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' Tf5T"Ti P??
Commcncine; Monday, May 15, the following Ime
tabic will bo in effect on the I,. & N. II. R. for this
Leave Leave Arrive at
I.ouhvlllc. Frankfurt. Lexington.
No, 18 . . . 7:00 A.M. 10:27 A.M. 11:37 A.M.
No. so . . . 3:10 r. M. 5:47 i m. 6:50 v. M.
No, 23 . . . 5:00 r.M. 8:ro I-. M. 9:30 I'. M.
No, 24 . . . C:;or. m, nrr. at I'rnnktortpsr. m.
Leave I. ave Arrive at
Lcxi gton. Frank ort. Louisville,
No, 17 . . . 7:00 A.M. 8:15 a. M. 10:55 a.m.
No, 23 leaves Frankfort 6:oo ,. M.arr. 1.011.9:00 A. M.
No. 19 , . . 8:25 ,. m. 9:30 a. M. ti:oi v. M.
No, 21 . . . 2:00 p. m. 3:15 '. M. C:5 i'. M,
Train No, 23 makct connection for Cincinna i, arriving
there at 12:14, P- tn. No. :j m k j connection
from Cincinnati, leaving there at 3:13, p. m., arriving
at Frankfort atS:!;, p. in.
E. P. I1RVAN, Acent.
Minium Humor Iinssct the .1 1 1 la of Ocio
ber an the wedding day of it young lady on
the South Side.
Only one week tnoio in wliieli to pay
your city taxes if you waul to Vole at the
next citv election
It is ut last known definitely tlmt llie
Conitni&sioncrs selected the Valley Mills
properly ns the site lor the new Government
Mr. George B. Tlionipon and Mii?n Lulu
Forbes were married at the residence of the
bride's pareniH in this city, on Tnesdtiy afternoon,
by Ktsv. .1. M. Lewis.
As wc have had the warm weather in the
middle of .September predicted by Vuiwor
wctue itxt to have the cold weather the
first of October which he aleo predicts.
Mr. Jerry Leo.linil his life insured in the
American Mutual Benefit foi
two thousand dollars, which his widow uill
rceivc in the next tbirtv or sixtv (lavs.
Hev. Dr. Weaver, ol Louisville, has been
preaching to-very In congregations nt the
Baptist Church in this city this week.
"here have been four additions to the
Mrs, A. 13. Stephens has purchased (rem
Gen. John Rodman the lot on Todd strut,
between the propyl ty of Mr. .1. L. Sneed
and Mr. Ed. Choat, and has betiu the erection
of 11 double house upon it.
Prof. T. M. Turner has leased the laige
residence of Col. Orlando Brown, on the
corner of Wilkinson and Wappinj: streets,
for three years, and the Dudley Instituie
will be removed to it the lirt ol December.
Mr. D. M. Woodson purchased, on Monday,
from Judjre L. (lord three acres of laud
on the Ovveiiton 'pike, adjoining the old toll-gate
property, about 11 mile and u half from
the city, for which he paid $Ii2 per acre.
Mr. Woodson will shortly begin the erection
of a residence noon it.
"Dr." Sain (ml "Ay res, or
bouglit out Mr. l'. V. Meek in the watch
and jewelry busbies ami wit! shortly open a
full stock of goods at Mr. Meek's old stand.
Dr. Ay res is very highly spoken of bv nil
who Know him, and we are glml to welcome
him to our citv,
Elder George has pleached every
night this week at llardinsville. He v.ilj
return to the city and conduct the service at
he Christian Church to-morrow morning,
but there will he 110 preaching at tiiht, as
lie will return to llardinsville to (ill his appointment
there, as he expects to continue
the meeting all next week.
There have been four attempt.- to burglar
, ize the confectionery of Mr. L. Weitzel in
the last three months. The linker, who
sleeps in the back part of the building, was
awakened by a noise at one of the windows
Saturday night, and securing a pistol, lie
crept to the spot and found three men attempting
to get in. lie attempted to shoot
one of them but his pistol snapped, and
the men ran off. lie failed to reeogui;:e
any of them.
