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c -
Mrs. J. C. Powers' Is visiting rela
tlvee In Erlanger.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Taylor are
spending the holidays in Chicago.
Miss Jenmol Gatewood has return
ed home .from a two months' stay in
Detroit. '
Mr. and Mrs. ,W: Hoffman Wood
have returned from a visit to relatives
In Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. W; W. GInn have re
turned from a several - montlm' stay
at Plneville.
Miss Luclje Catlett, of Owlngsvllle,
was the guest of Miss Evelyn Prew
Itt for the "tlance.
Alexander Benton, of Hazard, Is
spondlng the holidays with his mo
ther, Mrs. N. T. Benton.
Mrs. W. C. Lydlck, of Cynthlana. Is
tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tip
ton .and Joe W. Stephens.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Berry Pleratt, of
Chicago, jire guests of Mrs. Rose Ple
ratt and other relatives here.
, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin D. Wood, Hunt
ingtoriT are visiting Mrs. Wood's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gay.
Mr. and 'Mrs. John Keller and Miss
Frances- T5urkhart-'o(re spending the
holidays with' relatives' In Louisville.
(lMls8 Nell Steele, of Lexington, lh
spending the holidays with her pa
rents and other relatives in this
Mr. and Mrs. N. M. White and son,
Steve, of Prestonsburg, are guests of
Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs
Steve Pleratt.
'AMrs. J. R. Hicks, who has been
'spending several weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. Squire N. Williams, left today
for Umatilla, Fla.
4Mrs. Dan Chenault, of Lexington,
and Miss Josephine Chenault, Rich
mond,' are guests of Mr. and Mrs.;
George R. Snyder.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bullitt McCoun and
children, of Lexington, arc guests, "of
Mrs. Nancy B; McCoun and Miss
Elizabeth MoCoun. ' ",
Mr. and ('Mrs, j T. J. Wilson and
Misses Winifred and Mragaret Wil
son spent tho holidays In Winchester
with Mrs. Ann Burke.
'Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley Barnard and
children spent Christmas with Mrs.
Barnard's parents, Rev. nlid Mrs. D.
M. Holbrook, in Ashland.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Montjoy and
children spent the week-end with
Mrs. Montjoy's sister, Mrs. Blythe
Anderson, in Fayette county.
Miss Mary Gatewood, who attends
school In Chattanooga, is spending
the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Colonel Gatewood.
Are Your Sows Pre
pared to Raise O
Thrifty Pigs
A properly balanced ration for the
sows before and after pigs are born
-prevents runts. Insure a well regu
lated system and abundance of rich
milk by feeding
rtirina Pig Chow
'J$iA Pit re Ingrcdien ts: corn
linseed flour, molasses, gluten,
alfalfa leaf flour.
Start your pigs off with a boost
Keep 'em 'Coming
liSEHlHHKIHBffeHHK; Sold 1
Hra .rSIBKBIB- Checkerboard I
JRfl.iAnHmlHRflHr Bads rrA
S"XX"; - x - ;xx - :X'"X - X"X:"K - '
Mrs. Frank Brown and Mrs. Thom
as Duff, of Stepstone, were In town
Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Roberts
spent the holidays with relatives In
Dr. and Mrs. At B. Stoops and Miss
Nancy Berkeley1 will leave next week
for Florida.
Miss Ethel Barker, of Lexington,
was the guest of Miss Louise Oreur
jfor the dance.
Mr. , and Mrs. Ed Tnul had as their
guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. E. C
Poplin, of Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McChesney, of
St. Louis, Mo., are guests of the fam
ily of B. F. Wyatt.
Miss Bettle White will leave Janu
ary 2 for Umatilla, Fla., where she
will spend the winter.
Miss Mary Beall, of Owensboro, Is
spending the holidays with her mo
ther, Mrs. Emma E. Beall.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Horton, of Hunt
ington, W. Va., are spending the holi
days with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Taul.
Mrs. Charles O'Bryan, of Hot
Springs, Ark., is the guest of Mrs. J.
Lawrence1 .White and MIss-Hattle Ow
lngs. ' ' ,
Miss Lillian White was 'in Winches
ter Monday night to attend the Elks'
dance and was the guest of Miss Ruth
C, C. Conley and Joe Adams, of
Ashland, and C. A. Ragan, of this city,
spent Sunday with A. B. Thomasson
and family,
Miss Jane Cox, of Cullfornia, and
Jane and Joe Kemper, of Lexington,
are guests of William Sledd and Miss
Georgle Sledd.
Mrs. S. D. Hall and Miss Virginia
Hall spent Christmas with Mrs. Hall's
parents. Mr., and Mrs. Clifton Sliif
fessel, at Clay City
Misses Belle Scott, Rosalie Bloom
field and Mildred Todd, of Winches
ter, we're gilesta of Miss Louise
Smathers for the dance ilast night.
