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A Stolen Poem.
j0 ys lots of happy news to tell !
, , "ve sent away the doctor
v mother's doing mighty well,
niffi baby's name is Proctor.
-Ah- --
QT;i oing to the "bofe" times?
Wednesday was worth 81,000 a
oing to the circus to-day? If
J not.
ill -co-
if5Si. at Carlisle lian shipped 421 bush-.
-berries this season.
' ...
i ysburg fair played in opposition
' '.p-meeting this week.
l ie camp-meeting, what? Lexing-
hiana and Bourbon fairs.
i niiEKshot Geo. Patterson fatally,
oksville, Sunday, and fled.
Tcks of hay were burned for John
V ct. near Danville, Tuesday night.
ns & Co. 's circus is followed by a lot
. who do the "greeners" up nicely.
t 'it over the K. C. is increasing so
nUr train is to he put on the road.
-IT way Orphan School will give an
to Old Point Comfort, August
.l Mernaugii has on a special
ally coolers" during these circus
Dder, for killing his brother-in-law
''iana, has been pardoned by the
dollars taken for one year, or even
-' subscription to this paper, at par.
t forget it.
s Fox, a butcher in the employ of
Co., in Lexington, dropped dead
hter house Wednesday.
in torrents for an hour and a
Chester "Wednesday, while at the
there wasn't a drop.
sdmon says that the drouth has
, jured the crop of young Jack-o-
md that but a few will bo raised
ra Hollar, who died near the
was buried at the Paris
Wednesday. Elder G.E. Sweeney
of Dr. J. A. Blaydes, formerly of Mt.
, but now of Hot Springs, Ark., got
roe times and dangerously
days ago.
Gibson wants the voters in the
ner," who went to the circus at
n Monday, notified that there will
is here to-day.
v A white quartz and gold bound
ate charm at the Parks Hill
Sunday. The finder will leave the same
Bierbower & Co., at Maysville, and get
i'ouD. A valuable gold breast-pin was
undon the Winchester pike, which the
vner can have by proving property and
lying for this advertisement. Apply at
ank Fullilove married Miss Lulie True,
wen county, at Aberdeen, Ohio, Mon-.
This is a Trueli Fullilove affair just
and it may he a little truly and fuller-
ve affair after awhile.
iARENCE Demaree, a fif teen-year-old lad
ruinence, experimented with a match
a handful of powder. He will not have
urn black in the face now when they
g him in the near future.
V glorious rain fell in this precinct Wed-
'sda' afternoon. It came Just in the nick
time io save all vegetation from perish-
g. Is it is, the corn, tobacco, grass and
egt ables are badly damaged.
Tiie Lexington Press wants the Chamber
f Commerce to resolve in behalf of a change
f the running of the K. C. trains. The Press
loesu't like this bob.tailed train
on the "Lexington Branch."
Grove Kennedy has promieed to be good
the future, and has gone home to sell out
ii leavd the country. He attributes all of
trouble and meanness to whiskey.
pOE Louisville mail for this place, still
lgers in Lexington three and a half hours
,'er than there's any need for. Whose
L is it? We hope that General Mail
.nt French will look into this matter.
stol shots are frequently fired off nights
the spot where Dr, Bobbins was shot near
yers' Station apparently by the friends of
Mh Bobbins and Smart, in defiance of each
Ler. So says a man who lives near there.
At noon Wednesday, a man named
Collins was run over by a train at the
ky Central freight depot in Lexing-i
one of his legs was mashed ofT. He
iveen two cars and the entire train
'vver him.
"all to stop at the Crawford House
You will be
u go to Cincinnati.
hbly cared for, and the rates will be
'asonable. Don't forget the place
if 6th and Walnut streets, one square
ountain Square.
dvertise in this Issue, 470 acres of land
veral residences, a copper distillery,
nd crop, farming Implementg, &c, of
lgh, near Shawhan's Station. Here's
'2efor tobocco men to get land in
large or small lots.
o '
Barber, an old man, was robbed of
oket book containing $20 and $400
of notes, at the circus at Carlisle,
y. The thief was caught and taken
. Sterling to be recognized as a bunko
ho did some robbing at that place.
colored men voted Demo-
c in one squad at Winchester, and no
tozlng was indulged In. At this place
pted Democratic and at night his
, stripped him as naked as
inged his poustitution with &
f i a M w B B B B Bl Tr 'Afc.
. k Jfcf WM l 'v. 1 -" . - I - Mi" 'J u ' - - " vw 'm I.
semi-Weekly .bourbon iNews.
