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icteo In Frankfort The
Storage of Oil
Itt The Indian Refining Gompany
Opens Branch Plant
t Will Make This Relay Ship
f ping Point
l >
1Mork Is now in progress in the F
JVvC railroad yards on several huge
I tanks which will be Used for the stor
> age of oil and gasoline by the Indian
c Oil Refining Company which Is to
establish a branch in Frankfort The
tanks will have a capacity of 60000
jj gallons of gasoline and 30000 gallons
kaf oil and this will be one of the main I
v distributing points for the refining
I I company which is doing a very large
I I V business No actual refining of oil
will be done here but Frankfort will
i h be used as a distributing point for
< the L N and C O railroads so j
I F v that considerable saving can be efJ
I > ffected In the shipment of oil and gas
I ivoline along these two lines NowI
I o with the plant at Georgetown there I
I k t hshipments on different t
I inroads and the rates can be lowered 1
I + tiy the new plan I
I n t
t Work on the tanks has been going fj
on for several days and It will be only
lt I
LVV short time now until they will be j
Already for filling The tanks are
1 quantity of oil and gasoline which will
i1ie stored in them On account of
rthe danger from fire by having so j
r JIV large a quantity of combustible fluids
I v stored in them the refining company
Vhad to make arrangements with the
I rCv Insurance companies and the city
I authorities to secure permits for the
i dej
y V tails have been completed and the
formalities have been complied with
so that there is now nothing to in
X terfero with the filling of the big
< The establishment of Frankfort as
Vva distributing point for the refining
company which Is one of the largest
1 i competitors In this part of the coun
Vflry of the Standard Oil Company
1 means much to Frankfort and will
VChelp along the boom which the Capital
7 city is experiencing In time it may
1 be that the refining company will lo
cafe a branch refinery here as the
business of the company is increas
I J ing largely and it may be necessary
v to extend It beyond Georgetown The
company has been doing a big business
j iL for some time and expects to Increase
vr > its scope as Is indicated by the es
c > 7 abllshment of the branch in Frank <
f r rt I
lift Getting Speech i
rl I In Shape To Print
V >
f 3 Judge William H Taft Is feeling I
< H vvpry comforable over the fact that
< the + first draft of his speech of acv
I lt deptanco of the nomination for Presi
t 1 J dent by the Republican party nas been
I fl ifluiphel says a Hot Springs dispatch
I I J But the paper Is far from being corn j
y Dieted Mr Taft adopted the course c
r > at o dictating the speech with great
fullness including everything he 1
Anight possibly care to have in It with
> the view to cutting down so that only j
1 AC essentials briefly stated might remain
to be presented to the people of Gin
t arcinnati on July 28th
rj ihe dictation Wednesday and also
i Thursday amounted to 10000 words
i5that will be reduced to as near 3500 J
I CfijJ possible
+ AIr Taft completed his task Thurs
r ir day afternoon and then wont out to
e aygOlf with George Ingnlls Arthur It
fiA yoryB In charge of the Ohio cami
fpulgn walking over the golf links 1
vlth i > them I1
0 r hc
t f Lr > iI
Next Legislature Will Be
Asked For 100000
To Erect Structure At Foot
Capital Avenue
Now that the new capitol Is nearing
ompletlon and the Commission is
cUing contracts for lighting and neat
lug talk of a bridge across the river
t the foot of what Is now called
Capitol Avenue Is being revived It
s understood that the next General
Assembly will be asked to make an
appropriation of 100000 for the new
bridge and it is believed that the ap
propriation will be made The city
of Frankfort is not in condition finan
0clally to build another bridge across
the river and It is believed that the
only way the bridge can be built will
be by State aid The bridge would
be a great advantage to the people of
Frankfort and to everybody who has
business at the State House as it
would greatly shorten the distance
from the depot to hotel and to the cap
itol It is probable that after the
legislators have tramped back and
forth or hung onto street cars a few
times they will be ready to appripriate
any amount of money for a bridge or
subway or anything that would enable
them to get to and from the capitol
The present bridge across the rover
cost about 90000 and since that time
the price of steel has gone up to such
an extent that it is probable a similar
