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J Games Abroad
At LawrenceburgSeptember 10
1Games at Home
Shelbyvllle September 6 7
Winchester September 9
Its all over but playing out the
schedule and having the formal and I
ceremonious presentation of the bunt
ing to the Lawmakers Frankfort has
u the Blue Grass League pannant
ame with Richmond on Monday
i 11 lie was won by the home team
pinched it and now no matter if
Frankfort loses all the remaining
games and the nearest competitor
wins thorn all Frankfort would still
I be In the lead when the season ends
0f course Frankfort Is not going to do
any such thing as lose all the re
maining games nor is the nearest
competitor Lexington or any of the
other teams in the league going to
win all the games played But still
I this impossible contingency could
happen and Frankfort would have the
pennant won Formal ceremonies
will be held later In the fall when the
flag will be presented to Frankfort
and will be put on the flag pole on
the McClure building the tallest place
in the city It will fly there for a
while and then will be taken down
J to be preseerved by those who won
Frankfort had the best team That
was all there was to the tale of the
race for the epntnanonnaha cmfwyp
ace for the pennant For only one
Way was Frankfort out of first place
The team i the league from the
rr4g t e present and will
lea e end with the excep
tion vv For that brief space
of tin nosed into the front
but sta such a short time
that til Id not get accus
turned k o t p ion and did not
know how to Int n It In every
e department of e game the Frank
fort team man man and individ
ually outclassed ie other teams in
the league and there was never a
chance of being headed
Wright is the bright particular star
He pitched thirteen games and won
them all He walked only two men
and one of those passes was really
a strikeout as was conceded by the
umpire after the Inning was over In
addition to pitching thirteen win
ning games Wright played center in
I the games where he was not pitch
ing and his fielding batting base run
ning were a great help to the Law
t makers in their rungetting Wright
is a pinch hitter and won several
games by slamming the ball at the
right lime Then take it all around
and Frankfort has a team which Is
j probably the best In Kentucky out
side of the Louisville Association
i4bunch which Is going to win the pen
i nantRed Bohannon belongs in fast
company He is fully able to go in
with any American Association team
t He plays second with snap and vim
I and goad headwork and can hold
down that sack for any old team
Look at the others Zerlage at first
Guest at short Fritz Hoffman at
third Angemeler behind the bat and
Chapman Wright and Steele in the
outer garden That bunch outclasses
I anything in the Blue Grass man for
man and It is no wonder that Frank
fort won the pennant
U Early in the season Frankfort out
b1lucked the other teams Frankfort
won several games by luck pure and
t simple for Richmond had a better
team but Chick Kennedy got busy
and gathered In some other players
Red came back home and Hoff
man got in the game here and In the
latter half of the season it was always
Frankfort The others were out
classed and knew It Young Schulto
is a good pitcher and Cornell Is good
enough for Toledo to try out next
year so he must be all right He has
pitched good ball all season and he
and Wright have been the reliable
and steady standbys of the Frankfort
I team Crutcher was unlucky in that
J l he injured his arm by overwork but
J with a rest he will come again and
Iill inext year he will be one of the best In
tk the business Allison played abril
if liant game at short until he was in
91 jured and forced to drop out of tho
Wi game for several weeks His absence
i 1 left fl big hole in the Infield and Man
I htlagel Kennedy was exceedingly lucky
n In getting so good a man as Guest
1 Even Allison was hardly missed
i Frankfort won two games from
Richmond this week taking one on
Sunday and another on Monday The
v game on Sunday was a good one and
Frankfort played perfect ball win
S 1fling by a score of 9 to 0 three of the
runs being made on errors But they
Bruno Monday was not so good aiI
though much closer
team was illassorted
the men feing chang <
Huffman went to right
took thirds a position w I nft
his long suit Guest was not 1 oocl
shape so he was put in left ela
and Chapman went to short where he
I played a fair game schulte pitched
and did well Frankfort gave a god
Imitation of a team trying to give a
game away several times and played
some stupid ball but Richmond did
the same thing and lost the game
The visitors did a great deal of very
stujKtl base running taking long
chances when they should not and
I not taking them when they should
The score seesawed a good deal and
Frankfort won out In the seventh
after Richmond had tied the score in
their half of that inning by putting
two runs over the plate
The game of ball between the
