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What the Tattler of the Louis
vllleTlmes say of Charles 0 Moores
new book Behind the Bars 31498
Loulivllle Time
It seems strange that a Prohibi
tionist like Editor Moore of Lex
ington should begin his now labors
Behind the Bars at least this is
the title of his new book which ho
wrote when like many other writers
sentenced to the pen It pur
ports to be a history of his life but
Is a sort of Kentucky burgoo of facts
and fancies as they appeared to the
author The special feature of the
work which lends It Interest to the
reader of the day is the reference to
many prominent men and women of
the state many of whom are alive
and some of whom will also be kick
ing wbethey stumble on various
disclosures There is one stately
and dec rous woman of my acquain
tance JCditor Moore mentions as a
dear And valuet friend from his
I OTth up He narrates a story of
heir visiting Mammoth Cave with
a party and while going through
the cave the lady dropped an article
of apparel Picking it up he
bowed and handed It to her saying
Honi soit qul mal y pease She
thanked him and planting her foot
on a rock dexotrously snapped
buckle of the article while her pret
ty blush turned the gray walls about
her rosy as the inside of a water
t t t
An amusing account is given of
the legal debut party of Col Bob
i Woolley of this city One man had
gone to another farm cut down o
bee tree and stolen the honey
thence came the suit which con
vulsed the country with giggles I
Col Woolley appeared for the de
fense and John C Breckinridge for
the prosecution It is not stated
how the suit ended but it caused so
much mirth that it Served as the in
cubator of fame for the two lawyers
There is a special reference to
Castleton now owned by Foxhal
Keene of New York who put up o
handsome granite monument to the
memory of the famous horse f Dam
Ino tt Playing Domino was at
one time a popular and profitable
pursuit in this country
t t t
It was at Castleton that Col
John B Castleman of this city and
his sister Mrs Eastin were born
and they are referred to most feel
1J1at old coat or shirt of mall story
seams to have been a venerable
chestnut way back In Henry Clays
time for General Oassius Clay was
accused of wearing such a garment
In his fight with Sam Brown a
champion ofslavery The author
goes on to moralize over the fact
that Gen Clay who did so much for
the Negro isuow living in his native
state neglected and unhonored by
the very race for which he carried
his life in one hand and his bowie
knife In the other
t t t
MOor states that he told James
Lane Allen the stories on which the
foundation of his literary fame was
i byiltAllen
Allen was thena teacher but had
e to make a try for literary
honors Moore narrated an anec
dote of an uncle who was very len
ient as a master to his slaves while
a neighbor was just the reverse and
always telling of any faults he knew
of their commission One day he
rushed Into state that while the ne
groes were all in the fields a rabbit
ran past them and the entire lay out
quit work to chase it
Well exclaimed the owner of
the rabbit chasers Id have whip
d every one 011 them If they
hadnt This and the tale of the
old Major who came to the house to
stay all night and made himself so
fascinating that he stayed forty
years were the first fruits of Allen s
pen The Choir Invisible is men
tioned as being a gem of English and
also the most demoralizing book
ever printed a statement which will
doubtless boom the sale of the book
t t t
Of Tom Marshall the famous wit
he says one day Marshall ragged
and unkempt and three sheets in
the wind was goingalong the I
streets in Versailles Ky when a
handsomely dressed Federal officer I
standing with his soldiers was told i
that the man he saw close by was the
celebrated Marshall Advancing to
ward the Kentuckian and touching
his hat courteously as if addressing
a superior he said I believe I
have the honor of addressing the
Hon Thomas Marshall of Kentucky
I Yes thundered Marshall you
1 have the honor of addressing the
I Hon Thomas Marshall of Kentucky
and Ive got more sense than you
and your whole regiment put togeth
er a reply which does not speak
well for tho Hon Thomas courtesy
Among others who figure in this
book are Mrs Josephine K Henry
the Hon John M Atherton Judge
Simrall the late Clarence Great
house Editor Louis Pilcherof Nlch
ofasvihej ObI Samuel atone late
