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V -a
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- VV 4
a M
While we sleep Gods silence holds
Earth and us within its folds
Clasps us close and bids us rest
afe and sweet upon its breast
While twa ioon n ur
an0V v4 oii 114C moves on i
uent forcesone by one
l2Sr chmber through the houra
Keeping time
to times own powers
Rhythmic in its tock-tick-tock
Speaks our faithful friend the clock
Counts fho minulu
17 uluurei men way
Till the dawning of the day
V Robert Barra
Copyright i8q5 by Robert Barr
his breath as he saw his own ns
While we sleep the iron horse
Girdles earth with winged force
While it carries us afar
Safe within its palace car
While we sleep stars in the sky
their vigils up on high
Jeweled lights resplendent shine
Crowning darkness as divine
Watching earth we love to feel -Guarding
us with ceaseless zeal
Tempests come and tempests go
While we sleep nor do we know
Of their battles or the cause
Or the potencies and laws
That surround us while we sleep
Rocked in silence still and deep
We mas rest upon that will
Saying to us Peace be still
We may rest and we may wait
While for us sleeps open gate
Bids us enter and be blessed
With a courage new possessed
With more strength for duties near
When new duties shall appear
Sacred night we welcome thee
While we sleep so silently
Ella Dare in Chicago Inter Ocean
or A Woman J J Intervenes
On Monday morning- as lie came in bv
train liis eye caught a flaming- poster
on one of the bill boards at the station
It was headed Financial Field and the
next line in heavy black letters was
The Iica Mining Swindle Kenyon
called a newsboy to him and bought a
copy of the paper There in leaded
type was the article before him It
seemed somehow mnch more impor
tant on the printed page than it had
looked on the proof
As he read it he noticed an air of
truthful sincerity about the article
that had escaped him during the brief
glance he had given it on Friday It
went on to say that the Austrian Min
ing company had sunk a good deal of
money in the mine and that it had
never paid a penny of dividends that
they merely kept on the mine at a con
stant loss to themselves in the hope of
being able to swindle some con
investors but that even their d
fgL were as nothing compared to the
ts srTi riLT x
zaceu aempu vt swiiiming
plated by John Kenyon He
me in
print It was a shock for which he was
not prepared as he had not noticed it
in the proof Then he read on It
seemed that this man Xenjon had se
cured the mine at something like 10
000 and was trying to shove it off on
the unfortunate British public at the
enorinous increase of 200000 but this
nefarious attempt would doubtless be
frustrated so long as there were papers
of the integrity of the Financial Field
that took the risk and expense of mak
ing such an exposure as was here set
The article possessed a singular fas
cination for Kenyon He read and re
read it in a dazed way as if the state
ment referred to some other person
and he could not help feeling sorry for
that person
He still had the paper in his hand as
he walked up the street and he felt
numbed and dazed as if some one had
struck him a blow He was nearly run
over in crossing one of the thorough
fares and heard an outburst of pro
fanity directed at him from a cab
driver and a man on a bus but he
heeded them not walking through the
crowd like one under a spell
He passed the door of his own gor
geous office and walked a considerable
distance up the street before he real
ized what he had done Then he turned
hack again and just at the doorstep
paused with a pang- at his heart
I wonder if Edith Longworth will
read that article he said to himself
When John Kenyon enterd his office
it seemed to him that his clerk looked
at him askance He imagined that
innocent gentleman had been reading
the article in the Financial Field bus
the truth is John was hardly in a frame
of mind to form a correct opinion on
what other people had been doing
Everybody he met in tne street it
seemed to him was discussing the
article in the Financial Field
He asked if anybody had been in that
morning and was told that there had
been no callers Then he passed into
closed the door behind
the directors room
hind him sat down on a chair and
hands with Ins
leaned his head on his
elbows on the table In this position
Wentworth found him some time later
-and when John looked up his face was
haggard and agod
Ah I see you have read 11
Longworth is at the
Do you think
bottom of that article
John shook his head l
whatever to do
said he had nothing
1 - How do you know
exactly what had
Kenyon related
