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it I
I i
Written for the BLUR bius BLADRI
When I compare the proaehor a k
With what the Scriptures say
And I perceive the churches creeds
Improving day by day
How superstitions dying out
Thats why I make the claim
That either Gods been civilized
Or else Hes not the same
He used to be a partial God
And full of angry ways
He used to be the rascals friend
Thats what the Bible says
But now for every crime and wrong
The devil gets the blame
Which proves that Gods been civ
Or else hes not the same
He used to get So fearful mad
At what his children did
Hed curse and kill to scirt the folks
To do as they were bid
But now the preachers say Ho s
t rn payment oC their claim
So surely Gods been civilized
Or elge Hes not the same
Ho used to sit on heavens vault
His feet upon the worli
s smoke
Up in his nostrils curled
But now his agents take the cash
Thats why I would proclaim
a That God was either civilized
Or else Hes not the same
He also had a fiery hell
To put his creatures in
Where they would roast forevermore
And suffer for their sin
But now the preachers are at work
Extinguishing the flame
Which shows that Gods been civil
Or else Hes not the same
Vera Cruz Ind
Louisville Post
Given Mr Hoores Sacrile
gious and Ironical
0 0 Moore of Lexington the
rampant editor oC the BLUE GRASS
BLADE has written to United States
District Attorney Hill requesting
information of a peculiar character
Mr Moore states that be is about
to write a book which shall contain
nothing but extracts from the Bible
No other word ho says shall creep
In except on the title page which
shall read Extracts from the Bi
ble King James Edition
What Editor Moore desires to know
is whether or not his book will be
allowed to go through the mails
There is a touch of sacrilegious
sarcasm in the epistle the veiled
irony arising from the fact that
Moore has had a taste of the penal
ties for sending obscene matter
through the malls already
He was sentenced to the peniten
tiary at Cincinnati by the United
States Circuit Court about a year
ago for the offense stated but was
pardoned by the President Attor
ney Hill treated his communication
with dignified silence
heading andall is from the Evening
Post of Louisville Ky of Jan 22
1900 Written on the margin of the
extract in the writing of the great
est woman intellectually and mor
ally who now lives In America Is
the following Broad conCession
that the Bible is obscene litera
ture You have them on the run
Write to U S Attorney Griggs at
Washington and to McKinley
Not only does not the pious Idiot
who wrote that thus admit that the
Bible is obscene literature but he
says that even the suggestion to
print parts of it in a newspaper is
If there could be such a crime as
sacrilege In this Infidel government
the constitution of which was made
by the three Infidels ThomasJeffer
son Tom Paine and Benjamin
Franklin it would be sacrilege and
blasphemy for any man to say that
God had a son by a woman and such
a man would properly be put in the
I asked U S Judge Evans and U
r S Attorney Hill in respectful let
tens a perfectly reasonable and fair
question namely whether or pot I
could print and send through the
mails a book that would have not a
single word in it but passages from
the canonic King James Bible upon
which witnesses are sworn in our
courts and which each President
has bo kiss
I believe the Bible is a bad book
and I want to quote passages from
it to show that it is Christians be
lieve that the Bible Is a good book
and they can quote and send through
the malls any passages from the Bi
ble to sustain their position
J B Wise of Clay Center Kan
was put in jail and fined for writing
on a postal card and sending through
the malls the passage found in
Isaiah 35 12 that prophet help p
the ono most esteemed by the Chris
tlans The Constitution of the United
Stakes and the Constitution of Ken
tucky plainly teach that no man
> half be put at any disadvantage
bee u8e of his mliglous opinions t
S row J T
Of the Columbus Ohio Penitentiary win Is to visit Editor Charles
of Moore May 1 1900 and address the May L Collins Memorial meeting
See Warden Coffins letter on fourth page
and that no religion shall be shown 1
any preference over any otherI i
The Bible that contains all the II
passages that I want to print is reg
ularly sent through the malls
This matter is one directly bear
ing on the rights for which my grand
father and father fought and which
they gained from England