Candidate for Governor and the
family of Mrs Virginia Thompson
Of this city
I wa J 1
Written for the Btvt Gaul BLADE
Robert Ingersolls Requiem
The superior man
Has now passed from earth
His works still remain
Which bespeak his true worth
He taught gospel truth
Yet by no bloody plan
But freedom for youth
For each woman and mau
He wanted the facts
Not a baseless belief
He did noble acts
For poor humans relief
He strove not for place
For great riches or fame
But highest in space
Is our Ingersolls name
The dust unto dust
We now sadly consign
But hope bids us trust
Lives his spirit divine
Tyngsboro Mass
Says Moore Has Hit the
Nail on the Head
Pastg Philippine Islands
Thursday Nov 30 1899
Mrs Josephine K Henry Versailles
Ky Dear FriendOur mutual friend
Mr Albert Johnson of San Francis
co has for some time been urging
me to write you I doubt whether
have any ideas ot sufficient original
ity to repay perusal or even power
to readably phrase the few and futile
products of the extremely limited
amount of pray matter with which
Nature has endowed me I am more
than anxious however while in vol
untary exile to get and keep in
touch with those of light and learn
ing in the United States who may
by letters and literature prevent me
from sinking into absolute intellect
ual stagnation
I have just been let out of our
Regimental Hospital where I have
lain the greatest part of this month
suffering with a sharp attack of ma
larial fever contracted in tbe
trenches at Calamba where three
companies our Battalion are and
have been for the past six weeks on
the firing line I am still very weak
both in body and mind so you must
make due allowance on that account
for occasional drivel in these pages
At the samu time being excused from
all duty the consequent ample leis
ure affords me an opportunity which
may not come again of opening a
correspondence to result in great
profit and pleasure to myself should
I you feel inclined to reply to this
Prior to my enlistment in the
First Tennessee Volunteers in July
98 I had been clerking for several
months in thaPaper Covered Book
Store of San Francisco the only
place In that Rome ridden city keep
ing a stock of Freethought and Lib
oral publications and periodicals
At that time I confess I took but
meagre interest in the incessant
and aggressive fight that you
and other leaders of the Rationalist
movement were waging against the
Sunmyth and Phallic worship
known today as Christianity From
natural tendencies Anarchist phil
osophy of the extreme egoist type
appealed to my reason I argued in
this wise To anybody with the
least capacity for thinking religion
is a mere ludicrous absurdity A
large number of people chiefly wo
men with warped brains and low in
the scale of intellectual development
are so constituted that a ridiculous
remnant of a primeval superstition
appears a reality These poor fools
resent any attempt at enlightenment
with obloquy abuse social os
tracism and when possible more
forcible measure Let them stew in
their own juice of bigotry and be
lief It My views In that respect
have undergone a radical change
from several causes While in the
regiment I found to my surprise
boys who actually believed in the
Bible from klver to klver IIIn my
Ignorance I had thought that such
specimens were as extinct as the
Dodo I am not given to making a
martyr of myself for any cause how
ever noble and seeing that remarks
which might be construed as an at
tack on cherished beliefs learnt at
mothers knee would result in un
popularity I judiciously refrained
from discussing the subject But
at times the matter was forced on
me and on suchoccasions I am
pround to state there was enough of
the British bulldog in me for me to
express myself on the Christian re
ligion In good round AugloSaxon so
that my hearers could not fail to un 1
derstand my views on the subject
Lots of the boys listened with un
speakable horror at such blasphe
mies and doubtless I would have ex
perienced considerable unpleasant
ness in various ways but for redeem
lag vices which endeared me to the
average Tennessean It was felt
that a man who could punish whisky
to the amount I showed myself capa
ble of could not be utterly lost Ine
briety was regarded as an amiable
pecularlty I may mention that for
several months I have now been a
strict total abstainer
Militarism Is I presume one of the
mlsjnow threatening the American
Republic but speakjo from exper
IPriT 1
