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AHiouses on Plantations in
ince Which May Serve
A a Kef ujje for the iSnemy to Be De
Btroyed The Insurgents Continue
Burninjr tho Cane Fields Gen Pin
Returns on Sick Leave to Spain
Key West Ma Jan 22 Passen
gers by the steamer Olivette bring the
following Havana newl
Xhe sinking of the gunboat Relam
pago caused a sensation Nothing is
known except from the official reports
Private advices are anxiously expected
It is said a mysterious ship was seen
near Cape Cruz and it is being asked
if it had any connection with the oc
Weyler has started witKlO000 men
and intends crossing Havana province
and to March through Matanzas to
wards Santa Clara He has ordered
the commanders of the zones of Ha
vana within three days to destroy all
houses on plantations which may serve
as a refuge for the enemy except those
for the use of the detachments The
rebels continue burning cane fields
Gen Pin prohibited in an indirect
way the grinding of cane in Cienf ugos
by arresting laborers and capturing
carts The foreign planters wished to
know if he had a written order to pre
vent work Pin consulted Weyler not
hiding his sympathies with the plant
ers Weyler sent a curt reply trans
ferring Pin to Bayamo and Pin re
turns on sick leave to Spain All
classes at Cienfuegos have telegraphed
Weyler expressing regret on Pins de
Havana Jan 22 The remains of
Henry Delgado the American prisoner
who died Wednesday morning at the
San Ambrosio hospital where he had
been confined ever since his arrival in
this city after his capture in an insur
gent hospital hi the province of Pinar
del Rio were interred at 4 oclock
Thursday afternoon in the Colon cem
Capt Gen Weyler after he left Ha
vana marched along the highway to
Guines which place he reached Wed
nesday Nothing further is known of
his movements
Advocates More Friendly Trade Relations
With the United States
Montreal Jan 22 Premier Lauri
er speaking to a public meeting here
Thursday night on Canadian trade ex-
tension said it had long been his opin
ion that commercial relations between
Canada and the United States should
be more friendly than they are
at ipresent While he was emphatic
in asserting that the efforts of
parliament should be directed towards
getting for Canada the trade of the
western states he wished it well un
derstood that he was against the idea
that friendliness with the United
States meant hostility to England
The Canadian government intend-
ed to have so far as they could
better trade relations with the
rpUiiitei States but if -that meant
- hostiiity to England they would
have none of it It was the boast of
- Canadians and he was proud to say it
that colonials though they were they
did not believe the sun shone on a
freer country than this and they felt
gratified to the great empire which
protected their liberty It was with
these sentiments that he wished
to approach the government of
the United States If it were hi
duty and privilege to go to the
United States and speak of better trade
relations between Canada and that
country he would say We come here
not as suppliants but as free men to
talk business with free men and if you
will accept a basis of relations upon
this ground let us at once negotiate
but if you expect that we come here
simply to starve in the country to
which we belong we shall do nothing
of the kind
15y an Overwhelming Majority Refuses
to Remove the Picture of Jeffermm Da
vis From Its Position Over the Speakers
Little Rock Ark Jan 22 Six
years ago this month the Arkansas
legislature passed a bill appropriating
359 for a painting of Jefferson Davis
and instructed the sergeant-at-arms to
hang it over the speakers chair a
place formerly occupied by a portrait
of George Washington Wednesday
Jacob King of Stone county intro-
duced the following resolution relative
to the picture
Be it resolved by the house of repre
sentatives of the state of Arkansas
that Jefferson Davis picture be re
moved from where it now hangs and
placed to the left of the speakers
stand where Gen George Washing
tons picture now hangs and that Gen
Washingtons picture be placed over
the speakers stand where Jefferson
Davis picture now hangs
The house by an overwhelming ma
jority rejected the resolution
Mr King says he was in the confed
erate army and with Gen Lee at the
surrender of Appomattox and intro
duced the resolution at the urgent re
quest -of his constituents
Jf o Receiver Asked For
Columbus O Jan 22- The report
from New York that a receiver had
been appointed for the Columbus
Hocking Valley Toledo railway ia
emphatically denied by the officials of
the road here -They claim there has
been no thought of even an applica
tion for a receiver
IBaggajro Agents Convention
Ricioioxd Va Jan 22 The six
teenth annual convention of the Amer
ican Association of General Baggage
Agents adjourned Thursday night af
ter selecting Denver Col as the place
and October 13 as the time for the
next annual meeting The association
