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Agatha Reichlin
Continued from Pago One
not that their sisters face was batt
ed In with a stone and then her life
was choken out of her
Wo all know that when a pries
takes his vow ho leaves his family
and all the world behind him evei I
the law and tho government Is noth
Ing to him Ho Is first last and al
ways a Roman Father and mother I
and sister are nothing to him theIr I
very lives aro nothing to him If their I
sacrifice ho for tho good of tho 1
churcn or to save It from disgrace I
To this extent then the brother I
Relchlln but played an expectant part
But what Is to be thought of such
brothers 1
brothersThink of a brother looking upon the
battered face of a dead sister and 1
then throwing his arms around her I
strongly suspected murderer andI
loudly proclaiming against any possl
blllty of his guilt and this even be I
fore he had made any Investigation I
for himselfI
But Was She the Priests Sister I
All priests must have a housekeep 1
er They have nuns galore all about 1
them and it would hardly seem neces I
sary that they havo a fine looking ro I
bust young girl for a housekeeper
who In nearly every case Is known as
their sister
It may be that Agatha Relchlln was
the real sister of the priest It Is not
Impossible but very improbable Sis
tors seldom have such coldblooded
f brothers Brothers do not go pit tc
Europe and stay for half a year leav
Ing their sister as housekeeper to an
other priest these two occupying I
tho house alone Brothers do not ex
pose their sisters to such suspicion I
situations Brothers generally have
some regard for their sisters honor
and good name
Who Was Agatha Relchlin
It has been given out by some of the
newspapers that she was not the sis
ter but a cousin of priest Relchlln If
a cousin why pass her off as a sister
German or Irish
The pictures published of this wo
man are typically Irish and bear nc
trace of a German descent
If her real name was Relchlln she
looked as though It might have been
tORelliey It Is said she was fair and
fine looking Priests housekeepers
always are fine looking We have
seen no Instance in the press where
the history of Agatha Relchlln has
been traced
These brothers U said she was
their sister and that is all the evi
dence that she was their sister She
surely had other relations upon this
wide earth Whero are they
If It had been any one else do you
suppose that the authorities and
newspapers would have stopped until
they had traced every connection of
hers The mystery remains
Who Was Agatha JFtelchlln
3 f Was sli one ot those unfortunate
waifs sheltered In orphan asylums
who are taught to look upon priests
as God Almighty and who t1that
looking often become their house
keepersIn of crime like this where
mystery mantles it with suspicion
priest Relchlln must be made to bear
the general odium and suspicion
which the public holds regarding the
well known relations of priests to
their sister housekeepers
It is in justice to the public and to
the girl herself that her identity be
I established And if she was indeed
the sister of priest Relchlln and If
ho would leave her alone in a house
with another priest for a half a year
j then Indeed we behold a plain in
I stance of the sacred sham and cor
I I ruption of the priesthood
Justice to the Dead
To thus express doubt of the Iden
tity of this woman In view of the sua
plclous relations existing between
i priests and good looking housekeep
ers cannot be regarded as defamation
but rather as Justice to the dead
Girls thus inveigled Into the peal
tlon of housekeeper to priests are
those whose minds nre abused by sup
erstition and who are made to bo
have that a priest can do no wrong
that his person Is sacred and every
relation with him Is a sacred act If
she be one of these abused and unfor
i tunate girls then all the more Is Jim
wtce done In tho Interest of her own
1 good name that this relation be
I I pointed out If she be one of those
I whose mlndi has thus been abused In
childhood the public will acquit her
of all wrong and point the finger of
f 1 guilt to the real criminals
t The Blood Hounds Tracked the Right
i t Every circumstance points to priest
I Walser as the murderer of Agatha
I Relchlln with Cnsimer Relchlln as a
probable accessory These two were
t In the house and had been drinking
I heavily No one oxcept priest Wal
i j ser had seen any one in tho house
I The vicious dog which never let a
tramp escape saw no one
I I r The stone which was used to hold
I i tho door open and which was also used
I to kill the girl was thrown by some
i one from a second story window be
low Some one familiar with the pres
ence of that stone In the house killed
A robber wouldnt have been apt
to know of the presence of tho stono
I lie goes armed with other weapons
with knife pistol and sandbag with
t which to defend himself and do his
vicious work
Who Then Killed Agatha Relchlln
