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Mrs. Maroarct Lane
Dies at the Age of 76.
Mrs. Margaret S. Lane, aged
76 years, died at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Emma Fassott, on
Sycamore street, in this city, last
Wednesday morning, after a long
Sho was u widely knwn and
much beloved woman ond her loss
will .be felt by countless friends
and relatives. Her husband, who
was Silas Lane, preceded her to
the- crave over thirty years eo.
. For nearly sixty years Mrs. Lane
')& had been a devout member of the
Uhristian Church and had always
lived a .useful and loving Chris
tian life. She was born in this
county in 1837 and lived her en
tire life in Montgomery county.
Deceased is survived by three
daughters, Mrs. John W. Jones
and Mrs. Emma Fassett, of this
..city, and Mrs. Mary Metcalf, of
towingsville, and one son, Mr. L.
E. Lane, of Richmond, all of
whom have the deepest sympathy
of many friends in the loss of a
true and loving mother.
The burial took placo at Mach-
f pelah Cemetery Thursday after-
'i'pt noon at 2 o'clock with short ser
vices at the grave by Kev. H. V.
Clark. J
To The Ladies.
Beginning Saturday, The Louis
ville store owned by Mr. S. M
Newmeyer, will begin their annual
Mill-Remnant Sale.. Mr. New
meyer has been in business in Mt.
Sterling for many years and has
by his honest methods of doing
business, made a host of friends,
and whenever he announces a sale
the people of this and surrounding
counttes-know- -that -they -will get.
genuine bargains and be able to
save a great deal by trading with
him. Follow the crowd to his
store and get your share of the
baruams. See large add in this
,' paper.
State Journal Burns.
The plant of the State Journal
at Frankfort was gutted by firo
about 7:30 o'clock Monday morn
ing. The plant was valued at
$75,000 and carried $40,000 insur
ance. The State also suffered a
several thousand' dollars loss by
the burning of paper. The News
Journal will be issued from another
Frankfort printing plant for tho
farmers !
You can obtain a copy of John
P. Morton's Western Farmers Al
" manac for 1913 by" calling at
Montgomery National Bank.
Pure country sorghum at Van
arsdell's. I
January Clearance Sale
Cut Prices
You can't afford to miss this
' Incorporated
"Outfitters to Women"
On All Grades of Tobac
co During Past
Oyer Half a Million Pounds Sold
at Attractive Prices.
Tobacco sold splendidly during
tho past week at both the Farmers
and Burley Tobacco warehouses.
Prices on all grades continue to
increase. Over a half million
pounds changed hands at the two
warehouses at prices ranging from
4 to 44 cents per pound. Tobacco
seems to be selling equally as well
hero as any place in the State and
tho growers are highly pleased
with tho prices received. The
roads leading to Mt. Sterling from
all directions are lined with tobac
co wagons and both the local
houses are selling capacity floors
at almost every sale.
The Farmers and Burley houses
have come to terms about the hold
ing of sales and in the future sales
will be held on Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays. The two
houses will, take time about having
morning sales.
Friday about 90,000 pounds sold
at the Burley house for an average
of nearly 14 cents. About 130,000
pounds changed hands at the Far
mers house at an average of about
14 cents. Monday the Farmers
house sold about 127,000 pounds at
.an average pf $14.66.
.borne of the best sales made at
the Burley house were: Prewitt
& Woosley about 6,000 lbs., at
17c; Prewitt & Crow, about 11,
000 lbs., at 14c; W. N. Scobee,
about 3,000 lbs., at 16ie; A. Skid
more, about 5,000 lbs., at 15c; J.
& C. Fogg, .about 3,000 lbs., at
14 cents.
Tho Farmers house reports the
following sales as among some of
its best during tho week: M. B.
French, 3,87olbs., at $18.00; Whit
sett & Hamilton, 2,845 lbs., at
$18.24; Highland & Butler, 2,810
lbs., at $15.55; Duff & Campbell,
11,005 lbs., at $18.25; T. N. Coons,
2,465 lbs., at $16.00.
Sell Property.
Hadden & Lane, the real estate
agents, have sold the Jones pluce
on Main street and also a piece of
property on Queen street in the
last week.
New figs,
dates and raisins at
Rehearsals arc On.
Rehearsals aro well under way
for the big home talent pluy "WMr.
flob" which will be given at tho
Tahb Theatre, Thursday, January
16, undor auspices of the Aid So
ciety of Tho Presbyterian church.
Tho production is under tho pro
fessional direction of Mr. and Mrs.
John T. Adams, of Pittsburg, Pa.
"Mr. Bob" is a screaming farce
and incidental to tho play there
will bo introduced a number of
catchy specialties and musical num
bers, all in special costuming.
An excellent local cast has been
secured and will bo announced
later. It is exDCCted that Mt.
Sterling people on Jan. 16", will
have an opportunity to see some
thing entirely out of the ordinary
in the way of home talent plays.
