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A AvAAAlAltjl
Ca 1 endarL
r Mrs H H Roberts and Mrs
W H Kldd will entertain the
Lofting Club at the residence d
of Mrs Roberts on Conway
street Wednasday afternoon
Wednesday afternoon April 1 willII
5 be the fiftieth anniversary of the mar
riage of Daniel Glanton and Armella
A Pickett In honor of the event Mrt
and Mrs Glanton will entertain their
friends from two until flvoJ
oclock in the afternoon at their coun
try home on the Lawrenceburg road
Y M 4
The many friends In Frankfort and
I Franklin county of Miss Effle Todd
1 Lewis will be much surprised at thet
i following special from Richmond Vir I
< A marriage which came as a comI
f plete surprise to those who knew the
I popular young couple was that of Dr I 1
James Mitchell Lewis of this city
and Miss Effle Todd Lewis of Frank 1
I r fort Ky which took place quietly at I c
r the home of the bridegroom on
South Fifth street this evening 1
While It was known to the members
I I of the family that the young couple I
F were engaged they had not advised I
I ltheir friends of their immediate Inll
tention I
1 tentionThe m Il
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev Dr Russell Cecil Dr and Mrs
Lewis left immediately for a Northern
i town They will make their future
I home In this city The bride was on <
a visit to Rechmond friends at the
time of the marriage
1The bride Is the youngest daughter
Iof the late Rev Dr J M Lewis and
a sister of Mrs Houston Wood of this
f cityC
lFriends of Mr Richard T Chiles I
in this city have received the follow I
1 Mr Charles E CassellI
requests the honor of your presence
at the marriage of his daughter
iI Mattleto
I to
1E a r Mr Richard Tubman Chiles
on Wednesday April the eighth
f 1407 Park Avenue
I 1 Baltimore
Mr Chiles is the son of the late
Mr Richard C Chiles and a grand
son of the late Cat Sam Sanders I
HIS many friends tn his old home
t congratulate him upon his good fortune j
In Cincinnati Ohio on Wednesday
Col Mervla Parrent arid Miss Hinton
Thomson were married Col Parrent
1 recently retired from the position of
Assistant Adjutant General and is a
> ron o popuhn rqUt1 man Miss ThojasoB > ia
t the daughter of the late Mr Thos
t Thomson of this county and Is a
h handsome and attractive young lady >
V She was stenographer in the Adju
fi tant Generals office The happy cou
pIe will go to New Orleans La to
reside The best wishes of a host of
> friends attend them
y 5
i L The following note from the Cour
I F ier Journal will 10 of much interest
+ to the many friends pf the bride Mtoa
l Nadine Buford who frequently vtaftetf
her as the guest pf Miss Nan Ham
a The wedding of Miss Nadine Bu
fprd to Mr Ramsey Patterson Morris
was solemnized yesterday afternoon at
4 oclock at the country place of Miss
BufonJs mother Mrs KatherIne Bu
ford The Rev H W Elliott officiat
ed Only the members of the two
families and a few intimate friends
< were present Prior to the ceremony
fMiaa Clara Arnold gave efflectlve mu
sical seiectk 1 4iytring thecere
mony play < Qg from I
Melatalp cr ret artis
tical c wIon
South ors
behtz 9 n
thF re N
in and fe oTho
Arid Jfcfdfiful princess gown
of ralfc ofer
bride W JBL brides table was
decotatnd in
the ce > id
n d of white
Mr and
the evening for ew Orleans
cola Tampa and other
All work and no play makes Jack a F
dull boyso after plying the needle
diligently for many consecutive meet
ings it was thought the industrious a
members of the Lofting Club needed a
diversion and at the regular meeting
Wednesday afternoon when they met I
at Mrs W E Settles residence asv
guests of Mrs R G Higdon and Mrs
W E Settle they were met by a num
ber of young girls attired to represent
the seasons and informed they would a
not need their sewing bags The
young ladles took charge of each lady
wl ose birth month came In the sea