- passed between the oily young man of
VI theFinancial Field and hiinsdf lhat
i j while tliisjecital was go-
SL expressing ii opinio now and
then in remarks that were
pithy but hardly ta xu -
ort and
t i
Jv - -
y - jr -1
cf -- r
i i r - 2 i i rr
- MWWWW1 j - V
When the story was done he turned on
Well he said there is nothing for
it but sue the paper for libel
What good will that do
What good will it do Do you
mean to say that you intend to sit here
under such an imputation as they have
cast upon you and do nothing What
good will it do It will do all the good
in the world
We cannot form our company and
sue the paper at the same tirne All
our energies will have to be directed
toward the matter we have in hand
But my dear John dont you see
the effect ofrthat article How can we
form our company if such a lie remains
unchallenged Nobody will look at
our proposals Every one will say
What have you done about the article
that appeared in the Financial Field
If we say we have done nothing then
of course the natural inference is that
we are a pair of swindlers and that our
scheme is a fraud
I have always thought said John
that the capitalization is too high
Really I believe you think that ar
ticle is not so unfair after all John
I am astonished at you
But if we commence a- libel suit it
cannot be finished before our option
has expired If we tell the people that
we have begun to sue the Financial
Field fov libel they will merely say
they prefer to wait and hear what the
result of the case is By that time our
chances of forming a company will be
Before John could reply there was a
knock at the door and the clerk entered
with a letter in his hand which had just
come in Kenyon tore it open iead it
and then tossed it across the tabkj to
Wentworth Wentworth saw the name
of their firm of solicitors at the top of
the letter xiaper Then he read
Dear Sir You have doubtless the ar
ticle in the Financial Field of this morn
ing referring to the Canadian Mica Mining
company We should he pleased to know
what action you intend to take in the mat
ter We may say that in justice to our
reputation we can no longer represent your
company unless a suit is brought against
the paper which contains the article
Yours truly W Hawk
Wentworth laughed with a certain
bitterness Well he said if it has
come to such a pass that Hawk fears
for his reputation the sooner we begin
a libel suit against the paper the bet
Perhaps said John with a look of
agony on his face you will tell me
where the monev is to come from The
moment we get into the law courts
money will simply have to flow like
water and doubtless the Field has
plenty of it It will add to their repu
tation and they will make a boast that
they are lighting the battle of the in
vestor in London Everything is grist
that comes to their mill Meanwhile
we shall be pajring out money or we
shall be at a tremendous disadvantage
and the result of it all will probably be
a disagreement of the jury and practi
cally ruin us You see I have no wit
Yes but what about the mine
How can we go on without vindicating
ourselves -
Before anything further could be
said young Mr Longworth came in
looking as cool calm and unruffled as
if there were no such things in the
world as financial newspapers
Discussing it I see were his first
Yes said Wentworth 1 am very
glad you have come We have a little
difference of opinion in the matter of
that article Kenyon here is averse to
suing that paper for libel I am in
favor of prosecuting it Now what do
you say
My dear fellow replied Longworth
I am delighted to be able to agree with
Mr Kenyon for once Sue them I
Why certainly not That is just what
they want
But said Wentworth if we do not
who is going to look at our mine
Exactly the same number of
pie as would look at it before the article
Dont you think it will have any ef
Not the slightest
Butlookatthis letter from your own
lawyers on the subject Wentworth
handed Longworth the letter from
nawk Longworth adjusted his glass
and read it carefully through
By Jove he said with a laugh I
call that distinctly good I had no idea
old Hawk was such a humorist His
reputation indeed well that beats
me All that Hawk wants is another
suit on his hands I wish you would let
me keep this letter I will have some
fun with m3 friend Hawk over it
You are welcome to the letter so1
far as I am concerned said Went
worth but do you mean to say Mr
Longworth that we have to sit here
calmly under this imputation and do
I mean to nothing of the kind
but I dont propose to play into their
hands by suing them at least I should
not if it were my case instead of Ken
What would you do
I would let them sue me if they