decided against the proposition tq
transport dead bodies as baggage
The Plague in Bombay
Bombay Jan 22 The official re
turns of the health authorities for the
jst week show that the number of
Jeaths from the bubonic plague wax
Unfitness is TJuquestionahly Sett Bnt
Prices Are Unimproved Ijrir Produc
tion But as Yet Rut Tattle Increase ia
New York Jan 23 R G Dun
Co will say Saturday in their weekly
review of trade
Tnere s more business though not
it better prices It is interesting that
almost all prices which will change at
all are lower than a week ago and vet
business is unquestionably larger
There is larger production but as yet
not as much increase in con
sumption and there is larger buying
of materials but at present on
ly because better prices are expected
in the future - A few conspicuous fail
ures during the week have had no ma
terial influence The market for se
curities is slightly stronger and yet
there is very little doing The numoer
of hands employed all industries con
sidered is slightly larger than a
week ago with adverse change
in the rate of wanes All
apprehension of foreign disturbance
of money markets has passed away
but there is still great caution in mak
ing loans It is a mistake to reckon
these as symptoms of depression On
the contrary in view of the lower
range of prices in important industries
the conditions all indicate larger pro
duction and a consumption increasing
not as yet large but steadily
The earnings of railroads in January
have been 44 per cent smaller than
last year
Wheat corn and cotton exports are
the key of the financial situation and
during the past week wheat has de
clined e and corn v while cotton is
unchanged The western receipts of
wheat are still small
The woolen industry is as slow as
ever and no real improvement appears
in the demand for goods although ow
ing to the lateness of the season there
is a little more doing both in spring
and in winter goods without quotable
change in prices The heavy buy
ing of wool mentioned last week has
continued and is understood to be in
anticipation of expected duties the
sales at Boston alone having amounted
to 11856000 pounds Quotations have
not changed as yet although western
holders are quite stiff In the minor
metals a stronger tone is general
The iron industry is engaged in set
tling relative prices and the slow oper
ation retards business in many
branches since the future of prices is
uncertain Bessemer pig is a trifle
The bar association has been in ses
sion to consider the reduction of steel
bars to one cent and in large con
tracts even lower and the billet asso
ciation has again been called together
to meet on the 29th although there is
no prospect of its re organization and
billets are selling at 1525 at
Pittsburg The increase in manu
facturing is perhaps more definitely
shown than in any other way by the
production of coke which steaaily in
creases 9817 ovens being in blast
against 8173 idle and the weeks out
put 100886 tons is over double the
output for October Failures for the
week have been 409 in the United
States against 373 last year and 65 in
Canada against 61 last year
Appoints Kobert EL Courtney Receiver ol
the Suspended Gorman National Bank
Louisville Ky Jan 28 Controller
Eckels has appointed Eobert H Court
ney receiver of the suspended German
national bank Mr Eckels urges that
a part of the deposits appearing on the
banks books are fictitious The
controller has declined to forward
President McKnights papers for
a reorganization and says the ar
rested bank officers shall have
nothing more to do with national
banks Mr Eckels also said that Mc
Knight had been elected president
against his warning F M Hays
the expert accountant of the don
trollers office is on his way to Louis
ville to assist the district attorney in
securing evidence for the prosecution
of President McKnight Hays is the
man who worked on the famous cases
of the Fidelity national bank of Cin
cinnati and the Indianapolis national
Mr McKnight had nothing to say
Friday morning about the charges
against him but informed the report
ers that he had called a meeting of the
directors for Friday afternoon when
he would make a statement clearing
himself of all blame with the banks
For the Arrest of Cashier Stone of the
Defunct Sioux City Savings Bank Is
Sioux City la Jan 2a Warrants
for the arrest of Cashier E P Stone
of the defunct Sioux City savings bank
were issued Saturday The depositors
counted on 20000 of cattle paper in
the bank vaults as among the best as
sets An investigation tailed to dis
cover either the cattle or the makers ol
the notes however and the depositors
feared Stoue had forged them Reports
that he had fled increased the excite
ment and Friday his arrest was re
solved on by the depositors Accord
ing to his friends he is negotiating f oi
a position in New York and expected
to return here in three weeks He is
charged with forgery making false re
ports to the state auditor withdraw
ing the banks money for his own use