ience soldiering for a year or so will
straighten a man out as regards
liquor and active campaigning In
the tropics is bound to keep the
most intemperate sober for the
time being at any rate Another in
cident which led me to appreciate
the incalculable benefit to tho com
munity of Freethought work by pen
and platform occured in California
in the fall of 98 just as our regi
ment was leaving for the Philip
I pines The preachers and priests
were united in an unholy alliance to
I get the State Legislature to exempt
all buildings devoted to religion
I from taxation For some years past
I a most bitter feud had been raging
between the A P As and Catholics
Sometimes one side getting tho up
I per hand sometimes the other Of
course whichever was temporarily
on top would make things Interest
ing for the under dog But our Pro
testant Christians who had been
shouting themselves bluein the fall
denouncing convents and confession
als as wholesale brothels and calling
upon the State to suppress such
dens of Iniquity thoh turned around
and were willing fbi these same in
stitutions to be freo from taxation
even so long as ttbey the PO
could get their share of public plun
der by tho same means Its one
thing to let Christians grovel slav
ishly before an inagin ry Deity but
beyond a joke when they try to make
you pay for their side show
Th an issue of the BLUE GRASS
BLADE that recently came to band
Moore hits the nail on the head He
says in effect that until peoples
heads are emptied of religious rub
bish it will be impossible for them
to come to any reasonable conclu
sion anent the many pressing social
and political proolems requiring so
Take this Philippine question for
instance Religion has been drag
ged in oa both sides For the most
part the preachers who by the way
keep their carcasses at a safe dis
tance from the firingline have been
blowing about God sending America
to the far Orient to open the door to
civilization and Christianity of
course their own particular brand
On the other hand Catholics as a
whole curiously enough have bitterly
opposed the subjugation and annexa
Lion of these islandsn 6twithstnuding I
the fact that his Excellency Don
Senor Emilio Agutnaldo the duly
elected President of the Philippine
Republic is anathema maranatha
Over such territory as his sway was
undisputed he took radical and de
cidedly effective measures to prevent
the locust swarm of monks and
friars from further debauchery
You are I know one of the leaders
of the antiimperialists My feelings I
on the subject are very much divid i
ed My sympathies being strongly
in favor of the Filipinos I have the
greatest admiration for Aguinaldo
aud consider hlrnUsJ every way a
born genius Before you commend
me for my opinion Iimay mention
that my heroworship includes Aaron
Burr Napoleon JU Beaconsfield
Diaz Blaine Owing to something
in my makeup I oint help liking the
man who plays the game of life for
big stakes and who to quote Car
l les description of Beaconsfield
has no conscience knows he has
no conscience and is very well satis
fied with the arrangement Pope
Pius I think it was who at the
time Luther was hurling denuncia
tions at the corruptions of the Oath
olic church remarked blandly This
Is a very profitable superstition for
us It comes far nearer my ideal than
his opponent
What have we Freethinkers got
to do with morality anyway Science
is as silent about a code of ethics as
about life hereafter To me such
conceptions as truth justice etc
are simply childish notions derived
from Christian training Expedien
cy is the only consideration to de
termine action with a rational basis
I regard this Philippine question
from that point of view only So
ciology is as exact a science as Phy
sics and Sociology is governed by
the law of cause and effect just as
rigidly as Physics Now in Physics
when we see a certain effect we look
for the cause and calmly and dispas
sionately If for instance one hap
pens to be standing beneath a high
building oh the very spot on which
a loose brick falls from that build
leg because one receives a more or
less severe hurt one does not rail
against the law ofgravitation So
when we see the United States de
parting from its apparent tradition
al policy and by brute lor c e crush
ing an infant < Republ let us first
try and find out the arces wbiol
have brought about tats phenomenon
non bearing always In mind that
frequently It Is npt the apparent
cause which produces a given effect
