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on the government improved Maysville pike 2 miles north d Mt-. Sterling Kentucky; atjrajblic auctionrjmn
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hi Ky,li7.Ji
Tuesday, November 18, 1919
AT 2:30 O'CLOCK P. M.
On the premises in two tracts, one of 70 acres with old improvements and one of 80 a'cres with new improvements. '' '"' c, ," '.? "
' -v (
.Tract No. 1, has upon it a six room frame residerice, splendid stock barn, all necessary outbuildings, cistern at residence and barn,
small orchard, and is well watered and fenced. The entire tract is practically all tobacco land, being in old bluegrass sod, timothy and
clover. This tract has been nursed and taken care of for thirty years and is fine tob'acco .land.
Tract N.o. 2, 80 acres, contains one of the most elegant and substantial residences in Montgomery county. Two-story brick with
eleven rooms built last fall. Modern in every particular, attractive in design and built to meet the most fastidious taste. Cellar under
the entire house. Heated by furnace and lighted by electricity. Spacious hall, reception parlor and delightful library and living rooms.
Baths, servants quarters in yard. All necessary outbuildings. Good cistern at back door. Splendid combined stock and tobacco barn
with cistern. Splendid silo. Soil, deep and rich. Land fresh and full of fertility. Tone better. All bluegrass sod, timothy and clover, ex
cept 15 acres seeded to rye An ideal home. Splendid community. Eust be seen to be appreciated. At same time .and place, will sell 42
black faced ewes and 2 southdown bucks. Let us show you this farm. Seldom such- an opportunity as this is offered to the public. Rea
son for selling owner is in bad health.
TERMS 10 per cent cash on day of sale; 23 1-3 on March 1, 1920, when possession will be given. Balance in 3 equal payments of
one, two and three years. ' ,
Harris &, sfeikiejs
L. D. HARRIS, General Manager.
Nancy Bryant's father was a fire
man. He could never stay at home
Ion? with Mother and Nancy because
he had to spend so much time at the
fire station. But one cold winter night
lie wi3 able to get away, and after
supper Nancy said:
"Oh, Father, let's play paxcLcerl
".Ml right, J'-l liko to," Father re
plied, "if mother will play, too." So
Nnncy ran for her parcheesi board
and soon Father, Mother and Nancy
MTe having a fine game. All at once
thpy hean a loud "Clang!"
It was the big hell in the living
room which always rang when there
was a fire.
Father jnmped up and hurried for
his coat and hat.
"Oh! I'm so sorry that yoa have
to go out again this cold night," said
i other.
"Isn't it too bad," criod Nancy,
"when wo were having such a good
"Yes," Father replied, "I'm sorry,
too, but someone needs lac."
Then he opened the door quickly
and ran down the street to the fire
station as fast as he could go.
Nancy jumped ap and hurried over
te the window.
"Clang, clang, clang!" The book
ami ladder went whizzing by. Then
came the flying sparks of the big en
gine. Father was on tho back, and
Nancy peered through tho darkness
to see him, because she knew he al
ways waved his hand as Ho passed.
When the firemen reached the fire,
they found that a house was burning.
Grabbing their hatchets they leaped
from tho wngons, connected the hose,
and got to work!
A crowd soon gathered and some
one cried, "There is a little girl up
stairs!" Father Bryant called out "I
will get herl"
The firemen quickly raised a lad
der to tho window and up went
Father Bryant In tho house tho
smoke was so thick ho could not see,
"A Special Weave for a Special Purpose"
Motor Weave
Woolen Automobile gqbe
Size, 60x80 Inches
This robe is specially constructed for automobile use, and
to give real warmth and lasting durability
This Motor Weave robe is guaranteed unconditionally by
the manufacturer to give satisfactory service for automo
bilo use. Motor Weave is mill-washed and mill-shrunk and
thcraforc easily rewashable without shrinking.
i i
witt & Howell
so he dropped on his hands and
knees, because tho smoke is never
quite so thick'near tho floor. Feel
ing his way as best ho could, ho
crept along from room to room until
at last he heard a little girl crying.