I wanted to know if I had religious
liberty now that I am an Infidel just
as I did when I was a preacher I
went to the proper authorities U
S Judge Evans and U S Attorney
Hill to get such information
Judge Evans evaded it by telling
me to consult counsel the ques
tion being one that he is paid to
know about and instruct the people
aboutNot only does it involve trouble
add expense to consult counsel
but of course I could have no assur
ance in the event of a complaint
against me by some religious bigot
like Rucker who recently sent me
to the penitentiary that Judge
Evans would be Influenced by the
advice that my counsel might give I
me Hill not only declines to give me
any answer but races off to a news
paper reporter whose bigotry and
narrowmindedness are manifest to
exploit to the world his animus
against the rampant editor who
asked him a fair question which it
was his duty as an officer to say
nothing of his obligation as a civil
gentleman to answer
Let this question come before the
courts and the Louisville Post is
already committed to doing all It
can to get me sent to the peniten
tiary again
When this is printed I will send
marked copies of it to the President
and to Attorney Griggs at Wash
ington with a letter to each asking
instruction in the matter
I want to know if it be true that
a Christian has rights In the use of
the United States riall that an In
fidel has not
How Many of Us Go to Church
In the recent discussion of church
attendance which has been conduct
ed by contributors to the Times
Star s department of Public Opinion
various estimates have been clven of
the total number of church members
in America The Independent of
this week publishes carefully com
plied statistics of the American
churches The total membership
including Jewish churches Unita
rians etc is 27710004 represent
legan Increase for the year 99 of 1
per cent
The principal gains were made In
smaller sects The Christian Scien
tists made a gain of 14 percent with
a total membership 80000 The
Church of New Jerusalem or
Swedenborglan increased 11 per
cent It is also significent that in
general the greater the denomina
Lion the smaller the increase The
Roman Catholics and tho Methodists
showed only 1i fraction of one per
cent Increase the Presbyterians 12
per cent the Episcopalians 15 per
cent the Baptists 2 per cant and the
Lutherans 26 per cent the Congre
gatlonallats and Disciples of Christ
3 per cent The Latter Day Saints 1
or Mormons show a slight increase
while the Unitarians despite tho
recent Biblical onslaughts in the
Evangelical churches show no gain
at all the Unlvorsallsts fell off 37
per cent The aggregate member
ship of the Infidel societies is Infi
Infidels aro not inclined to organ
ization They are generally as wall
satisfied with their escape from
superstition that they are content
They are disposed to let others be
lave as they will as long as they
are not restricted in that belief
They have no desire to place the
ny I I
burden of erecting and supporting
great temples upon the people They
do not aim to establish a creed or c
power at enmity with the rest ofc
society To scatter books of science I
is more to them than to erect a
church on the corner Their per I
cent of gain can only be estimated I
by the decline of church gain and
consequently it must to great Infl I
dellty is moving quietly but PanI
derously on WI
Thornburg Iowa Jan 31 300
C C Moore
My Dear 8Ir1 have just finished J
reading the BLADE of Jan 28 It is
fine I am going to let some of
those men to whom that extra DecI
10 issue was sent read it in hopes of c
bringing them out of the woods to I
such a degree that they will sub
scribe Your advice to Brother
Richardson to demolish those twoc
barrels of whisky is excellent That c
is the kind of Prohibition work I I
would like to see A man who has 1
been convinced that it is for the bestI
of nil concerned if he deliberately
and voluntarily takes an ax and
knocks the beads out of his whisky 1
barrels and lets the stuff run into 1
the gutter is in my estimation I
much better citizen than one who
does not drink whisky because he J
cannot vet it
Go on with your noble work your
advice is generally good I will tell
you confidentially of the only ortho
dox religious act I was ever guilty of
in my life It came about in this
way I was walking leisurely along
the street in our town one day not
long since when I noticed suddenly
that there was some commotion
around the largo force pump on the
town well A number of men were
pumping vigorously and a long hose
