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Paines Complete Works
Flints Kellglonl and Theological WorbI vol
Paine Poetical and Xlieellaneons Af orkiti vol
Palnes Political Works complete fn t vols
Pslnes Ute By the editor of The National and
by Thomas Clio Rickman with Lord Ers
kines speech in behalf of Paine Court of
Kings Bench London Eng Dee 18 1791
i vot In This beautiful edition XSt oo
w Farming together Ftve RndSonie Cewn ave
volumes tn a box Boand t1l brown silk cloth gilt top
gold tlUeL UluatRtdan4 old at PSOO for he toUr ea
A U well known Palnea political and nllgioul
wrlUnp exerted AD tmmease Inllaenoe tn America
Enllaad sudernnee darln I his lire and since hll deata
hs bene1leeatnllaeaee bill tncr and estende
throughont the elY1l1zed world A copy of this Uln
tRied edition of hll work wblcb for eleganoe aecuract
and eompleteDeaa 1a not eccelled Ifequsiled by edition
sold as treble he price ahoald be In he libraI of enq
patrlosof even lover of Truth JusUN and Llbert7
Common Sense A Revolutlonar
pamphlet addressedto the inhabitants of Americ
in 1776 with art explanatory notice by an English
author Paines first and most important political
work Paper iso
The Crisis J6 numbers Written
during the darkest hours of the American Revo
lutlon in the times that tried mens souls
Paper 350 cloth Sac
The Rights of Man Being at
answer to Burkes attack upon the French
Revolution A work almost without a peer
Paper ajc cloth sac
The Age of Reason Beingan
Investigation of True and Fabulous Theolog
A new and unabridged edition For nearly one
hundred years the clergy have been vainly trying
to answer this book Paper ajc cloth soc
Paines Religious and Theo
post Svo 432 pp paper 50 cts cloth gilt top
Paines Principal Political
WORKS Containing Common Sense The
Crisis 16 numbers Letter to the Abbe Ravnal
Letter from Thomas Paine to General Washing
ton Letters from General Washington to
Thomas Paine Rights of Man Parts I and I1i
Letter to the Abbl Sieyes With portrait and
I f n 6 n p r coc
C oth 11 t top 100
Address orders to
0 0 JC001E lexineton Ky
Warden Coffin for the
May Collins Memorial
Columbus 0 Jan 25 00
Mr Charles 0 Moore
Dear SlrI am In receipt of you
favor of the 20th inst saying that
you may have a grand demonstra
tion at Lexington on the first day of
next May anniversary of the birth o
your wonderlul Kentucky girl Ma
L Collins and requesting me to be
present and make a short address
f can assure you thAt nothing would
afford me more pleasure than to
comply with your request In this
matter provided circumstances wll
admit of me doing so I infer from
what you say that it Is not deQnHeJ y
settled as to whether this will oocu
or not When it Is write me and J
will lot you know if I can attend or
not Yours
In answer to this I will here say
that the May Collins Memorial wU1
be conducted as heretofore in Lex
Ington and i want all friends and
admirers of this most wonderful of I
all intellects that America ever pro
duced or that has lived since Bishop
Cyrils Christian fanatics burnt
HypatIa In the streets of Alexan
drla in Egypt to begin now to make
more extensive preparations for the
memorial that wo have have ever
hadMay L Collins ought to live in
ilatqry whenMcKinwy and Bradley
and Hanna and Taylor are dead and
t the devil and forgotten for a
thousand years
Yes Warden Coffin will be there
I and I am going to introduce him in
my prison uniform because I know
my stripes will make him feel more
I at home
homeI him to speak partlyat least
upon the connection bAt ween liquor
I and crime I believe that a thou
ndpople will come specially to
I see and hear Warden Coffin I
The public Is invited except Buck
I erThompson and Bundy and white I
t preachers and priests of Lexington
P SThe above was written be
lore the foul assassination of Qov
