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r t co
i J v iM
Ji 0L 1 XXXI i4 I > No 25 1 t I
1 liijfons Representative
l iteaves BecWiam
1 I fifty SENATOR t i
I f
1 1VT d t
i 6m morepemocrat who has been
I lting for Hon J cW Beckham for
United States Senator left his rank s
I aye storday after Snaking an earnest
I Iplw tothe Democratic members to
Vjrefetogether and elect some man to
the Senate Louis W Arnett repre
sehtatlve from Covington cast his
vgte for Ollle M James and sugv
gested that Mr James was a man
on whom all factions of the Demo
vcraUo party could agree He said
his constituents had sent him to the
gislature to elect a United tes
t Senator and that he had voted for
MrV Beckham day after day and
Vwelek after week and ne could not b e
kktcdM the time had come who It
amew man must be proposed on Q
e op could receive the support of a p
the Democrats and be elected
i 1 pSr Arnetts defection from the
Beckham ranks left Mr Beckham
with 65 votes four less than the ref
q We number to elect and Iii i
rumored that other members WHI
le ie him during the week W0
Bradley < was also short four votes
Since the death of Virgil MoKiigh
itf requires only 69 votes to elect t
aft the members of the twp house
are present or paired there being
only 137 members now Both of the
leading candidates are short and the
deadlock continues with Htl epros
pest of anybudy being elected tittles s
something unexpected happens Mr
Beckham came within three votes o t
belts elected on Thursday as 69
rwjcwfd have elected but on yester
> t lJhe lost again Mr Arnett taking
tfijtpiace of Mr Mcknight In ref ls
Jririo vote longer for Mr Beckbam
Only two real ballots were taken
1Qr4 Senator tbs week the one on
Monday being perfunctory by agree
merit and only two votes being cast
> it > lias always been except that Mr
MqKJiights place was vacant On
bhjjThursdaytbe vote was the saut e
Fr idly the number of those opposing
Mr Beckham put not voting for a
u Rejpublicanwas again seven as IV
of had been before Mr McKnight died
TJ i Senatorial race has been lacking
infiaterest for some time but Mr AI
n 4t 8 spech and his change of vote
have awakened Interest again and the
jafiabers are expecting something to
happen soon
Tfcebouse yesterday passed one o f
theh ost Important bills introduced at I
this session and voted half a million
dollars to the State College and theI
two normal schools of the State The
fuillvan bill which has been delayed d J
fprj several weeks finally reached a
vpti and was passed by an over
whelming majority after many of the
I members bad made speeches for or
against the bill and many amend I
I toaejitB had been voted down An efj
fort to scale the amount appropriated
Iia efeaJedj
I Little was done by the Legislature 1
I dIr lil the last week as It was InisesI
I MOD only three days aid on one of J
those diy the session eras only per
KuMotory oo account of the death of 1
Virgil Mcknight a member of t1os
theHouse t
appointed commute to attend Mr Me 1
KKnlghts funeral and to draw up re
solutions on his death and then ans
adjournment was taken until Thurs g
day the day after the funeral ib
Thursdays session was a brief one t
owing to an attempt to have the II
county unit extension bill brought up
The House bad gone lato a discussion
of the hill appropriating OPiflOO to 0
UHf state Mlle = saxdl 1160000 each b
I to tkia two normal cUoolv Repr 8ea b
tIr e Jerre Sullivan began speaking b
1 for the bill altar aa Ineffectual at
j t mt had been made to postpde C
epH8W ratIoa ctfie bill untM next
I ryeiiayalaorgwilaon gaovotl tp Jr
1I0Ji sttw tisogINsioa toperit b
call of the counties so
unit bill could be reporte
V F Klalr was on his feet with a
moilop to adjo until Friday He
changed this motion to adjourn
until Friday t 1010 oclock so that
his motion would take precedence
over the motion of Mr Wilson This
motion was lost but just as the chair
announced the result of the vote the
hour of adjournment arrived and thai
Mere mention of the county
bill serves to produce a motion
journ and the fight against tK
is determined The Public Mu
committee which has the bill InI
charge can not report until the com
mittee is called In the regular order
of things and it seems now that it
will be several days before the call I
of the committee will be reached In
the meantime the bill hangs fire
The temperance forces are making a
determined effort to have It reach a
vote believing that it would pass if
a vote could be had on it Other
legislation Is being sidetracked ands
the prospects now are that only a few
bills will be v passed during the pre
sent session ami then Only those
which th e rules committee chooses to
report favorably This committee will
soon take charge as it has control
during the last ten days and there
are only a few jnore days to the ses
sed s
onlhe Y
isthre bills have been passed through
both houses the flood of new bills
does not cease The House did not
have a bill day this week on account
