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> T
9 INNN + N
S t
t Copyright 1U10 by IL S Hilla
At MatimajN Y 1 April 17 11MMJ
Hey ATgeniou BFCttieey for t 3
years rector of St Andrews Episco
pal church nt Rochester No Y was
med for hereby becaiis ho denied
the divinity of Christ Yet Saint
Augustine Bishop of Hippo Jlegius
Mates l Sermons 37 chap 12 that
H From the first some believed Christ I
to IMJ Uo < l and not man Uthera bo
bored htm to bo only u man and do
med his divinity
The former was the opinion of thl l
Maiiichewt to which belief St Aug
ester himself adhered Cotclcrius
in answer to Ignatius Epistle to I
Uie Tralhan assures us that the
doctrine that Christ H liolywaa a
l 111Illtolil onlyand that no such per
rl nK Jiu Christ ever hud any I
rorH re < il oistence was held in the
tunv of the Ag > Ues themselves It
And from the Apostolic ago down I
iliuiiiKli ull the cciitnrira has the
euhitMice of ChrUt as a man been
dntntrt not hy tMiumics or unbiliev j
erg but by Ilia most learned the
nufi snuvre and the most moral of I
thKio who profess the Christian
tiaine lit JullnII FtUtterl6t Uhil
irl abut 2nd lnt 7th admitted by
now modern authors to have been I
written mat y years before any of I
no tion in
0r rains + ial gospels
mad of IWIVIHS proftwsing the
llirisiian faith whw InHght that a
belief that jmch n man an Christ ever I
of that
hkr l in the Hush was MO part
Surh dcitMirs of the humanity of j
tliriKi taught that he was only an
ain nl rpiaraiteenwpISeoniil and r
tiitrdfd the whole gospel story as a
vibliiw AllttltryHln this class
lit of time am
the Mry first in jwiiil
in NHtiiliur Wa8 found
INaaa tlrst In
ilii UK ml intelligent of professing
I illS 113H In ttis Keootid and low
unporiftiil clay was found
nps and 111
of Christ
ilrtinti the divinity
ind ham only human Taylor
Nicone Council A
Syntagma I oTke +
hMiufa am
1 lilt two
IV rio joined
worM our modern
gas to the
t it rrved
Tin lli > loihrco Now Testament
lss ksllattliew Mark and Luke
Gosiwls and are
an1 ralHd Synoptic
Mry muclP alike In many chaptors
tlipn is such a close verbal agree
of Mntthow and
ment t hat the texts
for ono
Mark might pass
name Rev Moses Hull says Bibli
cal FneyclojxMlia iwge
Inrk that cau
in Mark
are only 24 verses
in much tho same
not be found in
language in one of these other gos
pel fact
this undisputed
In view of
the mont eminent crities of tho past
been agreed in the
century have
opinion that ono of two supiwsitions
° viz Either these three
ml be true
each other
copied from
gospel writers
eneh copiwl finm IItlllle
tOr that theyoaelt 0
narrative 01hc
previously written
notion of ind > ondonco in the com
these pispels isj
position of these
longer tOllnblllNo scholarly I
would admit that these
of each thcI
copies I
gospels were ol
bemire thf flecoml supposition must
bo absolutely true Admitting +
to lio correct as do the most teamed
and profound of the literati the
reader will naturally arkufr ui
this previously written
win nee came
narrative from which tho gospel
Evangelists drew their inspiration
and oo copiously copied t Tho answer
shall be From Egypt as tho follow
from the most emi
ing quotations
will testi
vent ecclesiastical writers
fy It is conceded liy all modern
theologians that the base of all our
information regarding the origin of
the gospels is found in the writings
of Origen 3rd century and Euse
billS Pamphilus 4th century sup
plemented by writing of the AIOS
tolio Fathers and of the Christian
apologists whom these two above
mentioned prolific writers largely
quote Moreover it should never be
forgotten that for IfiOft years m > ee
elosiiistical historian has pretended
to have any other information than
is found in tho writings of tho above
mentioned authors infinitely tho
ablest Christianity ban ever produced
Therefore without exception nil be
gin where Ensolmm leaves off