"""' " I Hill. I I J III III !! W ii -ILL
. ' ;;-pendent and Democratic Published from the Happy Side of Life for the Benefit of Those Now Having Breath in Their Bodies. Price, $2, 00 for One Year", or, $2,000 for 1,000 Years CASH
Col. Tnos. L. Jones' county scratched
Knott some 400 votes. Thus 400 of Col. Jones'
friends do him injury.
It is said that Dr. Ed. Ingels has the best
colt in the county, which will be a "holy
terror" soon. It is sired by Longfellow.
NICHOLAS County Democrats will have
only five delegates in Convention for four
years to come. A loss of two. Mercury.
Rev. Lansing Burrows, D. D., pastor of the
First Baptist Church, has offered his resignation
of the charge, to take effect September
1st, at which time he wishes to accept
the pastorate of the Baptist Church at Augusta,
Georgia, from which he has received
a call.
1 i
The following epitaph is described on a
simple shaft in a Kentucky hurrying ground:
"To my beloved consorts Sarah A., Sarah Y.,
Sarah Ann, As wives devoted, as mothers
affectionate, as friends ever kind and true,
i have loved them on earth, I will meet
them in heaven."
Charles Stewart was killed at Georgetown
Saturday night by Jack Goldsborough.
Stewart was drunk and threatened to kill
Goldsborough and others, and was following
him with a knife. He wat shot three time
and instantly killed. The Coroner's Jury
found a verdict of self-defense. Cause
whiskey and a woman.
Garth Fund Beneficiaries.
Old ones reaccepted yesterday: Wm. Ryan
S75; Win. Wadell, &Q; D. Dunden, $60; Harry
Boulden, 100; W. H. Howe, $60; J. M. Allen
S275;R. O. Smith, $50; J. L. Holleran, $2.';
Thos. Arkle, 850; J. L. Gory, SS5; C. Popp, $85;
S. S. See, S225; W. E. Arnold, S225; J. W. Simpson,
SCO. New ones accepted: O. E. Fox, 140;
Seymour Wilson, S50; Ollie Carter, S50; Lawrence
Hukill, S50; J. W. Wornall, S50; Geo.
Horine, 850; H. L. Cunningham, S50; H. F.
Turner, $200; Harry Stout, $50.
The first of the six elegant coaches which
the Kentucky Central Railroad is to have
arrived here yesterdaj It is a beauty, and,
is said to be the most elegant coach that ever
passed through here The exterior is very
attractive, while the interior is perfectly
exquisite. The seats are beautiful and, at
the same time it is a luxury to sit on them.
The other five are badly needed just at tills
time, for the excursion travel over the road
at present is taxing the road for it's utmost
facilities, but the management is doing "as
best it can," as Bro. Barnes says.
The "Ladies' Missionary Society of the
Christian Church of this place, have forwarded
5100 to Eld. Taylor Sharrard, at Gunnison,
Colorado, to be applied towards
building a church. Mrs. John Stuart, one
of the active members of this benevolent
association, who once lived at Guunison,
takes a great pride in helping to contribute
this mite towards the erection of a church
of her own failh, at her old home. The
grounds have been donated Eld. Sharrard
for that purpose, provided the church shall
be erected by next June.
August 3 18S3
mr champ Editor of the borbon newi Sir if
you pleas giv urse this virse in the news &
oblige yours vary truly
on June the 28 1X83
there was A distillery
Complete out fit neatly
Bound in hay & 9 Beer tubs
All Combine found at
whats called high fall
cave 8 miles north e'ast
of campton wolf Co ky
this were found by the marshall
and peace were made with
it and. who aid. it belong to is
the Result no owner yet Reply
The editor of this paper has moved his
residence (not his office,) from Railroad
Avenue to the "Old Geoegetown Road," (not
the new Georgetown pike.) He now slumbers
sweetly in one of the new and pretty
little brick cottages recently erected by Capt.
J. M. Thomas. Persons desiring a suppression
of the liveliest news Items or their dog
mats bragged on and cannot wait until business
hours, will find the editor there when
he is not scouring tke town for news Items
and refusing to give free puffs. If you fall
to find the place, ring the door bells of John
Hanly or "Shiner" Hlte and Inquire, or take
a seat on the steps of the colored Christian
church and cast your eyes exactly opposite
that first pretty little cottage Is the place.
Confederate Beanlon.
