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I believe that alcohol to a certain
degree demoralizes those who make
I It those who sell It and those who
drink It
I believe from the time it Issues
from the coiled and poisonous worm
of the distillery until It empties Into
1 the hell of crime death and dishonor
it demoralizes everybody that touches
I do not believe that anybody can
contemplate thy subject without be
coming prejudiced against this liquid
All you have to do Is to think of the
r deathsof the suicides of the Insan
ity of the poverty of the Ignorance of
the distress of the little children tug
gang at the faded dresses of weeping
1and despairing wives asking for
I bread of the men of genius It has
wrecked of the millions who have
struggled with Imaginary serpents
produced by this devilish thing
y And when yoCi think of the jails of
a f the almshouses of the prisons and of
the scaffolds upon either bank I do
not wonder that every thoughtful man
l Is prejudiced against the damned stuff
called alcohnl
1k Keep Church and State forever
b separate Gwt
In no sense whatsoever Is this gov
I ernment founded upon the Christian
religion Washington
The divorce between Church and
State should be absolute Garfield
r SURGERY Chicago
I a Four years Graded Course
I Laboratories fully equipped
i Abundance of Clinical Material
1 Fall term opens In September
Write today for Catalog to
Y < 245247 Ashland Ava Cbieaa III I
f Ji >
Tho most expensive collection of
clerical brieabae ever assembled on
this continent Is tho Presbyterian
Los Angela Calif This city of nn
gels seems quite an appropriate place
to hold It for in religious parlance
the nexUlhing to an angel Is a sain
No city on earth Is so favored as Loa
Angeles Is at present peopled with
angels and Mints
that was second cousin to one Tho
saints I have known have been like
other people sometimes did not im
press me os favorably as ordinary
The saints now assembled In the
city of angels are making a heavy
draft on the pocketbooks of ordinary
the Presbyterian route The press
announces that this General Assem
bly will cost the church 75000 In
other words it is costing 7000 a day
but it may be worth it for they have
finally ousted the infant damnation
from the creed for good
Infant damnation is taken from the
creed in the following words
That concerning those who are
saved In Christ the doctrine of Gods
eternal decree is held In harmony
with the doctrine of His love to all
That it Is not to be regarded as
teaching that any who die In Infancy
are lost We believe that all dying
in Infancy are Included In the election
of grace and are regenerated and sav
ed by Christ through the Spirit who
works where and how He pleases
Rejoice and bo glad
The babies are saved
But what a pity this salvation did
not come sooner Millions of Infants
that were elected to eternal damna
tion from the foundation of the world
have added to their eternal torment
the regret that they were born before
the Los > Angeles General Assembly
and millions yet to be horn will have
cause to bless the delegates to this
meeting In thcity of a ngels 1 The
JydGnf tiJca = 4da ±
sheets to thq Pope of Rome in lurid
language but the New Confession
throws a boquet of dog fennel to the
gentleman on the Tiber in these
Tho Lord Jesus Christ ia the only
head of the church and the claim of
man to be the vicar of Christ and the
head of the church is unscriptural
without warrant In fact and Is a
usurpation dishonoring to the Lord
Jesus Christ
There may be a little more policy
In this than Christian love since the
world is > lining up in two columns for
the final conflict between Rome and
Rationalism In that day Protestant
Ism of even brand will be so disin
tegrated It cannot be found
Hero is another overture tho rres
byterians make to tho Papacy
Resolved That this General As
sembly hereby enjoins all ministers
under its care and authority to re
fuse to perform the marriage cere
mony In the cases of divorced per
sons except as such persons have
been divorced upon the grounds and
for causes recognized as Scriptural
In the standards of the Presbyterian
church In the United States of Amer
They may yet be forced to declare
with the Roman Catholics the Indisso
lubility of the marriage tie for any
causeStrange how a lot of men will have
the audacity to legislate on the laws
of marriage and divorce One would
think that men alone were parties to
the contract and in millions of cases