J Is it not possible that Caslmer
Relchlln who was familiar with the
neighborhood knew of the ladder be
I i longing to a neighbor and went and
4 Illsextreme
f extreme anxiety to shield > priest Wal
ser after the discovery shows that he
12er take every precaution to shield
J him and cover suspicion before they
reported the murder
I il Everything points to the suspicion
j r r A
> ki
1 qt Z r lb t1
that Caslmer Relchlln went to the
neighbors yard and got his ladder
put It up against the house to Indlcat
that robbers had gained entry and
thus divert suspicion from the real
criminal Whoever put that ladder
up Vas on tho most friendly term I
with that vicious dog whom tho
neighbors say was given to waken tho
neighborhood when prowelers camo
around at night And who could be
more open to this suspicion than Cas
liner Relchlln
Let Them Uo
Still with all this evidence before
their eyes priest Walser was let gc
and all kinds of talk and theories In
vented to misdirect suspicion from
them Walser was a holy man and
could do no wrong It was an Insult
to suspect this holy mant Is old
booze fighter and drunkard wbjfc went
to bed drunk and after the crlme
sent his companion out for a giillon of
whisky as he was too unnerved to
say mass next day No wonder he I
was unnerved
Wherein do good Catholics more II
lustrnte their gullibility than their
Imagining that a priest can commit
no crime Most priests are drunkards
They appear upon the streets sober
It Is true but their redbloated > face
show that they go to bed drunk as
dldi priest Walser Whisky and Grin
go together just as much with theI
priest as with poor Pat If any Irish 1
man reads this and It makes him an
gry as It always does to hear a priestI
criticized just stop and Imagine what
would be done with you under the
same suspicion Would tho church
ball you out Would It spend nnj
money to save your neck Would
It employ and set In motion all of Its
political machinery to effect your
escape No poor Pat would go to jail and
stay there and would be convicted
Then why should you smother the
crime of priest Walser against one
poor like yourself a housekeeper and
servant and cleaner to a gang of drun
cards who live high and drink deer I
at your expense
Shall Priests Murder People and Gc
This id a serious question and ef
fects the stability of this government
Do wo want to drift back to the past
conditions of France Italy and Spain
and be compelled to expel these ene
mies of government even as they art
doing The case of priest Walser Is parall
ed by that of
Priest QGrady
Who killed a young woman In Cln
clnnatl several years ago and escaped
punishment by the connivance of the
courts Priest OGrady was a native
of Ireland One of his parishioner
dying left her only child Mary Oil
martin In the care of OGrady In
time he seduced the child making
her believe that It was > a duty she
awed him When she grew older and
learned that such relations were look
ad upon asi Immoral she protested
but was forced to cohabit with him
To escape him she came to New York
lo which place OGrady followed her
Then she went to Clnclnnatl Stisl the
villain pursued her Meeting her on
the street near her home he demand
ed that she resume relations with
him Upon her refusal he shot her
down them poured more lead Into her
prostrate body and stamped her In
he face
He was arrested and sent to jail
in a few days he took sick When his
time for trial came he was carried In
to the court ona stretcher a disgust
Ing looking wretch slobbering at the
mouth and looking like an idiot
The court ordered him taken to the
city hospital Here he continued to
eat soap and act the Idiot In the
course of time he was declared In
sane and sent to the asylum He re
mained there two years never at any
Imo showing any symptom of Insanl
t y Ho was made to understand that
the charge of Insanity menat his ulti
nate release He got better at once
while there
lever took any treatment
finally the superintendent of the asy
um demanded that something be done
with him as he was sane and always
had been sane
After a big political private discus
Ion It was concluded to let him out
and make It appear through the pa
ters that he had effected his escape
and offer big rewards for him
The superintendent of the asylum
ordered him to get out and ho ran
around the streets of Cincinnati for
a week before the papers took the
matter up This was to give him time
to make his escape Any number of
policemen saw him and several gave
ihn a kick and prdered him to keep
01T their beat
Finally the papers came out in big
headlines and big rewards were offered
ered and It was reported that he had
been seen in different places In Ohio
md Kentucky and that detectives
had been sent to apprehendl him
ihen In fact the detectives did not go
at all and the Cincinnati police were
ordered by their chief to let OGrady
drift and not to apprehend him
Whatever became of him Is not
own but without a doubt the