but deep underlying forces
The entrance of women Into so
many branches of industry former
employing men only trends strongly I
in the same direction Practically
In nearly every branch of business
and in the professions women are
able to do the work as well as men
and cheaper The men thus displaced
will be driven Into the one trade in
which women as yet cannot com
pete viz fighting Labor saving
machinery consolidations of various
businesses like the large department
stores and in fact everything which
throws large masses of laborers out
of employment all operate to create
a large standing army There arc
many other causes too lnumerous to
mention Finally the growing an
tagonism between capital and labor
and the feeling in the air that before
long there Is bound to be a death
struggle between the hives and have
note naturally lead organized
I organizedi
J m I
wealth to seek to protect itself und
a war to annex territory is a good
method tox create and train large
bodies of mercenary soldiers Sol
diering is a habit which grows on a
man like 1 quor or opium and once
acquired Is as difficult to shake oil
A few years In the armyubsolutoly
spoils one for any other occupation
It practically solves the problem of
how to live without working Food
clothing and a place to sloop being
provided the pay simply represents
gratification the manner and
amount according to the tastes of
the individual
I get papers sent me from England
with greater frequency and regular
ity than those from the States It
Is decidedly mirth provoking to read
American comments condemning
Englands attack on the Transvaal
aim upholding our aggression In the
Philippines The two cases arc par
allel England however did let
the Boers alone for about 18 years
In fact until gold and the unfitness
of the Boers for selfgoveinment
were simultaneously discovered
We have not given the Filipinos
even that much grace but have
promptly acted as judge jury and
executioner on the question of their
ability to form an Independent na
tion In closing this letter today Dec
7 I would ask you to estimate my
views herein expressed merely as
the transient record of Individual
opinion I hope you will find time
to reply and anything forwarded In
the line of periodicals will be highly
appreciated by
Yours very sincerely
In the BLADE for February 18
there will be from Mrs Josephine
K Henry of Versailles Ky what I
regard as the most valuable article
ever printed In any newspaper
The article shows that the story of
the crucified savior Jesus Christ of
the Christians is simply a revamp
of the story of the crucified Savior
Ohrishna Jeseus of the Hindoos
that was the religion of the Hindoos
1200 years before Jesus Christ Is
said to have been born
I expect an extra large demand
for the article Please let me know
at once bow many of the BLADES
containing it at 2 cents each you want
sent to you orto any addresses that
you may give
From Lexington Leader
The Honorable Warden E Q Coffin
ot the Ohio State penitentiary will be
n guest ot Editor C C Moore ot The
Blue Grass Blade In Lexington May 1
Warden Coffin will be given a banquet
at the Phoenix Hotel Immediately upon
his arrival here he being taken direct
ly from the train to that hostelry
Only a few ot the Immedlatofrlonda ol
Editor Moore will be present at the
banquet as tho affair Is to be a quiet
one The friends of Editor Moore have
Insisted upon showing the visiting
Warden this courtesy
From tho hotel Warden Coffin will
be driven to Quakeracre the heathen
editors attractive country home Here
he will remain for several days during
which time a brief trip to Frankfort
may be made to inspect the State pris
on down there
Editor Moores distinguished visitor
is over 70 years old but in perfect
state ot preservation He Is halo and
hearty and can get around it is said
almost like a scliool boy His trip to
the Blue Grass Is purely out of friend
ship to Mr Moore and he feels that it
will servo as a recreation Tor him
from his arduous prison labors
The Ohio State penitentiary Is said
to be tho largest penal Institution In
the world It contains 2300 prisoners
and covers twenty even acres of
Of Myself and Quakeracre
and its Surroundings
Two photographers of Lexington
have done me the honor to take a
variety of photographs of me and
my home and Its surroundings Land
pictures in partnership with me
half and half
One of the artists copyrighted his