wanted to do so Of course their can
vasser called to see you didnt he Ken
yon -
Yes he did
He told you that he had a certain
amount of space to sell for ascertain
sum in cash
And if you did not buy that space
this certain article would appear
whereas if you did an article of quite
a different complexion would be
You seem to know all about it said
Kenyon suspiciously
Of course I do my dear boy Every
body knows all about it Thats the way
those papers make their money I think
myself as a general rille it is cheaper to
buy them uncle always
off I believe my
ways does that wherThe has anything
special on hand and doesnt wanfe
be hothcred with mi tside Issues Btft
we havent done so in this instance
ana this is the resuM It can db
i If in
All that vou have to do is to pay his
price and there
will be an equally
lengthy article saying that from out
side information
received with regard
to the Canadian
Mining company he
regrets very much that
article was an entire mistake and that
there is no more
secure investment in
England than this particular mine But
now when he has come out with his ed
itorial I think it isnt worth while to
have any further dealings with him
Anything he can say now will not
matter- He has done all the harm he
can But I would at once put the boot
Sf ther foot I would write down
all the
circumstances just as they hap
penedgive the name of the younr
man who called upon you tell exact
ly the price he demanded for his si
lence and I will have that printed in
an opposition paper to morrow Then
- TS1 b OUr friend be Financial
Field s turn to
squirm He will say
it is all a lie of course but nobody will
believe him and we can tell him from
the opposition paper that if it is a 12
he is perfectly at liberty to sue us f or
libel Let him begin the suit if he
wants to do so Let him defend his rep
utation Sue him for libel I know a
game worth two of that Could you
get out the statement before the meet
ing to night
Kenyon who had been looking for
the first time in his life gratefully at
Longworth said he could
Very well just set it down in your
own words as plainly as possible and
give date hour and full particulars
Sign your name to it and I will take it
when I come to the meeting this after
noon It would not be a bad plan to
read it to those who are here There
is nothing like fighting the devihwitli
fire Fight a paper with another paper
Nothing hew I suppose
No said Kenyon nothing new
except what we are discussing
Well dont let that trouble ycu
Bo as I say and we will begin an inter
esting controversy People like a fight
and it will attract attention to the
mine Good by I shalL see you this
afternoon And with that he was
gone leaving both Kenyon and Went
worth in a much happier frame of mind
than that in which he had found them
I say Kenyon said Wentworth
that fellow is a trump His adyice has
cleared the air wonderfully I believe
his plan is the best after all and as
you saj we have no money for- an ex
pensive lawsuit I will leave -you now
to get on with your work and will be
back at three oclock
At that hour John had his statement
concluded The first man in was Long
worth who read it with approval mere
ly suggesting a change here and there
which was duly made Then he put the
communication into an envelope and
I -would let them sue ma if they wanted to
sent it to the editor of the opposition
paper Wentworth came in next then
Melville then Mr King After this
they all adjourned to the directors
room and in a few minutes the others
were present
Now said Longworth an we are
all here I do not see any necessit3r for
delay You have probably read the
article that appeared in this mornings
Financial Field Mr Kenyon has writ
ten a statement in relation to that which
gives the full particulars of the inside
of a very disreputable piece of business
It was merely an attempt at black
mailing which failed I intended to
have had the statement read to you
but we thought it best to get it olf ag
quickly as possible and it will appear
to morrow in the Financial Eagle
where T hope you will read it Now
Mr Kenyon perhaps you will tell us
something about the mine
Kenyon like many men of worth and
not of -words was a very poor speaker
He seemed confused and was often a lit
tle obscure in his remarksbut he was
listened to with great attention by those
present He was helped here and there
by a judicious question from young
Longworth and when he sa down the
impression was not so bad as might
have been expected After a moments
silence it was Mr King who spoke
As I take it he said all we wish
to know is this Is the mine what it
is represented to be Is the mineral
the best for the use Mr Kenyon has in