Lewisport Ky Jan 26 00
Mr 0 0 Moore
Dear Sir and BroI enclose a
clipping from the Louisville Even
IngPost that I think gives author
itative evidence in the case now
under discussion in the BLADE
namely the weakening of church In
fluence If was glad to hear yparjvietvson
the financial question I now agrc
rJ T l t4J l TrLIJ
Paines Works Continued
Paines Political Works
COMPLETE In two vole containing over 500
pp each post 8vo cloth gilt top with portrait
and illustrations 5s per volume
Paines Poetical and Mis
brown silk cloth gilt top inb
Complete Life of Paine
Bv W J Linton editor of the National and
Thomas Clio Rickman Superb Illustrations
One volume brown silk cloth gilt top zoo
Life of Thomas Paine By the
editor of the National with Preface and Notes
by Peter Eckler Illustrated with views of the
Old Paine Homestead and Paine Monument at
New Rochelle also portraits of the most promi
nent of Paines friends In Europe and America
As a man in known by the company he keeps
these portraits of Paines associates are in them
selves a sufficient refutation of the wicked libels
against Paine that have so long disgraced sectarian
literature Crown 8vo Paper joe cloth 750
Voltaire CM de works
Voltaires Romances A New
Edition Profusely Illustrated Content The
White Bull A Satrical Romance Zadig or
Fate an Oriental History The Sage and the
Atheist The Princess of Babylon The Man
I of Forty Crowt The Huron or Pupil of
Nature Mlcromegas a Satire on Mankind
The World as it Goes The Black and the
White Memnon the Philosopher Andre Des
Touches at Slam Bababec The Study of
Nature A Conversation with a Chinese Platos
Dream A Pleasure in having no pleasure An
Adventure in India Jeannot and Colin Travels
of Scarmentado The Good Bramln The Two
Comforters Ancient Faith and Fable i vol
Boo 480 pp with portrait and 82 Illustrations
Paper Sioo Extra Silk cloth gilt topzo
Half calf 300
Man of Forty Crowns
National Poverty An Adventure with a Car
melite The Man of Forty Crowns marries
becomes a father and dlscants upon the monks
A Great Quarrel A Rascal Repulsed also The
aR1Ph stUrorTv
Huron tr Pupil of Naturt The Huron arrives
in France Acknowledged by his Relatives
Is Converted Is Baptized Falls in Love Flies
to his Mistress Repulses the English Goes to
Court II shut up In the Bastlle etc Paper 350
1he Sage and the
with Introduction Including the Adventures of
Johnny a Young Englishman by Donna Las
Nalgas Also The Princess foi DTbeRKri
Contest for the Hand r Formosanta The King
of Babylon convenes his Council and Consults
the Oracle Royal Festival Given in Honor of
Visitors Formosauta Begins a
the Kingly
Journey Aldea Elopes with the Kiogof Scythia
Formosanta Visits China and Scythia in Search
ofArnatan Amazan Visits Albion An Unfor
tunate Adventure In Gaul etc Paper 350
MicromegaS Voyage to the Planet
Saturn by a native of Syrius What befel them
upon this our Globe The Travellers Capture a
Vesaelt What Happened id their Intercourse
with Men Also TAc Word a it Go
Black and the White Memnon the Philosopher
Andres des Touches at Siam Barabec The
Study of Nature A Conversation with a Chinese
Platos Dream Pleasure in having no Pleasure
An Adventure in India Jeannot arid Colin
The Travels Scarmentado The Good Bramln
The Two Comforters Faith and Fable Paperasc
Zadhn or Fate The Blind of
One Eye The Nose The Dog and the Horse
iJ b2r i
The Envious Man The Gererous The Minister
The Disputes and the Audiences The Woman
Beater The st Pile enThe Supper The
Rendezvous The Robber The Fisherman
The Basilisk The Combats The Hermit The
Enigmas etc also Tin White Bull A Satirical
Romance How the Princess Arhasldia meets a
Bull How She had a Secret Conversation with
a Beautiful Serpent The Seven Years Pro
claImed by Daniel are luu nnliahxf TJohlirhaH
enaarrnesthe Human Form Marries the
