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The Mt. Sterling advocate. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.) 1890-current, February 05, 1913, Image 2

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$sUUi Jji.v aw;7 ?a a
vMittV, . wAu Hi khu tji ri
i):: tltjutf . t'.S vpsik 1
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4' i &'f P- '& wj.'.C;2 itKn turf rxirr ;aiii
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i'J V :&rnL
U 'Jti UHfoHy V) my
pt$:dh&i: yfim UtH tyhetti: wa
UtA txiifs.
beg fiitj" &$&t fV Of i'CSWltt,
f .k f.iv yrtl'
- - -,'otj
tiiitwvti JtH vAitaVAUju u l)nJU'l
- I
y,t, lAfjyl Util thi mvluauH
;! hs iyj'suh. tor Um. Unit titty
U Ui'ti U'ttn j vM it hi tit'ih
f)yyj fijte for i litt!: v.hile,
ivjHiaw U vAl ' w.tu'xu kinoMfti.
'Jie lt h j'ivtiHJ hi K''l
JiM;itt tor th'; a!: ha hwjj
W;m-tif tutmridibhi.
Ahjf or ) VJiJ':r vJUi hjaJ
ch', Jj tp!pia. 'ii..inM. var
tUfth. -ckH -fofj th: ;jr.
vr buy H'.er trouble, thonld ukeifttitute a high average that the
Mivaitugc 01 um otiporiuhiiy, ior;ii, laww. j ui i panicu-
J Jr. HovafO"' y,u'tt.itti; will core all
tbeM: trouble. Hut if by chance
it should not, W. h. fJod will
return jour money. '.', '.;',',
f or Sale.
Meiter piano in firit clast uni
dition, mahogany caae. Kord
Touring Car, ',t J 2 noiel, run lew
than one year. Can be bouuht
worth the money. 22-tf.
Apply at this office.
True eloquence is born of nspir
atioi. And vithout thin the great
eat omVir is quite ordinary as the
blazing meteor wln-ri it descnds
to earth ia seen t Ii" but a t;ne.
Our job printing in different
from the real. Try u on your
next order. We will plcaae you.
Advofiitc Pub. Co.
s w
- i ii
if j'a 25 idsE-f Wi 2 IHDvS - tstSI 3w jina
w taassej &&&& s&dssbsb8& 2Ss ipro2ry 2acg22'w ns tc&2.
I &uaad iwr sWftprkjrs 3s jcsitriatsSb- B-fegftrglL. s Kg &&
isssaavnarrs sr sam a -hair s3p: a
sc ce fA jAws t& inapjflr das svar iirs22: . Hr
ars fsSsnsxz $& i2sA saws r a-gte 3K3r5vi, or "srricKa 5s.
3fear3jr si lis 2g ffbsi cwap-siss, -be Joq-s o $gbks2ts, 223
Hwaudl ic ar ak2t 2ST jT02j Cii'i, 3ag iSsar a mas spsc,
ra .s: all ri tsj; t.t2E sari sf pises sr -ST-SiS- for ae jara
vIkikks, -war 3AL2S IZ?A2I3'EE!JT s ri233s &?&&
&x vtzaatizs gk&zzzd m t5vr defes-
Wi est: zs&ibrza zzszr Izszazz frasa he 1 afca srsasfaggrsrs,
25 MiJL(rJr'H, 130, ',, LESCv, OIL IMP.
222; aZLUKCZ, CHAJCT02C,jpiT, 3 -???, SIC, isrpsg:
k saori pbx'jjjfejs 3& 3. w s -r.2r ekks -Tsars tr.
2db7 :, TVT SS SSSraS f SSSKffiS.
We are .selllag pfwtopla)s writtw to' jwpte o "'er
before wrote a Use Tor prtlicatioi."
?vi& its -5& icjh ss x -jn. If jos. ea T3?fr e:
as ?ov: Jd -rrarr :.tss5l 2d tkj rbs fe : ss dsrsswai & he, 3
fc 3t fa- 'aj 25.. & "wye :grs,
Voa Will Earn 100.00 Month!) for Spare Tine Work.