Mrs. John L. Coleman and Miss
Frances Coleman will Meave early In
January for Tallahassee, Fla., where
they will bo guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Collins1,
Misa Mildred Gatewood was in
Richmond Tuesday evening to attend
the dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam O. Mays for their niece, Miss
Patsy Rosson.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Arthur and
daughter, Elizabeth, and Mrs. Mary
Pratt McKee and daughter, Ada, of
Lexington, .are spending the holidays
with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hedden, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mathlus and
Miss Lillian McNamara, of Coving-
Bffii hhn
.tea, aad MIm Irene McNamara, of
Lexington, were guests of Mrs. P. Mo
Namara during the holidays.
MIm BettlCIiruco VanAntwerPi of
Louisville, Is visiting Miss Agnes Sto-
Mrs. A. B. Thomasson and Mrs,
Burl Ray were In Lexington shopping
Mrs. Byron Hall and son, Ben, have
returned from a visit to relatives In
Mr, and Mrs. Charles Pitman, of
Carlisle, have been guests of Dr. and
Mrs. A. B, Stoops.
Mrs. George R. Warren, of Lexing
ton, has ben the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. C. B. Duerson.
Miss Florence Wnlllngford has re
turned from Maysvllle, where she
spent Christmas with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wood and chil
dren, of Carlisle, have been guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thompson.
Mrs. Bishop Clay arid Miss Agnes
Clay, of Lexington, are guests of rel
atives here during the holidays.
Misses Mamie and Hazel Sullivan,
of Lexington, are guests of their pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sulivan.
Mr. and Mis. Joe Wilson, of Shelby
county, are guests ot Mrs. Wilson's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Owfngs.
Mrs. Strother Cobb, of Mlddletown,
Ohio, Is spending the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wil
son. Capt. C. H. Petry and granddaugh
ter, Mrs. Bogle, and great-granddaughter,
Josephine Bogie, visited relatives
and friends In Shclbyville and Louis
ville this week.
Ben F. Nlckell, wife and children
have been in West Liberty with rela
tives this week. Mr. Nlckell returned
today and Jils family will remain un
til tho first of the year.
Among the out-of-town people here
Tuesday to attend the funeral and
burial of James N. Anderson wera:
James W Tanner Mr. and Mrs
Frank Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John Mil
ler, Mrs. J. D. Poynter, Mr. and Mrs.
Jllson Whltsett, of Winchester; Mrs..
L. G. Cannon, of Georgetown; Miss
Susan Woods, of Stanford, and James
Clarlr, of Oxford, Ohio.
House Party
I'arl Boyd is entertaining a house
party this week at "Fairflelds," his
home In the country. His guests are:
Miss Loujse Marvin, of Midway; Miss
Nancy Wilson, of Versailles; Miss
Edith Knight and Miss Elizabeth
Boyd, of Sharpshurg. and Messrs.
Arthur Bradshaw, of Soniertet; Skin
ny Farmer,, of Midway, and Grant Wil
lis, of Versailles.
Family Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bridges were
hosts at u family dinner Sunday at
their home on West Main street. The
table decorations were in red and
green and a miniature Christmas tree,
lighted with tiny red candles, was
used as a center piece. An elaborate
dinner was served. Mr. and Mru.
Bridges' guests were: Mrs. J. Will
Clay, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Clay, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Bridges and son, Mr.
and Mrs. Marion Bridges and chil
dren. Dinner Party
Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Pleratt wero
hosts at dinner Sunday at their home
on West High street. The table deco
rations were, in red and an elaborate
menu was served. Covers wero laid
for tho following guests: Air. and
Mrs. N. M. White, Colonel and Mrh.
John C. Hopkins and John Hopkins,
Jr., of Prestonsburg; Mr. and Mrs. S.
C. Carpenter, Misses Ruth and Vir
ginia Womack, of Millersburg; Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Perry. Miss Vivian
Kendall and Joseph M. Kendall, of
Winchester; Mr. and Mrs. James
Nesbltt, Mrs. Rose Pleratt and Mrs.
Lilian Kendall.
Dinner For Mrs. Mary J, Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Wright de-
ngffiarar-pc -
To all citizens of Mt. Sterling and
Montgomery County we extend Greetings
of the Season, and our sincere hope is that,
all of them will be Abundantly Blessed
with all the Good Things of Life during
the New Year.
fi. D. SULLIVAN & : CO.
llghtfully.entertataed In honor of Mrs.
