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Dk. Juxod, a celebrated SwiMflwoalwriter, ,
kiead. ., !
The Conrepional Apportionment measure
is now law.
- The widow of Daniel Webater died" at
N. Y., February 26.
An Irish informer named Bailey waa ahot i
dead in the streets of Dublin.
A Djoiocrat has been (selected to (succeed the ,
late Mr. Wagner In the New York Senate
At Washington the Grand Jury have indicted
A. 0. Boteldo for the murder of hk brother.
A CAN of nitre-glycerine, while being taken
from a wagon at Bolivia, &. Y., exploded,
killing two men.
Edwjuu) C. Urneb, brother of the President
of the Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati,
by shooting.
Thx report comes from Yienna that by an
explosion in a coal mine at Leoben, Styria, 150
persons were Wiled.
The Utah Legislature has adopted a memorial
to Congress, giving the Mormon side of
the polygamy question.
The Secretary of War, the past week, ordered
100,000 rations sent to St: Louis, .for distribution
among flood sufferers.
A Memphis doctor fired at a supposed burglar
and fatally injured a colored nurse girl who
had occasion to get up during the night : .
Chjls. A. Reade, of Newton, Mase., must
have been a rather eccentric individuaL Ho,
left f 50,000 by will to help pay off the war debt
These is & report that the Czar lias become
so discouraged over the condition of Russia
that he intends abdicating after bis coronation.
. . ' ..'
Beevzozs in honor of the memory of '.President
Garfield were held in Central Music Hall,
Chicago. Emory A. Storrs delivered the oration.
Txk Coinage Committee of the House has
reported a bill authorizing the coinage of silver
dollars, and fractions thereof, on tfee metric
Fbssesxce Ehxebs, his wife and three child-ten,
of Milwaukee, are fatally afflicted with
trichina, caused by eating pork not sufficiently
cooked. .
Report of a clyclono comes from .Texas, one
town being nearly completely destroyed: Several
persona were hurt, but the loss of life is
Hot great
In sktbxishes with, the insurgents in Herzegovina
since the lGth of February, the
lost 100 killed aad wounded, including
ten officers.
Mbs. Sabam Tay&c, -sixty years of age, has
been: convicted at Lebanon, )n of burglary,
having committed several such crimes, one
thirteen years ago.
A freight car loaded with bricks was wrecked
near Joliet, Illinois, in which ten tramps were
stealing & ride. Two of them were killed and
the others badly hurt
Ten Nihilist prisoners, including one woman,
have been sentenced ito death at St Petersburg,
The remainder were sentenced to various
terms of penal servitude.
Emkt persons, -Including 'the Manager of the
Bing Theater, and-city officials of Yienna, have
been indicted for contributing by their negligence
to the recent tfire calamity.
fe M stated that 'there are three firms in
Easton, Pa, engaged in! making "mineral
pulp" out of -a HBoapy sort of stone for use in
the adulterationof -sugar and flour.
A tho Richmond and Allegheny
Railroad was ditched by a land-slide and
thrown into a river. The paymaster's clerk was
killed and five other persons injured.
BouracAii committees of all parties in California
axe organizing for the purpose of making
-a .grand demonstration in favor of the Anti-Chinese
bill how pending in Congress.
Lieutenant Danenhoweb has been forbidden
to start for St Petersburg until the
weather gets warmer. The others of the
Jeannette survivors will start without him.
Land Walsh has discovered
and thwarted a scheme on the part of Wisconsin
and Michigan lumber and mill men to acquire
several anillions acres of pine land in
Eastern Texas.
" C. . Lanstno, .a prominent attorney of
Eureka, Rev, shot: and instantly killed his wife.
The ball passed through her brain. After
committing Ihe 'deed Lansing walked to the
jail -and surrendered himself.
A Berlin dispatch says : " Prince Orloff , the
Russian Embassador, has assured Bismarck
that the Czar is greatly offended atSkobeleffg
attitude dn Paris." In consequence, General
Skobeleff (has been ordered into retirement
ExGovexnok 'Baxjceb, .of Illinois, denies
emphatically that he has received from S. J.
Tilden-a letter stating that ho wquld be a Presidential
-candidate in 1884 if Governor Palmer
would le .candidate on the same ticket for
Yioe President.
The Senators from the Pacific Coast are urging
the .early passage of the Chinese bill.
Meantime ithe Chinese are landing at San Francisco
at the rate of 1,000 to 1,500 daily, and the
people of the coast are considerably worked Up
over the matter,
EKur oae aaorriing rfche past week the build
ing occupied byCraft, Holmes & Co., St Louis
fell dn with a -crash and became a mass of ruins.
There weue -about $-70,000 worth of goods
buried. The building was insured for 130,'poOj
and was finished in January. '-
A Ohsoak Judge decides, ithat a promissory
nqteginaMn seitleih&$afr
tioa trades icanqtiejjllflgjed, inasmuch a
the traraaotaonas alletraL &nd -neither-more no:
St OLouTOnrtis ren
dered decision .directly opposite in effect
Mas. Soovtllb, at seems; .is shaking every endeavor
to bring herself into prominence. She
wrote a very pathetic letter to Mrs. Garfield
pleading for the life of her brother, Guiteau,
and the other day -she again broke forth in a,
letter protesting .against the confirmation
of Oonkling.
A BEsocxrasoa? declaring void -the election of
Davitt passed the House of .Commons 208 to
20. Mr, Cowan gave, notice would
move An address to the Queen praying, in view
of the arrest, rearrest, and subsequent return;
of Davitt to Parliament, that a free .pardon be
granted him.
In Oorvell -County, Texas, a mdb took from
the arresting officers and lyacbed .ajwig mkn
auspected of the
victim gathered aad demanded the arrest of
the lyncheca, or t&ey would tak. the j fcw in
their own hand. The Sheriff has arrested
, some of then and is out after the others.