Of the adjournment on Monday and
the discussion of the State College
11bUt on Thursday but many of the
members have bills and are only
waItlng an opportunity to introduce
f Continued on page eight
Again and again during this fall
and winter i haS Frankfort been called
to moprn the death of some of her
purest and best
On Friday morning the death angel
knocked at the dopr of one of the
cheeriest gentlest and most loving
women x f the city Mrs Helen Talbot
Llndeey af fcer long years of suffering
from asthma entered into the rest
prepared for Gtjds1 children aged d 6
ears She was the daughter of the1
late Mr Wm Talbott and wife
In early childhood Mrs Llndgey was
orphaned but wa tenderly reared by
the late Gen Peter Dudley aril wife r
as their daughter i
Bhe was a remarkably handsome
i rjand was so unaffectedly joyous
and happy that she wptt the hearts of
all who Were thrown In contact wit b
her and reigned as a belle ainong the
many handsome young ladles of the
lIn early girlhood Mr Jno B Llnd
soy wooed and won her heart aUdI
have traveled lifes pathway hand in
hand united the f tbUdot af
To them were born a large family of
children pf whom there are living I
five daughters Misses Maria Isabel I
Cordelia Lillian and Ben vleve nd I
three sons Wm T Dudley and Jnb
B Lindsey Jr who composed a Dam
fly of whlcfi any parents could well be
proud I
Mrs Lindsey was a devout Christ I
Ian a member of Ascension Church I
and was ever ready to load assistance I
to the work of the church so long as c
her health would poa tI
During all the years of her suffering t
she wgg as cheery and happy as a
girl and the devoted love of her bus
bend and children was never lacking
to soothe and care for her They
were a peculiarly happy family I
The funeral arrangements had not I o
been made when we went to pressI
cwt s to the fact that s v pressI t
her chttldreni art away from the city CJ
but It Is likely tint the funeral > and E
burial will take place tomorrow Sw t
day afternoon > front ABcenaJpn IJ
C1iurcbr t
ChurchTk profpund t fyipivatfiy of oorj
oe caiwnitk C bee out to fire sores
JyttWMt r iIIlr
s 1 PG
r U iq
1 9Ir
1 v
i > < H fe f v
The third annual State Farmers In
s closed Its sessions yesterdaY y
afternoon after three days of Interest
ing and instructive addresses by rein C
aP the most prominent lecturers In
he United States Except for the in
vasipm of the Institute by a number
Of politicians the sessions were very
profitable and most dt the farmers
went to thelr homes feeling that they
had been greatly benefited
i The institute opened Tuesday morn
lug with an address of welcome by
Gov Augustus E WillsonThe Gov
ernor said that he was only a plain
lawyer and had never been a Parma
or agriculturist but that he knew
enough of their calling to know It Is
the most important In the State
this being distinctly an agricultural
State JJaTpaid high tribute to the
farmers and their work He took
occasion to make a plea for Jaw and
order in the State and said that so
long as he Is the Governor of th e
ong as he Is the Governor he Intends
to be the Governor oi the whole pea
President Froman responded to the
address of welcome on behalf of the
Institute He congratulated the memo
bers upon the great success which
the Institute has attained since its or
ganization three years ago Taking
up Its work he told how no farmer r I
may be Ignorant of anything he ought
to know In regard to crops soil seed
ot1 anything pertaining to his farm >
and that thro ugh Its teachings worn
lands may be brought back Jo a state
of fertility I
He declared that the larnier 1111sI
the right to fix the price of his crop
above the cost ot production He
touched upon the tobacco question
and told of the work ot the American
Society of Equity and explained
M > w the farmers may control the pro
bductlon of their crops He said
ono mistake that the farmers
make Is to take advantage of high
crops to raise too much with the re
sult that the price drops tounprofita 1
jle the next
figures thep season I
President Froman showed how byI
organization the farmer can COlI
trol the production of bin crops and I
the prices which he shtill receive
Ifor them He declared that the sue I
pends upon the + fimdementnl princi
pie of the Integrity of Its members c
Peanut iPolltlC1lj
The Institute started off Tuesday t
morning with a lot of peanut politi I
clans IIi charge After the welcome I
address by Gov Augustus E Willson
and the response by President FroI
man State Senator J W Newman
contrary to all precedent Introduced 1
a resolution taping from the chairman I
the appointment of the committees
This Was done in the interest of Cald c
well Norton a Louisville banker who 1
was a candidate if or member of the f
Jtato Hoard of Agriculture from the d
Fourth Appellate District AttbeCJ
other State Institutes President Fro s
man appointed the committees and ft
there was no objection ea the part 1
of anyone to his 3ectlcHi But eev v