dicated Is there a sufficient quan
tity of that mineral in the mountain he
speaks of to make it worth while to
organize this company It seems to
me that this can only be answered by
some practical man going out there
and seeing the mine for himself Mr
Melville is I understand a practical
man If he has the time to spare I
would propose that he should go to
America see this mine and report
Another person asked when the option
on the the mine ran out This -was
answered by young Longworth who
said that -the person who went ber
and reported on the mine could cable
the word right or wrong then
therewpuld be tinie to actin LoncTpn
in gettingup the lYst of subscribers
I suppose said another that in j
fK of dflnv hvpp wrmlrl Vif trnnMfl I
in renewing the optiort for a month- oi
To this Kenyon replied that he did
not know The owners might put i
higher price on the property or the
mine might be producing more mica
than it had been heretofore and they
perhaps might not be inclined to sell
He thought that things should be ar
ranged so that there would be no ne
cessity of asking for an extension
of the option and to this they all
Melville then said he had no objec
tion to taking a trip to Canada It was
merely a question of the amount of
the mineral in sight and he thought he
could determine that as well as any
body else And so the matter was about
to be settled when young Longworth
rose and said that he was perfectly
willing to go to Canada himself in
company with Mr Melville and that
he would pay all his own expenses and
give them the benefit of his opinion as
well This was received with applause
and the meeting terminated Long
worth shook hands with Kenyon and
We will sail by the first steamer
he said and as I may not see you
again you might write me a letter of
introduction to Mr Von Brent and tell
him that I am acting for you in this
affair That will make matters smooth
in getting the extension of the option
if it should be necessary
Efaaotions Which a Young Father Feels
When He Trundles the Baby
It is always a little amusing to see
a jroung father fare forth with a baby
his baby in his arms for the first
time It is no use for him to try to
appear unconscious to everybody that
it is his first appearance in public in
the role of a father
His awkwardness is manifest but his
pride is also in evidence and the two
form a combination of which no young
father need to be ashamed There are
some men and some women who arc
sentimental enough to have their hearts
quite touched by the very sight of a
-young couple overflowing with tender
ness and pride and solicitude over theii
first born Those to whom this not
uncommon spectacle appeals are apt to
be4 middle aged or elderly men and
womenwhoseidWri youth has long been
only a memory But if they have lived
honestly and truly it is a pleasant mem
ory and the sight of a young couple and
their first baby gives rise to some of
the sweetest memories of their lives
They recall the time when life was
all hopes and all harmonies to them and
the coming of their first little one gave
them new hopes and sweeter harmonies
The little one is a man now perhaps
with children of his own but you can
remember just how he looked in his
swaddling clothes and just how you
felt -when you first appeared in public
I with him in your arms You dont
talk much about it now because you
dont want to be thought silly or
sentimental but if you are the man
-IT-- LJ J T 11
ur tue you ougnt o oe you win
have taught your children that God can
give them no higher proof of His favor
than to give them little ones of their
own Detroit Free Press
Figures Showing What Nations Send the
Adulterated Article
In a communication recently received
from the British board of agriculture
by Acting Secretary of Agriculture
Dabney a return is made of samples of
imported butter analyzed under the di
rection of the board from May 1895 to
February 1S96 inclusive The total
number of samples so analyzed was 995
representing the products of 12 dif
ferent countries The countries in
whose products adulterated specimens
were found are as follows Belgium
5 samples 1 adulterated Denmark
182 samples 8 adulterated Germany
154 samples 43 adulterated Holland
250 samples 66 adulterated Norway
and Sweden 109 samples 2 adulterated
Russia 49 samples 5 adulterated
The countries contributing samples
among which no adulterated specimens
were found are Argentina 4 samples
Austria 57 Canada 39 France 62
New Zealand 21 United States 63
In regard to the adulterated products
the noteworthy points are the tre
mendous proportion of specimens over
34 per cent from Germany the large
proportion numbering over 25 per cent
