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A Quiet Wedding
Mr Hal S Corbett of Pinoville
son of ex Register Thos H Corbett
and Miss Mollie Gardner of Paducah
were quietly married at the Gault
House Louisville Wednesday even
Splendid Potatoes
Mr August Mauer brought to town
on Monday five potatoes dug from
one hill which averaged eight inches
in length and weighed eight pounds
and a half They were raised upon
the farm of Mr L J Cos near Sted
m an town
To Grand Lodge K of P
The Queen Orescent Route and
Louisville Southern Railroad have
ermnted reduced rates on the certifi
cate plan account Grand Lodge K of
P at Louisville Ky September 16 to
18 Full information on application
to agents as above
Getting Places
Mr Frank Richardson of Christian
county is the new Assistant Adjutant
Maj J Ales Grant of this city
and Mr Thomas H Bullock have
been apppointed clerks in the Land
office by Register Swango
Mr P P Manion of Henderson
has been appointed an aid to Gov
Brown with the rank of Colonel
A Cure for Paralysis
Frank Cornelius of Purcell Ind
Ter says I induced Mr Pinson
whose wife had paralysis in the face
to buy a bottle of Chamberlains
Pain Balm To their great surprise
before the bottle had all been used
she was a great deal better Her
face had been drawn to one side but
the Pain Ealm relieved all pain and
soreness and the mouth assumed its
natural shape It is also a certain
cure for rheumatism lame back
sprains swellings and lameness 50
cent bottles for sale by J W Gayle
Candidate for
Mr J W Lee of Fleming county
is announced as a candidate for door
keeper of the next House of Repre
sentatives He iB a clever affable
gentleman who will discharge the
duties of the position faithfully and
comes from a section which has receiv
ed few favors of the kind from the
Legislature in late years He was in
the city on Tuesday making the
acquaintance of the Members who
were here
The North End School
Mr Jasper Dalton has been elected
as teacher of the public school re
cently established on the cornor of
Mero and Washington streets and
the school will be oponed on Monday
Every child in that section of the
city who has not been attending
school heretofore should be on hand
Monday morning ready to enter a
class The parents of the little ones
who have been running wild in the
streets of that section should see
that their children not only start in
with the session but that they attend
regularly during the year
T 8 favorable impression produced
n the first app3aranco of the agree
able liquid fruit remedy Syrup of
Figs a few years ago has beon more
than confirmed by the experience of
all who have used it and the success
of the proprietors and manufacturers
the California Fig Syrup Company
Schools Open Monday
The City Schools will opon on Mon
day and the littlo ones will bo
gathered in for another ton months
of instruction There havo boon
some clmuges in the teachers
of the schools and parents
should remember that teacher and
pupil must become thoroughly ac
quainted before they can understand
each other so as to gotalong smooth
ly and should wait until the term is
well underway before they begin to
criticise and complain When they
feol like complaining the best thing
to do iH to go to the school see how
everything is running whether they
tVo correct iu their supposition and
then if thev are not satisfied let
tjtem lay their complaint befonj the
Superintendent or School Board and
they will bo given a patient hearing
if their causo is just Every citizen
of Frankfort should be proud of our
public schools and there should be
an end to the adverse criticism of
the management of the same upon
the part of persons who never go in
to the school building and know
nothing of what takes place thero
except from hearsay
Capt W A Abbott who has long
been with Messrs rercivai iac
ton Real Estate and Insurance
Brokers Des Moines Iowa and is
one or the best known ana most re
spected business men in that city
says I can testify to the good
of Chamberlains Cough
emedy Having used it in my fami
ly for the past eight years l can
safely say it has no equal for either
colds or croup 50 cent bottles for
sale by J w uayie
Advertised Letters
Below will be found n list of advertised
letters for the week ending Aug 5th
