh class is com
posed of Jesus and all of Ills footstep
followers throughout this Gospel A go
to their earthly or fleshly condition,
Splrlt-begotten, butnotyot Hplrlt born.
Thero Is no doubt whutover respect
ing tho Kingdom prouilsod-that it will
como; that vision on tho mount con
firmed It The Kingdom tneroly awaits
tho sufferings of thoso who will bo tho
members of tho Hody of Christ At
tha Socoud Coming of Jesus thoBo will
bo Mossed and glorified; nud tho class
represented by Moses Mill also bo
blessed and used as Instruments of tho
Kingdom. Thua in tho vision tho en.
tire Kingdom was roprosontodi first of
au. by Jesus Himself ; secondly by 1SII.
7 NPNwntwl tho Church dnwi
and thirdly br Motm. win, -o.,... , .
Uw xsJtktul ea tho Mttkly plain.
SwMfct me.
According to tobwlftiltM Mftd
by Socialist leaders, tta dvdnHtt
vote in the election of Nor ember
5, showed an increase of mor
than 100 per cent, over the gft
in the last presidential elatiT' )
The. increase is not confined to an
particular State or sectien, but it
is general throughout the country.
Tho party leaders, moreover,
maintain that there total would
have been much larger but for the
Bull M6oso movement, which they
declare attracted many votes from
the ranks of Socialist sympathizers.
Shipp's Liniment
Quickly relieves Rheumatism, Neuralgia
Backache, Headache and other pains A
reward of $loo will be paid it it fails and
it and see. 50o At All Druggists.
Who? What? Why? il.it
Transtcr and Carriage.
I have carriage and
wagon to meet all trains.
21 or 337.
37tf. . WILL BEAN.
Real Jjstitii
Hadden & kon
Office No. 9 Court St.
Residence, Antwerp Ave. Phone 546
PHONE NO. 3 41-irr
J Aotograpis
Nothing nicer or nothing
that will be more appreci
ated than a picture of
2our Xittle One
We make any size and
kind and our prices are
" Chandler -
uAo Photographer
Bryan Studio Stand .1
Highest Market Price
Eggs, Poultry, Hides
G.D.Sullivan & Co" l
W. Locust Street Mt. Sterling, Ky.
Phone: Office. Resldenoe. 132.
Inter Tonrist
Are now available to destinations in the
South and Southeast via
Tickets on Sale Daily
Limit May 31, 1913
Ask local agent for full information
regarding variable tour tickets.
Pullman Sleeping Car Line
will be established November itb, M
follows :
101 noon r.y. St. Louts Ar.M0p.m
M0 ism. Lv. Louisville Ar.fc.n.
0:15 a.m. Ar. Chunoo LT.H5p.m.
11)10 a. ui, Ar.AtUnu LY,5.l0p.m.
MWp.ni. Ar. Jacksonville LT.T:W.m.
J. C. BKAM, A. G. P. A.
St. Louis, Mo, A
r Jgti
OLD PAPERS Fer Sato Cbwp
at this Otic.
, i)
miZ .. , ' i$T!hk.

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