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Blue Grass Blade Lexington Ky
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I believe that alcohol to a certain
degree demoralizes those who make
It those who sell It and those who
drink It
I believe from the time it Issues
V < from the coiled and poisonous worm
of the distillery until It empties Into
v vthe hell of crime death and dishonor
iiit demoralizes everybody that touches
q It
riv 1 do not believe that anybody can
lc ntem late the subject without be
> 0 coming prejudiced against this liquid
f crime
i All you have to do Is to think of the
V t < deathsof the suicides of the Insan
t Vty of the poverty of the Ignorance of
v the distress of the little children tug
4 vyfllnfl at the faded dresses of weeping
r I and despairing wives asking for
bread of the men of genius It has
wrecked of the millions who have
51 struggled with Imaginary serpents
produced by this devilish thing
And when you think of the Jails of
the almshouses of the prisons and of
> the scaffolds upon either bank I do
V not wonder that every thoughtful man
Is prejudiced against the damned stuff
tvcalled alcohol ROBERT O INGERSOLL
Keep Church and State forever
s separate t
In no sense whatsoever Is this gov
ernment founded upon the Christian
religion Washington
The divorce between Church and
State should be absoluteGarfleld
1 t SURGERY Chicago
Four years Graded Course
Laboratories fully quipped
Abundance of Clinical Material
y Fall term opens In September
Write today for Catalog to
245247 Ashland Ave Chteaaa III
Charles Whlttlngton a young man
of Bath county Kentucky has become
violently insane over religion For
weeks he read the Bible day and
night saying he had a scheme to
unite all the churches Into one
Rev Dayton says
Sectarianism naa become the scan
dal and imbecility of Protestantism
However sincere in their origin and
Important in the development of hu
manity the time has come I believe
when the most of them I will not
say all have become distinguished by
archaic and obsolete marks
On the Itth of May at Richmond
Va the Catholic bishops Vandiver
and Magrl narrowly escaped death by
the side of the bishops palace being
crushed in by the fall of an adjoining
building Strange how God will de
stoy His own property and place the
lives of His ambassadors in Jeopardy
Trinity Methodist Sunday school of
Louisville Ky has formed Jts boy
pupils into a military company with
uniforms and regular military drill
If history tells the truth the members
of the army of the Lord have always
been experts In the handling of dead
ly weapons and spent much more
time on the firing line than at the
throne of grace It is a strange
method of teaching the young to fol
low the Prince of Peace by Imbuing
thqm with a military spirit If his
tory tells the truth the sword of the
soldier has been much mord effective
In propagating and upholding the
Christian religion than the sword of
the spirit for ho religion that was
ever launched upon the world has so
bloody a record as Christianity After
1900 years of constant warfare It does
not speak very well for it that youths I
have to be enticed into the church by I
dymilltar y trappfngaTerBible I
I Thai of 1rY Tne military Sunday
school seems to be one method of
worshiping the Lord In the beauty of
aka J
News from Bulgaria says that the
Mosque at Klnpruit was blown up by
dynamite on May 9th and 200 Mos
lems who were at prayer were buried
Inr the ruins A Macedonian named
Popoff committed the deed and then
committed suicide Of course the re
Iglonlst Popoff committed his soul to
the keeping of his God It seems to
me that God would get dreadfully
tired welcoming murderers Into Par
The Very Rev Father Adolph pas
tor of the Catholic church at Will
lamsville N Y his Just returned
from Rome and brought a piece of
the cross on which Christ was cruci
fied It Is about the size of a very
small pin and is in a rich gold frame
and Is covered with glass Wonder
ful relic Of course it is genuine piece
of the true cross One has but to
look through a microscope with the 1
genuine A church at Milan Italy
has in its holy of holies a wisp of hay I
frorm the manger In which Christ was
born and also a few threads of the
first twaddling cloth that enveloped I
the Holy Child Precious relics They
must have made wonderful goods InI
those days Certainly their wearing
qualities could be recommended