bridge could not be erected now for
less than 10000
Mrs Mary Tobin
Dies Intestate
Mrs Mary L Tobin who died sev
eral days ago leaving an estate of
about 75000 left no will and there
may be a legal settlement of her es
tate When Mrs Tobin died there
was much speculation in Frankfort
as to how her property had been di
vided Her children are all well
known in Frankfort and it was known
that she had left a small fortune BO
Frankfort was discussing her will It
now develops that she left no will and
the property Is to bo divided accord
Ing to law under the provisions of
tne act regulating inheritance
In the counfy court the other day
Judge James ru sgrovo appointed Miss
Sue Tobin as administratrIx If the
estate with her two sisters Misses
Lose and Ann Tobin as sureties K o
court also appointed the following ap
praisers J B Hcndrick Uberto Kee
non and David Nicol These three
men will examine the estate and fix
a valuation for it The estate will
then be divided by the circuit court
probably In a friendly suit to settle I
tho estate
Cousin Of Lt Goy Cox
Killed At Maysville
Maysville Ky July 17 Orlando P
Cox cousin of Lieutenant Governor
lox died this morning after an oper
Hon for trepanning skull His skull
was crushed when his coat caught In
a gasoline engine belt yesterday and
his head thrown against the engine 1
He was a builders of gasoline boats t
and well known over the State j
The oiling of the Georgtown pike
Jn Fayette county will be completed <
Thursday when the oiler will go to 1
he Russell Cave and Maysvillo roads j
The Newton Iron Works and George
town roads have now been completed I
ana the work will be pushed vigorous j
ly until all the roads radiating from 1
Lexington the oiled
> j
k f j
To Control Democratic Coun
ty Committee
John Griffin Will Have Strong
sS The
Chairman of County
John D Griffin and an unknown
are to do battle in Franklin county for
the position of chairman of the Demo
attic County Committee The name
of Mr Griffins opponent Is not known
but the faction within the party
known as the antis will put up
a candidate and will try to secure con
trol of the county organization claim
ing that they have enough strength
among the voters to do this The
other side known as administration
says it will control easily as It has
done In the past At any rate from
present prospects there is going to
be a fight for control in the county
It Is not going to be a vicious fight
as others have been in this county but
will be friendly and will not affect the
result in the November election as
both sides are now lined up for Bry
an and Kern
Mr Griffin is a candidate for reelec
tlon as chairman of the county com
mittee and says he will have no
trouble winning He has been chair
man for some years and has made a
good one Those who will oppose
lilt have nothing against him per
sonally and will make the fight on
him merely to get control of the or
ganization or at least get an equal
division Mr Griffin belongs to what
Is called the administration and the
antis are after his scalp He h3I
already begun his race for reelecllon i
and has been active for several weeks
What the antis are doing is not
generally known but It la understood
that they too have begun the fight I
and are ready for the battle at the
polls They will not say who their
candidate for chairman will be but
they do say that they certainly will
have a candidate and that ho will be
one of the strongest men in the coun
ty While Franklin county has been
an administration county for the last
ten years It1 is said that there has
been a change in sentiment during the
last few months and the anUs claim
that they will have enough votes to
control the county committee and
elect their chairman
The election of a new county com
mittee will not be held until the third
Saturday In November after the elec
tion The voters In the various pre
cincts In the county will meet on
that day and elect precinct committee
men These committeemen will ells
a chairman The fight will be made
in each precinct where there is any
chance for those making the fight
Three Sows 1Birth
To FortyNine Pigs
All records so far as known for
productiveness In hogs were broken
this week on the Weitzel farm when
three sows gave birth to 49 pigs One
of the sows had a llller of 19 another
1C and the third 14 The pigs are all
living and vin good condition with
every prospect of being converted into
hams and sausage and bacon as a con
clusion of their labors in this world
Uradley and Bolin Weitzel the man
agers of the farm have been success
ful raisers of stock and have now