son she represented saw that she was
seated at the right table and served
her refreshments
There was a table for each month
of the year and those born in a cer
thin month occupied the table for that
The January table was resplendent
with snowy covering and contained a
little book and pencil for New Years
resolutions and dainty calendars as
souvenirs MrS Farmer of this table
spoke of the many historical events
that had occurred in the month and
lof the days which are said to bring
good and others correspondingly ill 1
IThe February table was prettily
decorated with A border of hearts i
with valentines and a log with cherry
land hatchet accompaniment Mrs
Foamster said It was not necessary
to speak ol Geo Washingtons birth
day or of the cherry incident but gave
fn origin of St Valentines and the
customs which have been handed
dwn to us and wound up with that I
oldest of vel en tines Roses red and
violet blue sugar sweet and so arc
March table of course was tipical
of St Patrick and contained the little
silk Hags place cards containing the
shamrock hat and pipe The ladies
at this table after donning their green
hats had Mrs Edelen intelgently tell
of St Patrick closing with a couplet
of Kilkenny cats
In the center of the April table was
a vase of fresh violets hand painted
cards representing young girls strug
HUng in the rain with an umbrella at 1
a box of dominoes as an April fool
made this table attractive Miss Let
tie Crowe said she knew she was ex
pected to say something about April
fool but she wouldnt and Instead
recited a beautiful verso on the month
In the center of the dining room was
the Maypole and Mrs Sallee as they
danced around was crowned Queen
of the May and recited one verse of
Im to be Queen of the May Mother
The June table being the table of
sweet girl graduates and brides was
decorated with roses and diplomas
and Mrs Roberts repeated a verse o f
Oh What is so Rare as a Day in
On the July table were flags and
fire works and as Mrs Nunn and Mrs
Marvin Averill arose waving their
flags Miss Genevieve Posey and Miss
Lila Edelen sang the beautiful Star
Spangle Banner Mrs Averill then
spoke of the Declaration of Indepan
dence and gave anecdotes and incl >
dents of that time
Naturally yap think of fans and
Parasols in Augijst and they were
favors at thlf f > le with poppies Jn
the center J rij Hobson gave a verjse
on Slumber
The September table was decided
ly seriously tooking with its hook s
and slates II the middle of the tablet
was a little girl with her tightly
plaited hair W rlting I loye you on
fit pchool girl style of lopg apron with
1pockets and sunbonnett made a little
speech Twinkle twinkle little star
etc She said after tasting her candy
that she could sing too and delighted
her hearers with a song
The October table was decorated I
with Autumn leaves and Jack olanters
and in the center a bowl of blf red
apples Mrs Hendrick explained Ins
a happy way the origin of mysterious
The November table was artistic
with cornstalks tied with yellow rib
bon In the center of the table we
little pumpkins filled with bonbons
were placed as souvlnlers Mrs Getfo
told of the American Institutions
Thanksgiving and football Jt
Of course December had a Chris
mas tree and little stqtfklriK
with candy and Christmas +
bells and a present Jr tCTf
Mrs J A pose
vity and hpv <
d wldof
yam f
and Vir
Nunn and
spring GenoyfaV
Edelen ° ° 4
Hendri 1 fit
and oil
vapanci s wer f
Mrs John Wllll tD 1tJ
q 6 Mrlf H L Bn fletSJtI
Clay Mrs J D carrdf4 1fi
lason Mrs Dyke Hal lrhig
Eli qf Danville Mrs Tylfer of PrifJI
tnMxm Chas Saffell Wlss vLU
lire and Miss Lockotte Smith t
Ife is thought the ladles will go top
utlr sewing with fresh zeal I
Miss Todd Saffell has returned from
visit in Louisville
Mr Ben T Coleman of Louisville
was in the city Tuesday