Comrades The next reunion of our Brigade
will be held at Lexington, Ky., Sept. 5,
1883. The interest manifested In our last
meeting at Blue Lick Springs Is a guarantee
that the coming pne will be a splendid sue-
tainlng among other objects of tender regard
to Kentucklans, the graves of Breckinridge
and Hanson. It will be a fitting thing after
the hearty greeting to visit those sacred
spots and once more do homage to their
The First Kentucky Brigade, consisting of
the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth
Kentucky, and the Forty-first Alabama
Regiments of Infantry, will thus meet in
grand reunion. Brief addresses will
be made by some of our comrades.
We are endeavoring to have a number of
the Forty-first Alabama present. All Confederate
soldiers of Kentucky, and visiting
soldiers of all arms and armies, are
invited to meet with us. Please Inform
our comrades. HERVEY MCDOWELL.,
JNO. H. WELLER, Sec'y. Ch'rm'n.
Dwyer Bros.' Miss Woodford was defeated
in a race at Monmoth Park Tuesday, by Gov.
Bowie's Empress. The recent defeat too, of
Geo. Kenney by Drake Carter, makes the
Dwyer Bros.' stable less formidable. There
are three great stakes to be decided at Monmouth,
August 11, 18 and 25. On August 11,
Champion stakes, $250 each, S2.000 added,
weight for age, without penalties, one and
one-half miles. Eole, Monitor, Barnes and
George Kenney are In the llsl. Miss Woodford
Isnot, nor is Leonatus. Neither Barnes
nor Kinney have met Eola or Monitor. It
is not yet known whether the Dwyers will
trv for the Champion or wait for the Omni
bus on the 18th. The Omnibus is for three-year-olds,
S100 each; $10,000 added, one and
one-half miles. The best known in the long
list of 104 entries are Leonatus, Barnes, Geo.
Kenney, Pizarro, Drake Carter, Empress and
Kinglike. Miss Woodford was not enterea.
There are weight-penalties for winners of
big stakes, and Leonatus and Barnes must
carry 125 pounds each, while Pizarro will have
118, Kinglike 118, Drake Carter 115, and Empress
Call at J. J. Shaw Co.'s and see the LighU
glass beH jjp
PaIIES' hill
The Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage preached
Tuesday and Wednesday to about fifty
preachers and 2,300 commoners at the Parks
Hill Camp-meeting.
His sermon was on "Recognition in Heaven,"
deduced from the words "I shall go to
Him." It was indeed a Gabriel-blow-your-horn-and-let-me-in-quickly
effort. It was
very suggestive of the might-be-improved-method
over the old way of pulling for the
other shore in squads of one or two, and to
some slight degree a sustenance of the enthusiast
who 'migrates for the other shore
over the knock-down and
route. The old way of 'migrating
one at a time from a family was too
slow a method, which he thought could be
improved on. And, in reality, it could too,
provided that every member of a family was
too old and useless to be of benefit here on
earth. But then they are not, though. The
younger members do not care to adopt that
Improved method of going; and in fact are
loth to go before taking in all of tills good
world that they can.
His Ideas of recognition were also slightly
at variance with reason as well as
justice. Wno wants to be recognized in
Heaven on the sole strength of having been
wounded In soul here on earth ? AVho wants
the sorrowful heart wounds healed by
death and happiness in the great beyond
opened and torn asunder as a mere matter
of recognition by his or her friends ? Would
It not be more appropiafe that a shining
light of christian splendor should be reflected
in the New Jerusalem for recognition by
not only dear home friends but billions and
quintillions of friends from all quarters of
the globe?
But we Avlll not argue the subject ,with
this eminent divine. We have n't that infatuating
Scotch-Irish brogue and his splen
did stock of dramatic gyrations to throw
out with our dreamy thoughts for the
vation of the wary and unthoughtful.
For a correct of the eminent
man who now holds public opinion In his
clutches and toys at will with it like a child
playing with a Christmas gift, we quote the
following from the gifted pen of J. Soule
dmith, the "Falcon" of the Cincinnati
Journal .
"Talmage Is an unbeautiful man, but he
can't help that. He has the body of Jonah
and the mouth of the whale, and It is difficult
when he is speaking to determine
whether he is trying to swallow himself or
tolthrow himself up. These things are as
natural to him as his bald head or his expression
of countenance, like a shovel-nosed
shark. I like him the better for his general
aspect, for it is about time for the ugly men
to stand together. But I don't like to see the
Gospel gyrating around like a hard kicking
spell of St. Vitus' dance, and sending the
gospeller on a grand bounce every time ho
spits out a mouthful of it.