Dp EC Sar3 vvsr s 2d addraas at osies 5ar frss ckt ce ozr
I Mb 2Tjki bvvjc, "MOVi::G P1CIU2Z PLATW&ICCG9
Vr-. SSS"XiS. D'JSl": 2r2S. Vi'ltDS IvOli7 23d ksrs J2H "
Mi&tfY V)5:l.
X; 'J.ty. YVs. 5. :;i.
:. V iarinrt-W: u siU
unmv vxAi'Mx. ia
viaii -
la !: Pi)t CJ: wi Otn& '
yK tit hi Hi lit-. '.lCH.J''.''':"' ;,',. ' ,Z:
'tk ObK iitlintr, tit. tW Mttvik
lim. iitH i .:.". muvzl -xtx". vi
.tht.Z. for UuJj. v.sa j!A(t.'Jlz.isit,.'k.Sisy:A4lMr. SiUtr. Jttr
f hit ft tttffittU rt& f ril ItJ. lii'
- . - --- -- "v ' -.
- l
IWiutA. fizurA
At vivtra! of t': rwiiife. i the
district. A-hi;h were in?eti2ted
-.ere foarid me; wholly illitraU:
awl with.vit any y.v-va IctMwlvigH
or kkill who earxjyJ from four to
five, arwJ in vue cave, even six
dollar a day of eight or nine
A iiiiuuU: i:xtn'i!i'dl'ujn by the
Ojimmhhion of the pay-roll difc
cloveJ the fact that hixteen or
v;vejteen dayh in the month coh-
larly true of native born miner
and colored uwj, and naturally
WMAs'iuUi'l the coal cfjitifmintA Uj
have on hand at l ant .V' per cent,
more miner Uj carry on the work
than was n;cekirv, due to their
refiml Hi vork nvi-ry day in the
The Co!Mflih'io, report clearly
(oinU out in detail the fact that
the miner of West Virginia labor
ed under better condition than in
the coal mine of other htates which
were investigated.
Transfer Wagon.
I am prepared to do all kinds of
hauling. For prompt delivery to
and from trains, 'phone 22 J.
0 tf Oeo. W. Anderson.
Full line of Cereals of all kint's
at Varjarsdell's.
1543 Broadway
st' at 4 I'AVjvx
irizvju iz.T: uv3 sactK3rj cti-
iotfti ia itld ttstc vtz Ui Z&.V.
1.. r, .,,:..
U "J -SiJSfl V-f.
J--'r Aat-. i5: ittr 25.
;,, t. , ZaUmv: Mtrti i.
. " - - -.
iv; . . .. ii.:r;
-' - m '
y.v ix 'A. 7.Tttr, JitlcJaUjr5,
;y5 7 21
l&itttZv: Ksjw. 'Aklxmct; 'iMnt
w 2j, lysj 2juS0
J no. 6. Frazer.
SubieribJ and swors to before
me by Jno. .S. Frazer, this Jar .
25. 1V13. My cornramior expires
Jan. 'J, 101';.
Earl V. Snff,
Notary Public,
JJ;-2t. Montgomery Co., Ky.
For Sale Privately.
The Foster farm of li acres,
lying at Grassy Lick, five miles
West of Mt. Sterling. Terra? to.
suit the purchaser. This farm is
within i mile of church and school
and is a bargain for someone if
sold at once.
KO-tf. Pierce Winn.
Trustee for Mrs. .Mary A. McClure
Occasionally the wisest owl
h jots at the wrong time.
School for Teachers
!inMUu 4 L,t Huii t t
lM- f -iir K(i
mIimm. 4l idUrt. k Muul UiiM,t l-fclHUf
rtwt. bMf ! ki. -J1.' Tr" UC'
TT pmn IttmApllI, fli.--" -.i-i u Ju W,
M.k . KtJ XI itll'fkJfi
ubr rrv.