and giving in return worthless secur
Ex Cashier Youtiey Makes an Assign
Newport Ky Jan 23 Thomas B
Youtsey ex cashier of the First na
tional bank of Newport Ky made an
assignment Friday morning C W
Nagel is assignee The sureties are
L J Crawford the attorney for Scott
Jackson and John Schroll president
of the Newport national bank
Miss Breckinridge Admitted to the Bar
Frankfort Ky Jan 23 Miss So
phronia Breckinridge daughter of Col
W C P Breckinridge was admitted
toother bar hy the court of appeals Fri
day mommcr
For Use in His Annual Reports The
retary of the Treasury
an Increase of Silver Certificates
of Small Denominations
Asks for
Uniformity in
Bank Statistics
- ii
Recom mends
Washington Jan 25 The secre
tary of the treasury has informed the
senate that unless immediate steps
are taken to increase the daily deliv
ery of silver certificates of small de
nominations by the bureau of engrav
ing and printing the stock of such cer
tificates in the treasury will be so de
pleted as to prevent the redemption of
the denominations usually called for
by the banks He recommends an ap
propriation of S4G000 for increasing
the force to keep up with the de
Washington Jan 25 James H
Eckels comptroller of the currency
has sent a letter to- the governors of
the states requesting them to recom
mend legislation to secure uniformity
in the collection of banking statistics
for use in the annual report of the
comptroller In order that conformity
in time and manner of reporting may
be secured Comptroller Eckels
has suggested in his letter to
the governors that the attention
of state legislatures be called tolbhe
subject and that each legislative body
be requested to enact such legislation
as will result in the submission to a
designated public official of the state
reports of condition of all banks bank
ing institutions and private banks do
ing business in the state at the same
dates on which national banks are re
quired to make their reports to the
controller of the currency t
Treasury Portfolio Will
Likely Be
Tendered Him This Week
Canton 0 Jan 25 Lyman J
Gage of Chicago was actively dis
cussed here Sunday and he may now
be fairly considered a strong cabinet
probability It is likely that the treas
ury portfolio will be tendered him this
week The doubts about Mr Gages
political faith and economic creeds
have been removed within the last
twenty four hours by the visit of Alex
ander Revel of Chicago to Canton It
may be safely assumed that his ap
pointment is being more seriously con
sidered than ever
There is an impression that the cabi
net will be practically completed with
in two or at least three weeks with
the possible exception of one place
The secretary of state is of course
decided upon and the secretary of the
treasury will be as definitely determ
ined and so will be the secretary of the
interior but the portfolios of war of
the navy of agriculture of justice
and the post office department will be
changed a good deal Gen Algers ap
pointment to the cabinet is not regard
ed as certain but the belief that he
will be in it grows and this notion is
strengthened by the knowledge that
ex Governor Merriam of Minnesota
and Henry C Payne of Wisconsin
seems to have been dropped for the
time at least from tho list of those
-who are are being seriously considered
The Jail Doors Battered Down and a Ne
gro Tken Out byi Mob and Lynched
TALiiAHASSEE Fia Jan 25 On Sat
urday evening the 16th hist Miss
Emma Apthorpe daughter of the late
Wm Apthorpe at one time surveyor
general of Florida and also president
of the famous returning board that
gave the electoral vote of Florida to
Mr Hayes was attacked as she was
driving to her home in the suburbs of
this city by a Negro known as Pierson
Taylor who tore her clothing entirely
off Before he could injure her fur
ther her screams brought help and
her assailant escaped Monday last
he was arrested and committed
to jail There werex threats of
lynching but nothing was done and
the sheriff had begun to think every
thing was safe from trouble of that
kind At two oclock Sunday morning
a small mob gathered in front of the
jail and on being refused admittance
broke down the doors dragged the
man out and hanged him to a tree and
filled his body with bullets before he
died from strangulation A coroners
jury examined the body and returned
a verdict of death from hanging and
shooting at the hands of unknown
Counterfeiters Arrested
New York Jan 25 Henry Barnard
and his wife Charlotte living at No
535 West Forty fourth street were ar
rested Saturday night by secret serv
ice agents as counterfeiters When
they were arraigned before Commis
sioner Shields the agents said they
found a complete coining plant in their
rooms and about 100 dangerous coun
terfeits 10 25 and 50 cent pieces The
prisoners pleaded not guilty and were
remanded to Ludlow street jail in de
fault of 5000 bail for examination
Bryan Gives a Namesake SIOO
Burlington la Jan 25s Since
election there has been born to Mr