attached to the pump disappeared
among the buildings in the distance
My first thought was that there was
a fire somewhere so without asking
any questions I seized the bar and
helped to work the pump While
thus engaged I asked about the
cause of the excitement You
can imagine at what price I could
have been bought when one of the
deacons coolly informed me that the
other end of the hose hung in tha
tank of that gospel shop the owners
and patrons of which think that the
only correct route to the happy
hunting ground is the water route
If you will not tell this on me I will
help you tune your harp when we
get to the New Jerusalem
Not Mr Moore if you have his
address I wish you would send the
fool killer around to Des Moines
The State Register informed us last
week that M 0 Waggoner had
burned his magnificent infidel Li
brary consisting of several thousand
volumes on atheism The editor
told us that single volumes in this
imaginary collection were worth
several hundred dollars It seems
to be an acute case and suould have
the prompt attention of the above
named functionary
Certain webfooted creatures who
inhabit this part of the footstool
were preparing to drive for the eter
2nal city last Sunday with the mer
surely must have frozen their brains
not t
they found the guest in that dire c
tlon I do not know for I stayed at
home by a warm stove and studied
my Bibles with the B G B an a
T S Yours truly
Eugene V Debs another jail
OperaHouse I
House Tuesday night February 13 1
1900 Subject Looking Forward
1 issue for ono year 100
5 II II II II 250
10II CI II II 400
20II II II CI 700
50 II 1e 1600
1 J r p
I Hi
lain exceedingly diffident in corn
I ing before this clerical body for I
fipr more at home State street
I Though a member of the Episcopal
church I make no pretensions to
blrig a specially religious man
But I am sure that there is a deep s
I need of Christianity W thout It
our government must go the same
wjy that other governments have
I gone to gradual decay
I am equally sure that Christian s
ity is losing its hold over our people
I have been in every town in New I
Hampshire I know a large percent
tage of the people and I am sure of
my round The Methodists Bap b
tists and Catholics largely approved I
of my fast day proclamations buts
the Congregational pulpits denied a
the truth of my statements and 1 t
have been fiercely attacked as un t
true to my native state But partly t
as a result of my proclamation f
manydtMriots have been improved c
and the Episcopal church has under 1
taken a house to house canvass ofI
the whole statet
The reasonof this decline in re
ligion I attribute to a loosening ora
religious faith Your ministers are
no longer the guides of the people I
who now follow the religions of L
the newspapers The ark has been I
overturned the Bible account of the 1
creation denied j Jonah repudited s
and the anchor of the old faith pull
ed up before the sails are set for the
newl I
newlThe best blood of the country I
towns of northern New England hast
for generations been going to Bos
ton and New York leaving in some I
places only the weaklings to do the
work in the old country home These I
less energetic ones have intermar I
ried till in one town I am acquain t
ted with in Maine there is an imbe
cite in almo t every family due to s
breeding in and in I
Denominational discord is another I
cause of religious decline in the
country town where people carry
their religious disputes into weekday I
business and thus weaken church
Innu ncoI
From this decline in religion nat
urally arises a neglect of the Sab
bath the introduction of European I
Sunday customs The playing of
lems in New Hampshire Shops areI
open and Sunday theaters will be
the next step You will see them
in Boston within a few years
The increase of foreign population
is a gain rather than a loss to the
country towns for It brings in new
blood so greatly needed and the
people are usually strong Catholics
not irreligiou and their increase Is
a favorable element
What is to be the remedy Such
01 gahizations as yours the meeting
of ministers of all denominations to
discuss religious problems is a Rood
feature as is the work of the Y M
C A But the keenest and strong
est men in every community now
hold entirely aloof from church
work spend their Sundays in physi
cal rest and are seldom or never
seen in church which is now priori
pally run by women
The kind of men who go into the
ministry is also a damage to the
cause of religion Young men who
