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I <
M1nE 1
estate Convention Brings
Everybody In Line I I
j Past Forgotten and Success
Now Assured
I Democrats of Kentucky are united
I once more and all factions who have
fought each other so hard are now
standing together fighting for the suc
cess of the Democratic ticket It was
not a sweet dose for some of them
it t 4and some of them do not like It but
they are not going to bolt and will be
11found supporting Bryan this fall
> Gov J C W Beckham failed to carry
1 out the programme which he had out
lined and did not control the conven
tion as his friends claimed that he
i would He could not prevent the
election of Cal W B Haldeman as
delegate from the State at large to
the Rational Convention and for this
reason harmony prevailed
It was a great convention from a
standpoint of Democratic success
All the leaders of the party made
speeches In which they invited
everybody to come into the Demo
cratic party and the bolter is to be
dropped It was forgotten in the con
vention on Thursday the only man
who referred to the subject other
than in a spirit of harmony was Gov
Beckham who could not resist the
I temptation to dog the men who had
I not supported him in the Senatorial
race last winter
i In a spirit of harmony and to show
that the past is forgotten and the
j Democracy of Louisville stands with
the Democracy of the State for the
success of the Democratic ticket Col
I W B Haldeman speaking for the I
delegates from the Fifth Congres
i sional District asked the Democratic
State Convention to extend to Gov
IS C W Beckham an invitation to
speak to them
For answer to a call of the dele
I gates Col Haldeman responded only
c to suggest that the convention hear
I Gov Beckham and acting on this
suggestion the i convention enthusi
rastlcally called for Gov Beckham
The latter responded to the call and
spoke after he had shaken hands
with Congressman A O Stanley his
I 1 late opponent for the position of
i temporary chairman of the conven i
tion The two men shook hands
t in the presence of the convention and I
Gov Beckham made ay speech In I
+ which he said that although he was I
jltGov I
beaten he was for the Democratic I
ticket and no matter how many times
he was beaten or how often he was
still for the Democratic nominees
and he and his friends would stand
for them at all times
Coming from the man whom he had 1
I attempted to beat for a place as dele I
gate to the National Convention from
the Stateatlarge and after the for
mer leader of the Democratic party
had been defeated on a square show
down among the delegates to the con
vention the action of Col Haldeman
was warmly applauded and the cheers
which followed his suggestion that
I Gov Beckham be Invited to the plat
form showed that the convention was I
for harmony and opposed to anything
being done that would tend to pre
I vent the Democrats of the State in I
Louisville as well as outside from
getting together for Bryan this fall
The delegates went wild at the sug
gestion from Col Haldomanas it was
unexpected but thoy were quick to
aCe that it meant a full and complete
f rti 1 ili 1
harmOny programme
This incident which was sprung on
the convention suddenly Just b
the adjournment was the
the Democratic State <
to select delegates to th
Convention revise the r
I Democratic party and
the party committees It
keynote of the convention and the
one word which was heard was bar
I mony and it was spelled with a large
I and Juicy capital H for there was
nothing to it but that the Democrats
should stand shoulder to shoulder
and face the common enemy the Re
publican party forgetting as Mr
Stanley said that there had ever been
When Gov Beckham took the stage
and declared that although he and his
friends had been beaten they were for
the Democratic ticket and the Demo
cratic nominees and would be found
supporting them and when Gov
Beckham and Congressman Stanley
greeted each other the latter flushed
from his victory in the race for tem
porary chairman the convention ap
plauded the harmony programme
which was outlined and supported by
Col Haldeman and Col John H
Whallen and the delegates from
Gov Beckham said that he was bea
ten but he took his medicine squarely
and his speech brought together the
factions so that when the State Con
vention came to an end after a short
session the only Idea was that there
should not be any factions longer
that the troubles and splits of the past
should be forgiven and forgotten and
the prodigal should return to the fold
not to be chastised but to be wel
comed and made much over as was
the prodigal son In the parable
Six Democratic leaders were elected
delegates to the National Convention
form the StateatLarge They were
Gov Beckham Congressman Ollie
M James Col W B Haldeman Sen
ator James B McCreary John CC
Mayo and Senator T H Paynter
These men represent all conflicting