and Mrs C L Masdin of Burlington
a boy baby Mr Masdin named the
boy William Jennings Bryan Masdin
and notified the late presidential can
didate Friday Mr Masdin received a
personal letter from Mr Bryan in
closing a 3100 silver certificate
The Iiaurada at Hampron Roads
Baltimore Jan 25 The American
steamship Laurada Capt Hughes
which has been charged by the Spanish
agents -and representatives in this
country with having successfully
landed a number of filibustering expe
ditions within the Cuban lines is at
Hampton Roads with a cargo of or
anges and lemons from Palmero and
Messina consigned to this city
Craig Beats Carroll With Rase
London Jan 25 The one inuTe
championship run which fook place at
Bolton Sajturday was won by Craig
who beat Carroll with ease
7 w
The Inventor of the System of Stenogra
phy Which Bears His Name Dead
London Jan 23 Sir Isaac Pitman
the inventor of the stenography which
bears his name is dead
Sir Isaac Pitman was born at Trow
bridge Wilts January 4 1813 After
six years service as clothiers clerk
he was sent to the Normal college oi
British and Foreign school society
London and after fiVe months train
ing at the close of 1831 was appointed
master of the British school oi
He established
the British school at
in 1836 and removed
to Bath m 1839 His first treatise on
shorthand entitled Stnographic
Round Hand appeared in 1S37 and he
thus became the originator of spelling
reform to which and the propagation
of his system of phonetic shorthand
he devoted his entire attention since
1843 when the phonetic society was
established His system of short
hand was renamed in 1840 and entitled
Phonography or Writing by Sound
wm - Yw
and bis Phonographic Reporters Com
panion appeared in 1846 Mr Pit
man edited and printed the Phonetic
Journal Besides printing his own in
struction books for teaching phonetic
shorthand Mr Pitman had issued a
little library of about eighty volumes
printed entirely in shorthand ranging
from the Bible to Rasseles In the
autumn of 1887 an internation
al shorthand congress and
jubilee of phonography was
held in London and Mr Pitmans fam
ily was presented with his bust A
gold medal from the phonographers of
the United States and one from those
of Great Britain and the colonies were
presented to Mr Pitman in recognition
of the invention of his system of short
hand and of his labors for the reforma
tion of the English orthography Mr
Pitman received the honor of knight
hood in 1894
Of the Coast and Harbor Defense Im
provement Convention The Army Re
organization or Ijauaont Bill Folly
Tampa Fla Jan 23 In the coast
and harbor defense and improvement
convention Friday the committee on
resolutions submitted its report which
was adopted without debate The res
olutions provides that the convention
shall not submit any suggestion to the
United States government looking
toward the appropriation of any spe
cific sum of money for the national de
fense leaving the matter entirely to
recommendation of the proper author
The army reorganization or Lamont
bill is fully indorsed and an early
consideration of the same bill by con
gress is urged and its passage recom
mended An increase in the annual
appropriation for the state militia of
the United States and the distribu
tion of the Springfield rifles turned
in by the United States army
among the militia or national guard
of the various states is recommended
Congress is urged to enact such legis
lation as will give proper aid to the
naval reserves of our country The
yearly addition of fighting ships and
torpedo boats to the strength of the
navy is recommended The attention
of congress is called to the necessity
of immediate protection to the sea
board of the country The convention
closed its session Friday
The committee on resolutions further
recommended the organization of a
national defense organization and that
the following gentlemen constitute
the officers of the permanent associ
ation for the first year Presi
dent Gen Horace Porter of
New York secretary Col J
A Frye of Massachusetts first
vice president Gen J B Gordon of
Georgia second vice president Gen
Lew Wallace of Indiana third vice
president Hon A K McClure of
Pennsylvania fourth vice president
Gen R A Alger of Michigan fifth
vice president M H De Young of
California sixth vice president Gen
Wm Miller of Florida seventh vice
president John C Popes of Massachu
A national committee is also sug
gested as follows
Alabama A A Wyley Florida J E
OBrien Georgia S G- McLendon
Indiana T M Defreese Illinois O S
Witherall Kentucky W B Halde
man Louisiana J W Dupree Minne
sota E C Babb New York E A Mc
Alpin North Carolina C Dewey
North Dakota S E Stebbins Penn
sylvania Wm R Thompson South
Carolina J C Hemphill Vermont
Henry Wells
Gov Bradley Will Not Interfere
Frankfort Ky Jan 23 Gov
Bradley will not discuss the probabili
ty 4 of a pardon or commutation for
Jackson and Walling His reason for
silence on the subject is thai the man
date is not in his hands and the case
is not yet officially before him
