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Advocate Publishing1 Company
J. W. IIEDDEN, Sit. 4 B4ikr
J. W. HEDDEN, JH. - - Associate Editor and Business Manager
MKS. MARY C. AYRES Local News Editor
fiAffWHI MIa'aT HK
Tin nilm t Bristol, TML, Va
Entered in 'the Postoffice at Mt. Sterling as econd-dass mH matter
, Cash must accompany order. No announcement inserted until paid for
. ! . '
Surprised though we be, it is a fact that sufficient votes switched from
the Democratic party to cause defeat of that ticket by a majority close to
30,000 at the election held last Tuesday.
Contributing 'to" this result-arc many causes. To our mind one of the.
' main causes came from penny-a-liners within our own ranks, who early
started the old story of "negro in the wood pile," reflecting on the Stanley
administration and asking that a "clean house be given." These state
ments were rebuked by the Democratic party in the primary by naming
Governor Black ifs the. head of thc ticket. Such onslaughts, however,
against the present administration were "sweet morsels" to the Republi
can campaign committee, who formed an assault alliance, with these
hindrances and went before the people with the proposition, give the State
a clean house, and we will do wonders. Pledges" ndinfinitum were made
upon this basis and the voters accepted the vision of a "marc's nest" and
Jogethcr with the promises of reductipn of taxes the illiminntion of what is
termed "useless offices," etc, entered the voting booths. Thc "doubting
Thomases" joine din with the Republicans and all these votes counted.
These are just some of the reasons and sufficient were the promises
therefor, that this State will not only expect, but demand a iulfillmcnt of
pledges made. "We will see what we shall see." As to the Advocate, we con
fess our surprise and feel that our many Democratic Mends have been
sorely dupped. We are here to say that wc will accept ITr. Morrow ns our
Governor, the people's Governor and pledge co-operation in every move- j
inpnt fptlilinir.tn tlm liAffnnnAiU nf m.H nnnn1 ! M11 .11a? 1!i rl-- -i 1
........ ..........,.,,. uv.iu.iuit.ui, ui uui ivu(jiu in an cunuuiuii ol inc. onuiiiu
the incoming administration go wrong it shall beour effort by logical
reasoning to be a helper rather than" a: critic.
smn ri jmfma rnwiwn immt wuhw,
NornmW 1, by Col. Grge W. Cms'
I Mm, iHietioner mid rent Mints dwilwr,
, of Mt. Starlit, Ky. While there on a
business trip and visit the stMsHo
took plaec. The building wan a frsmo
one-story structure, about 12x34 fisK
(with a waiting room about 10x14
feetj, afld was built on the grotiflds
of the Southern Railroad. It was' m
sendee for 10 months. '
The building was purchased by the
Young Women's Christian Associa
tion of Virginia Intermont College,
Iand will be placed on the campus! of
the institution. The building was sold
.under the direction of J. N. Hunts
man and S. C. Hodges, of the Red
Cross committee 5n charge of he
'sale. At this canteen over 14,500
soldiers ' and sailors have registered
and been served at this placu n go
ing to and from the army, besides
rendering' service to over 3,000 in
fluenza patients during tho time it
was in use. Among some of tho great
Incn who were served was Major
General Swinton, of. thc ,BrittsJi
army, inventer of the Tank, and Qs
born De Virillo, thc first man to fire
a machine gun on the Germans. This
cafiteen wns noted all over the JJ.
S. and in foreign countries for its
prompt and quick services, there be-
NrffMfrr.4r eoBtfe, was 11
with about doatn of the
VoAc girls, md Mm Kaod Uq-
Blreatfi, of tk eoflg, wM &
Nfehest bMfer, fetyftig it fef B5
for the V; "WC. A. of the eoMege.
Mrs, Geo. W. Robertson, eaptaJM of
the Rod Cross, Association,
Bristol, Tom. '
Before closing aetiviUA the women
of, the oanteon presented a. solid
silver, gold lined cigarette eaoe to
rT. S. McNeil as a token of gratitude
for the valuable service rendered by
him during the entire time in whioh
the canteen was' in operation. Pa one
Side of the case was engraved the
initials "T. McN." On the other side
was the. words, "To 'Tobe' from the
Ladies of .ho Bristol, Tenn., Va.,
K1 W " "i '9
But loctto in Mt StrHns for ran of tfggr
otter kinds of businesses; T-wonrtory brtik bttflolA
160 feet by 86 feet, mal roof, located at Main MM
Wilson streets. Could be chsnged into a garage or
other business at very small expense.
If not sold by December 15th this property can be
rented.. Possession given January 1st. For price and
particular Write direct, to owners.'
J.,W. WADE A ibN
According to a dominion statisti
cian, thc wealth of Canada is be
tween sixteen and seventeen billions
of dollars. Canada owes a, war debt
of upward of two billion dollars. She
has enormous undeveloped wealth
and the Canadians will pay out.
There are very few quitters among
the blue noses. '
The average man tnkes up so much
of his- time talking about his ambi
tion that he rfever has time to realize
it. i .
g!L' ", ' - '!!
Carter Glass, Secretary or the
Treasury, in a recent announcement
at"Washington made a statement that
is of interest to everyone who -has
become interested in the UnHed
States thrift campaign. Mr. Glass,
"states that Thrift Stamps, War Savr"
ngs Stamps and Treasury Certify,
'fates will be issued by the gpyernM
mum muciimittiy. Alius me savqpsj
who continue,' will in a few years
have a steady annual income as the
ccuritios'mature on January of each
year. Of course only the real savers,
those who hold until January, will
reap" the full benefits.