liurch got a hold of him concealed
him for a time and sent him hack to
Now poor Pat what would they
lave done with you In such a case
tememher Mary Gllmartln was the
child of a poor Irish widowruined
and then murdered on the open
streets at the very noon hour and
the murderer went free
What do you think of It What do
ou think of It people of Loraln
lavent you been Just as blind In do
Ing Justice havent you been Just as
relict In conscience and duty as
a corrupt courts of Cincinnati
lavent you played Into the hands of
corrupt politics dominated by a sup
rstttlon which Is fast gaining in
cities the balance of power
Shame upon youth Shame upon all
good Catholics and there are many
good people among them who thus
permit the murder of Agatha Reich
IIn to go unavenged Do you desire
> tti u
MT M lI T1
rto bo known as people who would do
feat justice and conceal crime
Do You Want Murderers Drunkard
and Seducers for Your Priests
Do you expect a religion which cpi
Ors up the crimes of those selected to
give advice and example to comma
the respect of the world at large
When you do this do you wonder
that the world at large looks upon
the Catholic organization with dis
trust and fear Do you wonder that
Catholics themselves as In Franc
Spain Mexico and Brazil are drawing
the lines on the corrupt priesthood
Take this lesson to heart If yoi
would be respected yourself and have I
your religion respected then see to it I
that your priests are sober tempoi
ate moral men see to It that those
who proclaim virtue most shall prac
tlce It most Do you put up your
good money for drunken orgies of
men who command you yourselves
to sobriety When you see a pries
with a fine looking young housekeep
er like Mary Gllmartln who Is passed
as the priests sister see to It tltat
she Is In fact his sister By doing
so you may prevent a murder and
protect your religion from disgrace
People of Loraln
You stand convicted by the general
public of being weak lax and ndlffer
ent to conscience law and duty It 1
Is up to you to run down the murder 1
er of Agatha Relchlln Correct tin
mistake you were so weak as to make
Bring Walser back and hold him untilI
very suspicion against him Is dls I
polled Why do you make yourselves
ridiculous by running around hunting
up unlikely clues and suspects when I
tho real culprit Is apparent to overj I
ono Has It come to pass in this
country that the Catholic priesthood
Is not amenable to the law Thai
they can seduce make mistresses of
and kill girls and go unpunished
I print this in this remote paper foi
the reason that no home paper foi
political and other reasons has theI
courage and manhood and patriotism
to print just what the great majority
3i the public hero believe to be the
truth Let us have justlco done in thisI
Conflicting Medical Testimony
The corour csllil a the Inquest
hat no other marks of violence were
found upon the body except those
made by the stone Some days after
her burial it was noised about that
two other physicians who had exam
Ined tho body declared that they saw
linger marks on her throat This led
to the exhumation of the body and es
tabllshlng the fact that she had been
choked It also strengthens the sus
picion that the officials connected
with the case are lending their assis
tance to covering up things This tes
lmony Is extremely Important
What Would a R > bjer Do
Would a robber enter a house seek
he room of a woman and proceed to
hoke her to Insensibility then hunt
a stone in the dark to kill her with
is this the way robbers go at their
work Would he look for valuables
In the rooom of a housekeeper How
loos It come that he could accomplish
ill this and not be heard b 3 Caslmer
3clehllh and priest Walser In adjpln
could have
ng rooms What motive
have In killing the girl unless Shad
had discovered him And when a wo
nan discovers a burglar does she
lot Instantly scream
The evidence shows that the girl
vas approached In her sleep choked
to insensibility and then her skull
md face were caved In with the stone
which was used to prop the door open
How did the robber know the stone
enter a
vas there Would a robber
house depending upon finding a stone
to defend himself with or would he
Instead carry a sand bag or slung
sot Having these would he use a
toneThis part of the story Is ridiculously
llmsy and to the public at large It
looks very queer that the officers of
the law should give It the least cred
Another Flimsy Story
A piece of a necklace has been
oundi along the railroad some miles
from Lorain It Is thought that It Is
11 part of a necklace belonging to
Igatha Relchlln and that the robber
throw It from the car window If
this remnant of a necklace can be
Identified as having belonged to Aga
ha Relchlln It Is claimed that this
wll prove beyond a doubt that her
murderer was a robber Not a bit of
it Nothing could be easier than to
tale several pieces of property belong
Ing to Agatha Relchlln and scatter