Without EuKcbius says the
learned Tillcmont wo should scarce
have any knowledge of the history
tithe first egg of Christianil JTfcOTiOf
the authon who wrote in tharlfmcT
11of tho Greek authors of the
fourth century and since have begun
where Kiuibius ended
Our first witness shall be m bop
Alelito of Ssnlis Lydia supixiscd
by many to br the angel of tho
church of Sardis mentioned in tho
lhskut Involution In his over
memorable letter of a > ology deliv
erect A H 170 to the Emperor Mar
cus AnUmiuus he says For this
philosophy or religion which wa
teach truly flourished aforetime
among the barbarous nations but
having blossomed again or been
Iraimplantcd in the reign of thy great
ancestor Augustus IIntl he claims
the Emperors patronage on ac
count of its great antiquity as hav
ing been imported from country ly
mug beyond the limitnr the Roman
Kmpire in the reign of Augustus
who had found its importation omin
ous of good fortune to his govern
rent In HI A IK lustin Martyr in his
letter of 111110 addressed to Em
l > eror Antoninus Pius most noble
Caesar and true philosopher says
If then > we hold come of the opin
ions near of kin to the jHKts and
philosophers in jrcateut repute among
you why tire ewe thus unjustly hat
ed f When we say all things were
Bade in this beautiful order by God
what do we say more than 1latot
By upswing tho worship of the
works of mens hands wo only cou
uctirjttai Jur antib y dcclnring
me 1011 ffio Unit boj Ircim ZhOb
than what you say
we say no more
of Jove And these
of hoe KJIIS
conipariMjiix are continued for sev
to demonstrate that the
eral pages
Christian philosophy or religion
with the trun
that it was
ItMiehiugs of the Pagan religion
The beginning of tho third cent
introduced Origeu born 185
deceased i64 tho most learned and
in the eire
distinguished personage
fire drama of ChrUtian evidence
and brought up
Origen wits born
wuPs cxlurated in the
Kgypt and was
under tho
versity of
and justly
instruction of tho teamed
celebrated Auimonius Succhus
whose teachings Origen
his own views of morals and religion
us set forth in hip apology in his
reply to Colsus viz Christianity
and Paganism when rigbtlyunder
stood differ in no essential points I
origin and were
but have a common
and the same thingNohin
one trickery of fa
tho schismatical
natical adventurers has introduced a
distinction where in reality there was
no In reply to the charge of Cclsus
religion had no
that the Christian
which to base
foundation upon
more its truth than had any of tho 1agai
I replies not hyat
but by
Ihelirfs to offer any proof
that who
1 answer
the advantage the com
iieu plainly
therefrom 1 say
mon people reap
we the cllrgwho are so well ad
do teach men
vised of these things II
to believe without examination as
foundation of the faith
to the
Our next witness is the most im
in state
portant the most positive
ment that we have yet
himself presents
and one who
deniable testimony concerning the
nimiry as to the origin of our gos
tcls 11 U Kuscbiua Painphilim
310 > llishop of Caesarea and the
nil ecclesiasti
most distinguished of
cal historians Let all the other
hide their diminished beds
III second volume chapter 17 of Eu
sebius Ecclesiastical historymay bo
H ancient
omul this IIIgoH Tho
heraucntR wero Christians and
their sacred writings wero our gos
pels In vol 2nd chap 1C ho
the assertion true by testi
> roves
cannot ho invalidated
mon whilhCIIIIIIlt
i rr By quoting many pages from
the writings of Philo Tudncus who
wrote n treatise on thobclipfs
and customs of tho Thcrapcuts in
lexandrio Kgypt showing that they
hnel sacred writings railed Gospels
of tho Egyptians and a well estab
fished church organization with col
fillies or branch churches in Home
EphesciiH Corinlh Philippi and in
nil places mentioned by St Paul in
his H Epistles to the Churches
This writer also states as quoted