contributed from Holland and the fact
that Denmark by far the largest con
tributor of foreign butter products to
the British market and enjoying
hitherto an almost irreproachable repu
tation in the butter market should
have contributed on a total of 182 spec
imens S adulterated or nearly 5 per
cent In regard to the other countries
the presence of the Argentina in the
English butter market even though no
doubt to a limited extent is worthy of
note Chicago Inter Ocean
What Was in liis Head
Tommy a pupil of a primary school
though almost an innocent took to the
oral lesson in physiology because it was
illustrated from a large chart His
teacher tells that one day she thinking
he had learned one physiological fact
attempted to show him off One Fri
day pur lesson concerned the head and
brain Knowing Tommys love for the
pictures I placed him where he could
get a good view of the chart and tried
long and hard to impress upon him that
his head contained his brain I really
thought that at last I had made an im
pression and saw a gleam of intelli
gence on his dull little face At that
moment the superintendent happened
to make a call and thinking I had ac
complished wonders Tommys fame
having reached him I called on Thomas
to tell where his brain was He gave me
a blank look and remained silent 1
tried again and put the question in an
other form Now Tommy I said
tell Mr M what is in your head
The little hand shotup and Tpjn
fairly oarea otite prtl cold It
was my last attexdptto show Tommy
off in public Chicago Timos Herald
-11 -
ticesV Tfcs fjfT ISrVi -- k
s yj
Furniture Window Shades Oil
Cloths Carpets Mattresses
Special attention given to Undertak
ing and Repairing
Main Street - - - - Paris Ky
Fire Wind and Storm
Short St Bet Broadway and Mill
James Connors
- - - Proprietor
Rates 2 And 250 Per Day
One hundred good rooms Electric
lights hot and cold baths barber shop
and Postal telegraph office etc
21jy96 ly
IF iLXjXj 1896
stock of Fruit and Ornamental
Trees Grape Vines Small Fruits
Asparagus and everything for the
Orchard Lawn and Garden We em
ploy no agents Try us on prices and
see the difference between those of a
grower and dealer Catalogue on ap
plication te
C20oct Lexington Ey
IBSISi fill
Do not bo deceived by alluring advertisements and
think you can get the nest made finest flnh and
for amero son Buy from reliable manufacturers
mas nave
earned a reputation by honest and sauare
utoff Ttaero is none in tho world that can equal
mechanical construction durability of worki nt
partaflneness of finish beauty in appearancer haa
vs maujr improvements as tne KfcW HOME
The Hew Home Sewing HacMne Co
Change Mass Bostok Mass 28 Union Sqttare NY
Chicago Ili St Louis Mo Daixas Texas
TJIi Green County Cleric Mt Olivet Ky
I want to buy for cash the following U S
Revenues either canceled or uncanceled at
the prices annexed when stamps are sent in
good condition
1 cent Express red imperforate 5 cents
1 cent Express red part perforate 5 cents
1 cent Playing Cards red imperforate50 cents
1 cent Playing cardsredpart perforated cents
1 cent Proprietary Tedpart perforate10 cents
1 cent Telegraph red imperforate 50 cents
2 cent Bank Check bluepart perforate 5 cents
2 cent Certificate blue imperforate 5 cents
2 cent Cert ticate blue full perforate 10 cents
2 cent Certiflcateorangef uli perforatelO cents
2centExpress blue imperforate 5 cents
2 cent Express blue part perforate 10 cents
2 cent Playing cardsbIueimperToratef0 cents
2 cent Playing cards orange 10 cents
2 cent Proprietary blue imperforate15 cents
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1 cent Pronrietaryorangefull pefrote15 cents
3 cent Playing cardgreenimperforateS2
3 cent playing cardgreenfull perrte20 cents
8 cent Telegraph green imperforatelO cents
4 cent Playing cardviolet perforate50 cents
4 cent Proprietaryvioletpart perfoatelO cents
5 cent Express red imperforate 10 cents
Scent Playing card red perforate 10 cents
5 cent Proprietary perforate 10 cents
6 cent Proprietary orange perforateS5
10 cent Bill of Ladingblue imperfotelo cents
10 cent Bill of Ladingbluepart perte15 cents
2 5 cent Bond imperforate j0 cents
40 cent Inland Exchangeimperforate7o cents
50 cent Probate of Will imperforate Si 2 3
70 cent Foreign exchangegreenjimateJW cents
51 Life Insurance imperforate SI
SI Manifest imperforate si 10
Si Mortgage full perforate SI 25
1 00 Passage Ticket imperforate 1 50
1 30 Foreign excliangeorange imate 3 Of
1 90 Foreign Exchange maroon 4 00
3 50 Inland Exchange imperforate 5 00
5 00 Probate of Will imperforate 7 00
20 00 Probate of Will imperforate 30 00
1 30 Bluo and Black 1 50
1 60 Blue and Black 2 00