Beautiful Amasidta by Voltaire Paper 350
Address orders to
0 SXOQRE Lexington Xy
with you fully on every pdsljkio I
taken by the BLADE The BLADE Is
cutting a wide swath in morals and
religion the latter being mer
superstition and Is liberating tho
minds of men
I Yours for the discussion of aU
subjects H G SMITH
The article headed Decay of Re
ligion in New England by Frank
W Rollins Governor of New Hamp
shire and will be printed in full In
I Washington D 0 Feb 2 00
Dear Mr Moore
tend today PjO order for 101
to pay for two copies of Behind the
Bars and one year renewal for the
BLADE i lam extremely glad that it is wid
eningjts swath
swathYours for truth
i When you read the book you will
Bee how Geology had to do with my
becoming a heathen
i Any man who Is onto geology
cant believe Moseys little fairy
tales and the rib story as old
Bro Bob Ingersoll called it
I have a stone fence in front of my
house built of Animals that lived
1000000 years ago
A fellow with D D after his name
float believe that but a Ph D does
Still the celestial real estate
I dealers say there is no conflict be
tween science and religion
The Ohio Liberal Society
Meets in G A R Hall 35 West
Sixth St Cincinnati 0 every Sun
day evening at8 oclock Follow
Ing is the program for Febuary
February 4Joseph A Labadie
Subject Philosophical Anarch
February 11 ExRev J J Logan
Subject The Orthodox Church
its Hypocrisy and Cowardice
February 18M O OByrne Sub
ject The Doom of the Bible
February 25M 0 OByrne Sub
jectTIi Immorality the Soul
Will it Stand the TestQf Reason
All lectures are followed by free
rltlolsm and discussion Questions
Invited Admission ten cents to
cover expenses
The articles of Mrs Henry and
Dr Wilson in thelaat BLADB are
even above their own standards and
retbovbeateverwritten in Amerr
N leOIR Memoirs of the Life
Exile and Conversations of the Emperor Napo
leon by the Count de Las Cases With eight
steel portraits mips and illustrations Four
vole post 8vo each 400 pp cloth 500 half
calf extra iooa1
With his Son the Count devoted himself tt St Helen
to the tare of the Emperor and passed hIs evening In
recording hU remark
NapOleon in Exile or A Voice
FROM ST HELENA Opinions and Reflections
of Napoleon on the Most Important Events In
Life and Government li his own words By
Barry E OMeara hili late Surgeon Portrait of
Napoleon after Delarrche and a view of St
Helena both on steel a vols pot 8vo 662 pp
cloth 350 in half calf extra 500
Mr OMeaiVi work contain a body of the moat Inter
etUnt and valuable Information Information the
accuracy of whkltstasd unimpeached bI any attacks
mad ZJtbIf suthors The detail in Las Cues
work and those of Mr OMeara mutually support each
Goodloes Birth of the Repub
LiC Compiled from the National and Colonial
Histories and Historical Collections from the
American Archives from Memoirs Ana from the
Journals and Proceedings of the British Parlia
ment Containing the Resolutions Declarations
and Addresses adopted by the Continental Con
gress the Provincial Congresses Conventions
and Assemblies of the County and naN
logs dm the Committees r Safety in all the
Colonies from the year 1765 to 1779 to which is
added the Articles of Confederation a history of
ror ttoI r
the formation and adoption of the Constitution
ths election of President Washington his
Inauguration April 30 1879 a copy of the Constitution
stitution antiWashingtons Inaugural Speech
tamo 400 pp Cloth 100
Origin Of S P e C i C S by Ieans of
Natural Selection or the Preservation of a Favored
Race In the Struggle for Life By Charles Dar
win Gilt top I hJ1 cts
ThIs book Is the grandest achievement of modem
aetestU isseareb It baa pssaedthronghmisy editions
In EnglUh ha been translated Into almoas all he
language of Europe and ha been the inbject of more