Anderson Mojo Jenning William
Brynnt Mis3 Bertha Jordon Walter
Bush Jackson Lindell Roscor
Browning Pierce Mclebber John
Danny Abo Noinan Mrs M
Fletcher B Phillips Miss Luly
Flynn John Robson Miss Jessi
Green Mrs Eliza Resesaw Sam
Grinnell J W Rhodes William
Honaker Mrs Annie Schultz E F
Hnys John Settles Miss Jennie
Johnson Larey J
Jackson Mrs Nancy Whistle Birdie
Jackson Sanford C Young W R
When calling for
vertised these letters sny ad-
J M Saffell
A Runaway
Wednesday afternoon Mr Harry
Rodman was driving up Ann street
in a buggy and when near the City
Mills his horse became frightened at
some object started off at a rapid
pace and dashed around the corner
into Broadway The buggy was
whirled around the corner so fast
that MrRodman was thrown out but
fortunately not hurt much and the
horse ran down Broadwaj to the
corner of Washington where the
buggy struck a tree breaking the
cross bar of the shafts dishing one
of the wheels and freeing the
horse He ran a Bhort distanco
stopped and looked around as if to
see what damage he had dene
Gallant Rufus Choate
On a pretty girl saying to Rufus
Choate I am very sad-you-see he
replied Oh no you belong to the
old Jewish sect you are very
Nothing adds so much to the beauty
of a fair girl as a clear bright
healthy complexion and to secure
this pure blood is indispensable So
many of the so called blood purifiers
sold to improve a rough pimply
muddy skin only drive the scrofu
lous humors from the surface to some
internal vital organ and disease and
death is the inevitable result On
the contrary Dr Piercos Golden
Medical Discovery strikes directly at
the root of the evil by driving the
impurities entirely outof the system
and with a fresh stream of pure
Klnrfi flnwintr thrnnjrh the VOillS
nothing but the softest and fairest of
complexions can result
Returned From 2SI8
Lieutenant Commander COTodd
U S N returned Monday from
three years afloat is now visiting his
mother-in-law in Fayotto county and
was in the city Tuesday During
part of the timo ho was at sea ho
was the executive officer of tho
Charleston and was upon her during
the chase alter tho Chilian steamer
Itata and when that craft surrendered
he brought her to San Francisco
While tho Charleston was lying in
tho harbor of Iquique watching the
Itata Lieut Todd witnessed the
bonbardmont of the place by tho
Chilian insurgent fleet Ho looks in
splendid health though not so fleshy
as whon last at homo
Roport of Fairview Public School
for month ending Aug 28 1S91
Virgil Clifford 91 Affio Clifford 80
Florenco Clifford 01 Newel Thomp
son 79 George Thompson 92 Iva
Riner 01 Anna Rinor 87 Bertha
Powors 89 Nellie Powers 85
Florence Riddle 92 Sue Powers 00
Blan Powers 55 Lula Storts 88 Cora
Storts 04 Rochio Storts 88 John
Hieatt 75 Joe Hieatt 9G Susio
Tlieatt 91 Lou Hieatt 93 Prucilla
Thompson 65 Raymond Quiro 70
Emma Ilorndon 90 Clara Horndon
92 Minnie Horndon 90 Sam Rinor
83 Ira Traoy 75 Daisy Tracy 85
Harvin Horndon 05 Chester Horn
don 05 Martin Clifford 65 Jonnio
Shoush 03 Oscar Shoush 69 Jne B
Shoush 91
They Regret to Lose Him
Mr W W Alexander the now
agent of the L N Railroad took
charge of tho office hero on Tuesday
Ho is very highly spoken of by all
tho people of Hopkinsvillo his for
mer home with whom he is very
popular and we are assured that he
will not be long in making friends of
all those of our people who may have
business with his office
The following notices are from the
Hopkinsvillo papers of last week
It will be with feelings of regret
that the people of Hopkinsville learn
that Mr W W Alexander for so
many years station agent for the
Louisville Nashville Railroad at
this place will leave here shortly to
succeed Mr Bryan as agent at Frank
fort This is a promotion that will
please Mr Alexanders many friends
much as they regret losing him Mr
Bryan goes to Louisville to act as
Superintendent of Terminal Facili
ties Mr J L Teft at present agent
at Nortonville will succeed Mr
Alexander as agent here The above
changes will go into effect on the 1st
of September New Era
A series of changes among tho
agents or agencies of the Louisville
Nashville Railroad has taken place
that will be learned with regret by
Hopkinsville people as Mr W W
Alexander agent in this city who is
