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7 J
en Amerioans and Six Cubans Were
Either Killed or Drowned
Hie Ship It Is Alleged Was Scuttled and
tbe Pumps JDeranffed by a Traitor The
Commodora Was Loaded With Anns
and Ammnnltloa tor Cubans
fr St Augustine Ma Jan 4 The filibustering-
steamer Commodore which
s left Jacksonville Fla Friday even
i ing was sunk off New Smyrna bar at
S30 oclock Saturday morning- carrying
its precious cargo of arms etc for the
Cuban army to the bottom 20 fathoms
The consignment consisted of 203000
cartridges 1000 pounds giant powder
40 bundles of rifles 2 electric batteries
300 machetes 14 cases of drugs 4 bun
dles of clothes valued at 44465 Not
-v an article was saved
Jacksonville Fla Jan 4 All of
the crew of the Commodore were not
saved as reported Saturday night
Twelve are in Jacksonville three alive
and one dead at Daytona Four are
reported to have arrived near Armond
- but the report has not been confirmed
and eight are at sea on a life raft
Capt Murphy Stephen Crane the
novelist C B Montgomery the cook
and Wm Higgins a stoker landed at
Daytona Sunday morning Their boat
was turned over in the surf and Hig
gins received a wound which caused
his death soon after getting ashore
The party on the raft are all Cubans
They left the boat before Capt Mur
phys party and nothing more has been
lieard of them
J M Barrs requested the collector
of customs to secure permission for
the Three Friends to go the rescue of
the Commodore immediately upon re
ceipt of the wreck Saturday The
collector telegraphed to Secretary Car
lisle at once but no reply was received
until Sunday afternoon Permission
was granted and the Three Friends
left Sunday night The beach is
being- patrolled from
to New Smyrna
St Augustine
It is re
ported there was treachery
aboard the Commodore but no details
- can be learned The party landed at
Daytona can not get to this city until
Monday as there are no Sunday trains
on the East Coast railroad The party
that landed Saturday night and
reached here are Maj Bicardo A
Delgado Paul Eolo Paquito Ben
cam o Franco Blanco Miguel Condis
burry Wamon Hernandez Gabriel
Martinez Santiago Diaz Emilie Mar
quez Jose Hernandez and Bueneven
tuo Linoveus
The following was received from
Daytona at f 11 oclock Sunday night
About ten oclock Friday night a sus
picious leak was discovered in the fire
room and Capt Murphy immediately
started the pumps which undoubtedly
had been tampered with as they were
in -working order when Capt Mur
phy and Chief Engineer Redigan
left watch at eight oclock
The fifes were extinguished and
the boat came to a standstill about 13
7 miles from Mosquito Light Capt
Murphy took full charge of the hand
lirg of the ship while the first mate
superintended the launching of the
boats The Cubans took possession of
the big boat and loaded it with bag
gage so that only 12 men left the tug
in it They reached shore at 4 oclock
Saturday and left for Jacksonville The
second boat was occupied by six Cu
bans and the empty boat washed ashore
at Port Orange Saturday night The
third boat to leave the crafts side was
filled with Americans leaving a ten
foot dingy for Capt Murphys use
who refused to quit the ship until all
were saved C B Montgomery the
steward Stephen Crane and Wm Hig
gins remained with the captain and
with him launched the dingy and stood
by the tug until 7 oclock when she
sank The mates boat containing
nine Americans was smashed and
the mate two engineers six fire
men and sailors were lashed
to - a raft which Capt Murphy
attempted to tow ashore two miles
away but the terrible sea and the
northeast gale swept them away The
dingy occupied by the captain and com
panions was 27 hours at sea Montgomery-
and Crane holding Capt Murphys
overcoat as a sail until the beach was
sighted High seas were breaking a
half a mile from shore Montgomery
Crane and Murphy were washed to the
beach where citizens provided them
with medical attendance
Over the Remains of the Late Joseph B
McCullagh the Veteran Journalist
St Louis Jan 4 The funeral of
the late Joseph B McCullagh editor of
the Globe Democrat took place Satur
day afternoon at his late residence on
West Pine Boulevard The services
were conducted by Rev John Snyder
of the Unitarian Church and Rev Dr
W W Boyd of the Second Baptist
The services were exceedingly sim
