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Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
National Authors'
College Athletics.
The question of athletics is be
coming so much a feature of the
colleges, and is becoming the
fruitful source of so much conten
tion, that a more satisfactory and
uniform code of rules and regula
tions has become necessary. The
universities of the country have
made their athletic superiority so
pronounced, that excellence in this
department has come to be regard
ed as far more important than ex
cellence in the college curriculum.
If Yale can beat Harvard in the
annual boat race; or Princeton can
beat Columbia in the Thanksgiv
ing football contest, the winners
seem to think the college it repre
sents has maintained its reputation
as a source of scholastic superiori
ty for another twelve months at
least. The smaller colleges and
State Universities, scattered over
the country, have caught the same
spirit of emulation, and with it
the same bickerings and dissatis
faction. It would appear to one
outside of the influence of college
life and environment that the pre
sent situation has grown so tense,
and the feelings annually engend
ered so acute, that, unless some
tribunal can be established, to the
ruling of which all must yield, the
result to the college and the stu
dent body in general, must soon,
if it has not already become, pro
ductive of fur more harm than
good. Certainly some rule of
eligibility ought to be devised that
would make simple the right of
any mutriculute to play in a given
game or on a given team, and cer
tainly some body can be organized
to which all disputes can be re
ferred, with the understanding
their decisions are to be final,
The disagreeable season through
which the State University has
passed, and through which it is
still passing, finds its origin, not
in the college curriculum, but
wholly in the athletic branch, and
seems to be traceable to the eligi
bility of one or two boys to play
on the football team. Ceitaiu
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illustrated book, "MOVING PICTURE PLAYWR
Don't hesitate. Don't argue.
new profession may mean for
rulings from some sort of tribunal,
have been repudiated by the stu
dent body, which, coupled with
certain personal antagonisms and
jealousies, has brought confusion
and disorganization into the whole
institution, resulting in incendiary
charges and counter-charges that
have occupied the time of the
courts for the past two weeks.
Some plan can and must be de
vised that will make impossible u
repetition of present conditions
here and elsewhere. Either ath
letics must be brought under a
satisfactory system of control, ap
plying to all college associations,
and made subservient to the col
lege curriculum, or athletics must
be eliminated. Students must be
made to know they will have to
conform to established rules, and
if they do not be treated in some
such summury way as to teach
them that disobedience means ex
pulsion. The storm of rebellion
may be central over Lexington
just at this time, but it will soon
move to some other point, and
produce exactly the same condi
tions. We urgently suggest the
necessity for immediate action by
the whole college fraternities of
the country. Lexington Herald.
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Umber S. 8oq4 Trria Novemh" Tblrl Tern J.Duar
IT. FourtaTtna April I, Bummer BctuMl .puu Jiu U,
Citolofut fro. .,.. .
.1. (1. CIlAUUB, President. .
Auir 1013
K7KB) r m-H If i C
July II jnJ i
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Can Babies Be Sent
By Parcel Post Route?
The mailing of babies by parcel
post is a real infant industry, which
Postmaster General Hitchcock is
asked to foster.
In the circumstances of his
bachelorhood, Mr. Hitchcock is
considering seriously the calling
into consultation of experts in the
transportation of babies, as a letter
which he received last week pre
sents to him a mail problem with
which he is quite unfamiliar. To
add to his embarrassment the let
ter contains a note of pathos which
appeals strongly to the postmaster
This is the letter identically as
it was phrased and punctuated:
"Ft. McPherson, Ga., Jan. 1G,
1913. "Postmaster General,
Washington, D. C.
"Sir I have been corresuond
ing with a party in Pennsylvania
about getting a baby to rais (Our
homo being without One.) May
I ask what specifications to use in
wrapping so it (baby) would, com
ply with regulations and bo allow
ed shipment by parcel post as the
express co., are so rouph in hand
ling. lours,
The name signed to the letter is
withheld at the request of Mr.
As babies, in the opinion of the
Postmaster General, do noc fall
within the category of bees and
bugs the only live things that
may be transported by mail, ho is
apprehensive he may be of assist
ance to his correspondent.
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Mt. Sterling Citizens Testify for
Public Benefit.
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Kidney Pills.
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Initial Stationery.
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Transfer and Carriage.
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wagon to meot all trains. 'Phone
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Imposing but 8omewhat Extravagant
Idea May Catch the Fanoy of
Fickle People of Paris.