. x
Thc way of thc transgressor used
to 1)0 looked upon as being pretty
bard, but it ain't in it with, tho con-J
sumer nowadays.
i m
Underwear R. E. Puiich & Co.
r Our safety can only be found in a
policy that treats all bmbs broth
ers, all equally entitled WK fraito
of 'their-labor, all entittST'f raise
tkemselves, as high as possible, eaek
in his oyfti plaee wSthout doing wrong
to any of the rest. It is the spirit of
justice and fraternity 4hat must be
bo? guide and where are we to look
for leadership if not in institutions-
Such as tW&I Excerpts of address
.delivered by Justice Wendell P. Staf
ford, of the Supremo Court of the,
-District .of. Columbia, to students nnd;
alumni of "Dartmouth College.
, When a man is able to brag on his
furnace and the woman' to boast of
her beautiful form, there yon find a
happy home.
r- '
If they keep Unking up college
students for experimental purposes,
there are a lot of old guys who will
go b.ok for a post-graduato course.
HOTEL .iv ' . j
A spirit of building is possessing our people and it' now appears that '
this spirit will lead up to the construction of a hotel building that would be
i bufficient to care not alone for the traveling public, but for that of thc
annual gathering of conventions that would come 'our wnv. Wherever wo
j go we hear the words, "You certainly have a busy city; a pity it is you arc
short on hotel accommodations." This is by no means a reflection on our
present hotel and its management, for the people-here 5n this small hotel
i building do their best, nnd for the present management we hear nothing but
words of praise.
Another murder has blotted lue fair pages of. thc. history of Mont
t gomery county. We are glad to say the people did not lose their heads, and
I that the matter has been left to the courts to carry out the demands of
the law. , -. t-
The question of good roads should be on the minds of every thoirtit-
ful citizen. All reasoning leads to one end-thc speedy construction ofl
good roads.
- Diphtheria is reported as exist
fing' in mor0 than half the counties
in Kentucky. It is epidemic in several
of them. This is not a cause for
senseless alarm, but for intelligent
action. More thnn half the 249 deaths
which occurred, from this disease
last year were in children whose
parents failed to call a physician
during the first three days of the
sore throat. The greatest American
authority speaking of diphtheria an
titoxin, says:
"When this remedy is properly
used on tho first day of the appear
ance of the membrane in tho thrept,
there nro no deaths from diphtheria.
When delay in its use extends to tho
second day the death rate runs from
five to ten per centj when it extends
to the third or fourth diy it runs
up to thirty, forty and even fifty
per cent."
Tho following definite sugges
tions nro offercd.by tho State Board
of Health to teachers, parents or
guardians for the suppression of
When a child has a sore throat it
I should be excluded from school,-kept
at Home in bed, separated from other
children, and tho himiy physician
called. This is essential 5f there are
whitish spots in tho throat. Speci
mens should bo taken by tho physi
cian and examined in apprpved lab
oratories or sent to tho State Health
Laboratories at Lexington or Louis
ville for the free examination. If the
case is at all suspicious antitoxin
should b6 administered nt once, 5,000
units if seen on tho first dny, and
from 7,000 to 10,000 units if seen
Inter. This doso should b0 repeated
in six hours if the membrane is not
getting smaller. Antitoxin is fur
nished by the State Board of Health
at greatly reduced prices to physi
cians and Boards of Health.
m i
Little Charley Reid says his no
tion is that his mamma should keep'
a cat so long as ho has a dog to
chase it.
No Trouble at All
Lpj the suit or overcoat you want elsewhere, drop in
here, and let us s.ee what can be done about it.
Prices and variety will show we have not allowed
anything to interfere with your getting igopd "";"'"' "
clothes this winter at a inoderate cost-the harder
things are tpet, the greater, we feel,:isour duty .... . ;.-, ,J4Fi
to our customers. Xhirjy years ox. continuous
growth helps us ,a.Tl& you, too.
49 y:ela.:f2,i3
in the Jewelry business in Mt. Sterling
This is the Record of
J E W E l E R
Fair dealing and courteous treatment has
made a success of our business.
? v
' -
We Ask Youth Look at4 Our
4 TO
. t,
Suits and
Compare their Style, their Workmanship, their
Variety anchtheir Value with anything you have
yet seen this season 'near the price. Mr Critical ' '
Buyer: We welcome your remarks.
v in
v !n
i 1 1
All the good styles for . the winter included in this won
derful lot of suits for young men arid men single and double-breasted
models; belters; novel and regular pocWa
and lapels; in beautiful selection of Scotches, cheviots,
plain and fancy mixtures; aho neat striped. patterns and
solid blues, greens, and browns.
SUPREME VALUES AT $20.00 and Up.
' '-'5 1
Ait- h Ig'W -: I
i, .-!
r .y ,'Tv rr-'Z ' r I
- VA' TsW&SJr'X ' r!
' .'"" f Will lMhm 'i
: ;v 1 1 t 4 Lai '" I ' I'm '' IjfflJfa
Lfe: t M ll'lnlx i
v J
. -s - i y..-!v. I:
,. Overcoats ;
. 4
Just right weights, styles and fabrics here for your chops
ing their duplicates can only be found In much higher
.priced garments. Ulsters, ulsterettes; box and. shaped
coats; smooth and rough finishes in the smart colorings.
Models for young men, models for all men. Surely more
overcoat vaiue wian you are .expecting now, a,t
$20.00 and Up.
R. E. Punch & Co.
Mt. Sterling's Leading Clothing, Shoe and Hat House
2 1

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