by Euscbius that they also had mon
asteries monks and nuns bishops
priests and elders etc In fact they
had an old and well established
church organization in all its pleni
tide and power
Philo Judaeus 1H Philo the
JewH as every student of history
knows was contemporary with tho
great Augustus Caesar the first Uo
man Emi > en > r lie was about 20
years of age at the time Jesus Christ
is reputed lo base TjMatlbdnl M
over the imjnortal Gibboir in his
Decline and Fall of the Itoman Em
pir says It has been proven
that Philo a treatise on the Thcra
IHuls was written during the reign
of Augustus And ILJ the jTeat
Augustus deceased A D 14 these
churches to whom St Paul wrote his
Epistles and this old and wellfound
ed church organization of which
Philo wrote and so minutely de
scribed as having a University at
Alexandria and bishops priests
elders and deacons all must have
ben fully established when Christ
was not more than ten or twelve
years of age at most And all based
and founded on the sacred writings
of the Therajwuts called The Gas
pet of tho Egyptians All this from
the great Kusebiim based on the
testimony of Philo Judaeus Higher
or hotter authority no man can
quote Yet strange as it may seem
Phil in his IrentiKo has never once
mentioned tho name of Jesus Christ
nor has he intimated that ho had ever
heard of such a man
Tho above statements are all ad
willed by Moshcim 16941755 the
very foremost of modem ecclesiasti
cal historians lie says The Ther
npeiitan Church and University of
Alexandria were fllluri hingwhen
Christ was cm earth and long before
that date
The eminent English ecclesiastic
Dr Nathaniel tardner 1681 lit
hi his Credibility of the Script
nrd nUoteinal rronrKnscu1n
and commenting on name says It
is iKciilinr that Euscbius at M early
n date should call the Kgyptinn Ther
a euts Christian though they
taught the same doctrine
To show how the modern lesser
lights of the Christian Church have
viewed this most important ques
tion we submit the following In
1144 Cuxton published the first book
ever printed in England In 1474 in
n convocation of tho clergy the
Bishup of London said If we do
not destnty this dangerous invention
it will one day destroy us It Compare
this with Pope Las XV avowal in
the College of Cardinals 1515 It
is well known how profitable this fa
ble of Christ has been to us Soe
also tho frank statement of Her
Win Palsy D D Archdeacon of i
Carlisle 1782 Wo cannot afford to
in church affairs
have a conscience
We must support the gospel because
the gJWiHjl supported us II
Vol 1 chap 2 Gibbons Decline
and Fall of Home II says All re
ligions in the Roman world wore
believed as equally true by the
people as equally false by the phil
osophers and us equally useful and
profitable by tho priests amid magi
Having presented abundant test
the original of
mony to prove that t h9
our gospels was The Gospel of the
Egyptians we must now in order
to more fully demonstrate tho prop >
ositiou examine critically some of
tho passages of our New Testament
gosjwls and epistles as to the time
when written to whom addressed
and to what scripture these passages
refer Ecclesiastical writers mostly
agree that no one really knows the
author of any one of our canonical
gosjHls nor when they wore written
Bishop Faust us A U 384 says
It is an undoubted fact that the
New Testament go jMls wero not
written by nayof the Apostles but
n long while after by some unknown
personsIlev Moses Hulls Biblical Ency
clopedia and Dr Chadwicks Bible
of Today Mb present arguments
huwillg that neither Matthew Mark
Iuke nor John wero written prior to
the last half of the 2nd century
See also tho Now Intornatiniia En
However wishing to be absolutely
fair in our statements we waive the
nlwivo arguments and append the
able of dates as compiled by Dr
Nathaniel Lnrdncr in his fnmoiis
