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F 0 it
Continued from pain one 1
Prudenco of Hercules Alcnieno of I
Alcides Sbingmon of Yu Mayoncc n
of IIcsus and Mary of Jesus whoh
i oaHo behind again Angels sheps
° herds and Magi visited Confucius ti
Qhrishna Sakia Mithra Pythagoras nt
Zoroaster and Jesus Again Dect
25th is the birthday given for Unctl
chus Adonis Chrishna Changti 0
Chris of Chaldca Mithra Solda u
and the inevitable Jesus Of In
fants threatened rulers Ionl
by hostile wo
have Chrishna Osiris Zoroaster AIt1
g chItS Yu Kama Indra Bacchus H
Houiulus Salvahana and our dear fi
friend Jesus Of thoso who 110b
scended into hell and wwe resurrect
ed after three days limy bo named a
Quexalcole Chrishna Quirinus Pro 11
metheus Osiris Atys Milhra Chris as
and followmyIeadr a Jwusl Wotl
traco tho Trinity in Hrahmanism Zo c
roastrianism and ° tho religions ofSl
I Chaldca China Mexico and Greece 0
And then the ceremony of tho Eu p
charist was observed by tho Essones I
Persians Pythagoreans and Gnostics I
ra who used as elements bread and waster at
ter It was also taught by tho Brali the
mans and Mexicans which unpleas tI
ant little juincidcnco so greatly an w
noyed St Justin that he remarked 01
o And this very solemnity an evil 01
2 spirit introduced into the mysteries
of Mithra Such is tho Christian iiP
explanation but there will bo those II
who will declare that all these little nl
fairy tales have a common origin the
Well iffitjht St Augustine remark Iio1
that This in our day is tho Chr Jtr
ian religion not nA having been unn
known in former times but as re III
cent having received that name II II I
and Eusebiua tells us that Tho re JIll
ligion of Jesus Christ is neither new W1
nor strnngewi
We rwjwctfully submit that there ml
exists not a particle of evidence toU
prove that Jesus Christ of tho Four w1
Gospels ever lived The nearest ap woll
proach anything of tho kind is tho
Tacitus passage in which Christ is W
mentioned as baring been put to
death Hut be it known unto you
my brethren the celebrated passage BI
was never seen by mortal man until
the Fifteenth Century Tho Rev
Robert Taylor informs us Diegwj
that the first publication of any
port of tho annals of Tacitus was by
Johanno do Spire at Venice in tho
year 1108 his imprint being made
ofrom a single manuscript in his own m
IIOttrllndpossCAsfo O fly and pur to
porting to have been written in the
eighth century From this manu for
script which none but the most III
learned would know of none but the tli
most curious would investigate and tr
none but tho most interested would not
transcribe or would bo allowed to C
transcribe and that too in an ago ai
and country when and where to have it
suggested but a doubt against tho Ii
authenticity of any document which tc
the authorities had once chosen to it
adopt as evidence of Christianity jl
would have subjected tho conscien w
tious skeptic to tho fagot from this so
all other manuscripts and printed lone
copies of tho works of Tacitus are
J 5jived Taylor considers this pass do
ago to vbo one of tho numerous forg 4
h Dries ot which Christian hands have I p
boon guilty to example tho passage fl
0 in Joscphus when Jesus is referred
to admitted on I fi ands to bo a 1
forgery und which as such has boen IT
given up by every scholar of noto ha
tho church jxissesscs It was also
rejected by Ittigus IMondell Lo
Cloro Vandalo Bishop Warburton
and Tanaquil lnborI Likewise tho fi
0 great Ur Lardnor ftlt was first men I
tioned by Euscbius who probably n
forged it himself Gibbon says of it il
o Tie passage concerning Jesus a
Christ wliich was inserted into the I
text of Josophus between the tine of
Origen and that of Eusebius may
furnish an example of no vulgar for
gory And hero we may ask if
there existed undeniable evidence 11
that Christ ever lived where was tho J
need and what was the object of such c
+ forgeries T It is pretty clear that I
there was no evidence and that tho c
Christians thought it about time that
they manufactured a sample or two 1
Daillc on the Use of the aths
ers remarks This opinion has I
always been in tho world that to I
settle a certain and assured estima t
tion upon that which is good and true J
it is necessary to remove out of the
way whatever may bo an hindrance r
to it Neither ought we to wonder I
that oven thoso of honest innocent I
primitive times made use of these
