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111(1 STORE!
Miss Virginia Duff spent Satur
day in Lexington.
Clark Kemper, of Alfalfa, Ala., is
visSting friends here.
Harry Stephenson arrived yester
day from Goldsboro, N. C.
Charles K. Oldham has returned
from a short stay in Richmond.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bascom spent Sat
urday with friends in Lexington.
Mrs. Pierce Winn and Miss Ilnttic
Owings spent Monday in Lexington.
Hon. Henry R. Prcwitt left yeg
terdny for Washington on a husincba
Mrs. Marshall Foley, of Lexington,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. K.
Miss Mamie Storms Dunn, of Lan
cabter, is the guest of Miss Edna
Mrs. Hunt Quisenherry, of Win
chester, is the- guest of Miss Ilattic
Mrs. Anna Coekrell has returned
from a libit to relatives- in Win
,chcster. ' ' t Harry Ringo, wife and son, Stofer,
spent tho week-end in Flemingsburg
with relatives.
' Mrs. John Taul is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Frank McCornnck
In Winchester.
" Howell Reese, of Canton, Ohio,
spent the week-end with his mother,
Mrs. Leah Reeso.
v Edward Gruhbs and wife, of Win
chester, were in the city Saturday
for a few hours.
. Mrs. Elya Gatewood Gay, of Lex
ington, is thoucst of her mother,
Mrs. J. W. Gatewood.
, Mrs. R. G. Stoner has returned
to Louisville, after spending a few
days at "Longwood."
Miss Joan Mount, of Lancaster,
was tho guest of Miss Margaret
Bogle, for tho week-end.
Mrs. M. V. P. Yeaman has re
turned from a visit to her sister, Mrs.
L. R. Atwood, in St. Louis.
Col. George D. Speakes, of the
firm of Harris & Speakes, pf Paris,
was hero on business yesterday.
v Mrs. I. D. Wilcox has returned to
her homo iu Paducah after a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Coleman.
Mrs. Fannie Goodpastcr, Mrs.
Richard Chiles and Mrs. C. C. Chen
ault have returned from Louisville.
nMrs. A. B. Oldhani,. Mrs. A, L. Tip
ton and Misa Mary Lilly Stevens,
I - - ... a
this city, attended the Juneueon
Michigan Rye, Missouri Wheat
and a complete line of feeds
for the horse, cow and pigs.
We have the largest consignment in transit that we have
ever undertaken to handle, and expect prices to move
the stock quickly. SEE THAT YOU GET YOUR SHARE
,..- . .. . .
,, j, . 7fc n.i.11 u
hoteor of 3( WUHmi Oldham, of
JWeirokwYit. jjj $
Mr. W. C. Cwpdf in at Salyeraville
visiting his mother. Mrs. M. C. Coop
er, who is oritfcftlw ill.
Dr. W. K. Tnunmen and wife
spent thcweek-endAt'Richmond with
their daughter, MrfrlRotort Coving-
ton. ' n '
Mrs. Sam Carrinjton and son,
Jnek, have returned iom a visit to
Mrs. W. R. McDonal in Lexing
ton. ' ty
Mr. and Mrs. Will M. Jones and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aderson spent
the week end with frifads 5n Lex
ington. I
G. B. Senff was in ixington on
Friday, where ho nttenfcd a com
mittee meeting of the Kcmcky .Press
Mrs. W. C. Clay, Mrs. .dm Eastin,
Mrs. J. C. Gnitskill ancJMiss Flo
Shirley were shopping iiiLoxr.gton
the past week.
Gnno Johnson is here fin Knox-
ville, Tenn., where he wasbr treat
ment for blood poisoninglllc has
improved lS points. ,
Mrs. R. C. Goldsmith, As Jen
nmga aim Jliss Anise iiunro m
Georgetown attending thcJcneral
Baptist Association.
Stewart C. Shnrp left Mohy for
Pittsburgh, to bo groom's hn at,
the Eckhart-Ramsey ivcddihh hich
occurs in that city Wedncsffl
Mrs. J. S. Phelps and Mr-Anna
Bailey haVe returned to thcirtaios
in Lexington after a visit tMrs.