ple in character in accordance with
the well known wishes of the deceased
Among the visitors in attendance at
the funeral was Hon Henri Watterson
of the Louisville Courier Journal
The active pall bearers were co
workers of Mr McCullagh on the
Globe Democrat and the honorary
pall bearers were selected from men
prominent in nearly every walk of
The remains were interred in the
McKee family lot in Belief on taine
Heavy- Rains in the West
St Louis Jan 4 The heaviest rain
storm of recent years has prevailed
- throug hout Missouri Northern
- v- ft
fjtff nt
Of Minerals and Metals for the Year 180G
in the United States
New York Jan 3 The Engineering
and Mining1 Journal Saturday says
The production of minerals and met
als in the United States for the year
li96 is given at a total value of 653
311468 showing a decrease as com
pared with 1895 of 2468S200 or about
312 per cent This decrease was large
ly in values rather than in quantities
in none of the chief articles was there
any marked decrease while in several
there were considerable increases
The total production of metals in
the year 1896 was valued at 242811
481 an increase of 1694111 over the
previous year while the value of non
metallic substances was 410999987 a
derease of 26L3S3377 from 1895 A
large part of this was due to the lower
values of coal stone and a few other
important substances very little re
sulting from the smaller quantities
The increase in copper has been ex
traordinary the total gain amounting
to 67370150 pounds Ihe production of
gold reached the great total of 57000
000 a gain of 10169800 This extra
ordinary advance which far surpasses
the gain reported from any other coun
try in the world puts the United
States far in the lead of the producing
20untries Our output of gold was no
less than 26 per cent of the total re
ported for the entire world
The production of pig iron has been
8768869 long tons The decrease from
1895 being only 677 439 tons or about 7
The production of lead from domes
tic ores amounted to 175777 short tons
showing an increase of 20863 tons over
the preceding year In addition to
this there were 79000 tons produced
from imported ores or refined from im
ported bullion
The output of quicksilver was 33012
flasks of 76K pounds each showing a
decrease of 966 flasks from the previous
year The production continues to
come wholly from the California
The production of silver from do
mestic ores reached a total of 45465
173 fine ounces showing a decrease of
865062 ounces There were produced
or refined from foreign ores and bul
lion by our smelters and other works
no less than 40000000 fine ounces of
silver making the total quantity re
fined or put into final marketable form
in this country 85465173 fine ounces
The total production of spelter or
commercial zinc for 1896 amounted to
77044 short tons showing a decrease of
4774 tons from that of 1895
The output of bituminous coal was
141770099 tons showing a gain of
4371 752 tons On the other hand there
was a decrease of 6782057 short tons
in the anthracite production
The total coal production was there
fore 193351027 short tons and the
total decrease as compared with 1895
was 2410305 tons
Will Grant Three Administrative BodlCf
In Cuba The Cubans Will Have a Largs
Share in the Control of Local Affnira
Washington Jan 2 According to
custom the secretary of state and Mrs
Olney entertained the diplomatic corps
at breakfast at their residence at noon
Friday About 150 were present Mrs
Olney was assisted in receiving by Mrs
George Gray Mrs Sheridan Mrs Mc
Clellan Mrs Charles H Davis Mrs
Hogue Mrs Endicott Mrs Thomas
Nelson Page Mrs Minot her daugh
ter and a number of young girls
In the afternoon Mr and Mrs Olney
received callers
Washington Jan 2 The effect of
the reforms proposed by the Spanish
government for Porto Rico when ex
tended to Cuba as is proposed when
the insurrection has been brought un
der further control will be to create
three series of administrative bodies in
the island independent of the repre
sentatives of Cuba in the Spanish
cortes The voters under a sys
tern of limited suffrage are al
ready permitted to choose the
boards of aldermen of municipal
ities and the mayors are to be chosen
from these boards by vote of their
members The next body in rank is
the provincial assembly of which there
is only one in Porto Rico but one for