The wholesale dry -goods firm of Meaken
Bros., of Memphis, have aaade an asgigncoent
for the beaeftt of creditors. Their liabilities
are estimated at half a Million dollars, and
their aseeta are expected to reach about the
same figures. Stringency of the New York
money market is assigned as the cause of the
At Etna, Pennsylvania, while William
Becker and a man unknown, were disputing in
regard to some work, a German named George
Wolff, who was intoxicated, attempted to war-
fere, tut the parties refused to notice him,
when he became enraged and deliberately
stabbed Becker to the heart, killing him instantly.
He was arrested. jx
Daniel Dsawbauok, of Harrisburg, Pa.,
whose ciaimto have been the original inventor,
of the telephono is in ths Courts "
has declared his ability and intention to so re-
duce the cost of telephone sejytcS (his Instruments
being very sipif ft J inexpensive), thai
it promiji J5 Mjome a formidable competitor
oTlne postal service of thr country. ) :
. .. " .
A pabbenoeb tram was wrecked on the .
j ftu: t.:i. J .... n.a.v:
tuuro uiu jiuj i.uuuu&u uciu
Ya., resulting in the death of the engineer,
John Gigly, "and iireman, 'J6h&Brewer, bdtK kk '
Graf ton, W. Ya. Kie engine, been
thrown from the track, byi stone which had
slipped from the side of .a cut, rattrintothb
store of George W. James, Setting Sxh1 fire, by
which the whole thing, together with the entire
train except the Bleeper was consumed1 . ! ;
Boscoe OoNKiiiNo's nominalion'to be an As
sociate Jnstioo of the Supreme rCput of the
United States vice Ward Hunt, retired, was
confirmed in the executive session of-' the Sen-
ate March. 2. The vote oh the; TOotron',to .cp;n- .
firm Was 89 yeas to 12 nays. Thb confirmation
was subsebuently made unanimous 'ir& forma.
It is said that the twelYeinegative votes were
cast by Hoar, Dawes, Morrill and Hawiey,
and eight Democrats, whpB faamea
are variously given. In all the lists the names
Bayard, Hampton, Jones, Jackson and George
appear. A number of Senators, were paired.
Jesse Richardson, a colored Tjoy attending
school at Cincinnati, during recess received a
musket from a boy named Phillips which he was
to deliver to an absent comrade; Putting the
gun to hur shoulder, with'tKifremaris, "Oh,
hpw could pick a duck with this," fcegan to
point it at different pupils. Gttpg.b$dej: he
cocked the weapon, and then began 'to "draw
bead" on different ones, when finally, 'with a
loud report, it was diacharged James
Pleasant,, aged fifteen, ground, one ,
side of his head being Tho
Coronor decided the shooting waaaooidentai.
-Miss" Mahy Ann Hraafc HfcIitHo lady of
German birth, residing at Jeffersonville, d.(
a.few months-ago became convincedf that
watetoigbpd to eijiuad;Bpljghtome
one to kill her so she could go home to heaven
where she belonged. She pled with a number
of personsobrherwitha;hatch.e.)but it
seemed no one would do it, and she was finally
placed in an asylum. Persistent iQ. her effort
to die, on January 11 she began a f ast .which
shadeclared she would keep up Tintil Tlieved
by death. A dispatch of March 2says : " Miss
Herman passed her fiftieth day of Taat to-day.
No strategem induces her to take f Qod.v Her
extremities are dark-hued. denoting mortifica
tion. No pulse peroeptible. Circulationrieariy
The particulars of a most heartless case of
drowning comes from EsteUviUeirniaa Mrs.
Tickers and her ttsree children,, while-attempting
to cross Bear Creek on horseback, were
thrownjinto the water, the. animal misBing his
footing and stumbling. The -woman and her
little ones the eldest not ten and the youngest
a child at the breast were precipitated
into the swift current. A man niiaad John
Tugaje with two other mei4 'Tnpbd on
the banks and watched the dasperate.itruggleaf
Of the poor woman and her 'children'to save"
themselves. One of. them, lees heart Jess than.
thMthers, manifested a disposition to attempt
to .aave them. Tugate, however, would not
permit him nor any ofr the others to put forth
a hand to. Bav.e.them, lint -forced them4 stand
by and witness? their .Btrugglesifcx get out of the
water. The cries of the woman 'finally reached,
the ears of a man at work in a field near by,;
who in response came to her assistance
to save the woman and hertwo oldest children.
The infant had been swept down the stream
and drowned before theimancould plunge in,
and save it. The explanation of Tugate's
heartless refusal to assist tthe woman, is that
her husband a few years ago murdered his
brother, and subsequently suffeiedforihig crime
upon the gallows.
DestructM on the Lower Hffssrs&ippl
A dispatch from Memphis, Tenn., tinder date
of March 1, sayst "A hurricane of wind and
rain last Monday night destroyed the last hope
of holding the water at bay between Helena,
Arkansas, and' Arkansas 'City, a distance of
three hundred xnileev It was red-letter day in
the history of. ihe. river and in the log of the
steamer pe&rOAdams, which was transformed
into a boat ..About twenty
breaks occurred in the levee at about
the same hour 4 o'clock Tuesday
morning, the principal ones At -Carson's,
Eiverton. and Bolivar. ;At Biverton the
scene was appalling. The town is directly
lebihd theIevee, which broke Tor a distance
of twohunred miles. Directly in front of the
town the watfer poured through the crevasses
like a cataract and swept everything befpro
it. The landing-keeper, Ben. Haines, waa
drowned, rand also two negro children. Brick:
chimneys were whirled around like tops, and
several houses set on end. The people ran oufu
in their night clothes, and while some climbed
trees others perched upon logs onthe roofs Of
their houses. There were only two "boats in
the place, and but for the arrival of the
Adams, many Biust have drowned before ..
they could have been taken "from
then places of temporary refuge. The
breaks affect the whole of Bolivar,
and Issaquena; the richest cotton counties
in the State of Mississippi. It is impossible
nowpo estimate. the. danger, 4Aouga.it wuiDe
grenti Tha levee w studded. with livejatcck.
starve "unless- relief comes. 'The
' damage to tne levee will exceed eioo. uoo: tub
JWrvart Jm&fa& ite
"rrVxNDwnrENa', March 2. iis the aueen was
dellberatelyflred apiatol' at her.
