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o -
Sixteenth Year Established 1881
Published Every Tuesday and Friday by
ru n
BROCE 3I2DLER f Edlors andOwners
EISUEELY the two
strolled along- on
the outskirts of
that little New
Mexican village
she half -hid den
under a drooping
leghorn sunshade
he in a wealth of
outing flannel his
blouse coat care
lessly unbuttoned
swinging- her big- bouquet of purple
jimpsous back and forth as he talked
everything- else but sermons and the
Methodism at that moment being- ex
pounded in the village church
Too warm for that doctrine this
morning- he said WelL just try a
Utile theology of our own up there
under the devils pulpit V pointing- to
a huge pile of rocks near town thrown
together like a big black platform
lie -turned his merry dark eyes upon
the sunshade as he quoted
4 Wherever God erects a houscof prayer
The devil always builds a chapel there
Were in a dangerous way then
- she replied in grave alarm They
might count us in
Oh never Wed be recognized as
cats in strange garrets at once but
wait a minute as they approached a
little adobe hut Lets see if old San
doval is at home It is no end of fun to
guy him and I expect hell kill me yet
He has five cents or maybe 25 cents hid
den away somewhere under these mud
bricks and I told him I was coming
around to day to dig up the floor and find
it He actually believed me and I have
no doubt has been all day hiding the
paltry shekels iii some new place
The girls attention was at that mo
v xnent engaged by a burro sleepily f all
iDg over the high banks of the Galisteo
river and she did notlook into the shab
by room How many times afterward
she wished she had
In a few minutes langford Afras at her
side again a little out of breath from
haste His face was flushed too as he
said laughingly
I just slipped a cactus blossom in
the old fellows bed Itll be only a
little faded flower by night but it will
have its reminders of me
Macbeth doth murdqr sleep you
remember and you aTe the same stripe
of assassin only your way is worse than
lenifing the girl said
Think so Well go on with your
sermon as thejr reached a shady place
under the very droppings of the great
pulpit I dont mind it in a cool re
treat like this with plenty qf room to
rstretch myself and 3red Langford
pushed his hat back from his forehead
in a boyish way and felt for his hand
kerchief There another handker
chief gone If lose one I lose 50 a year
7ut say go on with your little preach
1 rather like to hear you
A dark low browed Mexican ac-
quaintance stopped in the grateful shade
just then
She says I committed a murder back
there on old Sandoval Garcia and shes
trying to make me sorry for it Lang
ford said lightly in Spanish
Whats that the Mexican asked
in surprise
Oh she says I am a murderer one
of your throat cutters you know But
I didnt dig up the old mans money
- 1 left that for you and he laughed at
the wondering gleam in the mans black
eyes as he passed on
What makes you talk so Kate
r Markley asked Can you never be
serious Now -that Mexican half be
lieves what you said
Whats the odds if he does Say
Ivate do you believe in everlasting pun
ishment or just the many stripes of
retribution we get here below he
asked turning the subject with a sud
den characteristictwist
So the conversation passed on in a
pleasant summer talk sense and non
sense delightfully mixed
The next morning the village was wild
with excitement for poor old Sandoval
was found murdered in his bed and on
circumstantial evidence Langford was
arrested for the crime
Circumstantial evidence exclaimed
Jvate Markley in indignation and
What evidence can there
3qssibly be against such as he
nvvnn irlv there not only can
be but there is much was her in
formants reply- In the first place
there was an altercation between the
two during the day and afterwards
Sandoval went so far as to express fear
of the young man Besides this Lang
fords knife covered with blood was
-found in the death chamber his pocket
handkerchief actually among the
vclcthes of the disordered bed I
But that can all be explained re
turned the girl He was just playing
a joke on the old fellow 1
A sorry joke indeed Langford
jokes generally do not require explana
tion but I hope he will be ready with u
substantial one this time and the
speaker passed on leaving Kate alone
with this dreadful intelligence
And she had no alternative but to
suffer She could not go to the miser
able young man though no one in the
world loved him so well And he as the
network of evidence closed around him
drew himself up austerely within his
suffering self In reply to a sad little
note of sympathy he refused Kate the
simple comfort of helping him bear his
trouble because forsooth he would
disgrace her forgetting foolish man
