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Defeat Lexington;
Lose To Paris
Colored Fair
August 2-3-4-5
The colored fair will bo hold In
this city on August 2 to 5, and Pres
ident P. L. Hcnsley and Secretary
Whiskaway Wins
Latonia Special
Whlskaway, Harry Payno Whit
noy'a great colt, which a week ago
gave Morvich the only defeat of his
racing career, repeated that triumph
Saturday when he swept past the
wire, winner of tho $50,000 Special
Latonia race for three-yoar-olds be
fore a record-breaking crowd of 60,?
000 persons.
The chestnut son of Whlskbroom
II. defeated tho best field the nation
could send against him In what prob
ably was tho greatset race for three-year-olds
staged In a decade.
Will Perkin's Thibodaux, a rank
outsider In the betting, and a Kentucky-bred
horse, finished second In
a driving finish with Whlskaway,
crossing tho wire a half length be
hind the winner. Morvich was third,
ten lengths bohlnd Whlskaway. Pil
lory, winner of the $50,000 Preakness
stakes, was fourth and Deadlock was
fifth. The mile and a quarter was
run In 2:05 2-5, which Is within one
.flfth of a second of the track record.
There was no question of the rela
tive racing ability of Whlskaway
over Morvich. Morvich was decisive
ly beaten, struggling with a tired,
weary stride at the finish. The' win
ner paid $11.10 for a $2 ticket, Mor
Yich being the favorite in the betting.
From the Pieratt cattle pens last
Monday one natural muly red steer,
weight about 500 pounds, and brand
ed with the letter "F" In blue paint
Will give reward of $10 for his deliv
ery to me. Sanford Garrett, Levee,
Ky. (73-tf)
m i
Tuesday a pigeon with a silver
band around one leg bearing a num
ber and the letter "I. F.," was dis
covered at the home of Charles
llarK In Krenchbnrg. Mr. Clark fed
u e bird and left It. Later. Mr. Clark
fWlne the bird remaining on his
premises, again fed it and took it in.
The bird was evidently bearing a
message by letter and number. It
was not an ordinary pigeon and was
of a breed unknown to Mr. Clark.
LOST Will pay a reward to the
person who finds and returns a pair
of tortoise shell spectacles to T. K.
Barnes & Sons' store, South Mays
vlllo street.
Cfieatcst Creation of
for ifuOCxnd Sag or
SpaiVling Ornament to
Uivirainj uwc
Jul. tWT f '"" t
I Land & Priest f
PhoRe 71 We Bellver
7Wn Compact (dtntd)
i in nr
In the game with Lexington on the
local lot last Thursday the Essex
proved their superiority over tho
Studebakera, outplaying them in
every department of the game. Mon
holland essayed to pitch for Loxlng
ton, but his offerings proved to tho
liking of our boys, and he was taken
out after the sixth Inning and Parks
substituted. Eggloston, a new twirl
er, started the game for Mt Sterling
and was taken out In tho seventh in
ning when it was seen that ho waa
weakening, and Townsend finished
the game. Tho game, while not an
especially well played one, was in
teresting from start to finish and af
forded much excitement. Muth, Lex
ington's contorflolder, became some
what "wrathy" when Umpire S. D.
Gay called a strike on him and went
into the center of the diamond to
protest the decision. He was prompt
ly ejected from the game and a fine
of $10 was assessed against him. We
believe a few more fines would put
a stop to all the wrangling the spec
tators have been forced to put up
with in this league, and the action
of Umpire Gay is to be heartily com
mended. The box score follows:
Lexington AB. It. H. PO. A. E.
Amato, 2b 5 1 0 5 2 0
Muth, cf 4 1 2 1 0 1
Devereaux,- lb .. 4 2 1 10 0 0
Park, rf-p .' 4 0 1 2 2 1
Morton, If 1 0 0 0 0 0
Daugherty, If .. 1 0 1 0 0 0
Hurst, 3b 2 0 0 1 4 1
Itlestenberg, ss.. 2 0 0 0 2 0
Kelly, c 3 0 0 5 0 0
Monhollen, p 4 0 0 0 4 1
Chandler 1 0 0 0 ,0 0
.31 4 5 24 14 4
Mt. Sterling AB. It H. PO. A. E
Blake, ct 4 0 1 5 0 0
Monk, c 5 0 2 6 1 0
Barks, If 4 1 0 3 0 0
Ellis, rf 3 1 1 0 0 0
Keyser. ss ...... 4 0 1 1 3 2
Lackey, lb 3 1 2 12 0 1
Burnam, 2b .... 2 2 2 0 0 0
Pergrem, 3b .... 4. 1 '0 0 4 1
Eenleton D 1 0 0 o u i
Townsend, p .... 0 0 0 0 3 0
Jones 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 C 9 27 11 5
Batted for Monhollen in eighth.
