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I James Ousted From
Louisvilleawes Of Safety
Louisville Talking About
Speeds Friendship
1 < Lid Being Tilted With Great
t Regularity
Special Correspondence
Louisville Ky July 3It has been
given out that R I James Dick
for short is to retire from the Board
I < dipUbllc Safety in Louisville about
July 15 Dick has said himself that
he would leave the board at that time
1ilbecause he finds the duties of the
board interfere with his duties with
the Belknap Hardware Manufactur
ing Company Now wouldnt that Jar
you Of course Richard had no Idea
how urgent his duties with the hard
ware company were when he took the
sinecuf at the City Hall Its an old
storythat resigning a fat leisurely
political plum pudding because other
duties require more attention But
as a rule something else Is behind
such resignations Naturally In this
case I understand Mr James was ask
ed to resign by one no more in authority
than Mayor G instead It seems that
Mr James was too good a friend of
Capt Pope Speed who was forced to
resign under charges from the Board
of Public Safety that he vas protect
I ing gambling and bawdy houses in the
red light district and that he was re
I delving bribes from red light sources
Now Richard was Pope Speeds par
titular friend Speed was advanced
from detective to captain of police so
rapidly that it would make a mans
head swim Pope was using the citys
vehicles and horses to take his family
out riding on Sundays by special per
I rait from Dick He was very busy
with the citys equipage the night tie
Ifore the notorious Republican primary
fin April the most outrageous ever I
cacqndlcted in this city according to
the Republicans themselves Mr
James was such a good friend of
Speeds that he didnt want the grand
Jury to Investigate the Speed doings
In the red light
j I understand that after all the hul
vlabaloo was raised about Speed Mar
shal Bullltt chairman of the board
wanted James to get out of the board
55 and I have heard that he threatened
to resign himself unless James did so
It was then that tho Mayor so I am
told asked Mr James If his private
affairs werent so onerous as to com
pel him to give all his attention to
them Mr Jamen didnt think they
were at first and when It was pub
lished in one of tho papers here that
Mr James was about to leave tho
board some of his yawping friends
mounted their hind legs and let out an
awful roar Simultaneously with Mr
James discovery later that the hard
ware business was picking up his
goats made the same discovery and
It was officially announced that ho
would retire
Now the whole affair smells to me
like a stench from n source too
where the public was led to believe
during a violent campaign that there
was naught but rose water The pub
I lic was told that the Republicans had
an exclusive franchise on all the mor
I ality that wad floating In Lotlsvlllo
and they persisted so In these claims
that they actually had some of the
good people down hero believing It
It would be difficult to find n more dis
gusted lot than those who were bam
boozlcd Into thinking that the Repub
licans were honest when they an
nounced that they proposed to give
iieulsvlllo u clean administration
And ubilo I am talking about honest
Republican administrations in Louis I
ville it would be well to call attention I
to the Sunday closing laws Ther
are many of the saloonkeepers do
here honestly observing the law a
the regulations There are others w
do a bigger business on Sunday thau
they do on any other day but certain
of these the police never discover
With a great flourish of trumpets
Chief of Police Haager announced a
week or two ago that each policeman
would beheld responsible for all sa
loons on his beat and that if it was
shown that saloons were doing busi
ness on Sundays on their beats the
patrolmen would walk the plank I
observe that a number of saloon keep
ers were arrested last Sunday charged
with keeping their saloons open Since
then I have seen no indications of po
licemen out of Jobs One detective
who has been especially active has
been advanced in rank for his wonkas
an example It was said by the big
wigs of the department A cute trick
to make the public forget the grand
stand declaration that saloonblind po
licemen were to be given the finger
It nil looks to me as If the Holier
Than Thou Republicans were laying
the foundation for a fine bit of election
machinery to which the immune sa
loon kieprrs and the police favorites
are twu valuable cogs
The Democratic hosts are gatheri g
In Louisville preparatory to setting
out for Denver They will stop by
Lincoln foi n visit to the sage of Fair
view I hear little gossip as to tits
members of the different committees
from Kentucky The most important
of course Is the Committee on Reso
lutinns and I hear the names of Sena
tor James B McCreary and Col W
B Haldemun mentioned for the place
By the way did you read Marse
Henry on Parker In this mornings