eral member of the State Board had if
beep playing politics for the past two
months and 4hey Jtftii their plans laid o
to put Mr ortM Jn by the we of d
dark Jantern TaeihedB 4 t
14Jr Hubert iUchWHr the liter c
dad aiaored tt irr iifiiI ie1ece1
t yeti c A i
by the regular organization of Jeffery
son county > be seated adding that he
desired to be heard on his motion He
explained to the delegates assembled
nthat wb nhe was Commissioner of
Agriculture he had formed an organ
lzatipnt ia Jefferson county just as hey
had done In every county in the
State Although he did not desire the
place he said that upon call or Com
missioner Rankin the farmers of that
courityjitiet and instructed for him I
for menbers of the State Board from
the Fotirth District Mr Norton he
said was a candidate for the place
and mess a vigorous fight but
be sawthat he had been beaten by the
regular organization he wlth the as
slstance of the remnint of the Frank
fort Ring secretly organled three oth
er cljfbs or claimed to have done so r
and bad them Instruct for him Mr
Vreelandtcpntended that after the call
had been Issued for the selection of
delegates it was unfhlr to organizes j
mushroom clubs for the sol > pur
pose of defeating any candidate He
asked hat the three clubs bo npt rec
ognlzed by the delegates
After some discussion the matter I
was referred to the Committee o n I
Credentials which had been named
by the The
politicians meeting j
of the committee was held behind
closed doors and after the others had
been heard Mr Vreeland wag called
before the packed committee and
given a formal hearing
The real fight began at the lIght
s sslon when the packed Committee
on Credentials reported Their finding
did not surprise anyone as alfThe del
egates realized that the committee g i
had been selected < by politicians on
and off the State Board but when the
committee reported that It had seated
all the Jefferson county clubs Mr
Vreeland offered a substitute to the
report seating only the delegates
from the regular organlatlon in the
Fourth District
Mr Veeland spoke to his substi
tute and took occasion to say that he
realized the meeting was being
dominated by the Frankfort Ring In
stead of the farmers of the State but
that he proposed to show up the dark
lantern methods of the opposition He
said that the original organiation in
Jefferson county has been in exist
ence Liar several years and that not
one olt those opposing him ever at
tended a meeting of the club and
thrt Mr Norton had never attended
a farmers Institute of any description
In his life He predicted that if such j
peanut pojltlcs should be tolerated
in the meeting the institute workJ
which heretofore had been kept free
from politics would eventually be deI
Mr Vreeland said that he did not
desire a membership on the State
Board as it would take him away
from his business in Frankfort a great
deal of the time but that the farmers
of his district had unanimously in
strutted for him and that he felt It
his dHfty to fight the matter out mere
ly for the sake of the principle in
volve He declared he would resign
if elected
Coninuityr the darkfeatern meth
ods a motion was made to shut off the t
debate It being thh of the poli
ticians that their methods be oaf dl
covered Wh n the Matter was > pat to t
rot wthl Jlof the delegated Tot d a
4 1I J
f t
> debate showing clear 1
it of the convention
irmen of the delega
pd to vote and it vas
the political element
l WOh SUbStl
room clubs were
and declined to con
3 saying that he had
lie had expected t i
an the face of political
majority of the delegates to the
ute were disgusted with the
vceedings and many dt them pre
rted that the Institute in future
j be nothing more than a politi1
tag hose most active in the po
i fight were JW Newman Guth
rle Wilson of 13ardatouiand W R
Moorman Jr of BrecklnrldFc county
The latter two are among the mem
berg of the board who Worked so
vigorously for the selectyon of the
M Donald site for the Strife Fair
which site was opposed by hundreds
cf the best merchants in Louisville
I Aside from the welcome address by
GOv Willson and the response b y
President Froman the only regular
features of the program ramie rd
out on Tuesday were addresses by
Dr John Hamilton Farmers Institute
Specialist of the United States and
countr y
Sate Lecturer and Organizer for th E l
State Grange
splendid d
address on the work of Formers In
ofstitutes In the United States Dr
Hamilton is the best authority on this
subject in the country and his ad
edress was very instructive fo1 those
who have not heretofore realized the
Importance of the work
Continued on page eight
After nine years of service on the
Kentucky and Ohio rivers the steam
er Falls City was sold Wednesday to
Copt T M Morrissey of Vicksburg
to take the place of the steamer Rosa
line which went down in a storm last
Saturday at Alplna Miss i The Fans
ut > was owned by the Louisville and
Kentucky RiVer Packet Company at
