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pr FR A 1 jr rr i S t t Ii
L 11 f l
ii Y LtulSLATlll
S Several Important Measures
1t Were Passed Yesterday
pb The House yesterday morning pass
t ed the Sullivan educational bill
fe which changes thewhole system of
J > school trustees and establishes a high
II school In every county In the State
fy There was some opposition to the bbl
ifl1j and the debate was long many speech
fi fe < es being made for and against It The
e jbIU provides that the county shall be
V the governing unit In school matters
4fand that a taxof not to exceed 20 cents
iy shall be levied for school purposes in
I jpl < Bench county A count board of edu
vacation which shall consist of not less
jjV than four nor more than eight mem
I > bers with the county school superin
Ip tendent as a member exofflclo This
I Inboard is to be selected by the election
3 pf one school trustee In each school
ll district and the trustees of these dis +
tricts to compose a division board of
to education in each educational division
K of the county of which there shall be
not less than four nor more than eight
fe The teachers are to be1 selected by the
division boards and each trustee Is re
ws quired to look after the needs of the
jipchools in their districts The main
l feature of the bill aside from the al
Pi Iteration In the methods of managing
L Schools is that each county in the
KvState shall have a high school The
Mil now goes to the Senate and is
jfiS practically certain to pass there both
ffe th + nlrqts and Republicans favor
King it
liwJwIn tho Senate today an important
ftiocal option measure was passed
This provides that no dlstlller shall
resell intoxicating liquor in any local
joptlon district except to a licensed
i wholesale of retail dealer Tills will
S Jdo away with the present plan of small
p vdlstiilerled selling whisky In five gal
ji lon lots to anybody who may apply
I f Senator McNutts bill creating the of
ijpf fice of Assistant jail physician in
IF Louisville was passed by a unanl
I < mous vote The county xinjt bill came
I < pip again this morning in the Senate
lf when the House bill which baa pass
II ed was read and referred to a core
H mlttee On motion of Senator River
j fc the bill was referred to the Kentucky
f Statutes Committee This does not
I taffect the bill however as the Rules
S Committee is in complete charge and
I V tie bill can be called up only on mot
if Ion of the Rules committee
The Senate passed the Crecilius bill
providing a penalty for selling or buy
> ing pooled tobacco after It had been
fl tmended so as to provide that the
penalty should be Inflicted only whore I
layperson knowingly buy such pooled
tobacco Other bills were passed and
j the Senate disposed of a great deal I
r pt business
r Much business of importance was
r Lr transacted by the House and Senate
I yesterday and the two bodies are now
< v getting down to work with the pros
pprpect that all the bills which need at
fItentJon will be disposed of before theI
X session adjourns There remains of t
the session only nine days but in that
time a great deal of business can be 1
transacted and the session will endI 1
trfvlth a great deal accomplished es
f S pecially for the cause of education I
i I 1
MTp Anderson County Farmer Whose
iPlstol Is Accidentally DischargedI
7J Mr Ishmael Proctor one of the best
known young farmers of the western t
< part of Anderson county was acclden
tally shot at his home near Glen boro
and died at an early hour yesterday
i morning
i 5 He had been tp his barn shooting 1
rats and while returning to the house
die pistol was accidentally discharged t
The bullet entered his right eye and I
jjit lingered paly1 a few hours He is
survived bihit wjlftr t c
> i
Wants T
Del o crIUry
ty f rJ 1
Former lIyht1Yi or
oP Eminent iV I
nesday to
thorlzed hi eon conflue a
hl th a sorE
didate for de
Congressional 1iith
Democratic Con t tfuvr
CoL next JulY CiEJOHPlta says h
Is assured of undivided support JnhIS
end of the district and is anxious to
be one of the two to be sent from th
Ashland district to make the trip
the Western metropolis and nom 1m
the peerless Nebraskan for the pre
dency Col Thorne says he has hr
his ears to the ground and can hea
the rumbling of discontent made by
the people and that the sign Is
right for Bryan the peoples cham
pion to sweep the country Accord
Ing to Col Thome the Republicans
will be hunting cyclone cellars when
the next election rolls around no
matter who they may nominate
Entertained Tuesday Evening By
Members Of The Legislature At
Capital Hotel
One of the gayest and most enjoy
able social events of the General As
sembly session was the dance and re
ception given at the Capital Hotel
Tuesday evening by the members of
the Legislature in honor of Senator
elect W O Bradley and his daughter
Mrs John G South The grand
march was led by Gov Bradley and
Mrs W H Cox wife of the Lieuten