The man, who was a miserable looking object
was immediately seized, by raeverqi policemen
and taEenHomdscwPoliooStati6h. No one
was hurt. The man gives bis name as Roderick
MacLean.' He was with difficulty resoued from
the crowd. The Queen drove off to the castle
immediately after she was fired at.
Another dispatch say: There was a large
crowd qf spectators awaiting tbjo'fepfen's
at" Windsor. The fcueen walked Across
the platform, of Jhe, railway taUon to the carriage,
JohnBrowhd;lreadiraSoendoo1 toS'lhe
: seat bfthmdHhe carriage when a man, standing
"at the eap(e.tothejiUtwayar4;pns?ibe
ptatoW,' pointed a pistol at the carnage and
fired. pisioi was
Tint-, hn&vilr loaded. The Queen, who was
IJprobablytiot aware-what had faappenodwks
1 'lUUnUUViy UfXTUU I W? yAKIW,illUi trciUlO
islie " passed "the man had been seized by the
Superintendent of the borough police, who was1
standing near by. He was also violently seized
by the crowd, and only resoued when three or
four policemen came tohe Superintendent'
assistance . The pistol was captured by one of
the crowd. MacLean, who was miserably clad,
was takret.into High Street ' and tksnea conveyed
to the police station in a cab.
In the Commons; Harcourt," replying to an
inquiry from Nbrtheote, stated that the man
MacLean, who shot at the Queen, was a clerk,
and a native of London. He added thai "the.
Qaeen was not alatmed at the event. No
ballet marks were found on the Queen's carriage.
MacLean years old. He pfaatea
that- 3i is a grocer vassbtaaL " The dbctba
pronoance him no. The Tolver tsi'dkL!six4
chtShtrJGolvi AuMricaS male. m 3sro
chankberiiwere found loaded and- two
Fourteen ball- cartridken wire
founJijen the.prigqner. Xaclan sayshnQjcer U4
actuated Cabinet-
patch to Windsor expressing gratification at ,
the failure, of thft attempted assassinationr j
TbUuS cS oisBhe
Garfield in the House of Representatives,
February 27, was the occajrttaf or the assemblage
concourle. of thinatiaioi.promiueht I to
lzi" ? ". -,. . -.-- --'. -, saRsact
.-... - - i ... . ,BmKr. '
to the Capitol was reiusea ro ail save mempera i
rM the itwoiiouses of; Congress andthen
olovfiBt bntJ.afctbaWii3r.ihe doors were throwri
open to persons-holding tickets, .... and soon . the .
ealleries of the- House- werd filled to their t
" ' '-" .. " .
utmost '. capaciiry,, A. '. lrge;: majority .of 11. ;
spectators were ladies, who, out of respect to
the occasion,, had for the; most: part discarded
bright, colorSj.and somber black-was the pre-
vailing iiue. xnere irurw uu t,MP y i iqi
ing in the hall. The full length portrait of (
the late president yr& hnng ;just back of ihe
chairs of the' presiding officers, being itself
nndraped. The' members' of the Hbusewere
early in attendance, all being arrayed in black.
In the lobby, back of the Speaker's; desk,
the Marine Band was stationed, and atinter
from 10 o'clock until noon, discoursed
solemn mtisio. AmoUg the distinguished
guests first to arrive were Judge Bancroft,
Cyrus W. Field, and Admiral
Warden, who took seats direotly in front of
the Clerk's desk Among the guests who.
al ah early horn- occupied seats upon the
floor were General .Schenck and Generals
Hoyt, of Pennsylvania, and Bigelow, of Connecticut:
Gov. Foster, of Ohio and Hamilton,
of Maryland. At 11-30 .o'clock Gens. Sherman,
Sheridan, Hancock, Howard and Meigs,
and Admirals. AmmBu, Bqgers and;R6dgers ea-
tered and were.assigned seats to the left of the
Sneaker's de&k. -and a faw momantA latAnmAm.
bers'of the Diplomatic Corps in full regalia
werensnerea mf neaaeaoytne nawauan. Minister
as Dean of the corps. Their brilliant
only served to throw into stroncrer relief
the dark attire of members of Congress who
eat iiuuieuiiiiiy uouinu uiem. , 4.ne ouprene
Court of ..the Distriifc: headed by Mirshal
Henry, .rerpthe.next arrivals. Dn .BJJsp was
also in attendance.
At precisely. 12 o'clock the House was called
to1 ord6r 3y Speaket Keif er, .and prayer was
offered by the, chaplain. The Speaker then i
Bftid.? "This day hasrbeen .dedicated.' -by , the,
action of the two houses of Congress to services
in commemoration of the life and death
of James Abram Garfield, late President of the
United States.' This House is now assembled
and ready to-perform itsipart." r; ri.
The resolutions setting .apart the day for
memorial services were then read by Clerk
McPherson. j : . . . !
At 12:10 the Senate was announced, and all
arose as the Senators, headed by the officers of
that body, entered and took the Assigned seats.
They were followed'by the Chief JuBticetand
,Associate Justices :of .the Suprenue -Court,
dressed in. theu:( ropes of office; Again the assembled
multitude' arose as the-'President of
the United States and announced.