A comet was seen in this city Monday in
close proximity to the sun, and caused quite
n stir. It was plainly visible to the nuked
eye and everybody was out Inking 1; look
at it and running the risk of putting their
eyes out. It does not seem to have been
observed in many places in this part of the
country but was been in Colorado and
Kansas. It was first discovered in this
city by a colored washerwoman.
Thousands have used Kendall's Spavin
Cure for rheumatism after all other remedies
had failed, and have experienced instant re
Look out for the grand fall opening at the
The City of Frankfort came up yciterday
with a full cargo of freight.
The Arciule will be closed until nix o'clock
this afternoon, beingIlebrew Atonement.
-... .
Mr. Geo, Whitehotise killed eight
with a shot-gun, on the river Wednesday.
Messrs. Bros., Hene Greshnm,
Woerner, Fields, mid Hughes all sell Mrs.
S, .1. Bolfanunn's bread on the South Side.
Attention is called to the advertisement of
M.II. P. Williams, jr., in another column.
Unn.l St. i.l u....n vmi .r..,1
to eat oysters, fell, egetnblts, or the like
go to the old Cheap John coiner and see him.
Mr. Chns Vogler has purchased from Mr.
A. .. Kendall a lot on the corner of Third
and Logan streets, and it is stipulated in the
eon tract that he is to elect a two-story brick
residence upon ' i within six mouths.
Mr W. F. Cowgill, of Fayette county, and
Miss Geneva Paine, of Preble county, Ohio,
weie married at the residence of Mr. S. W.
l'aine, near this city, on Wednesday, September
20th, Uev. John V. Piigh officiating.
Assignment of Internal Revenue
For the next sixty days from October 1, 18S2,
in the 7th District of Kentucky:
Andeison, S. M., to Warner & Kcid.
Armstrong, J. ., to II. C. ltowea.
Bash ford, Jacob, to J. X. Itlakemorc.
Bowman, II. M., to 1). L. Moore.'
t Broadus, W. A., to D. A. Aikin.
I'litteher, J. N., to E. II. Taylor, Jr., Co.,
Dunlap, Geo. K., to E. II. Taylor, Jr. Co.,
No. 2.
Dobyns, G. II., to J. A. Iluguely.
No. 13.
Drye, S. G., to E. J. Curlcy, No. 15.
Fianell, L. II., to J. S. Taylor.
Graham, J. J., to W. A. Gaines & Co., No
Harlan, Wellington, to J. B. Thompson.
llollowny, Win., to Ikadly & Peck.
Hampton, J. J to J no. Cochran & Co.
Hamilton, A. T., to Wm. Tarr & Co.
Huteliciaft, R. W., to II. C. Clay & Co.
Jenkins, J. , to W. A. Gaines k Co.,
No. 100.
Kindred, J. M., to Glen Spring Distillery
Lindsay, W. A., to Stoll, Clay & Co.
McMichael, S. D., to T. S. Edwards.
Mosely, Geo. S., to E. J. Curley & Co.
O'Connor, U. W., to S. Clay, jr., & Co.
Postlethwait, T. U,, to Labrot & Graham.
Spencer Wesley, to E. J. Curley & Co., No.
Shcppcrd, Jason, to II. D. Oruings.
Saffell, W. S., to W. A. Gaine-. & Co., No.
Varden, Geo. S., G. G. White & Co.
Warner, W. A., to J. E. Pepper & Co.
Death of Mr. Nelson Alley.
At three o'clock Thursday morning Mr.
Nelson Alley, alter liaviu' lived seventv
years in this city, breathed his last, at peace
witn nil men, ami claimed by nil at
a friend. A man without enemies and 0
whom all spoke well, ho has .'one from
earth to the great hereafter to render an account
of a lon and well spent life. There
are residents of the city who are older than
he was, but none have lived in this city so
He was born on the lOth of October 1S00,
ne.tr Covington, 111 Kenton county, and
cntne to this city when twelve years ol
aye. He learned the saddler's trade under
the late James Shannon, and alterwanls
went to stock (hiving with the late Col.
r "T- ' , ' 7 "r , . v?
