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I believe that alcohol to a certain
f degree demoralizes those who make
It those who sell It and those who
j drink it I
1I believe from the time It Issues
from the coiled ant poisonous worm
< of the distillery until it empties Into
the hell of crime death and dishonor
3t demoralizes everybody that touches
I do not believe that anybody can
contemplate the subject without be
coming prejudiced against this liquid
All you have to do Is to think of the
of deathof the suicides of the Insan
ity of the poverty of the Ignorance of
the distress of the little children tug
ging at the faded dresses of weeping
and despairing wives asking for
bread of the men of genius it has
wrecked of the millions who have
struggled with Imaginary serpents
produced by this devilish thing
And when you think of the jails of
the almshouses of the prisons and of
the scaffolds upon either bank I do
not wonder that every thoughtful man
Is prejudiced against the damned stuff
called alcoholI
Keep Church and State forever
In no sense whatsoever is this gov i
ernment founded upon the Christian i
religion Washington I
The divorce between Church and
State should be absolute Garfield
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r i + 1
l J
t tF t
t f1HillinV
t k
Tho death of my beloved friend
Elizabeth Cady Stanton fills my
her death Is a calamity to time world
Sho was a daughter of Now York
but for her splendid service to the
human race she Is claimed not only
by the people within tho broad boun
daries of the American Republic but
by the people of all lands and where
liberty is prized or tho hope of lib
erty cherished It is given to but
few human beings on this earth to
become a positive force In moulding
Elizabeth Cady Stanton is ono of
tho majestic figures of modern times
and her strong character her mental
and moral Influence and tho achieve
ments of her great and noble life are
positive forces that arc powerful fac
tors In developing national and in
dividual life
Nations have mourned the loss of
statesmen and warriors and tho peo
pie have been called on to ceaso their
labors and stand with uncovered
heads until the funeral pageant pass
ed by but among all those who dealt
In statecraft and war not one of them
touched the vital problems upon
which the weal or woe of humanity
depends with such power as Eliza
beth Cady Stanton This woman
philosopher found the Lost Chord
in the anthem of Liberty and she
struck it with such a power that It
resounded in the hearts the homes
the legislative halls the ecclesiasti
cal councils of the New and the Old
world She hewed her way to the
highest pinnacle of earthly fame and
usefulness with the weapons of con
viction courage and selfsacrifice
and the Influence of her work Is to
be found upon State and National
statutes and Is woven Into tho warp
and woof of industrial political ed
ucational and social life of America
Europe and far away India
A life of 87 years d voted to the
cause of JIjertyphnnbtAe nrallelet
h tt1 tr hIstory of man 7
The capstone of crowning virtue of
this grand woman was her brave and
transparent singleness of purpose
Wnether the world maligned and
frowned or praised and smiled this
grand apostle of liberty kept on her
way and as her funeral cortege
moves the women of the world
should bow their heads In homage and
gratitude to this woman who through
storm and conflict has brought light
liberty and Independence in a meas
ore Into their hitherto oppressed
wronged and dependent lives I
know of no one who has exerted so
great an Influence on my life as Eliza
beth Cady Stanton Often as I have
entered the old Capitol at Frankfort
to plead for tho rights and liberties
of Kentucky women when I saw the
members of the General Assembly
crowding Into tho Legislature Hall
my heart sank within me fearing 1
was not equal to the responsibility
laid upon me
Suddenly some Influence seemed to
say to me Fear not bo a faithful
sentinel on the watch tower of lib
ortp remember Elizabeth Cady Stan
Witu this tiiought my fears fled and
I fell I had so grand n cause It would
plead Itself
The influence of the immortal
Elizabeth Cady Stanton has awaken
ed the latent giant ego In tho lives
of millions of wronged and oppressed
women To the listless and the halt
Ing It said In clear tones
Be not pinched In a corner not
towards fleeing befijre a revolution
but redeemers and benefactors aspir
ants to be Individuals with human
Elizabeth Cady Stanton will need
no monument of sculptured marble
Every woman from the menial to the
big brailed collegeb ed woman who
is forging her way to tho front ranks
in commercial or professional life as
a monument to her These living mon
uments are sending her Influence
through tho sociology of today and
placing before Church Councils polit
ical parties and legislative assem
hues the most vital questions which
have ever confronted them
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Is more
alive today than when she was on
tho earth Sho will be with us while
we tarry hero and she will stay after
we are gone
This great woman grasped demon
st rated facts and rose superior to
the political systems which have de
stayed nations and to the Inherited
religious superstitions and prejudices
