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The B l rankfort Roundabout.
Volume VI.
SKWP.a3Xf9&tKm vmmmnmiws&wum xm
fStiien Core
in r.?"0ENDED ItY PHYBICIftyB.
"" cntrrei
Catarrh cr the Nasal and
UiceraMvoj Catarrh of tho Ear, Eyo or
Throat. It In taken INTfcRNAU.Y, and
ar-to DIRtCTLY upon tho Blood and
Mucous Surfaces of the System. It
Is tho best Blood Purifier In tho
WOTLD. and Is worth ALL that la
charged for It, for THAT alono.
And wo offer One Hundred Dotlorn for any
uaso or uatstrrn it win not cure.
Office of A. T. Stewart & Co. I
Umoiou, III., Juno 4, lbStf. I
Jlfrwrt. F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, O.
UcntUmi'wl tike, in Informing you
that I have Ua&'n Cntanh Cure. It nasi
uuffrtriH' don't lienltatoto
say that, it v111 c'jii ftnyca& of Catarrh if taken
properly. J.uro truly,
J. 1J. 'WEATncrtirorj).
Yt. Mcruay, JiiukS'.a, Mi.-li., Have lial
Catarrh tor 80 ytars. Hull's Catarrh Pure cuieit
iiio. Consider it worth $10.00 a bottle.
nySoM by all ut ',? rts ppr battle.
JTniiufiictiired nnd solrtbv F .T. CHENEY & CO.
Soto Proprietor, TOLEDO, OHIO.
For Suit- by
Ot South Frankfurt.
Wfttohos, Hu Cloeb. Efieranne te.
koumi:ri.v OF DANVIM.E. kkntucky.,
to B. F Meek, Main Street, Frankfort,
Ivy., ptintinueii thu wuteh ropiiimii; ljusiiii'fa
:it tin' (M stand, llv :iinl ireful'
work he hupec to mctitthc of Hium!
who ilei'lrj to havo their watches'
out dmiMi! tifluj; ilonn thuin. Surveyor?'
repaired and other IriLtnntiuiits rupiiring
delicate a ml uecur.ito adjustment.
In retiring from in Fr.tnkfort I tako
in iirehi toy ntlro confidence in
Air. S. Ayre--, n ml from my Ion-- iiuiimlrtriinoc
with hi in .if a vvoikmtni, do not hciJitHtc to
him ii a every way capable of meeting tin;
cxoeotatine of my former putroii.
li. P. AIKE'.v.
Knights tail Qlft
C I-I A. U M B
J.firje of
AlMOltlMOlSt of
k. m iii i. mm watches
Water Sols, Tea Ssis,
llu t r iihis,
Pickle Stands, Baskets
Ami JCovi'Iiii' in Finn l'lr.
If you in-ill liny of tho ulioui mids, or ni lltl tifE
elm! in the Je.vvliy Mm1, wo ,iru rt II Iitf 'it
' Vhuli!"lo llu.ility
Not only Imlts Imt liillian! tiiillstm'
liccniniii'' ilnncinii" on St. Olnir
For 1 1 n? liiM time' in tunny
of niicr v. tiM not In- any of
tin- clitnulies in this citv.
Wantiid A miililli' white woman
to do work. A 1 y to Mr.-.
II. M. iSiiitth
Mr. I. Todd, jr., slijipid and Icll
on llic imviMiioitt 'riituv.lny niiiht, at the
cut iter uf High I'lniton street-', in front
of the ol .Mr. .lohn lictnlerHon,
hienkinij; iiii. lelt in two plnceH hetween
the knee uml iinlde.
Bolle Point.
On I it. S. V. Pence and wile went to
e tlie ol tlio week.
Air. vV. li. Lweiri went to Louisville Th lira
l:i utth near loud ot toimceo.
Mi.s .Mnjrie llnidie is ronfined to her
hed, Inn Hi;', uiken u :old.
.Jnd;:e W. L. I'ei.cu and Mr. id. S.
Ktiij wi'iii to Lt'iii"jijn on
Mr. las). )), Moure ha recovered
to ride lie rode out :o
li Jirack Mooie'n, the nrat ol the
w i-eh.