.1 In 11 1 1 in 11 lillmlirni l Im.,. X y. m.i I.
""" K n "' '
V ?, j'
Carolina ivitli ,- horses. In n,Mi,.-i,i. with
Mr. Albert G. Caininack he nlterwanU
made numerous trips to New Orleans on
flat boats, it requiring nine weeks to make
the trip, for which they received twenty live
dollars. When the hoiao railroad was established
between this city and Lexington,
he opened a confectionery and an eating-house
near the Old Depot, on the hill above
the city, but afterwards entered into a partnership
in the grocery 011 Market
street, with his brother-in-law, Mr. William
Greenup, under the lirm name of Greenup it
Alley, which was continued for thirty-three
years. In lSOS the partnership was dissolved,
when he went into the liery business
on Main street and continued it until
his dentil. lie leaves a wife ami three
children, who together with the entire com-inanity,
mourn his loss, Another laud-mark
has fallen and wo shall not ece his
like again.
Mr. V. Bcrherioh has received a full line
of fall and winter good. Call and examine
Go ami select the goods for a nice suit of
clothes at Berberich's and get him to make
them up for you ns only he can.
Death of Jerry Lee.
After lingering until the ninth day after
receiving his wound, and exciting strong
Mope'' of his ultimate recovery, .lery Let-grew
suddenly worse Monday morning nnd
died at twenty-five minute to eleven that
night. A post-mortem examination was
held (he next morning which revea IpiI the
'""'"l llic Imll lin.l pawd throiili Pcver.
f " OWclrt Hllll Ills (lentil Was ilicvitn.ll e.
His funeral took place Wednesday morning
from the Episcopal Church and was largely
attended. The (unernl procession was an
exceedingly long one. being headed by the
noliee of the citv, followed bv the Citv
Council, Lodge of Masons, and
Capital Lodge of Odd Fellows The fire
hell wns tolled a the procession moved
throiitrh the streets, and t'ie Kngine Honc
anil Major Hall were draped in mourning.
He was buritd with the honors of Masonrv
and Odd Fellowship.
Mr. Lee spent much of his childhood nnd
early life in this city, but he never made it
Iiis permanent home until about ISG7, when
he became a clerk in the grocery of Mr. L.
Tobin. A short time after he went into the
grocery in the old Odd Fellows'
building on Market street, but closed out in
about a year and accepted r
upon the police force, in which
he has continued ever since except
for a short time, having served two
yenrs as City Marshal. He was a generous,
kind hearted man, fond ol and
true to his friends, brave, but quick to resent
an aflrout. 'He leave.-, a wife and three
children, two daughters and one son, to
mourn his loss.
Fresh oysters at J. II. Uanta's today.
10 Cents buys any piece of large
music advertised in Mai shall &
Meagher's catalogue).
Ni. .
Fall styles young men's nobby hats in
great variety at Marshall it Meagher's.
Finest assortment of dolls at J.
M. Banta's.
You can buy ehoitc beet at ten cent 8 pe
pound by calling on Dick (Jruteher ut the
Market House. 4t
Lame lot of elegant oil paintings at
Whitesides A' McEwan's.
ftanta sells sugar, cofib, tea and
canned goods.
HANDKERCHIEFS in endless variety
at Giillin llrus.'
Try one of Kendall's Code cijiars.
- - -
New cracked wheat and oat meal
Where do voii : vmir invml ? f
-S. .J. Bohaiinati'?; she keeps the best in the
A new line ol Ladies, ami Children's
fine shoes just received at
Piano for rent. Apply to Mrs. Lizzie
Prunes, dried peaches and apples
at Kailta's.
Why is Mrs. iJoliannau's bread the best?
Because she uses the best material and liaa
lirst class workuien.
Rd enclosed catalogue and send
for any piece of music . you want for
10 cents. Marshall & Meagher.
Gerkins for pickles at J. M.
Largest and elieupcst lino oi"
Joans in the city isatUriflin Dros.'
Smoke the .Joe Dowers ut Kendall's.
