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SSl" "'-!"
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
National Authors'
Nature in Mid-Winter.
June, crowned with roses, and
October with her riot of color,
have their messages. But in the
silence and whiteness of mid-winter
Nature is seen in her most
haunting way. The great snow
world is unrelieved in its dazzling
whiteness save for the faintly trac
ed tracks of a rabbit, the tracery
of bullrushes or reeds, and a blush
of pink at sunset. The silent lake
locked in by brooding hills, pres
ents a somber stretch of pallid ice.
The barren elm trees whisper ti
tanic secrets in the winter twi
light. The branches of the firs
and yews are laden down with
clods of snow. Each little twig
and stalk along the wayside is a
crystal wand as if the magic hand
of Jack Frost had suddenly trans
formed it into silver. Hedgerows,
gateposts and stubble take on fan
tastic shapes. Through the arch
ed boughs of the trees you look
upon u vignette of purple skies,
white plumes and brown fretwork.
The world has taken on nun's veil
ing and has gone into retreat,
maybe in preparation for the resur
rection soon to come. Nature is a
vestal virgin, thoughtful and si
lent. In the village churchyard
the snow fairies are covering with
a whito mantle the low mounds
even as the birds covered with
leaves the soft forms of the babes
in the woods. Collier's Weekly.
Excellent form and City
Property for Sale.
I offer for sale privately the
following: My modern new resi
dence on West Iliiih street, also
lot adjoining, which is 75 feet
front and 300 feet deep. My
farm near Grassy Lick, consisting
of 168 acres of land in hiuli state
of cultivation, can also be bought
well worth the money.
13tf Mrs. Mary A. McClure.
for Sale Privately.
My residence on North Maysvillo
fitreet. Henry JR. Prewitt.
T77e "Will Sla.QTxr Tou ECOTX7-
If you have ideas if you can THINK we will show you the
secrets of this fascinating new profession. Positively no experience
or literary excellence necessary. No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The big film
manufacturers are "moving heaven and earth" in their attempts to
get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand. They
are offering $100 and more for single scenarios, or written ideas.
Nearly all the big film companies, the buyers of photoplays, are
located in or near NEW YORK CITY. Being right on the spot, and
knowing at all times just what sort of plots are wanted by the pro
ducers, our SALES DEPARTMENT has a tremendous advantage ,
over agencies situated in distant cities.
We have received many letters from the big film manufacturers,
us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll
gladly teach you the secrets of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never
before wrote a line for publication."
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of only
one good idea every week, and will write it out as directed by us, and
it sells for only $25, a low figure,
You Will Earn $100.00 Monthly for Spare Time Work.
UDUU Send your name and address at once for free copy of our
lilJjii illustrated book, "MOVING PICTURE PLAY WRITING."
Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Write NOW and learn just what
this new profession may mean for you and your future.
Harsh physics react, weaken the
bowels, cause chronic constipation.
Doan's Regulets operate easily,
tone the stomach, cure constipa
tion. 25c. Ask your druggist
for them. lm
A Nightcap.
Let our last thought of the eve
ning be one of thanksgiving that,
in the few hours of the day now
endiDg, so much good will has
been shown to us. There have
been well-wishers, ready to further
every effort of our hands and re
sponsive to each impulse of our
friendliness. We have received
much kindness within a little time.
It is not permitted us to doubt the
good in all men when those whom
we know have helped us to happi
ness. Let us be glad of the peace
ful home the shelter itself shutt
ing out the night of storm and
the loyalty of the comrades, hous
ed with us from the loneliness of
life, giving of their steady affec
tion. Let us be comforted, know
ing that we shall sleep in peace,
forgiven for our shortcomings, and
that we shall waken to work and
the fresh chances of the morning,
with failure forgotten and the
scene newly set for our endeavor.
Collier's Weekly.
for Sale.
Meister piano in first class con
dition, mahogany case. Ford
Touring Car, 1912 model, run less
than one year. Can bo bought
worth the money. 22-tf.
Apply at this ollice.
Stop That Ache!
Any ache or pain in any part of the body
can be relieved with Shipp's Quick Relief
Liniment, f loo reward if it tails and the
purchase price is not refunded. Try it
see. 50c At All Druggists.
for Sale Privately.
My property on Spring street,
consisting of 2 acres of land, good
5-room residence, barn and all
necessary out buildings. Never
failing spring in yard.
28-tf. M, F. Hinson.
1543 Broadway
If you like the old town best,
Tell 'em so!
If you'd have her lead the rest,
Help her grow!
When there's anything to do
Let the fellows count on you;
You'll feel bully when it's through
Dou't you know.
If you want to make a hit,
Get a name!
If the other fellow's it,
Who's to blame?
Spend your money in the town
Where you pull the shekels down;
Give the mail concern a frown
That's the game!
If you're use to giving knocks,
Change your style!
Throw bouquets instead of rocks
For awhile!
Let the other fellow roast;
Shun him as you would a ghost;
Meet his hammer with a boast
And a smile.