He prances about like he was trying to
shoot hash at the congregation out of a gum
sling. The quiet, magnetic power is wanting
in him. Everything must go on the Jericho
order, with a vast amount of smashed crockery
ware and hallooing and he leaps about
and flutters his Blackburnian jaws like he
was auctioning on a lot of damaged souls
and was afraid the devil would rush In and
make a bid before he closed out the lot."
The little fountain in the hollow, Is no
longer filled with blessings, but has a fine
stock of miasma.
Wanted to know if the Lexington girl'
who wore a tea spoon for a breastpin, is any
kin to Ben Butler?
The big for was a noticeable feature on
Sunday Dr. Dills, Sam Riley, Von Prather
and Bruce Champ. Mercury liar.
Only three or four of those old flashy and
flrey red "Josies" were carried over from
last season and worn at the present meeting.
A regular Philadelphia dude was the principal
attraction on the grounds. He eclipsed
everything on the grounds In the dude
Over a dozen new cottages of a very improved
style have been added to the grounds,
and twenty more could have been rented
had they been put up.
In warping the Rev. Talmage Into a
preacher, a very fine tragedian was taken
from the stage one that would have made
Boothe quail In his boots.
The camp was liberally attended from people
on the Richmond branch. One of the
prettiest ladies in the camp being one of the
number from Richmond.
Black, brown and mode stockings are worn
throughout the camp the flashy red, blue
and brown stripes having been entirely
superceded by the dark, solid colors.
Dr. West, preached one hour and twenty-five
minutes Tuesday. If he increases the
length of his sermons In the same proportion,
he'll preach all day by next Sunday.
Beiore tne meeting next year, an acre
more of land will be added to the camp, on
which will be erected a large and conveniently
arranged hotel, for both permanent
and transient visitors.
A Lexington girl who held a handkerchief
to her bleeding nose, had to let down the
car window at our depot Sunday, for a Paris
boy insisted on keeping up what he supposed
to be a flirtation racket.
Bob Gogglns, grocery clerk of this city, became
infatuated with a little Winchester
blonde on the train coming from the camp,
and Introduced himself by giving her a
chicken leg and a piece of pie.
A camp-meeting religion that can stand
the wear and tear of a densely crowded train
coming home, is a good article, and ought to
be canned for use next year. Our stock
didn't keep well coming up Tuesday evening.
Ed. F. Flynn a handsome and beardless
youth of twenty dear sweet Junes, was the
stenographic reporter who took down Dr.
Talmage's sermons for the Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette.
Every girl In camp fell in
love with him.
Just preceding the services by the Rev. Mr.
Talmage, Tuesday, Col. Craddock caused
merry twinkles to take place in over 2,000
pairs of eyes, by walking down the aisle
with a bucket and sitting down on it the
open space upward. When he arose to engage
in prayer, the bucket stuok to him and
he bad to pull It off with his hands.
There is a decided Improvement (at least
100 per cent.) noticeable on the native
to be dubbed the "side show,"
which congregates from the surrounding
country. Verily, the meeting has had a
good effect In cultivating the morals, d.res.s,
and general appearance of the people, bi
side? proving a financial bonanza to the
country for iniles around.
To tell the naked truth stripped of all romance
and flunkylsm, it is an awful hard
day's work to stand the ram and jam on the
cars and put In the balance of the day climbing
up and down the hill for water, to say
nothing of skirmishing for a dinner. Yes,
it's a dry, dusty, hard day's work, and nothing
to show up for it but the experience
which only lasts from Sunday to Sunday
With the masses.
A 800 pounds proacher on a seat with two
ladies in the train Wednesday afternoon
and the aisle full of ladies on their feet, was
one of the sights we saw. Also, we saw a
man from the Richmond branch who positively
refused to give his seat to a woman
who stood in the aisle with a small babe in
her arms. It would have been a good opportunity
for several by-standers to have used
a valise and several of them were about
ripe enough with anger and disgust to have
done so, too.
The Rev, Mr. Talmage in now enjoying a
few days rest at the Blue Lick Springs.
Miss Sophia Halleck, of Dakota, Ills., is
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. S. B. Ewalt.
The man who runs away with his
mother-in-law must be fond of lectures,
Dick Dorsey, formerly of this county, is
now clerking in the Mt Sterling post-office.
Henry Butler has accepted a position in
our freight depot as qlerk under John Stewart.