J tl. rukinV.Vt-Ucnt.
iTlf?lrSrfS I fKHU0H,' KY-Q-fslf
Wii A Training
.$100 REWARD :
. ... &
"I 3i iik .r-.rsrfra: ur.' --. -.
.i ti'I-w-i j-crUT2C Unr-rrvrt
at fceii ujti.ir j vtf ti.ir.- j.
llt . trw. i: j
iz.i iii ZMzz-rjt.r rireC ?--;
St -" a. .iri. i-trafc Ex
If it F; t JSeSTs Ast PsJa is
Ast Ptrt of Ts.t BviT i FSf
VJzxm, tec For Yost 5ej Bier.
. 50s At AH DrsrruU or
Eoarfoa ?jmxij Co, Lecja, Ky.
fw Sale.
A Blae Graa fano coataioios
75 acre, near Booker Hill, Moat
ornery Jcoanty, adjoining the
hods of James and John W.
Clark. It has on it a splendid
residence, also a good barn, crib,
baggybome, covrhoase and a fine
mil cellar, and water all the time.
For furtbe- information call for
me at Sharpsburgand I will show
you the ur emiss.
Walter A. Boyd.
Initial Stationery.
A beautiful line of initial paper
in stock.
Advocate Pub. Cc.
Initial Stationery.
A beautiful line of initial paper
in stock.
Advocate Pub. Co.
Transfer and Carriage.
I have carriage and transfer
wagon to meet all trains. 'Phone
21 or 337.
37tf. WILL BEAN.
Huyler's delicious candies can
be had it
tf Geiger's Pharmacy, Sole Agent.
for Sale.
A solid walnut wardrobe in good
condition. Apply at this office,
airn y i-1 Pj ""' e"
Unto EreBMtiwn. re otbw
pia .trtitioeot-
diSrar flimnr flint f f antic Hie kk-
iir ccr .en C5juiw T-nie re uwwa
ilr .Kwuuta)-ftiff-?flfl Jobs ? M
Cirosm itf rwftitpn to aauhe 'tof J
All 4ie srBottw at TribS to autue 2L nj
i flriwfl .oiimr wntaay nmfc t 5ra
tv-tacr M 5rhr nmllt .10 inner M'"
Oittririif 7iLtile VhJII vnsxrrtxn
mi liis Jtaitf 1 tSit aw masr. "ibe
tmairdnr n& ar nf riaH3T tea
trnr. -rft tv iurpJ? -iiIf at 3e
Innr" ,nafi frat .fit dbs szT ix
ttrmr jmrjiiHSE.
liai trEfKBEar iit riibif mszs
umnfT ire- iisie TretTcf sa iliif Kii
tSnaC lit arr J wstt tsai3 ley
"I lL de JWctr IteTittnata csj
Ki .11 -vsaSerfii HnwftSE- Itei 33
I fore? pit ar ssjiy3ap; crai 9f si
ibim -rt -ykvsM ast f t saww cir-
rri-f wc bu" s rust f -vja3 cocDis
lunar Ci3 rvtr v- cs."
2JTKi JS fT t Sk32irT of hi pnj j
A tsj bwaen aaza v-bo Tas sick
v-erxd to ktzv to Oiiig (as report
3 liTatij. Wiia That 6ad in
Tr L fftlihi :3ht BricalKrbcl doc
'rt d& cisri!aa. -Big dof."
54. d 'ht A3piiJj. SaiaU doei."'
lie Hacxi;b s&pknilT.
-rr4i air tzA eitreue," said the
?V?K 0ITK-
ad lit Srr- "Srve," said the
Fkt. "TiU tad ati.' said the
Fksin. A3H42r. said the Os
;4pri Hy fTr:;e precriprion,"
id J? P!ea;-Mdici2e Man.
