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Majority Estimated at About 15,000
Jtfftrsii Comity Gives Republican Ticket Majority
i of 11,500
Entire State Ticket Appears To Be Elected
Edwin P. Morrow, Repunblican,
ras today elected Governor of Ken
tricky over the present Governor,
James D. Black, Democrat, by a ma
jority ostimated by the Courier--Journal
at about 15,000. Morrow enr
rried Jefferson county by 11,500 and
ailso tarried Campbell and Kenton
j -counties by largo'majorities. The en
tiro Republican Stato ticket appears
to bo elected and overything points
to ,a Republican landslide. .The 'dry
-amendment carried in the State by
. largo majority. The vote in. all the
larger cities of the State seemed to
favor Morrow arid his election was'
conceded early tin the night by "Dem
ocratib leaders. At the timp of our
going to press many counties ba'd not
"been heard from, but enough had re
ported to indicate tho election of the
. ntiro Republican ticket by a large
majority. Tho Republicans appear to
Imve polled jtheir full strength in ad
dition to tho Independent vote and
wany Democratic votes. '
Tho election in Montgomery aounty
passed off quietly today and much
interest was' manifested by leaders
in both parties and a good vote was
polled. Montgomery county gave
' Governor Black a majority of 297, an
increnso of 45 'yotcs over what it
"gave Stanley four yearsago. Uther
. candidates for Stato offices ran
about tho same as tho head of tho
fcA-V!T ' EiSSBBS)
For For For I For II For For For For For For
- .- Governor Lieut Gov Sec of Stato Atty Genii Auditor Treasurer Supt Ins' Com of Ag Ct of App. Council o o
' -EaKCTs. s ; S f i i i s j lt I 1 1 j I j .? i 'f Ff
. J g -f g & & i 5 s ff I - I s a 3 '
x - (
First Ward I 2771 731. II 2231 C8I 111 2221 701 ll 2231 6711 2231 671 II 22411 671 111 2221 7111 22 CI 671 111 2251 CCl II 2231 67 1 962l""205 90
Second Ward 157 92 162 90 150 ' 87 149 88 161 87 148 87 149 87 14 8 87 14S 86 22 13 122 115
Third Ward 78 205 27 203 27 203 27 203 27 203 27 '203 27 203 207 203 27 203 27 17 48 108
Fourth Ward '114 37 110 34 .105 33 . 104 33 105 35 104 33 105 33 104 33 102 33 30 11 96 63
Aarona Run 95 37 1 92 36 1 92-36 1 91 36 91 36 1 91 36 1 91 36 91 36 1 91 36 1 35 21 77 50
. StdQ View 64 58 CI 65 61 54 61 S4 61 54 61 54 ' 61 54 CI 54 61 54 10 1 52 66 '
' Grassy Lick 84 87 1 81 78 1 81 78 1 81 78 81 78 1 81 781 1 81 78 8 0 78 1 81 78 1 20 C 92 74"
Beans I 1231 571 112 48 113 48 112 48 112 48 112 43 113 48 112 49 113 48 115 67 108 52
Leveo" 107 84 101 84 101 83 101 83 100 82 101 83 100 83 100 83 100 82 78 3 116 67
Camargo 85 78 77 75 77 76 78 76 78 76 78 76 78 76 78 76 77 76 40 4 120 34
Joffersonvillo 108 111 108 109 100 109 103 109 103 109 103 109 103 109 103 109 103 109 82 77
Spencor 8 37 87 35 87 35 87 35 87 35 87 35 87 35 &7 35 87 35 84 2
Howards Mill 100 60 95 57 96 67 93 57 94 58 95 57 95 68 95 57 93 68 16 6 125 31'
SmlthvlllQ 24 126 2 21 124 2 21 124 2 21 124 21 124 2 21 124 2 21 124 21 124 2 22 124 2 63 17 77 71
Harts 100 71 E3 101 9J c.9 02 J9 92 ? 92 70 94 69 93 69 94 69 34 3 103 61
"""TotgV 1504 1207) 1 143BTIT67J B POlUffcp? 14 2 3 1 1 C 0l I?2 6TTI58 Bjl42GTlC0 6U27U64U25U0O 5j 14241157 5 5 15 T74 1699 1075
Majority 297 f'268 ' 268 H'263 "8 265 263 '26 5 " f267 H341 S24
T. L. Caudel, Democrat, was
elected Representative,' without op
position. In tho city races there was
no opposition and4he following were
elected: For Chief of' Police, James
C. Tipton; for City Attorney, A. A.
Hazclrigg; for City Treasurer, G. B.
Patterson; for City Clerk; H. B.
Ringo; for City Assessor, T. B. Rod
man; for Councilmcn, First Ward, C.