deceits seeing for a good end they
made no scruple to forgo whole
books 15 1 c 3 I
And all the testimony against j
r Christianity was destroyed Por I
phry wrote no less than thirty vol I
umes criticising it and Iheao by i
Christian ordors were it burnt I
Comes tho question Why r Why
brethren why Because theso books I
would doubtless lava shed too i
strong a light on the subject and as
Bishop Burnet not Burnit In
Too much light is hurtful to weak 1
eyes So so Biohup so sol But 1
the Christian perorated c worse in
fnmy than burning these books
They attributed to Porphry thin tb
which ho never did write and then
proceeded to nn wv > r Hid very weak
arguments which they themselves 1
had invented for thin purpose 0 h
showing the reasoning against Chris
tianity to bo insignificant Therefore
Taylor says They attributed
their own vile trash to him Thun
they forged all tho testimony in favor
of Christianity and burnt all tho 1
evidence against it And when they
became powerful enough they not
only burnt tho books but their au
thors also They read their blessed
Scriptures by tho light of the bon
fires they made of their opponents
books Hut wo must draw our remarks to
close We have not gone into this
interesting subject as exhaustively
wo should have liked and as it
deserves but with the end in view of s
cramming as much material ax pOS
siblo into the very limited space jit
our disposal for Verily brethren
printers bills Ire a mighty burden
and we arc not n Rockefeller or n
Morgan neither have we that leisure
our command which is enjoyed by
clergy whoso occupation omftloyu
their talents only one day in sefl JJ J
whilst we are compelled to spend tho i
other six days uncongenially getting
our talents together But if thelcoewlehl
foregoing pages we have iiicoeodell
exposing ° view the fraud and do
deeeit with which Christian history
abounds And Din asisting to dispel
notion that such a mythical per
winnjfo as the Christ of the Four
Gospels over existed we nhnll have
achieved our object We have fur din
nished a inogazlrtf of information t h
upon the subject which no priest or 110
parson ill ever likely to disclose al that
ways allowing him to be acquainted nC
with it for though thn oWffey talk thug
much of Revelation with a capital 811
these ho tho kind of revelation ri
which they like not Brethren faro Jt
Besides Some Things We Know J
With Others We Dont Know few
And Still Some We Dont Wish to 111
Know o W1
By Joel M Berry nru
There is no danger in knowing too 10
much truth u danger iji In trying
believe toohrTiiciT THAT fit nfil trUd pi
The great trouble with tho people In
tho last two thousand yean at hind
least has been in trying to make I bail
tliomsolvm believe in something tho Sl1
truth of which they do pot or onn III
possibly know anything about II
Consequently they have ucgkotetl this I
aims and object of this life and made JI
miserable by trying to live two III
lives at once They have mixed up I >
too much Jesus in this life to make
worth living Jesus tails them that III
is nuothur world 04
just up above us
whore he and Ood reside that it is
much more bountiful then this tI
one that the streets are jxxved with Sf
gold and that all theywill have toU
will bo to sing praises to tho Lord U
And strange to Hay some of the It
Hxple at leant have been wnnd jr U
fully deluded through His teachings
It is stated that the Lord will send h
strange delusions upon the people to w
make them believe lie So we think tt
fulfilled0 his promise faithfully JI
when lie sent Jesus here to delude
and deceive tho people Jesus him f
self says lIe was Kent just on a mis II
sion 1f thnt kind Think not that h
come to send pence Jn earth 0 h
no 1 came to set He people to fight II
bngI come not toOItI j > eaco bata I
sword Tho people however are 0
so deluded that they wont b ljcvc
Him when Ho tells them this Bat 1
when ho info nts them if theyI
dont believe tlismywill surely can
damned theywill swallow that Ii
down all at one mouthful So when n
Jesus tellt them all about tho life to +
coma and the good thing tllIlgIIc j
has in store for thom it sets them t
° 0
crazy But listen I Jesus asks them on one
occasion at least Whom do men i
say that I the Son of Man anal t
Did you over hear of n more sillor
more contradictory question asked I
than thatt flue truth is this Ifc
Jesus was tho son of man ns he