broken records for the breeding of
I > I
c It t r
III 17
Foots It All Way From Louis
ville To Trinidad Col
Says He Hit The 6 Road To
Decide 4000000 Wager
Chris Lutts formerly a mallwagon
river of Louisville twice an inmate
f Lakela t asylum was arrested
sere for I hlty while en route from
xnilsville to San Francisco under
tiental delusion that he is walking
gainst time to determine a 4000001
eager mat between himself and Dr
Bryant that he could not make the
rip by foot in 200 days Luetts own
tory is as follows
I was sunstruck while employed
tent twice to Lakeland The first
time I was sent to the asylum I made
a bet with Dr Bryant that I was dls
iimlly objected but I started against
their protest
The story sounds a bit Incredible
nit tattered worn shores and great
surd bunches on his feet art evidence
hat he has walked some lately
Ie left Kentucky in December and
valked Aside from a few nights and
Gays spent at different farmhouses
where he was allowed to rest he has
seen constantly on the road making
as much as forty miles some days
The distance approximately 1200
miles by road which Lutts came la
a good trip fora Dan OLeary or a
Veston Luetts knows Kentucky like
a roving horseman making the county
airs and is acquainted with every
not of Louisville This was dem
nstrated when a Kentuckian attempt
ed to test his knowledge of the Blue
grass Commonwealth thinking that
perhaps his story was ofa weak
Mind Lutts is 37 years old with
ampant beard and bald head and aI
leopy eye He is long and lank and
inactive in his speech but knows
where he has been and remembers
what he has seen to an Identity
Republicans Would
Increase School Fund
To Increase the school rer capita
this year to a larger figure than was
ever fixed before Is the present aim of
the State ofilcals as the high school
per capita under the Democratic ad
ministrations was one of the cam
Hager in the last eleathn The per
capita last year was 3JO which was
tIle largest ever fixed Thin yar it is
expected that the par capita will bo
345 and the State officials say that
they probably will be able to reach
that figure If they do they will make
a new high water mark for the schools
of the State and it will mean many
thousands of dollars extra for the
common schools
According to preliminary estimates
made by the Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction Prof J G Crabbe the
number of school children under the
census for next year will be about 750
000 as compared with 734000 for last
year a material Increase This Is
merely an estimate but it is believed
thai the figures will not be materially
different when the actual census Is
taken Prof Crabbe Is working on the
census and Is also much Interested in
tile school per capita He Is trying
to make a record lu the office and
therefore IB anxious that the per capl
ta small be as large as possible
I Ii f
To Catch Cars To Lexington
Trustees of State University
In Session
Consider Proposition For
Medical Branch
Gov Willson went to Lexington on
Friday to attend a meeting of the
Joard of Trustees of State University
tut he was able to go only by exercis
s that sprinting ability which he has
seen developing during the last six
months The Governor has become
a sprinter after cars and as a runner
Is in a class alone when it comes to
heavyweights Friday morning he
tall a meeting of the Capitol Com
Mission which lasted until 1130 the
fame when the Governor was supposed
o start for Lexington on the inter
urban McKenzie Todd the Govern
ors secretary telephoned to the sta
tion and found that the car for Lex
ngton was ready to leave He noli
ied the officials in charge that the
Governor was headed for the station
oing at a rapid rate of speed and
sired that the car be held for a min
ute or two This was agreed to and
he Governor ran The motorman and
onductor were ready to start when
he Governor hove in sight but they
held the car and the Governor made
t by a slight margin He was landed
in Lexington on time and in good
linpe The Governor is a good run
ner and since he has been Governor
he has had so many opportunities to
un that he has become quite a sprint
er He can develop considerable
peed on short distance and his race
with time Friday was interesting to
the spectators who happened to be
The trustees of the State Unverslty
are considering a proposition from
the heads of two medical colleges in
Louisville to have the Louisville col
cges converted into a branch of the
State University The States name
mule be given to the Institution
hlch would be a consolidation of the