II. Petry, Democrat, and II. G. Hoff
man, Republican; Second. Ward, WEI
liiim D. Burns and J. C. McNeal,
Democrats; Third Ward, W. A. Bo'n
durant and E. W. S.tockton, Repub
licans; Fourth Ward, John W. Jones
and W. O. Mnckic, Democrats. These
are all splendid gentlemen and will
make capable and fair officials. The
tabulated vote of the county appears
on. this page. The vote on the prohi
bition amendment carried in this
county by oyer 500 majority.
Is reported to havo given Gover
nor Black a majority of.151..,, .
It officially reported to have gone
Republican by 11 votes.
- . ,
Gavo GovenoB Black-;a.. majority.
off574: ,..
Usually Democratic, went Rcpub
Ucnnjjy 34" votes. ' - - ' '.'
Gives Morrow a majority of1 over
300.. ' . ' '' ' ' ''!!
Is reported' to have given Morrow
a majority of about 000. ,
Rolled up a majority of about 500
for Black. -
Showed an inoreased Democratic
majority and gave Black 444 over
his opponent. -' .
This Democratic stronghold gave
Black a majority of 1,009.
la reported to havo given Morrow
a majority of 100.
Apoplexy Proves Fatal to Wife of
William Cravens at Her Home on
Maysvllle Pike Monday
Mrs. Elizabeth Cravens, nged six
ty years, wife of W. D. Cravens,
died suddenly at her homo on tho
Maysvillo pike Monday morning at
9 :30 o'clock of apoplexy. Mrs. Crav
ens had been in good health, had per
formed her household duties as usual
and was starting on a visit to her
daughter when death came. She was
found lying on the doorstep by her
husband and it is thought she had
been dead but a few minutes., ,,
Mrs. Cravens was a most devoted
wife and mother, a kind neighbor
and a generous friend. She was a de
vout member of the Christian church,
having confessed her faith in earlyj
cbildhood. She is survived by four
children, Mrs. Ado- Slemp, John and
Tom Cravens, of this county, arid
Bruce Cravens, of Dayton, Ohio. She
was a sister of James, Frank, Johns
and Bruce Wilson, of this county.'
Funeral services will bp held at Som
erset church Wednesday afternoon
nt 2 o!clock by the Rev. Clyde Dar,
sie, followed by interment Sn Mnch
pelah Cemetery.
Walk-over Shoes
R. E.
Punch & Co.
Corduroy Suits
R. E.
Punch & Co.
.... Morrow's majority will be around
50,0.. .'
.Black carries county by G43. John
Swopo defeats Greim Garrctt'for the
Is salid to have given Morrow a
big majority, possibly2,000.
Morrow is also-- leading Black in
this county -by a- majority well over
Goes Republican by a majority of
possibly 400 to 500. Billy Klair was
defeated fo rtho Legislature.
All of tho reports by counties are
more or less innccurato, but wcro as
near correct as wo wero ablo to so-
cure ut a late hour tonight
The' last half of October, Swine
broad, the real estate man, of Lan
caster, was kept busy holding auc
tion sales. On October 15th, he sold
for Mrs. George Backer, Mrs. Lynn
Buster nnd Mrs. William Geary, 8G5
acres of land Jn Wayne county, ad
joining tho town of Monticello, to va
rious parties in building lots and
farms for an aggregate sum of $94,
504.83. On tho 18th he sold for Milo
Simpson a tract of 70 acres of unim
proved land in Garrard county at an
average of $214.00 per acre. On the
twenty-first he sold for R. W. Gwinn
his farm of 335 acres in Mercer
county to different parties nt an
average-price of $280.00 per acre; a
portion of the farm with tho im
provements, about 243 acres, aver
aged $301.00 er acre. On the 22nd he
held another .sale in Garrard county
and sold 140 acres for 'N. J'. Gosney,
nt $275.00 per acre. Again on the
24th ho sold at auction for J. L: But
ler his farm of 190 acres in Lincoln
county at $150.00 per acre. On the
28th he sold for Allen Edelen .170
acres of land in Mercer county, in
two tracts of 85 acres each, at an
average price of $102.50 per acre.
A'mT on November 1st, for H. V. Bes
tin a brick residence and about four
ncrcs of- land just nt the edgo o the
city limits of Lancaster, in Garrard
county, for $11,750.00, and on the
same day two building lots for Roy
Schooler at $1,700.00 each. Total
.sales amounted to $312,482.00. AH
of these sales were very successful
and again demonstrated the fact that
when it comes to selling land Swine
broad is nt tho very top. His expe
rience in. making subdivisions and
how 6 sell farms nnd his judgment
'of the value of land make his serv
ices much sought after and ho is one
of tho few real estato men wno have
realized that the real estato business
is a profession and must bo conduct
ed so as to secure and hold the confi
dence of thoso with whom hp deals.
