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I L-
I Lexington, Ky.
t J jCa Carte Service
I C. G. McGRATH, Manager
TUP "' Tf r rr TTivilSB
Our campaign women, in their
public utterance, arc effective in
their remarks regarding ex-Govomor
Bradley's daughter in her stump
speech utterances. Hero is the good
woman's committal:
High praise for the leader of the
Democrats for the past eight years
has como from the pen of two Ee
Upublican leaders. Mrs. Christine
"Bradley South, of Frankfort, and
Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton, of Ohio,
have signed an endorsement giving
"Woodrow Wilson credit for achiev
ing the triumph' of the "votes for
women" cause.
Tho endorsement to which Mrs.
feouth has signed her name reads:
"Today "Woodrow Wilson stands
forth before tho nations of the
world as tho commanding force for
justice and a world democracy. Ho
goes now to perfect that which has
been baptized with tho fire of the
battle and scaled with a covenant of
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'Tie Home
blood a "world-wide democracy, a
democracy in truth of all the peo
ple." Senator Harding reiterates that
tho League of Nations has been
abandoned by Europe, but tho Gen
eral Secretary of tho Federal Coun
cil of the Churches of Christ of
America, who has just returned
from a series of religious confer
ences in Europe, which took him to
many cities on the Continent, says
that Europe's faith in tho League of
Nations has not waned. Tho people
there, ho says, look hopefully to the
entranco of the United States to give
the League the capstone of success
and, meanwhile, aro working ener
getically on their own problems.
A Liberty Bond of any issuo is,
of course, at present prices a ma
terially better investment than was
any Liberty Bond, bought at par
during tho war. Providence Even
ing Trilnine.
The Advocate, twice a week.
of Coal"
By Margaret Steclo Ilard
Not long ago I was startled to
hear a small neighbor remark to my
equally small daughter, "I don't
think father and mother aro very
good parents. Father's too severe
and mother's too easy."
Tho wholo matter of disclpHno
seems to havo been put in a nut
shell by this youthful judge; for as
ono obsorves parents, ho discovers
that they are generally of ono of
these types.
Tho severe parent Is perhaps less
prevalent. His severity is born
either of fundamental misconcep
tions regarding children and their
needs, of selfish desire to restrain
and curb, so that his own freedom
may suffer no nnnoyance or incon
venience; or most deplorable of all,
it is tho result of his own lill-tempcr.
Lot us illustrato theso types of
severity. First, tho child who is de
nied some harmless plcasurq, for
"Mary, don't get water in that
teapot! I can't havo you dripping
water all over tho house. What?
Well, pretend there's water in it
it's just as good." But it isn't, as
any little girl wth a teapot can tell
Contrast this severity which is
caused by lack of imagination and
sympathy on the part of the parent
with tho severity of tho second! va
riety, that which is selfish in its
"Ellen, stop rompfing, and behave
like a lady!" But Ellen is ten and
should not bo asked to be a lady.
In fact, no ono would bo more dis
tressed than her mother should the
:hild suddenly arrive nt that stage
of maturity. It is simply that ner
mother is disturbed by her activity.
And lastly, consider the exhibi
tion of infuriated parenthood, from
which we turn our eyes as from un
speakable shame.
"Come hero this instant, or I'll
give you such a whipping you'll
never forget it! Stop that yelling, do
you hear? Stop that yelling!" and
tho admonishing voice of the irrit
able parent reaches a scream as ho
slaps and jerks about the fright
ened child.
Tho opposite extreme of tho de
plorablo uncontrolled parent is the
"easy parent" who is generally tho
mother. She suffers from short
sightedness. Sho seems to forget
that in a short time her hoy or girl
must live in a world that will not so
readily oxcuso and cajole as sho;
that Sarah's whims and Richard's
petulance will not be looked upon by
tho general public as odd, little out
shoots of human nature; but as the
weeds, pure and simple. Nor does
sho seem to realize that faults in a
littlo ch,Ud, steadily nurtured, in
stead of being outgrown, become 5n
"Sarah, what can mother get for
you don't you liko your dinner
deart' and mother, weary after pre
paring tho family meal, snatches a
bito hero and thoro between trips to
and from tho pantry as sho brings
such food as Sarah's whims demand,
while Sarah watches with sly eye,
fully awaro of her power.