ant Governor
Among the informal features were
banjo playing by Representative
Henry Denham of the MetcalfeMon
roe district who also called the figu
res for the quadrilles Representa
tive Windy Bill Thompson of Spen
cer county showed himself quite
handy with his feet and danced a
genuine oldfashioned breakdown
for the edification of the large assem
blage The affair was made a society
event and many handsome costumes
were in evidence A number of guests
were present from Louisville and
jexington and many other points in
Central Kentucky
Democratic Nat Committeeman Urey
Woodson was In the city on business
matters durIng the week Mr Wood
son is keeping busy as secretary of
the subcommittee which is making
arrangements for the national conven
tion at Denver which he believes will
prove to be one of the biggest Demo
cratic love feasts this Country has
ever seen
Kentucky is certain to cast a solid
vote for Bryan for the nomination
he said in the lobby of the Capital
Hotel All this talk of some of the
Eleventhdistrict leaders being against
him and favoring Judson Harmon
has panned out to be idle gossip I
have investigated conditions in every
part of the State and find the senti
ment almost universal for the nomina
tion of the Nebraskan
I further believe that all signs
point moet auspiciously toward his
election Roosevelt is handing it to
him thats all there is to it The
Republicans were never split so badly
in their history there is the big stick
constantly over their heads the panic
factories idle all over the land men
out of tmployment and wages being
reduced The Republicans have lost
their fulldinnerpail campaign slo
gan and tho only hope for the return
of the country to sane conditions is
the election of Mr Bryan
There Is as much or more profit in
hemp at 7 per hundred which Is
being paid now as there is in tobac
co at the prices that are asked by
the peelers The same ground will
grow either and heres an argu
dept for more hemp and less tobac
OQ t is yearS
t 4
iy unit extention bill ex
tem H K provisions of the county
unit B every county In the State
was B sleep for good and all as
far as tWpresent session of the Legis
lature is concerned on Thursday when
the Seriate adopted a rule requiring
a twothirds vote to call any bill from
the hands of the rules committee The
rule was adopted as a result of an
agreement between the Democrats and i
Republicans who thought it would be
better to havq one committee In com
plete control rather than have a gene
ral scramble for the passage of their
pet measures by all the members of
the Senate The rules committee ofI
opposed to the passage of the county
unit bill and will not report it The
advocates of the measure can not mus
ter the necessary twothirds vote to t
call the bill from the committee so
it will die a natural death and the
verdict will be Choked to death on
The bill had a stormy time any
how It hung up in the House for
some weeks and not only was not con
sidered but it effectually prevented
anything else from being considered
Between the county unit bill and the
contest cases which the Republicans
were howling to have reported and
then the Senatorial race there was not
much chance for anything These
three things tied up the House so tight
that nothing was done For four weeks
not a committee had a chance to make
a report and the chairmen of the var 1
ious committees carried bills around
in their pockets until the paper was
worn and frayed and when the com
mittees did get a chance to report on
Thursday last the bills were almost
worn out The county unit bill trans
ferred Itself from the House to the I
Senate and the same sort of business
was repeated There seemed to be
something abqut the county unit bill t
which filled everybody with a desire I
to adjourn Just as soon as it was I
In the Senate however things were
not tied up so badly as in the House
for there were more members against i
the bill and it had less chance of pass I
ing The Senate finally took the bull I
by the horns and put the bill on the
shelf so that it is out of the way and
will not block up legislation as it has I
done in the House The bill came i
within an ace of getting up on Wed
nesday and might have passed but for II
a change in one vote Senator Rives
who has been fighting for the bill made
his usual motion that the rules be
suspended and the bill taken from the
committe and put on its passage
Senator Charlton moved to lay this
motion on the table The motion to
table was lost by a tie vote of 17 to
17 the chair not voting but declaring
the motion lost because it did not pro
vail He then put the original motion
to suspend the rules and Senator Conn
Linn who had Voted against tabling
the motion changed his vote and
voted against taking the bill from the
committee The motion was lost the
vote being 18 to 16 The county unit
opponents thought their time had
come and were badly frightened but