Win. fzonlon and L'iley Brewer,
ol yiielly cwiinlv, Mni!ied viitl. Major Ji. T.
I'et.ee and night, on their
way to LiiiiUxill".
Hon. W. W . C'onrj.sninan
lioin the ilth district, wlio has been
v.Mtinthe laniily ol Air. (J. A.
lelt lor I'loine I'lititMlny.
Iiiilgi1 J'ence tb L'tiildin a new truck from
hi- mill to the river, and otherwise
Champion .Saw-mill. It will be aide to
inn ny ihu last of February.
Air. X. I. Me Daniel Inc purcliiised of
LcuUnnd Hold. (Jhoate their roi
etty on Kentucky Avenue :ind Wilson
treeti, paytnt; 5'UO cash for hotli.
Air. S. ti. Kin:; has heen elected
of our ami he
everyone in J'elle I'oint io attend. It
lie;iiim promptly at '. o'clock every
.Since my lift communication there has
heen the Io'Io'.mii l: 1 1 li on the l'oiui :
To lien tJoliuroii and wile, a hov ; ro Frank
Lincy and wile, a yirl ; to Thornton (Jlo:e
iii.d wife, a hi-y.
The M-a-ou (or has now arrived
ami the I'.elle J'oitit ('oniting Ciuli Inn heen
lor the winter. Their second
uiceiiio,; wif ui Ju.lc W. L. Pence's
e',iiun', tin Klili.
Aim ALiry L. Todd i-expected home from
Pan- toii.iv, w .-lie v n
vv to atli nd the hulsideol her daughtir
iitid . in vv , Mr ami .Mis. .1. 11. I, line.
I'hey aie :ivat deal
The liiMir.ince have settled
viilhl'fipi. .S. V Pence lor the hi-,-;i
hoiit liy lire, v. Iiii.li
some time ai'o, hy paving him $4,-1)11 and
hull ;.ll that was lelt. He hiia
ol the iiiachinery that on it to
Ales -is lir.nvuei" A' L'ho.ne lor $700, to run
their hoop I with.
All ol tne that were ordered iiy
the Council to he limit have hei n put in, and
uoi" inn stile-milk aie in cotnlition
(linn the.v have ever heen. Mr X. 1.
as clinirman ot tin- Street
for the manner in which
he looks, alter the titiects and Mikvnlk ol
our town.
In an altcrention near Slid
Ly county, vvtek, M',- Hoodie Druoin
Frank nun.-an on the no.-e with u
ho-head it neatly in I wo.
He will not he ahle to et out this winter.
the IL'nt a- u'iven
llint I'uncaii. who wti.s
elected I in Shelhy county,
was in a (
Io cee how the echo
when took it as an and hit him
with the ahove
At III" election Ik hi S ilut.lay, the lith,
to eh el li-e lot Point,
theie weie twelve candid. The live
i lie h'n:! number ol vices were
N. 1 Mcluniel, W. L Pence .1. N.
('rniehcr, .1 !'. Deal' in-, nnd
Meivhiint, Hie iitsl three hein re
At the icyular meeiin .Indue W L.
Pence was ri dieted Mnvor, A. H limn,
iiioml, City Oleilv A'njor F. P. Lewi-,
1 iiasiirer, and ('apt. tin II my Haidie,
Chi ir in xt mcetiiij: will he held in
Indue Pence's oIliccTuesdav evcniii;;, the
$100 Rowavd
Kolleied for any I'ntauli that can't
he cured with Hall'i (.'atarrh Cure. Taken
inteinelly. Piice 7f) cents,
Hon. E. Polk .Johnson, ol Louisville, i-in
the oil v.
The Old Board of School Me-i--.
K. Whitesides, V. 8. Dehoney. and ). L.
Ilalv, were at the elei:tiou S t
unlay, by lar'e majoriliei.
.left' Allen, the old reliable poller. Iia
lelt the Oa pit a I Hotel, and will hereafter
make his henilqiiarters at the druir store of
Air. W. II. Averill, where all orth'rs for him
ctin he lelt, and will receive ptompt
Mrs. Alan Owens, better known unions
her friends a.4 Aunt Polly, a fonner
of this county, ami who Ims many friends
in this city, died at the of her son,
Mr. Win. Holdi. near Shelby
county, Tuesday afternoon. The. Iiineral
took place Thursdav aftetnoon.