Cwr pamphlet and Mparata books than any
other volume of the age Most of the great scientist1
now rally support Drwtn position The thought of
skis book hMbooome apart of th common Inheritance
Rochefoucaulds Moral
MAXIMS Containing 541 Maxims and Moral
Sentences by Francis Duke of Rochefoucauld J
together with 144 Maxims and Reflections by
Stanislaus Kingof Poland Also Maxims to live
by and Traits of Moral Courage in everyday
life tamo 186 pages cloth 750
As Rochefoucauld his maxims drew
From tJatufe1 believe them true
They argueino corrupted mind
In him the fault Is in mankind lSwl
AddresS orders to
C C MOOSE Lexington Ky
For J165 a Year The WorldCpn
Ing Every Other Day Except
Sunday and the Blade for <
Sabbath Reading t
The Blade the Greatest Religious
Pap r Inthe World and the
World the GreatestSecu
lar Paper in the
The BLUE GRASS BLADE the great
est Religious Journal in the world
and the New York World the gr t
est Secular Journal In the word bave
gone into a combine and will poo
their earnings
The World will come three titLes
a week that Is every other day ex
cept Sunday when tbe BLADE
punctuallycach Sabbath morn laden
to tbe guards with the latest and
freshest from the religious world
will appear and till what would pth
arwlse be an aching voId in thi
hearts of the piously inclined
I it woum be a reflection upon thr
general intelligence of the world at
II large and of America especially to
lescant upon the merits of thesi
two great journals Not to kjpov
them is to proclaim yourself un
known T
I knownWith the BLADE no other religiou
reading is necessary not evenUhi
Bible prayer book or hymn book
Saving the BLADE it is not necessarj
t i > ay any pew rent or to entertain
preachers or to chip into the mis
iionary box and your breeches are
not bagged at the knees by knoelfni
in churches
churchesHaving the New York World
hree times a week you are Sbr
tughly furnished into every good
work 11 Tim 3 17 in matters
secular ttnd nothing else in secular
I juornatlsm Is necessary for clti
rated ladles and gentlemen
If you are taking the BLADE send
ae 165 and your BLADE will be
credited up a year and the World
rill begin at once to come to you
aking the BLADE send me 1166 and
the two papers will at once start to
This is the greatest offer for reo
glous and political literature you
versaw >
Addrffs Iall communications
iLUEGxAfcf BLADE Lexington Sy
Old Spanish Romances
Illustrated by 48 beautiful Etchings by
R de Los Rios 12 vols crown SVo
cloth 1800 half calf extra or half
morocco 3600
The History of Don Quixote
OP LA MANCIIA Translated from the Spanish
of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra by Motteux
With copious notes including the Spanish Ballads
and an Essay on the Life and Writings of Cer
vantes by John G Lockhart Preceded by a
Short Notice of the Life and Works of Peter
Anthony Motteux by Henry Van Laun Illus
trated with sixteen original etchings by R de Los
Rios 4 volt post 8vo 1758 pp 300
Lazarillo de Tormes Life and
Adventures of Translated from the Spanish of
Don Diego Hurtado De Mendoza by Thomas
Roscoe Also the Life and Adventures of
Guzman dAlfnrachct or The Spanish
Rogue by Mateo Aleman Translated from
the French edition of Le Sage by John Henry
Brady Illustrated with eight original etchings
by R de Los Rios a vols post 8vo 729 pp
300 Asmodeus or the Devil
UPON Two STICKS Preceded by dialogues
serious and comic between Tivo Chimneys oj
Madrid Translated from the French of Alain
Red Le Sage Illustrated with four original
etchings by R de Los Rios < nol post 8ro
333 pp 150
The Bachelor of Salamanca
By Le Sage Translated from the French by
James Townsend Illustrated with four original
etchings by R de Los Rios i vol post 8 vo
400 pp 150
Vanillo Gonzales or the
MERRY BACHELOR By Le Sage Translated