Louisville Colonels and the Law
makers here some time about tho
middle of the month will be the
biggest event of Its kind ever pulled
off in Frankfort Manager Burke will
bring his entire team and you can
rest assured that the club will play
to win as the game will be on the
percentage basis Manager Burke
realizes that our Lawmakers will put
up a fine game consequently will send
his best man to the box Invincible
Rasty Wright will be on the rubber
for our pennant winners and its n
hundred to one shot that the boy
from Hatton dont give a single one of
the boys from Louisville fan trans
portation to the first sock This
game should be attended by every
man woman and child In Frankfort
It Is not often the people of a city
Is afforded an opportunity of seeing
a big league ball game and should
not fail to be on hand
The Millers proved to be easy pick
Ing for the Lawmakers at Shelby
vlHe Tuesday by a score of 9 to 5
Cornell did the slab work for the
local club and pitched a fine game
He was opposed by Feeney and
Forrest better known as Rasty
Wright will not be able to play an
other game this season on account
of having his middle finger of the
left hand Injured In the game at
Shelbyville Tuesday He was playing
in the center garden and attempted
to catch a long fly on the run when
the ball struck him on the end of the
finger tearing the flesh away from
the bone The many friends of
Old Rasty will be sorry to learn
of his misfortune as his slab work
on the local diamond always brings
out a big crowd Wright has accom
pushed this season something no
other ball player has done not only
in this league but in all leagues He
has putched 117 Innings and has won
every game and has never hit a bat
ter and only gave two men during
the entire season transportation
to the first sock Wright has been
sent to the box to oppose the strong
est club of the Blue Grass League
and each and every time he has come
out with the black and white colors
flying There are several big league
clubs after Rasty for next season
and we believe he will make good
no matter where he plays He says
he hopes that his hand will be well
enough to pitch against the Louis
vill cluo here about the middle of
the month as he Is very anxious to
show the big league fellows that the
B G L can play ball
Manager Tommy Sheets Journeyed
to Richmond Tuesday accompanied
by his bunch of Thoroughbreds and
took the Pioneers into camp 1 to 0 In
a pretty pitchers battle between E
Golden for Richmond and McCormick
for the Thoroughbreds Six hits were
made off McCormicks delivery but
they were well scattered while only
two were made off Golden one of
which was a home run by Stockum
in the eighth
The Lawmakers have only four
more games to play this season one
at Lawrenceburg and three at home
There Is talk of a postseason se
ries of games for the championship
of Kentucky between Frankfort win
ners of tho Blue Grass League pen
nant and Louisville provided Louis
ville wins the Association pennant
01 oven if that team should land in
second place Tho games would bo
played hero or half hero and half In
Louisville and would draw big crowds
hero Even if a series of games is
not played It is practically certain
that Louisville will play one game
Moro nm
they hnrr
te V
er ga
ay both fC
Hands and del
sport out of theys
As both were nt
ble their tenmmatt
astonished to hear DO
I have a pretty goo
and Ill bet you at
and raiL you a t u
Goodshot r Ill just
raise you a on
To show you Im game cried Col
Tins Ill see your million and make
it a billion
Thats what I call a man answer
ed Dexter but all the same Ill make
it a trillion plunks
Gee but you must sure have u
good hand shot back Jimmy but
Im right there with the pasteboards
myself and Ill see that trillion and
raise you to a quadrillion of dol
I aint going to be bullied out of
min cried Dexter and Ill chase
that quadrillion by raising you a quln
Jimmy hesitated looked at his cards
Intently and the sadly said The
pots yours You win on education
Miller Brothers
Share Hard Work
There are few enterprises requir
ing a number of executive heads
which are conducted by one family
as Is the case of Miller Bros Show
Associated with the Miller Bros in
their great enterprise is Edward Ar
lington who was for many years one
of the chief lieutenants of the lace
James A Bailey owner of Barnum
Bailey Show It Is upon him that falls
the show business end of the enter
It Is Zack Miller who arranges the
programs said P W Harroll one of
the advance men of the big wild show
He knows the nature and value of
every act in the real wild west busi
ness and every winter is busily en
gaged correlllng all broncho busting
and roping champions Edward Ar
lington is the advertising genius of
the show The posters designing and
the manner and extent of display in
each town are decided by him He
has 75 picked men in the advance ad
vertising department He selects the
towns and cities for exhibition and
makes the railroad arranpements