t 5
Pope Leo XIII the representative
of God on earth who lives In Rome
in a modest cottage of 1100 rooms
has Just conferred the title of Mar
quis on Martin Mahoney of Philadel
phia Pa because Mr Malony has
given such vast sums of money to the
Catholic church Here is a tip for
American women who sell themselves
with colossal fortunes thrown in for
European titles and for American
men who renounce their American
citizenship to have a handle to their
names and hobnob with royalty
Since Mr Peccl can both forgive sins
and bestow titles why not turn In a
few millions into the coffers of the
old man on the Fiber and receive ab
solution and titles at the same time
No doubt many of our American wo
men would gladly dispense with their
counts and dukes of they could hold
on to their titles No doubt the be
stowing of titles will be one of the
most profitable of the Popes Indus
tries and when It is well advertised
the United States will swarm with
Counts Earls Dukes and Marquises
of the Popes making You pay your
money and you take your choice Mar
quis Martin Mahoney will soon be
joined by Countess Bridget OFlanl
gan or Duke Paddy Ryan Titles
come high but It should be widely ad
vertised that Pope Leo XIII has them
for sale
Gen William Booth founder of the
Salvation Army came to the United
States last winter to replenish his
exchequer and this Is a sample of the
religious rot he dealt out to the peo
ple la order to tap their pocket books
itv I i
iJ lIt 1 4
In a sermon In a theater at San Fran >
cisco on Confession of Sin he said
Oh my brother Oh my brother
Oh my brother Oh my sister sister
sister Oh my friend friend
stringer stranger come to the Lord
Many people do not like the General
because ho talks of the devil and hell
Havent you lived in hell here some
of you Oh my God my God my
God my God to think that people Im
agine that they can taste the sweets
of sin and that it would turn to gall
on their lips What is the way to
deal with your sin Cover it up
Never Men and women are fools
like the ostrich when death death
death has his dart poised for the fa
tal blow Your sins can not be coat
ed over with a cover of snow while
corruption dwells within Why did
God come down from heaven to build
churches to start the Salvation
Army No to destroy the works of
the devil Which shall it be Your
sins must be pardoned or they must
be punished Which shall it be you
men and women in the gallery you
men and women in the dress circle
you men and women in the balcony
you men and women In the boxes
How people of ordinary Intelligence
will flock to hear such stuff and non
sense is amazing Yet this man Is
considered one of the great preachers
of our time The sermons minted in
Monday papers are mostly of the
same caliber If Rationalists should
utter on the platform the kind of
gibberish the preacher preaches from
the pulpit he or she would be declar
ed fit only for an imbicile asylum
But the truth Is congregations pay
little heed to what preachers say and
can not tell ten minutes after a ser
mon has been preached what it was
about People have a habit of going
to church and they go to show their
good clothes and meet their friends
The preacher is In his pulpit because
ho gets a salary and he knows no
more about the idealisms he preaches
about than a wooden Indian If It
were not for the collection box preach
ing would go out of fashion When a
man stands before a congregation and
preaches about the soul heaven and
hell he is talking about things whose
existence never has been proven The
sermons the noted pulpiteers are a
tissue of nonsensical Impossibilities
and inconsistencies and would not
be accepted In a court of Justice or
outside of a religious organization
All preachers talk about things that
they absolutely know nothing about
and yet humanity pay millions In
tribute for such service while it pr
anlL menwho talk Iommon Ben 0
Our Dead
From Boston Investigator
So conservative a paper as the
Baltimore Sun in so orthodox a city
as Baltimore in a recent issue de
votes more than a column of comment
and review of the Dresden edition of
Colonel Ingersolls complete works
Throughout the extended notice there
Is a labored effort to restrain enthus
iastic acceptance and admiration for
the subjectmatter of the twelve vol
umes which stand unrivaled In depth
of thought humanitarian ideas fault
less diction and burning eloquence in