Amanda Clay and the Misses
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Stcpheilmd
Clarence Stephens and davicr,
Ruth Carolyn, were iu Paris Slay
afternoon to see Miss Stella Stefas
W. T. Tyler and wife are alt.
demons, Michigan, visiting Mrs V.
ler's parents, and other relat
They will be absent about ten di
Mrs. Lewis Mitchell took her
tic daughter, Josephine, to Paris
week wliero she had her adenoids
moved. The child is much improy
Mrs. Howard VnnAntwerp has r
turned from Ann Aruor, where s
visited her son, Chiles VnnAntwert
a student at the University of Micll
igan. 1
Mrs. James Ilorton has returned
from Lexincton whero she has beeiV1
Willi UUl OVI1, AlUUlitlll .L.IU11U11, HHUI
.4l ! a "Trt. n TTnfrt tVV'11
is ill at the G6od Samaritan IIos
Charles Anderson
Will Ed. Jones were in Lexington this
week and returned, bringing with
them Mrs. Lizzie Wilson Buird and
Miss Bessie Wilson.
Frank Wyatt, Richard P. Winn,
C. 0. Chennult, Broks Blevins, Ash
by Blevins, attended tlio Centre College-West
Virginia football game at
Charleston last week.
Mrs. George Anderson and chil
,dred, of .Beattyviillc, have arrived
and will speud tho winter here, where
they have taken apartments with Mr.
and Mrs. Harvo Knox.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stofer, Mrs.
Mary Coleman Ayres and Miss Lizzie
Prcwitt Coleman were among those
from Mt. Sterling going to Lexing
ton to seo "Glorianna" lasT even
ing. AAJW
, Judge G. B. Swango, accompanied
by his wife, left. Monday the 10th, for
Terre Haute, Ind., to visit his son,
J, II. Swango and his family for a
few, , weeks., They will also visit in
Ml1, and Km. I. P. TM Hre rt
farn1 from XartiMVtife, Il.
Mri. Usury Stephens is visitisf
relatives and friends in Middletown,
Miss Ruth McClintock, of Millers-
burg, is the gue9t of. Mrs. Charlie
Mrs. R. F. Mnstin and Miss Bcttie
Roberts were in Lexington on busi
ness Monday.
Mrs. Warren Stoner, of Texas, is
the guest of her parents, Mr. and
llrs. G. T. Fox.
Miss Margaret Frost, of Lancas
ter, has returned home after a visit
to Mr. and Mrs. John Stofer.
Miss Louiso McConathy, of Lex
ington, has returned home after a
visit to Mrs. George McAlister.
Miss Frances Hnzelrigg spent the
week-end 5n Lexington with Miss
Nancy Clay, at Hamilton College.
Mrs. Emily Beall left last week for
an extended visit to relatives in St.
Louis and other Missouri cities.
Miss Nina Jenkins, of Griffin, Gn.,
and Miss Clementine Miller, of Mis
sissippi, ore guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. K. Oldham.
Rev. Clyde Darsie and B. W.
Trimble nttended the monthly meet
ing of the Kentucky Christian min
isters at Lexington on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack lAiigart, of
Lcx'ington, are in the city, having
been called here by the death of Mrs.
Luigart's father, S. English Ander
Mrs. Lewis Mitchell and daughter,
Josephine, returned home today after
a isit to relatives in Bourbon coun
ty. While away Josephine underwent
p. successful operation for adenoids.
Mr. and Mrs. Will R. Tipton, Mr.
and Mrs. Keller Greene, Miss Mar
garet Bogie, Miss Nettie Horlon,
Miss Anne Caswell Prewitt, Mr. and
Mrs. C. II. Petry, Ratliff Lane, B.
Frank Perry and II. W. Lockridge
were in Lexington Inst night to see
Fritzi Scheff in "Glorianna."
Nobby Suits and Overcoats
R. E. Punch & Co.
For Mrs- MaV
of tllQ prettiest parties of the
senson was lnal 0I vnuay nller
when Mrs. Porter Huls entcr-
ned at her home on Johnson
ghts in compliment to Mrs. Wil-
May, whoso marriage was an
iht of tho past week. Tho first
of the afternoon was devoted
"miscellaneous shower," follow-
soveral games of "500." As the
Hs arrived they were met at the
"by those attractive little girls,
s Marion and Mildred Coekrell, j
wpceived tho gifts, which were '
laycsented to tho guest of honor.
" ueh gift was a clever original
ve "Advice to thoUride," which
woi j by Mrs. May as she opened
fiejels. After the gifts had been
(USH and admired the reraain
dr lo afternoon was devoted to
cardjowe(j j,y a mosf. ,ieiic;0U3
"""i.iurs. nuis' guests were:
n May, Mrs. Hallio Gil-
William Tipton, Mrs. Al-
Mrs. Mattio Coleman,
eth Coleman, Miss Patty
iss Lucille Huls, Mistf
Miss Elizabeth Judv.
