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Write Ideas i Moving Picture Plays
"W"e "W"I11 SlxO-r "STo-u. HZotxt
If you have ideas if you can THINK -we will show you the
secrets of this fascinating new profession. Positively no experience"
or literary excellence necessary. No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film
manufacturers are "moving heaven and earth" in their attempts to
get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They
are offering $100 and more for single scenarios, or written ideas.
Nearly all the big film companies, the buyers of photoplays, are
located in or near NEW YORK CITY. Being right on the spot, and
knowing at all times just what sort of plots are wanted by the pro
ducers, our SALES DEPARTMENT has a tremendous advantage
over agencies situated in distant cities.
We have received many letters from the big film manufacturers,
us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll
gladly teach you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never
before wrote a line for publication."
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only
one good idea every week, and will write it out as directed by us, and
it sells for only $25, a low figure,
You Will Earn $100.00 Monthly for Spare Time Work.
17 R J? 17 Send your name and address at once for free copy of our
riVDD illustrated book, "MOVING PICTURE PLAY WRITING."
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write NOW and learn just what
this new profession may mean for you and your future.
National Authors'
1 543 Broadway
Evidence that can be verified.
Fact is what we want
Opinion is not enough.
Opinions differ.
Here's a Mt. Sterling fact.
John Foreman, 8 Montgomery
street, Mt. Sterling, Ky., says:
"I have been a hard worker all
my life and never once considered
that to over-do would some day
bring on back or kidney troubles.
"When I had some lifting or heavy
work to do I just went about it
and did it and in that way wrench
ed my back. I was laid up for
several days at the time and began
looking around for a cure. I did
not iind anything that would help
me until I got Doan's Kidney Pills
at Duerson's Drutr Store. They
soon made me feel well and strong
and free from kidney trouble.
The above statement was given
in 1908 and during a personal
interview Mr. Foreman said:
"Doan's Kidney Pills havo done
me more good than anything else
I havo ever taken. 1 am glad to
confirm what I said heretofore."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Fostor-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole ngonts for
the United States.
llcmember the name Doan's
and take no other. 22-2t
The BEST is always the cheap
est. If in need of furniture, car
pots or rugs, see
W. A. Sutton & Son.
xi .yuu imvu uu.y juu pnuuug.yuu
want done in a hurry, let the
Fresh and Cured Meats
Cannot be Improved Upon
' Courteous Treatinent Prompt Delivery
Robinson & Moore
Court St. Phone 251 Mt. Sterling, Ky
A Great Thing.
Tho Postoffire Department at
Washington City hns announced
that by December loth it will havo
prepared maps of the fourth zone
of tho parcels post system, show
ing the rates from all Kentucky
points to points elsewhere in the
United States and to each other.
This map will be distributed as
widely as citizens of the zone de
sire, and will hang in every, post
ollice, so that the officials can tell
at a glance how much postage is
required for packages of certain
weights between points in the
fourth zone and other places in the
United States. To give an idea
of tho cost of sending parcels
through the mails under the now
system, the department stated that
a ten-pound package can bo sent
from Mt. Sterling to Washington
for about forty cents. Each cor
ner drug store will be permitted
to lay in the special stamps re
quired, and prospective shippers
in neighborhoods distant from pos
tal stations may take their parcels
to the drug store, and there have
it weighed, stamped and sent on
its journey.
II. Clay McKee & Sons
Buy, Sell and Kent Real Estate,
Loan Money, to or For You.
Write tho Best Insurance Execute
Bonds for you, put vou Next tc
best investments, Sell Tho Best
Autos Tiik White Motor Car.
Don't fai to seo them. 44-tf.
a - I. -
Everybody's friend Dr. Thom
as' Eclectic Oil. Cures toothache,
earache, sore throat. Heals cuts,
bruises, scalds. Stops any pain,
Mrs. J. F. Daniels, of
Sip, Ky., writes: "1 was
so sick for 3 or 4 years,
I had to hire my work
done, most of the time.
I had given up hope. When
I began to take Cardui, I
knew, right away, it was
helping me. Now, I am
better than ever before in
my life, and Cardui did it"
E 64
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui has helped thous
ands of weak, tired, worn
out women, back to healths
It has a gentle, tonic ac
tion on the womanly sys
tem. It goes to the cause
of the trouble. It helps, it
helps quickly, surely, safe
ly. It has helped others.
Why not you? It will.
Try it, Get a bottle today!
$100 Reward
Will be paid to any person having any
kind of pain or ache, if Shipp's Quick Re
lief Linluieut fails to give instant relief
and the purchase price is not refundedfry
it and see, 50c At All Druggists.
l , t L"
The Florsheiin Shoo
For any wear
and everywhere.
18-tf W. H. Barry & Co.
for Sale.
Window curtain ten feet wide.
This curtain has only been used a
short time and is as good as new.