all the range of modern literature It
will not do for the orthodox to openly
accept the teachings of Colonel Inger
soll or to accord his ability mental
honesty and worldwide influence a
scant measure of Justice but
The thoughts of men are widening
With the process of the suns
and the pulpit and the press are pur
loining the fire of Colonel Ingersolls
reason and eloquence as the world
advances without acknowledging the
Influence or source of their spoken or
printed words and ideas Not long
since a Catholic priest who electrified
his congregation with a wonderful ser
mon had to retreat in disorder when
it was demonstrated that his sermon
had been plagiarized from the great
Agnostic veiled behind a few Romish
doctrinesThe Sun says It will not
review the works of Ingersoll from
the controversal but from the stylish
viewpoint Twenty years ago the
pulpit and the press misjudged mis
reresented maligned and wronged
this man who never committed trea
son against his honest convictions
and who left the American people the
beneficiaries of one of tae noblest
lives In history Why should not the
Baltimore Sun review Mr Ingersolls
works from a controversial view
point Do the ghosts of Gladstone
Cardinal Manning Judge Black and
Rev Henry M Field warn the Sun
that it Is wisdom not to touch upon
the controversial mental combats of
the greatest exponents of the Chris
tine faith with Mr Ingersoll The
controversies ore In cold type and the
world has declared who won the vic
tory The Sun virtually makes this
admission In these words
As master of logical controversy
despite the nonadmission of his prem
ises and conclusions by the majority
of critics Ingersoll was head and
shoulders above his opponents As
master of oratory his bitterest oppo
nents concede him the palm While
lamenting what they consider the per
version of his talent Inger
A wonderful Christian organization
has npr ung up In Cincinatl which
promise to be of great importance in
carrying the Gospel to the end of the
earthj j The Cincinnati Post de
scribds ff thus
An important organization of the
Protestant Episcopal Church is the
Baby Branch of the Womens Aux
Diocese It Is composed entirely of
youn children and members are
admit ed when one day old Many
babies of two and three days are
taken iijto the society and are mem
bers linjtll the age of 15 or 16 when
the griji are taken Into the Womens
Auxiliary and the boys Join the va
rious c urch clubs
The object of the society Is to train
childrfrii in mission work of the
church so they may take their
parent i places
There are three baby branches In
Cincinnati and one at Fernbank The
latterlwas founded last Wednesday by
womeiTjOf the Church of the Resurrec
tion with Mrs Eric Wilder as Presi
dent f Other officers of the society
are hiss Gertrude Shannon 10
Treasrfr r Russell Johnson 9 Secre
tary Archie Stuart 7 Librarian
A rajte box is provided to encour
age th children to save their pennies
for ml plan work As each child
drops jfs offering into the mite box
It reprints this little prayer God
bless jijii the missionaries and the
Little jjelpers everywnere Amen
RobeVc Hudson Caffee 4 months
old IS1 the youngest member of the
fFernbalt branch Norman Cecil
Wlldejf the Presidents 2yearold
son i an ardent Little Helper and
asks tore questions anent mission
work ban the whole auxiliary can
The reat mistake In founding the
Baby Branch of the Womens Aux
lllary < pocletyj of the Southern Ohio
DIocesftl4 that the babies should be
n Y Nirl ill > atfonbe orthov
are born + Dear little chsrry cheruos it
is a shame to let them become one
day old before they begin their re
ious work It should be remember
ed that the average baby will neces
sarily lose sometime from its re
Ifglous work by colic nursing sore
mouth teething and raising Cain gen
erally in the household and by put
ting them to Christianizing the world
before they are born they might do
some effective work before their time
is taken up with these things after
they ccme Into the world The babies
ln this organization should use a mite
box for a rattle and as they drop
their pennies In they should be
taught to repeat this little prayer In
the crying language Gou bess all
the missionaries and all de itty Help
ers everywhere Ahmen If this
dont cause the heathen to desert his
idols he might as well be given up
as a hopeless case
If these one two and three day
