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Independent and Democratic Published from the Happy Side of Life-for the Benefit of Those Now Having- Breath in Their Bodies. Price, $2, 09 for One Year, or, $2,000 for 1,000 Years-CASE !
Quarterly Court is now going on here.
Circuit Court is going on in Nicholas
Coal is selling at ten cents delivered in
the cellar at Maysville.
The .Maysville fair will be well represented
by Bourbons to-day.
' p
Singer has commenced his pew building
odposite the post-office.
Almost everybody is in'f avor of free toll
on the county turnpikes.
Our city hasn't been as dull since the days
of Adam, as it was yesterday.
During the fire Wednesday, the Chief of
Fire Department was absent 1
Flies worried a fine mule to death in
Christian County, Ky., last week.
"SV. H. Ikgels & Co., have the largest stock
of black goods ever brought to Paris.
Corn will be so scarce this fall that farmers
AVill be compelled to poll their hogs.
The Sunday School of Ellisville, Nicholas
county, will have a on the 29th inst.
Richard Connelly, aged 82 years, dropped
dead at Carlisle, last Thursday, of heart disease.
Joe Hedges has rented the Varden property,
above the late residence of Mrs. Hig-
- '
Ye that have tears, prepare to shed them
now. Uncle Tom's Cabin Combination is
If there's a stray old rooster in the
proclnct, he can now afford to crow and
wend his way home. Conference has adjourned.
W. H. Ingels & Co., are offering decided
bargains in Black and Colored Velvets and
H. H. Shelman, formerly of Carlisle, has
lost three children by scarlet fever, at Oak-dale,
Jas. Huff, of Carlisle, is organizing a telephone
company from Carlisle to Mayslick
and ML Olivet.
A burgdar entered W. F. Spears' house
and got a dollar from his pants pocket one
night last week.
The Rev. W. B. Godby, of Carlisle, got robbed
of S15 at Stanford, by a newsboy, but
recovered $10 of it.
Two new cases of yellow fever were reported
in the last twenty-four hours at the
Pensacola Navy-yard.
John Marshail, after a nine days' spree
at Atlanta, killed his little girl, drank a vial
of laudanum, and died.
George Judy is having a one-story frame
cottage erected on the lot adjoining the
Christian Church parsonage.
This week is ember week in the Catholic
Church consequently to-day and to-morrow
are days of fasting and abstinence.
W. H. Inge:ls & Co., are selling Black Silks
very cheap. Every yard guaranteed to give
satisfaction or the money will be refunded.
The Chief of our Fire Department promise
to resign. Let's not let him; he looks
too cute on a dog cart flying away from a
Rev. Godby is conducting what is called
"The First Kentucky State Holiness Camp-Meeting,"
at Bethel Grove, Visalia, K. C.
R. R.
Persons who kill partridges before the
15th of October are liable to be fined 5 for
each bird. The law should be rigidly enforced.
The Colored Bible College of the Christian
Church is to be located at Mt. Sterling, and
Elder Preston Taylor will be general
for it.
Dr. Ray wants to known where a fire goes
to when it goes out? That's an easy one: it
goes out to hunt the Chief of the Fire Department.
' The cfty of Devils's Lake, Dakota, is not
yet 100 days old, but already choice lots are
sold at 2,000 each. It has seven large hotels
and two banks.
Minnie Kesler, a woman of loose char-
acter. suicided about nine o'clock Monday
' morning, at Somerset, by firing a pistol
down her throat.
Another cyclone struck John O'Brien's
circus, at Barry, Illinois, and smashed
things generally. One man was killed and
fifteen wounded.
Thos. Sadler, freight agent of the K. C.
at Maysville for many years, has been appointed
ticket agent at Winchester for both
the K. C- and C. & O. roads.
Out of the 100 members elected to the
House of Representatives one of them
Stuart, of Clark county announces that he
is not a candidate for Speaker.