pictures of me Those of myself arc
cabinet size full figure in peniten
tlary uniform or bust 50 cts and 8
by 10 full figure in prson uniform
jr bust 50 cents each
There are four different pictures
of me of each of those sizes
Then there are six different pic
tures of Quakeracre bur home
and scenes in Its vicinity that are
14 by 11 Inches all but one having
In them pictures of my family and
myself Negro servants old and
young dogs c These are 50 cts
and will be mailed to any address
One of these latter pictures repre
senting me standing on a large lug
in Elkhorn creek with my dogs in
the water so much like a fancy
piece that mangy people may believe
Bicco such but it is really only a pho
tograph Persons wanting these please ad I
dress Charles 0 Moorej
AbI1 n
I from Lexington Icndcr
Has A Scheme Mr Moores Prop
osition to Site Ministers
About a Poper
Editor Moore of The Ditto Grass
Blade vas asked by a Leader reporter
today what he thought about Rev Mr
Sheldon author of In His Steps
taking the Topeka Capital and running
it as a religious dally paper for a week
I have Been the various notices of the
scheme and while I am not poqed as
to the details the prima facto Impres
sion It made on my mind Is that It is a
good scheme for both parties But In
this connection there is one thing that I
would be obliged to you If you would
say for me through The Leader
I am very anxious to get a fair and
Impartial and intelligent discussion of
the Issue between Christianity and
Rationalism before the general reading
public To show that I am willing to
put the Christian argument before my
people I will give The Blue Grass Blade
for any time not to exceed one month
to the preachers of Lexington and fill
It full of what they waht to say and not
put Into it one single word from any
body else and I will pay every cent of
the cost for sending It to all of my reg
ular subscribers which are 3600 and
to 1000 more whose names the preachers
may furnish to me If in return for this
any of them will allow me the use of
any religious paper of even approxi
mately the circulation of TheBlade for
even one week to be edited by me I will
be obliged but they may have my pa
I I per any how
Low Grade of Education In Catholic
Boston Jan 26A local pacer
oUblisbed an interview with Pres
Ident Elloit of Harvard in which he
reiterated the statement which he
made in a recent magazine article
that the Jesuit colleges teach the
same today as they did two hundred
years ago that they had made no
progress and that with the excep
tion of Georgetown University their
graduates were not admitted to the
HarvarJ law school without exam
The Infidel contention is that
Catholic colleges in order to keep
the laity of the church in igno
rance are suppressing the scientific
advancement of the age
Picsident Elliot seems to think the
same way Yet it isthe Catholic
church alone that is allowed to give
its special religious instructions on
the national grounds at West Point
and fO Cathollo church alone that
has been > allowed a representation
in the government all the time
through the current or lato Spanish
Professor Mulcaby Dwyer Who At
tempted to Strike a Divine Healer
Butte Mont Dec 9 Professor
i i oldresident r ij
Mulcahy an resident or Butte
formerly of Ogdensburg N Yu
during a heated religious discussion
with J S Oharlebois the divine
healer attempted to strike the latter
and Charlebois called on God to pro
tect him and Dwyer dropped dead
The men were in the public library
at the time Oharlebois who is
from Helena is editor of a publica
tion called IIThe Living Truth It
During his discussion with Dwyer
he made the statement that he had
read the figures CGG marked on
the forehead of the pope and Dwyer
said they had an antiChrist sig
nificance and called Charlebois1 a liar
and made a rush for him with up
raised hand to strike him Charle
bois says he stood up and called on
God to protect him and before
Dwyer could strike he was dead
j Dwyer was 68 years old
Read that account there as it goes
the rounds of the Associated Press
dispatches and any body but the
lowest order of Christian idiot will
say it is a lie
Remove the scene to Judea 6000
miles away and 2000 Years ago
and make it to read that Ananias
and Sapphira fell dead because they
would not give up all their money to
preachers and then all the sky pi
lots in Lexington will want you put
in the penitentiary if yon are In
telligent and honest enough to say