Clever comedy situations, catchy
songs and beautiful costumes will
mark the performance, whoso pro
gram will follow the' lines of pro
fessional musical comedy.
Jr., Order lulled American
Mechanics Elect Officers.
J. O. Hall, Jr., Past Counselor;
Wm. Cravens, Counselor; Ruben
Rice, Counselor; Jasmcs Rich
ards, Recording Secretary; Owen
Richards, A. R. Secretary; J.
Wesley Richards, Financial Secy. ;
Joe Botts, Treas.; Eveimont
Charles, Ghaplian; A. S. Richards,
Warden; W. T. Turley, Inside
Sentinel; Will Helwig, Outside
Sentinel; Representatives to State
Counsel, Jas. Richards, Evermont
Charles; Trustees, Will Turley,
John Brannon, Joe Botts.
Kicked By Mule.
One day last week at their home
off'llie'Grassy Lick pike, Warren,
the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Gano Caywood, was kicked in the
face by a young mule. A gash
about three inches long was cut,
and a physician was called and
several stitches were taken. No
bones were broken. The little
fellow is getting along nicely.
Fortunately the mule had on no
Examination of applicants for
graduation from the rural schools
will be held in my oiliceon Friday
and Saturday, January 24th and
25th. This examination can be
held at no other time. You can
not choose either Fii'dny or Satur
day, but you must be present both
Friday and Saturday.
M. J. Goodwin, County Super
intendent of Schools.
Local Talent Show.
The laugh pro voicing play, "Mr.
R,ti " twill hn nnf rn hv lnrnl rnlpnr.
January 16, at the Tabb Opera
MniisP. for Mi n honnfit of Mio Aid
m.wHuw, .w. ...w -.--. -
Society of tho Presbyterian
Church. The admittance will bo
reasonable, so come out and help a
worthy cause.
Smoke House Destroyed By Fire.
Mr. W. P. Guthrie's smoko
house caught on firo Monday morn
ing while smoking somo meat and
before the llames were extinguish
ed tho building was almost a total
wreck. Tho loss will probably
reach $100 with no insurance.
At Cost.
Previous to taking invoice Feb
ruary" 1, wo will sell all dry goods.
notions, hardware, queenswaro and
novelties at cost, for spot cash.
Rickctts & McCormick.
I have all my accounts made out
and would appreciate it if you
would call and settle if you are in
debted to me.
S. P. Green wad e.
Atmoro's minco meat at Vanarsdell's.
Big Show All This Week.
The Grahamo Stock Company is
giving excellent shows at the Tabb
Opera House during tho present
week, the plays arc new and well
put on with special scenery, the
vaudeville between acts constitutes
a whole show in itself, the coin
pany as a whole is pronounced tho
best repertoire attraction that has
visited Mt. Sterling in years.
The plays for tho balance of the
week include: "Sapho" on Thurs
day night, a feature performance
of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'' on
Friday night, a ten cent matinee
of "A Runaway Wife" on Satur
day afternoon, with two "Mutt &
Jeff" reels as an additional feature
for the children; and "Don't Tel!
My Wife" on Saturday night. All
plays produced with special scene
ry and an entire change of special
ties every night. Night prices are
only ten, twenty and thirty cents.
Reserved seats on sale every day
at the Mt. Sterling Drug Com
pany's store.
My Position.
I am circulating my petition for
Postmaster for the reason there
are so many petitions out there
might not be anybody left to sign
mine. I think all the candidates
should wait until the President is
inaugurated. As for myself, I
have' no desire to interfere with
the present postmaster's term of
office. As long as he makes the
satisfactory .posmaster that he has
in the past I am perfectly willing
for him to serve his term, and am
only circulating my petition for
self protection.
Fred W. Bassett.
Sjloon Licenses Granted.
The eleven saloons now doing
business in Mt. Sterling were
granted licenses for the year 1913 1
at a recent niretini' of tho Citv i
Council. The licenses were issued
to the following: National Ilctel,
J. P. King, R. K. Weedon, Wm.
Botts, Young & Beidleman, Gib
bons & Carter, Ilainlino & Rynn,
Gibbons & Withrow, Mike Hol
land, P. II. Davis and A. L.
Post Tavern Special
cereal at Vanarsdell's.
-the new
Mr. it. A. Mason Buys
farm in Spencer County.
Mr. R. A. Mason, of the Grassy
Lick neighborhood, has bought a
well impioved farm in Spencer
county, near Taylorsville, and has
moved to his new home. Mr.
Mason and his family aro among
the very best people in Montgom
ery county and while we regret
very much to see them leave this
county, we sincerely hope for them
abundant prosperity in their new
I llOtlJC
Next Saturday, January 1 1 ,
special sale on best galvanized
tubs No 3, largest size, regular
prico 70 cents. Saturday's price
50 cents each. Next size No 2,
regular prico 60 cents Saturday's
price 40 cents.