Swinebrond also believes in printer's
ink and wo judge that ho spend as
much in advertising as any other real
estato man in tho business and is
theroby able to give his clients tho
best of sen-ice.
Another point which should not es
cape thoso interested; ho 5s thur-
oughly reliable and accurate in
his descriptive advertising and as
William May and Miss Martha Cole
man United in Marriage In
Lexington Saturday
Miss Martha Coleman and Wil
liam May, popular young people of
this city, surprised their friends by
being quietly married in LexingtonJ
Saturday morning. They wero ac
companied by Mr. May's sister, Mrs.
Alfred Jonos, his brother, Carl May,
and Miss Marc ell a Chiles. Immedi
ately after the ceremony the couple
left for a short honeymoon trip to
Louisville. For the present thoy will
be nt home with Mrs. Mattio Cole
man,- on Samuels avenue. Tho bride
is tho only daughter of Mrs. Mattio
Wilson Col((man and comes of a
prominent Blue Grass family. She iis
ono of the prettiest and best loved
young girls in the tfe: ner lovely
disposition has endeared her to a
wide circle of friends and .admir
ers. She has been a great belle with
the younger set since her entrance
irito society a few years ago.
'Mr. May is 'the son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. E. B. May, of this county. Upon
his release from the army ho went
into business as parfner in the De
licious Cnfe. His industry and close
attention to business have made him
ono of the most successful young
business men in.Mt. Sterling.
Stetson Hats
R. E. Punch & Co.
Just, four more weeks before the
penalty is added. As yet, not one
'ourth of the amount of taxes due"
has been collected. The office will bo
open every Saturday night during
tho month of November for the con
venience of thoso who nro unaoio to
get into town during the. day.
100 acres of land on Maystille
pike. Will sell tracts of 05 or 95
acres, or all In one tract. See
(19-2t) REX HALL.
' ' ii i
Raincoats. R. E. Punch & Co.
prompt as accurate. It is with confi
dence and pleasure that wo recom
mend him to the public.
Following the Homo Economics
program on Friday, November 7th, a
pantry shower will be given for tho
benefit of tho two young girls whom
tho members of the History Club arc
educating at the County High School.
No personal soliciting will bo dono
for this, but any contributions, how
over w5ll be very much appreciated.
Such articles as rice, oatmeal, sugar,
tea, coffee, canned meats and soaps
will be acceptable. These yuuug girls
prepare their own meals in addition
to their other duties, therefore such
foods as can bo easily and quickly
prepared will be especially welcome.
As the club is large, only a small
contribution is expected from each
member and it is hoped that all will
co-operate in making this a success.
Call on Mrs. L. E. Griggs for further
Ladies' Hosiery
R. E.
Punch & Co.
Good Overcoats at Walsh's for $20
Hanon Gloves
E. Punch & Co.
We arc falling behind 5n our Red
Cross drive for dollar memberships,
due to the fact that we are short of
workers. Won't you be ono pf a hun
drail to volunteer tp work one day
this week? Please call at hcadqunr
tors and get supplies. Montgomery
county has never fallen down on her
quota in any drive and don't let us
go down in shame when wo have such
a glorious case as this to work fox.
Let us see you at headquarters readv
to help. Yours for the success of the
Third Roll Call. R. L. COLEMAN",
Chairman. ; '',
Ladies and Children's Shoes
R. E. Punch & Co. '
Best O'Conts at Walsh's. '
Men and Boy's Overcoats
R. E. Punch & Co?
We will begin receiving Turkeys
for the Thanksgiving market on
Wednesday, November 5th, and will
continue to receive until the latter
part of the following week, the exact
date to be announced later. Turkeys
will be received at our place of bus
iness on Locust street. For prices and
any Information wanted call us.
Phone 474. G. D. Sullivan & Co.
Boys' Suits and Overcoats f
R, E. Punch & Co. 7
Buy Boy's Shoes nt Walsh's.
Ladies and Children's Shoos
R. E. Punch & Co.
Mrs. Nancy Thompson and son,
Shelby, arid Miss Abbott, of Lexing
ton, will leave the latter part o next
week for Tucson, Arizona. Shelby
expects to make Arizona his future
homo. Shelby 'is ono of our boys, a
good one, and it is with delight we
commend him to tho best pcoplo
Stacy Adams Shoes
R. E. Punch & Co.
Wdino Sweaters at Walsh's.
Corduroy Sulfa
R. E. Punch & Co.
i i
Lcathoretto Coats at Walsh's,
...c .

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