each of the six provinces of Cuba The
functions of the provincial assembly
are largely united with those of the
proposed council of administration in
the case of Porto Rico because there is
but one body The council of
tration will be an independent body in
Cuba and will for the first time give
the Cubans a large share of control
over their internal domestic concerns
The home government will retain con
trol of the laws levying taxation and
will reserve the right to renew the
budget of appropriations but the ap
propriations will be made by the coun
cil of administration subject to the
appproval of the ministry at
Madrid The Spanish govern
ment does not propose at pres
ent to widen the limits of the
suffrage which extends to persons pay
ing a combined tax of five dollars ard
to several of the learned professions
The reforms in contemplation for Cuba
afe largely those which were embodied
in the decree of March 15 1S95 but
which have not yet been put in force
because of the insurrection Changes
which have been proposed in this law
will require to be submitted to the
cortes at their meeting in the spring
but it is not doubted that the plans
proposed by the ministry will be ac
Military Strength of New York
Albany N Y Jan 2 Adj Gen
McAlpin Thursday made his annual re
port for the past vear He savs There
- - rr i -- I - i -
sas ana maian emtory aurmg tne are about 500000 men in the state sub
past 36 hours In many places in ject to enrollmentfor military service
Bouri the streams are overflown and in i wno would be fit for such Service The
some places railroads have suffered
from wash outs
A Conference With the Duke of Tetuan
Madrid Jan 4 Hon Han n is Tay
lor the American minister had a long
conference Sunday with the duke oi
Tetuan minister of foreign affairs
The- subject of the conference has not
been divulged v -- t -
national guard consists of 851 commis
sioned officers and 12556 enlisted men
Aged Schoo teacher Dead
Indianapolis Ind Jan 2 Abra
ham H Dawson the first schoolteaeher
in this city and county died Friday
He was born in Kentucky in 1S04 and
was three times married There were
no children He settled here in 1832 -
c K jis4Jwa
JBitlC - m
Washington Jan 4 Just before
the holiday recess the house of repre
sentatives upon the recommendation
of the committee on rules arranged
the business of thehouse forthe first
week in the new year
On Tuesday and Wednesday the
Loud bill to amend the postal laws so
as to prohibit the transmission in the
-mail of serial novel publications and
sample copies of newpapers at the
second class rate will be the spe
cial order Discussion under
the general rule will continue
from immediately after the reading
of the journal on Tuesday the 5th
inst until 2p m on Wednesday and
under the 4five minute rule upon pro
posed amendments until 4 oclock when
voting will begin upon pending amend
ments and the final passage of the bilL
When the bill was called up rather un
expectedly several weeks ago it devel
oped surprising strength but since
then the onnosition has been active
and the chances of its passage are now
considered rather doubtful
After thisbill has been disposed of
the rest of the week Thursday Fri
day and Saturday will be devoted to
the consideration of the Pacific rail
road funding bill reported by Judge
Powers chairman of the committee on
Facific railroads Two days will be
given to general discussion and one
day to debate and action in committee
of whole upon proposed amendments
The bill will be reported to the house
at 5 oclock Saturday and the vote on
its passage taken on Monday
the 11th inst immediately af
ter the reading of the Jour
nal The debate on this measure will
doubtless be interesting owing to the
opposition which exists among mem
bers of the house to the action of the
majority of the committee The bill
proposes to extend the government
lien over all the physical properties of
the companies which it is claimed the
present lien does not cover and sub
stituting for all outstanding obliga1
a new four per cent mortgage
the governments debts to be carried
at two per cent per annum In addi
tion to this the Southern Pacific Co is
required to pay the amount charged
against the Central Pacific Co so lonj as
it re mains lessee thereof Ihe amount
of the Union Pacific mortgage will be
54731000 and of the Central Pacific