They were accompanied by Senator
Sherman and Representative McKinley, Chairman
of the Committee of Arrangements. fThe
President took a front seat; on the right of the
presiding officer's phair.
'At 12-30, the Orator of the day, James G.
Blame, was announbed. The ceremonies then
opened by prayer by Chaplain Power, of the
House, after which President Davis said-: "This
jday is, dedicated by Congress for memorial
services to the late" President of ' tho1 United
States, James A. Garfield I present you Hon.
James G. Blaine, who haa been fitlv chosen as
orator tot this" historical 6ccaion."' "Mr. Blaine
then rose, and standing, at the. Clerk's desk,
immediately in.front of two presiding officers, -proceeded
with' great impressiveness of manner
and clearness of tone to deliver hi" eulogy from
manuscript. ; : . .i.
The President approved the apportionment
The decrease of the public debt for February
was 9,783,511.
The President supports the liberal movement
in Georgia.
A bill has been reported in the House for
the retirement of trade dollars.
One hundred and forty persons were discharged
from the Census Bureau Maroh 1.
Jno. C. New, of Indiana, has assumed the
.duties of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
. Geobge WxLiiUK CUBXI8, editor of Harper's
Weekly, addressed the Senate on Civil Service
Reform. . ;..:;;
; Fx-Gov. Spbaoue, of Rhode Island, opposed'
the confirmation of Conkling.- Mrs. Bcoville
also protested.
The Third Assistant Postmaster-General
signs, on an average, SOOwarranta a day of the
Postofiice Departments . 1'
The coinage executed at the mints' during
February were $9,049,870, of which $2,500,000
were standard dollars. !.-...
'A DEiixaiTioi f rcim the: Society of the Arniy
of ,the Cumberland acted as ushers; .at the Garfield
memorial services.
Tickets for the Garfield memorial exercises
sold at a high premium, in, some, instances
bringing -as high as $25.
The general impression; at Washington is
that Mr. Conkling's nomination will bo
nrmed and that he will accept
The bill proposing the enlargement of the
powers of the Agricultural Department will be
considered by the House on March 25.
Genebxii Rums Thoalls will be retired"
shortly, and Brevet Brigadier General Holabird
-will Quartermaster-General;
Ik, coksequekoe of the two highest officersof
thoGbvernment 'being
Keif er's wife is yielded precedence on all
Eionn oi ceremony in social circles.
" The trial of Sergeant Mason, 'who fired at
Guiteau. attracts, anite a. nnmbeir of visitors.
the most of wHbm ao ladle's, yho ajre. greatly J
i '4
. i
bill is disposed of. ?.-i
1 rjA .',' &iraipj:?GEiBrHsjnET' been- -M
niusnea Dy aiajor aeu. jrexiey
correspondent, and will be published in
Providence The Major is about as.voluminouB
" "
: '
a writer '
The woman suffragists " have gained another
concession from Congress in the adoption of a
resolution -by the Hoiise to appoint !a select
copimittee of niupthiembers, to which shal be
referred all matters pertaining to the extension
of suffrage to wotrien.
Ts?e. President a bill' to Con
gressto appropriafe $85,000 to pay thp expenses I
of observmg the transit of Venus next
ber. Tlie bjjl.lsp provides ior. tan appoint-'
raent of the Superinte.ndent of the; rlautjcal
Almatiac as a member of the k)mmis'sioh of
Observation. .: - f I
Te first.proof of the new five-cent postg
stamp, containing a vignette of General Gar
field, aud known as the Garfield stamp; and '
which, is intended as a present to Queen
from the American Bank-Note Company,
hag. reached Washington. It is an excellent
likeness,, and will be. oncloseg in s. magnificent
and costly frame or 'ebony",' with, matting . of
terlin silver and bordering of pure gold. It
will ;be transmitted to Queen Tictoria through
the State Department. There is a movement
on foot to have a duplicate f of Mri. Garfitld.
Mb. Csxklsm H. Dioksok, of Indiana, who
was -promoted to a 1,600 clerkship in the Indian
Office a few dayiagol lias written a letter
to Indian Commissioner Price, in which he
says : ' To me this is an evidence of yojthr; continued
ecteem aud confidence in my integrity
which! highly prize ; yet, in view o.f the fact
that I am charged with complicity in mail contract
matters; while feeling entirely innocent of
any of the charges made against me. I desire
to respectfully ask that such promotion ha h eld I
t TLi'i j.; ' r i.i t li ' I
in. aDCTance.uuui sneo. umo aa x biuui oe worr
oughly Timiicated.
,-A. - i -v;
- '
m ss m ".
A resolution was adopted requesting
Aff airatOlnquTreInto"
the expediency of giving more aid than is now
roviaecL'toxne araous mates ana xernconee, . . .
J V r. i
eucouranncnromocrTne orgamzauon oz
the military force of the country, and to
strengthen their efficiency, Mr. Bayrdoffered
reoniuon w euat luprmwijiw regw,
thepropoBed meaiauon Dy uie Unified States
Mtweenier3ohjiandr.ChilLr TttTfiate
narec?ennMaedAteT'dBflci& and
agreed to the proposed amendments -for the
suMst?uchd education al JQfU.iiicUaiii, aift
$&dj000 for necessary -expense, pf Garfield'a
kr fiurhside's funerals. The bills passed.
The tariff commission and Chinese bills were
. .
4 v liiin nTnn nn -n nn Tn r - nn "- r i n ft
wwauii m uuiuiiww """"!'