This city sent her regular quota to the
camp-meeting, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Judge Hargls and family have gone to
Rowan county to visit the Judge's father's
Mrs. W. F. Champ and daughters, of Mil-
lersburg, are the guests of Harvey Hibler
and wife,
Benj. Vincent Tyler of Lexington an
Is visiting John S. Smith of
this place.
Hen r y Coons will occupy one of Capt.
Thomas' new cottages, and will be a near
neighbor to the News.
Two one-armed men applauded in a
Stockholm theater by slapping their remaining
hands together.
Miss Lily Jones and her mother have
gone on a two weeks' visit to friends at the
Levee, Montgomery county.
The boss liar of the season the stay-at-home
husband who writes his wife that he
is awfully lonesomo without her.
The Bulletin says that two Maysville girls
while picking blackberries, took a braying
mule's voice to be that of a rain crow.
The Rev. Mr. Stevenson, cornetist atthe
comp-meeting, spent the evening with
friends at his old home here Wednesday
A lost child moved the sympathies of the
assembly for a brief period, until brought
upon the stand It was recognized and received
by It's parents.
Rev. J. C. Morris hasresigned the .pastoral
charge of the Fifth and Walnut streets
Methodist church at Louisville, and will
take up hie residence in Denver, Colorado,
at an early day.
Miss Pickett, daughter of Eld. Joe Desha
Pickett, of Frankfort, and the two Misses
Desha, daughters of Gen. Desha, of
are the guests of J. W. Lucas and wife,
and are attendants of the camp-meeting.
The railroad items of the Cincinnati Enquirer
has the following: I
Conductor Bob Martin, of the Cincinnati,
New Orleans and Texas Pacific Road, is off
for reasons unknown. Bob is a good fellow.
and his many friends are sorry for this.
Mrs. George Collier will leave Monday,
for Binghampton, New York, in company
with A. P. Allis and wife, who go East to
buy goods. Mrs. Collier will spend a month
with Mrs. Alice Armstead, formerly Miss
Alice McCabe, of Mlllersburg.
The Trader, Turfman, Farmer
and Sportsman.
Tnere aje seventy-three entries to the
Bourbon Fair trots up to date.
St. Julian's best time in three heats at
Cleveland a few days ago, was only 2:1
At J. T. Davis' sale of Alderny's nt the fair
grounds yesterday, 50 head aueraged about
Jersey jackets of net woolen goods in black
and brown shades, were worn by the truly
J. E. Clay bought a yearling merino buck
in Texas, which sheared 16 pounds of wool.
It cost S75 and freight.
A race between Leonatus and Barnes has
been arranged for at the fall meeting of th
Louisville Jockey Club.
The Fairbanks Scale Company offer a pair
of platform scales, valued at $150, as a special
premium at the Scott County TobaccoFair.
W. S. Graham, of Fleming county,lhas returned
from his trip to Spain, bringing
with him twelve fine Spanish jacks for sale.
The pacer, Johnson, that created such a
stir in Chicago sporting circles recently, has
been sold by his owners to J. J. Cape, Racine,
Wis., for $2,000.
Corn and cotton throughout Tennessee
have been seriously injured by drouth.whlle
fn central Georgia the farmers are crying
out "too much rain!"
The series of fifteen Short-horn cattle
sales in the bluegrass region this Summer
foots up the sum total as follows: 871 females
averaging $286.60; 75 bulls averaging $165.80;
the grand aggregate being $118,765.
The Lexington .Fair Company offers a
purse of $500 to be trotted for in the 221 class
at their approaching exhibition, in lieu of
the double team trot which failed to fill.
Nominations for the trot close August 20th.
At the Catholic Fair races Wednesday afternoon,
Keller Thomas' Nannie won the
2:30 class with ease in three straight heats.
In the 250 class Jack Hook's Mambrlno
Fatohen won. In the 300 minute class El
. and in the PngfBmnK.jmiall - rf.
gin's Bob Terrell won
race his gray Ally Glrofla won In 3:10. The
time was from 2:40 to 3 minutes.
V. H, H, JQHMSQN, Ffop'r, 1 8. COHWAY. CltiL
One square from the? depot. Good
Livery Stable Attached. Tbt
kindest attention given and guests made
Good Sample Rooms. A table" filled
with ail all the delicacies of the season.
May be found during the day, when
not professionally engaged, at Brooks &
Xyman's Drug Store , at night, at the residence
of Prof. E. Amende, on High st.
Fruits, Cakes, Fancy
Goods, Cigars and
Tobacco, &c.
$ST"0ne door above the Thurston Housf.
High Street, Paris Kentucky.