net 52 SO 1 000 Messrs Hubbard of
Missouri and Bell of Texas have made
minority reports opposing the recom
mendations of the committee the
former recommending that the bill be
drawn by Attorney General Harmon
and introduced by Senators Brice and
Morgan to enforce the government
liens upon the property by proceedings
in the court of appeals of the
District of Columbia and the
In House the Loud Bill to Amend
ine rostal Laws
Will Be Disposed of After That the Tar
ciflc Bailroad Funding Bill In the
Senate Our Foreign Relations an
Olneys Position Will Come Up
latter that the debts of the companies1
oe extenueu ao uurec per ctsuu iuslcuu
of two secured by a first mortgage up
on all their properties They will prob
ably lead the debate against the com
mittees bill
By the terms of the order s making
these measures the special business
consideration of any other matter is
shut out and it will
consent to acton anything else until the
orders have been exhausted The only
exception is that on Friday night pri
vate pension bills will be discussed for
two hours and a half as usual without
a quorum
When the senate meets Tuesday
morning it is quite likely that the de
bate on matters pertaining to our for
eign relations and the position assumed
by Secretary Olney for the executive
wxr -1 -
ftgaed by the Qumh Recent GaaraatMi
cree was signed which apply to the
island of Porto Rico the laws of re
forms voted in the cortes on the 15th
of March 1895
The preamble to this decree is of the
greatest importance because of the
statements it contains regarding Cuba
Ti t i
iu Deg ms ov explaining tne reasons
With Spain to Crush the Republic of Cnba
Allowed Dealings of Secretary Olnej
and Minist r De Lome
New York Jan 2 The Journal
Friday published the following start-
take unanimous ling cablegram from its very excellent
correspondent at Madrid Mr James
It has taken me many days to trace
out the astounding dealings of Presi
dent Cleveland and his administration
with the Spanish monarchy but I am
Actual lacts snow that Cleveland
offer of mediation was simply a covei
under the American g overnment se
iae Beforms in th System of Govern- In a letter soon to be printed in -the
ment in Porto Kico Railway Times Eugene Y Debs will
Madrid Jan 2 In the council ol - Bnn0unce that he has abandoned the
ministers presided over Friday by her peoples- party and become astraight
majesty the- queen regent a royal de- out socialist
The landslide which occurred near
Rathmore county Kerry Ireland on
Sunday and Monday has not yet sub
sided The bog is moving toward the
river and there are fears of a further
sliding of the hill behind it
inquiry at tne Vatican concerning
why the reforms are applied to day the report that Archbishop Corrigan
and wherefore this has not been done
before Amongst other paragraphs it
contains the following
In the actual circumstances the gov
ernment considers that the proper
time has arrived for giving to the
world ample proof of its firm resolve
to fulfill the engagements voluntarily
contracted by the nation by implant
ing and carring into effect in Porte
Rico the reform of the system of gov
ernment and civil administration
voted by the cortes and sanctioned by
her majesty and which conveniently
enlarged and extended will be applied
in due time to Cuba
In unfoldiDg the basis of reforms
with that scrupulous care which the
complex nature of the case and ifa
many and varied problems demand
the undersigned minister hasbeen in
spired with a sense of the necessity ol
ample administrative decentralization
and has proceeded to the utmost limit
which the actual law allows withoul
dimunition of the inherent sovereignty
of the nation At the same time tru
to the solemn promise made before
parliament by its president th
government proposes to give a
more ample scope to the reforms when
as a herald of peace the happy momenl
arrives lor the detinue application ol
the reforms to both the Antilles Aa
soon as possible her majestys govern
ment will hasten to apply to Cuba noi
only the reforms which form the
groundwork of the law applied to Porte
Rico but also will extend to both prov
inces the reforms which have been
offered with the view of conferins
upon both Antilles an administrative
and economic personality of a local
character which shall facilitate the