.I'rrhfvflftnato'tAok'nDthe.CmneBe nnmicration
bilL to parry into 'effect ihd treaty by j
ing the coming Chinese, laborers. for. twenty
years after sixty days succeeding the passage
ihq act. it aii.QWS tnem to. come auriug
these sixtv days, and those who were in the
country at that date (November 17, .1880,) to. -
go and come at pleasure, .xne mil ooe 6 not
apply to Chinese officials or their servants,, and '
also except, from suspension Chinese merchants
and travelers, who in coming and going
are; to . be. registered at the Custom
Houses, and are1 to produce passports
from the Chinese 'Government showing
that they individually belong to the excepted
classes. The time at which the treaty takes .
effect is optional with China or the United
States, and the preamble to the bill recites that
in the opinion of the United States the coming
of c endangers good order in
certain localities in its territory.." Mr. Groyer
wanted the words "Chinese laborers'' to include
skilled and unskilled. Mr. parley; '(dt
Cat), moved- ah amendment, prohibiting, the .
State and United States Courts hereafter from;
admitting Chinese to citizenship, and repealing'
all laws in conflict with this act. Thdfeill was
iaf ormally laid aside.
Mr Yoprheea delivered a speech urging the
necessity of better accommodations .for . the
library of Congress. Consideration, of the
Chinese bill was resumed, and Mr. Hoar spoke
':ginB'&th measure; asserting that'the right of
face of the earth he may get nu honest living,
without ihteiff erenoe by the Government, e&m i
iiuiu uiu bftiuu autnority sb .uw uuiuea xui
and the Sermoh oh tho Mount. Mr. Kellogg
introduced . a resolution, that the Committee :
upon Education and .Labor be iustr,ucted"to
when combined with revenues' derived from;
local taxation and income from local funds, be
sufficient to give all"childr6n, of whatever race '
or color, in. all States 'and Territories, .an opportunity-
to secure a srood common education.
Mr, Test, introduced & bill to prohibit the issue .
of Bank notes 'of currency by rtational Banks ,
tnat may bo organized or reorganized after the
1st of July, 1882. He hoped the .bill would nbt
to the tomb of the Capulets, but
wo.uld be reported fick either favorably or
unfavorably. "Bef erred.
The -Senate, ly' resolrftion, callodt -on
the Postmaster ' General; for a statement
of exoenditures during the year ending
June 30, 1881, for special mail facilities. ;
Mr. Conger made favorable report'
on the bill to add to the efficiency of .the lifer
saving service. The Chinese bill was taken up..
and defended by Messrs Grover, Farley and
noar. xae lawer was in iavor ox aanroang vs
citizenship all foreigners of good character and
intelligence who renounced the former
Mr. Parley' defended the people of Call-;
fornia from tho .charges of injustice toward the
Chinese. -
no use. , (.,,,
Mr. Belmont off ered a resolution respecting
the Peruvian .muddle, and Mr. Kasso'n offered
a substitute, which was accepted. The House
spent the rest of the sitting in Committee on
the Whole on tho private calendar,. and then
A resolution reported by Mr. Reed from the
Committee on Rules, for a select committee of
nine to consider the questions relating to
women's rights, waa adopted by a party vote
115 to 85. Consideration of ihe Postofiice appropriation
bill was resumed. Mr. Springer
offered an amendment, that there shall be no
more official stamps printed, but that all correspondence
on official business shall be transmitted
in penalty envelopes. Adopted. Mr.
Page moved to strike out of the clause appropriating
$500,000 for necessary and special
facilities on trunk lines the words "on trunk
lines," so as to leave it in the discretion of the
Postmaster General to secure special facilities
on any mail line. After some debate Mr. Page's
amendment was rejected without divisions.
Tho committee rose and reported the bill. Tho
amendment authorizing tho Postmaster-General,
in case of the sub-letting of a mail contract
on star rputes, to declare the original con
tract forfeited, and to enter into contract with
the sub-contractor, was agreed to yeas j.12,
nays 79. The bill then passed.,
A bill passed repealing discriminating duties
on tea and coffee, products of the Netherlands.
A bill by Mr. Young was introduced and referred
to establish a marin&hoflpit&l at Cincinnati.
Three reports from the Committeeon JJlections,
in reference-to the contest between Campbell '
arid Japnon, were submitted and laid on te
table for future action. Another resolution
frpm the same committee, relating to Mr. Ball,
of Alaska, was referred. The military appropriation
bill waa considered in Committee of
the Whole. Tarious miscellaneous business
xtm.pl trfngaeted.. inclndins the oaasaee of a i
Senate resolution '. tendering , . thanks to the , Hon. 1
James i. .Blaine xor ms address on uarneid.
Bills, were reported to provide for the
exchange qf -trade dollars for legal tender
dollarp, and to stop the coinage of trade dollar
referred to tho House ' calendar: also.
'(adversely) for retiring the trade, dollar-and fo?:
its recomage into tne standard dollar, ana tor
the redemption of fractional silver .
tabled;' to adbpta suitable metre to accurately
njieasure and testae :grity:anr
temperature of distilled. apdVm'alt liquors, , and'
irA maim nn OTtrnmflrvi.TiKnBiAr. nomn
. ... 0 .. .!i3
referred ,to committee
"rldff fen and "fliscinlinibcr
. !.n- r.m oV.ij?:r!OiC2iii ll
, mo mmua umwsu dmh.w roiurrcu ito
nftv5yfp61 e tho Tnnlan appr
90-.1 TVf ratdWftcSfeffa
'' y nnn j j. tnnt
OdOfrbm'tho estimates: lit lieu of appropri
ating, for interpreters tR aewW . a neretoiore,
they are provided for in gross, at $20,000, the
Becretary of the -Interior being -authorized to
employ and distribute them t his discretion,
and at salaries not exceeding $i0Q. per annum.-The)
number of agents. id to be reduced from'
sixty-seven to, sixty. The expellees, of ..the
CbmmiBsionof citizens serving without pay are
specified in detail. -
A letter from the pirectprjofUhe Mint' stated
that from March, 18.78, to Decemberi 1881 j, the-
aTerase'monthlv cost of silver -bullion pur
chased by thoqreaBury waa $2; 667,605, andthe
jayerage amount of coinage$2,299,S9L The
. Consular . and Diplomatic hill, ,
am r ia.4 ", ' ?- l JIl ," v" m
;at i,io,OdO, in itteof J
the wnole. 1 1 : i
Thebe. is-: a: yourig man traveling '
around in Eastenn Texas vnocinafciiig the
negroes tdth "bjeesirax ; He charges-" a
dollar -vac-, -represents hiinself as being
appointed by the United-States -Gov-
ernment, and tiireatens that dite penalties
aiyait , hose rho refuse to be operated
on. ' " J
. r .