shave no special call to anything else
drift into the pulpit where they
seek a chance to get an easy living
Of course this does not apply to any
of you gentlemen in this room but
the grotestant churches have much
to learn from the Roman Catholics I
who fake care to select the brightest
younjK men for the priesthood not
allowing any drones to go to the
theological seminary Louisville
oPages 150155 In My Last Book
I hoar that persons on seeing my
ms a
learned from some popular report
titc °
story beginning The little story
that I am going to tell you is one to
which I suppose some prudes may
object and ending on Rage 16 5
with a story which starts One day
my French friend and I were out aIl t
Bois de Boulogne in the suburbs of
tIs if any difference better
ground lor putting me in the pen i
itentiary again than that upon
which they did imprison me but
the boomerang results of Ruckora
experiment In that line I think will
discourage a second effort An
other prosecution would be a good
advertisement for the book and I
could Bend it by Adams Express Co
l J I A L fn
The story of a remarkabq life against 1
storm and stress a story of a Titan t
who voluntarily shoulders a strange fI
jurden and at every step beset by In 0
surmountable barriers Inviting perse t
cution like a blind infuriated giant e
avoiding the line of the greatest trac i a
don and least resistance one woo would fI
search himself and know himself and i r
master himself and thenstrange mis a
sion reform the world I
One who believes that single Individ Is
uals lead or turn the current the doc A
trine of Carlyle rather than that of
Spencer will be found in perusing the
book Behlna tap Bars by Charles C
Moore It Jsa fulf and honest confes J
sion of a moral and Intellectual being
thinking machine of introspection
beginning with the Egoist and ending I
the Altrurlan The reader sees late bare
the secret crypt of emotion and passion I
for the story Is tree from bitterness thatI
characterized the authors writings la
The Blue Grass Blade and it is slm
pljclty and frankness At times It Is
audacious As a contribution to spirit
ual phenomena It will rank with Bishop c
Colenso and oa a confession it will go
as a companion to Jean Jacques Rous I
seau but without the coarseness of theI
latter It is a chaste book pure in die
ion and chaste and perspicuous There I
Is nothing suggestive but once in the
book and that Is veiled in a literary t
style void of offense
Mr Moore Is occasionally rugged andC
robust In invective but the paw of theI
lion has been clipped of his claws and
he goes so far as to omit names at cer
iota places
Tho style is familiar and the little
stories are truly told at times there IsD
grim humor and even a play upon
words the wit is nimble and the by
plays very elephantine the pen behind d
tao bars In the prison cell where the
story was written is guided by a philoE
sophie calm that Is refreshing to the J
stuaent and will be a disappointment to c
those who are looking for a veritable
hornets nest The story fascinates and
will not soon perish from the memory I
The authors hobbles are there only to c
connect the thread of the story but It
will not serve as a text book on Infidel
ity or Prohibition the lone Infidel I
woman In the mountain fastnesses is I
wlerd and fantastic and one wishes that
the author had used some of the arts of 1
the whlters gffiction In telling of Mrs
Lynx This incident was Turing his
ministry as a preacher In the Christian
or Disciples Church
The story of the little old blind
woman who was painfully generous in
her ministrations to her neighbor in
the way of sending her servpnts with
loads of good things characteristic of a
type that is passing away in our com
mercial day strikes the reader with
unusual force
7 know I am old and blind but I
hope I aint a fool you ten to yo busl
iness and Ill ten to mine
The story of Major Parker Craig
Nicholson represents a type of post
bellum chackter > proud mysterious
who lived on and on and who dies and
goes out Into the Great Beyond and
makes no sign One wishes that John
Fox Jr had told of Majah Nicholson
There is a story that is not duplicated
In fiction told we author by a edf
It Is a story of love arson sacrifice o f
a life and venture and revenge that fas
cinates like atale by Poo and It Is told
In one brief page of the bcok A page
is given to pretty Fanny Castleman and
her pink sun bonnet a volume of senti
went in a page of apace
yMr Moqre was charged with attempt
Ing to put love on the free list but the