complete intervention of the country
in its own affairs maintaining at the
same time intact the right of sover
eignty and the conditions necessary tc
the maintenance of that right as wat
stated in the words her majesty deigned
to address to the cortes by the advice
of her responsible government upon
the opening of parliament
Briefly the law ol reforms voted by
the cortes and sanctioned by the crown
which is to day to be applied to Porte
Rico will form the foundation stone
of the new regime but an additional
decree account of which will be given
to the cortes will amplify to such an
extent these reforms that a genuine
home administration will be consti
tuted in our Antilles in the first in
stance for Cuba but to be extended to
Porto Rico as soon and at the same
time as it may be possible to apply tc
xne lormer island Xetuan
Minister of Foreign Affairs
of New York was soon to be elevated
to the cardinalate has elicited the- in
formation that none of the popes en
tourage expects that the appointment
will be made N
Five employes ofi Wm Barr Cos
department store in St Louis were ar
rested Thursday charged with theft
They included three clerks a bundle
wrapper rnd a cashier and by the ma
nipulation of sale checks are said to
have stolen thousands of dollars
The island of Acordu in the Gulf of
Darien is partiallyinundated Forty
five houses have been washed away
and three persons it is known were
drowned The full extent of the dam
age done -is not known as yet but
the indications are that it will be very
Superintendent Williamson of the
United States Express Co believes
that in the ca ture of John F Ken
nedy at Kansas City Thursday the
leader of the gang who robbed the
Chicago Alton railroad train at Blue
Cut on the night of December 23 was
J D Ri Elliott the crack profes
sional jpigeon shot from Kansas City
defeated E D Fulford the Utica
champion at Dexter Park New York
I Thursday The match was for 100 a
side and the Kansas City trophy 100
birds each 30 yards and 50 yards
Edward Z Taplor alias Arthur W
Piatt who is under arrest in London
charged with the murder of Jesse Ty
ree in Kentucky in 1885 was arraign
ed in the Bow street police court Thurs-
day morning and further remanded
pending the arrival of papers concern-
ing the case from America
David S Eirdsall who was a member
of the first professional base ball club
that ever represented Boston is dead
from the results of an operation per
formed a year ago He was 57 years
old He retired in 1872 not being
strong enough to face the more speedy
pitching that came into vogue
Andrew W Swett who for many
years has been agent of the Adams Ex
press Co in New York and who was
with Samuel Adams and assisted him
in founding the Adams Express Co
died in Benson Hurst L L Sunday
afternoon from Brights disease Mr
Swett was born in Maine 75 yeais ago
B G Scanlan general agent for Or
ator F Woodward proprietor of a pat
ent medicine manufactory at Leroy
N Y committed suicide at the Conti
nehtalhotel Newark N J by taking
poison He had lived at 253 West
Twenty eighth street New York city
He was well known in Rochester
N y
Representative Webster C Weiss of
Northampton arrived at Harrisburg
Pa Ihursday and said he knew noth
ing about an attempt to bribe him by
E A Van Valkenburg one of Mr
Wanamakers managers He scarcely
knows the accused man and does not
know Gibson who made the informa
Judge Freeman Thursday appointed
Charles L Boyd receiver for Schultz
Bros lumber dealers at 84 Van Buren
street Chicago Wm Schultz a part-
now in a position to give the American ner filed the bill alleging insolvency
public some liffht on the subiect and partnership disagreement He
piacea tne naoiuties largely m excess
of the assets which are estimated at
will at once begin to take shape cretly proposed to help Spain to over Anthony Paradme 33 years of age
Whether Mr Cameron will call up the throw and suppress the republic oi ari electriclight inspector was shocked
Cuban resolution on the opening day Cuba and to enforce peace in that to death Thursday while fixing an arc
of the session is not known for that island on terms which the patriot army light in Stockton a suburb of Camden
senator has not yet returned to the would not accept This offer was - N J Ihe full charge of 2500 volts
city and the subject is entirely in his not made in the form of a written doe