Tee census of Paris shows an, increase
of population on that of 1676, when the
last census ;was taken,, of 237,100. The
total population of Paris is now
against i;9S'8,8Qp, 4ri87Cand
FubffckMi Sti
The following isftbeSublicebt statement for
the month of Ftiguaryj -T .Jrftu
Extended SixesM.................... wS "!'''
Extended Fives .-
rgoTmuMtxffxaita ....... TT
i irauus....Ma itfo,wj,iww
Navy pension fund 14,000,000
Total interest-bearing debt.. 11,534,325,600
Matured debt . - 10,037,SM
346,740,891 I
iXgjf&w - 11,550,000
ioltrndlver certificates 73,862,600
Fractional currency ., tr'sstseSSH
Total without interest $439,21968j.
Kfflz? Y
. . . .
- - -i.-.-- lt
oIH eaH4 1
ebt, less cash in ,3V,iw,ib9
Tprulfliifthtf'Febytwr.Uv..i.v... l - JWfiiU.
Decreafte.sincej.une. S0r 1S81 "'iSPA
: : ;f?VN$WABraTiES..;. ! $
Interest due and unpaid - ........., fl;408663
'tflif oHJmfefesvh'ifc easd.J..V.' '10,037,925
Interest v-1 611,120
U. S. notes held for redemption! ox U'r.i
certificates of deposit .... 11,550,000
Cash balance available March.1. - 155,147,338
y- .' i .':'.' .'' '..!'--- ""''-"
Total. ......................,.t.jt,
'- '"
t $252,617,648
Bonds issued to Pacific Bailway Com-, .
panies, iiuerust puvauic m wniui
money, principal-outstanding .. 164,623,512
Interest accrued and not. yetjaid , 646,235 a
Interest 'paid by the United butes...... 53,405,975
inierpsf. repaid, by, companies y. , t: I ,:'),-, !
portatfdit service...! i ,. - 14,341,656
.fiTa:percerit. net;!''" : . t .
parninfr .... .. 653,198
BaUceofiriteTestp'aid';by,theiUnUed, -M
States. ..r;.:.ri;p7,909,i2i
- vJ Mf .i.-:; T
DuBjmi itale, five men of 'thef bark Mary
Lawton, from Baltimore were
swept overboard. -" ,,
GEbBOEiHaziBPwlk) two years ago, at Ati-
burn, Ind., as a private b&nker, appropriatod
fl8,d00 6f the depositors', money, has beaarr
rested at Chicagb:'! iliT :ii I
"The aaidciatioh df 'General Ti6ket; nd Passenger
Agent hxi convention: at StiiLouk
Adopted anj agreement of iron-clad conditions
to maintain ratesof tariff. I -1 '
Ztim WNbBBs, founder of the Cpicagb
7JrotidwZii8rUidied:at:OfttuTnwa IOWa,iin the
year oft his; age,. He was eleven ,
years proprietor of . the Ottumwa Qpurier.
1 Trrr. Towa. Senate has aereed tovthe
tlnal amehdment prohibiting the manufacture
and saieoi moxicawng nquuio o uswiago,
and, the measure powgoes before the
Suit haa been begun at .Ghicagq agahift two
play pirates, 'who' have been engaged, in the
business-or taking reporis oi
'plays and selling !snap"
compames.. '
; pETEcmvE BuckenbebgebJ :of the Inpernar
itional Agncy, Detroit, was followed, to hisoffi,ce
bv a city gambler, and a Canadian prize fighter,
and whenlaloue beaten, terribly. His injuries"
.arerpronouncedfatal. ,, .1
Winteb wheatjerop reports from ten Western
States show an important, increase in tha acreage
over ' ia'sf; year?, 'ano,1tccoridlon.,Qf the
crop 'during halfor Jf6Druary was
much aOveran.'aerage. :::
The passed- the 'HousO bill .
to punish minort 'for misrepresenting their ages
toobtaih'spiritucutf liquors, 'after amendmg it
.with a prflvisidpthatiir' barkeeper sells liquor
to ,a minor oyer sixteen ye&rS'Of ; age, believing '
him to be of lawful .age, he shall not be liable
to the penalty how prescribed by law. ? '
The London tomes siys: "'If no more cam
be said for MaoLean, the would-be ussassin of
the Oueen. than could be said for the asskssin
of President Garfield, or Lefroy, the murderer J
jof.Gold, he cau as; little .expect to escape
Minister Lowell .tendered, to tne
Queen the congratulations of the American
Nation on her escape. . .
It is reported that forty thousand tickets
have been issued at Hong Kong to be usecl im
mediately after the passage of the
Bill by Chinese intending to immigrate to tne
United States. It-is stated that the recenti unusual
influx of Chinese is not 'due-to 'importations
by railroad contractors, but tq the action
'of the Chinese Six Companies. ;
A dispatch from Fort Grant, Arizona, says
the Indians, Dead Shot, Dandy Jim and Skippy,
have been hanged. They mounted the
and showed no. signs of fear. Tbey
said they. were happy, and 'would soon meet,
their friends. They shook hands, with all on; the
platform, and after prayers by the 'Chaplain,
the trap was sprung and the men died without
a struggle. . r "
Neab Ash&b'ula, Ohio,, a railroad conductor
discovered1 that two burglars were inside ono of
. his freight oars., He closed the; car. telegraphed
ahead for toi Ashtab lla..
