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Yr y 1 y yr THI MLBOETI
Modern Daily and Weekly
j Part of Plans
> Frankfort 1 s soon to have one of the
nrw ftVbest afternoon dally papers and one
1 1at the bestequipped printing and
publishing houses In the State The
Frankfort Printing Company has de
clded to add to their original plans
t and arrangements have already been
+ t made for the installation of new ma
f chinery and presses insuring an es
t < tablishment of such character as will
t be a credit not only to the Capital
City but to the State The new ma
chinery will be installed in less than
tt Ythirty dlys and the management
hopes to be able to start Its dally
rlf I paper not later than April 1
J Realizing that Frankfort is the
n natural center for much of the Impor
ir taut news of the State as well as be
centers for
vr Ing one of the principal
Th firstclass printing and binding the
< Frankfort Printing Company desiring
I to keep abreast of the times and feel
j tog that Frankfort Is entitled to a
printing and publishing concern that
ti will be commensurate with the dig
tti r nity of the Capital ot one of the
t greatest states In the Union has con
i r eluded to spire no pains or expense
y in the consummation of its plans
The Company oa Thursday ordered
r a rfrom the Mlehle Printing Press and
r r
tJ 1 Manufacturing Company of Chicago
Sone of Its large presses which is
ti1 guaranteed to run off 1900 papers an
j hour and which can be speeded to
erun off 2500 if necesfcary This press
q rw1l1prlnt a sevencolumn paper and
It r this size has been definitely decided
1 sby the company The paper will
lfal1 the local and foreign news up
t i to tb minute and every effort will be
4 pat forth to make It a paper that Ken
t v tiickiana will be proud of The com
C pany has decided to name the paper
The Frankfort News while the
t < Roundabout which will be continued
J asa weekly will be styled The
U > Frankfort Weekly News In view ol
the fact that tho Roundabout has
Y been in existence over thirty years
ianp in that time has never missed an
5 issue the company has decided to add
r the words and Roundabout to the
I name of the weekly
Since the organization of the Frank
fort Printing Company the work In
c the printing and binding departments a
phad increased to such an extent that
it became inecessary to purchase two
d i addiawnal ainotypes and the Miehle
5 V press In order to keep up with the
ff work The new press will give the
v company seven presses and another
r large press will be ordered shortly
The company now employs thirty
three people and within thirty days
k the force will be increased to forty
For the first time In many years the
citizens of Frankfort can have their
firstclass printing done at home
i J11 this connection It might be well
l to add a few words about the Round
about which has visited the homes of
a large number of people in this and
R other counties In the State for go
r The Roundabout was first Issued In
f September 1877 by the late l rIb
1 Claude Buckley as editor shortly
Ib J thereafter associating with him Mr
Qeo A Lewis The partnership last
r ed only about three years
1 Mr Buckley then retired and
I from that time Mr Lewis Continued
the publication until January 4th
1 1908The
1The paper from the start wu aim
ply 3 local and society paper and
0 took no hand In the many exlsltlng
and vigorous political fights that have
shaken the city and even the whole
Its policy was to treat impartially
r such matters as were necessarily
i brought to its columns
It faithfully apd correctly recorded
t the joys and sorrow that have come
to the people wbo so kindly so coq
Its su 1LIi
clean at J ea paper as
no gentl would hesitate a d S
ent to re itrucle in it to HH
lly arm learthstone X
Then jisions when by S
suppress scandalous ItcnFtx J
many hen spared pain a t
Anguish w I is so often 1l >
case thoroug I impartial InctJ
pution Showed t bliallow t1
Uons upon which such tlero
basedIn times of sickness and death
a quiet way bore messages of tx
sympathy to the sad of heart I
At the same time the paper
ever ready to stand for the right i
every and all questions whet
the best interests of the cu
were involved While it often
differed from those whose esteem
and confidence it earnestly desired
yet there was ever the desire to yield
to qthers the right of private judg
ment it claimed for itself
In the long years that have passed
too swiftly away it has had the high
est consolation in the fact that
however earnestly It may have differ
ed from its friends on measures of
local and State polIcy It never know
ingly or willingly published a line to
wound the sensibilities of the hum
blest citizens of our city I
Town Marshal John Richard ot
Stamping Ground Scott county ac
companied John Lewis Canorn ol that
vicinity to Georgetown Thursday
evening and presented him to County
Judge Yates Cahorn having given