hands ument transmitted through the usua
Mr Hale who is looked upon as the channels but for the sake of greatei
leader of the anti Cuban recognition secrecy was conveved in a verbal
sentiment in the senate said Saturday
that several senators who had been
heretofore silent on the subject had
come out against the Cameron resolu
tions and there was ndw no possible
chance for its passage
On the other hand Messrs Cameron
Lodge Chandler Morgan and Mills
assert that the sentiment favoring ac-
on the joint resolutions providing for
the election ot presiaent ana vice presi
dent and senators by popular vote
Bryan Will Huiit Dor
Richmond Va Jan 4 Wm J Bry
bears the reputation or containing
more experienced huntsmen and the
best deer in the state plenty of good
sport is anticipated
Shively as a Reformer
Richmond Ind Jan 4 State Sena
tor Charles E Shivelj of this city is
preparing to introduce into the coming
session of the legislature five or sis
bills of general interest One of them
is an anti trust bill one a pure ood
bill and one a bill to change the date
of opening the terms of the circuit
Lord Beresfords Condition Improved
London Jan 4 Ihere has been a
decided improvement in the condition
of Lord Wm Beresfordwho was badly
injured Wednesday while following
the hounds at Dorking Surrey
statement made by Secretary Olney t2
the Spanish minister at Washington
De Lome who cabled the whole mat
ter to Madrid The understanding
was that if Cuban leaders refused ta
lay down their arms upon conditions oi
local self government to be pro
posed through the United States the
whole influence and power of the
tion by congress is becoming more vig i American government would be exert
orous and that the fighting will be ed to crush the new republic
forced from the start Mr Hale who j The slightest investigation by con
in the absence of Mr Allison is acting gress will reveal the truth of this state
chairman of the cbmmittee on ment
priations expects to have the army bill I have the facts upon unimpeach
reported to senate Wednesday and this able authority but the most surprising
will be put forward to antagonize the fact in this well concealed conspiracy
Cuban proposition j againt tne Cuban republic is that in
Two speeches are booked for the com- order to help Spainin her pitiless earn
ing week one by Mr Peffer probably paign of massacre Secretary Olney has
Wednesday on his resolution for the not presented any of the claims for
appointment of a national monetary damages arising out of the destruction
conference and another by Mr Proctor of American property in the present
My investigations in Madrid show
that notwithstanding Clevelands
empty expressions of sympathy for Cu
bans he has been their most vigilant
an has accepted an invitation to visit apd deliberate enemy
Mr Robt Southail at his place in He has searched the
Amelia county ior the purpose of hav
ing a deer hunt As Amelia county
records for
pretexts to avoid pressing the just
claims of Americans upon Spain
At the same time he has Jntimated
to the monarchy through more than
one channel his desire to prevent Cu
ba from achieving independence
B Ihe most important business before
it and the topic which is at present all
absorbing is the election of a United
States senator to succeed Hon John
M Palmer There are six candidates
William E Mason Clarke E Carr ex
minister to Denmark and for some
time speaker of the lower house John
NT Hamilton of Chicago Samuel W
Allerton the millionaire pork packer
aJLso of Chicago Congressman Robert
B Hitt and Martin B Madden a Chi-
u i nago alderman
passed through his bodyr killing him
instantly Paradine wore rubber
gloves and how he received the shock
is a mystery
At the Cuban Junta it was said Thurs
day that the Dauntless and Commodore
jvould probably leave Jacksonville
about Saturday with arms and ammu
nitions for the insurgents The state
ment telegraphed from Washington
that both will take out clearance pa
pers in he regular way is confirmed
in New York
At high noon Friday Hazen S Pin
gree mayor of Detroit and governor
elect appeared before Chief Justice
Long of the supreme court and sub
scribed to the oath as governor of
Michigan The ceremony of induc
tion into office was very informal only
a few personal friends of Mr Pingree
being in attendance
Private advices have been received