it Ia great pity they are not A few
million women would thereby be re
lieved of an Incubus that wreck their
happinEss and blight their lives
One of the most enjoyable things
of this General Assembly was an ex
curslon to Long Beach which came
near tbowlng the saints into spasms
Fifteen hundred Presbyterian preach
ers and elders attended and under the
inspiring music of the band forty
couples swung out on the dancing
Plattu ln a mazy waltz The saints
were paralyzed at such worldly con
duct and they could only head off
the dancers by silencing the bandNo
such catastrophe has befallen the Pres
byterian church since that related In
tho old song
And a Presbyterian preacher
Danced like the devil
At Mccartys ball
It Is only a womans Idea but I have
often thought If tho Presbyterians had
Alone less with burning flaying Im
prisoning and persecuting and more
dancing the world would be better
off Of course the members of the
Creed Revision Committee must
have held personal conferences with
God to learn his will and good pleas
ure regarding revision Perhaps God
has repented of somethings he de
creed should be in the old confession
The Bible says that God once re
pouted that he had made man and
tills may be the day of His second re
pentance for being so hard on his
helpless creatures Surely the mil
lions who were elected to eternal pun
ishment before this reversion came
were unfortunate that they lived too
The General Assembly Is wisely con
sidering the abolition of three of their
theological seminaries and the idea
is advanced that 1800000 is too
much money Invested for the educa
tlon of Presbyterian preachers Of
course abolish them all and put the
money in manual training schools
bath houses and soap factories the
world would bo greatly benefited
What ever else the Los Angeles
General Assembly will do relating to
spiritual things and the will of Al
mighty God their trust In the al
mighty dollar will be emphasized and
their best effort expended In devising
the best methods to tap the pockets
of the laity News from the Los An
geleS General Assembly will be await
ed with Interest
Versailles Ky
Cincinnati Ohio June 7A Morn
Ing with the Preachers At the Vine
Street Congregational church the pas
tor Herbert S Blgelow told of a
morning which he spent with the
members of a ministerial association
discussing social problems Mr Blge
low said In part
It was In the city of J I hap
pened to be there for a course of lect
ures and accepted an invitation to
speak at the preachers Monday morn
Ing meeting
My theme was the labor problem
I attempted to show that millions of
our fellow creatures by reason of
their scant wage are compelled to
work and live In conditions which
stunt the mind and discourage if not
prohibit the formation of moral char
acter I declared that It was the plain
duty of the preachers to encourage
every wise and Just plan of economic
betterment in order that the discour
agements to right living may bedl
minished and a more wholesome end
vlronment provided for he masses
According to the custom in this as
sedation the address of the day was
followed by a general discus Ion
Then it was my turn to listen hat
general discussion threw no light on
the labor problem Bjit it thrclvVfca
r wuuout me sagntetu snaue uicoi
orlng I want to report the subsilirico
of their remarks on title imps ant
themeOne preacher with breezy optim
ism brushed aside my contention as
to low wages and bad condition with
the assertion that the miners in the
neighborhood of J were getting
34 a week
It seems that he had heard of
some miner who was said to have
made that much He could not tell
how many weeks during the year he
had made that He could not tell how
many If any helpers this miner had
with whom he was compelled to dl
vide his 34 It is true that the spec
ial commission appointed by the
President reported that the average
wage of the contract miner is frcm
fourteen to sixteen dollars a week
This commission ought to know But
this preacher thought the commission
must have been mistaken because he
had heard of a miner who got more
How trutstful men are of any evi
dence which justifies their prejudices I
The next speaker was still more
optimistic His assertion was that la
borers In and around J were mak
ing from 250 to 10 a day More
over said he If there are a few who
do not get enough we cant remedy
the matter I believe Baer and Mor
gan and Carnegie and Rockefeller are
good conscientious Christians and are
doing as well as they can for the