himself up to the Marshal telling the
ocer he had shot at his father Hugh
Cahorn and wanted to be taken to
jail for protection
It seems that young Cabora who lg
only about 19 years old and his
father do not get along smoothly and
he shot at his father through the win
dow with a donble barrel shotgun fill
ing the chair back with shot but none
took effect In his fathers body
The Marshal did not know the Im
mediate cause of the tro able except
that the boy said his father had min
treated him and threatened to kill
him Judge Yates told him he had a o
right or cause to put him la jail The
boy Insisted however saying he had
no place to go The Judge then save
him a commitment
Young Cahorn is a nephew of Lewis
Cahorn who killed Bob May In a sa
loon In Stamping Ground about five
years ago and was given a seven
year sentence to the penitentiary of
which he served about four years
i when he was paroled
The elder Cahorn told the Marsha
I he intended to prosecute the boy to
I the extent of the law
1 I
The following special from Louis
ville last night will be of interest to
the many friends of Mr C W Dorsey
here where he is quite well known
having married Miss Dorsey Stanton
a daughter of the late Major Henry
Stantpn of this city
Announcement has just been made
that C W Dorsey former manager of
the InterSouthern Life Insurance
Company has been appointed man
agar for six Southarn States for the
Philadelphia Life Insurance Company
The appointment is effective the first
of next week and Mr Dorsey will
maintain headquarters in Louisville
Mr Dorsey is one of the bestknown
Insurance men In the South Prior to
December 15 he was manager of the
InterSouthern Before that time he
was manager of the Philadelphia of
fice of the Equitable and was for
years general agent of the United
States Company In JCentucfcy
rI r tt l
William O Bradley was elected Unit
ted States Senator from Kentucky to
succeed Senator James B McCreary
at the joint session of the Kentucky
General Assembly today He recel ved
a majority of all the votes cast four
Democrats voting for him When the
men who had been voting for J C W
Beckham IN und that he was beaten
and that Mr Bradley had been elect
ed but before the result was an
nounced they began changing their
votes and voted for their favorite can
didates although no official announce
ment was ever made that Beckham
had withdrawn He was still being
voted for and was still occupying
the position that he had always occu
pied but rthe Democrats seeing that
Mr Beckham was beaten tried to se
lect Some Q her man oa whom all
tne Democrats could agree and who
coulBibB < elected
Wild confusion reigned In the Houso
after ftheroll call had been completed
ban been elected The Beckham fore
es called for a recapitulation of the
vote and then rushed out into the lob
bY They returned almost foB quickly
as they had gone and then began de
votes Many of the members made
3 > eetihefl proposing several candidates
and finally all those who had been
oting for Mr Beckham except fifteen
flea had changed and voted for some
man other than the many they have
all along contended was the nominee
Iii i he Democratic party
Confusion Reigns
Republican members clamored for
the confusion was so great that for
half ian hour nothing could be done
The Democrats were running back
ward and forward trying to agree on
some man who could be acceptable
to all but the Beckham forces had
scattered to he lour winds and could
not be corralled for any one man
TEey voted for everybody only a few
agreeing on tany one man The Re
publicans feared a trick and were
afraid that they would be euchered
out of their election after they had
won but VJ Goocn the Speaker
was above anything of this kind and
would not tolerate anything like that
He gave every member a full and free
chance to change his vote Then he
announced the result and declared
W O Bradley elected United States
The newly elected Senator was es
corted to the Speakers stand by the
chairman of the Republican and Dem
ocratlc Steering Committees of the
House and Senate He spoke for a
few minutes thanking the members
for his election He promised them
that ho would be the Senatdr from
Kentucky and would represent the
whole people and further that he
would use his very best effort and en
deavor to have the six cents tax on
tobacco removed ihe defeated can
dldte J C W Beckham was Invited I
to the stand and the same commR t
sent to find him but he had gone I
home and could not be found
Senators H S foundII
Charlton and Representatives E W
Lillard and Chris Mueller were the I
Democrats who voted for Mr Bradley
In addition ha bad the votes 6f 60 I
Republicans which gave him the nee
cpry majority of all the votes envt
The four Democrats who voted for
him have been voting against him
for weeks ever since the session first
began and have been trying to elect
a Democrat Mr Lillard was the only