Joe C Miller looks after the finances
and Is the prompt arbiter of all local
No man in the show business has
a wider acquaintance with reporters
and their editors than he or Is more
welcome In newspaper offices He
knows what to write and protects the
reader as sensitively as the coldest
editor could wisji He Is popular with
the leaders of the business and his
associates would work off their heads
and mortgage their shoulders for him
George L Miller the youngest
brother remains at the ranch which
comprises 110000 acres and includes
three different counties and Is located
at Bliss Okla It Is his duty to make
weekly shipments of outlaw horses
better known as bucking bronchos
longhorned steers and occasionally a
fresh supply of broncho busting cow
boysJohn e
John F Johnston
Dies In Washington 1
John Fletcher Johnston a brother
of Adjutant General P p Johnston
a former widely known citizen of Lex
Ington and for many years a member
of the office staff of the interstate
Commerce Commission In Washing
ton died at the National Capital Tues
day evening after a very brief Illness i
the result of a sudden stroke or attack
which the brief telegrams > to the ram
Ily have not clearly defined
Millions of bottles of Foleys Honey
and Tar have been sold without any
person over having experienced any
other than beneficial results from its
use for coughs colds and lung trou
ble This is because the genuine
Foleys Honey and Tar In tho yellow
package contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs Guard your health by
refusing any but tho genuine Sold
i I
e Tracks To
0 Railroad
of Through Trains
e ngton And
1y m
of Span
pan sh
roa es on con
maii t line of the
Lou hot e between
Lexi n any ulsllle
R It Wi an effort th tor
neys U railroads claim to d low
the coal fields In West VII
gini to with the Kentucky
con ig the line of the Louis
vill ashvllle The complaint
has beenjrendlng for some time and
has bfiGMHuied at length at several
meet Railroad Commission
The an important one to
the and Nashville and the
Chin ke and Ohio but attorneys
Lot railroads claim that the ac
tua Hl rate is now enough The
Louis the and Nashville has leased
its tracks to the Chesapeake and
The case arose over the place of
delivery of coal The coal for An
chorage for Instance is hauled
through Anchorage by the Chesa
I peake and Ohio ond delivered to the
Louisville and Nashville in Louis
ville where it is reshipped to An
chorage and the rate charged as from
Louisville In its opinion the com
mission decides only that the con
tract between the two roads is good
and that the Chesapeake and Ohio
can not be forced to stop its passen
ger or freight trains in violation of
the contract
Hedden Can Hold Job
I For Month Longer
The injunction restraining the State
Printing coramision from removing J
W Hedden from his position as Super
intendent of Public Printing Is to rev
main in full force and effect until the
case can be heard on Its merits at the
September term of the Franklin Cir
cuit Court
The case was taken up before
Judge Stout and he decided that he
was not ready to give ills opinion of
the law In the case until a further
hearing has been had He ordered
the case set for trial at the September
term of court This afternoon Judge
James Breathltt Attorney General
appeared for the State Commission
and entered a denial of the statement 1
that the board Intends to remove Mr
Hedden Judge J H Hazelrigg ap
peared for Mr Hedden
Digging for the Lost Millions of a
A Transcasplan paper publishes a
romantic story of the burled millions
of a former Turkish Minister un
named who was suddenly executed at
Constantinople before he could take
measures to secure his treasure In
his family says the London Evening
The secret passed to others and Is
now held by a certain Ivanoy who
has signed an agreement with the
view of Generalr nn oxopl rrzGca
widow of General Pereleshin the
present occupier of the ground at
Tashkent In Russian Turkestan
where the treasure Is buried by which
Ivanov has the right to excavate at
his own expense for a period of ten
days to divide the proceeds with
Mine Pereleshin and to give up to
tho Government authorities any toII
cleat vessels or other objects of art
which may be found with the burled
The value of the treasure may bo es
timated from the fact that Ivanov has
already deposited in tho local bank
2000 pounds sterling to cover tho cost
of tho search
Subscribe for the News 100 per
Job Printing
rr tngw
w U mpor =
doe1t it
Tyou realize that
B houseU5
judged largely
by the Stationery and other
Printed Matter it sends out
Can Print
I But to turn out firstclass
work that is a credit and
an advertisement to a firm
requires an intricate know
ledge of the art
CL And Then
Firstclass Machinery
with which to execute
the Frankfort
Printing Company
a Has all the
lLa requisites
We will make YOU Honey
IIOld Roundabout Office Brought
Up To Date
The Frankfort Machine Co
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