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iwlhwPBHBBRs? "(r',"T"'"iiT'
W: .Mir
& a
Y: , J
, at the Frankfort, Kentucky
as second class mailable mutter.
SScLitor axica. E,VL"olisJa.er.
A blue pencil murk (X) on your paper
'tidlcntcs that your subscription hits not
'men paid for some time, nml you nre rei
I nested to settle nt once.
As the Roundabout has reached
its sixth birthday, and as our columns
have been so crowded with
that it has been impossible
to give our subscribers as
much reading matter as they desired,
we to-day present them with
a much larger sheet, and promise to
issue in the sa'me form every Satur.
day hereafter. It will be our aim in
the future, as it has been in the past,
. to give all the local news, and our
correspondents will be sure to see
their communications in print each
.veck if sent in by Friday morning.
As the change was made hurriedly
yesterday', we have not gotten everything
in as good shape as we would
ike, but hope by our next issue to
'present the same neat appearance as
It will be observed that we have
iudc a slight change in the heading
:i order to make the name of the
aper conform to what it is known
is abroad; but while we have dropped
.ie word "weekly," its visits will
o the same every Saturday.
As we have attained an age that
.notifies us in lengthening the tail of
uir jacket, and in broadening it
tcross the shoulders, we trust we
-hall never grow "too large for our
jreeches," and shall always merit
,'.ie esteem in which the paper is
i old wherever it goes.
Elder George Darsie preached his sixth an-
morning to a large congregation,
i etiuwing his year's work and showing that the
church was in a more healthy and prosperous
i mdition than for years. The ladies of the
liurch, under the leadership of Mrs. Dr. V.
'.,. Hall had beautifully decorated the alter
. ;:h flowers and hot house plants, and as he
ddressed his people Elder Darsie had the
nuance of speaking to them from a garden
of flowers.
Immediately over the alter, suspended
from the arch of the alcove, was a large
iruwi), beneath which hung a cornucopia, rep
lesentimj tie idea 'that the abundant good
works of the minister had been crowned with
success. In front of the altar, and attached
to it, was a sickle, and underneath the sickle
mx sheaves of lipened grain, indicating that
the harvest oi the six years had been gatheied.
On the right of the altar was a shield indica
tive of the guard which God kept upon him,
.lid on the left was a heart to represent that
Lis heart had always been in work. The
number six was maintained throughout to rep
the six years of his ministry. There
were six baskets of flowers, six lillies, and in
the centres of each of two square baskets of
!' iwcrs was the figure six, one in tube roses
n a background of maroon leaves and
ihnvers, and one in heliotrope, on a ground
. !' bite flowers. Over the organ was a lyre
represent the music of the soul.
There isno more popular minister in the
. ty, with" all denominations, than Elder
;inr'4ie,ind his own congregation is devotedly
iitached to him. May his ministry continue
i this city until he has prcachet' his fiftieth
uiniversary sermon.
There was no service nt either of the
lunches Sunday night on account of the
liliito of gas. Yeoman, Si'pt, J9.
What was the matter with you, neighbor,
hi Sunday night? There was service nt
. huI of our churches that night, and no
iui'k of light so far as the congregatioiib
advised. Don't mix tilings, Major.
i1 iiiLFif in mi i inn inn
We nre under obligation" to Mn. T)r. V.
II. Ilnll lor nti elcjinnt basket of (lower
nml a beautiful bouquet.
The hiTcnfler will be closed
fifteen minutes niter px indend ol half
on account ol the train coining in sooner.
Get yon n fall suit ol clothes inside nt
Berbeiieh'M before the cold weather comet
t lint Vennor has predicted for the ol
Werejiret to know that the l?ev. Br. C.
Miller is lying very ill in Leximrton and
bin life is nenrin it dote, as there is iu
hope of his recovery.
The City and County Court have given the
right of way to the Capital Gas and Electric
Light Company to lay their pipes across the
bridge to South Frankfort.
We are clad to know that Mr. II. H
Cnuunnck will probably be one of the clerks
on the City ol Frankfort or will have charge
of the wharf boat at this phice.
Mr. Sol. Harris returned yesterday from
her trip East to purchase gooiN for the
Arcade. M'lle Wnllermnn, who will have
charge ol the inillinerv department, will
not return until next week.
Mr, Win. M Ilristow lms. laid on our table
a large Bermuda red sweet potato weighing
four pounds, about ten inches long and
five inches in diameter, which was as delicious
to the taste ns anything we have eaten
latelv. . -
Mr. John Morris, of this countv, priFsed
through thi cily Monday afternoon, bound
for Lons Branch, New Jeroey, having in
chnrge eight yearling colts and lillirs belonging
to Messrs. Appeley & Johnson
which he will winter in that place and train,
together with seven others already there,
for those gentlemen in the sprint;.
