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Entered tit thn poitofllcs tit Frankfort Kentucky
ns second cuiss niaiiuuio iiuuuu
GEO A LEWIS Editor and Pub
Pleasant Event
A few flays ago several friends of
Dr U V Williams received the
following card
Fuankfout Nov 28 1898
You are expected to take Possum
Supper with Sweet Potatoes and
Home Grown Coffee with Dr U V
WillinniSjTucvdny evening 0 oclock
29th November
Accordingly those friends met at
the appointed time and they were
not disappointed in their expecta
tions of a substantial and enjoyable
feast and general pleasant time The
meal was served in courses as fol
Haw Oystern and Celery
Possum Sweet Potatoes and JJome
Grown Coffee
Quail and Potato Ciiips
Chicken Sal id Beaten Biscuit
Hot Rolls and Coffee
Jce Cream and Cake
Salted Almonds
There was a pleasant interchange
of thought and many original and
first claws puns indulged as theguels
sat around the hospitable board
The Doctor has demonstrated that
ii good article oi coffee can be raised
in tills climate as the delightful
coffee served the guests was laised
by him in his flower gardtn in this
The following ladies and genth
men were present to enjoy the oc
Mrs M B Adams Mrs M B R
Day Mi s Flossie French Miss M
Lockett Smith Miss Laura Hall
Miss Mildred Williams and Misq
Pattie Williams Col Tom Rodman
Prof McHenry Rhoads Rev Wm
Crowe jr Mr S J Browning Mr
Chas G Russell Dr U V Williams
and Mr J B Lewis-
While the guests were being served
a short article upon the po sum was
read for the enjoyment of the com
pany which is here given
The OPossum belongs to the ilar
supiata genus of quadrupeds Have
iifty teeth a bristly tongue pre
hensile tail five toes on each foot a
long pointed mouth and large ears
Peculiarly an American specie
hut fovil specimens are found in sill
oarls l the world They were the
first Marsupial animals known and
are mentionid hy Mmeot the earliest
writers Their food is bud- eggs
and juicy nlants and they tire fond
of poultry and often visit the hen
eries Its defense is in flight and in
hiding anions the brunches of trees
and when closely pursued feigns
death hence the phia e playing
possum Its ilesh is excellent lor
food Its hair is woven into garteia
and girdles by Indian women Gov
Bob Taylor in his story The Quilt
ing and the old Virginia Reel tells
better than I can how the possum is
cooked and enjoyed
One evening old Uncle Ephraim
came home from his labors and took
his possum dog into the woods and
soon caught a fine large fat possum
He brought him homo and dre sed
him and then he slipped into his
masters garden and stole some line
large fat sweet potatoes master
nigger masters taters and lie
washed the potatoes and split them
and piled them in the oven around
the possum Ho set the oven on
the coals and put the lid on and cov
ered it with red hot coals and then
sat down in the corner and nodded
and breathed the sweet aroma of
the baking possum till it was done
Then he set it out into the middle of
the floor and took the lid off and sat
down bv the smoking possum and
soliloquized D its de flneV job oh
bakin po sum I even has done in
my life but dat possums too hot to
eat yit I believes Pll jis lay down
heah by Mm an take a nap while
hes coiilin an maybe Ill dream
about eatn Mm an den IMI gt up
an Ill git de good uv dat possum
boaf times S he lay
down on the Hour and in a moment
lie was sleeping a- none but the old
time darkey uld ileep as sweetly
as a babe in Its motheis arms
Old Cye was another old darkey in
the neighborhood prow ling mound
lie his head in at Kphrilms
door ajar and took In thowlmlMtuu
tion at a glance rv merely remarked
to himself I Invoi possum mvself
And he slipped In on his tiptoes and
picked up the possum and ate him
from tip to tail and plied the bones
down bv sleeping Eulirnim ho ate
the sweet potatoes and piled the
hulls down by the bonus then he
reached into the ovou and got his
hand full of possum grease and
rubbud it on lOphraims lips and
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nrMT UHtrCTin iiu V rf U
n unbni 1 Tk n A aw o J - I J m A A
l WUIS submsw n
TilgbE5asw Hi
nnppcn PfijwSMiMMMPTi
2raKcolcn fcHlEill n
ffisslbr jj
Capf Oen Ramon Blanco the
Spanish oilicer in command in Cuba geon
stepped down and out on Sunday
last lie was succeeded by Gen
Ca tillauos fr the fow days in which
Spain has her grip upon the Queen
of the Antilles
Your Uncle Sam takes charge pret
ty soon and then the snakes had
bettor hunt their holes as Blanco
has done