workingmen What do we know about
business How can we give them any
suggestions I tell you the preachers
are all right The trouble Is with the
people They need more of Jesus In
their heart Thats whatS the matter
If the people will treat Jesus right he
will treat the people right This re
mark elicited vigorous Amens from
the brethren
Almost every precher who took part
In the discussion voiced this senti
ment that the thing needed was not
economic betterment but Individual
salvation One and all they declared
The great need of the workingman Is
Jesus Christ and him crucified
What truth Is there In this thread
bare phrase If a worklnglmm were
dissipated and conversion to Christi
anity made him a sober to that extent
his economic condition would be im
proved But suppose he is already a
sober and hardworking man How
will his conversion raise his wages
There can be no general and perma
nent Increase In wages save through
legislation which destroys mono pol
and thereby Increases the opportuni
ties for renumerative employment
But that cannot be done without a
knowledge of political economy Will
conversion to Christianity teach
a man political economy Will It
teach him to run an engine Will It
teach him to pilot a steamer It re
quires thought to exercise Intelligent
ly tho rights of citizenship The man
who does not give earnest thought to
the problem of Improving the social
conditions of his fellowmen Is a bad
citizen although ho may be a good
church member or even a preacher
Another preacher referred la his
remarks to the parable of the man
who having been relieved of one dev
il was possessed of seven other dev
lilt The application he made of the
pirable was this The workingmen
many of them get beggarly wage
That he conceeded He affirmed that
they ought to get more Indeed he
w nt so far as to assert that It was
the dutyof the preachers to see that
they got more But said he suppose
WJ9 should Increase their pay what
then There would be just that much
more that they would have to squan
dr on the saloon and theater If we
did nothing more than to Increase
their wage we would make them sev
en times more devilish Let us
pveachers demand more pay for the
worklngmen but let us also demand
that we have some control over their
wages let us have charge of their
inane let us save It and invest it
fqr them for we know better than
they how to take care of it
These preachers look upon them
selves as the shepherds of ther flocks
until they get to thinking of the peo
pie as sheep They are long on bene
volence and short on liberty They
n ver doubt the fitness to manage the
affairs of others They would be fcs
tqr fathers rather than brothers to
t e multitude
IB The preacher who thus delivered
Mmself was one of the leading clergy
Ren of the city If ttte teachers are
livable of such childish utterances
mini eau t4 eAiit Jitu oi < tujtiii pup is 7
If the light that Is In thee be dark
ness how great Is that darkness If
the men from whom light Is supposed
to come are so hopelessly Ignorant
what chance Is there for the Illumina
tion of the mass
Still another preacher deprecated
the agitation of these questions since
there was danger of the poor becom
ing dicontented
When Hagar fled from her jealous
and cruel mistress and took refuge in
the desert it is said that she was
visited by the angel of the Lord And
the angel of the Lord said unto her
return to thy mistress and submit
thyself under her hands That was a
bogus angel To the workingmen who
are trying to escape from a condition
of virtual slavery this preacher like
that false angel would say Return
to your masters and submit our
selves Under their hands
IToo long that has been the cow
ardly advice of the clergy And still
the preachers wonder why working
men shun the church
A millionaire Infidel named Norton
has lately died In Loulsvlle Ky He
gave the money to build the Norton
Infirmary and also tho money to build
a school
schoolIn will he said that he wanted
no religious services at his funeral
but wanted his remains taken to Cln
cinnati to be cremated and to be
carried In a Pullman car with a num
ber of his friends and plenty of cham
pagne So far as I know Mr Norton
Is the largest giver to charity that
ever lived in Louisville and still the
Christians will ask What good has
any Infidel ever done for the world
Recently at Richmond Ky the at
torneys on both sides of a case asked
Judge Smith to retire from the bench
during the trial of a case offering as