you dont believe it
Re Judge Thompson
New York Jan 22 1900
Charles 0 Moore
My Dear Sir Enclosed you will
find 150 for your book Behind the
Han j 314ns111
Without having peen the book I
want to say on general principles
hat its publication cannot fail to do
good Tau exposure of such a ras
cally prank as Judge Thompson
played upon you will be more d Ice
tual as a lekitvnt to other judges
who might be disposed to indulge In
similar practices than any form of
punfshuu ut which might bo inflict
ed upon Judge Thompson or which
ho might merit I am not a believer
in the efficacy of punishments I
do not think that any punishment
over did any body any good and I
would not punish Judge Thompson
however much I detest his conduct
Thii iiutluu of punishinuub id a sur
vival of the Christian doctrine of hell
The Christian tries to justify him
self by sending somebody else to
fI L 11
hell And this is what Judge
Thompson tried to do in your case
Ho was willing to assume an appear
ance of utter respectability not up
pn his own merits but at your ex
pence and It is a matter of sincere
congratulation that his dishonest
effort was u failure It is unfortu
nate that such efforts too frequently
succeed I trust that your book may
do much to impress upon Judge
Thompson and his brother judges
the lesson that there can be no re
spectability without a basis of com
mon honesty
Yours with sincere respect
Charles City Iowa Jan 23 300
Charles 0 Moore
Dear Sir and rrlendI send you
I thank your for notifying me
that the book was ready to be sent
out Sometimes these matters es
cape the memory until one becomes
tardy with their duty of remitting
The story of your life cannot failt
to be of interest to every Froethnks t t
er and I trust that the sales of Mw
book may attest this fact
to do valiant service in the cause of
freedom of thought and to enjoy
the best gifts that life has for the
true and the good I amw
P Slfy mother joins me In all
good wishes a
Ripley 0 Jan 25 300
Mr C 0 Moore
Dear SirFind enclosed Post
office order Jot 5 00
Credit mo with this send me
your account and your book Be
bind the Bars It
Your imprisonment was an honor
John Brown was hung William
Lloyd Garrison mobbed and Sumner
killed by a blow from a gutta percha
caneYou are 400 years In advauco ofF
the age In which youare living
F Yours truly
Saxton N Y Jan 29 99
C C Moore
I have been taking the B G B
for two months and must say that
it suits my ideas exactly
American war and was with Gen
Miles Div in Porto Rico
I also put in several months in
different military hospitals and
while there saw enough of Amer
ican Chaplains to make me entirely
disgusted with the whole business
I have not been inside of a church
for ten years and wont be for an
other ten years if I know it
Yours for more light
Chicago Liberal Society
Chicago Ill Jan 10 00
Charles C Moore
Dear Sir Enclosed fled a copy
of the declaration of principles of the
Chicago Liberal Society This M
ciety has recently been organized in
this city and is already meeting
with great success
Thomas B Gregory lectures be
fore us every Sunday morning at
Masonic Temple He is a man of
force and character who Is doing
much to promote the cause of Free
Thought in the West Will you
kindly give this Society a notice
in the pages of your BLUE GRASS
BLADE Yours Very truly
Clrclevllle Ohio Jan 29 1900
Charles 0 Moore
Dear IrMy subscription expires
the coming year Your paper is
excellent I read it through before
I quit tirier Kidder is Immense
Send me 50 of the 40000 edition I
have to be a little careful this is U
Christian town They call me Cltbat
big Doctor woman ItI go to some
gf the churches
Regards to yourself and Mrs
Moore RespectfullyDR
Louisville Ky Jan 24 1900
Dear Bro Moore
Find inclosed 100 for the ULAPE
I will send for Behind the Bard
in a few weeks The last BLADE is
immense I have loaned it to seveni
parties already and will give J tcJ
some moro of my friends They all
soy they will send for your book
Behind the Bars
I received a paper from a preach
or Psont him that paper with all the
preachers names and crimes in it
He can read it at his leisure
Yours truly
As promulgated by two Methodist
preachers namely Rev E W Al
dersou and Rev Horace Bishop
discussed and refuted by Perslus A
neat pamphlet G2 large pages and
big type Price by mall 15 cents
Address R PETERSON P O box
835 Parlsf Texas
111 14 14

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