It is known however that the
governors views about the guilt of
the condemned man are positive
and that he will not interfere- While
this is not given on the authority of
the governor himself it is from a
source which is thoroughly reliable
The datcof the hanging will be some
wliere about the middle of February
C - t
J wtJ
The Arbitration Treaty Canal Bill and
Rebellion in Cuba
Will Be Discussed in the Senate The
Bankruptcy Bill Iiikely to Bo Called
Up The iiew Immigration Bill Will
Be Introduced in the House
Washington Jan 25 The arbitra
tion treaty the Nicaragua canal and
the insurrection in Cuba will be again
discussed in the senate during the com
ing week Senator Turrie of Indiana
will open the Cuban debate Monday
ostensibly on Senator Camerons reso
lution recognizing the independence of
the Cuban republic Mr Turpie will
devote a considerable portion of his
time however as he said to a con
sideration of the subject of the
independence of congress with
such incidental strictures on the
manifesto or Secretary Olney as may
occur to plain outspoken man who be
lieves the executive department has
overstepped its proper function in
seeking to intimidate the senate by the
threat of the veto power and the pre
dicted defiance of contemplated legis
lation Mr Turpies penchant for sar
castic comments and his failure to con
form to the polite language of diplo
macy in attacking policies he believes
to be wrong lead to thebelief that his
speech may be piquant reading
The condition of the Nicaragua bill
is particular it is still the unfinished
business Senator Morgan who has
given the subject careful consideration
says the bill is drawn so to come with
in terms of the concession granted by
Nicaragua and he denies that the let
ter of minister Rodriguez has any
weiffht whatever He will antagonize
the motion to send
to the committe if
and insist upon
the bill beinsr taken
the bill back
any is made
the vote on
The debate in
the senate will probably be protracted
until the correspondence of Nicaragua
called for by Mr Morgans resolution
adopted Saturday is received Mean
while the Rodriguez letter will have
an important bearing upon the general
treaty of arbitration which will be
taken up by the senate committee in
special session Monday Friends of
the Nicaraguan bill will antagonize
final action of the treaty until some
thing definite is done on the canal bill
At the conclusion of Mr Tur pies
speech Monday the senate will listen
to eulogies on the late ex Speaker Crisp
The bankruptcy bill which was on the
special order for 2 oclock will in all
probability be postponed a few
days The bill to provide for the rep
resentation of the United States by
commissioners at any international
monetary conference hereafter in the
bill called the Wolcott bill will be con
sidered Monday after the morning
Less than six weeks of the present
session of congress remain and this
fact has impressed up the managers of
the house the necessity of more vigor
ously pushing the appropriation bills
yet remaining to be considered II
was stated Saturday by a member oi
the committee on rules that the agri
cultural and Indian bills now on the
calendar would be the principal items
of business on the programme this
week These bills although carrying
comparatively small sums usually give
rise to more debates than others on the
list Their distribution provided foi
in the agricultural bill is sure tc
evoke criticism and the Indian school
question can be relied upon to occudj
a day or more of the time of the house
The Indian bill further con
tains the provisions of the bill
reported two or three weeks ago tc
abolish the offices of Indian commis
sioner and assistant Indian commis
sioner and confer their duties on a
board of commissioners This may be
promptly disposed of on a point of or
der but is more likely to be the occa
sion of considerable talk before being
thus disposed of The new immigra
tion bill agreed upon by the conferees
will be presented to the house Monday
and the advocates of the measure wjll
endeavor to secure a day later in the
week for its consideration
Calls on the Attorney General for Infor
Washington Jan 25 Mr Allen
pop Neb offered a resolution which
was agreed to without objection call
ing on the attorney general to inform
the senate whether he had entered
into an agreement or stipulation with
the reorganization committee of the
Union Pacific railroad respect
ing the foreclosure of the
government lien thereon and
the amount to be bid in the event
of the foreclosure of the lien also to
send to the senate the full text of the
agreement or stipulation together
with the names of the parties thereto
and of the persons comprising the re
organization committee as well as the
written authority he may have for be
ginning such foreclosure proceedings
or entering into any such agreement
or stipulation
Minister Willis Remains in 3LoulsvilIe
LouisviLiiE Ky Jan 25 The re
mains of the late Hon Albert S Wil
lis minister to Hawaii who died in