irenliso on tho Credibility of the
Scriptures thus showing from till
highest ecclesiastical authority when
cachSfik is supported to have been
writtenMatt A D
Matt i iw 04
1st a il 2nd Thessalonians C2
1st a id 2nd CorinthiansGG and 57
1st a rl 2nd Timothy 56 and 01
Spin fnn3 01
Phil non 1 02
llcbj WB 03
1st i Td 2nd Peter 04
1st 8 Join 80
TliiVkevelations U5or 00
Mnrtf 04
Johujl n 08
Oah ones 52
Titu 50
Itunijns 58
Col shuns iii 02
Pbili inns 02
St J muses 02
St Jude 04 or 05
2nd mud 3rd St Jelin89 or UO
The Acts 63 or C4
Lukjj 03 or 04
Froif this table of dates when com
pared with Gibbons statement that
PhiloVf treatise was written during
the lift of the great Augustus it fol
low tlat it must have been written
more hal fifty years before any of
our l8 conical gospels
We juoto again from chapter 10
Book ror Eiinthius Ecclesiastical
IGstor coneeriiing1 the Therui > eutft
whose G < w > el of the Egyptians was
our gypcls Also observe u few of
our NV Testament passages ns com
par d jith the Therapeutic Joctrine
viz 999 S < > at the some time they de
clare their renunciation of all their
property and divest themselves of all
revntes of their estates Having laid
aside tll anxieties of life their prop
oilyass sold and divided among all
so thai there wit riot one among them
that bad want
Cortpare this with Acts 4th 34th
Neither was there any among them
that heed for as rnaliyas were jws
sessori of housos or lands sold them
and brought the price of the things
that were sold and distribution was
was made unto every man according
to hill ncrl
Agnljji Eusebius says U An ho Phi
10 I hiss written in io many i
Kslst tould lh0vv eat zany tblug
that Mlll llIodti 1 t WiIrerU
wnt4 their drink1 Sec Acts 15th
That abstain from meats
2ith jv
and from blood and from things
strangledAgain this race
Again Philo says For en
of nun are found in all parts of tno
world and tho best men betako them
these colonies of tho Them
selves to
pcuts in each of which they have sa
and monasteries in
cred iilillces
the mysteries of
the monks perfonn
the sublime life For those who pr
ide over their scriptures philosophize
expounding their
They have also
sense by allegory
writings of the first leaders of their
sect and records of the meanings con
veyed by those allegories
Cur pnre this with the universally
in Col
as set forth
preacied gospel
lossic is Isti 23d The gospel which
ye tine heard and which was preach
which is under
toleel creature
ed to every
hcavip whereof I Paul am made a
miniver or deacon the very low
est 01 ler among Therapeutic
and 1th Galatians 4th 24th which
thing are an allegory
Phil i describes the orders of pref
thoo who aspire to ec
moo t anion
ministrations The olllcc
of dcicon the humblest rank und tho
supninc authority of the bishop s
Co paN this with 1st Timothy 3d I
rpaN the that have used the
rI For they
office of deacon well purchase
hcnuclves n good degree
fstH Pauland Timothy
ippines Isti 1st
of Jesus Christ to all
us tl servants
the joints with the bishop and flea
Hebrews 13th 7th
cons1 Also
Ile ember them that have rule over
you who have spoken unto you the
wonl tiC God Also Hebrews 13th
17th j0hey them that have tho rule
nd submit yourselves for
over you and
t that
for Ollr souls as one
they watch your
must give nn account
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Lexjigton to Erlanger Ky for this
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l dk
No Evidence That He or the Twelve
Apostles Ever Lived
By Ernest Pack
Whether Jesus Christ of the Four
Gospels ever existed is tho question
wo propose briefly to examine and
space being limited wo have none to
waste by way of preamble 1101 sock
to saw the readers time and trust
wo shall not bo considered abrupt
becuiuo wo ore direct Wo even ex
pect a little credit for our considera
First then by Jesus Christ of the
Four Gospels wo mean not somo fa