Miss 0 Jones, Mrs. Alfred P.
Jones, I Carolyn Bourne, Miss,
JJlarcelineS Miss jfarHia Pio
ratt, MLnljeth Clay iijghia,,,!,
Miss Mnjouertson, Mrs. Bright
Coekrell figa Anne B. Pinney.
Mrs. sLli entertained with
it ucauiutfaon m,d "rook" par
ty Friday,,
"Bido.a-Vi, tho Parlg 1)ike
compliment hcr visitors jIrs
-Hall, iington, nnd Miss
bjitruressciiy City Mrs IIaUs
guests wo, prowitt y0Ung,
Mrs. B. rtj,. m Wlmott
Pww5tt, Mrfpayrf MIgs Jr,lt.
tio Moboil
Lizzio P. Colo
Miss Shimfesscl,
Mrs. Charles E.
ninn, Mrs. .
r! i
bert I
Miss 1
Mrs. Frank
Duff, Mm. .
wa Roberto, Mrt B. F. Mrk, Mm.
Keher Mark, Mrs. J. M. Hutsell,
Mrs. Keller Johnson and Mrs. Nan
Vo,Tjen's Histwy Club Meats
The Home Economics Department
of the Women's History Club met
Friday nftcrnoon under the leader
ship of Mrs. G. B. Senff. A paper
on "The Idenl Club" was read by
Mrs. Roger D. Barnes, followed by a
discussion on "The Servant Prob
lem," led by Mrs. Charles Duerson.
After tho program a pantry shower
was given for the club's wards, two
young girls who are being educated
by them at the county High School.
Epworth League
The Epworth League met Friday
evening with Miss Mary Stamper,
ho led tho meeting. Tho program
was a very interesting nnd and the
refreshments were delightful.
Manhattan Shirts at The Walsh Co
Elder P. G. Lester, of Virginia,
will preach at the residence of Mrs.
Susan Lane, Saturday afternoon at
28 a 3 ski
miners 'Gh
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Beautifully tailored Suits
Manish mixtures
Syiis a
ftflf cA S.OO, 525.00, $35.00
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Luxurious Coats, many with rich fur collars. Colors are
browns, taupe, reindeer and black.
Woplnap BlapKets
of Pure Cotton
Keepfcu Warro
No matter what the
weather, the sleeper is
snug and comfy under
these fluffy blankets.
They are woven for
warmth and wear. They
wash well and shrink
' very little. They are
all cotton, so moths will
not touch them. They
come in a wide xange
of patterns!" and colors,
in sizes to fit any bed.
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. will give an entertainment h
NOVEMBER 26TH . ' .l
in High School Chapel " '
Adults 25c
School children ..""l5c
2:30 o'clock. The pub is cordially
invited to attend. '
Services at Presbyterian church
as follows:
Sabbath school, 9:30. Classes for
all nges from 2 'to 90. Our slogan, the Woman's Missionary Society of
"All tho church in the school, and the Methodist church Vnrill be with
oil the school in the church." Morn-' Mrs. John Coleman, Frrday, Nbvem
ing sen-Sec, 11 o'clock. Christian En- ber the 14th, beginning at tho usual
dcavor Society, G P. M. Evening time.
service, 7 o'clock. Prayer meeting,
Wednesday night at 7 o'clock.
9:30 A. M
...Sunday School ;
10:45 A. M. .'..Preaching
0 :15 P. M Epu orth League
7:00 P. M. Preaching
7:00 P. M Prayer Meeting
A prayer meeting is being held
each night this week at the Baptist
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priate for every woman
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t .w i ii i i JMS!w'wlMH.Wpl
church and all members are urged to
attend. These services prelimi
nary to tlm -revival- sen-ices, which
will begin ifovmoher 17th.
The regular, monthly meeting of
Delegates appointed by the local
chuich to tho State Baptist Associ
ation in scsion at Georgetown are:
T. B. Hill, J. W. Ileddeii, Sr., Lewis
Mitchell and Rev. R. C. Goldsmith.
Mrs. Goldsmith and Miss Anise Hunt
are nttending the convention as dele
gates of the Women's Societies.
Best lino of Stetson and Knox
Hats to lie found at The Wash Co.
Read Advocate Classified ads.
Otfiffi ri$m 8SE
wwttw wiiwi "S U.2 J! Jaii !
.v4. i ir-r iv.rfRP'
W-, irp
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eT : ! I
JBmt y) ' I
rv I
V 1
hlund, Miss Em

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