one of the four who made a speech
of any length He said the time had
come when the people of the State
must be saved from the Democratic
party as now constituted and he be
lieved this could be done only by the
election of Mr Bradley
Republicans Jubilant
The Republican members went wild
when it was finally announced that
Mr Bradley had been elected They
saw their fondest dreams realized and
were mad with delight They clasped
each otaer in their arms danced sad
howled as Mr Bradley was escorted
to the Speakers stand and there was
no effort to control them It was tie
Republicans day to cheer and they
were allowed to do it to their hearts
content I
I Emmanuel Meyer of Louisville was
sitting in a corner the tears ponriag
down his face He was paired for to
day and was unable to cast his vote
i He had come to Frankfort hoping that
he might have the opportunity to ihelp
elect Mr Bradley and he felt that he
had not done so although actually
his vote counted as well as though
it had been cast John Poland wept
from emotion He was not well and
was kook and he was overcome at see
ing his friend for whom he has so
loyally fought letced to the Senate
of the United States
I Scare on Thursday
had a scare on
Thursday and the Republicans were
jubilantly predicting on that day be
fore the joint session that they would
elect Bradley While they did not do
ao there was more interest and excite
ment over the senatorial race than
at any previous time since one ses
sion began as it looked for a time
that an election would result and the
longcontinued deadlock would be
ended The Democrats were forced to
break a quorum for the first time dur
ing the session and but for the fac
that the Democrats who have refused
to vote for Mr Beckham went with
the other Democrats and helped to
break the quorum no election would
have resulted then
In the senatorial race there was I no
interest during the week the result
having remained the same as on the
day of last week when L W Arnett
joined the antlBeckham forces No
ballot was taken on Monday It belqg
agreed that the vote would be purely
perfunctory on account of so many
members being absent on Monday and
the consequent necessity of arranging
a large number of pairs Only one
vote was cast for each of the two
leading candidates and Mr Arnett
voted for Ollie James On Tuesday
Mr Arnett was paired with Mr Chase
and Gov Beckham came within three
votes of being elected the closest he
has come in several weeks except on
the first ballot after Virgil McKnlght
died Mr Arnett had to go home
to try an important case and could
not be present
Telegram From James
A telegram fror Ollle James saying
ho wanted all of his friends to vote
for Mr Beckham who was the noml
nee of the Democratic party for Sena
tor was rW4 at the Joint eeaslon on
Senator P S Maxwell
a Mr James district In
n Mr James said he re
yell a spe lh la
I Mr James was not a
Tfta tor and would not
ds vote for him for that
spite of this Mr Arnett
u luMwJkrames on Wednesday
en he RJHwL from Covingtoa
> e vote onW B K left Mr Beck
am four v
On Thurs ii Hkham direct
ed his forcesV J cloakroom and
fit before the ffnt session they all
mpeded out of the House break
a quorum Tho Republicans re
sed to pair with two of the Demo
crats who were sick and the Beck
ham forces feared that an election
might result 30 they broke the quo
rum It was the closest Mr Bradley
had come to being elected and his fol
lowers were Jubilant over the result
of the days work
The election of Bradley is practical
ly the only topic of conversation in
the hotel lobbies and on the streets
of Frankfort Politicians can be seen
standing in little grouped discussing
the event
Uov Bradley held an informal re
ception in his room after he returned
to the hotel and nearly all the Repub
lean members called on him and ex
ended their congratulations
The largest appropriation bill with
he exception of the bill which appro
priated money for the erection of the
ew Capitol which was ever passed
by the Kentucky General Assembly
will be ready for the Governors slgna
ura on Monday The bill appropri
ates 200000 to the Kentucky State
College to be known as the State
University and 150000 to each of
the State Normal schools the one at
Richmond and the other at Bowling
Green The bill was passed by the
House lost week alter several amend
ments had been offered and after a
hard fight had been made to scale
down the amounts allowed The bill
passed the Senate on Thursday with
only one vote against it and as soon
as it is enrolled will go to the Gov
ernor It Is regarded as certain that
he will sign it
Andrew Carnegie has agreed to give
30000 to each of the State normal
chools for the purpose of building
ibrarles and it is now practically cer
aln that these buildings will be pro
vided They are greatly needed as
neither school now has a library The
appropriations made by the State are
for the buildings and these together