old babies go into active work in the
mission field they will settle the Box
ers in China without the aid of the
Mauser rifle and Lydlte shell The
only wonder Is that the Baby Brig
ades both unborn and born have not
been called into the Army of the
Lord long ago
Norman Cecil Wilder the Presi
dents 2yearold son Is an ardent
Little Helper and asks more ques
tions anent mission work than the
whole auxiliary can answer
It dont do to fool with babies and
when they get on the mission war
path at the alvanced age of 2 years
their questions will no doubt make
their Christian mothers realize that
women are fools for Christs sake
Norman Cecil aged 2 years has no
doubt discovered that one common
sense question on religion will floor
an Archbishop and make a Womans
Auxiliary look like 30 cents I am
all anxiety for reports from the Baby
Branch of the Womans Auxiliary of
the Southern Diocese of Ohio Mr
Heathen when the baby missionary
says ahgoo to you or sets up a yell
that will make the heathen Deities
tremblethat means In baby lan
guage Come to Jesus
The Baby Branch Is doing the best
It knows how but this Womans Aux
iliary ought to be put on exhibition
at the St Louis Fair as Idiots for re
ligions sakeJOSEPHINE
Versailles Ky
soils style bears printing His won
derful personality did much to win
for him his tremendous reputation as
an orator and debater but his I
speeches when printed are striking
examples of effective oratory As
such they are worthy of careful study
and when viewed without regard for
the theological opinions of the great
orator the series before us is of the
utmost value to those to whom the
study of public speaking is of inter
est Then too the complete works
of Ingersoll are valuable for the his
t torical and political matter the series
contains Studied with understand
ing amt considered solely for the good
i If
f It r
< +
< r J It
Quarterly Report w
To the President and Officers of the National Liberal Party
I have the honor to submit the quarterly report of the Secretary of >
the National Liberal Party for the quarter ending April 30th 1903 E Mi T
303i a Yjl
Receipts i I 5rJ
January 21 balance hand d tr
on r
118 94 c f
January 2431 dues
89 00 4
February dues r < ovi r
s < ov
March dues T
Apr dues
700 1
26194Expenditures r I
Expenditures r c
January expenses exSecretary Jamlesbn
D1lesol 16
80February ii
February American Bonding Company for bonds y
i 14 00
00February <
100February r4t i
500February I
200 iiIX
00March t 1 f
April James
Barclay U2000 letter heads 36 00
00April OOj
500April a J
April stamps
200 tl
80Balance c 11M
Balance on hand
151 14 bn
Most resepectfully submitted t
< i
National Liberal PaYty on May 1 1903 E M 303
Treasurer Viti
that Is In them the volumes before us
are of great Importance There are
not a few persons however to whom
the works of the great Agnostic will
the faith of their fathers
The Sun hedges In a very ungrace
ful manner when it says Ingersolls
works are worthy of careful study
when viewed without regard for the 1
theological opinions of the great ora I
tor But the trouble is that those
who read Ingersolls works must and
do regard the theological Ideas of
the author and evenUne pulpit Is not
immune frajn the theological Ideas
th uiantpln and tbt t mld Su
gives faViueufc a Tha it a
contagion for it says Studied with I
understanding and considered solely
for the good that Is in them the vol I
umes before us are of great impor
tance The great Ingersoll has not
been lead five years yet the Amerl
can press Is Baying his works are of
great Importance
Orthodoxy should Inscribe upon its
banner Times change and we
change with them The Sun says
There are not a few persons how
I ever to whom the works of the great
1 Agnostic will be harmful but these
1 are weak In the faith of their fathers
INot a few means literally a great
I many and these are weak in the faith
lOt the fathers This Is a frank admis
sion that Ingersolls work of shatter
Ing the faith of the fathers was a
success and that he has developed In
not a few robust reasoning while
the faith of the fathers is a rickety
paralytic that is supporting itself in
the pulpit ana press on crutches hewn
by the great Ingersoll from the tree
of knowledge Ingersoll Is more alive
today than when he was on the earth
The day Is coming when his works
will be accorded highest place in our
literary pantheon and pulpit press