from the French Illustrated with four original
etchings by R de Los Rios i vol post Svo
itS PP 150
The Adventures of Gil Bias
OP SANTILLANE Translated from the French
of Le Sage by Tobias Smollett With biographical
and critical notice of Le Sage by George Saints
bury New edition carefully revised Illustrated
wills twelve original etchings by R de Los Rios
j U VOls A handy pOSt and 8VO beautiful 1200 edition 45O of the work of the
Spanish masters r romance We may say orthl
edition of the lmnwrtss work of Cervantes that It U mot
tutenilljr and admirably executed and that it la
embellished with a eerlea of itrlklng etchings from the
pen 00th Spanish artltfleloelilosDQUs TekgnzpA
Asmodeus or the Devil upon
Two STICKS By A R Le Sage With designs
bv Tony Johannot Translated from the French
With fourteen illustrations Post Svo 333 pp
paper soc cloth 100
f Anew lVstrated edition or one or the Dlutesplecel of
the world a SoUsa
The Bachelor of Salamanca
By Le Sage Translated from the French by
James Townsend with five illustrations by R de
Los Rios 400 pp paper soc cloth 100
a Van 1110 Gonzales or the
MERRY BACHELOR By Le Sage Translated
from the French With five illustrations by R
de Los Rios 455 pp paper soc cloth 100
The Adventuresj rm Gil Bias
OF SANTILLANE Translated from the French
of Le Sage by TobIas Smollett With Uographl
cal and critical notice of Le Sage by George
Salntsbiiry New edition carefully revised With
twelve illustrations by R de Los Rios 3 vols
post Svo 1200 pp cloth 300
Cheaper edition from the same
plates In one volume Illus 5100
A olualo la the realm entertaining literature
Address ordors to
0 G MOORE Lexington Xyr
Is Mr W T Flokien aged 71
who has been a most exemplar
member of the Christian church for
60 years when that church put him 1
and me in jail because we were ProI
hibltlonists Bro Ficklen is also
agentsfor the Rational View
Price 50 cents neatly bound
The BrAD is now agent for Pete
cklerJNaw York the greatest In
fidel book publisher in the world
and would tie glad to have you
patronage if you want Freet ought
literature See ad on page 4
co flOUTF
Ticket office in PhoenixjHotel
i Hnt Trains J
I Ientuck OMi
mo out of LBXINQTON vta MM
iNEw8 jtKi joSTONII
L Only one change of cars via Gin v
4 hours quickest line to Boston
p Only 25 hours Lexington to New
k2S V
PaurTirietAgt Depot Ticket Agt
11 IJ1 LJigi
The Blade is now agent for Fete
Eckler New York the greatest Infidel
fidel book publisher in the world
and I would be glad to have you
patronage if you want Freethough
A Book of 171 PH
5x7 MMtly oumd and
plainly prlmUd PrIce
50o Poftig prepaid
lIt II a modem la
ioualiitta Ttow 1
J I 11 r lf1fV
with many valuable Illustrations 400 pp crownf
Svo paper 50 cents
cloth airt top 75
as a Catholic priest
Renan from study
and observation be
ilcame a his philosopher religious
training he had
learned to admire
and respect the char
acter and teaching of
Jesus of Nazareth
but his good sense
and reason led him
to disbelieve In the
tuftrnatural orffi
of the Son of
Alary His reasons
for this disbelief
this want of faithare as foUbws and are given
in his own words
None of tbe miracles with which the old hiStOrIeS are
filled took place nnrraclenUflo condition Observation
llI1 ef thif
which baa never once been ftlttfled teaches va that
miracles sever ha pen but In times sod countries is
dlIe eg t
18rvdlIe ehl
which they are bfleod md befOre physicians dtspose
to of believe men capable them 200 of mIracle testing ever Its occured mtraeulous to character
Neither oommou people nor men of he world are ski
to doh1a atres ePlffaatiODUndloDrbbI
almost Ieo allrelp ctable peopledupesor the TOWtMU4S
or of puerile Ulaaloua Msrvelloaa tacta 1teMe4 lit
the whole population of a null towns bays = rD a
severe scrutiny been exploded It A Li proved that BO