says then ho was not the Son of Clod 11
and knew no more about another life
or world than any other man But s
hero is where tho trouble comes in t
It is claimed for Jesus that Ho comes 1
on the stage of action under lime t
guise ofa mysterious or miraculous t
birth something n little different I
from other men But in turning to t
our looks > wo find that nothing mys C
terious or miraculous ever line or can c
happen under the inviolable laws of I
nature So we conclude that either t
Jesus deludes the K oplo or else tho
people delude themselves in listen
hog to his teachings
Again the question is asked If
n man die shall ho livo again and I
the question is promptly answered
thus The living know that they shall
= = = = =
+ + + 4 + + eI + +
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a 0
of °
N x + + + + + + + + + s + 40
> but tho dead know nut any
thing HilL no they arc willing to o
believe that for Jesus tolls tlujn
they will know ton times mare
nftef thirty are dood than owlme
uro iviug Just lingo tie
stnter wf up a little with tho It i L
riout and they will Ooh 00 IIdel
JlIttlUIli lint tint theme a 1111wi
seieestile ° troth to decide son njul
they will pelt the wrong string er t y
tip9 There i8a sect in this ° enHoqy
Jeers ami were qwito fmmenmg a
yean ago but tooa y they duq t
nimmnt to lunok Uity have Inooit Ut
wood ert II disoodrngiHl over te I
Jams hail trmt + l tltetn ajd
HOW lookiHg out for IWlilctiU g
ballot hut why tlwy should wish p 11ft
love follow mud worship a IUIH w GI
ny that He oanma not to Jrtlr
p4ae1r T1 Skertlaw9 h t
won Mnniso for even in case Jesus
been in faith nod
> e n acting good nodIt
bwni IwHostly sent to seek YIlIIt
Save tlw last it would not bo ollrI
prorinro to look after and enro for of
Miui hut it would be ills duly toi
look after and ogre fur no Sons
JitHNS has nvrur yet lmirneol np Drr
shown brow lr in our ease ww rest
erfiotly oootwit LOOt Ws 8 rrie 8It
not neodetl but in OHM deer nrn lit
niwst call on Itll fits t awl give an j e
count of IIhM661t
Now 18 to knowing nil alnmt n j H
taro life in advance wo wish to
any this Ko our purl wo wouIA a
lliuwiHiiid to ono rather not kii w lh
thau to know A nd it would Itlw
hoist ton tliounaud timua hotter lir tu
tho people of this work had U y
Dover had such silly Idiotic i h
hugs sot bofor thorn It is tie
wftrjy over snail fool nntnilh ul
toncihiugs lost keeps our prisons stud
lunatio asyliniM Hooded all the t on
0Jcsus said If I be lifted ip
film the north I iIlmw all non if
unto me Yes Ho will draw tll to
by tolling thoin Hint in ease Ingy
bate their father nUll nether brotor
mid sister wife and eblldruu anti
plneo thoir affections on Him lit > jill
oln s them as one of Ills digoipt8
walltOnn with
Wo dont want nny dlsciploshlp
Jesti on any suoh leans A that
Tho truth is this Nolthor Tosug i or
ally iHior living man over has b on
lifted nit he says out of this wt Id
alive and set down In another lor
would bo cheating Valnre out of Irtill
just deserts and thai is somctl ng
that has never yt been done ior
over will ho done
And finally after the oxcitcn > nt I
is all over ° Josns oxotoIlJni
them a few parting words and sus II
If any man hear my words and IO
liovo not I judge him notfct II
fcnmo not to judge the world butt to
save tho world John 3247 11 by 1
did Ho not tell them this in tho be I
ginning of His avorkT It would live
saved n vast amount of lies bt ng
taiti He now says that a man an
believe Him or not ho is not gi > Igfill
to judgo him but nave him Tim is
tho way to tell it lIdevery Haul IMV
lievo what ho pleaser FO long as he
dont believe too inuct JORUR mine his
nbnnoes for another world or ny
other plnco are just ns good ns ito
had spent n lifetime singing I itfo
to the Lord
Tis strange that whilst Christ its
IfeonRider that murderer lire not II to
jve with decent folk on onrth t my
are quite pod enough to mix witl jlho
gory saints tu glory
Hy Jool M Hurry
Tdo above eapliun hiused by tho 01
A TimuM ovor n 1I1lftlilll dispatch rat
Ufltad Spring eld Map June 3rd nn
wliiel 1Iu1 118 follows
o tKi
Tim rvwiHtRsibirlty for the earth of
quake dKaurier rests largiJy tivin time
viotinw ItiaimiolvtM awl not UJMIU Al
kiglily dud for whom no ajnilugy is
needed in tliu rotUHlnbout wtlyof
attributing this 8l8i iiileuB onlamity
the in erHt blo workings of thyme
Such wins the deoJuation of the