When a stranger from afar
Conies along,
Tell him who and what we are
Make it strong.
Needn't flatter, never bluff;
Tell the truth, for that's enough.
Join the boosters they're the stuff.
We belong.
Transfer Wagon.
I am prepared to do all kinds of
hauling. For prompt delivery to
and from trains, 'phono 321.
"9 tf Geo. W. Anderson.
Dr. W. B. Robinson '
Elected Secretary-Treasurer.
Dr. W. IJ. Robinson, our popu
lar Veterinarian, was at the meet
ing of the Kentucky Veterinary
Medical Association, held at Lex
ington last week, elected Secretary
Treasurer of the Association.
Other ollicors elected wore: Dr.
C A. Miller, of Louisville, Presi
dent; Dr. S. F. Mussolman, of
Cynthiana, 1st Vice President;
Dr. L. M. Land, of Lexington, 2d
Vice President. Many interesting
subjects wero discussed and the
meeting was both enjoyable and
New pancake and buckwheat
Hour at Vanttrsdell's.
Mt. Sterling Citizens Testify for
PuDlic Benefit.
A truthful statement of a Mt. Sterling
citizen, given in her own words, should
convince the most skeptical about the
merits of Doan's Kidney Pills. If you
suffer from backache, nervousness, sleep
lessness, urinary disorders of any form
of kidney ills, use a tested kidney medi
cine. A Mt. Sterling citizen tells of Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Could you demand more convincing
proof of merit?
Mrs. Laura Willoughby, 17
Strother Street, Mt. Sterling, Ky
says: It is a pleasure to tell of
my experience with Doan's Kidney
Pills as they always give entire
satisfaction. I had pains through
my back and kidneys and at times
I was dizzy and nervous. At night
I was restless and mornings was
weak and tired. A neighbor ad
vised the use of Doan's Kidney
Pills and I procured asupply from
Duerson's Drug Store and their
use gave mo great relief. I now
feel better in every way."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Fostor-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Koraeniber the name Doan's
and take no other. 28-3t
Initial Stationery.
A beautiful line of initial paper
in stock.
Advocate Pub. Co.
Transfer and Carriage.
I have carriage and transfer'
wagon to meet all trains. 'Phono
21 or 337.
37tf. WILL BEAN.
' Huyler's delicious candies can
bo had at
tf Geiger's Pharmacy, Sole'Agent.
for Sale.
A solid walnut wardrobe in good
condition. Apply at this oflico.
Holland ties no Jury trial system.
Colombia finds lt alligators, n pest.
London has 170.000 pupils In night
Greater New York has 1,010 more
cion than women.
Portsmouth is tbc most strongly for
tified point in England.
Importation of champagne Is on tho
decline, and that of beer Is Increasing.
Los Angeles Is driving out "matri'
monlal bureaus" as socially undcslra
Colorado's 1012 fruit crop Is valued at
$0,000,000. In 1809 it was worth $080.-
I Advcntlsts have-purchased Splon Kop
battlefield. South Africa, for n mission
Washington complains that business
Is fast encroaching on residential dis
Missouri's new capltol building, to toe
erected in Jefferson City, will cost
American collego bred men are said
to bo shunning tho ministry because of
low salaries.
United States railroads this year were
made subject to forty-eight new laws in
the various states.
Gambling is prohibited throughout
Ppnln, even In tho most aristocratic
Under certain conditions, local au
thorities in Prussia are permitted to
tar incomes below $250 a year.
Open air physical culture classes for
tho free instruction of women and girls
aro held every Sunday in Berlin.
Tho French government has placed
an Increased tax upon signboards in
the hope of decreasing their number.
Japan's now battleship, tho cruiser
Kongo, has a displacement of 27.500
tons. . Its length is 704 feet, its breadth
02 feet
W. W. Glass of Columbia. Mo., has
presented Abraham Lincoln's school
dictionary to tho Missouri State Histor
ical society.
Poor's Manual for 1012 shows that In
the fiscal year 1011 American railroads
earned an average of 5.13 per cent on
capital stock.
During the last twenty years land
In the United Kingdom devoted to
farming hua decreased by more than
500,000 acres.
Kilkenny castle Is one of the oldest
Inhabited bouses in the world, many of
tho rooms being much as they were
800 years ago.
The Japanese, besides drinking 210.
000.000 gallons of sake or rice wine in
ono year, have in addition disposed or
7,000.000 gallons of beer.
The International Aluminium syndi
cate has fixed the price of the menu
for next year's delivery at $3SO per
metric ton of 2.201.02 pounds.
Practically all of the Jncle now mined
comes from Burma. 'though New en-
land Is a producer of some note. China
takes practically the entire output.
President C. F". Thwlng of Western
Reserve university has secured for
Cleveland the meeting next March of
the Uellgious education association.
There'll be 1..10O delegates.
There are now 050 athletic organiza
tions In Bohemia, with a membership
of nearly 100.000. Including 15.000 wo
men. The athletic movement has de
veloped almost entirely since 1871.