Arrived, at the depots offiee.rs surrounded the
car, opened it, and ttieu s. battle, 'began. , Twenty
pistol shots werd exchanged. One of
ars was wounded in three : places. Both
finally captured. 1
The boHers in Wesler & Barnes' saw-mill and;
handle: factorr at Stone,' "Wayne County, Iiid,,,
explodedjdllin&five men and. wounding' a man
and, a boy. The -names of, the killed; are G;eo.
W. Wesle.r. one of the proprietors, Hod Clark,
Robert TSandall,'Wm; Tankee and Lewis Mapn.
: The tiuino the "boiler
r V . , ..:.-.. a- - .1 --Ll. in J-i," Wf Ji ILtl U J- I t
necame ury anaauoor oegnimng 'w ttotk,
Aug cold.wiier into ithe BoOerxth'eexplosion bc4i
UttTOKti.1 . ,. - fi'noDu.X - .ilCvdmow , JW , Al.
WM. B. JONES (White) .MflWffW
Jicuy T"r B MMfHiTMnJtrtff J j j f
! T
n rrTUnT .fv. r vrt "f.rjT?TnoT rrwjiJJ:
tb moVOto AranBUSi'afia"mBBon8 5reredriymK
t'liTO $lc"ck aoross the: coUntrywhyn ttioywere1
murdered wlaile . they "slept ' ih 1 their camp One
night, for ihe fake of a small amop,tit. Of money.
. they had with themA
: Jill. ;:..... lv' -. 'i, , a '
JjAteb particulars ironi Jbngianq concerning
MacXeanl "A'h'b0 attempted to' assassinate. 'the" ,
QueOb, state that-he was' formerly in-Well-1
I Lunatic AByluffl,"Ttfid""wasr only discharged in L
4 September Iksi' & solicitor has infrtteU Ho the
Hsyor, atJindsor, Btatitr'g'ho' df elided 'a man
named Boderick !KcL?an, at llaidstone, in
187-charged witb train.
Bihce "hia discharge" 'from "Wells Lunatic
1 um,' Maoitean. .nas . . :penL'.copnn.ed ;. inj tne.,
When the
'oner left the T?6whHall,' ajlterhis examinatiou,
' :i-
,J mi III
bs' .extent to, Vhich, t CJongre5smen
have,. degenstfMfed'Jnto, . mem.
boys-for their constituents '& shaly
flTustrated "by the fact' thatjbyafctuai
cpunt, n5J'less.than 26(5; : oi the 293
called on. the Cfcnimissibner
of Pensions, in reoentlyj tc ask "
mm for action -on special caaesi.
ftlB7(lVfl -1 KflWflt" fv.minlrn .' .J3 J
1 TLZfxZflS. z? tarv 1t. : "p guuu use
j eyen the worst.
You want to know how much dam-
Satomv. do vou?" Baia Ben
v o i
the evangelist and
"Well, take a look at me. I am in.
much better condition than I was when
reformed, three and.gll(a)fyears ago,,
bnt I estimate that nwvjtajttyy is only
of wtotit WouThaTe been
,-' u ievCTj beefii
xmu a afifehfer. The
i.fi . rUW4.,UUU. CJJETS. J r
Hocks "ana DrtiisesTiiaai; a man gets in
the ring hurt .him .mora ten; years after-
'JS-e them.
biteixJDn the head
in, my fen, and &ose old wounds reopen,
a year; When
l'ws SyeaT'dld' I wasso' strong and
healthy that nothing could tire me. I
used to thinlf .that , a man was simply a
fool who got tired. .( But at present,
when I .ought by rights to, be still
stronger, it worries me. even to stand on
platform anji ialk.
, " Is theii ill-health, of. fighters due to
thfe poundings they get ot to dissipation?"
"It isdue'toboth, and to, one about
as much as1 abthfer.,, ;But the terrible
bodily ' Injuries 'th'ey receive.are beyond
dispute. The worst injuries are not
.alwaysthoseiwhichknockaman out of
his senses; Severe?.. rnises about the
chest and ribs are "much more apt to-inflict
permanent iiiury,."
" How do die,- as far
as' your observation goes?"
"They die. prematurely of weakness
and -disease! brought; on by 4their injuries,
in fact they die.. at .tjr about the time
wheir,if they ,had not 'been: prize-fighters
they would have been at the prime of
life. Charley Gallagher died at the age-of
30, df caused by an in-'
jury received in. hitf fight with 'Davis
Ddvisfelln'him, plianting his knee in.
111S upper leu oreost. xrauuy ueurs
the blame of killing. Tom Sayers, but
in, my opinion, he died.pf the ihjurie&
inflicted by -G, . Heenan. Heenan
jumped ;o a trainapd hurt bimself, and.
some lay the 'blame of premature death
on that accident, '"buFne! died of
pfroduc'edm'my'dpinlon, by
ahd by thepuliisnments he
got in ilis Mghswltli layers and ' King.
John Morrissey's death is 'laid on
Brjght's disease, but, he beating
lenough to kill ten menj, anid.! believe
that is, what killed-bun. Yankee-
Sullivan is. said to hayebeen, killed by a
vigilance committee, but the .tiriithis that,
he went crazy-from injuries to his head
;he had receive'd, ahdpcommid suicide
by opening an artery. Patsy Biordan,
one of the grandest men physically that
ever lived, died' at'36, a complete, physical
and mental wreck;1 'Bob Kiddle died
the same wAyj'tKe very flesh dropping
off his fingers. Joe Womble died in a
Montreal insane asylum. - And so they
go, all of. them dying at what ought to-be
the prime of life."