5 cent Black and Green proprietary- 15 cents
fcent Black and Green proprietary u cents
10 cent Black and Green proprietary x 5f
oOcentBlacka d Green proprietary 3 i
1 00 Black and Green proprietary 5 00
5 00 Black and Green proprietary 15 00
lalso wish to buy old canceled postage
stamps aud stamped envelopes of any and all
denominations from 1SM0 to li75 for which I
will pay liberal prices Address
T GREEN Conuty Clerk
ML Olivet Ky
Notk The above named stamps can be
found on Deeds Mortgages Notes Keceipts
Agreements Bank Checks etc from i86l
to lS7o also on Proprietary Medicines
Matches etc
T o foregoing offer is genuine made in
good faith aud will be carried out to the let
ter in every instance when 1 receive the
stamps I have mentioned in good order
Reference Mt Olivet Deposit Bank or any
official of Robertson county
T Li Grujsn County Clerk
mmammJmmmmimmmmmmmttmm nn Vi w i
Paris Kentucky
This is a smcothfence that will turn
any kind of stock It is made from the
best hard steel drawn specially for tht
how it is made
The large steel wires forming the
horizontal bars are first coiled around a
I inch rod thus practically becoming
COILED SPRINGS their entire length
These are securely tied together by 1ft
cross bars to the rod The cross bar
are best quality of annealed wire
galyanized wrapped three time
around each horizontal bar
its advantages
Being a self regulator it is always
ready for business slacks up for 3d
below as cheerfully as it takes a new
grip for 90 in the shade gently but
firmly persuades a runaway team to
reconsider its- action An unruly bull
is safe as a canary in its cage it saith
unto the festive hog thus far shalt
thou go The fierce wind and drifting
snow pass by and it heeds them not
There is no terror in the locomotive
spark The trespasser is not led into
temptation and the rail stealers oc
cupation is gone The hired man and
the lagging tramp alike scorn it proffer
ed shade Like the model housewife
when well supported it is always neat
and tidy
Economy is not our sole object in
placing posts for farm fence at the un
usual distance of 20 to 30 feet apart
Farmers say the closer the posts the
better the fence That may apply to
common fences but depending largely
on its elasticity we prefer the long
panel For cemeteries lawns yards
etc they should of course be nearer 13
to 20 feet is not objectionable
We have completed and are now
building a lot of this fence for Bourbon
farmers and you can examine into it
merits for yourself
Estimates cheerfully furnished Youi
may put up the posts and we will build
tho ffinft nr wb will flnnfrrant to do thft
whole job If you are needing any
j fence see us We will save you money
ana stiii ouua you tne Dest ience maae
Paris Ky
The Page Wire Fence In Bourbon
Millersburg Ky May 4 96
Messrs Miller Collins Agents
Paris Kentucky
Gentlemen I have had the Page
Woven Wire Fence on my farm forj
about eighteen months and am welL
pleased with it It has proved to he all
that is claimed for it It tarns all kinds
of stock and is as tight as it was the day
it was put up and has stood some severed
tests A horse of one of my neighbors1
fell across the fence a few months agoi
and was not taken off for several hours
but when taken off the fence went back
to its place all right with the exception
of a few staples During the storm of
April 24th a good sized tree was blown
across the fence and bent it down to tho
ground As soon as the tree was cast
off the fence went up all right and wa
as good as ever with the exception ofj
one broken wire and a few staples oui
of place
I am so well pleased with the fencer
that I am going to put up more of ifcl
right away Respectfully
5my tf Wm Becraft
We are prepared to furnish at rea
sonable prices locust posts by the caiV
load Delivered at your nearest rail-
road station
have employed a first class
experienced tailor to take charge
of our cleaning repairing and pressing
department Work done on short
notice Our prices are lower than
others and we will do your work right
H S STOUT Manager
24mar tfj
All Kinds of Posting Distributing Etc
Promptly Attended To
A 42xll0 foot lot in Williams ad
J dition well located Will be sold
at low price on four payments one
fourth cash balance in three equal pay
ments at six twelve and eighteea
months Address L L care Tbs
News Earis Hy
Cnt tall von n11 nlmiit iba novrVvlM
iuutdsoma deslsrns beautiful fra
2 VJMX v
fait Ma11a lriw Txwtma cniuvlnA nii j i i Z
ZVuTm ZfZZXZZrsZS T Yr- iui hPlun3 a RPiu auepacea nj Cot i
iCTtfiiasjffifeus2Luu wixrfrtt
ktL tfSxJ
Ife trfl
- 7 - -- fGLJgjfh
- yp
- S
s l
S i
O -

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