Miss Florence Mitchell, of Midway,
hi, th oia out in a Louisville hotel, and
was aroused from her sleep in an almost
dying condition by the proprietor.
o- -
Ex-Governor Hickenlooper, of Ohio,
has sued Ex-Governor J. C. Underwood, of
the Cincinnati News-Journal, for 100,000
damages for a libelous publication.
' Prof. A. M. Gutzeit having withdrawn
vlils services from the Bourbon Female College,
is now prepared to put in all of his
time in teaching music. See his card in
this issue.
In an accident to an excursion train on
the Chesapeake, Ohio and; Southwestern
road, yosterday, Fireman Jake Powell was
killed and Joseph Holts, a passenger, had a
leg broken.
Geo. Kelley, a Georgian, who has been at
work in this county putting up wire fence,
" 1.. j " Tn.Cmlth in
f I nn VineinpsK. n.nd was arrested and
falsely imprisoned by tho police of that
place, a day or two ago.
The Enterprise Carriage "Works burned at
Cincinnati Wednesday morning. 'Loss
Mr. GRAnT Joore, a tonsorial artist of
the first water, from Lexington, has engaged
his services to Henry Damn.
Pat Fallon won a suit in court yester
day of 80 cents, against John Deavers. The
costs of the suit were several dollars.
Craft's Enquirer letter has convinced lots
of good people here of his innocence. In
fact, many here have always held that he
was innocent.
Now the fairs, Conference and tho races
will all be over this week, we have nothing
in the way of pleasurable events in the
neighborhood to look forward to but tne
hanging of Craft.
A game chicken hen in Clark county laid
a setting of eggs in the top of a sixty-foot
red oak tree and hatched out ten chickens,
which the owner of the hen now has, all
alive and chirping on terra firma.
The new crop of apple brandy has made
its appearance in Morgan county, and the
people can now afford to bid good-bye to the
watermelon season, in consequence of their
second heaven being ushered in on them.
Jas. JlfcClure desires the News to publicly
return thanks to the people, both white and
black, who so kindly rendered assistance in
saving his household goods from the flames
of his burning building, Wednesday afternoon.
Dr. M. Dills and Win. Kenney have
bougnt the drug store of Fritts & Son, and
will take possession the 1st of October. Dr.
Dills will continue to practice his profession
and will put a first-class pharmacitist in the
store. Carlisle Mercury.
J. H. McCall, who has been here for several
years engaged in business at Blue Licks
has moved to Little Rock, Bourbon County,
where he and Thos. Ovcrby have opened a
general store. Mr. Overby will resido in
Paris. Carlisle Mercury.
We have it from good railroad authority,
that the Paris passenger depot will
moved to the Richmond junction, in case
certain farmers who are now kicking about
the Winchester crossing present the road
to the Grand Jury and fine the same for
prosecuting their daily duty.
A Tennessee liar named Kister, has written
a postal to our postmaster, which sa3's:
I drop you a card to let you know that W. C.
Fair says he raised corn that the stalks are
six inches in diameter, and thirty feet high.
Six good cars and four nubbins on a stalk.
It is fifteen feet to the first ear. If you want
some, he will sell it at 25 cents per graii.
The coroner's jury at Winchester has decided
that the train collision and explosion
there, a few weeks ago, was the fault of the
railroad employes on both roads. Considering
the time he has consumed in making
the inquest, it is a wonder that he didn't lay
it on Providence, as a crank at Mt. Sterling
has already done, because of the roads running
trains on Sunday.
The Ford brothers, Charles and Robert,
noted as the slayers of the famous outlaw,
Jesse James, appeared in a variety theater
at Louisville, Tuesday night, but were received
with derisive yells, which almost approached
a riot when the scene of the killing
of the bandit was enacted. The Fords
were greatly dismayed at the demonstration,
and say they have had enough of Kentucky
Ellis Craft, the condemned man, had a
two-and-a-half column letter in yesterday's
Cincinnati Enquirer, in which he makes it
very plausible that he is an innocent man,
and says that inasmuch that he is to be
hanged on Oct. 12th, he desires the presence
of Jim Heflin, Abe Campbell, Jno. Russell,
John Callender, Capt. Wise and Charles
Countz, whom he alleges, with Geo. Ellis
swore his life away.