6book refutes It He Is a monogamist
but he Is philosopher enough to know
Ithat polyandra promiscuity and polyg
amy are explained sociologically by
habitat and enVlronment In the strug
gle for existence and the unequal distil
bution poverty and wealth
The book stands for sanitation not
degeneracy and of course It may be as
sailed and may provoke discussion or
mere may be a tacit conspiracy of sl i
lence upon the part of the priests slI
the preacher He believes not less but
more but in an Inverse ratio
TLc throbbing inpact of the authors
mental dynamics is heard beating
against the Intangible as well as the
material bars of his prison cell and the
struggle has a pathos In It that will
touch some to tears tho letter of his
faithful wife for Instance where she
endearingly calls him Daddy and
says The Inhumanity of man to man
and the Infamy that Is perpetrated In
the name 5f religion are enough tot
make our blood boll Then It was that
he must have felt the utter futility of
IIhis effort to Dowlelze the worldthat Is
run It without saloons or policemen a
mundane zion bla first night in a con
viol s cell He did not want for imag
ination and Soon fell asleep saying Its i
all right or will be J
One is Interested In the authors <
father who had run the gauntlet at the 1
flyer Ralsen A raconteur he would
stand In the company of ladles and tell i
stories plaiting and unplaltlng his ban 1i t I
dana handkerchIef as he rattled off his It
pleasantries Moores bottle against that 1JI
which lingers Is not unlike those who r J
would learnedly combat alchemy rather f iI
than teach chemistry laat which ho tJ
fights has been abandoned but he goes
over It all anew despite Paine and Vol
faire a prodigy no less than tho math ° t
ematical genius of Indiana who thought a
out all the well known rules for her =
fleIra waste of genius He does notw r i
realize that the false will die of itself
and truth will win by her own methods
That which today Is heresy tomorrow
in the school text books
thousand creeds have had their day
on earth
Unto a thousand sects have given birth
That now are food for wonder scorn
orTOlrth 1
A thousand godi have had theta IIMI ° w
day e
On earth and crumbled their feet were
made of clayr
Like outworn toys they now are casj 4
away >
Religions dreams and empires all have
gone f
Like shapes of night that vanish from
tae dawn
While through tne ages earth went roil
Ing on
The book and the man however are
of Inestimable value as standing for free
speech and free press A priceless priv
ilege bad better be misused than neg s
lected and martyrs to this cause will
have halos of glory to burn above their
The book is a valuable contribution
to literature as A sort of curloand +
ought to have more than a local Inter u
est His love scrapes are retailed with
brutal frankness Betue Herndon and
Virginia Campbell He tells all f
which is nothingno more than the ex s
periences of puppylove sick folks and
yennd yet does he tell a11Y The blase
and the old stagers and the roue would
say Thou heat and Yethis con
science Is clear Had he more to tell he
doubtless would have told less In the
story A mad lover and yet he will
escape the charge of enotomonla
The book too aside from Its Idle
yarns ought to acquit him of the charge fit
of Inclvlpm He is not so bad after all
The author affected a dress that
marked him as an eccentric during his
college days a folly that seems tot
have been congenial Ills line physique
coupled with an effeminate manner
seems to have made him popular wiLl
girls who played with him as some
thing amusing and harmless He was
a glrly boy neltfcBr man nor womanA
ne fist bTuie nor Tiiiniafl nOrTTfeinnnr1
An ascetic after one grl asked to bo
released from her engagement he turn
ed preacher to bury his dead hopes
The flies did not remain on him long
His ministry was effective but brief
when he began his tramp to clear his
mindand like the Wandering Jew it
Is still on and on with no place
to rest the sole of his foot placeI
being Crazy as a loon among the 1
Adlrondacks say many but they are I
not insanity experts and do not count rfI
Enemies catch him and lock him up
but prisons fly open mobs do not de co
ter and he goes on and on with his
genius for blundering
There is a lesson in his life though
tho hook seems to be purposeless
TIE + r > 1
iA 1
A Book of 871 page I I
5x7 neatly bouai andt
plainly primt d PriM
50o Poftag pfd
It II a aiodcaa
tionallitio dell d
r 1 l 1 1 n liT J A

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