hem out along the railroad where
hey may be found Does It not ap
pear that In the hurry to let priest
Valser escape that new theories havo
had to be Invented to direct public at
entlon from the priest Would a rob
ber take a piece of worthless neck
lace Would he kill a woman to get
Itl A robber never enters a house
without knowing Its occupants
Would he look for a cheap necklace
of a servant or for the watches and
cket books of the men
Such gossament inventions exhibit
the desperation of those who to all
ppearance are endeavoring to cover
UI tho tracks of the real murderer
who was evidently not a robber for
ho took nothing and besides exhibit
ed none of the caution of a burglar
Sifting the Evidence
After all tho evidence is sifted
down suspicion still points strongly
to priest Walser or to Caslmer Reich
IIn or to both conjointly Nothing can
be plainer that this fact that the mur
lerer was familiar to that dog and
also with the presence of that stone
In the house
It Is preposterous to suppose that
a burglar knew of that stone or that I
he would enter a house so unprepared
us to need iL
Motive for the Crime
A reasonable motive Is the first step
to be discovered In all cases of crimi
nal suspicion like this l
If priest Wnlser killed the girl what
then could havo been his motive
Would a priest kill anybody Has he
passions like other men Does he
get drunk Has he love affairs Does
jealousy torment him
These are questions easily answer
easilyanswer j
t X t
ed4 Tho plainest of all motives IsI
apparent What was tho motleof
OJGrady for killing Mary Gllmartli
In this case It was a lovo affair list
jealousy and vicIousness and In the
Relchlln affair a part or all of theso
causes may be suspected Or agaIn
the girl may have threatened expos
ure of Walser for Improper advanci
Since the robber theory has been
oxplolded thero remains nothing to
do but to fall back upon the origin
suspicion and point to a reasonab
Tho public mind Is pretty well satl
fled as to who killed the girl and try
as the detectives may be chasing Ima
glnary robbers they do not and can
not alter public opinion hut rather
render themselves ridiculous bytracl
ing where there Is no scent
Everything rlxed
Priest Walser sends word that he
Is willing to return to Loraln at an
time to testify In regard to the case
If brlest Walser had been a man jealous
out of his reputation he woud not
have left Loraln as long as suspicion
rested so strongly against him Inno
cence never fears to face suspicion
Why did Walser hustle away as soon
as he was released It Is safe to say
that he will not return to Loraln be
fore all Is fixed before some half wa
plausible clue Is Invented diverting
suspicion upon some one else And he
will not be asked to return until some
one else is Indicted and nlnetynln
chances In a hundred an innocent
person The detectives are at the end of
their string Look out for manufactur
ed ovldenceI
OGrady Case Repeated
It looks very much as though the
contemptible legal proceedings of Ule
Grady case are to be repated In
tills Good people of all classes and
Catholics In particular what do you
think of It 7
In tho sight of God and man should
not justice extend to tho lowly and
nimble as to the honored and pow
arful Are not orphan girls like Mary
3llmartan and Agatha Relchlln entil
led to as much protection from the
law as drunken lustful murderous
priestsCan the Catholic church afford to
go on record as shielding the crime
af Its clergy Would it not have been
more to Its credit if it had come out
lioldly and denounced OGrady and
said you must pay the penalty for the
commission of this crime and thus
have shown that it Is on the side of
aw and order and virtue and the pro
tector of the homeless orphan
In all the criminal history of Amer
Ica there was Never a case presenting
such villainy such coldblooded heart
lessness as that of OGrady and never
lid the law cower and humble Itself
before ecclesiasticism as in that case
Talk about justice about the majest
jf the law Why It got down on Its
jelly squirming in the dust at the
feet of a religious vote
Why should one continue to hare
esect for the law Of what use are
courts when they conspire tOj defeat
justice 1 To uphold the strong and
lowqrful age t the weak and poor
Vlioro wlily fcolito find t44 anal
item the mat ffno stands for no law
Where are his haunts Will you find
lira most frequently In the tenement
orulon the bench In the crowded
court For OGrady there was no law
For Walser It would appear that it 111
lot Intended there shall be any Whal
Is this but anarchy How after this
can the clergy and religious people
lave the face to defame and denounce
lolaters of the law of any character
The voices of Mary Gllmartln and
Igatha ReIchlin cry out of thel
raves to all the world for Justice and
protection to all orphan girls like un
to themselves
Is there law for Innocence and vir
tue for the fatherless and motherless
as well as for those of llgnlty and