that womans love is his manna in the
The poor girl had nothing left to do
but to dread the future and brood over
the past that beautiful Sunday morn
ing sweet with rosemary but she re
membered too the poisonous jimpsons
they gathered and all the chaffing talk
came back to her like mocking spirits
to increase her anxiety Her
ness ana aiscomnxure were eumjjieie
when she was subpoenaed as a witness
for the prosecution
Ah me in the presence of that Mexi
can jury all those innocent words the
reckless fun were like stones around
Langfo rds neck and the penitentiary-
if nothing worse yawned before him
Kate had not seen him since his ar
rest and now as she looked into his
pale face into his sad dark eyes so dif
ferent from the merry ones she had
parted with she could have cried out
at the change One moment he gazed
long and earnestly in her face then he
turned resolutely away and from
thence forward seemed oblivious of her
The girl was recalled to herself the
curious crowd in the room and all the
miserable circumstances by a question
from the prosecuting attorney
You saw the defendant enter the de
ceaseds house on the day of his death
Yes but it was just for fun
Was the deceased at home
Oh no well why I dont think
Did the defendant say he was not
No but why I know he wasnt
How did defendant seem when he
came out
Why just warm from running to
catch up with me
Rather excited red in the face per
Yes for it was very warm
What did he say
Only that he had put a cactus in thi
old mans bed Thats just how he lost
his handkerchief there you see
But the lawyer did not exactly see
and he continued
What did defendant sav to the Mex
ican Garcia in your presence about
murdering the man Sandoval
As that question was put to Kate it
tsuddenly started a clew in her mind
as a flash of lightning sometimes re
veals a person at your window in the
darkest midnight For a moment the
flash of thought blinded her and she
could not answer even stammered and
made so bad a matter of it when she
did that the poor defendant repressed
a groan Her thoughts were all the
time intensely taken up with this new
idea even when she heard this young
man sentenced to the penitentiary ten
years for manslaughter
No one pretended to believe that Lang-
ford deliberately planned the murder
only that it came about from a prac
tical joke to a quarrel thus the sen
Kate saw Langford a moment in the
hall as the sheriff was taking him away
and so crushed and- miserable he was
that her heart nearly broke at the sight
of him With her eyes streaming with
tears she ran to his side and clasped one
of his cold hands in her hot ones But
een then he would not allow his mis
fortune to compromise her Putting
her gently aside he said in tones too
low for anyone else to hear
Please pass on I cannot allow this
Kate I am a jailbird now Good by
The next moment a massive door had
closed between them Never to meet
again The grief -stricken girl could
have fallen where she stood at the reali
zation of it all Then there was her
lart in it She wondered in her agony
of fear how much her words had
weighed against him But she did not
lose sight of her clew
Langford was innocent of course
Then some one else was guilty she
reasoned and she had never forgotten
the evil covetous gleam in the man Gar
cias eyes Nobody else saw it however
and nobody took any interest in her
wild words She must work out her
problem alone and she began with her
Spanish grammar Her Spanish studies
took her into the Mexican quarter
and long and earnestly she strove to
get a foothold in the man Garcias house
but without success and the way he
looked at her sometimes made her heart
One day in her little room she sank
down discouraged and began thinking
fast and hard There was one last
thing she could do but it was a very
difficult thing indeed
I fear I am a poor detective she
said sadly but I can be brave and
faithful anyway
The next moment she started up
her book under her arm and was off for
the Spanish quarter
If I succeed she was saying to her
self Brother Ben will help me I know
he will
Now it is proverbial that no class of
people under the sun are such super-
A j i r
SUXIOUS cowurus us uuu jguumui jicaj
cans They are never known to pass
a graveyard at night and violent death
has such terrors for them that let one
of their number be murdered and for
months afterward a whole town lull
of people men as well as women dre
dark for fear of encountering the dead
mans ghost So abject are the inno
cent as well as the guilty in this pe
culiar terror that Kate found it a
hard task to perfect her important
plan Finally for a money considera
tion the young Mexican with whom she
argued her case began to yield
Now remember Jose she said in
parting the money is yours when you
bring Filipe Garcia to night at mid