Ran for Townsend in eighth.
Score by Innings: It.
Lexincton 000 001 3004
Mt. Rtfirline 200 102 01 6
Two-base hits Devereaux, Bur
nam, Blake. Home run Ellis. Sto
len bases Hurst, Eggleton. Sacri
fice hits Morton, Daugherty, Hurst,
Burnam, Blake. Hits Oif Monhollen
9 In 7 innings; off Eggleton 3 In 5,
none out in sixth; off Townsend 2 in
4. Struck out By Monhollen, 4; by
Eggleton, 3; by Townsend, 2. Bases
on balls Off Monhollen, v; off Park,
1; off Eggleton, 2; off Townsend, 1.
Left on bases Lexington, 9; Mt
Sterling, 8. Hit by pitcher By Mon
hollen (Townsend); by Eggleton
(Hurst); by Townsend (Rlestenborg).
Winning pitcher Eggleton. Losing
pitcher Monhollen. Time 2:25.
Umpire Gay.
A Joke at Paris
The showing made at Paris Sun
day afternoon was nothing less than
a joke. When the boys were not
making errors they were pulling
bonehead plays. The exhibition was
undoubtedly the worst we havo had
this season and with the exception
of the hitting of Ellis and the play
ing of Pergrem the gamo was abso
lutely featureless so far as the local
aggregation was concerned. In tho
very first Inning Paris secured three
runs on one hit, coupled with count
less errors. While it will be seen
from tho official box score below Mt.
Sterling is only credited with three
(Continued on page' four)
1 Buick Six Touring Car, Overhauled, Al Condition
1 Oldsmobile 8 Touring, Overhauled, Al Condition
1 Oakland Six Touring Car A Bargain
1 Maxwell Four Touring Car A Good Buy
1 Ford Sedan Buy This and Save Money
- Gay
James Mitchell are working hard to
mako it the most successful ever
held in this section. Just at this
time the prospects are especially
bright, and a contract has bean
signed with Burns' Greater Shows to
furnish the midway attraction. This
company is said to bo one of tho
best on the road and carries with it
tho following attractions: Big Ell
ferris wheel, three-abreast merry-go-round,
mammoth 6-boat seaplanes,
Billy Ante's famous Jazz babies 20
colored people minstrel show with
Jaaz band and orchestra, 20-ln-l show,
animal show, pit show, illusion show,
palace of art show, fat man show,
snake show, swell concert uniformed
band, Capt Nevada with his famous
102-foot high dive.
A special meeting of Sterling Re
becca Lodge, No. 82, Is called for
Tuesday night, Juno 27. There will
bo work and every member is urged
to bo present Also plans will be
made at this time for the Fourth of
July celebration. Don't forget the
date, June 27, at 7:30 p. m. Miss
Mattie Gaitskill, Secretary.
Stockton To Move
E. W. Stockton, proprietor of the
Stockton Electric Dry Cleaning Co.,
is today moving his office, pressing
and repairing department to the Iteis
building on South Maysville street.
This building has been repaired and
put in first-class condition and will
make an ideal location. This is one
of the oldest and most reliable power
dry cleaning plants in this section
of the state and Is equipped with all
modorn machinery, having its dry
cleaning department on East Locust
street. Stockton's telephone number
In the future, as in the past, will be
225, and if you need work done in
their line, remember their service Is
as close to you as your 'phone.
Ladles, buy Holeproof hose. Every
pair sold brings another customer.
All hose especially priced. Tho
Walsh Company.