contemporary miracle Will bear inquiry is It not prob
able that the miracles of the put which hare all hem
performed In popular EatberlnRi wonld equally =
performed 1alJ
their than of filnslon U enD wen possible to crlUclM
them ladetall t
History of Christianity
Comprising all that relates to the Christian
religion In The History of the Decline and Fat
of the Roman Empire and also a Vindication
never before published in this country of some
passages in the fifteenth and sixteenth chapters
by Edward Gibbon Esq With a Preface Life
of the Author and Notes by Peter Eckler also
Variorum Notes by Gulzot Wenckj MllUaaaf
An English Churchman and other scholars
This Important work contains Gibbons complete
Theological writings separate from his historical
IO fJk cr
and miscellaneous works showing when where
and how Christianity originated who were Its
founders and what were the sentiments char
acter manners numbers and condition of the
primitive Christians One vol post 8vo864
with Portrait of Gibbon and numerous
pp roJvl
engravings pgrr mythological divinities Extra
silk cloth gilt top 200 Half calf 400
Hypatia DyCharles Kingiley gilt top
Man in the Past Present
AND FUTURE By Prof Ludwig BQchner It
describes Maaas a being notput upon the earth
accidentally by an arbitrary act but produced in
harmony with the earths nature sal belonrlnp
to it as do the flowers and fruits to the tree which
bears them Cloth 100
Mahomet the Illustrious
By Godfrey Higgins Esq Perhaps no author
has appeared who was better qualified Tor writing
an honest Life of Mahomit The Jtlmtriovt
than Godfrey Higgins Esq the author of the
present work His knowledge of the Oriental
languages his careful and methodical examination
of all known authoritieshis evident desire to
state the exact truth joined to the judicial char
acter of his mind eminently fitted him for the
ta and he has produced a work that wilt prove
ofinterest to both Mahometans and Christian
Preface by Peter Eckler Crown Bvo paper ajc
cloth soc
Mahomet His Birth Char
ACres AND DOCTRINE By Edward Gibbon
Esq Gibbons account of the Arabian legislator
and prophet is conceded to be historically correct
in every particular and so grand and perfect ia
every detail as to be practically beyond the reach
of adverse criticism Crown 8vo paper 350
cloth sac
5ocAddreM orders to
i 0 C HOOBE Lexington Ij
These Works are Bound iriti
Highest Style of the Art
Fine Bindings
Gibbons History of Christi
ANITY Half callo i 400
Mesliers Superstition In All
AGES Half calli 2QQ
Volneys Ruins of Empires
Half calf 200
Buchners Force Sc Matter
Half calf 200
Buchners Man In the Past
PRESENT FUTURE Half calf p200
Paines Political Works comGO
PLETE a vols i J
Theological Works ivot J
Poetical and Mlscellane oE
Otis WORKS tvol eIi
Life jvoU V S
Unquetttonally the Fittest fllustra 5 r
ted Edition Published II
Paines Principal Political
WORKS i vol half calf 200
Paines Complete Political
WORKS 2 Vols half calf 400
Paines Religious and Theo
JOGICAL WORKS i vol half calf 200
Paines Poetical and Miscel
LANEOUS WORKS i vol half calf 200
Paines Complete Life and
IOGRAPIIV i vol haifcaf2e00
IngersoUs Lectures Vol i
iilfMieep or half morocco 500
Volume II will follow shortly
IngersoIIs Prose Poems Halto
moroc olsooj l1atf calf 450 full Turkey
norocco 750 j full free calf 900
Voltaires Romances Hall
Voltaires Essays and Crltl
ISMS Half calf 400
Renans Life of Jesus x vol
hall calr 200
Schopenhauers Eseays One
vol half calf 200
Kinesleys Hypatia x vol half
calf 200
Tabers Faith or Fact x vol
half calr 200
Morehouses Wilderness of
WORLDS i vol half calf 200
Haeckels Visit to Ceylon Half
calr C 200
Rousseaus Social Contract
Half calrI 200
Buckles History of Civliiza
JON IN ENGLAND volshc 000
AeSerdert rt t j

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