night down the path by the old San
Pedro cemetery
Si senorita he answered earnestly
I will get him there
It was a moonbright night but very
cloudy for a New Mexican sky The
moon passed in and out among the
storm messengers like a lantern carried
through a forest on a dark night now
appearing now disappearing in an
uncertain kind of way and giving
shape and ghostliness to the most harm
less things
The little old cemetery was just at the
edge of the village and surrounded by a
high adobe wall It was almost exactly
the time when the village clocks were
striking 12 that halting uneven steps
were heard along the hard adobe walk
leading to this humble Gods acre
Then as they came nearer a protesting
voice now refusing to go any farther
now raised in agonized entreaty It
was Jose Martinez then who said
firmly unpityingly that he certainly
would go farther even dov n that very
lane to the graveyard Next there were
sounds of scuffling as if Jose might be
carrying out his intention with
cult3r It was just as they reached the
side of the burying ground opposite
poor old Sandovals new made grave
that they hesitated Everything was
deathly still but each man could have
sworn that he saw something beside the
long rows of white and black crosses
within and Jose himself was not proof
against any moving thing in a ceme
tery at that hour He had no taste for
seeing graveyards yawn He stopped
stock still lettingo his victim The
latter had every inclination to run
and indeed started but at that very
moment an awful white apparition ap
peared above the wall and his knees
gave way beneath him He sank down
trembling crossing himself mutter
ing Ah Dios Jesu Christi in
the most abject supplication The fig
ure leaned toward him Felipe Gar
cia it said in awful tones you killed
me where is my money where is my
money you killed me
The wretched man fairly groveled in
the path and groaned aloud in his ter
You killed me you killed me
where is mv money where is my
money continued the voice
His tongue essayed to answer but
could hardly utter a vord
Its its its in the wall in my
placeta Oh let me go I let me go he
howled in anguish
Where is my money where is my
money still went on that merciless
It is in the wall by the door behind
a loose brick Its 1 there I never
used a cent Now fct me go Ah
Dios let me go ad the frightened
wretch fainted in the path and lay
there a senseless heap while the ghost
disappeared as suddenly as ghosts ever
Long before Garcia could steady his
trembling limbs for carrying him home
Jose had long since disappeared
strong witnesses were already there
poor old Sandovals money was safely
in their possession and the little ghost
was crying nappy tears un nci u a
brothers arm
Great was the excitement in town
when the facts were produced at day
light and Garcia arraigned in Lang
fords place So frightened was he
still that he did not hesitate toconfess
every detail of his crime How the
money was suggested to his covetous
mind by Langfords careless talk and
the murder was a means to it Thi
knife he had found and simply used be
cause it was sharp
One evening long afterward when
the sorrow of all this had put on its
second mourning Kate and Langford
stood in the doorway for a good night
word x
Oh there is the new moon ex
claimed the gi rl Quick look over
your right shoulder Fred
He put
a strong right arm down
around tHe stanch little -woman and
said gravely Do you believe in such
nonsense as that Kate
Of course and it is not half so silly
as that superstition of yours
And pray what is that young lady
Why you believe in ghosts she
said with a laug h
The arm around her tightened its
hold and he said with the deepest feel
ings in his heart
Well that is so God knows I do be
lieve in one ghost- Detroit Free Press
The word bumper has a peculiar
origin When the Itoman Catholic
church vas in the ascendency in Eng
land the health of the pope was usually
drunk in a full glass immediately after
ri inner an bon pere to the good if a-
not pass bjyjnd their thresholds alter ther Hence the word bumper
We wish the fellow who alwayi
aks you What do you kijow would
be made minister to South Africa for
There are people who are so par
ticular about their work that they
never get anything doneWashington
la Democrat
She Why you foolish boy if I
married you yon wouldnt be abie even
to dress me He Well er couldnt
I learn Brooklyn Life
Critic Where did you get the idea
for that picture Painter Out of
my head Critic You must be glad
that it is ouL Fliegende Blaetter
Weve got to admit that the bi
cycle has come to stay thats cer
tain Well that depends on whether
yon get it for cash or on installments
Boxbury Gazette
There is poetry in everything
mused the editor now there is yonder
waste basket And he laughed as he