Mrs S J Shackelford and children
visited In Louisville this week
Mrs Cecil Farmer visited friends
Shelbyville this week
Judge Jrr Nunn loft Tuesday for
visit to Marlon his old home
Mr John S Cannon spent Sunday g1
with his brother Hon W L Cannon e
at Midway of
Miss Lena Benton has returned f
from a visit to Pewee Valley
Mrs Waller H Lewis who has been w
visiting her mother Mrs Ben Hardin J
Helm in Louisville has returned to
her home
Mr R H Berryman and daughter 11
Miss Buford left Tuesday for their fl
home In Louisville
Mrs Wm T Herndon returned on fl
Tuesday from a visit to Mra John s
Morgan in Lexington J
lIlrSlJJohn F Lewis of Buffalo
N Y who has been the guest ofv
relatives here has returned to her d
home b
Miss Effle M Lewis Is visiting rela IJ
Lives in Richmond and other points a
in Virginia I
Mrs J C W Beckham was the
guest of her father Mr J A Fuqua
a t Lakeland this week
Mr Andrew Nichols law clerk for
Judge Nunn left Tuesday for Wick
llffe V
Mr Dudley Lindsey U S Clerk at I
Owensboro visited his father Mr
John B Lindsey this week
Mr George W Long U S Marshal
Western District of Kentucky Louis
vine was here Tuesday 11
Hon D D Sublett of Salyersville 11
was in the city on legal business this
week I
Mr John M Bullock of Lexington
was the guest of his brother Mr Ca t
bell B Bullock this week E
Dr O M Buckmaster of Lexington
was In the city on Tuesday
Mr James A Hodges of Louisville
was called here to attend the funeral
of his brotherinlaw Col John N
Miss Annie Knott of Louisville at
tended the funeral of Col John N
Crutcher tibia week
Mrs James P Amsden Mrs Jean
Amsden Mobely Miss Belle Givens
and Mrs Susan MoLeod of Versailles
rwere in the city Tuesday shopping
Mr Walter M Franklin and family
whert e
they will reside in future
Mrs J B Lewis of Versailles at
tended the funeral and burial of Col
John N Crutcher on Wednesday af
Mrs Owen Moore spent the week
with relatives In Woodford county
Mica Mae Hockensmith has return
ed from Louisville where she was
the guest pf JfcbaJgarafci Norwood
Mrs BarJ Harris sprart sever i
this week la Midway m the guest
Miss Elizabeth Buford has returned
to her home In New Castle after a
visit with her brother Mr J T Bu
ford and wife
1Miss Way Donaldson left yesterday
for Louisville where she will make
her future home
Mrs S R Weakley has returnee d
from Shelby county where she spent
several days with relatives
Col Ed Q Abbott wife and chi 1
nighn t 1
to make thjtt city their future home
1Judge H R French has returned
spotfrom Lt
several days with his family
Mr Albert H McClure spent t heof
week In New York City on business
Misa Tyler of Louisville came
Thursday for a visit with her sisters
tire Wilmot H 1C1ddoh Fourth
Mrs Canada Rodman has returned
to her home In Louisville after a visit
with her niece Mlsa Hunt Rodman atc
Mrs Stpleton Johnsons on 13eci5 het
j I
R t4hie
i r r
J 8
pply You
Ebner Co
312 Main St
Miss Kettle Belle Fuqua and her
guest Miss Isabelle Thomas of Ath
ens Ga spen i the week as the guest
Miss Louise Kasalmen in Wood
ford county
Mrs Jackson Morris will early next
week leave for iher old home in New
Jersey where she will spend several
weeks among relatives
Mrs Thomas Rodman and Miss Lucy
Rodman spent Friday the guest of
friends In Louisville
Miss Sarah Mahan has returned
from Lexington where she spent
several days with her aunt Mrs C
Lady Ross of Scotland who is now
visiting her parents Mr and Mrs An
drew Ellison at the WelssingerGaul
bert will go to Frankfort this morn
ing to spend the day with relatives
and will return home this evening
Thursdays CourierJournal
Judge W S Pryor who has been
very ill with la grippe at Newcastle is
at his office In this city again
Mrs J Q A Stuart has returend
from a visit to her daughter Mrs
Wm M Rodman in Philadelphia
Mr J W M Stewart of Ashland
was in the city on legal business