The Rev. F. E. Hill and wife re
signed tho pastorate of tho Nazarene
church last Sunday morning and will
return to California soon. They wish
to express their appreciation of the
many klndneses shown them by their
friends and tho good citizens of Mt.
Sterling. The cause of their sudden
departure Is owing to Mrs. Hill's
health. They will go to Dawson
Springs, this state, for a few weeks'
visit to relatives and then conduct a
series of meetings in Illinois before
they proceed on their journey home
to Los Angeles. Rev. C. R. Pollard,
district superintendent, will take
charge of tho meetings In the tent
and will be assisted by Rev. George
Fleming, evangelist Both will be
hero this week to carry on the meet
ings in the tent.
All persons having claims against
tho estate of T. F. Rogers, Jr., de
ceased, will present them properly
proven to W. B. White. Edith C.
Rogers. Administratrix. (73-3t)
All things come to the man who
doesn't need them.
Olympian Springs Is
Reopened For Summer
The Olympian Springs opened un
der the new management of Bartlett
Tours Company, of Cincinnati, with
a dinner-dance Saturday night Tho
ball room was decorated with ferns
and cut flowers. A Cincinnati or
chestra furnished tho music.
Among those present were: Clarke
E. McKinloy, Levin Porrin, A. S.
Charml, John Price, Ralph Miller,
William Wilson, Mls3 Ella Potten
ger, Mrs. Serepta Horseman, Mrs.
Pressler, Miss Louise Pressler, Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Eggers, Edith Egg
ers, Howard and Clyde Eggers, of
Cincinnati; Miss Bryan, Miss Mober-
ly and Miss Pearl McCormtck, Lex
ington; Mark Terrill and Bergen
Evans, of Franklin, Ohio; Edward
Eades, Seymour, Ind.; John W. Bro
ther, Chicago; Ewlng Flood, Ash
land; James Fawn and Clyde Wright,
Salt Lick; William Roth, Newport;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dexter and
James Martin, LouisvllW; Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Wormal, Parker Wormal,
Buford Wormal, Catherine Duncan,
Anne Ewalt, Russell Frank and Rob
ert Frank, Paris; J. Bean, C. B. Mo
hon and Miss Margaret Hunter, of
Winchester; Mr. and Mrs. George
Hamilton, Frances Hamilton, Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Owlngs, Mr. and Mrs.
Carroll Hamilton and Reld Prewltt,
of Mt. Sterling; Carolyn Bascom, of
Saturday, July 1, Is national mem
bership day. Tho legion hopes to
increase Its membership by one
third during the month of July. The
service census campaign will also
begin July 1. During this campaign
every ex-service man In the state will
be Interviewed by legionnaires. The
object of this campaign Is to get the
service facts concerning each man,
who will be required to fill out a
service census form. If he Is en
titled to compensation the legion
will get It for him. If he Is entitled
to hospitalization the legion will get
it for him. Every ex-service man,
whether or not be Is a legion mem
ber, should fill out a service form,
so should at any time in the future
he need legion aid he will have on
their files the facts regarding his
case. A registration booth will be
opened at Gatewood & Hombs' store
Saturday morning, July 1, and will
stay open until July 11. It is hoped
that every man in the county will
register on the first day.
Sunday morning at the service
hour, Gene Gullfoile, Covington, son
of William Gullfoile and wife, form
erly of this city, and nephew of Neal
Gullfoile, a lad of fourteen years, the
possessor of a remarkable voice for
ono of so few years, who Is under
training of the masters of New York
City, sang "Ave Mario" with Miss
Louise Orear at the great pipe organ
at tho Baptist church, to the delight
of an appreciative audience. Young
Gullfoile is a wonder in music to the
very finger tips. He also gave some
beautiful renditions at the Catholic
church and at other churches. Keep
your eyes on the lad and see him at
tain to heights along the lines of his
model, International, 17x22, complete
with extra blocks and belt Henry
If you are in the market for a real good used car it
will pay you to investigate these bargains. We have
them priced so they will sell.
Co. Mt- stBritoJf"t Garage
All Fees Above $5,000
To Go Back To County
All fees in excess of $5,000 and tho
salary of necessary deputies and as
sistants, collected by sheriffs of Ken
tucky, must be turned Into county
treasuries and go to the payment of
tho cost of county government, tho
court of appeals decided Friday. The
question was discussed In a volum
inous opinion written by Judge Moor
man and concurred in by the whole
court, reversing tho action of tho
Fayetto circuit court, which held
that Paul . Shlpp could not bring
suit against J. Waller Rodes and T.