Tai is ill tit intertiting.' said
Tie paiieafc, -lni liiesif it is all
tt 4i5r3J. Is there any grand
pn&cipl a vhich too all acreer''
""1 aT ckiaid in chora, nve
I1 irr ii: -s-ha it com to fee;
ii: prtf?r talag is to charge all the
rrae srfl lesr nd the Drvil take
:fe Uadenier. We ail! fend our
hV'.s br ihr ci raail." And thev
"Dwsor, I viih yon would see if
roa eca's reiaove thee unsightly
tns from my hands."
-"Why don't you go to a mani
eonr'' ul did, and she sent me to a chi
ropodist," "WeUr"
"Vell, he sends me to you."
"I'm sorry, sir, but I can't risk
my reputation on such a job as that.
I snail have to advise you to go to a
safe blower."
'Being struck by a train is a hor-ribk-
"Being tripped by a train is nearly
as bad."
"The British suffragettes are
threatening to blow up parliament."
"Oh, that sort of talk is merely
"There are queer things sometime
about straight tickets."
"What in that?"
"When they're crooked."
Miss Oldgirl I wish, professor,
you would give me a few wrinkles.
Profeesor You already have your
fair share, madam.
1 - ) -5-Ai I
K utalg jo mei Cwi
Itcwomamfstmc Canfaa
ads im a auteal mafiaer,
sedkas so tad 7Mtis,as
kk of fee JiroBg dns
Kagfeaefged. Asaaej.
ie a wbc fee Tresi,
fired, wccaMt vooea,
Csnfdfcas bssaapopdar
weeest icr otcz-53 jzars.
Th Woman's Tonic
7Ls. Lada WaKea, of
feis advice. ReadkerleJ
fex: "I was so rcak,
Kbea I first begsa to take
Czrdoi, that it fired ie to
walk just a StSs. Now, I
ea do all fee general
boasewodc, forafarsly of
5. T17 Cared fof jir
frocKes. It E27 be the
ver remedy yoa need.
Prstractei &e!s?i ef WtlWrftanlnj
FrieJ Hi -Get 00 tie Nerve
a Theen AIL
Dr. W. A. Q:y, fc-brp of the
Metoiirt cra aad a Topar lec
rrrer, t ihe etHy days of his rni
y em baci to priEadi oae Sun
cst to a f oiier cTc5oa Kan
tL tzd "a5 neried by o-e of
b-'s old parhiooers. After the eTe
nisg serrict the fDy gathered
ro)d the beari aad exchanged
iaiscences "aith ir goest, ap
parendy without tar thought of re
tiring. " EleTen o'dock ce and 12
Tb jnTer!t5oii Ltrred and all
showed unistaiable sdgs of weari
ness. Doctor Qy!e yawaed polite
ly and rubbed his drooping eyelids.
His host moved restlessly in his
chair. His hostess eyed the time
piece with growing alar- The very
air was drowsy, but no one smed
able to end the awkward situation.
Finally, as the clock chimed 1 :30
o'clock, his hostess asked deprecat
ingly, but with a note of desperation
in her voice : s
"Brother Quayle, when do you go
to bed?"
"When I get a chance," replied
Doctor Quayle meekly.
Following ii a list of days'Couu
ty Courts are held in counties near
Mt. Sterling.
Bath. Owingsville. 2d Monday.
Bourbon Pans. 1st Monday.
Clark. Winchester. 4th Monday.
Fayette, Lexugton, 2d Monday.
Fleming, Flemragsburg 4 th
Harrison, Cynthiana 4th M"D
day. Madison, Richmond, 1st Mod
Montgomery, Mt. Sterling, ;:rd
Nicholas. Carlisle. 2nd Monday.
Eggs 20c per dozen at Vanais-
for Sale.
A nice improved place of 20
acres on Levee pike 2 miles from
Mt. Sterling. E. H. Moss.
Phone 693-a Mt. Sterling, Ky.
I have all my accounts made out
and would appreciate it if you
would call and settle if you are in- J
ueoteu to me.
S. P. Greemvarie.
Highest Market Price Paid
Poultry and
G.D, Sullivan Sfo.
W. Ucuit Street Mt. Sterling,
U'bone: Oflloe. I7. Kealdenoe. IS.
- m m w I

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