with the Carnegie libraries still put
the schcols on the best and highest
plane The McChord tobacco bill was ar
gued at length In the House on Tues
day after having been postponed on
Monday Itwas postponed because
the American Tobacco Company was
submitting proposition to the Bur
ley Society looking to the purphase of
dthe big supply which the society now
has on hand the samples being at
Winchester John L Smtih of Kut
tawa and JH Jacksou of Owen
county made tne principal speeches
fqr the bill and each described the
conditions which they claim will re
stilt from the present tobacco troubles
if something is not done to atop the
ravages of the trust They said that
the way to get at the evil is to
strike at the root of it and both said
that the American Tobacco Co Is the
root of the whole trouble The Mc
Chord bill puts the tobacco compan
ies under the police power of the
State and It Is believed by the grow
ers this will check the monopoly
which the trust has enjoyed In Ken
Blood will flow In torrents la Ken
tucky if the trust is not controlled
said Mr Smith and he predicted that
the previous raids of the night riders
would be but childs play compared to
what Is to come It something Is not
done soon to stop the grinding down
of the people He said be believes
the McCbord bill will euro the evils
which now exist
Another tle Over County r
Unit Bill Expected
r rrki
The House passed the county units a
bill extending the county unit law
to every county in the State on
Thursday This simple statement
does not begin to convey an Idea oLs
wEat happened before the county unit
bill was passed nor does it tell of
the weeks of fighting which were
waged to prevent the bill from ever
coming to a vote The opponents of
the measure although only a handful
managed things well and It was only
after the most determined assault bye
the temperance forces that the bills
was passed For weeks nothing has
been done in the House because of
the county unit bill the opponents of
the measure absolutely tying up alb
business In order to prevent the bill
from being repored for It was gen
erally conceded that If the bill ever
came to a vote it would be passed
by a large majority as it was The >
vote on the passage of the bill was
75 to 14 Many of those who voted
against the bill explained their votes
and some of those who voted for 111
Iso explained why they did soI
Two things complicated the fight for +
the county unit bill The senatorial
race cut a figure in the lineup of the
members it being charged by botn J
sides that the county unit bill was
being used for political purposes
Then the contest cases which thew
Republicans were anxious to hfrvje
brought up also prevented the Dem
ocrats from voting for motions which
ontemplated bringing up the county
nit bill but also provided for are
ort on the contests The Republicans
were willing to take both but the
Democrats wanted only the county
malt bill The whisky men wuntedV
the county unit bill kept in the back
ground but did not especially careY
hat became of the contests
With this sort of a situation Inter
esting results necessarily followed and
the House saw some of the liveliest
fighting which has been seen in sev
er l years with expert parliamentari
ans working for each side Every
device known to a parliamentary
body was used to delay the county
unit bill and for the last week the
same sort of devices were used to
prevent the contest cases from being
eported The two questions tied up
he House completely during the en
tire week until just before the hour
of adjournment on Thursday when
the county unit bill finally reached
a vote and was passed But the con
test cases did not come up and the
Republicans are sore and fighting mad 1
and ready to do almost anything
They Insist that Mr Gooch the Speak I
r was wrong in his ruling and should 1IJ
ave allowed the contests to come up
Btt Mr Gooch could not see It that
way and laid down the rule that the
onteat committee could not be forced
to make reports i
On Monday and Tuesday the Repub
Beans tried to get their contest cases
reported It being understood that
they would unseat Hugh Mahin of
Jessamine county His seat is con
tested by Mr Howard J Hal Woody
fords seat is also contested and it
was thought probable that he would
be unseated in favor ot his Republi
can opponent J E Porter of Web
ster county was in the chair on Mon
day and Tuesday Mr Gooch being
bsent in Louisville where he was
having his throat treated He pre
vented the Republicans from bringing
up the contest cases and also prevent
ed any motion to hold an afternoon
session for consideration ofi the re
ports of the contest committees
The same fight to bring up the con
test cases was carried on again by
the Republicans In the House oa Wed
nesday Mr Gooch had returned ant
was in the chair Ho recognized the
Continued on pate 8
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