sometimes did when he was all alone
Detroit Tribune
Mr Barclay is so well read he
repeated an exquisite quotation last
night What was it I cant give
you the exact words but he said hed
rather be something in a something
than a something else in a something
else Chicago Record
A Reminder Bluff I frequently
have something flash upon my memory
that I had forgotten for years Bragg
Did one of your flashes ever happen
to recall that ten you borrowed of me in
89 Detroit Free Press
Irepared Insect Food for Birds and Othee
If you are the owner of a mocking
bird or a gold fish or a chameleon which
you wear chained to your manly or
womanly but erratic bosom much to
the consternation of your nerve racked
friends you have probably hod occa
sion to call on J H Wehrmann the old
bird man on South Sixth street for
the purpose of buying food for your
When you got there he probably of
fered you your choice of either dried
flies or ants eggs in quantities to suit
the size of your purse or the stomachic
capacity of the said pet
You may have been startled the first
time at these efforts but if you were
curious enough to inquire you learned
that both are very common articles of
diet for imprisoned birds and reptiles
and that they are imported to this coun
try by the barrel
The flies are obtained from Mexico
They live in the swamps in various sec
tions of the country and the individual
insect is called the moscos It is small
and delicate much more delicate than
the omnivorous scavenger the common
house fly and its whole body has the
appearance of having been gilded In
life it must be beautiful It is perfect
ly harmless The flies swarm by the
thousands and millions and are cap
tured in silken nets by men who make
it their business Great quantities qf
them are cured or dried in the City
of Mexico and other towns further
east Most of them that are shipped
to the United States come through La
redo Tex They are packed and sold
by the barrel
Mr Wehrmann usually buys them in
ten barrel lots and retails them in small
quantities lou can get a large en
velope about half full for ten cents and
from this you can judge that a barrel
ful of them must costa pretty penny
The ants eggs are brought from Ger
many mainly from a point near Ham
burg In the Black forest lives a mon
ster ant and the eggs are deposited in
the ground in such numbers that when
a nest is uncovered it is just like dig
ging into a wheat bin where the- egg
hunters commence work with their
After being dried they are packed ia
barrels and shipped to the different
parts of the world by the firms engaged
in the business The supply for thia
country is distributed through TTew
Now if somebody will only start a
flea catching industry or a bed bug
brigade we will not only be wiservbut
happier Philadelphia Times
Her Love Was- Ever True
She was as fair to look upon as a
primrose on the brooklets brink He
met her one morning in June as she
was tramping over the dew sprayed
grass with a milk pail in her hand and
immediately fell in love
He told her he was a poor artist He
was in fact the son of a millionaire
and lighted his cigarettes with ten-dollar
Would you he inquired when she
had accepted him always be content
to live in poverty for my sake
Dearest Irdm break a crust for you
she sighed
For she had just learned from hex
brother wlio had been to 3Tailstreets
mercantile agency that her fond lovei
was rated at Al and had a house it
town a cottage at Newport and a banlt
account which would fill one of hei
lathers haymows Let no man sav
lhat the Arcadian days are gone She
meant shed break into the upper crust
N Y Herald
Qnoer Astronomical Facts
The speculative astronomers hav
given us some queer calculations and
odd comparisons One of the most curi
ous of these is one in which the relative
size of the sun and some of the planet
is shown They tell us that if the suf
could be represented by a g lobe twe
feet in diameter the earth would be rep
resented proportionately by a pea
Mars by a pinhead and Mercury by i
mustard seed Chicago Chronicle
They Did
I think said the center rush a
he looked up from -the stretcher upoi
which his mangled limbs were ex
tended I think v
They bent with pitying glances- tc
catch his last words I think thatii
that last scrimmage they gtvbon toxnej
iY Journal
- j lTf
Hew York World
18 pagea a week 15 papers a year
Is larger than any weekly or semi
weekly paper published and ia the only
important Democratic weekly pa
lished in New York City Three times
as large as the leading Republican
weekly of New York City It will be of
especial advantage to you during the
Presidential Campaign as it fa pub
lished every other day except Sanaa
and has all the freshness and timeliness
ofadailv It combines all the news