"Don't cry, little girl," ho cried,
"I'll take you out all right." Then lie
wrapped a big blanket around heu so
that she was safe from the flames,
and carried her in his arms back to
the window. When the crowd that
had gathered saw him bringing his
little burden down tho ladder, they
cheered and cheered.
Tho little girl's father rushed for
ward and caught her in his arms and
after he had hugged her close, turned
to Father Bryant, and said:
"How can I ever thank you
enough 1"
"That's ,all right," replied Father
Bryant, "I have a littlo girl of my
own at home."
Ilelp to reach all tho parents of
tho country by cutting this out and
passing it on to a friend.
A Lady in Chicago Telegraphs for
Head Mrs. Phillips' wire: "Youell's
Exterminator Co., Westfield, N. .7.1
Rush $3 worth of RAT-SNAP."
Later received ' following letter:
"RAT-SNAP arrived. It rid our
houso of rats in no fimo. Just moved
hero from Pa., where I used RAT
SNAP with great results." Thijjo
sizes, 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold and
guaranteed by Chcnault & Orear.
Up to September 30 sales of Thrift
Stamps, War Savings Stamps and
Treasury Savings Certificates iu tho
United tates totaled $135,840,098.38.
Tho cost of conducting the War Sav
ings Organization in tho twelve Fed
eral Rcsorvo Districts', which hnd
chargo of the Belling campaigus, to
taled $1,307,497.21. Tho sales are
now constantly increasing and tho
expenses of tho organization arc de
creasing steadily.
Cooper's Qlovos
R. E. Puuch & CoJ
Wes Whittle, a teamster down in
Lowell, 'Ark., was so patriotio dur
ing the fall of 1918, before tho Hun
was finally vanquished, that he put
a -mortgage on Ms team and wagon
for $50 and bought War Savings
Stamps in his desire to do his duty
by tlie government. Somo thought
Wes was doing more than his finan
cial strength warranted. But ho just
went down in the woods, cut up fuel
and sold it in the Lowell market, and
the mortgage was soon lifted. Now
Wca is buying more stnmps, because
ho realizes their value and finds he
can save.
50 Cents on the Dollar
Saved by buying jewelry fr,om
Established 1890. Bargains in Elrin
and Waltham watches, etc., 141 Wa
ter street. Just around the corner
from Upper. Lexinfeton, Ky, 34-yr.
v Sing a song of Saving Stamps,
'A pocket full of fives,
Soon grow to an hundred
And how the account thrives!
The king was in his counting houso
Counting out his money;
That's the way the old rhyme ran,
Doesn't St seem funny J
A counting house is the last place,
(As everybody knows),
Where ono should keep his money,
As there it never grows.
And ever' man nowaday is king
Except the bums and tramps
For they'ro the only people now
Who doa't count" Savings Stamps.
Each man goes to his safety hpx
Once every little while,
And puts in a now Savings Stamp
To swell his growing,pile.
G(rls should remtymbcr that an
ardent lover may not be ahlo to sup
port a family 5n that luxury to which
it is accustomed.
SALES $232,000 IN WEEK
The ttfirjd week in October" tho
sales of. Treasury .Savings Certifi
cates by sales representatives of tho
War Savings Organization totaled
$208,700, as follows: Missouri, $99,
200; Arkansas, $04,500, and Kea
tucky, $45,000. In addition, th0 St.
Louis Metropolitan Division sold
$3,000; the Federal Reserve Bank,
$2,300, and the postmasters, $18,
000. Tho total for the week is $232,-000.
American Cafeterias
122 N. Upper St. Lexiajtea, Ky.
7 S. Mais St. Winchester, Ky.
Th tat ma) f w thf Imt mmy.
MMieeteiuNg, sttf Mrvnt
It's rtWy-yeu Wm't km
ie waIT'$ CLEAN.
Made By United States Tires
Since going into the Garage business on Feb. 1st, 1919, we have
sold something like $5,000 worth of UNITED STATES TIRES. We
guarantee them and adjust them here, but so well have these tires
performed that we have not had a single complaint, nor have we had
to make a single adjustment. Compare this with records of any tire
of any make, anywhere.
Mt. Sterlings Largest Garage.
asqy '-xy-, mx w

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