Brass King Wash board. Best
brass boards made 25 cents each.
Tho Fair.
Hung Jury in Dealon Case.
Tho jury in tho case of Fletcher
Deaton at Winchester, charged
with the murder of Ed Callahan,
failed to agree and has been dis
missed. Soven of tho jurors were
for conviction and five for acquit
tal. To the Ladies.
I have rented tho front room up
stairs in tho Jordan building and
am prepared to do all kinds
of stamping work. Embroidery
lessons. Miss Julia Clark.
Will Be the Largest Re
pair and Supply Shop
in the City.
Competent Workmen Will Have
Charge of New Business.
Mt. Sterling is to hnve another
garage and repair shop and as soon
as the weather will permit work
will be started and the building
rushed to completion. The new
building will be located just in the
rear of the plant of the Advocate
Publishing Co. on Main street with
a brick driveway between the Ad
vocate plant and the office of the
Mt. Sterling Water, Light & Ice
Co. The building will be a brick
structure with a concrete lloor.
Messrs. Stone & Flora, two com
petent mechanics, have leased the
building from the owners, Messrs
Chenault & Orear.
Laundry Interest Not Sold.
The report that Mr. B. F. Pol
lard had sold his interest in the
Mt. Sterling Laundry Co. to Mr
F. W. Soper, of Lexington, was
incorrect, and Mr. Pollard will
still continue to be connected with
his brother both in tho laundry
and tho Mt. Sterling Bottling
Lost Horse.
Near Salem church, this county.
light bay horse, about 15 hands
high, with star in forehead and
few white spots where saddle had
rubbed his back. Strayed from
. " l)IilC0 Thursday
night. Good
saddle horse. Reward for his re
turn .or infoi mation as to his
Charlie Lovely,
Jeft'ersonville, Ky.
Mr. Waller Wright Resigns.
Mr. Walter Wright, who has
been working for Mr. E. W. Hef
lin at "The Fair" for tho past six
years, has resigned his position.
Mr. Wright is a popular and ac
commodating salesman and it is
sincerely hoped by his many
friends that he will continue to
.reside in Mt. Sterling.
All property on which taxrs
have not been paid by January
13th will bo advertised and sold.
Sheriff Montgomery Cojuty.
Blankets -
Our entire stock of Woolen
Blankets will be placed on sale
and sold at &-
Actual Cost
If you are in need of a Long Coat now is
the time to buy. Our entire stock at cost and
some bdow cost
Furs at a Big Reduction
Garnets Lace Curtains Linoleums
Lace Curtains
32 em
Mr. L. II. McLean Dies
at liis Home in the County.
Mr. L. II. McLean, aged 53
years, a prominent farmer of
this county, died at his home last
Wednesday afternoon. Ho was a
splendid citizen and woi thy gen
tleman, and in his passing the
community has lost a most excel
lent man.
lie was twice married; his first
wife, who died fourteen or fifteen
years ago, was a Miss Greenwade.
His second wife, who with several
children survives him, was before
marriage, a Miss Thomas, a sister
of Mace Thomas, of this city.
The funeral was held at his late
residence Friday afternoon, ser
vices being conducted by Rev.
George Kennard, and the burial
afterwards in Machpelah Ceme
tery under the auspices of the
Odd Fellows Lodge of which
order he was a member.
Pneumonia Fatal to
Mrs. Sue
Mrs. Sue Allen died in More
head last Thursday at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. E. Hogsr,
whom she was visiting. Mrs
Allen had been housekeeper for
Mr. G. D. Sqllivan, Sr., in this
county for a long number of
years and was a woman well
known and much loved by many
friends and relatives. Deceased
was about 63 years old and is sur
vived by two children, Mrs. E.
Hogg, of Morehead, and Mr.
Wall Allen, of Columbus, Ohio.
One brother also suivives, Mr.
W. H. Clark, of this city, all of
whom have the sympathy of many
friends in tho loss of this good
woman. Funeral services were
held at Morehead Friday.
w. o.
W. Elect Offccrs
of Gate City Camp,
Woodman of the World, were
elected for the year 1913, as fol
lows: Past Consul Ccmmander,
W. K. Prewitt; Consul Con mim
der, W. P. Apperson; Adviser
Lieutenant, M. S. Brown; Banker
and Clerk, M. J. Goodwin; Es
cort, Robert II. Payne; Watch
man, W. II. Brown; Sentry, T.
H. Wilson; Physician, P. K. Mc
Keunti; Managers, J. P. Cline, J.
M. Gatewood and II. F. Howell.
Miss Elizabeth Mcrarland Married
Miss Elizabeth McFarland and
Mr. Tyree Lloyd, both prominent
young people of Lexington, were
recently married in Paris. The
bride is a popular and charming
girl and has many friends in this
city, where sli3 has often visited,
who will be interested to learn of
her wedding.

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