which confirm a previous report that
41 filibusters ivova the steamer Three
Friends under Aranp having in thgir 1
possession 360 rifles and sailing in two
boats were capsized off Jaruco on the
north coast of Havana province by
reason of the rough seas It is said
that alL of them were drowned
The Colorado legislature which con
venes in Denver Monday January 11
willeLecta United States senator to
succeed Henry M Teller The
tion however is not creating the usual
interest as it is generally conceded in
political circles that Mr Teller will
succeed himself and that there will be
no serious opposition to his re election
Trained nurses from the Nurses Pro-
A Successor to Senator Palmer tective association Allegheny Pa are
pkingfield 11L Jan 2 Tne anxious to visit Cuba and render what
nois legislature will convene January professional assistance they can for the
wounded and destitute people of the
stricken island At a meeting three of
the brave young women volunteered
It was reported at Menninee Falls
Wis Thursday on apparently good au
thority that the Chicago and North
western Railway Co has bought up
the Milwaukee and Superior railroad
and has beeb surveys at Gran
ville and also west rom Sussex with
he object of continu ng the road from
tne present terminusVat that place tc
i - j
ivatertown -
y -
rm - X Wsr
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Animals Are Left Handed
Somebody has found out that animals
are left handed if the expression may
be used about creatures that have no
hands Several different zoologists
have noticed this condition Parrots
take objects preferably with- the left
claw the lion strikes with the left pawr
and so competent an authority as
the African explorer as
serted that in his opinion all animals -
are left handed
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Limp and lame lame back
Oil cures it promptly surely
St Jacobs-
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All laws free 31 yrs practice Success or no fe
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For a man to exert his power in doings
good so far as he can is a glorious task
Alt sorts of aches and
better than St Jacobs Oil
Tub reformer is
war Rams Horn
pains nothings
It cures
a living declaration of
Just try a 10c box of Cascarets candy ca
thartic finest liver and bowel regulator made
Truth lias nothingto fear from thef uture
Rams Horn
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When an innocent
man is jailed by
mistake he prefers
to come out the
same way he went in
He may break jail and be
caught and put back again
Hed rather have the door un
locked and walk out and
stay out
A sick man is a piisoner in
the jail of disease he has gone
in by some door of carelessness
or neglect or irregular living
and he must unlock this same
door by careful sensible habits
if he wants to be a freet well man again
tion is the way he got into disease lie has s
got to overcome just those troubles before
he can get out
The majority of diseases begin witjh some
trouble of the digestive organs oy of the
liver which prevents the supply faf proper
nourishment to the system Ifhe hp f
remedy for these troubles is
uomen Medical uiscovery because it gives
the digestive and blood - makitier ortrntia
power to assimilate food and trjansform it
into pure nourishing blood vhlized with
an abundance of red corpuscle
It acts directly upon the ttver and gives
it capacity to filter all bttfous impurities
out of the circulation It builds up solid
muscular flesh and healthy nerve force - -
In obstinate constipation the Discov
ery should be used ml conjunction with
Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets the most nat
ural and thoroughly scientific laxative pvm
devised The Pellets regulate and in
vigorate the stomach liver and bowels
One is a gentle laxative two act as a mild
My wife had suffered for seven years with
pepsia sick headache and costiveness writes
Mr Alonzo DJameson of Dunbartou Merrimack
Co N H we tried mafay doctors and many
Kinds of medicine but all were of no avail We
purchased six bottles of your Golden jVIedical
Discovery which together with the - Pleasant
Pellets has entirely restored my wifes health
and we cannot say enough in thanks to you for
these valuable medicines
- 3
p 0 1
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