Skinny Men.
"Wells' Health Itenewor" restores hculth
mill vior, cures Djdiepsia, Iinpotencv,
Sexal dcbiliiv. SI.
' Jeans extra cheap at Griflin Bros.'
Ik-fit bread is to he had of Mrs. S. J.
Doliiinuiui. Try a loaf of it.
"Rough on Rats."
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants,
lieiMuis, skunks, chipmunks, gopher?.
'loo. .Druggists,
Have you seen ihose flue oil paintings itt
Whitesides .t McEwau's.
Mrs. Bohaiirian'.i luend is pronounced by
epieuics nnd inwilids lo le the best in the
very cheap nt firiflin Bro-.'
The sweetest nnd w nit est luead at Mrs.
S. J. Bohanuaii'.".
cheap at Griflin Bro-.'
Fott Sam:. Desirable residence on Holmes
street. For information apply to Mis. C
A. Prentiss, on the prcinbes.
All the grocers sell Mis. S. .1. Rohaunan's
, -- .
Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kid
ney, Blndder ami Urinary $1
Bight 1'.'.-, w. II lnp.i'cl in S'dnth
within two '(iiiito nf the briila,
for siilo on c.ipy imd lv tijjn.es.
Inquire at t ti i oUiut.
I wish to borrow thieo hunilml dollars fir two
ynira, on which I will pay tS per cent, with
iniirtiig! on worth litinilrcit
dollars, on Main tr'Ct. No mortgiio on
tlie jiropcrty. Impiire of the EJitor.
2.1-1 1.
Premium Wheat
I liavo a few hundred burhels of pure Silver
Chaif Wheat, a rerucned J.iuiplo of which tuolc
the first for w'nito tvhcji nt Col.
rhow. which I .trr nt ?l 2j per
Samples will ho sent on application,
?ept2.'i 2t Spring Million.
House, Sign, and Qrszmsntal Painters.
J3S!fPlnin and Decorative Paper Hanging
a speciality
Orders left at Averill's drtij; store will be promptly
attended to. April
discovered, at it i-. certain in it- and doc) not
MNter. UEAIJ l'KOOK UEl.OW. AUo excellent
for human Ik-Nh.
Yotws'.town, Ohio, May 10th, 1SS0.
Dx. It. J. Kfndi.l c Co., Gents: 1 had a er
valuablu liambletonian colt that I prized very highly,
he h.id a large bonespavin on one joint and a small
one on the other which made him very lame; I had
him under the charse of two cterinary surgeon
who failed to cure him. I was one day reading the
I of Kendall's Spavin Cure in the Chi-I
cao 1 determined at onee to try it and
got our ilruKit hereto tur it. tney oruerco
three buttle; I tool; them all and thought I would
jjive them a thorough trial, I Used it according to directions
aid the fourth day the colt ceaed to be
lame and the Limps have disappeared, 1 used but
one bou'e ami tlie colt's limbs are as free from lumps
r,n.t r. tmni.tlt i inv in tlm stiff. II i i
cured. The cure ... so remarkable that I let two of
niyiietiltiliirs hare ine itnr.dm.ia two- brnitc - vha -
are now using a. Very Uespeetfiilly, j
1 ! . TIK'I . . rii i
Vw L.. i
Kendall's Spavin Cure.
Send for illustrated circular ii-.s positive proof.
1'rice Si, All drueeists have it or can jjet it for you.
Ur. II. J Kendall & Co., Proprietors, bnosburgh
Kails, Vt.
w Jl
3ff!S1EflGE Ha
nr I
a certain euro Tor till diseases
requiring a comiilfto tonic;
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Inter
mlttent Fevers, Want ol' Appetite,
Loss of St'reiiKtli, Ijaek ol' EnerKy, '
etc. Enriches tho blood, Ktrength
ens tlio inusoleH, and gives now
life to tho nerves. Acts like a
charm on tho tlip.eiUlve organs, I
removing all dyspeptic symptoms, '
such as tasting tho food, Belching, !