Reports from CJermany say thnt the
stork Is disappearing. Naturalist
have been investigating the cause of
the stork's disappearance, and pens
ants have been encouraged to build
nests for the birds and supply them
with food,
I.nrge districts In the far east for
merly planted in tnploca are now he
Ing planted In rubber trees and ns u
consequence no lower prices for tapioca
are looked for Land for tapioca grow
Ing can be used only one-fourth of the
time and must be left Idle for the re
mainder. A Kitfuch author, quoted by the Gas
World, points out that there Is room
for Improvement in the manufacture ol
gas mantles, Whut is wanted Is uni
formity rather than durability. At
pieseiit. he says, the difference In light
ing power among mantles from the
ame haul) may amount to 40 per cent.
The thluoceros beetle, which came to
the Island of Apia. Samoa, three years
ago. destroying the cocoanuts, has In
creased In number despite the efforts
made for its suppression. It is esti
mated that iu the Infested district 50
per cent of the cocounut trees are af
fected. 20 per cent have been set back
In bearing and : per ceut killed.
With the completion of a seven story
building Tokyo Is able to boast of the
(list skyscraper In its history. The
structure, begun In January. 1910. wax
but recently completed. It Is consid
ered fire and earthquake proof, it was
designed for otllces and Is especially
noteworthy because It Is probably the
highest of Its kind In tho far east.
Dust from the tall of Halley's comet,
according to a French nstronomer. Is
responsible for the coronas that have
frequently beeu ween around the moon
In perfectly clear weather ever sluce
May 10. 11)11. The angular size of a
corona depends upon the size of the
solid or liquid particles in the air
which dlffrnct tho light. The smaller
these particles the larger the corona.
Dried and smoked abalone meat,
most of which Is cured at southern
California fishing ports, is purchased
by oriental Importers nt fnucy prices.
Occasionally It sells for S300 n'tou. Iu
home Instance' divers we employed to
proem n the uiolliisks. and It is not un
common for nu experienced urnn to
brlha to the surface two tons of meat
and shells in u day.
causes heartburn, sour
etntrinrfi nnrvmicnoce
nausea, impure blood, and A
more, trouble than many
different kinds of diseases.
The fopd you eat ferments
in your stomach, and the
poisons it forms are ab
sorbed into your whole
system, causing many dis
tressing symptoms. At the
first sign of indigestion, try
the old, reliable, vegetable
liver powder, to quickly
cleanse your system from
these undesirable poisons.
Mrs. Riley Laramore, of
Qoodwatcr, Mo., says: "I
suffered for years from dyspep
sia and heartburn. Thedford's
Black-Draught, in small doses,
cured my heartburn in a few
days, ana now I can eat without
distress." Try it.
Insist on Thedford's
Still Near TheBottom.
In a comparative study of State
school systems made by the Rus
sell Sage Foundation,tKentucky is
assigned forty-second place in gen
eral efficiency among the forty
eight States of the Union.
In current expenditure per child
of school ago Kentucky ranks
fortieth; in average value of school
property, thirty-eighth; in average
percentage of attendance, fortieth;
in average annual salary of teach
ers, thirty-third. Theav e rage
percentage of attendance tin Ken
tucky is 63.7. The average an
nual salary of teachers is ($337.
Kentucky provides fifty-seven
days of schooling per year for
every child in the State.
These are some of tho facts
gleaned from a New York dispatch
tellincr of the study made by the
Russell Sage boundation. It is
well that we should occasionally
"see ourselves as others see us."
It is by comparison that we may
. -.
best take note of our progress aid
the showing that is made by Ken
tucky in this exhibit of American
school systems is not such as to
give us pleasure or pride.
It seems hardly believable that
Kentucky, one of the oldest States
of the Union, should be behind so
many other Commonwealths in
educational advancement, but that
such is the case was fully estab
lished, even before the existence
of tho Russell Sage Foundation.
This latest report, therefore, comes
in thel nature of cumulative evi
dence. It merely emphasizes tho
necessity of accelerating the edu
cational campaign.
The people of Kentucky need
some forcible reminders, once in a
while, of tho low school status.
This Russell Sago Foundation re
port comes within that category
and may in that sense bo helpful,
but it is not to be classed as desir-R
able advertising for tho Common
wealth. "Suffered day nnd night tho tor
ment of itching piles. Nothing
helped mo until I used Doan's
Ointment. It cured mo perma
nently." Hon. John R. Garrett,
Mayor, Girard, Ala. lm
LOST -Leather suit case be
tweenJNational Hotel and about
two miles out on the Maysvillo
pike. Libernl reward for return
to this,oflice.
I AW ! V
i i .. I i
I, r ..
-2... -V'tT .. .
19 IH 8 I K 'J C 1, 4, 4 I
frfWirWW 1.h..l'..'
'j, Pfci-rtfij Mw 4. ' 4 1
"11 ,(. " '
I '
Auir. 1913
ii i tti4i y

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