Interests and will cast the vote of
Kentucky for Bryan
Ury Woodsons election as National
Committeeman is assured and he will
not have any opposition for the place
on the National Democratic body
Tho State Convention was for Mr
Wioodson and the delegates of the
National Convention will be for him
to a man iMr Wioodson has a chance
to be chairman of the National Com
mittee as his name has been sug
gested prominently for the position
The Hon Henry Prewitt of Mt Sterl
ing was elected chairman of the
Democratic State Central and Execu
tive Committees
George Speer Will
Succeed Percy Haley
George Speer of Anderson county
has secured enough pledges from the
members of the new State Central
and Executive Committees to elect I
him secretary to succeed Percy Haley
MT Speer has more than enough
votes to land him in the place and ho
will be elected secretary at the first
meeting of the new committees
which probably will be In a few days
after the National convetlon Mr
Speer was in the Auditors office
under Judge S W Hager and has a
great many friends all over the State
Bryan and Watterson
1Upon taking the chair at the Demo
cratic State Convention Congress
man Stanley read the following tele
gram from W J Bryan and Henry
Lincoln Neb June 10 1908 To
Chairman Democratic State Conven
tion Lexington Ky Democrats o
Lincoln In mass meeting assembled
instruct us to send greetings to the
united Democracy of Kentucky and In
vita delegation to stop off on its way
to Denver
Mr Lewis H Finnell who some
weeks ago underwent an operation at
the Norton Memorial Infirmary In
Louisville and since his return home
has not been progressing as rapidly
as he wished returned Wednesday to
the Infirmary where he had another
operation performed Thursday morn
Ing Ho was doing nicely last night
and hopes to be well enough to return
home In aweek or so returnI
e Convention Ever III
a Session
Leaders Battle At Hotel Wed
nesday Night
Beckham Withdraws In Face
Of Defeat
It was all settled Wednesday night
before the convention had ever met
and before many of the delegates
even reached Lexington The program
for the Democratic State Conven
thin which was held In Lexington on
Thursday was all mapped put and
arranged before the leaders went to
bed Wednesday night or really on
Thursday morning The first fight
was the selection of a temporary
chairman of the convention and it
meant that the side which won this
would have control of the convention
and would put through the plans ar
ranged Gov Beckham and his friends
were fighting desperately seeing that
the tide was going against them and
finally Gov Beckham threw up his
hands and quit He simply announced
that he would not be a candidate for
temporary chairman and then the
Beckham forces surrendered all along
the line and the allies Congresman
Ollie James and Ben Johnson and the
others who for the sake of the party
success believed it best that Governor
Beckham should not be allowed tp
control won everything
It was a lively scene in the Phoenx
Hotel Wednesday night when things
were stirring and the fight was in I
progress Gov Beckham thought ho
w uld be able to control the conven
tion He had been deluded by his
friends and went into the race for
temporary chairman under a misappre
hension as to the real conditions I
When he found that he would be I
beaten and that he would be humili
ated by the convention if he stayed Inl
the race he withdrew acknowledging
So strong was the opposition to
Gov Beckhams programme as under
stood by the convention and so com
pletely was the convention against
him that there was talk of beating
him for delegate to the national con
vention from the Stateatlarge and
had he no withdrawn as a candidate
for chalrman It is possible that he
would not have oeen sent to Denver
Senator Thomas H Paynter had the
fight of his life to get on the delega
tion and it was only by putting on six
that he was able to go as the Big
Four Beckham McCrearj Haldeman
and ames could ihave been beaten
and would certainly have been aent
to Denver no matter who was in the
race In the Interest of harmony it
was decided to send six delegates in
stead of four and this let Senator
Paynter In
Seeing not but defeat in store for
them friends o Gov Beckham made
frantic efforts to effect a compromise
with the other side by which both
A 0 Stanley and Gov Beckham
should withdraw as candidates for
temporary chairman of the conven
tion and let Jere Sullivan of Rich
mond be the presiding officer of the
It was proposed by the Beckham
followers who saw that their leader
were beaten that both the announced
candidates should withdraw and let
Mr Sullivan be the chairman Mrs
Sullivan said he was in no sense a
candidate but that if both candidates
withdrew he would allow the use of
his name
With hIs race already won Mr
Stanley declined to withdraw as lie
bad been a candidate for the position