bequeathed from an Ignorant and
cruel past which have kept tho hu
m an race In mental slavery
Elizabeth Cady Stanton performed
the herculean task of breaking the
deadly spell of tho Mosaic and Paul
ino codes dooming woman to silence
and subjection which like a Stygian
vapor has paralyzed all that Is nob
lest In the sex thereby blighting tho
race Until she spoke everything for
woman was pitched In a minor key
until there burst forth from this regal
soul Inspiring notes which have con
stantly reverberated along tho dead
hovel where dwells enslaved woman
hood Elizabeth Cady Stanton from
her Intellectual throne reared by her
own courage proclaimed
tIF t
tllll Jw
That woman had bourne with man
his sorrows
She had bourne with man his
And that she must stand with him
On lifes high exalted plains
And she further proclaimed that re
ligious superstitions made mental and
moral cowards of the human race
and that the absolute divorce of
Church and State Is the sheet anchor
of libertyThis
This woman discovered with her
keen mental power and her analytical
and philosophic mind that Bible com
mands which teach the inferior posl
tion of woman and her silence and
subjection are her greatest enemies
and the truth of this has been demon
strated by the fact that every ad
vance step woman has taken has
been In defiance of these commands
She inaugurated the Woman Suffrage
movement and has always contended
that tho Church as organized has
withheld both Liberty and Justice
from woman and If Elizabeth Cady
Stantons wise councils had been
heeded In the past two decades the
cause would he 25 years nearer final
victory than it is today and It never
will triumph until they are put Into
practice and women demand liberty
and justice In the church as they do
In the State The cause today under
a conservative policy Is in statu
quo and it will remain so until wo
men become wise enough to storm
the citidel of their wrongs After 50
years of struggle no branch of the
Christian Church has grasped the suf
frage flag with the golden stars and
helped to carry It to victory Today
In the United States there Is not
one church In five hundred that will
open Its doors to suffrage meetings
I and woman suffragists are not en
I couraged and aided but more often
denounced by ALL the churches
The noblest and grandest workers
In any cause always receive ingrat
itude from those they labor for and
Elizabeth Cady Stanton was no ex
ception The National Suffrage Con
vention held In Washington In 1S9G
went out of its way anil beyond Its
province to pass a resolution con
demning the Womans Bible which
had been Issued by Elizabeth Cady
Stanton and her invited coworkers
when tho work of the very woman
they condemned made It possible for
Woman Suffragists to meet in Con
Why should Elizabeth Cady Stan
tons right to publish a book bo con
demned by a Suffrage Convention
Such a policy has proven itself very
harmful to the movement and was
the deepest Ingratitude to the splen
did woman whose brains and wisdom
were so superior that there are none
of tho now generation worthy to wear
her mantle
There has never yet appeared a
doctor of divinity or an orthodox
Woman Suffragist great enough in
genious enough or bravo enough to
attempt to answer Elizabeth Cady
Staiilons arguments and today the
most learned ecclesiastics In Chris
tendom will not dare to take The
Womans Bible Into his pulpit and
before his congregation compare It
with the Holy Bible and prove the
Womans Bible false
r If any man had engrafted such
Vital Issues Into the religious and po
I Ical systems of his time as Eliza
blth Cady Stanton he would be can
o tzed above all the saints In the cal
en lar and If she had possessed the
privileges ofa man she would be
acknowledged as the greatest person
of her time
While statesmen in the political
maelstrom were advocating liberty
for olio class and slavery for an
other Elizabeth Cady Stantcn from
tho heights of mental and moral In
tegrity was sounding the toes In of
liberty for nations classes and in
divlduhls statesmen were showered
with Honors power titles and large
salarle for their services Elizabeth
Cady tanton planted on the Gibral
tar o her convictions battled
against tho tides of opposition with
out tlu compensation of place power
or mOl ey and through her fidelity to
principle she became the herald of
the ne v dispensation that will shape
the civilization of the 20th Century
She stood firmly with tho minority
and th j fidelity of the minorities has
made noclal progress a fact
Wasi Install and Lincoln are Im
mortal names dear to the hearts of all
lovers of liberty Tho rusty sword
of the one and the silent pen of the
other 1 iroclalm liberty but half won
Add to these the immortal name of
Stanto i whose life was devoted to
tile fin tl conquest of freedom and we
have the most splendid triumvirate
of llbe rators the world has even
seen Wha statesman of the American
Republ ic can present a record of so
pure a life and long service to the
work c f making tho foundation prln
clples of our government a fact as
Ellzabi th Cady Stanton Her stand
ard wn s embellished with these prin
ciples Taxation without represen
tation Is tyrminyI Political power
inhered In the people True gov
emmet t consists in the consent off