What conclusion docs ono gain
from observing parents with their
children T That tho Sndispcnsablo
qualities for parenthood are undor
standing sympathy coupled with
firmness. Not uncontrolled demands
for obedience, not sudden spasms of
discipline, but steadfast reasonable
ness which creates confidence and
lqvo when it goes hand in hand with
an eager desire to livo understand
ingly In tho child's world.
For, after, all, discipline Is very
much Hkq a salad. It's perfection
depends upon the prqpor combina
tion of ipgrodionts, given in right
proportions. Thoro must bo suffi
cient oil to assist in soothjng too
sovcro a tang of vinegar, but not
enough to neutralise, just a dash of
pepper and mustard, and finally, tho
hand which mixes it with tho tender
greon that is tho touch pf person
ality which perfects it.
Wjhen men feel themselves slipping
they wmallj reoim.
Nothing seems able to stop tho
k A
bolting of Republicans in favor of
tho League of Nations. They realize
that their hope is futilo if WJarrcn
0. Harding is elected. Two promi
nent Kcntuckians who bolted tho Re
publicans yesterday were Calo Young
Rice, poet, and his wife, Mrs. Alice
Ilcgnn Rice, noted author of Mrs.
Wiggs of tho Cabbngo Patch." Both
favored tho nomination of Herbert
Hoover, of tho Chicago convention,
but declaro that thoy cannot follow
Harding because they aro heart and
soul for tho League of Nations.
Another defection from tho Re
publican ranks is Gardiner J. Doig,
founder of the Lincoln Club, a Re
publican orgaanization which gives
a dinner in honor of Abraham Lin
coln each February 12th in Louis
ville.. Doig says "no working man
with his eyes open can voto for Mr.
Harding. I regard tho Repub'Ecan
attitude not so much against tho
League of Nations as against a
league of working peoples."
Several hundred Southern rail
road shopmen at Somerset dropped
their tools last week and held an
impromptu demonstratlwi for Gov
ernor James M. Cox. "Wo aro for
Jimmy Cox, the friend of the work
ing man," said large banners, bflrne
by the shop men, who marched
through tho streets to tho courthouse
to hear Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart
and Congressman Aswell. of Ala
bama. The fact that this occurred
Kn a Republican county is highly
significant of the sentiment of the
entire state.
Evidence that Governor Cox has
profoundly stirred tho West con
tinues to crop out, notably tho com
ing over to his support of former
Republican papers and ministers of
the gospel of Republican affiliation.
Every day some accession of this
kind is noted in tho news. Nor is all
tho Democratic gain confined to tho
West; tho East is showing a strong
drift toward Cox as tho issues of
the campaign become clearer and
more widely known.
One thousand newsboys paraded
the streets of Dayton in honor of the
presidential nominee of tho Demo
cratic party. Tho newsies carried
banners. Ono bore tho following in
scription: "Wo deliver tho goods
so does Jimmy." This must have
jarred dear littlo Warren G.
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On the first day's trip of tho Re
publican Governor's special through
out Kentucky, Governor Calvin
Coolidge, of Massachusetts, ma'do
14 speeches. In nono of tho fourteen
did ho refer to the League of Na
tions. There is a reason. Governor
Coolidge is tfied to tho League of
Nations by tho speech of welcome ho
made to President Wilson when the
latter returned from Iranco with
the Peaco Treaty in his pocket.
Mr. Coolidge admitted that ho has
not mentioned tho Leaguo of Nations
since ho had made a speech early
in tho campaign in Maine. It seems
that this speaking campaign la not
to the tasto of tho Massachusetts
governor. Ho does not associate with
the men on tho train with him and
seems to find speech-making a very
burdensome task.
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scamper. You will see no more.
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Repair Department
1 niMm
In a last desperate effort to cor
rell all tho pro-German voto in Ken
tucky tho Republicans havo hooked
Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, former
United States Senator of Indiana,
who will speak at Phoenix Hill next
Monday n5ght. Beveridge is noted
principally for his defense of Kaiser
William n after the V'J,ia States
had gone to war. Ho wrotea book
entitled "What is Behind the Great
War," which' satisfied the most ar
dent of pro-Germans. He is doubt
less the proper personage to appeal
to tho disloyalists in Louisville.
Somehow wo should hato to havo
the sort of religion which makes ono
feel bad about everything.
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iert Service
mini mi 1 mmtm
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