llov 11 M Crawford ki the pulpit It
Onto Methodist Clmroh tonight at
Ifufumtjt la Utu d ra taU > l earth
quake ection Rv jlr Crawford Ul
aft Meu irerel and live lucre at
risk of their lives they knou
diuiger sal nswjuio it If men
persist in building Uw on tho stopou
C volcanoes or in uarthiiuaku see c
lions why should they ujKiol tho
Crtwlor to ruarraBge nil Ills laws
fur their bsauAtI If OWN hiiiW
cities iu kiiuwn danger sauce they
imwi Iw hold f88I1lltlihlo for the ro
IL of their rashness
Now we wish to have mir say If
rainUtwB Mrai t in lulling HIM about
their KJod why should they expect
Jod to ronrrungu Hit laws and send
thorn to IIWIVUH iiHtund of hun I His
Itible toUt him that no liar ever gets h
hooves Why Klionld Mr Craw
ford jwreist in shifting Iho blnmo of
thr awful disaster upon the poor in a
nwoent man when his Hiblo tells
him in plait language Shall litre
be evil in a city and tho lewd hath
nut done ill SItU Amos 30
Which do you proposo to believe
oithor tlio lord or Mr Craw
ford This l < onl says in plain
UrniM that Ho is tho author of all
such work an that but Mr Crnw
font fooling just a littlo bit ashamtsl I
uf a Cod tlmt would be guilty of a
trirk0lik that trios to put the blnmo
UJKIII tho man
Ministera ns n rule are keeping
wry quiet just now ovor tho great
earthquake disaster Wo cant bo
Itliuu them for like the Hov Jf r
Crnwfortl will toll ovorything but
till duds truth about Nnail vKse
heir iguonuioe of iiatunil laws
Tho trick of laying the blame on
on those who sulToreil as an ox oil so
for the nonintorfiirunm < if Provi
lIIIlIeo is juiro sophistry If 1rovid
once errant fca trustinl to cnro for
hiuWII III this ltfvhnt assurance
0hlle w that ho will provide n hello
von of happiness for hit faithful
OliO in n life to come
0Tho lesson this great calamity
Igtenclils us is this Thero is no stud
thing as nn Almighty and All Hturci
ful Being wntchingovor tho lives of
men even of His most devoted sere
nntscthere is no such thing ns a
Providential Clod suHrintending the
phenomena of Nut tire
August 3031 September 12
boned trip tickets via tho Quocn
S Crescent Brute will bo sold Aug
iO 31 Sept 1 and 2nd good return
ing until September 3 1910 Itound
trip rnto from Lexington to Somer
set Ky for this occasion is 260
The hlllor the aged negro found
Sunday sotith of the pity on Man
Chester road near several vhicLrii
rotiflhos was buriiil unidentitleil after I
mvostigutionThe I
The body which was badly decom
POIIlI was found by Win Schmidt 1
210 ManolKAtcr mall while hunt
ing Daath hind evidently been i
CRIISCK by sliootin f as tho body was
punetnriNl in several places with large t
shot It is presumed by tlit coroner that
the negro was a chicken thief whoI
was shot at several times by resid
oats of Manchester road district and
who disappeared several week ago I
is thought that the negro was hotI
that time and crawled into tho
brush to hide 1orterHoborts handled
flue lady after tho refusal of Orr
Kdwanls to take tho case at tho cor
iiuorV artier Tho doeedont wore a
nICk coat A hymn book and silk
hat were nonrhIII Angela He
CUR it bo raid tint the Christian
Skypilote tmd I vild > dgi ni now in
rlto oJlpcitioll at t Ito cnncluition of
their sermons f
No nnwHiiiaoinont has been made
that the ArolifiUhop of Canterbury
tins rofnsod to ooiitiiiiio receiving
SflOOO n year for pronohing Hlosed
bt ye poor I
Us said lint the brain of the
avtrngw Christina evidence man an
only tit to bo boiled down Into bill I
stickers paste
It will bo obsonvil t limit parsons
imltnto Jesus in one rosKdt lie rode
iiHin doiikoys and they do the same
Is it true that tho rich ml bloom
on thn average parsons nose is
brought about by indigestion and
not by0boo7of
It is tfoniutiiiitt said that Christian
parsons pi + efur mansions on earth to
these in IleulvonIo 9
makes you cheerful and
thoughtful It U a iif rtonul
department In tlm Wit 1Ft
UKLJKKllmt grow on you
with tnurcit far what lull
tato gay next
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lal running In the WJIKKb
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A monthly periodical It dtali with
OKtUIMH the orlitn of Jlarragf ot Kthlci
of KellKlonotllrotbf rliood of the belief In
Immortality IttreaUliroadljrof Ixive ot
Human InitlncU and ideal It takee
tie whole WheeloflJfe treating all ubjcctn
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