of temporary chairman of the State
I Convention for two months and Gov
fieckham had announced only at the
eleventh hour when It was apparent
only purpose in announcing
ididfl was to bring about a
the Second district Congress
Ir Stanley could not see why
he had been a candidate for two
mon and had his race won should
I withdraw at the last minute so he
declined the proposition
Every effort was made by the Beck
ham forces to get a compromise al
though while this effort to compro
mise was going on the managers of
Gov Beckhams campaign were giving
out interviews that under no circum
stances would Mr Beckhams name
be withdrawn as a candidate for tem
porary chairman of the convention
Mr Stanley could not see why he
should withdraw when he had his
race won and he declined all propo
sitions His friends who had been
pledged to hIm for several weeks
were solidly behind him and he had
such a lead In the race that it was
generally conceded that he could not
be defeated It was estimated that
Mr Stanley will have perhaps 200
votes to spare in the race for tem
porary chairman of the convenU n
and that he would win in a canter
Even the friends of Gov Beckham
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Members of the Legislature were
thick at Lexington and nearly every
Democrat who was in the last G
Assembly was attending the Conven
tion And candidates for speaker
were thick Three men have already
announced as cadidates for speaker
of the next House the last one to
enter being Harry Scnoberth of Ver
allies who was one of the orators
of the last House VeH Shanks of
Lincoln and George Wilson of Union
county also are announced candidates
for that honor so that there is going to
be some lively scrapping in the De
mocratic caucus when the Legislature
meets next time
Mr Shanks has been a candidate for
some time George Wilson said
Thursday at Lexington that he
thought he would come back as a
member from Union county and that
Lhe did return he would be a can
didate for Sjpeakeij Mr Schoberth
also announced at the convention and
began his canvass for votes actively
at Lexington Mr Wilson was called
to the chair frequently during the ses
sion and showed that he has firmness
and abilty in the chair
Franklin county Democrats are In
terested In the candidacy of Mr Scho
berth who is their neighbor and who
IH weir and favorably known In this
county He Is a young man with a
silver tongue and can make as good I
and as beautifully worded speech as I
many men in public life who are twice
his age
Shelby County Party
In Automobile Wreck
Lexington Ky June 12 While
coming here to the Democratic con
vention late yesterday afternoon a
party of prominent Shelby county peo
pie in an automobile met with an ac
cident six miles out of Lexington
The machine struck a rut in the road
and turned turtle falling on Magis
trate Miller Fields the owner who
suffered severe injuries to his back
The other occupants were also pain
fully hurt Walter Logan received a
gash on the head Roy Parrotts
shoulder was crushed and Will Fields
was badly cut about the hands Their
injuries were dressed and the party
was able to return home today
Kansas City Juno 12Flre that
started before daylight in the million
and a half dollar packing plant of Nel
son Morris Co in Kansas City
Kan had by 9 oclock progressed so
far that it was feared the entire struc
ture would be destroyed At that
hour dynamite was being used to stop
i the flames Two laborers were killed
and another was perhaps fatally in
t Y
f 4
All Precinct dmnitteeinen
Will Be Elected
Important Changes Made In
Party Laws
OfficeHolders Barred From
Holding Places
New party rules which it Is be
lieved will tend to prevent any fraud
in primaries or conventions and which
will put the people closer in touch
with the committeemen were adopted
by the Democrats of the State in
convention at Lexington These
I party rules are but slightly different
I from the rules which were adopted
four years ago and which were writ
ten by Graham Vreeland What
changes were made this time were
made at the suggestion of Mr Vree
land and he prepared the draft of
the new rules which was submitted
to the Committee on Organization
and accepted by them and by the
convention Mr Vreeland who is a
close and careful student of the politi
cal situation saw the needs for cer
taro changes in the party law and
went before the committee and ex
plained to them these needs The com
mittee approved of his suggestions
and the party rules as they now exist
are practically the rules which were
drawn by Mr Vreeland
After devoting six hours to the
work of drafting rules and laws gov
erning the Democratic party In Ken
tucky for the next four years the
Committee on Permanent Organiza
tion of the Democratic State Conven
tion reported to the convention
shortly before midnight ana with few
exceptions the laws remain the same
as have governed the party since the