C. Bradley, former sheriffs of Fay
ette county.
The opinion affects many counties
throughout the stato in which sher
iffs have been receiving more than
$5,000 a year In salary from fees. Of
ficials say It will save the state and
counties many thousands of dollars
annually. The case was the out
growth of agitation for saving money
to the state and counties and is
backed by farmers' organizations
throughout the state.
The court of appeals In Its opinion
held that all excess fees must go in
to the county treasury. It expressly
stated that It was not deciding, in
this case, whether or not the state
could recover from the county Its pro
rata of fees paid the sheriffs in ex
cess of $5,000 and expenses.
Tho county fiscal courts are charg
ed by the court with the enforcement
of the constitutional provisions, in Its
opinion. It says that the sheriffs aro
required to make returns to the fis
cal courts and that through those an
exact accounting for his office can bo
obtained. Through the law requiring
that the fiscal courts approve the ap
pointment of deputies, the salaries
the number of deputies can be regu
lated, the court said.
The court confined Its remarks to
the Bradley case, saying that it also
was decisive of the Rodes case. Tho
suit by Shlpp was to recover excess
fees for 1914 to 1917 from Bradley
and for 1918, 1919 and 1920 from
Rodes. The opinion Friday decides
that Shlpp has the right to sue in
this case and says that recovery can
be had.
It was claimed in the Bradley case
that in 1914 he received from the
state $12,090.74; county, $13,515.04,
and more than $G,0Q0 from private
The above ruling, it is said, will
affect the sheriff's office in Montgom
ery county, not only in regard to the
present Incumbent, but also his pre
decessor, and It Is likely he will be
forced to pay back Into tho county
treasury several thousand dollars.
By tho court's decision many coun
ties in the state will be affected and,
it is said, thousands of dollars will
be saved the commonwealth annually.
Ladles, buy Holeproof hose. Every
pair sold brings another customer.
All hose especially priced. The
Walsh Company.
H. H. Coppage has started up hts
grist mill and is doing a farmers'
business. He receives their corn and
grinds for toll or gives exchange.
Ho also makes whole wheat flour.
He has a stock of cannel and bitu
minous coals and feeds. Lowest
prices. Queen street and Railroad.
Don't miss our bargain sale of
men's hose. 6 pairs of 25c sox for
95c. Tho Walsh Company.
Local Fair Grounds
Ready For Big Meet
Tho fair grounds nre in perfect
trim. Just as bright and cheery as a
bright, new pin. Music? We should
Bay. The Maysville Boys' Band, ona
without a superior anywhere, has
been engaged. Tho pieces played
last year and during all preceding
years are rendered more familiar at
this time, and in their rendition this
band is perfect New pieces have
been composed since then by master
artists and tho Maysville boys know
them all and will pompously
give them to tho large crowds assem
bled on July 19, 20, 21 and 22. Tha
contract for the carnival has been
closed. This is the first timo this
carnival, with 30 shows, has ever
signed up with any fair in so small
a town as Mt Sterling. Every per
formance known will be presented
and It is safe to say this is to be a
real fair.
Three running races daily and
three trotting or pacing races dally
will be held and purses and premi
ums will be liberal.
The floral hall is to be a thing of
beauty. The compotitlon, whether it
bo running races, trotting, pacing or
premiums on the horses and cows or
any other exhibit, will be sharp. Get
ready, come early every day and
have a week of pleasure and profit
as well.
See The Advocate for printing.
The Mt Sterling Bottling Works,
manned by live men, has engaged to
furnish ice and soft drinks along the
liiio of the hard-surface Midland Trail
now under construction. The firm
may .also add a barrack station in
which to store merchandise to meet
the needs of the laborers.
Don't miss our bargain sale of
men's hose. 6 pairs of 25c sox for
95c. Tho Walsh Company.
Cool Shirts
Bought Right
To Sell Right
$1.00 to $3.50
Gatewood & Hombs
The Quality Shop
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Wr I i , J m
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