A bargain. Apply at the
Advocate Publishing Co.
ft$$wfcMr$3 '
1 ir fffTaW Mf t'l I V V
A Training
School for Teachers
COMMA llldla t Clmntar
I IUnudlUot Lite HtAiA Cr
tlflcittf. Vftiu la all riWk
ftoboel t Ktsttckr. 8oUl
Cuth. Tallica FrM to A p.
mltorlM. tv tnodtl tohooL btw bwuiI triiatai btlidlnf
prtetletftfhoel, dprtmtoUffriultrtL vm eq tipped
vrnnutuM. XmIU 8.U. rinlTrafaciluSep
Uutr. BMoo4TriaNTwnfeMB. Thirl Tim Jhuatt
t. fourth Twm April 7, SoasC JMhoo opoa Just U,
To Consumers of Natural Gas.
n answer to many inquiries, the
management of this company is
pleased to state that the plans
which vere made public last fall,
for extending its main lines acros?
the mountains of Kentucky to the
West Virginia gas fields, have
been put into execution; the work
of constructing the line has been
vigorously prosecuted although
from the nature of the country it
has been a difficult and costly un
dertaking -and we are absolutely
sure of its completion in ample
time, to furnish all consumers with
n full supply. Wo deem it proper
and fair to give our consumers
this information so that they may
know how definitely our company
is faithfully performing its prom
ise to use every effort to furnish
them with a full and dependable
supply of natural gas for many
years to come; and also to notify
them that after the regular read
ing of meters in the month of De
cember, 1912, the rates will bo ad
vanced five (5) cents per thousand
cubic feet.
Central Kentucky Natural Gar
Company (Incorporated). 13-tf
Stop That Ache!
Any ache or pain in any part of the body
can be relieved with Shipp's Quick Relief
Liniment. $ioo reward if it fails and the
purchase price is not refunded. Try it
see. auc ax aii uruggists.
Excellent Farm and City
Property for Sale.
I offer for sale privately tho
following: My modern now resi
dence on West High street, also
lot adjoining, which is 75 feet
front and 300 feet deep. My
farm near Grassy Lick, consisting
of 188 acres of land in high state
of cultivation, can also bo bought
well worth tho money.
IStf Mrs. Mary A. McCIuro.
Transfer Wagon.
I am prepared to do "all kinds of
hauling. For prompt delivery to
and from trains, 'phone 821,
doctors rmxmc
Newbiro's herpMde
W BWfl tk OflCt&T WMtM n PapaaB " Sr.?
a welfare
Matthew xvlll, 1-14 Dee. 8.
"In Steven thttr anftl do ateayt tetold tht
toe of Uy Fathtf."T. M.
PERHAPS It was the fact that
Peter, James and John bad
been favored more than tho
others on several occasions
that led to the query which opens to
day's study: "Who, then, Is the great
est In the Kingdom of Heaven?"
Jesus, calling to Him a Uttlo child,
set him In the midst of them and sntd,
"Except ye turn from this spirit of
self-seeking and becomo as little chil
dren, yo shall In no wise enter Into tho
Kingdom of Heaven." Whoever would
bo greatest in tho Kingdom of Heaven
should thcreforo becomo as humble as
this llttlo child.
A little child asks questions; It seeks
Instruction; it does not profess and
boast wisdom or knowledge It Is candid-truthful.
The Master's lesson Is that whoever
would becomo a child of God and be
developed for the glorious position In the
Kingdom to which
wo were called,
must becomo child
like must turn
away from all
pride, selfish ambi
tions and hypocrl
cles and preten
tions. They must
confess their little
ness and ignorance,
and go humbly to
the Lord for In- "Except ye hecome as
BtrUCtion. '" cMldren."
Any who refuse to adopt this proper,
childlike spirit will bo refused the op
portunities of the Kingdom, for God
will have none others none others can
be taught of God, they will not learn
tho lessons necessary, under tho ar
rangements of this present time.
"One Such Little Child."
We are not to understand that little
children are members of Christ's King
dom class. The Lord is seeking for
mature men and women, who havea
childlike mind, and who in gladness
and simplicity of heart accept His
Message. "Whoso shall receive one
such llttlo child in My Name, receiveth
Me." "Whosoever shall offend," In
jure, "one of these little ones that be
lieve In Me, It were better for him
that a millstone were hanged about
his neck and he were sunk In the
depths of the sea." ,
If some one were drowned In the sen.
it would terminate his present life, but
it would not at all endanger his future
life. A futuro life, by a Restitution
awakening, Is assured to Adam and
every member of his race. But he who
Injures one of the Lord's little one
comes under such a measure of Divine
displeasure that It will affect his in
terests beyond the grave. He will be
held responsible for his deeds in pro
portion ns ho realizes what he Is do
ing when ho injures the Lord's snlnts
The Lord declares that His faithful
ones, are as precious to Him as the np
ple of His eye. and that all their inter
ests are subject to Divine supervision.