The doors of the Indiana female penitentiary
swung open Thursday to release Nancy
E. Clem, who was five times tried for the
murder of Jacob and Nancy Young, and who
was at last imprisoned for four years for perjury.
She is now 35 years of age, gray and
haggard. Her husband procured a divorce,
last spring, which made her morose. Her
son went to the prison and escorted her to
his home in Indianapolis.
Jas. McCluro's Residence Burned.
Wednesday afternoon at 3:30, the residence
of Jas. McClure, in the eastern suburbs of
this city, burned to the ground his household
and kitchen furniture all being saved.
The Fire Department were promptly on the
grounds, but the noarest cistern being so
located that the reel hose could not reach
the fire by about fifty yards. The building
cost about Sl,200, and was insured for 600.
This is the second misfortune that Mr.
McClure has experienced by fire, and himself
and family have the unbounded sympathy
of everybody.
Neighboring Appointments of Conference.
Lexington District H B Walker, P E; Paris,
D A Beardsley; Frankfort, M Evans; Versailles
and Mortonsville, C Nugent: Mount
Sterling, J R DeeringjWinchester, J W
Mnnnt. 7,nn. H T Kavanaugh: North
Middletown, L D Shaw; Nicholasville, E H
Pearce; Spearsville, S W Peeplcs; Georgetown,
J E Wright; New Columbus, W W
Chamberlain; Connersville, J A Sawyer;
Ruddell's Mills, editor Central Methodist, S
Maysville Diztrict J W Fitch, P E: Maysville,
J A Henderson: Millersburg, D B Cooper;
Flemingsburg, J S Sims; Tilton, W Shore-smith;
Hilisboro, R H Wightman; Orangeburg,
W T Benton: Sharpsburg, H C Wright;
Carlisle, W H Anderson; Owingsville, H G
Henderson; Carlisle Circuit, G Demare: Mt.
Olivet, S A Day; Shannon and Sardis, W W
Shades; Germantown, W D Power; Vance-burg,
to be supplied; Concord, B F Ledwick;
Washington. FTPollett; Nepton, A Redd;
Morehead Mission, G T Gould; Millersburg
Female College, President J C C Newton.
Covington District Chas Taylor, P E;
Scott street, Covington, G C Kelly; Eleventh
street, Covington, J R Peeples; Newport, JB
A Vaught; Highland, B F Bristow; Brook-ville
and Augusta, V B L Gosling; Powers-ville.
G B Gauge; Foster, J C Minor; Alexandria.
P H Hoffman: Falmouth, T F Talifers,
Cvnihiana, M W Hine; Addville. E B Head;
V??alia7 S fe Deering; 'Williamslown, G V
Young; Stewartsville, J N Current: Warsaw,
GS Hubert; District Superintendent, A B
ncietv Professor of Hebrew Vanberbilt
University, T J Dodd; Walton and Peters-
b T?e nextConference will bo held in ML
Sterling, next September.
The Falmouth Guide has a cross-eyed,
left-handed lady compositor.
Miss Mildred Lee, daughter of General
Robert E. Lee, is visiting in Boston.
John B. Miller and wife left last week
for their home in Washington City.
A Jersey cow, for which the owner paid
1,710, died recently in Shelby county.
Oscar Johnson, formerly of this city, but
now of Richmond, was in town Tuesday.
Fall fashions are slow in making their
appearance, on account of this hot weather.
When doctors, disagree, death generally
settles the argument by bringing in a cofiin.
Mrs. Gov. Knott has gone to Bowling
Green for several weeks on a visit to her relatives.