A reporter of the Louisville
interviewed Governor J'lnckhurn in
Tue.sda.v, and he is reported to have
said: " They are tryinjr a ca-e up
at Fninkfort now, ami llieie are tiitee men
on the jury who live in Frauklna 'II i v !
vvore point blank that thev never iicnrd i f
the killing. They oulit to be -cut to the
peuiti'iiiiiiry for perjury, for Mich men a.-
tl...' tli., lli.i 1
. .in. r.m tt.i..,. 1.1..1...
l.i. l.v IIIL li.- ,,l(,i M. ,ll ' I
The election ot ollicers lorj Oriental Ku
eampinent. o.3 I.O. 0. I ., was concluded
evening with tin-following result:
Tho-. .1. Chief Paoiarcli.
W. S. Delmnuy.
Allieit Cliilson, Senior Warden.
Philip Selhert, Junior Watdeii.
C Shnbinski, Scribe.
E. Whitenidc,
Tho suit ofn committee of
the Gil" Ooiiipany to set the itile of the
work'n by the city, came up in the Circuii
C'ouit yostcrdav moruim; on a motion ol
Gen. a attorney lor (ho defendant,
to strike out of t'he petition certain state
inent.s of fact.- which went to make up the
allegations of fraud in the sale, and was
argued at lenulh, when the com t overruled
the motion. The demurrer of the defendant
to the petition will prnbabU be argued at
this term.
Council Proceedings
The f'ity Cmincil met in
Tiie-day ni.'ln. were present
except Mti.vor Tavlor.
.Juiljje Drane was eleeted Mayor pio tern
The Minnies ol the previous read
and approved
On motion of Councilman further
election of until
Tne.iliiy ni.:ht. if the Council be not
called bv the Mnyor.
The bond of '('iiy diet, Pm
was preseuled, read, and leferred
loa committee o( three, as follow-: Me-.-i.-Sneed,
Chinch, and Dudlev
The b .ml ol Citv Ch rk,' F V. Grav,
and ticci pled.
Fu'l rep.itt of school boatd received,
and will be retcrrcd to "hoo! committee
when appointed.
Com cilmati Area;hi'r oil'ered the
w ifh 'vn.i adopii d:
'licsi'fil That i lie clerk ol hoard In
directed io the wit 1 1 n com
plete ot receipts and upon
aecount of .Major Hall huildiii!.' for ti e
ISS 1 and ISS'J the to I e
ill Hie next ineetimi.
Aleaher al-o 1 the f . .
low-in,; pte.itnble and rcMilctiou wh , h
vvvic tidopted
Viii:im'.s. TJiirinjr the late fire in inn
1 1 ii U peril Hou-e was
and as theie i.- ti prevailing 'I ot
it be relmill at an ea'lv dMe m n
of our ciliens lieliev im.' that a mine d -i
able locattoti than the old "'le be had
at no ex pi ne,
That a conimiliie of thre b
appointed bv the proSem, toil
ipiite into l he id sob ctin : a new
site, and the probable of ni suit ibl,
lot ol liiound that they may find, and ivpoit
1 1n Minie to the i est tin.- Conn
Council.., cu Sliced tt nt! Pu.llev oi'erc 1
amendments to what e
be obtaiue 1 for the mini; el :uni Alajor
I lull lots, which weic
The lollowin couiiiiilic lor
wins nppoiiitid: F II. Tavlor jr Alavo-,
lohn L Sliced, and .101111 M umber
The Council ilicu inljouriu'il
No mailer how shattetc,! the system inav
he tiniii of anv kind, the (ireat
lierman Inviorator will hi alt It and
happiness, .Sec
13. .883.
r,si'. - jTVjmit.n.u..liij;iUWjiBftL'jJL.jMi.iun'f.'. - ;.g...mwii..tJi.
HBTiaas. 'mv&u cussmiiE.
I coriliiilly invit'1 ,vou to call nnd my
New and Fresh of liooil?.
i?:): tr.