, Always goes aroufad .with a long face
An? allicatpr. r,; !T ;.'
CINCINNATI, Cotton,' 'l0llc look
Fancy, 86 60725; fainily,5 85(6 10.' Ryefiour,
U 755 00. r Grain Wheat No. 2 winter red,
l 29; No. 2 hard, 81 30", and' No. 3, $1 2C, on track.
Corn No. 2-white, 70Hc. No. 2 yellow, G2
3c.. ando. 2. mixed. S'ltefavibOe.. on uacK.
--No. 26whlte, 48i8c lSo. $ mixed, 4646e.
Brte No.a laUWdflSl 00.
ITiv "Prima in nhnina ?TnnfKtr ft1K ODTlfi 00.
& S06 40 J heavy 60-7
10; hutchers' selections,, 8740725.
Ctobd "to prime" chickens, 83 253 50; turkeysr
livej 78c, and drejd', 10lic.iper lb.
pork, $17 7518 00. Lard Srime
teara, 3Bacon, 10l0c.; shoulders,
V6&. Sagar-cured. h?ims, 12lrai3c. Wllsk.y,SI 16.
FBurr AWd TKOETABLtes Apples Tine to phoice,
H 004 50. Potatoes Prfiue Early IBosei, 8t55 per
hush., and S3 503 65 perbrh; peachblow, Si 20
per bush. Cabbage, 83 '50 per brl.
JiTEW YOKJC. (Wtton, Flour Common-
to good, extra, Western, and State $i 4a5 15.
506a' W choice, 85 20'T50: "Wheat No. 2 spring,
tl 32; No-4 ; red, 81 10; Ncf. 3red4 81 27 "new No.
2 red, SI 321 33, and old, 81 33rgl 35; No.
1 red,i$l 39; mixed winter red, 81 281 2D; No. 1
white, 813,0130J for. new, and old; 81-32.
Corn Steamer, 6768C. I hewNo. 2. J$J468$c.,
and old, 69G9c.
a2c. Groceries in cargoes, 81.04c.
SugaT45oo6i '.refirilng, Mess pork,.
517 37j17 50. Lard-Prime steam, 107ai0.60c.
Common' to choice Western
spring wheatr,"$4 5b(T75', fhcy winter, svheats,.
87754 25; No.
3 Chicago, Spring, SI 051 06. 2 mixed,
57fj0i)itl. QataLNbV2ii:xed, 43c Bye-No.
2 sprinR. 86c. . BarlavrNo,5 snrine. S1'03. Flax-
seed", Si ' J36i''33f '-Dressed' ' to . good
rAlx.ed1S7ip7i35 per: 100 Hjj MeEKPOrkVrPnme
steam, 10.35c. Whisky
eatryjyo. 'l winter
1 Nssjmjrfflttll
z laixei
1 mstmjiissmL
pork, Lard Prime steam, JSin 9TC
ST. T.OT7TS Flour Treble-extra.';, 55 "arga 4;
family, SJn3OJrS0fSnoiQe, $6. JXHcbG 15. Wheat-
No. 2re0.; fall? -i leraraixtrea hk
1 15. Corn No. 2 mixed. 5S(a59l'cu . OatSrrrNo..
imrxedfHllc.' Bye.''Jc. Mesa pork, "816 60.
-Whisky pi, 17sr . . -, i . . ."H 1 . . . ..
NEW Double-extras, .55 25-'5
50; 'trehleextras, S5 !5G 00. Corn iFrxed.
nfw, 68(5: old, 73c. , -choice .yeUow, 75cV;, f'Vncy
vthite 'Sla82c: Oats. 53rffi63c. Mesa nort Old
SIB 87. , Xard, Jl&to Jlc. Whisky j SI 001 16.
familv. S6. 00(3
7' 00. W!Wat-No 2'wid'fer red; $1' 21' 29j.
Uornk western imxexii 676JiCi..'Uat8itt;!Wi"te
Western; 4S)5lc.v Hay Timothy, 15 0017 00.
Hess pork, $17
INJ)IAN4POT at 1, 271 23.
Oate, Wc.v
.OLEPQ. red'WahashV$l 25.
Corn High-mixed, 64c . ...
XllVE SCK. .
rales" quiet
with quotations as follows: Common,. S2 50
3 50; fair to medium. S3 75(4 50- trond to ohmo
t butcher grades;, S4 '7535.50 1 (f6od.te hoiVhws
and helfere, 54 50B 50; fair to medium shippers,
?5!005 60,-and; ocC to-Choice do;, 5575S6 30;
Cpufnion, to. fair 36&tty, and good to
cnoicd do.-, 505 25. butchers'
and heavy ahlppQis, t7;10Z 25; fair to good packing
grades, 6 607 10; fair to good light, 86 50
7 00; common, 25 506.20; stock hogs, $4 755 50.
Exports, $G 009 75: good
to choice Shipping steers, 5 405 90. Hogs Com-
iyu v9.xoou.mixea; pacKmc",. i oo6 40; good to
l.yyP11? IwWng. $6.506 75;
PMIadelphias ahdlardv hosiL S6 . 80f7 40 , l'ht or
--, --,. -
bacons. t6 30&,45.
EASTX1BBBTV, PA. Beef Cattle Best grades,
l&XK)(36.CO.per'100lbs.r $5 25r25 75,
and common grades, 4. 50 00. Hogs
40Q7 50 per lOO'lbs.; -fair to good Yorkers.
-$ 606.80.
hogs, 6 00
6". 50; pao"king and shipping graded, 6 65C 00;
.skins and culls; 54 jQ06 25i Sheen Common, to
ehtrtce;i'oOc$y so: - ' '
dressed sides, 77Kc. Hogs Corn-fed live,
16 007 25 per 100 lbs. ; city dressed, 3 50S 75.

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