their ground of objection that he was
a Democrat and a member of the
Christian church Judge Smith retir
ed The plain Implication Is that In
Kentucky to be a Democrat and a
member of that church known also
as Campbelllte makes a man in
sense cases unfit to trust as a judge
j tiT
Is the title of a phamphlet by a for
mer monk Besides the Introduction
the pamphlet discusses How Girls
Become the Brides of Christ A
Peep Into tho Convent The Con
vent Horror Taking the Veil etc
Its tales are thrilling For a sample
copy send 10 cents In silver to
209 W Madison St Chicago Ills
+ +
l >
We hear much nowadays about the
Golden Rule taught by the pagan sage
Confucius and attempt to read the
title to practical Christianity by its
precept but in doing so we overreach
the mark and become humanitarians
Instead of Christians Perhaps this
latest Christian horror in Russia will
bring the nations to a realization that
so long as we accept the Bible as a
guide and Jehovah as our God and ex
emplar we are under obligations to
commit the most dastardly and hein
ous crimes against men and the most
monstrous and beastly assaults upon
We do not expect decisions In the
courts of today In direct opposition to
the statute books then why should I
the nations stand aghast at this Rus
hovah the great lawgiver Instigated
and carried out Innumerable diabol
isms of the same kind Now there
was David that mighty man of valcr
the man after Gods own heart the
man of many Immoralities who saved
neither man nor woman alive to bring
The man who came unto the house
of the Lord and worshipped and Im
mediately fell upon the children of I
Arnmon and brought forth the spell
of the city In great abundance And
then brought forth the people that
were therein and put them under saws
and harrows of Iron ana under axes
of Iron and made them pass through
the brickkiln and thus did he to all
the cities of the children of Ammon
his work this little massacre of a few
cant when we refer to the wholesale
affairs that are recorded In the inspir
ed book
The Associated Press records a
number of the horrors perpetrated by
the Russian Christians as told by Dr
Doroschewkl national hospital physi
clan at Kisheney after he had exam
ined the victims Here is one A
Jewess named Lura Fonarschi was
brought here with two nails seven I
brainfn I
o fn J L HJic
Indeed though done in the heat of
rioting but turn to Judges Iv 21 and
read of the woman Jaels deliberate
treachery Then Jael Hebers wife
took a nail of the tent and took a
hammer In her hand and went softly
unto him and smote the nail Into his
temples and fastened It Into the
ground for he was fast asleep and
weary So he died
The following chapter declares that
this woman smote off his head after
she had stricken and pierced through
his temples and her praises were
loudly sung for the act
Further dallies state that A Jew
named Charlfon lost his upper and un
der lips which were cut away with a
kitchen knife after which his tongue
and windpipe were pulled out through
his mouth with pincers The ears of
another named Selvzer were cut off
and his head battered In twelve
places A carpenter was surprised at
his work and both of his hands were
sawed off with his own saw But
refer to the accounts above mention
ed of David In which thousands met
this same awful fate instead of only
two or three Jews A couple of years
ago a similar massacre occurred on
the Chinese frontier and 5000 China
men were drowned or had their brains
beaten out with clubs and yet civil
ized nations listened to another blood
thirsty Russian Christian Duchess
Vladimir proclaim in public that not
a Chinaman should be left alive while
there is a Russian to kill him
These royal perverts are keeping
very close to the divine guide and ap
plying Christianity In a way calculat
ed to open the eyes of the blind The
account continues A Jewish girl was
assaulted by several of the brutes
who then cut out her eyes with a
pocket knife One woman after try
Ing to defend her children was thrown
on the pavement disemboweled and
feathers and horse hair stuffed Into
her body We shudder to read these
horrors and yet we read without the
tremor of a muscle the account in
Num xxxi of the spoiling of the Mid
ianltes under the direction of Moses
and Eleazor the priest In which thir
tytwo thousand virgins were saved
alive for the use of Gods chosen peo
pie the Israelites and we are com
pelled to admit that this Jew baiting
affair Is mighty Insignificant and that