CoiulerJournal You did Well
wasnt it a scorcher Werent they a
few incongruvial remarksa few
words with the bark ona few parts
of speech and Democracy unterrified
and undefiled all rolled Into one Far
powerful Invective rapierlike satire
and bludgeon blows of truth Mr Wat
person himself never wrote anything
to surpass it Larded into the formid
able roast is the following bit of real
The stolen money represented by
these men has been for three months
percolating where the rogues behind It
could be used to buy the Instruments
of their scheme to make the Democrat
ic party a brevet Republican party
Some of it was here in Kentucky
Some of it went to Alabama It was
largely the knowledge of this corrup
tion fund and its plan and object
which carried the CourierJournal to
Mi Bryan
Dr E Champion convicted of night
riding in connection with the Birming
ham raid on March 9 arrived at the
Eddyvllle penitentiary Thursday hav i
ing been refused a new trial by Judge
Reed He was escorted by Pete Ely
sheriff of Marshall county together
with Lon Holly who was given ten
years for kllllns Reese Fisher Dr
Champion was allowed to come with
out handcuffs and the sheriff said ho
would have trusted him to come alono
unguarded Ho was received at 10
oclock and there being no prison
clothes large enough for him ho was
allowed to retain his business suit un
til a special order can be filled
His assignment Is tho place cf as
sistant to tho cell cleric and his spe
vial duties will havo reference to the
mails Tho attorneys in the case will
prosecute an appeal from Judge Heeds
ruling and express confidence in ob
taining a reversal but In the meantime
the prisrnor will be making time on
his sentence and tll tlfe ordinary
cur o hulf his time will havo been
1elv1 out before a decision can bn
dclirdJames o
James H Dilger has bought a lot
40 by 1GO feet at fourth and Steele
streets and on Thursday began the
erection of a handsome sixroom cot
tage in which ho will make his rest
dence He paid 1200 for tho lot
which shows Frankfort property Is ex
n The Manufacturers Of
Straight Whiskies
Government Enforces New
Food RegulationsI
Franklin County Interested
In The Rules I
Straight whisky such as is made in
this county and which is the only kind
made here is at a premium now and
there is a big boost in the business of
the distillers since the United States
Government has begun to enforce
strictly the proper branding of liquors
under the last pure food law This
law requires all liquor to be labeled
according to what it really is and the
rectifiers and those who have been
adulterating whisky have been shoved
into the background The following
dispatch from Washington to the Cour
ierJournal is of interest to Franklin
county where there are many distil
i leries
I After defeating an attempted injunc
tion by the rectifiers blenders and
compounders of imitation whisky in
the United States District Court at
Cincinnati at a late hour last night
the Internal Revenue Bureau nlgblll
Treasury Department Is today in full
swing putting into effect the branding
regulations scheduled for operation
throughout the United States on this
opening day of the new fiscal year i
In seventy internal revenue collec
tion districts spreading throughout
some fifty States and Territories the
vast army of Government gangers lo
cated at over 2000 rectifying com
pounding and blending houses are i
acting under orders from nearly a
hundred collectors and are marking
i and branding the heads of barrels In
to which mixtures blends and com
pounds are drawn with the prescrib
ed words of blend compound or
imitation as the case may be in
strict accordance with the require
ments of the Federal pure food law
as construed by the now celebrated
What Is Whisky opinion oft Attor
ney General Bonaparte find the rail
ings made thereunder by President t
Roosevelt in support of the views for
which Dr Wiley has become known
all over the country
The neutral spirit makers and
blenders have fought the new regula
tions with great bitterness In strik
ing contrast to those interests the
Governments views have been enthus
iastically approved and supported by
the straight whisky distillers Thos e
straight whisky distillers can e I
under the pure food law and the In
ternal revenue regulations labeling
their product as whisky as they have
always done It being tho natural un
mixed article to which Attorney Gen
eral Bonaparte has restricted tho ap
plication of the unqualified term
Since the puro food agitation began
tho business of the straight whisky
distillers has returned to approxl
mately tho largo volume In which It
was distributed before tho day of the
rectifier and blender The most con
spicuous increase in the sale of
straight whisky has been in connec
tion with tho bottling in bond fea
Four years ago less than a million
gallons of whisky wont out to tho pub
lie under the Governments green
guarantee stamp protecting it from
adulteration The figures for tho