wo colleges which are now running
n Loulsvlllie The benefit to the Lou
svllle colleges might be greater but
pxlngton is opposed to the plan as
it wants the medical branch of the
State University if one Is established
located in Lexington Lxeington can
ot see any advantage to the State
Jnlversity or to Lexington if the medi
al department is located in Louisville
E o there is considerable opposition
o the plan which has been proposed
ly the Louisville medical colleges
The meeting of the trustees Friday
was to hear a statement of what
the Louisville college have to offer
and what they will expect in return
for the name of the State University
It is expected that the trustees of the
university will reject the proposition
and that they will not permit the es
tablishment of a branch medical
school in Louisville
1907 Burley May
Sell For 25 Cents
A movement is being considered
looking to the placing of the price
upon the 1907 crop and at several
points the raisers who have been kept
out of their money by the trust re
fusing to pay are talking of putting
the price as high as 25 cents and
starting the agitation of no crop In
1909 unless the stock on hand Is
taken up
II <
t d 9dtIt1 li
IIv 1
v jJ Ai
ty I
The Whisky Branding Cases It
UgainIn ourqtr
q f
The petition for a rehearing of the
suit by the Clifton Springs Distilling
Company and of the new suit by the i
Union Distilling Company against the Lt
internal revenue marking and brandX
ing rules came up before United 3
States Judge Thompson in this city i
today says a Cincinnati dispatch to >
the CourierJournal The first suit
brought by the Clifton Springs Distill
ing Company last month was decided
adversely by Judge Sater of Colum
bus who sat during the illness of
Judge Thompson and an attempt to
secure a revision of the matter bYt I p
Circuit Judge Lurton also failed Thet4
t4The 17 <
against the Collector of Customs and
his gaugers to prevent the enforce 1
ment of the new marking rules ii
District Attorney McPherson who
returned from Washington yesterday
after a conference with Government
officials there flied two affidavits in
support of his side of the case One
of these is by Dr Wiley chief of
the Bureau of Chemistry of the De
partment of Agriculture The other
is by L W Talman chief of the food
inspection labratory of the Bureau of
Chemestry of the Department of Ag
riculture k
District Attorney McPherson opened
The proceedings by filing a demurrer
to both petitions He alleged that
the bills did not state a cause of
action and protested against taking
up the matter on behalf of the Clifton
Springs Company which was heard by
Judge Sater recently and denied andIi
that no new and material allegations
ore alleged Judge Thompson gave
him leave to file the demurrer but i
he also said that he would hear the 1
petitions r
Lawrence Maxwell associated with
W M Hough of St Louis general 4t
counsel of the Distillers Association
presented the sine of the companies >
He said that the revenue paid by the
tuo companies last year was about i1
o000000 and that the enforcement >
of the rule of Commissioner Capers
wth regard to branding would cause
that much loss to the National Gov
After arguing the matter at some
Aigth on technical grounds Mr Max
well declared that the position of
Commissioner Capers in issuing an
arbitrary order was contrary to the <
law and not tenable He cited many J
Supreme Court decisions to sustain f
his contention that an executive offi t
cer shall not construe a statute Ho L
said that the construction of all the
laws was in the hands and at the i
discretion of courts alone
John H Cossell Willsl
Decline The Presidency
John H Cassell who was elected as
> resident of the Frankfort Business
Mens Club at its meeting Thursday l
night will decline the position A
meeting of the Executlme Comittee of
the club will be held shortly and as
other man will be chosen president to
fill the place made vacant by Mr Gas
sell declining to serve Mr Cassell 1
found that his business would not per 1
mlt him to lake the place He has
been secretary of the club for many i
years and wants to get out of the has
ness 01
Many prominent business and profes
sional men are being mentioned for 1i
the position of president of the club l
among the number being A B Ham J
mon Dr C A Fish Eugene Wallace
and D D Smith It Is thougbt a t
young man would be better and more
active than oven a man of mlddel ago
and Mr Smithand Dr Fish are both f
finding many adherents J
f IH 41
fJ 0 j
< t I if
I It g
J II ltir
Run 1 AI 11 I

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