. !.
mil", usrAL TiinwDW .vftkhnoon
I. i at tin- Iniiluinn for
tlie Kiluciti'in n Ml Tralnliiir of l-Vt Ido Aiirolcii
Chiliiroti win hceafier Ink" ji'mcc i vi ry Friilm
nftirii'on Iroin 2 to I oVIeek P. Td. Tln
i open for v i.iinr nt time
I'lilireuietit to' tlie'ii to itleml,
.1 0 1 1 V li. A. ?Ti:'vV.i:T. Snpcrinleilunt
AV fftft KWI
.... . .....
1 J i Ui ill I . mi rly iv .
disnvcrcd a it is i "tain in its effe anil
t ow
aved liiiTi $1?8O0
Ancts, N. V. J in. .v, ibSs.
Du. 1! J. KfmmLI. & (.., lir ill-: Having used a
flood deal if your Kendall's in Cure vvitii i'reai
success, 1 tuuimht 1 wuulil let von know what it lias
done for inc. 'I wis years I li ui as ipeody a colt
as cr railed in Jefferson County. When 1 was
iirciXini him, lie over the cross liar and sot
.mil tore one of his hind les all to pieces. I employed
bet farner.s hut they all said he
He had a very larye and I
used tio i)ott'c of Kendall's Sp.u in Cure, and
it toil, the lunch entirely olT, and he, sold alterwards
for$if3oo dollars. 1 have used it for bone spavins
and wind galls, and it lias always cured completely
and left the lee; smooth.
It is a splendid medicine fir rheumatism. I hive
rcLommjiidcd it lo a miny, and all say it
does the wuk. I va. in W'itlierhiyt.ni ."i inei.Iand'
store, in Adams, the day nnd iw a very
tine picture ymi sent 1 tried to buy it
lint Could not; they s.dd tf I would i rite to you tint
on would scud me i.io. I isli you would, and I
will do you all the ?"(! I can.
Very respectfully, K. S, J.v.man.
Kendall's Spavin Cure.
ors human ijrTKn.
Vevay, Ind.. A us iiih, lillt
Du. II. J.Ki'Sn.it.i ft Co., (".-.-nts: s-ample t cir.
culars ri.i :ived, I'lc.ise send i.ie sonc with
mi i'lipiint, piiuted oil one moc only, the Kendall's
spin. i C ire i in --M rilent dum ind vsith us, and not
iil li .oii n is, bt.t f r a itiian .ulin 'i.t also. .Mr. Jus
Vii'i., n.io uf '., i. ie 4 l.i.nitis in our n'tmuv
an a i' lu had1 ; vol 1 noni. j the vilue t
the rxiiiiM .i" , ii ! i; ' n hiu; -i It, .i.ul it d-.'
'ar lienor !n..ii he tiad Cured the sprain ii
ory 'hurt order.
Vouri respect 'ullv. C (). Tiimu vsti.
l'rico -ft pc ho::!o. o- a hurtles fir 3(. Alldnuists
!t "r .an ;et it for y m. oi i' w .11 he sent in ..u
.oi. ni'pti . hi" th . prietur., l-. I!.
J. Ul i. m i. .I (.o , 1- no.nurh I is, t. Se-.l Inr
llh.'tt. I d ii- :
Souse, Sim, and Ornamental Painters.
J0y"PI iiu nnd Dicorative Paper IInngin
a speciii'tv
Orders left at Averiil's drug store will be promptly
attended to. April
Mu..le Loading
Guns fiom sci.oo
GUNS up; Uieeeli Load-Iny
Gun- fmiu
So. (10 up; i
from ."iOctip; I
Enelose stani p for IS pago Illustrated CntaloKiie.