power Every honorable Catholic ev
ery good citizen without prejudice
political or religious will say let the
law rise In Its majesty if It be lunge
possessed of majesty and let Justice
be doneJUSIICE
Elyria Ohio
An Atheist Is a non beneter In an
IntellIgent and supreme being who
rules the universe One reason wh
I am an Atheist Is that there Is nc
tangible evidence either In history 01
nature to sustain such a belief Civ
llzation has discarded all gods except
the Jewish Jehovah and according tc
the only historical description of thai
God he could not have existed ant
possessed the qualities ascribed t
in for It Is claimed that many many
wonderful things he did He created
the earth and man to Inhabit It In ah
lays which every Informed person
knowS to be absolutely false
Now If this Jehovah claims he dlt
this as according to Genesis he Is
l truthful and unreliable but If IK
does not make the false claim and has
allowed the falsehood to stand uncon
radlcted for centuries to mislead the
leoplo of the world he has been play
Ing the gay deceiver if not the part of
a knave
So take whlcn contention we may
the only historical evidence we have
of a God Is absolutely unreliable ant
not to be taken into consideration
Therefore this Is my first reason or
why I am an Atheist
Another strengthenlngreasonfor
faith that is in me is that I have no
alked with n God believer In twenty
lye years who believed in the original
Jewish Jehovah which shows that in
elllgent people as they begin to use
heir reason are gradually througl
llfferentiatlon shaking off the old Got
Idea Those that I talk with have en
Irely discarded the old original Jeho
vall with his physical being and pos
icssed of all the vices of man and
have differentiated him Into a divine
issenco or holy spirit whatever that
nay Jieand havo given him all the
virtues of humanity besides Infinitude
imnlscence etc
By what authority or what process
if reasoning they have thus changed
heir creator of the universe they an
not able t o satisfactorily explain ti
e and betngan iconoclast and mon
disposed totear down Idols than tc
< zrl
t c
a is
build them up Is another reason why
I am an Atheist
A supreme being would be possess
ed with Intelligence All Intelllgenc
Is the result of a nervous systeir
A nervous system Is the result of a
physical organization and all organize
tlons are the result of the accretion
of particles of mntter around a com
mon center from an Inherent principle
pie In matter and all of these condl
lions are the result of the conllnun
change of the particles of matter and
as change is finitude there can be tlO
Infinite intelligence or power derived
from Intelligence And moreover In
lelllgence Is limited In its action to HE
Immediate surroundings because it Is
finite All the Intelligence of the earth
concentrated could not reach the man
If the above premises are correct
It absolutely precludes the poslblllty
of a supreme being and so this Is an
other reason why I am an Atheist
But one more Benson and I will de
slat Lately there has been discover
ed a creative or formative principle in
matter which Is satisfactory to most
Inquiring minds and which of course
obviates the necessity of a supreme
being for that special purpose which
when generally known will quiet the
nervous agitation of the average God
believer when he confronts the ques
tlon of how ho and all other things
got here If there was no one greater
than he to have made him and other
things But being a believer in the
creative principle In nature and the
nonbeliever in the differentiated God
of the masses is my last reason to
give why I am an Atheist
Atlanta Ga
An Open
of ThanKs
My Dear Friend
I wish through the columns of the
Blade to express my thanks to you
for tile fourth volume 01 the History
of Woman Suffrage just received from
you The affectionate Inscription writ
ten by your dear hand Will ever be
greatly prized by me and the book
will be of Immense value to me In my
work wnlch I shall use In my feeble
effort to secure womans complete
emancipation and when I pass on
will request that it be placed in the
public library of my town
You know and I know that this
will never be a good world to live In
until women and men stand on a per
fect equality To my mind woman
can never be free until the Iron hand
of ecclesiasticism Is removed from her
brain and heart
Our beloved and lamented Elizabeth
Cady Stanton was of the same opin
ion The last year of liocgjTe see were
In constant correspoadj and close I
frlenilfr tliouglr WC4I HI St auto
anil Athony are the grf Ht heroines
of history because they stnick for the
liberty of half the human race
Your work and example have been
the Inspiration of my life Hoping
all good and only good to you and
yours and victory for our cause I re
main ever your grateful and loyal
friend and coworker
Versailles Ky May 30th 303
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