so deservedly popular with all will
be removed from here to Frankfort
where he goes to succeed E P Bryan
as station agent This is a deserved
promotion that will meet with the
approval of all of Mr Alexanders
friends much as they will regret to
lose him -Kentuckian
So to Speak
Woman is wonderfully made Such
beauty grace delicacy and purity are
alone her possessions So has she
weaknesses irregularities functual
derangements peculiar only to her
self To correct these and restore to
health her wonderful organismre
quires a restorative especialljvuipt
ed to that purpose Such otxone is
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription
possessing curative and regulating
properties to a remarkable degree
Made for this purpose alone recom
mended for no other Continually
growing in favor and numbering as
its staunch friends thousands of the
most intelligent and refined ladies of
tho land A positive guarantee ac
companies each bottle at your drug
gists Sold on trial
Bicyclists at Paris
A number of the wheelmen of this
city went to Paris yesterday to wit
ness tho bicyele races at the fair
There will bo three races and Mr B
Todd Crntcher of this city will
start in two of them Following are
the entries
C O Updyke Lexington Ky
Ed Logwood Lexington Ky
J M Cromwell CynthianaKy
J E Jeffries Louisville Ky
B T Crutcher Frankfort Ky
Max Wilson Midway Ky
D T Hemphill Nicholasville Ky
Chas Croninger Covington Ky
Geo A Farra Versailles Ky
N O Fisher Paris Ky
Hinton Paris Ky
Ilinton Paris Ky
Drew Hanover Cincinnati O
H Serodino Cincinnati O
J A Wells Cynthiana Ky
Kyeing and Cleaning
Prof Morris a graduate of Wash
ington City a graduate in the art of
dyeing and cleaning of clothes with
an experience of twenty years in the
business offers his services to the
citizens of this vicinity Ladies
dresses dyed without ripping Gon
tlomens garments cleaned to look
as near now as possible and dyed in
fast colors that will not run or stain
Satisfaction guaranteed A trial is
all that is asked for Prof Morris
has been in Americus Ga for the
past twelve months and has given en
tire satisfaction and can bo relied on
in all respocts and conies to our
town highly recommended Work
left at house on Clinton street near
Midland depot will receive prompt
attention and will be in safe hands
Orders may be loft at post office and
work will be called for and delivered
free of charge
Anderson Morris
566 Clinton Street Frankfort Ky
52 2w
Come and Sec Us
Wo havo closod tho store on Mar
ket street and transferred all our
business to the storo on tho corner of
Main and Lewis streets opposite
Farmers Bank Wo invito all of our
old customers to call on us at our
now store where wo will be glad to
wait on them as usual
15 tf O E Collins Bno
Those wishing to avail themselves
of the opportunity to take lessons on
tho violin or piano during tho sum
mer months can either seo mo or
leave word at t he residence of Mr
Sol Harris No 228 Main streot
10 tf Prop Sionou Blitz
Engraving of all kinds promptly
attended to at W L Coppersmiths
St Clair street 45 ly
b r
Main and Broadway
jBmSiMft jjf qjj
Tile Hearths Facings
A Complete line on exhibition Fifty different patterns on the
floor to make selections from Builders are invited to examine our
stock Anyone unable to visit our show room will be furnished cata
logues on application Cincinnati and Louisville prices duplicated
Experienced workmen to set mantels Satisfaction guaranteed
SEjEl353 Prico 3150
UIciDLffll iloes not kiti
VI iitr i VViiaiiicaiiiiicgiiiiiiEcii
We have hundreds of such testimonial
Ier bottle AslcvounlrtiKstst forlt If ho
1 1 efiiU uj o sumiwor -liver for trial lior
EDDY CO Whitehall N V
ay-eye-see mm
Mr J I Case Hickory Grovo Frrni homo
of Undue WKbnyt Afurtrj inij
v -cry known remedy I removed ft liu jro Brneu 3
oi to years Maudlin from u 8 jcur Ud Uy H
wlti three applications of
miM i
It Is tho best preparation I hnvo ever nuM or heard 2
of 1 licurtily recommend it to ullHorteion
Carpets Furniture Wall Paper Draperies
cures mrmm mr piles
flBPFfY l i1H f RXSCW URTDWDM flPDfV rffcyw ww
7 jk
Hardware and Cutlery
ter m
lumber GasSteam Fitter
3as Fixtures Bath Tubs Sinks Ciosets
In rear of Salonders Grocery - PRAoJNNRT KENTUCKY

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