that night things were done and the
bill was laid away without funeral ser
vices on the day following
Next to the county unit bill the Mc
Chord bill has aroused most interest
and the fate of this bill under the new
rule In the Senate is problematic It
is said that the rules committee is
against tho bill and that the support
ers of it can not muster the necessary
twothirds to get it out of thO hands of
that committee but the supporters
of the measure say that it will be pass
ed and It then will be up to the Gov
ernor whether or not it shall ber
come a law The McChord bill
V t
111t f <
bl nut UK
tital bills of small im
port to one particular lo
cality Pssed and much routine
work was Disposed of BO that the
House can get down to business now
and get something done before the
session closes The Rules Committee
of the House and Senate took hold on
Friday and these two committees now
have the say as to what shall be con
sidered These two committees are
complete masters of the two bodies
when it comes to saying what shall
be considered and they will weed out
the undesirable bills
Who Is Shy On Cash Asks Appellate
Cotirt For Rule Against Clerk In
Divorce Case
In case of Louise Bullock Holtman
v J J Holtman on appeal from a
judgment of the Kenton Circuit Court
the appellant Mrs Holtman filed her
affidavit before the Court of Appeals
to show cause why he shall not be
compelled to make and deliver to ap
pellant a transcript of the record for
the prpose of her appeal
The clerk had refused to make a
copy of the record without payment
of his fee Appellant says shehas no
means to pay his fee qnd that she Is
entitled to a hearing of her appeal and
can not have it without the record
The motion for the rule was submit
ted This idan action for divorce by
Mrs Holtman The court below decid
ed against her and she has prayed an
The fact of Lent which began on
Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter
Sunday is being observed in the Cath
olic and Episcopal Churches of this
city At the Church of the Good
Shepherd the usual Ash Wednesday
services were held Wednesday morn
Ing at eight oclock followed by a high
It is the custom in the Catholic
Church to sprinkle ashes on the fore
heads of those who approachthe altar
and to remind them that they will re
turn to dust hence the term Ash Wed
nesday Regulations for Lent were
read in the Church of the Good Shep
herd Sunday Bishop C P Maes of
this diocese lays down the same rules
that obtained last year The use of
meat is prohibited on Wednesdays
and Fridays which are fast days
On Wednesday and Friday night of
each week services will be held at the
Catholic Church During Lent mar
riages are not allowed In the Catholic
Church and the devout are expected
to refrain from attending amuse
Lenten services were held at the
Episcopal church Wednesday morn
Ing and also that evening and will
continue throughout the season of
Lent on the following days and hours
Tuesday and Thursday at four
Wednesday and Fridiflrat 730
oclockIf > <
If you have a small amount of cream
do not skim so closely and add some
milk Put in a little starter and warm
it before putting the cream can in
warm water constantly stirring until
the proper temperature la obtained
when It will quickly ripen
r RYtffflfiABH
League May
ifCUF + oflse
The killing of the county unit bill
In the Senate and the failure to pass
a redistricting bill or even to consider I
either has caused a renewal of the
talk of an extra session and It was
stated on reliable authority that Gov
Willson will call an extra session to
consider four subjects These four
subjects are the county unit bill a re
districting hill bipartisan boards for
the control of the State penal and
charitable institutions and some meas I
ures to relieve the tobacco troubles
which have caused the Governor so
much anxiety It is said that the I
Governor has made up his mind finally
that the State must have redlstrlct
ing bill in accordance with the decis
ion of the Court of Appeals which
knocked out the last bill that was
passed by the Legislature and also
tlat something must be done to stop
the raids by night riders The talk
of an extra session is all that one
hears now as the big things which
occupied the attention of the public
during the weeks which have passed
have all been settled one way or the
Gov Wlllson Is known to be disap
pointed in the Legislature and Is said
to have expected the two bodies to
pass a redistricting bill although it is
hardly believed that he expected the
passage of the bill which was drawn
by the Republicans and which would
have put the RepublicanS in control
in the State In order to get a redis
tricting bill it is said to be practically
certain that he will call an extra ses
sion and that he will include in the
call as a part of the business which is
to be considered the county unit bill
Gov Willson has not talked regarding