Joe Quisenberry and Tom Helm Clay are
going to move into town to educate their
The President left Washington yesterday,
for New York State on a bass-fishing
Two daughters of Newt. Coons, near Union,
Nicholas county, are lying low with
typhoid fever.
Senator Williams gets himself into the
Philadelphia Times as "a handsome man
with a curly wig."
Miss Lucy Alexander, of Paris, is visiting
Mrs. Sam Clay, east High street. Lexington
Milt Young, of McGrathina Stock Farm,
Fayette county, has had a daughter presented
him by his wife.
W. A. mil, Geo. D. Mitchell and Chas.
Fothergill, leave to-day for Cincinnati, to
take in tho exposition.
Col. Billy Breckenridge will address a
reunion of .the First Kentucky Cavalry, at
Owensboro, on the 29th.
Craddoek, Bob Smith, and Bill Polk are
billed for tho judges In a baby show ring at
at the Ashland fair, Oct. 4th.
A young lady of this city has spoken for
the rope with which Craft is to be hanged
to be used as a jumping rope.
Cincinnati never was so crowded with
people as now. The races, exposition and
fall shopping all being in season.
Jno Swiney, Judge Turney, Thos. Phillips
and other noted turfmen of this city,
are attending the Latonia races.
Tom McGinley, 'bus driver of this city,
left yesterday for Mason County, to visit his
brother who is at the point of death.
Capt. R. S. Cheves has withdrawn from
the .Southern Herald, and will devote his
whole time to lecturing on temperance.
The premium for the best boy riders at
Maysville fair, were won by Thos Goff, of
Dover, and W. S. Wells, of Murphysville.
Misses Lucy and May Colville and Bettie
Necly, of Paris, are visiting at Mr. Samuel
Colville's, in this county Carlisle
The young men of Cynthiana presented
the Rev. Mr. Henderson with a 35 suit of
clothes to wear on his new circuit Maysville.
Fall and Winter bonnets will have
square, ample crowns to accommodate the
hair, which is in a coil on tho top of the
Bees taken to Florida become lazy, and
make only as much honey as they need from
day to day. Same way with the men who
go there.
O. J. Wiggins and wife, of Covington,
have returned home, after a protracted visit
in the South-west, for the benefit of the former's
Next Sunday morning the Merry Young
Bachelors, a club composed of some of the
b2st young men of Covington, will visit Lexington
on a pleasure trip.
Mrs. Peck, mother of Mrs. W. H. Fisher,
is lying at the point of death at Mrs. Fisher's
home.ln this county. Friends in the West
have been telegraphed for.
Ex-Senator David Davis has purchased a
largo tract of land near Fayetteville, N. C,
and will spend most of this fall there superintending
the -making of improvements
George Peck has dramatized "Peck's Bad
Boy," It will be produced under the title of
"Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa," in October.
The Bad Boy's father dramatizes every time
he goes out.
Col. W. A. Hamilton and Miss Ida entertained
Tuesday night at the residence of
Gen. John S. Williams, Montgomery county,
in honor of their guest Mr. Stuart, from
White Sulphur, Va.
Mrs. Jennie Kirby has gone to Seymour,
Ind for a two-weeks' recreation, after
which she will return to her dress-making
establishment with a full corps of hands
and commence business.
C. P. Huntington, the railroad magnate,
was a poor boy and a hard working man
lie did not begin tojaccumulate his immense
fortune until he was past forty, when he
staked all his savings on the scheme of the
Pacific Railroad.
A Methodist preacher at Newark, New
Jersey murdered his wife a?nd attempted
suicide, another has been arrested in Cleveland,
Ohio, for stealing 3 worth of stamps,
and a Baptist minister has been dismissed
from a Georgia congregation for the attempted
seduction of several young girls-all
within a week.