the go verned She never lowered
It and she never beat a retreat and
when t oath was glazing her eyes and
paralyj lug her frame she dictated a
letter i o tho President of tho United
States urging him to recommend Wo
man Si iftrago In his next annual mes
sage tr > Congress The work of this
grand oman soars above tho highest
mounts In tops and it Is written in
letters of the sunbeam across the
blue a rch that forever looks down
upon h humanity ever struggling to se
cure L Iberty and Justice
Unfit r the flag with the golden
stars rung to tho breeze by our dead
leader let all who two liberty pledgo
thomse ves anew to never lay down
their irmor until every woman on
AmerU nn soil Is released from eccle
siastic il and political slavery
Them i Indeed will a Statue of Lib
erty jo reared upon American soil
Upon her head will ho wreathed a
chaplei J of Immortal glory The
fleecy clouds will lovo to linger about
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J111i ttl1 t
The life of this great grand wo
man should be an inspiration to every
Freethinker urging him to push for
ward and on to the goal of human
We have but to look back upon her
career to become conscious of how
little we ourselves do
It is hard to push any reform even
when It has advanced well on the
way Think for a moment then of the
uphill work of making the start
Think of the force energy persis
tence discouragements and heart
aches to be put forth and endured
Happily Nature fitted endowed
and equipped Elizabeth Cady Stanton
for just such a burden Nature gave
her a great brain and placed It In
a great body She was thus fitted
by nature for leadership
When we look upon the rugged
features and giant frame of George
Washington we behold in him the
individuality and greatness of the I
cause he espoused
Nature fitted him to withstand the
hardships of war and to inspire pat
riotism in his soldiery His person
ality was an Inspiration to thema
magnet around which they rallied
their very live >
Paine who was Intellectually a
greater man and even more potent
In other directions could not have
commanded and held together the
Continental army
There was that combination of
brain body dignity individullty
and force of character in Washing
ton necessary for leadership in the
sphere of physical action
The same may be said of Elizabeth
Cady Stanton She was a female
She will stand first among women
many of whom are intellectually
greater than herself as Washington
stands first among men many of
whom were Intellectually greater
than he
Like Washington she had the stay
Ing qualities This woman with an
ideoos < o among us won to herself
a few associates called conventions
set on foot a propoganda perfected a
great and widening organization sys
tematlzed It Into a powerful Influence
at the polls In many States and Into
a potent abiding moral Influence in
every section of the land For fifty
years her work has stood In the lime
light of public inspection subjected
to ridicule and often to bitter opposi
tion But she never faltered
She was regarded by women gener
ally as a mannish crank but few
among the thoughtful of today doubt
the sincerity of her purpose the high
moral attitude of her ambition or
the Infinite possibility to be derived
from her suggestions and accom
In fact she stands by the side of
Jefferson as the founder of a great
party She lived to see the principles
for which she stood respected and
of the best men and women of the
What statesman of today has ac
complished as much Name one who
has advanced a moral principle and
maintained it and built a party upon
In wifehood and motherhood she
was as eminently conspicuous as In
her humanitarianism She well dem
onstrated the fact that woman may
serve the public and still dignify and
sweeten the home The rare com
bination of genius courage energy
and domesticity that made up the
character of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
would have made any man great in
his own generation
But there remains one element of
greatness in her which rises above
all these She was a Freethinker
Since her death this fact has been
but little exploited in the press In
fact a studied care has been exercised
to keep It still Only one mention
has been made of It and that by her
old associate Susan B Anthony who
has publicly stated that Mrs Stanton
was an Atheist that at times for
a certain purpose she would talk of
Over There but she did not mean It
but Instead believed that death end
ed all
This distinctive element of great
ness In her will be but little recogniz
ed by the public The clergy will
contrive that it be made as little
known as possible They will do all
they can to defeat Infidelity by rob
bing It of the credit of heading and
Instituting reform
Just as they claim the Influence of
Franklin Washington Jefferson and
Lincoln upon American affairs like
wise they will atempt to appropriate
Mrs Stanton to themselves But the
time will come when It will be gener
ally known and recognized that It
would have been Impossible for I
Franklin Jefferson Washington Lin
coln and Mrs Stanton to have been
what they were If they had not been
Freethinkers Deists and Atheists
Rationalism will not forever be rob
bed of Its laurels
The first person to advocate Wo
mans Rights In this country was