Heat in tho Stomach, Heartburn,
etc. Tho only Iron Preparation
that will not blacken tho teeth or
give headache. Sold by all Drug
gists at $1.00 a bottle.
Baltimore, Md.
SMthst all I rem Itlthrt are civtu lijr Humx Ciiiuicu
Co. ul Uaiu croiKil ri J Unci ant iraJc uisik uu wraMMri
Dudley Institute.
higniy conitriiniio.i ms piuro
Teriiia for of twenty weeks.
1'ri nt:iry Department $20 no
Intei inediutu )cpnrtment 25 00
i.oiii'mu' i 00
... ..,.
t t ....1 ....I.!..,. ..l.n.'.
..1 u?u' 111111 foiiniiu 111 luiiviiui a inn.-..
No fxtia elniro for French or Otnn.in.
h: Uf hm Fop Sale !
A frm of good bottom lnnd, cnntiiining 92
ucrc, well hnptoved, with good orchard .'did nut
liouru, locnted within a luilf tnili: of t ho Owen-ton
pike, on Main Klkliorn, and within thesnuio
dictniKPol two diuretic?, mill nnd school liouac,
i ofiercd for ealo nt a Imrgiin.
For information apply lo H. 0. OHTJEOH.
on ndjoiiiin; farm.
All youth of good tnitnncrj unit moral nro
wpluoincd fa pupils, hut wu especially
di-Birc "uch n apnreciiite a
nnd he induced to make c truest and
pirorts to obttiu it.
We .trive lo give tnore value than we receive,
and in this way leave tliu community, nnd, if
po"Uilo, each pntron indtbted to u.
The Mu'ie nnd Art departments will continuo
in ehnrjiu of Mi. M.Theresa Stevens. Specialties:
Voice-training, painting on China,. Satin,
A fiill of teaehar? otig.igcd. For
.lo., iipidv to eitlirr of the undersigned.
H. IK STKVENS, 1'rinrip.il.
J. N OtllJTCHBH, SvcrcMry.
For Sale-
I have S lots on tin- outh side of Holmes street
Frankfort. Kv., iOX200 feet, laid oft in the-Circus
Lot, which I wi'l sill on tin orahlc terms.
W. T. Barret.
Perron desiring to purchase any of the above
lots will call on
Cheap Lnmbei pi
rvousrh Buildins: Lumber - - - $13 00
Clear Dressed - 15 00
Second Rate Plooriug - - - -First 20 00
- -Latna 25 00
Eate flooring - - -
--------- 2 00
The prices arc for lumber loaded on cars in
Two Farms For Sale.
I wi."h to sell toy farm, containing 2(10 acres of
5 miles west of Frankfort, on L. C. t L
Railroad, in view of Itenson Depot. It has a
two Mury I'riiino dwelling, with tivo rooms, two
halls preh, kitchen, rlnpota. ,to.; a number-one
will in 14 feet of family rouin: two lasting
spring in .1) yanlnot tin tiousej servant s house,
neat - iMtm, rin ami y;htat h(ucr a la.rsa
r:, .....i slhl,,. now houso. and a tobaeoo . barn
,, ..... ........... ' - '
11 snuare.S tesrdcen ; two tenomeii.t house,
all in good it-pair. This farm can ho divided, and
I uill sell I On ucros or the whole very low. Also
another tana of tii acre, new frame house,
4 rooms, '2 hall', and kitchen and a laro barn.
offer a bargain. Conic and sec
augl9,:i:u Hengoti Depot.
Having recently aildcl to his Establishment
First-Class Pliuilng Mill,
Is nov ropurtii to furnish all kinds of
Scroll Work, Stair Work & Turning
Gotten out in tho Best Style.
Heal Ss'ta'te Agoxit,
Will practice in tho courU of ami tho
ailjoinlii! ennnties, ami will nlso plvo special
attontion to tho puroliasu niul ialo of real estate,
collection of rent, claim?, uiul the negotiation
of loans. Ofliuu opnoslte Court IIouso.
ami for sale at Lowest Prices by
. ,.
' hi
- fi&
' J" II.
'- L '- --- i irff rfiiliTlEi

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