Mrs. Hattie Hill writes'a postal from
Richmond, Ind., complaining that she does
not get her Bourbon News, and that "she
would not miss It for anything it is as good
as a dozen letters." She ought to ask her
postmaster for it. It is sent regularly. Postmasters
always lie to persons supposed to bo
transient citizens, and never look for their
mail until they're dosged about it a dozen
times. Mrs. Hill is requested to show this
to the Richmond postmaster.
Dr. GtXERRAnT has had eight additions to
his meeting at Lair's.
Prof. B. F. Cabeix, of Cedar Bluff College,
Warren county, has in. his possession an
Egyptian coin bearing the date of 1289,
making it nearly six centuries old. The
coin was presented to tho Professor by Dr.
Whittaker of the U. S. Navy. It is of copper
and -worn slick from its long friction with
the world. Bowling Green Gazette.
The Trader, Turfman, Farmer
and Sportsman.
The owner of Jay-Eye-See ha3 refused
30,000 for him.
Lizzie S. came In for first honors Tuesday,
at the the Latonia race3.
A Lexington man bought pounds of
hemp recently in Clark county, at 5.25, delivered.
Maud S should keep her hazel eye on Jay-Eye-See.
A horse that can trot In 2:10
needs watching.
Frank Harper, of Woodford, has brought
sit against several noted turfmen here, for'
season money to Longfellew.
Either Cyclone or Alexander will down
old Reveille at Maysville to-day, and don'l
forget to keep your money in your pocket,
for certain.
New York sporting men are making up a
purse of 5,000 to be trotted for by Jay-Eye-See
and St. Julien on September 29th, at
New York.
Defender won the 2:00 purse at Maysville,
Wednesday, in three straight heats. In the
3-year-old. stakes Stewart won In three
straight heats.
Obermeyer, Wallflower, Lelex, and Lizzie
S., were the winners at Latonia, Wednes
daythe latter making her mile in 1:13,
the best time ever made on that track.
Wm. Rockawellcr's team, Clcora and Independence,
driven by J. P. Gilbert, trotted
on Charter Oak Park Saturday to beat 2:18
on a private wager. The mile was made in
With the exception of a stnalL territory
around Paris, the grass, crops and all vegetation
between Covington and Lexington is
burned to a crisp by the drouth. It is perfectly
terrible to behold.
Keller Thomas lias shipped the celebrated
stallion New York, to his owner, II. P.
Wade, of Jefferson, Ohio, for recreation between
seasons, and will be returned next
Spring. Two of his colts accompany him.
It is found from reports just received
from the tobacco-growing districts that the
tobeco crop in the New England States, New
York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and
Wiscousin has greatty suffered fronMhe recent
There's scarcely a corn crop between Cynthiana
and Covington, on the railroad, that
is worth cutting. Most of the crops could be
cut with a ciM'l'e and bound in small bundles
like wheat, and saved in better style
than the old way.
Col. M. Lewis Clark, of Louisville, has received
telegrams from Latonia and the East
saying th'at 200 horses from the former and
thirty fr.un the latter would arrive at the
Jockey Club grounds in a few days to take
part in the coming race meeting.
A Woodford county farmer estimates that
it costs ?7..S) to raiftC an acre of wheat, from
plowing to threshing; 57.15 to raise an acre
of corn, and t! 1 to raise an acre of potatoes.
Eighteen bushels to the acre, at SI per bushel,
the wheat will not 810.13; eight barrels of
corn, at v2per barrel, will net 5S.S5, and 150
bushels of potatoes, at twenty -five cents per
bushel, will net $23.50.
The jury iii the case of Lovis Jerime
against the K. C. road for killing a cow at
ilfillersburg, disagreed and were discharged.
V. II. Inoels & Co., aro selling all wool
Cashmere, 10 inches wide for 50 cents cash.
& ' -
To the wife of Mrs. John Morris, of this
county, an heir a mala child.