Wright's mother, MrB. Mary J". Peck,
of Lexington, at a 6 o'clock dinner,
it being her eighty-first birthday an
niversary. Tho French doors were
thrown open between the two dining
rooms and covers were laid for twenty-four
persons. 'Tho cloth was of
Mexican and filet 'lace; the center
plcco of poinsctta and mistletoe and
pink roses. Tho lovely dinner con
sisted of sovcral courses. The guests
were: Her sister, Mrs. Bascom, and
her nlcco, Mrs. Dudley Hunter, of
North Carolina, and Mr. Wright's sis
ter, Mr3. Rice, and daughter, Mrs.
Catherine Rico Ooodpaster, and iter
children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren. Open Session
The Junior Women's Club enter
tained with an open session meeting
Tuesday afternoon at tho home of
Mrs. J. Miller Hoffman in Everett
Court. Tho members, with one Invit
ed guest each, wero present, and an
unusually interesting program was
given, tho featuro of which was a
one-act play, "On Vengeance Heights."
The play Is a story of the Kentucky
mountains and Is the one that recent
ly won the prize at Kentucky Univer
sity on amateur night. At Its presen
tation in this city Tuesday the prin
cipal role was taken by Misa Eliza
beth McCoun, assisted by Mrs. Tipton
Wilson, Leonard Payno arid Henry W.
Sullivan. At the conclusion of the
program refreshments of sandwiches,
coffee and candy wero served.
Buffet Supper
Carl Boyd was host at a buffet sup
per at the Country Woman's Club at
Intermission of the dance last night
complimentary to the members of his
house party. His guests were: Miss
Louise Marvin and Sklnney Farmer,
Miss Kelly Barnes and John McCor
mick. Miss Edith Knight and Clyde
Norrls, Miss Elizabeth Boyd and
James BIgstaff, Miss Nancy Wilson
and Hez Oldham, Miss Pearl McCor
mlck, Miss Elizabeth Prewltt and
Floyd Stamper, Miss Kenney Prewltt
and Tom Coons, Miss Evelyn Prewltt
and Tom Hoffman, Miss Luclle Cat
lett and Allen Prewltt, Miss May
Robinson Ciooks and Arthur Brad
shaw, Miss Mary Wagner Berry and
Wes Chenault, Miss Louise Stone and
Warren Hayden, Miss Lillian White
and Henry Besuden, Ernest Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Prewltt, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles D. Highland. Mr. and
Mrs. W. O. McCormlck. Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie McCormlck and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Howell.
Card Party
Misses Betty Bruco VanAntwerp
and Mary Gatewood were the guests
of honor at a beautiful card party
given by Miss Agnes Stofer yesterday
afternoon at her home on West Alain
street. Holly and mistletoe adorned
the rooms which were lighted with
the red candles shaded in red, and the
score cards were Christmas scenes In
tho water colors; Following the
games a most delightful supper was
served from the small tables. Miss
Stofer was assisted by her mother,
Mrs. John Stofer, and her party In
cluded: Miss Gatewood, Miss Van
Antwerp, Miss Judith Johnson, Miss
Llzabeth Ann Reynolds, Miss Kath
leen Reynolds, Miss Frances Reese,
Miss Helen Gatewood, Miss Alberta
Coleman, Miss Lula Thomas, Miss
Mary Brldgforth," Miss Dorothy Per
ry, Miss Frances Howell, Miss Ruth
D. Turley, Miss Louise Hardy, Miss
Nola Highland, Miss Elizabeth
Strossman, Miss Henrietta Howell,
Miss Laura GUI Hoffman. Miss Eliz
abeth Bogie, Miss Agnes Clay, Of
Lexington; Miss Frances Turner,
Miss Virginia Ayres, Miss Elizabeth
Collier, Miss Lucy Montjoy, Miss
Frances Mark. Miss Margaret Robin
son, Miss Ellso Dcrrlckson, Miss Ro
berta Dale, Miss Thelma Dennis, Miss
Gladys Tabor, Miss Rosemary Punch
and Miss Tennie Blevlns.
(Additional Society on page four)
Thanking our customers many times
for all business entrusted to us in the past
--and With all good wishes for Health,
Happiness and Prosperity throughout the
New Year.
1 sSfek
i t . a vi'SJNH. . i -- v-A
When a man has had a better busi
ness and a more pleasant business than
in any years previous -the least he could
say is "I thank you, I thank you."
The good year 1922 has treated us
kindly, and we trust that you may enjoy
the same blessings during 1923 that your
friendship has made possible for us in the
year Just closing. May Good Fortune
smile upon You and Yours, is the sincere
wish of the
Mt. Sterling Lumber Co.
Sincere Good
BE Wishes
To all our friends we extend Sincerest
Greetings of the Season. The good year
1922 was kind and good to us, and to all
who made this possible we wish the Best
Things of Life during the New Year. May
a Kindly Providence guide your happiness.
We 'desire to extend cordial good
wishes for the coming year and to thank
you for. your valued business in the past,
and solicit a continuance through the year
to come.
Mt. Sterling Laundry
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