we are still a long distance behind
the exploits of our revered Jehovah
Those of us who deplore the assaults
made upon women should read the ac
count of the Levite who sought to es
cape personal Injury by turning his
wife over to the Benjamlnltes for a
vile purpose and when arriving at
home He took a knife and laid hold
on his concubine and divided her to
gether with her bones Into twelve
pieces and sent her Into all coasts of
Israel Judges xix The Incidental
losing of an ear or lips or tongue or
limbs Is overshadowed by this grew
some tale that bears the seal of In
A little while ago Baron Von Kette
ler was tortured by Chinese and
Christendom resounded with protests
1 against the Pagan retaliation and
the old celestial empire was forced
to send an envoy to the Christian Em
peror of Germany with a personal
apology but who demands redress
from the Christian Czar for the Inhu
No one And why should we expect
trine which has produced men like
the pious Prince Ferdinand Ha Chris
tianized Europe at the sacrifice of
12000000 lives and declared Better < +
heretics The Russians declare that <
the Jews must become Christians
or it
leave the country This leaves anJ f
who established the Holy Inquisition d
gave only the choice of becoming V
The Jews should however take warn w
of Charles IX and his mother who
planned the massacre of St Bartho n
lomews eve or they should recall the fi
the desolate march of the crusades
with death awaiting on the Journey or
at either end of the line The despis + ±
ed Jew of today with all his hardships
fares better than did the women with < 1
Ideas only a little over a century ago < i9I
shalt not suffer a witch to live and
tens of thousands of women paid andJ
Christian penalty
The Inconsistency of the Czar Nich
olas In calling a peace conference and
In declaring for religious freedom r r
eled by tho Inconststepcies and con tiC
tradictions in the holy book from
which he draws his supply of inspire
tion and his policy of banishment for 1
the lovers of freedom conquest of
weaker nations Imprisonment of po
litical suspects Intrigues with court
attaches and humiliation of women
chattels Is in perfect accord with the
teaching of the Christian church bol 1
stered by the priesthood and backed
by the God of the Bible °
An Iowa editor recently remarkedc
In referring to this massacre of Jews
been parties to the horrible massa 1
cre Another says We need more f
Christianity In Russiaj y
Christianized people who perpe
trate the most horrible cruelties
against each other and against the A
heathen and history will bear me out
In the statement It will bo claimed
of course that such results do not
flow from the right Christian spirit
but the records show facts and must
be accepted and when our Christian rl
0 I
eth not shall be damned we need
search no further for the spirit of the Yt 1
Inquisition I deny that we need more p
Christianity In Russia or any where
else We have too much of it alreadyt
The practice of its tenets has placed
the deadly dagger of annihilation In
the heart of nations poisoned the
milk of human kindness made fiends Q
of parents and outcasts of children
Its applied dogmas have filled prisons
and brothels and barracks and mad
houses with unfortunate ignorant
fear and faith filled fanatics and so
long as we cling to its infamous in
congruities Jew baiting and cruelties
of all kinds are bound to continue
When a mediator stands ready to
forgive wrong acts upon a simple
promise to believe In Him as the Im
maculately begotten son of God wo
shculd expect that Injustice will be
done In his name Why will people
rmealn blind to the fact that Humani
ty and not Christianity is needed in
this old world of ours 7 M
Helpfulness and justice and knowl
edge are what we need Instead of Ig
norant faith and belief In divinely de
clared dogmas
The Hartford Day Spring says
Two years ago a Polander who
lives on Nubbin Ridge Calif swallow
ed a grain of wheat Last week he
was attacked with a fit of coughing
and coughed up a fifty pound sack +
of flour and 100 pounds of bran
Ancient Miracle
Now the birth of Jesus Christ was
In this wise
When as his mother Mary was es
poused to Joseph before they came
together she was found with child of
the Holy Ghost St Mathew 1 18
Truth Is mighty and will prevail
San Francisco Calif
V M Doolln Prop
Office and Nursery at
ETNA Pulaski County KY
5O Cts
High Bridge
Queen < a Crescent
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