Will break colts to best advantage.
Horses bought and sold on a small
also boarded on as good terms as any
other stables in Paris.
Dealer In
Wiudow Shades, Carpets, Oil
Cloths, Mattresses, &c.,
S3?" Special Attention Given to
Undertaking and Repairing.
Main Street , Paris Ky.
Kimmy' Kimbrough, Jab. S. Hunt
Large and Commodious Sample Booms
on first floor for commercial men. Bag- f
gage transferred to and from the depot
free of charge.
formerly of Cincinnati.
f$rDe8igns, Drawings and Specifications
including costs on all Architecture
and Machinery, furnish accurately s sd
promptly. seplQy
LiYery, Sale
' & Feed Stable,
Horses boarded, trained and sold ob
commission. Livery rigs always kept for i
public hire. Terms reasonable.
Pabis, Ky.,
Will attend to all calls in his line, m
Bourbon and surrounding counties, with
promptness. Charges Reasonable. tf
Fashionable Barber
Opp. Odd Fellows Hall .... Pabis, Ky
heirs, I will offer for sale privately, th
farm of 165 acres, situated near Hutchison
Station, half war between Paris and
Lexington, on the K. C. Railroad, with
the branch of the Bethlehem and Hopewell
Turnpike running in front of the
door. About 60 acres are under cultivation,
and balance in grass. Good brick
residence in good repair. Good water,
orchard, ice-house, barns and all necessary
outbuildings. This, farm is a very
valuable farm perhaps as good land as
there is m the count or bluegrass region,
and is a rare chance for purchasers de-
Bates, Two Dollars Per Day -
Nice Sample Eooms for Commercial men
Livery and Sale Stable Connected)
3. AC. oossnEis,
Agent ron -
bosses Promptly Paid.
Rates as Low as The Lowest,
Is the shortest and anickest
TEXAS. Tickets to all
points rlorfch, East
and West.
Time Card in Effect July 29th, '?
Lve Covington :00m
Live Falmouth ..... 4:85
ItiveCynthlana. . . . . . 10:40 m 5:40 pv pz.
?.". 11:1ft m 6:15 pm
rr Winchester 12:10 pm 7:15 pm
Lve Winchester 1255 pm 7:0 pm
Lve Richmond . 1:40 pm 8:40 pm
live Lancaster 10:08 pm
Arr Stanford June 10.-35 pm
Lve Stan ford June 4:45 am
Lve Lancaster 5:10 am
Lve Richmond e:30 am 1:00 ym
Arr Winchester 7:S8 am 3:05 pm
Lve Winchester 7:S8 ra 2:20 pm
Arr Paris .8:38 am 3:16 pm
Lve Pans 8:30 am 3:15 9m
LveCyntiana fl;05am 31 pm
Lve Falmouth 10:04 am 4:55 po
Arr Covington 11:45 am 6:30 pm
uvo Maysville 6:10 am 1:00 pia
Lve Carlisle 7:35 am 2-26 pin
Lve Millersburg 7-5 am 2:48 pm
Lve Paris 8:S-am 3:15 pru
Arr Lexington 9-20 am 400 pai
Lve Lexington . 6:00 am 525 pm
Lve Paris 6:50 am 6:15 1- m
Lve Mlllersburg 7:15 am 0:40 pm
Lve Carlisle ......... 7:35 am 700 pm
Arr Maysville 900 am 850 pm
Lve Paris 11:38 am
Arr Lexington 1205 pm
Lve Lexington 7:40 am "225 pm
Arr Paris 8:80 am 3:15 put
Arrive at Paris going Northward at S:15 pa,
arriving at Covington at 6:S0 pm.
Trains going Southward leaves Covington
at 3:00 pm, arriving at 9:15 pm.
Special Kates to EMieBAXTS.
"For tickets, rates and Information
to time, connact ions, Ac, oall oa or
address JOHN BTUABT, Aest,
Pabis, X.T.
G. W. BauDKE, C. L. BBCff s,
Supt G. P. & F. J
Grand Opera Build's,
One Square from Railroad Depot iU
Baggage transferred to and fro, free t
Walnut d Cherry Lop,
"Will pay cash for logs ten, twelve and
and fourteen feet long. Must be straight
and clear of bad defects, and not less than
eighteen inches in diameter.
Broadway, Pabis t.
8 to 9 A. M.
1 " 4 P. M.
7 " 8 P. M.
iin.njT""" "
Office Dver B. F. Adair's grocery.
, noTl5y j
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