the outcome Personal appearance does
not mean dress alone It does not mean
exteiior cleanliness alone A youiiff man
may be clean so far as soap and water will
make him but be diifigmed by unsightly
pimples eruptions and ulcerations on the
bkin These are due to impurities in the
blood The blood becomes impure because
it is improperly nourished Instead of
receiving the life trivinar elements of the
food it receives the foul emanations of
indigestion bilousuess and cosiiveuess
The reason that Dr Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery is the best remedy for
disorders of this description is that it goes
right to first causes It kIvcs a nitui an
uppetite like a horse It facilitates the
flow of digestive juices It coiteetH all
disoulers of the digestion and makes the
assimilation of the life giving elements
of the food perfect It invigorates the
liver It putifies and etuiches the blood
It nmke the muscles strong and active
It tones and steadies the uents 1 1 makes
n young man look as he should strong of
body alert of brnin and clean anil whole
Home of skin Medicine dealers sell it
and have nothing just as good
Hind t CMinn in its worst form writes
Austin ItHtiuey lsq of tfultlllo Huntingdon
Co ln I trlwl three doctors Imt ijot no
lluf I thought It would set me wild it Itched
mid liurniHl so Iwdly The imlghborn thought I
would never he curwl I took your Qalden
Medical Discovery nud urn now well
Raked in 3 Minutes and
Ctipt friends predict for
him a splendid future
dipt Garrett is receiving the
svniiJithy of the regiment on the
death of his horse as tineathor 1
ough bred as an officer ever put spurs
to Pneumonia contracted on the
trip from Lexington is responsible
for the loss
Captain Gaines tho handsome
provost marshal has about got his
office and quarters in good shape
Capt Gaines and his lieutenants
Milward and Quinday will have
their office on Tenth street opposite
Fredericks grocery store where
some ot tiie officers can ue lounu
I night or day A telephone will be
put in to morrow and every conven
ience will be attached
I I The guards about 80 in number
have their quarters just opposite
From the day that a younR man starta 11Mijp OirratkB Tht IllUl iro on
out to seek his first position to the end of
his business life his health has a world to duty at the same hour that the police
do with his success When a younjr man nmi Htsitirmd on boats
0 IUUI U1L BlUHOnia on UCtUS
applies to a business man for a position his
nersonal annearance has a deal to do with Capt Gaines and his lieutenants
and men are a handsome and strong
looking body of men and thoroughly
understand their business
Chief Williams and tho lieuten
ants and patrolmen aro working in
harmony with the provost guards
and both bodies of men naturally
each other
Capt Jaines Miy ho is in love
with Columbus mid her people and
would not mind htuying in tho city
six months
City Property Sold
Mr Samuel Klasss has purchased
the property now occupied by Mrs
T J Urislan and Mr V U Copper
smith on St Clair street from Mr
Dan Meagher hr
The prico is private but It is tin
deislood to be a very coinfortabli
Hot Coffee
A COLLINS St Clair Street
ig MONDAY NOV 14TH to 1JITH 188 nil nrc iuvilod to nttend find nee the working of tho
i i 1 er c oil f f 1 1 in t mid tl orcugh crokirg and quick water heating it ban no rival It ip mndc to Inst a life timp
Dot h quick r votk with ohe linlf the fuel thin tiny other utmo nr rnupe Dont take chances on nny of tho
i inner us niiiiitnliot s nuidolij tliecast iion Plovctrnde Ihe Gieat Mojeftioipnowfold in cvety State in tho Union
Special Inducements to Parties Purchasing This Week
U 2w
cheeks unci chin and then folded
his tent and silently stole away At
length Ephraim awoke Sho nuf
sho nuf jist asi expected Idreampt
about eatn dat po sum an it wuz
de sweetest dream I evah lias hail
yit lie looked around but empty
was the oven possum gone Sholy
to de Lodsaid Ephraim I nuvvah
eat dat possum while I wuz a
dream in about eatn Mm lie
noked his tongue out Yes dals
Third Kentucky Boys
We take the following excerpts
from the Columbus Ga Enquirer
Sun of Nov 27 which relate to
Frankfort hoys in the Third Ken
tucky Infantry now stationed near
that city
A prime favorite in the hospital
no sum grease sho I spom 1 eat llui tn fhn nimMiiv mm
lif ittltiti 1 tttitfr i ilrninmi
Kill I UUlUUI 111 tl 1 II J CI UlLtilllMl
about eatn mi hut oi I did eat Mm
lie bets lighter on my constitution
an has less iniluence wid me dan