Thomas Paine an Infidela Deist
The first person to organize a Wo
mans nights Association In this
I country was Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Infidel and Atheist The struggle
to gain press recognition and public
respect was arduous and long It re
4kr +
I t 4kr
quired Indomitable will and vast In
tellectual resources besides a great
Mrs Stanton was a politician She I
observed that womankind was con
trolled by the church She realized
that she must enlist the favor and
utilize the strength of women In the
church Sho soon brought to her
side such eminent church women as
Susan B Anthony Mary A Liver
more and others
She saw that as soon as woman was
set to work In her own Interests and
for her own liberty she would
Therefore she was temporizing as
she had to be on matters of religion
Not until late years after the workw
she had started had obtained firm
root In solid ground did she openly
attack the church
Today Woman Suffrage has taken
Its place among the live public Is
sues of the age Its progress has
been marked by many defeats and by z
many victories It has In fact be
come a world issue Women of for
eign lands are now engaged in prop
agandlc work Several of the States
the ballot Others stand ready It 1
will require many years of hard and
assiduous labor before woman has
But the work Mrs Stanton started
will push on to its ultimate end
It is significant that this reform
this strike for liberty was inaugurat
ed by Infidelity
It Is being continually put to us
What has Infidelity done for the
world Measured by dollars and
centsby the money put In the J
churches and convents and charitable
institutions Infidelity has done but J
little compared to religion
But measured by intellectual force I
and broad humanitarianism leadingt
up to political religious and Intel
lectual emancipation it has done a
thousand times more for the real good i1 1
of humanity than religion has ever
done In fact it has done nearly all Y
that ever has been done to free the v
human mind Y
Its work is not to be looked for In = 6
try to outrival each other In fashion
and power but rather Its work is to
be seen in the faces of free enlight
ened men and womenIn the liberal
government of menIn the advance
of education and science In the
progress toward improved social con ryt
patton of women jeoK
Its work is plainly written upon
the faces and bodies of menIn theant z7
progress of humanity to a higher
plane of ethics and justice c
When I am asked What has Infi
delity done for humanity I cannot
look about me and point to a pile of
stone and mortar dedicated to the
honor and praise of saints and
gods of the dim dead Past but
1 point direct to the countenances
of the living men and women who
pass me by
You may build up church steeples
until they pierce the Infinite azure
they may rise so high that all theI
nightlong around their goldentlppedI
summits speed and spin the silver
stars Still they will not reach the
heights of the mind of a child Still
i they are far far below the heights
which Infidelity has measured wlthi
I its telescope
The heights of Freethought are the
heights of MIND and cannot be meas
ured by dome and minaret and tower
or statuary by gilded altar and idolatrous
Were every church In this country
plied straight on top of each other
hey would not begin to reach the
heights of good which Elizabeth Cady
Stanton accomplished for mankind
She started a reformation which
the church has ever opposed and
which it still opposes and which I r
believe will prove its death blow
With the freedom of the mind of
woman the power of the priesthood
and clergy become a divided power 1
and when woman ceases taking her i
belief at the hands of man when she
takes her rightful place In creed mak
Ing and in church jurisdiction when
she begins to preach as she now works
for half the salary the preacher gets
then farewell to the occupations of
the holy men of God Farewell to the
ancient gods and saints and relics
and superstitions which still bind
humanity to dead and depraved ages
Then the face of man will be turn
ed forward His gods will be the
great reformers of the present His
Bible will be humanity He will take
his revelations from the develop
ments of the Future Instead of from
the dreams of the past
Free women will make free men
and free men will not support a
mighty power at enmity always with
free speech and with free govern
The work of Mrs Stanton cannot
be estimated Her fame is secure It
will grow brighter just as woman ad
vances It will grow more steady
just as superstition declines
Woman having once started for
ward through organization will not
turn back Eventually she will stand
upon an equal footing politically and
religiously with man and this con
summation will be the result of the
work originated and planned by this
great unselfish sympathetic liberty
loving philosopher and woman
When asked What has Infidelity
done for the world 1 you may proud
ly point to the life labor and achieve I
ments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
She needs no monument But were
I a rich man from the gratitude of
my heart I would erect a temple In
her honor and perpetuate her imago
In enduring bronze
iL 1 JijtJt >

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