years just closed will show that over
5000000 gallons have been bottled in
bond within the lust twelve months
Only three StatesPennsylvania Ken
tucky and Mftryland recorded bottling
in bond operations a few years back
while now whisk Is being put un
I der the green stamp In over fifteen dif
ferent States Rectifying or blending
opeati n are today carried on in
forl fcfferenjp5tates and Terri
tol V the 114000000 gallons
of tlWi Kd or blended product put
out last year New York supplied 20
000000 to the market Ohio came sec
ond and Illinois Third Georgia pro
duced 1000000 gallons of socalled
blends just before going prohibition
Strike Fine r n
On Elkhorn Creek
While excavating for a pool at the
Frankfort Distilling Cos plant on
Elkhorn the other day a stream of
water as large as a mans leg clear
and pure and with a steady temperature
of 56 degrees was struck entirely un
expectedly The pool was being
made for the storage of water at the
Baker distillery and the spring which
has always been used was being care
fully guarded It being the intention
to fill the pool from this spring The
pool is a large one and is 20 feet deep
To get the proper depth It was neces
sary to blast put the rock in one end
and when a charge of dynamite was
set off the big stream of water gushed
up from the rocks
The new spring Is one of the finest
In the State The water Is from a
limestone formation and is absolute
ly pure It flows with some force and
shows no signs of diminution As the
water in Kentucky is what makes
Kentucky whisky different from any
tether whisky the spring at the Baker
distillery is Invaluable
Strangers Roam Over Old
And New Capitol
All Wont To See Place Geo
bel Fell
The new capitol Is a strong drawing
card to bring people to Frankfort and
hardly a day passes but one can see
tourists roaming around over the old
and the new State house The visi
tors never neglect the old capitol but
It Is the new capitol which lures them
and they go away from here greatly
pleased and all saying that Kentucky
has a capitol of which every person
in the State might well be proud
Nearly every week for the last two
months there have been excursions
1run by some Sunday school or church
which have brought hundreds of per
sons hero from all over the State and
it has done much for business In
Frankfort The favorite place for the
tourists though Is the place where
Goebel fell and tho stone that marks
tho spot or rather which is supposed
to mark the spot but which misses It
several feet is always carefully exam
fined Everybody who comes here for
tho first time stands on It and usually
goes Into the Secretary of States of
fide to squint out the window along
tho line to tho old hackberry tree
which has become a part of Kentucky
In the pavement which leads to tho
State house is n stone marker which
s supposed to designate the place
where Gocbcl fell It was put there by
the old custodian cf the State house
grounds He was worried by the him
dress of people who wanted to bo
i shown where Gcebol foil and so he
said to himself
i I will fix It
iHo then had the stone put down and
that kept off tho questioners But be
I missed the spot Ho put tho stone
where according to tho witnesses
I Jack Chinn stood when tho shot was
1fired and Goebol was a little lower
1 down and a few feet further away
This is not known however except to
a few and tho visitors still think they
II are standing on tho spot whore Ooe ol
foil and they keep on coming Which
IIS just as well
Used At The State Charitable
Six Useless Jobs Are Al
ready Abolished
New Superintendents Will
Cut Off More
Dropping off of useless positions at
the State charitable institutions has
already begun and the pruning knife
will be used until the working forces F
at the three asylums and at the
Feebleminded Institute will be ma
terially reduced The Board of Con
trol of Charitable Institutions has al
ready abolished three positions at the
Lexington Asylum and three at the
Hopkinsville Asylum and when the In
new supreintendeuts at those two institutions
stitutions get thoroughly into the
workings of the asylums several more
places will 150 vacant It Is the in
tendon of the new superintendents
to combine positions and in many
Instances have one man do work
which formerly was done by twot
In this way it is hoped to make the
cost of operation of the three asy t
lums very much less 0
three have E
At Lexington positions
been abolished by the Board of Con
trol These are treasurer inspector
and pathological physician The lat al
ter was supposed to make examina
tions of the patients and make tests
of their blood and other things but
the Board believed that the position
was a sinecure and abolished itC
The physician who had the place had c
a large practice in Lexington and the c
Board was of the opinion that he was e
not needed at the asylum An in f
spector whose duty it was to keep I
a general watch over the whole Instlt
tution and make reports to the super
intendent was also employed at the t