Paris is threatened with the re
vival of an old custom that was for
merly in voguo in Poland. When
the lord of a castlo invited his
friends to dino in his baronial hall,
he emphasized his lavish hospitality
by throwing all the silver and plate
used on his table into the well filled
moat after the meal, ttius assuring
hi3 guests that they should never bo
asked to cat again from the same
The modern adaptation of this
fantastic lordly whim is to invite
one's guests to sit down at a table
whereon nothing but the flowers, the
fable decoration and the napkins
may be seen. As soon as the guests
arc seated a bevy of servants, pre
sumably one for each guest, bring in
the plates, glasses, knives and forks,
Of course this could only be done
with a very largo staff of servants,
directed by a butler who was a gen
ius. If somewhat troublesome and
rather odd, it would, no doubt, be
vory imposing; but it is a novelty
which can never take the place of the
studied elegance and refinement of a
table that has been arranged before
hand with care and art.
"I can give you the part of a but
ler." "I couldn't tako a small part like
"You are evidently not used to so
ciety dramas. The butler has his
share of the epigrams."
Even when there is an undercur
rent of reality the stream of Irish
humor flows smoothly. A man walk
ing along a country road met a peas
ant driving a wretched-looking don
key, with a load of turf that seemed
to tax the strength of the unfortu
nate animal to its utmost.
"Why," said the man, "you ought
to be taken up for cruelty to animals
for loading the ass so heavily as
"Begorra, sir," said the peasant,
who was on bis way to the market
town to sell the turf, "begorra, if I
didn't do that I'd be took up for
cruelty to a wife and six childer."
Weekly Telegraph, Lopdon.
"I remember you cured me of this
same trouble a dozen years ago. Why
don't you use the same treatment
"A dozen years ago?" echoed the
doctor. "My dear sir, the medical
profession has made wonderful
strides since then, and I couldn't
think of such a thing." Puck.
Though the progress of Servia has
been disappointing, said to be due in
a considerable measure to the fact
that the country has been afflicted
with two native dynasties, yet pov
erty is almost unknown. The peas
antry is prosperous, almost all being
small land owners and quite well-to-do.
Tommy Pop, wliat are the cir
cumstances that alter cases?
Tommy's Pop Financial circum
stances, as a rule, my son.
Gibbs If b easy to trade your rep
utation for money.
Dibba Yes, but you are up
against it if you want to trade back.
Patience Did he ever try work
ing to music?
Patrice Sure thing; ho's a danc
ing teacher.
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Mrs. J. F. Daniels, of
Sip, Ky., writes: "I was
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done, most of the time.
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my life, and Cardui did it"
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The Woman's Tonic
Cardui has helped thous
ands of weak, tired, worn
out women, back to health.
It has a gentle, tonic ac
tion on the womanly sys
tem. It goes to the cause
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helps quickly, surely, safe
ly. It has helped others.
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The Parcel Post and
The Express Companies.
The express companies, of all
the great monopolies, havel been
the most arrogant. One of the
largest of the companies has al-
ready announced its intention to'
cut its rates to meet the establish
ed postal rates, this too, in face of
the fact that it has maintained a
lobby at Washington for years for A
no other purpose than to'defeat "
any parcel post legislation, and to
do so, representing that its own
business would not admit of a re
duction in rates. The suggestion
of Postmaster General Hitchcock
that the Government should pur
chase the express companies and
control the entire express carriage
business through the parcel post,
ought not to be received with fa
vor. Why should the government
expend millions of dollars to buy
something that exists only in name?
What the express companies do
the government cannot do! rjfo
the people of the country have? , I
been compelled to bear the extor- '
tions ot the exnress companies for
years, is that any reason why the
government should now pay an
enormous sum to havs them retire
from business? They must of ne
cessity retire anyway in a few '
years. Already their stock has
declined a full fifty per cent. It
must decline even more. The ex
press business is passing from pri
vate to public control. It may bo
an entering wedge for like control
of the telegraph and telephone
business, but these are not so na
turally the subject of ' governmen
tal control as the express business,
which is only an enlargement of
the postal facilities. The express
companies alone are to blame. So
arbitiary had they become that
toleration was no longer possible,
and whatever discomfiture may
come upon them, the regrets of thA.v
public will be few. When tire
government established the postal
savings system it paid nothing to
the banks; and when it established y
the special delivery it paid noth- '
ing to tho telegraph companies,
and there are now existing no jut
reasons why it should pay the ex
press companies millions for noth
ing. It is to bn hoped that Mr.
Hitchcock's suggestion may not be
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