"W. II. Ingels & Co., are selling 4x4 Bleached
Cotton, equal to Lonsdale for 8 cents
Miss Lulu Soper, a Georgetown belle, and
daughter of Mr. Robert Sopor, will be married
on the 26th inst., to Mr. Ceorge AV.
of Denver, Col. The ceremony will
take place at the Christian church, at 8
Miss Lena Oliver eloped Monday with A.
M. Skinner, of Bourbon, to Cincinnati where
they were married and went to Chattanooga
on a bridal tour. Tho bride is one of our
sweetest and most amiable young ladies
and the groom is to be congratulated on his
good luck. Winchester Democrat.
At Centcrville, this county, on Tuesday
night, Frank Boyd, after a lingering illness
of several months. He formerly kept a grocery
in. this city, and leaves a wife and several
Charles Redmon, sr., died at his home in
this county, Wednesday night, after a painful
illness of disease of the kidneys. He
had been a sufferer in a mild form for several
years, and was apparently in splendid
health, and was up and attending to business
within a few days of his death. Burial
to-morrow at 10: 30.
Henry Craig, col'd, ex-driver of the express
wagon, died last Tuesday night, of consumption,
after a long illness. He had been
in the employ of tho Adams Express Company
at this place for lif teen years, and was
respected for his honest demeanor and gentle
bearing, by everybody. The employees
of the company here sent to Cincinnati and
bought a line floral wreath to be used at his
burial service.
l 1 1 JOHNSON. Prop'r,
B. B. COffly, Cbk,
One square from the Good
Liverv Stable Atuclid. Tin
kind frit attention jriwn and iifsiu matin
Good Sample "Rooms. A labie tilled
with ad all thf oi the
m. kenney; m. d.,
- riiAcrmoH of
May he found dnriiijj the day, when
not professionally at Brooks &
Lyman's Drug Store, at niuht, at the res
idence of Prof. E. Amende, on Ilih t.
Fruits, Cakes, Fancy
Goods, Cigrtirs and
bacco, &
JCST'One dour ahove th ThurHwii
X2?a h:b :b.
formerly with Davis &. Lylo, rcsnuctftiily informs
the public thai ho can be found one
door above the lie has a
new and complete slock of drus in fact,
evgrything in the drui; li.ie as new, bright
and shining as a sil er dollar.
Prescriptions caivfully compounded at all
hours, from tho purest drugs. i
The mil est and oldest Honors for
rnal purposes only, and the cigars and
tooaccoon tneiuarXet, kept constantly on
A liberal share of the public patronage is
respe'etf ally solicited.
High Street, Paris Kentucky.
Will break colts to hest, advantage.
Horses bought ami sold on a small margin,
also boarded on as good terms as any
other stables in Paris.
Dealer In
"Window Shades, Carpets, Oil
Olottis, Ulattresses, &c,
"2?" Special. Attention Given to
Undertaking and Repairing.
Mtiin Street, Paris, Ky.
R. la. KENNEY,
Paris, Ky.,
Will attend to all calls in his line, in
Bourbon and surrounding counties, with
promptness. Charges Reasonable. tf
formerly of Cincinnati.
JCMDesign8, Drawings and Specifications
including costs on all Architecture
and Maehinerj', furnish p1 accurately and
promptly. sepl9y
Fashionable Barber
Opp. Odd Fellows Hall .... Pa s, Ky
Immediate Relief in all Cases by
x- :o.tt:e3:
Blood ROOT 0
Cured of lilieumatism in Two Hours.
Buffalo, N. Y., May 2, 18S2.
Dr. HusJi's Medical Association:
Gektlejien. I have been troubled with
rheumatism for two years. I tried all the
best advertised oils and linaments, and
many first-class physicians without relief.
The last Dr. I visited recommended Dr.
Rush's "Blood Root Oil." I purchased a
largo bottle for fifty cents, and applied it.