natical man Christ or crafty impos
tor who may have claimed for him
self divine honors but tho saidtobe
immaculately born Sou of the Virgin
Alary and miracleworking Godman
this and no other It is necessary
to 1m very particular upon this point
for there have been many Saviours
both before His reputed time and
since Saviours to right of us Sav
tour 1L left of u + Saviours all round
us as ono might say And although
tho same claims are made for them
all Christians would have us believe
that their Jesus only is genuine and
the others are spurious Well in our
uustard aimd cress days we were wont
to hold the sumo opinion and it will
be our dutyo give a few reasons why
we renounced it
We found ll wo had been bam
boozled into believing by faith in
stead of by facts 2 That contcm
jwrory history had nothing to say
about this mythical personage I 3
The Christians had done their best to
rectify this misfortuive by forging
the missing testimony 4 That no
evidence was forthcoming that a
itch persons as the twelve Apostles
ever lived 5 That no trace of our
four Gospels could be found prior to
about 15ft A D and6 we thought
ihatlhadtlie iniraeiever taken
iice dun lghue aclnof Je
2riT IjiD lheier tislk4Lnvn
sled ample records of them in the
historical accounts of that period
and we looked upon this sol mn si
lence on the part of every contem
porary writer as conclusive testi
Tony in confutation of the Christian
legend A
We reflected also that one little
grain of evidence traceable to the
first half of the first century would
have been of greater value than
whole granaries of assertions ma
h t the latter half of the second cell
tury Then there was presented to i
us the fact recorded by Gibbon that
in Home Christianity was rejected
as an idle and extravagant opin
ion by every man of n liberal educa
tion and understanding Decline
and Fall chap xv Wo DeclineI
likewise that both parties lChrisl
tian and pagan seemed to ael
knowledge the truth of those miracles I
which micro claimed by their afire
saries and while they were con
tented to ascribing them to tho arts
of magic and to the powers of dem
ons they mutually concurred in rPo
storing and establishing tho reign of
superstition Ibid chap xvi And
the same great scholar sagely re
mark in n footnote that It is ser
ious to be lamented that the Christ
ian Fathers by acknowledging tho
siiH > nialura or as they deem it the
infernal part of Paganism destro
with their own hands the great id
vantage which we might otherwise
derive from the liberal concessions
of our adversaries Ibid Fur
ther we noted in tho pages of this
noted writer that thoso among the
Itomans who condescended to men
lion the Christians considered them
only as obstinate amt perverse en
thusiasts who exactedan implicit
submission to their mysterious doc
trines without being able to produce
a single argument that could engage
the attention of men of sense and
lennling Chap xv
These truths wo rendanJ many
others and hey burst upon us like
a revelation while the belief of our
youth was shaken mightily yea even
to its very foundations and after
that tho earthquake Down fell this
whole edifice of our faith and there
wo stood looking on with mixed feel
S of annoyance disappointment
and regret for we received in our
youth a very pious training and were
ill prepared for such disquieting dis
coveries But the facts were too
strong and forced upon us the con
clusion that wo have been grossly de
ceived There can bo no doubt that
all Christian teaching has been an
sated by other masters long prior
to the time that Christ is said to
have lived as a study of compara
lire religions amply proves and re
ligious parallels everywhere abound
Here for instance is a list of cruci
fied Saviours who wero all good
enough to dio for us before Jesus
thought of doing so
Chrishna of India 1200 B C