with a long list of interesting depart
ments unique featnrea cartoons ana
graphic illustrations the latter being a
All these improvements have been
made without any increase in the coat
which remains at one dollar per year
We offer this unequalled newspaper
and The Bourbon News together one
year for 250
The regular subscription price- of the
two papers is o00
C i
434 Main St
Paris Kt
Paints Oil Yarnislies
Brushes Artists Ma
terials Window
Glass Etc
Estimates promptly furnished for
glass paints painting and decorating
Scientific American
4 Agency otA
Vsv Zdi S - CWi
vn M wr o n invmi
Cured By Baco Cnro and
For Information end froo Handbook vrrito to
HUNN CO 2iU Bro mwT New Yomf
Oldest bureau for securing pntcntn In America
Every patent taUen out by us is brought before
the publlu by a notice given freo of charge- In tho
r f Z MttMl
umum mmm
LavRoat circulation of any selonUflc paper In th
world Splendidly Illustrated No IntclllKcnC
man should bo without It Weekly 300 ts
year 150 six monthi Artdnw MUNN CO
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tary of tho Star Accident
Company for information
regarding Accident Insur
ance Mention this paper
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membership fee lias paid over 60000000 for
accidental injuries
Be your own Agent
hj n
Thk tobacco habit grows on a mim until
his nervous system is seriouuly affected im
pairing health comfort and happlDess To
quitsuddenly is too sevcro a shock to tht
system ns tobacco to an inveterate user be
comes a stimulant that his system craves
Baco Cuvo is n scientific cure for the to
bacco habit in all its forms carefully com
pounded after the formula of an eminent
Berlin physician who has use J it in his pri
vate practice since 1X72 without a failure It
is purely vegetable and guaranteed perfectly
I harmless You can use all the tobacco you
5 want whilo takinc Baco Cnro It -will
notify you when to stop We give a -written
guarantee to cure nermfinently any case
with three hoxe or fefund the m6ny with
10 per eent interest Baco Curo is not a
suostitute but a scientific cure that cures
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inconwnio ce I leaves the system an pure
and free from nicotine n the Jny you took
your first ohew or smoke
Gained Tliirty
From hundreds of testimonials the origi
nal of which me on file and opeu to Fn
Bpectlon the following is presented
Clayton Spvnda Co Ark an 28 189
Kuieka Chemical f Hi fir Co La Crosse
Wis tiPntlcmcn For forty years I used
tobacco in ah its forma For twenty five
years of that time I was a great suflerer from
general dcbWMy an heart cl scase For
fifteen yoartfP tried loqu tbut couldnt 2 took
various remedies nmong others
The Infll m Tobsteco Antidote Double
tiuonni uoiu etc nut none of them did
me me on or gnou Finally however
puicnnsc a uox oi your Baco Cnro and
buscnmeiy cured me of the hnhlt ia nU it
lorm aim j nave increased thirty pounds in
-weight and am relieved from all the numer
ous ache- lie pains of bodv a d mti ri t
couLd vine a quire of
paper upon my clansr
ed feelings and condition
lours respect fully
i1 rwl 4t
if m Maritory
r C P Chr Clnyton Ark
Sold - oy nl druggists atSlOo nen thr
thnty days treatment V2TQ with iron-
riiii ii inixfiHin
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receipt h wnto lor booklet and
proofs KureL a Chemical Mftr Co u
Crosse Wis and iiostouMas
foN q
DU fe
t i mcTNTCK
j Al jam
a iri4tA fti
iil ll
I wvr 1 V0
The modern stand
ard Family f
cine Cures the
common every day
ills of humanity
aT 1 par
Effigy HAfUR
IOTl fT Ol Vnaf -
HS Physician of 20
treatment t7 i
Ko etarvins wrinkles or flabbineea Im i
ueaun atm beaJtt8i comnllnn
ttdans aaU society ladiw te SfftffiSS
PATIEMTS TRA yrrr dv ki
Baltimore Philadelphia
codenttally For particulars srtdrcsa with strafei
J rfflriwMMT v
Thfr Only Line Running PuWman VestU
buled Trains with Dining Cars
The Only Direct Lin
Through- Car3 from CINCINNATI to
General Passenger Agent CINCINNATI Q
Hew York
b I
s 3
ifrft i
iW I t rt
hwm ib T mM tj
st c i
P M K mt
jv r - a
cx I
TV j r T Jw A
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TASr fUimt liUTTUA
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able Electric Lights
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W E EENPRO Lexington Ky
i r
f r0 S has tolled innarecla of for tho bt citizens of Boylo
Mercer Anderson Wooaiord Sco B0nVrn Svette and adjoining connriM
TSSXW0taM tohe citizen 3
W R Bono nndertabes tt drill wells as ni ok and ctaoan as it i possible anj
-rip nim a card
T Uli TIT w
uiuerb 4 TaJbotta
i v r -
- iri i
Paris Ky reeeiTvprornpl
i i - -
p Atiinnt T TT5TTNC4TUi JI
Bidence Krr PMk S Umtou StWl W tfW
1 r
r ii
M in III
mq VV m

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