his intentions on the subject of an
extra session but his close friends say
that It Is practically a certainty that
he will issue the call The extra ses
sion may not be held immediately fol
lowing the presnt session but it may
be several weeks before the call is Is
The AntiSaloon League which is a
power in Kentucky as well as other
States is said to have already decided
that In case this session ends without
the passage jat the county unit bill
petitions asking an extra session will
be sent to the Governor from every
precinct In the State and will make
things so strong that he will be prac
tically forced to call the extra ses
sion This plan Is said to have been
fully decided on and will be put Into
execution at once Franfort Is much
interested in all this talk and many
would like to see the Legislature come
back for an extra session
A prominent Republican member of
the Legislature said he Is confident
Gov Wlllson expects to call an extra
session Ho said that while the Gov
ernor did not say it in so many words
he asked questions the purport of
which showed that he is at least con
sidering the matter very carefully
Pays For Site On Which New Federal
Building Will Be Erected At Paris
The transfer of the Anthony Thorn
ton property corner of Eighth and I
Pleasant streets which was recently
purchased by the Government for a
Federal building site was formally
completed at Paris when special agent
George M Davidson of the Treasury
Department turned over to attorney
John M Brennln trustee a check for
the purchase price 7250
Work on tho building will probably
be begun in tho summer
No 21It
Indicts Indian Refining Company anda + d
I Kentucky Traction Company At e
I Versailles Y
I Yi
i I
The grand jury of the Woodford Cir
cult Court returned eindictments
against the Indian Refining Company tr
of Georgetown for transporting oil In i
tank wagons and unlawfully selling
the same at r Jl without license A
The grand rl also indicted the
Central Kent r Traction Company
on eights counts for failure to maink
tabs signal boards on its line in Wood
ford county at points where public
highways are crossed by the railroad
and for failing to safeguard its employ
es by blocking the frogs on its tracks
You will need to take extra pains r
to have your milk clean and free from
odors now But you can do it by tak
ing care to wipe the udders oft clean
and by bedding the cows and currying
them every day Dont miss any of
these things
A special from Louisville last night
Within the next few days Attorney
Frank P Straus will call a meeting of
the members of the Constitutional
Convention from Louisville for the
purpose of arranging for a reunion of
the surviving members of the conven
tion held in 18901891 One hundred
of the brainiest men in Kentucky form
ed the convention which gave to the
State its present Constitution Men
who afterwards became famous in the
State and nation helped from the Con
stitution under which the people now
Of the members from Jefferson
county nine in number six of them
survive Five of them live In Louis
ville and are Col Bennett H Young
Edward J McDermott 1J Funk Dr
M K Allen and Morris Sachs Mr
Straus represented Bullltt county 3
where he lived and practiced his pro
fession at the timet <
Many of the members of the Consti
tutional Convention were young men
and later became prominent in public
life From the Constitutional Conven
tion William Lindsay went to theI
United States Senate as the successor
of John G Carlisle while among those
who went to the lower house of Con
gress were D H Smith who repre
sented Larue county George Gilbert
of Shelby county Ajjp Jamef of
Muhlenburg county and bfrtSfrhr4
late William Goebel was a member
from Kenton county and later be
came Governor of Kentucky T r
Nunn and John D Carroll both of
whom are members of the Court of
Appeals represented Christian and t
Henry counties respectively
It was as a result of a chance meet s
ing in Louisville of Judge Nunn and
Judge Carroll and Mr Straus that it n
was suggested that a reunion of the
survivors of the convention be held
Mr Straus Judge Nunn and Judge wt
Carroll at once became enthusiastic
Of the 100 members of the convention >
about sixty of them survive and it ia > J
certain that they would all be glad tot
go to Louisville for the reunion tIWl
Said To Have Told a FrendTlii t Ht 1 1
< I
Was Out Of Active Politics > It Ai j
Former Governor J C W Bechara t
will according to a close personal
friend resume the practice of law in
a short time He is said to have told t
active politics and that he intends to
shortly settle down and
practice his k
profession While he did not say
where he would lovate it 1s believed
by many of his friends that he will
make Frankfort his hoi
formerly a law partner of Eli H +
Brown a member of the Prison Com
mission there is some speculation as
to whether this partnership will be

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