The sad news reached this city Wednes
day that Mr. L. Hnrvic Wanton, formerlv
of this city, but now ol Indianapolis.
Indiana, had one of his hands caught in
the machinery of his mill, several days
since, two of the fingers being cut off, and
that he was dvim: from lockjaw produced
bv the wound. Later intelligence, however,
reports him ns improving.
The following gentlemen were elected
cers of Frankfort H A. Chapter for the ensuing
year, at the regular meeting on Tuesday
Frank C. Hughes. High 1'ricst.
J. R. Stafford, King.
Jns. A. Murray, Scribe.
V. A. Knltenbruji, Captain of Host.
Gus. Shaefer, Principal Sojourner.
Geo. A. Lewis, Royal Arch Captain.
Sam. J. Shea. Grand Master of 3d Veil
J. B. Vouch. Grand Master of 2d Veil.
Frank G. Montgomery, Grand Master ol
E. Whiti'sides, Secietsiry.
W. T. Heading, Treasurer.
W. H. Phythinn, Guard.
Messrs. P. F. Smith and James Norwood have
been appointed to positions on the police force
to fill the vacancies occasioned by the death
of Capt. Jerry Lee and the piomotion of Mr.
II. J. Hyde as Chief. The following letters
of the Mayor to Mr. Hyde explain themselves.
The last instruction is being followed
and everything is moving on smoothly. It is
to be hoped that there will be no pceasion for
complaint of the force in future. Mr. Hyde
has announced his determination to sue that
every man does his du'y and keeps sober
while on watch.
Boaudok Coi.'xcii.mi::.', )
Citv oy Ky.,
Sept. 19, I8S2. I
IT. J JfuJe F,vr.
You are hereby commissioned Chief of
Police, subject to approval of the Council
The Police force, throiiL'h yomeIf, will lie
held 10 riL'iil accountability for the peace
and perfect order of the city. You will see
that each policeman discharges his duty in
every detail. I am properly held
for the peace and order of the city.
And intend both shall be preserved. Yon
will report to me the liiltire ol any policeman
to discharge his duty, and his
bion will promptly ensue.
E. II.' TAYLOR. .Jit.. M,njor.
By F. V. Ghay, City Clerk.
Bo.wti) or Councii.mi:n, )
City of Fkanktout, Ky.,
Sept. 19, 1882. )
. J. Iide, Esrt, ChUf of Police:
Sir: During the hours of tlit4 night or
day police are on watch they are prohibited
from entering liny houe except in discharge
of an oflicial duty, and from engaging in
tiny protracted conversation with eiti:eiis.
They are strictly conservators of the peace
and order, and have oflicial ly no social obligations
whatever. You will see this order
euforced literally and repjrt promptly to
me any infraction of same.
E. H. TAYLOR, .Jit., Mayor.
By F. V. Gjiay, City Clerk.
Foil IIkxt. A house with seven rooms
in it. Apply to C. Shubinski.
Council Proceedings.
The following letter was received from His
Honor E. II. Taylor, Jr.:
1 entered yesterday into an engagement requiring
me to leave the city to-day. Since I
have been deeply distressed to learn of the
deplorable death of Jeny Lee, Chief of the
I'olicc. As my engagement cannot be postponed,
I write this asking that you will take
such actions regarding Capt. Lee's death and
obsequies as will be something of a recognition
of the sei vices of an officer who desired
to discharge conscientiously his duties, and as
a tribute to his manly courage. In my life I
never knew a man whom I know to be so absolutely
void of all fear.
Sept. 19, 1SS2.
On motion of Councilman Todd, it was
thai the Council and city officials attend
the funeral in a body.
Gen. Lindsay, on behalf of Col. Orlando
Drown, presented a bill for about $900 damages
done his farm and crop by laying water
mains through it.
On motion of Councilman Williams, the
BridgeiCommittce were ordered to have repairs
made, in connection with the county
court, upon one of the pillars of the South
Frankfort Bridge.
On motion, Council refused to rescind the
order revoking the license of Harrison Anderson
to sell beer.
The Street Committee were directed to en"
force the order to have gutter made by property
owners on llioadway, between Madison
and Washington.
Numerous accounts were presented and
Advertised. Letters.
Fraxkfout, Ky., September 23,..1SS2.