last State Convention While only a
few changes were recommended by
the Committee on Permanent Organ
ization and later adopted by the con
vention those made are regarded
by the members of the committee
and a great majority of the Democrats
who heard them read in the conven
tion as being for the great good of
the party
Perhaps the most important
change made in the party law has to
do with the selection of precinct com
mitteemen and in the future all
such committeemen are to be elected
by the will of the Democratic voters
of the respective precincts of which
they desire to be committeemen
This Is regarded by Democrats in
attendance at the convention as be
ing one of the best rules made here
for the Democratic party In Ken
tucky and the change is one which
has been asked for by perhaps a
greater number of Democratic voters
through their delegates than any
other change recommended by the
Committee > on Permanent Organiza
One of the most important changes
recommended by the Committee on
Permanent Organization is to the ef
fect that the office of any State
county or precinct committeeman shall
become vacant upon his becoming a
candidate for the nomination for any
office elective by the people or upon
his acceptance of any elective or ap
pointive public political office It was
also the will of the Committee on Per
manent Organization that the action
of massconventions shall be null and
void unless the presiding officer gives
tellers and a count upon demand of
a Democrat when such Democrat shall
make such a request in a masscon
Another change which is believed
to be much importance to thf Dem
ocratic party in the State was also
recommended by the Committee on
Permanent Organization and is U >
the effect that members of the Demu
cratlc State Central and Execu
tive Committees can only give
their proxies to a member of
Uie commj ee o which ie is
a member wheflTt is impossible
for him to attend a meeting of the
committee called Heretofore it
has been the rule and generally tho
custom to > an absent member to give
his proxy to any person he so chose >
but the new law adopted puts an enda
to this practicei
Decision In Pardon Cases
May Come Today
Governor Shut Up With Sten
ographer All Day
Gov Willson has been working at
his home for two days and was not t
at his office at all yesterday This
has given credence to the report
freely circulated that he will an s
nounce his decision in the Powers
and Howard cases before he goes to
the Chicago Convention on Saturday
afternoon He is going to Chicago
Saturday leaving here In the after
noon at 4 oclock for Louisville
where he will spend the night He
will leave Louisville Sunday night for
Chicago If he Is going to decide the
famous cases before he goes to
Chicago the decision must come Sat
urday and it is believed by manyi
that he will anounce his decision at +
that time
The Governor had his stenographer
with him nearly all day Friday and
also Thursday and this makes it
look like he is preparing his reasons
for either granting or refusing thet
pardons for Powers and Howard
The Governors secretary yesterday
morning sent to the Mansion a large
batch of mail and it is said that the
Governor has been cleaning up his
correspondence before leaving for
Chicago It may be that he Is writ
Ing letters and not writing a state
meat in the Powers and Howard
Lient Gov W H Cox will be in
Frankfort Sunday and will be acting
Governor during the absence of Gov ° +
Willson who expects to be away for
a week at least
Gavel Made From Wood
In Old State House
The gavel which was used in call
Ing to order the Democratic State
Convention at Lexington the other
day was made from a piece of wood
which was nearly a century old It
was taken from the present State
house that old pile of stones and
brick and wood which has stood for
so long as the capitol of the State of
Kentucky and which is soon to be rif
placed by the new and handsome build
ing in South Frankfort The gavel
was made by Capt R E Gaines of
Frankfort who is In the engineering
department at the penitentiary Lewis
McQuown used the gavel in calling
the convention to order and that It
was removed to a safe place for there
desire to have it broken
was no during r
the convention
Capt Gaines made the gavel himself t
He went down into the basement of
the State house and took out a joist
under he salrs leading into the cellar
He took this piece of wood down to
the penitentiary with him and turned
out a handsome gavel The gavel It
self aside from its history value was
a thing of beauty
Newport Ky June 12Three Ken
tucky soldiers holding loaded rifles
in their hands and seated upon a wa
gon load of tobacco passed through
the streets of this city this morning
causing excitement The soldiers
were guarding tobacco owned by Mc
Carthy Bros from Pendleton county
SR r l

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