and people will accord him Justice
Versailles Ky
FriendsWe are assembled to pay
our last sad offerings to a good and I
honest man He who lies so calmly
hero was my constant friend and it
is the request of his brothers that I
bear him friendly witness on this
sad occasion
1 The deceased was reared upon a
farm by Christian parents He at
tended the common schools of the
township and > dug out a fair educa
tion Early In life he became a mem
ber of tho Lutheran Church Later
on In life he became absorbed In the
study of the natural sciences This
study of science made him skeptical
In regard to the doctrine of the Chris
tian religion and the more he studied
the more he investigated the more
pronounced he became in his Agnostic
views He believed that honesty and
charity constituted the best religion
that one could possess Inasmuch as it
Is beneficial to the living while re
ligion based upon the belief of re
wards and punishment in n future
state is selfish In its nature being
simply for the benefit of the individ
ual professing such belief
This occasion of sorrow hallows the
last duty of friendship the last act cf
love He whom you have known In
this life in this can be known no
more Those tokens of existence that
wero wont to reveal his presence are
now bequeathed to memory
The peaceful face painted white
and cold by the hand of death speaks
11 itfi ilJ f
no language we can understand In 1 1
the presence of death let us be sin i
cere I would speak to the living as 1
though the dead heart me I can
say nothing to you more than you
know more than you feel more thanA
you hope I have no key that fits
the lock of the future no power to
turn silence into speech and bring ajrtt
message from the lips of death
l f
As we contemplate the universe and y I I 1
behold nature in any large manner
we see that there is light and dark h
ness summer and winter heat and
ccldr life and her shadow death Int
the hearts that has lived many years
and tncOSlld tlre atsugblgd and dl =
inanity a great solemn pity V
Man finds himself on the sea of
life without knowing why he was i
launched into existence He Is car
ried over the flowered fields of child
chanted meadows < of youth and when + + +
he Is clothed with the power and
pride of manhood the scepter of his tit
strength changes to a staff of weak
ness and the glory of his prime fades
into old age and age soon turns to
death This Is the history of hu y t 1
thathuman rl
human weakness is most apparent and
human power most helpless we can
do nothing to change the fate of sor i
The life that blossomed at the com i
mand of an unknown power faded a
away at the command of the same tf k
power tAll
All that we can offer one another la
this hour Is the sympathy of help
lessness x
The dead to every one are sacred
The living should be sacred too and tk
tmake s
make our fellow beings happy Let k
rest an abode of peace a place where t
pain cannot enter nor
suffering come r
Friends what can be nobler at the
end than to have lived an honest use
useful t
watch the closing folds of the fall
lug wings and to fearlessly walk out
into the unknown
We desire to call the attention of
our readers to the postal card sys t
tem of subscription which we have
adopted as a method of increasing the
circulation of The Blade and causing
it to spread the gospel of Free
Thought among a large class of peo
ple The system Is novel and expe
easy to under r
stand For the simple outlay of 250
you can get five of these cards andi
Insert any name you wish and which
Will be received as a certificate of aof t
paid subscription for one year in be n l
half of the person whose name is r
given on the card Another idea which
Is suggested and which seems to be
ttwo t
tion of that time let the paper be
sent to another person who will al
so receive it for two months and so 1 4
on By these means more people get
an opportunity to see The Blade and t
read It and many of them may In
time become permanent subscribers ta
Several hundred of these cards I
have been printed and they are now < i
ready for distribution Try It for a i vat t r
season and help us to build up thet f
circulation of The Blade so that it t
will rank secona to none in Americatt
This is where The Blade ought to be
if our friends will all pull together to sct
help It along Send in your orders for N I
the cards and see how It worksN

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