Lexington asylum It was said that 1
he did not inspect and that the place
was useless so the Board cut this
found further that at Lexington as c
at the other asylums there was no 1
need for a treasurer any bank being
willing to act as treasurer In order
to get the deposits which amount to
a good deal
At Hopkinsville three positions J
were abolished They were house
keeper farm boss and treasurer The c
housekeepers duties could be filled
by aome of the other employes of
the place it was thought by the
Board so they dismissed the house
keeper and the work is now being
done by the other attendants about Uie
place The farm boss had u good
easy Job tho Board says Stanley
Milward a member of tho Board
found that the farm boss was provided
Vita a house fcod for his family and
ward said wcro only to supervise the
crops and he simply drove about the
farm for a short while each day The
jcb was a cinch Mr Milward said
and at his instance the place was
abolished It paid a good salary in
addition to providing the boss with
the comforts of life
Just at present these six places are
all that have been abolished but more
is to come when the new superintend
ents get down to work and uso the
pruning knife as they expect to The
Board says there Is no desire to up
set the arrangements at the asylums
but that It has been found that many
places now filled by two men can be
combined so that ono man can d O
too work As an instance It Is
cted that at Lexington one man does
nothing but act as butcher No boa f
Is killed at the asylum and tho butch
es solo function Is to cut up tho meat
a job which duos not require moro
f t
than two hours each day Another
man attends the cold storage while a
third has a general supervision of the
milk and puts the milk in the cold
storagf He is filled gPfalryman
The cold storage man and the dairy
man will not have easy sailing in
the future as the two places will be
comblned nd oilwill go out
Several other places are to be cut
off In the same way and one man
will have to do a mans work the
Board being against any Job which
does not occupy a mans time for at
least eight hours every day The
management of the asylums Is to be
left largely to the superintendents
and they will do what chopping off of
heads is to be done
Republican Committee In
Several Contests
The troubles of the Republican
State Central Commltee which was
elected at the recent State convention 1
Louisville will begin at the first
meeting of the committee to be held
Louisville on July 8 and from the S
number of complaints being made int
various sections of the State It is
likely that the troubles of the execu
tive body will multiply Instead of di
minish r
The first meeting will witness a con
test between William Gillum and W
W Byrley as to which is the rightful
chairman of the Knox County Execu
five Committee the contest for the
office having recently been filed by
Byrley after Gillum had been named
as the chairman Byrley was formerly
member of the State Central Com
mittee from the Eleventh congresslon
district and served as chairman of
the County Executive Committee for
the past four years and he now lays I
claim to the chairmanship of the coun
ty committee This is so far the only
contest filed before the State Central
Committee but It is said the same
condition prevails in several other °
counties of the State and It is expect
ed that other contests will be filed be
fore the meeting of the committee on
next Wednesday
In the contest filed from Knox coun
ty Byrley appeals from the decision
of the Congressional District Commit
tee which decided in favor of Gillum +
but A S Bennett secretary of the
State Central Committee said Thurs
day that he had not read the appeal
as filed and could not tell the exact
nature of the contest or the specific
charges made by Byrley It is said
the wrangle between the two men for
leadership in Knox county has result
warm debate will result when the ap
peal Is taken up by the State Central
Committee In some of the counties
In the State the county committees
have so far failed to organize because
of disputes over the chairmanshipsyt
and for this reason many of the coun yfi
ties will likely be represented at the
meeting to seek advice on the man
ner of organization and the election
of county chairmen
tees i Sullivan
To leave Frankfort
After nineteen years as manager of
tho local branch of tho Cumberland
Telephone and Telegraph Company
James A Sullivan is to bo transferred
on July 15 to Lexington His place
hero will bo taken by Charles Liggett
of Louisville Mr Sullivan will suc
ceed W T Naff at Lexington and will
have an important position there
Mr Sullivan Is well known In Frank
fort on account of his long residenceS
hero rind ho has a host of friends
Tho change will become effective the
middle of this month when Mr Sulli
van will leave Frankfort Tho ap
pointments wore made by George Hall
district superintendent

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