Sakio of Hindustan 600 B C
Thammuz of Syria 1100 B C
Wittoba tho Telingonese 522 B C
Ino of Nepaul 622 B C
Htsus of Great Britain 831 B C
Quexalcote of Mexico 581 B C
Qitirinus of Rome 500 B C
Prometheus of Greece 547 B CI
Thulis of Egypt 1700 B C I
Indra of Thibet 725 B C i
Alcestis of Greece 000 B Cs
Atys of Phrygia 1170 B C
Cite of Chaldea 1200 B C
Bali of Orissa 725 B C
Mithra of Persia 600 B C
Snlvahno of Bermuda Osiris of
Egypt Horns of Egypt Odin of
Scandinavia Zoroaster of Persia
Baal of Phoenicia Bali fit Afghan
stall Xamolxis of Thrace Zoar of
the Bonzes i Adad of Assyria Deva
Tat of Siam Alaides of Thebes
Mikado of the Sintoos Beddin of Ja
ms Thor of the Gauls Cadmus of
Greece Hil mid Feta of the Manda
ites Gentaut of Mexico etc etc
W should think that after know
ing ofnU these human sacrifices
Christians will feel more important
than ever They may find the various
histories of these obliging gentle
men in n work by one Kersey Graves
entitled Sixteen Crucified Saviors
Also they may consult The Hind
Pantheon Mexican Antiquities
Higgins Anacalepsis nnd the Pro
gress of Religious Ideas all strong
ly recommended by the clergy R
The present following of the prin
these Saviours is For
cipal among 1
Chrishna 400000000 for Christ i
200000000 for Mahomet 150000
000 for Confucius 120000000 and
for Mithra 50000000 So that there
still remains much missionary workt
to bo done
History repeats itself especially
rrcRgiohB history Take for example
rtlic lccoHHitsv6f ChrisUa and Christ
me1firhfettratcesstiiita 1J bra j
I lion It ii said of Chrishna that his
bitth was foretold that ho was an
incarnate god that his mother was
a virgin that he had an adopted
father who was a carpenter that
earth and in
there was rejoicing on
heaven on his birth that his moth
s name was Main that he was
born on Dec 25th was visited by
wise men and shepherds who were
led by a star was warned byan
angel of danger that all children were
ordered to be destroped in order to
include him that his parents fled to
Mathura that he had n forerunner
that ho was wise In his childhood
was lost and searched for by his par
ts had other brothers retired to
solitude fasted preached a note
worthy sermon was entitled Savior
nnd UctUemer existed prior lo his 4
birth and on earth and in heaven at
both human and
the same time was
divine worked miracles read
thoughts ejected devils j had apoa
lles reformed the existing religion
was poor was conspired against
denounced riches was meek un
uiarricd and chaste merciful asso
ciated with sinners and was rebuked
for it befriended a widow met a
woman nt a well submittcj to in
sults and injuries was a philanthro
pist had a last supper was cruel
fied between two thieves darkness
supervened ho descended to hell
was resurrected and after three days
sort l by many people I And all this
1200 B CI 9i
With regard lo propheecy we lave
the coining to earth foretold of oth
ers besides Cfirislina and Christ as
for example ChangTi Osiris Cad
mus Quirinus Quexalcote and Ma
homet and Messianic prophecies are
to be found in the Vedas the Chi
nese sacred books and in Mime of
Egypt Greece Rome Mexico Arab
ia and Persia There are also many
other If odious comparisons Osiris
is spoken of as having bruised tho
serpents head after it had bitten his
heel Hercules is represented with his
heel on n serpents head Christina is
pictured nnd sculptured in the same
way amid Persia has tho same oM
It Plllt Miraculous conceptions Jte
recorded of Plato who was said to
lo n son of Apollo of Zoroaster of
Mars and Vulcan of Quexalcote of
Suchiquctqual of Yu of Appolonius
of Buddha of Mahamaya of Christ
ndof Ynsuva and incideutaUy for
Of virgin mothers we tiara Yasc
dn the mothtr of Chrishna Maia of
Sakla Cclcstinc of Zulis Chimalcon
of Quexalcoto Semelc of Bacchus
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