Ash, Tom Mrs Mamie II
Allting, J Johnson, H S
Abbott, Bsllc J Johnson, Miss Sally
Bush, Albert Lucas. John
Baxter, Annie Lucket, Mrs Katie
Bcggers. Alice Leckell Mrs Sarah N
Bacon, T M Mobley, Miss Mnttie
Cunninghnm, Addie Mcliidley, Hev W II
Crutcher Miss MarthnMyrs. William
Cain, D S Owens, Miss Artv
Curtis, F D O'DiUcoll, John
Covins, Fanny O'Neal. Thomas
Cnhery, John Patterson, Mrs M L
Cinley. .John Pickett. James
Cook, Lulu Reynold-. f)r J B
Collins, Samuel Shears, Elizabeth
Crane Mnttie B Sullivun, Lucv.Janc
Gaiter. Sallie Snider, Mr J T
Cain, Thomas Smith, Mrs Mnrgret E
Dorsey, Miss Clara Taylor, Geo
Dicky, Winnie Wane, Coleman
Flynn, Miss Jenny Winter, George
Giaves, Fnnnv Willson. James
(Jiny, MrsSiir.ih Winer. John
Crabb-, W Jlliti Webster, Lucy
Holme-, D S Wouldriilge, Nannie
Hindoo, Ellen
Say advertised when culling for these
ettirs. J. G.IIatciiitt, P. M.
"Personal". "
Mr. Sidney French is in on
Mr. L. W. Glore (Dick) has been very
ill the piifat two week.
Dr. W. B. Hodman left Monday for
for medical treatment.
Mr. O.-car Farmer, of Louisville, is
viHting her parents in thh city.
Mr. das. A. Murray left vesterdav afternoon
for a visit to Louisville and Cincinnati.
Miffi Hellen Pcmbertoii nf Slw.lli,.v:ilo :
veiling her aunt, Mid. Dr. 8. F. Smith, 'in
this city.
Mr. Ben. Todd, formerly of this city, but
now of Louisville, spent Monday in the city
visiting friends,
Mif.3 Bettie McWillhuiw, of this county,
and Miss Lena Smith, of Clav village, left
Monday lorn visit to friends in Indiana..
Mrs. D. C. Barrett and daughter, Mins
rloreiicc, left Monday afternoon for a
month vi.it to relatives in St. Louis, Mo.
Miss Mary Harrington, of Shelby county,
after a two-weeks' visit, leturned h'mu
Monday, taking Miss Alice French vVith
Mis- Maggie A. Lewis returned home
.Monday jrom a vinii of heveral months to
relatives m Carrol I ton, Covington and Louisville.
Mifrsefl Ilallieand Venie Herndon, who
have been spending the summer vith relatives
in Bock Illinois, returned
lio me Friday afternoon.
Mr. Ben. 0 Williams, who bus been
taking lite law couisu at the University of
Virginia, m in noiiiespeutiiug n lew weeics
with his parents before the beginning of the
winter term.
Justice John M. Harlan, of the U. S.
Supreme Court, has been in the city for the
laht two or three days, visiting his sister,
Mrs. J. G. Ilatchitt and shaking hands
with old friends.
I will keep constantly
OKfU iffiL ftn.VJJWVLiJMiS'TmXaS W- L
f Staple and Fancy Groceries,
I" Fresh Fruit and Vegetables of all
L kinds, Fresh Fish and Oysters.
3. B.
A. T
on hand a Full Stock of
3?. WEL'-LIAMS, Jr.
BM a &R&S90
ItnnfflANN o
T 1-1 E
yesterday from New
three weeks in selecting the
are being received daily,
are being made for the
notice will be given.
Picpnetois Ar.ace.
Cigars, Tobaccos,
First-class Grocery always
the lowest figures for cash.
Frankfort and vicinty to call nt the old stand of
next door to the and. examine
which I am offering at
a lot of first class
piomptly attended to.
Mr. JBerrniann returned
York, where he spent
latest novelties. Goods
and great preparations
Opening, of which due
Srocerjes, Liquors,
Everything kept in a
on hand, and for sale at
None but the best goods
WOULD respectfully invite the citizen.of
I J.'H. Gr.ihain & Sons in Major Hall building,
my large and complete stosk of fine furniture,
I also have on hand
In nil its branches a sjiecialty. Orders
May 2: im
Has already received all the novelties in fall
20 cases of the very best ready made clothing just opened, all the
latest styles.
50 cases hats j ust arrived and ppened, elegant styles.
Washing sent to Laundry every Monday morning, and returned IT
urday. Leavtjyour packages at the store.
Main Street, wArf and Lcxin

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