Doubtless many saints from Jesut
day down have been persecuted lg
nornntly, ana tne
Lord will have mer
cy upon those per
secutors; but souit
of the persecutors
have had such light
as to make theni re
sponsible; and It i
of this class thai
our lesson speaks.
Cut Off Hand or
Here the Mnstei
" illTshX "'" brouiut in a saying
which has perplex
ed many: "If thy foot cause thee to
stumble, cut It 'Off 'and cast it from
thee; it Is better tp cuter life maimed
or halt, than having two hands or two
feet to be cast Into everlasting fire. 11
thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and
cast It from thee; it is better to entui
into life with one eye, than that hav
ing two eyes thou bo cast into Gehenna
Those who fall to remember that Jes
us spoko to the people only in parables,
will be liable to stumble ovet these
words. His teaching is this: If you have
anything In your make-up dear to you
as a right hand or foot or eye, that 1h
likely to cause you to stumble and ful'
to enter the Kingdom, you would bettct
cut off that tendency, no matter what
U costs. Would It not bo better to enter
Into life than to go into Gehenna fire,
tho Second Death? Surely! Ilavlnp
put our hand to the plow, having be
come followers of Jesus, we must either
go on and be conquerors, or must
now careful tho Lord's people should
bo not to stumble one another, even
one of the least of these little ones!
Jesus suggested that a shepherd losing
ono of his sheep would leavo all the
others to go and seek that ono; and
ho rejoices specially at Its recovery.
So we, the followers of Jesus, should
remember that wo are all sbcop under
tho great Shepherd; and that no has
tho spirit of loving Interest and care
which would go after the etrayinp
Bhcep; and. .wo should huvohls same
All the Lord's true followers aro sub
ject to angel care. The messenger
who have guarded over the lives of
God's saintly few always have access
teethe HeavealyKather'preew,,t&
make known tbe necessities of those'
whom they represeat Oh, bow bletwed
the privilege of feelsg eU14rea of God!
nere tan es orMr hmwmim. m eanwea
U ehrftra that et the prafeaeteaal Mas eWeteA
le welfare of tee fceoeM.
Rcf. J. J. Bora. CoTirmton, Tewi. teeet
H BUT dutr to write tbfa Xer the bmmM
taSerimr from dendrsff. In the avence i
few aMtaetleM of Newbre'a IterskMe w
nereafiilena'nifr. ItfaadrhaHa to eeeWn
ne far aeveral week.
Theweraeef J. B. Thoafow.M D.. W. Set
reogh Flaee, Car. Hollta St, Barton, MM are
nettoMenthaeiaatie: lean ontr J
of NewBro'a HerefcMc It H M chat I
Kto net aw aiMin
A4 BaUf a RtCV K eEV Hs4
and nerhaca mere, tie
the aealo but brighten t
Newbro'a HerelcMe h ttw ericteal remedr to
IcMl the dandruff germ aad atef f aMaff bate. The
terrlMe Itehbur whtea eoee wtah daatbaS to
Bared ahaott at oaee.
We positively guarantee eke one rfeMar alee
W. 8. LLOYD, - Speeial Afnt
Outsido of tho fact that a daugh
ter of tho Goulds was recently
seen canoeing with tho exiled
king of Por'tuga!, wo have had
nothing to fill us with tho hopo of
immediato matrimonial glories for
America. True, this king was tho
central liguro of a disgraceful epi
sode with a too dancer. But whatVA'
matters that? Ho is still a king
Hats off to his majesty and to th
American girl who would sell her
self for a barren title.
"Sorosis," America's foremost
shoe for women the shoo of all ,.
18-tf W. H. Berry & Co.
Shipp's Liniment)
Quickly relieves Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Backache, Headache and other pains. A
reward of $ioo will be paid it it fails and
the purchase price is not refunded. Try
it and see. 50c At All Druggists.
Transfer and Carriage.
I have carriage and transfer
wagon to meet ail trains 'Phoney
21 or 337. -A
Real Estate!"
Hadden & Son
Office No. 9 Court St.
Residence, Antwerp Ave Phone 546 J
PHONE NO. 3 41-lty
Nothing nicer or nothing
that will be more appreci
ated than a picture of
2our Xtttls Ono ,
We make any size and
kind and our prices are
Chandler -
ZAo ZPhototjraphor
Bryan Studio Stand ' .1
inter Touris
Are now available to destinations in thejl
boutli and Southeast via
Tickets on Sale Daily
Limit May 31, 1913
Ask local agent for full information
regarding variable tour tickets.
Pullman Sleeping Car Line
will be established November 24th, m
follows : .
IJ-Wnooa Lv. St. Louts Ar.fct0p!!a
8:10 p.m. Lv.Loulsvlllfi Ar. o-sna. m
lhma.xn. Ar. IIIuaa " tk.iaSm.
a JO p. m. Ar. Jaokaoarity Lt. iM a. '
I. C. BSAM. A. a. V. A. T
- -- J r-.- j -.-
9 tf Geo. W. Anderson.

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