1'iTTsituuoii rinu aksis co.,
R-- JAW ittVb W.s stn4ltiT1A
111 BT1 fssTIV a.irSVT?JsTnnTi
llilMtfla jasfftsK
copyriphts, etc., for
Wi Ufi em
3 United States, nnd to
mm Jrfj Pi lu Canada. England, Franco,
gy rnunv, and nil othor eountrioa.
v-lx nraetieo. No
eliargo l'nv examination oi'iiiodcla or
Advico by innll i'roo.
lriinnirf nii'.iineil thrniisli iir nro notlcoa in
llio RflKXTlPIl! A51K1UCA1V, which has
tho circulation, njul IB tlio niosi
ni'tial ol'itskind puhlished in tho
Wei-Id. Tho ad vaiit.ii,eofsueh "otico ovory
pctoiiteo understands.
Thin larno and Hplendhlly illustrateil
ia niibHshea WKKlttliY nt ;).20 a year,
and hi admitted Io bo fho best paper dovoted
to Hoieneo.mcehanies, inventions, cntf.neeriujt
worliH, and othor ilupartmonta of industrial
progvoss, pulditilied in any country. Singlo
eopion by mall, 10 cents. Sold by all
V.'Aadrues.AIiuin & Co., publishers of
Hfin 2l!l J'.ro.ulvvav. New York.
w;"flIiMiuuool 11 bout patents luaiion ireo.
Number 17.
- Ha
If. 1. PnNY4N
11 s jut neolvcl his full and Whiter slock of
FtKn,'M f 4F ?lfas
um m mm
Call and see him at Svvierfc'u old
Si. Clair Street. Frankfort, Kentucky
Nov. ii-an.
A iiitenst in it :ind mill,
ilonij; a jro'i.l loo.iti d in K'mrllie,
l.iin imhuij.
Address J. M. PA K Hit,
Dee Iii My
Office in f'utliolic KfiP.riiiig.
Onieo Hour.. r to S A. M.. 12 to 1 c. M., 7 to
S I'. AI.
,TO!3 SMITH. S!?..
Ha" opened a nrw jitoie ut I1I.00A1 INtiTdN.
wiiete he n full litie of ami
Dry (iooi!. Vofinii.. ,ve.
he for vath. Countiy loduci
2.J :iin
a. F, Smith, Jt. D. a. u i: i vvn, m. n
Drs. Smith &. Brown,
Physicians if
FRAN Z-C F O it r.r , Jiv Tl' .
Olficeaml ntt door io the Iupti.:
Church, t!'. Clair .street.
Attorney-at-L d
Will in ihr eurl? "f " ui.kl.ii nnd tin
iiinl will ntfo -in spceiii
.ittctnion 'o the purchase nnd ot mil
(. ni ri iin.i ilio
ofloaiisi. uppojiitv Umi't Ilou.ve.
.1 lino i .
I? fiii'ii win
This I- in Use and t
Iiy .lojepli It. hin.oii, W .U Ibl I A- Wi t, T iv ho
Ontllim, .In loj W. J pin-e. M. I. no -i, 'tin. i
oh is in ilii, locality. It h i- '.i i n oi'iiiiifaetiirvii
uml usml lir, Iv in tho . ids for 1 1
i s'x or ui'Vi'ii j v.Uf. in d '- tniiv e sully ui
... led,- l 1. 1 In. tl.O 4ilte HV l .
it tosi's vn moiu:tii v a en
!0 (i ' K. and yet em u'luiyj io opened nut!
e fid nith'iiit ((.l.lTl.N'n I I T. I Io en
lii.ri.n,li y li -M'.i 'lion- nu lo i. Ionic hut it will
out i.u.v ordiuaA) j; i :e. ."etid . o d. r.s I.
i u T. ST.Tj2SSJ
i. u -. an I i" j -y the in mi y oj ii , nj. r I i n 1 .
11 r -"III it, I Mill t,.r,H ,,, t til H. f .'ill l
oi:am:i: in
WilUullut the very
J, 0, BU8M, B. :D. 8.,
i"i:xiv'i,(iTl ivv
su e.ssor to Hr. I'. I.. I'. 1. ..
Can li- ''on id nt hii" Iroio -'' 1. in. to 5 p
lll.ri'ail. '. do ill' ltlmb ol dentil ivorl; In tin'
itii'liietion ot tloi.se who ui iv cIuhh t
n itionio him. July 15..i
i)h Work .Neatly
at tit is Oilice.
HPPy!,q,??,,TP ,:Tir7.P,f? '

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