Miss Hazel Dixon of Louisville who
has been the guest of Miss Flora Rea
has returned home
Editor E D Shinnick of the Shelby
Record was a visitor here Tuesday
Mr Roy Gray left for Chicago Sat
urday to take a position with the Nel
Bon biarris Packing Company
Mr W R Lyons of the Secretary
of States office was called to his
home at Munfordsville by the dan
gerous Illness of his mother
Mr Jesse M Alverson the accom
modating Assistant Clerk of the Sen
ate completed his labors and let
for his home at Stanford on Mon
Rev J M Severance went to Yen
sallies on Sunday morning and de
livered a strong address in the later
est of the Y M C A at A Union Ser
vice held at the MetlWdfst Church
Mrs Jno W Roi ian went to Louis
ville yesterday to meet her daughter
Miss Gladys who has been the guesi
of frieadV in Knoxvllle Tenn The
remained over in Louisville last even
ing for the Fiske engagement at Mc
Mr and Mrs Joseph C Van Meter
of Lexington who have been Rpendinf
the winter at the WelssingerGaulhert
in Louisville have gone to Lexington
for A few days to make arrangement
for the > speaiiyi of Ihclr country plaa
for the summer
11Miss Emma Roy of Xtruisvillerwbe
has been visiting her aunt Mrs Wil
last two months returned home Tues
day night accompanied by Mrs ROBS
who will be the guest of Mr and Mrs
William D Roy atthelrnonie on the
Newburg road for several weeks
grossman South Trimble of this coun
ty left Tuesday morning for Boston
1Mass from which point he will sail
this morning for London for a stay
of several months in the British lies
Mrs Thos J Nunn and daughter
Miss Virginia Nunn spent several days
In Louisville this week as the guests
of friends
Louisvillee I
Iecame yesterday for a visit with Miss
Anna Mitchell on Holmes street
Mrs Jennie C Morton and Miss
Sallle Jackson have returned from
Louisville where they spent several
lotdays with friends
Miss Cornelia Gordon who la at
Spring Dress Goods Exhibit
The newest the best the latest the
Cream of the market is here With an
eye payour pusee and tas1gp we have
made a selection that stands second to
none let us say right here the prices
will delight you Silk re in great demand
mand for dresses and aists we have
them in dots stripes solid colors and
the LEAD of them all is MONEYBAK
All the new shades of Wool Dress
Goods 50c 60c 75c Jfel and 125 per
yard See our Gold Medal Black Goods
Beautiful Wash Dress Goods lOc 16 < v
25c 35c and 5Cc yard
II n =
Holmes Street ft Both Phones
Just Received
1 A Car Load of the Celebrated
North Stir
Refrigerator 4
r t
Sold Exclusively By
f JH So wet Hardware 00
j 4
Main Street Boil Phone i
tending school at Vfcssar College I
came last night for a visit with her I
aunt Mrs Geo F Berry at Juniper
itirsT Morgan Chinn spent Thurs
day in Louisville las a guest at the
Mr W H Posey has returned from
a business trip to Louisville
Miss Bessie Cutter has returned
from Louisville where she spent
several days with friends
Mr and Mrs S U Saufley spent
several dayo this week as the guests
of relatives in Lincoln county
Mrs Mary Browa Day has returned
from Crescent Hill where sho was tins 13
guest of her sister Mrs JT Galnes
Judge and Mrs Jno D Carroll and
I 1
children left yesterday for New Cas
tle where they will spend several 1
Judge and Mrs Henry S Barker
left yesterday for Louisville where
th4y will spend a two weeks vacation
Miss Annie Abbett will remain here
the guest of friends until Monday
evening when she leaves for Louis
vllle to make her future homo I
Gov Willson wound up his conald
eratlon of the bills passed by the Gen
eral Assembly yesterday and will
leave for New York Saturday night
to remain 181 week The Governor
signed the bill permitting Listr ree
companies to Incorporate in Kentucky
with a capital stock ot tfOOQQ I t
r ill

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