Louisville of which Col Samuel < H
Stone Is president The company was I
formed about two years ago and was
composed of seven directors none of
whom were experienced rlvermen
During the summer months when
pys well but during the winter
months the continuance of the boat
hardly justified Its running Col 1
Stone said Thursday that thucom
Ipany would dissolve dapt Morris
say was In Louisville looking for a 1
boat and the sale was effected The
terms are withheld but the price Is
lid to be between 8000 and 10000
The boat was built nine years ago
at Cincinnati and on > year later was
badly damaged by fire which broke I
out in the cabin while the boat was I
anchored at the foot of Seventh St
In Louisville The original cost ofj
the boat was 22000 After the fire
It was rebuilt in the Howard ship
yards at Jeffersonville and later put
into the Kentucky river trade between I
Louisville and Valley View Ky i
Capt N M Pryor will accompany
the boat tomorrqw morning to Vicks
burg The Falls City came in from i
its last trip yesterday According tot
Col Stone there will be no more
packet boats run up the Kentucky I
river by his comn nvII
Mrs Mary Harrison of Lexington ° S
who underwent an a etiatlon at the a
Good Samaritan Hospital several
weeks ago has recovered and is again c
with Mr and Mrs Harrison Slmrall at f
their home on east Fourth street In c
Lexington c
e o1
Mrs C J Norwood of Lexington I t
who has been ifcwith the grip for a
week at ietf bpsie In Aye fora Is
I 4
Mr jnp B Dryden riwa able 5
tobe rot 81Iterday atiera e reillt
BMrtot two < week wHK file grip
Oyer the C Election of vJh J
JIg oll
a Repr sentative i
Mason county ili soon to be the > + j
scene of one of the hottest political
fights ever seen in Kentucky asim
election has been called to fill the vj
vacancy caused by the death bf 1 lrglt > J
McKnight who passed away last ft
Monday morning at 225 oclock after i
only a brief Illness The special >
election was called on Thursday liy j >
W J Gboch thle Speaker of lie
House who under the statute acfs v jf
In such cases instead of the Governor
when the House is in session ut the k <
time a vacancy ocCurs The election f
will toe held on March 7 The Repub
Bllcans are going to make an especially rit J
hard fight In Mason county as the >
vote In the Senatorial race Is im V
portant just now with two sides soy y
equally divided The Democrats are
copfldent of victory and believe that f
they will have no trouble winning
as the county is normally about 600w
Democratic but factional fights have
split the party there and the race
willlbe close Mr McKnight was j
elected by less than a hundred Lvotes v
and he was one of the mostr
men who ever contested for a place J
In that county ° j
t Mr McKnlghts death was a greafr
shock to the members of the Legislir 4f
seen him on Friday in his seat In the I f
House In the best of good humor 4
and with his usual strength On tho j
Saturday before his death He was i
about the lobby of the hotel talking > i
to the members who had stayed Over t
during the adjournment and was C
Veiling stories and entertaining hiij i iJ
friends ias he knew so well how to 4
do H6 did not come down to his <
breakfast Saturday morning and was
not seen all that day John Feland
went to his > room about 4 oclock and
found Mr McKnight lying on the v
bed partly dressed and almost uncon f w
scous Dr C A Fish was called and i t
ifound that Mr McKnight vas suffer v
ing from cardiac asthma Everything
that could be done wilD dome forti tiy J
him but a severe attack came at aa
early hour Monday morning and Otie T q
was dead before his friends who hi liff U
been notified could reach his room t
After lying in state in the hall off K
the House of Representatives where j
he had served with distinction the i < f
body of Mr McKnight was put pa vj
board a private car and taken to vv
Louisville on Tuesday morning A a
and Hough wen with the body Mar 1
tin McKnight a brother of the deadX
man came to Frankfort and accomK rt
paired the body to Louisville There V
it was taken by Mr McKnlghts rela 1
fives and after simple Services at ww
laid to rest in Cave Hill Cemetery j r
The Kentucky Dalrymens AsBocia i 7 >
flea which held than annual meeting i
in the hall of the House of Represnr S >
tatlyes during the past week split r i <
wide open Wednesday afternoon and V ° il
avowed Intention of iformlngian w 8 rr
eociatlon as a rival to the present or t
ganlzatlon These incidents followed
session which was stormy from be <
ginning to end The members had
come here lined up for a ftghtellhelI w
for or against Senate bill No 223 ae
cording to their Inclinations which
calls for a rigid Inspection by State
officials of all dairy Oierd tomake car r
lain that they are not Infected witht
Vsberculosla P
htbercuiosisMiss I II I N
diM Anna Virginia st d Master
Blanton Jobn son of L xUietpbn l
Yeeter ay for a ir eki yit yiX
their trandiupther Mra JWi Joo r i <
HA t
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