In two hours I was relieved and now I am
entirely well. Its efiects are wonderful, and
I believe it the only thing in the. world
which will cure rheumatism. Truly Yours,
89 Erie St., Buffalo, N. Y.
has no equal in the woild as a Liniment or
Oil. It is a Cheap, Simple, Safe and Sure
remedy for man or beast. It never
fails to cure
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago. Backache,
Soreness of the Chest, Gout, Quinsy, Sore
Throat, Swellings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily Pains.Tooth, Ear and
Headache, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all
other Pains and Aches. It is put up in two
sizes. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by Druggists
everywhere, or sent direct upon receipt
of price by Dr. Rusu's'Medical Association,
Nunda, N. Y., U. S. A. ,
I KM 1 1 hfu JsU J, Uft CM-v
miurj:sbu!o ky.
K;itN, Two JLolto ij. i- Dfiy,
NeS;:ioj.le Roomful ,,,.
Livrrr mnl Sne Sfcbu Ctwin itcJ):
-A OK .NT V, .
6&" Losses Promptly Paid. &
E& Bates cm Ltnu (us The Loirr. a
Is the shortest and A:ickfest route
to MISSOURI, EAB&Afc una
TEXAS. Tickets to all .
Kortk ta.i,t
and Wes.
iinio Card in Effect July 29th, '83:
Lve Covington . . . . t:M am C:00
Lve Falmouth .... . 5:.'i am
LveCynchlam: ....
. am ':4U.i.i
Arri'uris ll:I5 am i:15
A it . . . . 1:10 7:15 jilt)
Lve Winchester . . . . VJ:S pm 7:",0 ,-.
pm im
Lve Kiehmond ....
i: 10 fe:
put lupin
Lve Lancaster .... ilCJb'
rr Staniord June . . 10:25 pill j.m
L e .Sun. ford J unc . . . am
Lve .... o:Hi am
Lve Jticl.nioncl . . . o:."5u am 1:8(1
A rr Winclnsier . . . 7:;am 2:(v i.i
Lve V, iiicne.sk r . . . - - ":,") 'a ii lUTf j I in l.i
SiSa am :,:tb pin
. h':,'0 am .v,:J.r
Lve Cyn liana . (JUk am 'c:. j.iu
Lvel'"ahnouth . . . . I'jM am 4:.'w j -la
A rr Covington . . . . 11: J") am pm
Lve Maysville "
Lve Carlisle . . 0:10 wain am 1:00 pin
Lve Millersbuvg 7 AS
Lve Paris . . . . am '2:4 pm
am o:lu
Arr . -:W pm
Lexington fc'iinm J:00pj!
tiuvixs xoiinr.
Lve Lexington .:U)jim o:?.-i in.i
Lve Paris
Lve Millersburg 7:Ioam 0:10
Lve Carlisle 7:;Sm 7:00 j i.i
Arr Maysville !):U0 n:n W-0 V.'ji
Lve Paris lianom i
Arr Lexington 12:ft5 pm j .
Lve Lexington 7:40 am
Arr Paris . . . 8 3) am ;l:K.
Arrive at Paris going Northward at ?:15pm,
arriving at 1 ovmgton at 6:H0 pm.
1 rains going Southward leaves Covington
at 3:00 pm, arriving at 0:15 pm.
Special Rates to EMIGRANTS
tickets, rates and information pertaining
to time, connections, &c, call on or
address JOIIN STUART, Agent,
Pakis, Ivy.
G. W. Render, a L. Browx,
Supt. G. P. & F. A.
W&M) I!1
IIM!!iVXt12i I S&DSKVIil
Grand Opera Builds,
(GREEN CHEATHAM, T'rop'r.) '
One Square from Railroad Depot K'h
Baggage transferred to and fro, frei r
charge 1
Liyery, Sale .
k Feed Stable,
Horses boarded, trained and sold on
commission. Livery rigs alwaj's kept for
public bire. Terms reasonable.
Broadway, Paris t.
("8io 9 A.M.
Office Hours 1 " 4 P.M.
17 " 8 P.M.
Office ,f oyer B. F.- Adair's grocery!
-. s

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