any possum I evah has cat in my
bon day 5
At the conclusion of the in til the
guests were favored with delightful
music and departed with warm ex
pressions of their enjoyment of the
Spain Backs
est unassuming gentleman a capa
ble surgeon and oflicer a man whom
everybody of both humble and high
edate admires respects and genu
inely loves is the First Assistant
Surgeon Capt Nevil M Garrett
Like Major Bell Capt Garrett
presented himself upon the Presi
dents lirst call for volunteers and
was mustered in as the Second
sbistant Surgeon of the regiment
I A cultivated Christian gentleman
At the joint esion of the Peace who never finds his duty irksome
Co in mission at Paris on Monday though the sick call comes at mid
the Spanish Commissioners mi- night when ones own warm tent
nounced Spains acceptance of t lie tid couch are preferable to the blasts
American conditions for the sur J that give iced serenades among the
render of the Philippines under pro- tentS it ig not surprising that his
I popularity lias growu witii each sue-
After all it turns out that Spains ceding day in the service Its an
bombastic assertions that she neve fhinr tnhp nirltS nnmrtHdnntor
would consent to surrender them
especially upon the terms proposed r
was nothing more nor less than a
came of bluff by which she hoped to
prize us on the price to be paid
It is now thought that the full text
of the terms of peace will be agreed
upmthi week and the tieaty be
completed and signed within ten
days from Monday last
Exit Blanco
with clanking bits and shining
spurs and a well groomed horse but
an active conscientious regimental
surgeon suffers many denials and
Capt Garrett too is a young
man having been graduated from the
Louisville College of Medicine only
two years ago Maj Boyds resigna
tion and Dr Boyds promotion also
advanced Dr Garrett one number
and he i now Fir t Assistant
ROYAL Best Patent Flour per hundred 230
QUEEN 2nd Patent Flour per hundred 220
DAISY Fomilv Flour per hundred 210
FANCY Low Grade Flour per hundred 200
Corn Meal per bushel 60
Corn per bushel 50
Shipstuff per 100 lbs 70
Custom grinding Wheat and Corn a Specialty
B Weisenburgh Proprietor
Frankfort Kentucky
Pittsburg Central Stock Yards
Offer Superior Advantages to Shippers
Yards have been enlarred re built re arranged It is the nearest
point to eastern markets
For Baltimore Washington Philadelphia and New York markets
Good buyers for export cattle and other stock always in attendance
Commission iirms give prompt attention to consignments
Sept 10 3m O H AljLiEBTON JR Superintendent
BHSErriEii thn Capital HntEl
A select assortment of
Pens Fountain Pens Silver
holders and Silver Penoilsat
Thc Rev Irl R Hicks
Annual Almanac and monthly
paper Word and Works are
now known from sea to sea We
aro pleased to call the attention
of our
for 1899 now ready Tt is a
splendidly printed and illustrat
ed book of JIG pages and the
storm forecasts and diagrams
and astronomical and scientific
matter are superior to anything
that has ever been seen before
in a 25 cent book Ifis mouth-
To Saw mill Men and Others
I will repair or re set boilers fur
naces or do any kind of brick work
in exchange for lumber
J Edge
H 31 Prankfort Ky
Attorney at Law
Frankfort Kentucky
Alan Dun Valuta at- urill
ers to the Almanac Courts of Franklin and the adjoining counties
anu wiu aiso give special attention to the pur
chase and sale ot real estate collection oi rents
claims and tnenegotlatton of loam
ly journal Word and Works is LOUiSVHIe EvanSVJIlB St LOIIJS
one ot the best litorarv homo i
and scientific magazines in the AND ALL points
country besides containing his WEST SOUTHWEST Ar SOUTHWEST
monthly storm forecasts with
explanations Tho subscription j Tho only lino running three double
nL nl WftPl mwl Wmksie I I dailv tralB to KvailBVillO WltllOUt
ol Word and is
price ohalfi0t with hiRh bnok oonoios aml
per year and a copy of tho I parlor car Tho direct lino to St
Hicks Almanac is sent as a j houiB running two double daily trains
i ri with high back sunt coachoB and
proiniuni to every yoarly sub jPullmfta BiOOIor8 through without
scriber Single copies of Word lohango Tiokota on sale at L N
iiwl llm lfu in nnniu Piiin nC oillco UiIh olty For information as
Almanac alono 25 cents Send
vour order to Word and Works
Pub Co 2201 Locust Stroot
St Louis Mo
to oali on A V Ilito agent L N
R It or address
II J Moiujuk T P A
AhhL Q P A
iuijiBiikiiA v I j iJdftiiLiiiiirfAliHiMMiiifciMi

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