Honolulu January 2 arrived Sunday
night accompanied by Mrs Willis and
her son The casket was taken to the
residence of W H Delaney father of
Mrs Willis The funeral will take
place Tuesday morning at 1030 oclock
from the First Christian church and
the burial will be in Cave Hill
Editor McCullagh Successor
St Louis Jan 25 A meeting of the
directors of the Globe Printing Co
Capt Henry King was appointed ed
itor of the Globe democrat to succeed
the late Joseph B McCullagh For 14
years Capt King has been an editorial
writer on the paper His first news
paper work was done in Quincy 111
He went from Quincy to Topeka Kas
as editor of the Commonwealth and in
18S3 was engaged by the Globe-Democrat
Capt King was born in Ohio 54
years ago He stated Sunday evening
to a United Associated Presses reporter
that no changes in the polic3r of the
paper were contemplated
Rich nourishing Wood in winter keeps the sys
tem healthy and strong and wards off colds
tevers pneumonia and bronchitis It is given by
The best in fact the One True Blood Purifier
Ha1t Dillc are the best after dianer
UOOU 5 tlllb nins aid digestion 25c
Substitutes for Nails
The first nails were undoubtedly the
1 dont quite see
Biggs lantern jawed
sharp teeth of various animals then
it is believed pointed fragments of flint
followed The first manufactured met
al nails were of bronze The nail with
which Jael killed Sisera was a woodem
tent pin probably pointed with iron
Bronze nails have been found in the
Swiss lake dwellings in several places
in France and in the valley of the Nile
Oszts Wonderful Skill
The most skillful of all pianists was
Liszt When learning his profession
he was accustomed to practice scales and
exercises for ten hours a day It is said
that he practiced thus in private for ten
Paris Womans Club
Paris has a womans club where home
less women can spend their evenings
and get their meals There is a good
library and for 60 francs a year a wom
an may become a member All the em
ployes about the place are women
A Thermometer Free
Warnors Safe Cure Co of Rochester N
Y are sending out a limited number r ac
curate spirit thermometers Graduated from
20 degrees below zero to 120 degrees above
and mounted on heavy 4xG inch card board
in red and green by mail free to any ad
dress on receipt of two cents in stamps to
pay postage To be sure the free distribu
tion of the thermometers is intended to ad
vertise the celebrated Warners Safe Kid
ney and Liver Cure sec advertising col
umns but nevertheless they will be found
to be useful as well as ornamental little
articles for the home or office and well
worth the little trouble aud expense of
sending for them
why you call Mr
Why because his
face lights up so wheu he talks Brooklyn
The Strongest FortlGcation
Against disease one which enable us to un
dergo unscathed risks from hurtful climatic
influences exposure overwork and fatigue
is the vigor that is imparted to a debilitated
physique bv the peerless medicinal safe
guard Hostetters Stomach Bitters You
may possess this vigor in a higher degree
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cular development may be far inferior to
his Vigor implies sound good digestion
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bv the Bitters which remedies malarial
rheumatic nervous and kidney trouble
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regulate or remove your desire for tobacco
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An Atchison man and his wifo are not on
speaking terms because he said he couldnt
tell bis rubbers from hers Atchison Globe
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with SU Jacobs Oils cure of it
Tokning a mad dog loose is a trtfiing
thing compared to what the devil can do
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Tni man who wears a hair shirt hates
those who dress comfortably Rams Horn
who accord
ing to the
story ran
away with his
bride did not
love her one
1 particle more
lban a thou
sand honest
husbands of
the present
No novelist
could invent
a story of truei
manly devotion
than the humble
romance revealed
by the following
letter from Mr
Harry Chant of 211 Haskell Avenue
Dallas Texas
About fourteen or fifteen months ace
I was working with a gang of men and happened
to say to one of them I hope it will not rain a
3 have a bijr washing to do for the children
The man said What is the matter with youi
For years my wire had been suffering frorc
what the doctors called prolapsus of uterus Sh
was nervous had cold hands and feet palpita
tion headache backache constipation a disa
greeable drain with bearing down pains no
petite She got so weak shecould not get around
I am only a laborer so was always in debt with
the doctors aud all for no good as none did hei
any good We began to think that she was nevei
golug to get well
Itold this man what the doctors said was th
matter with her and he said did you ever heai
of Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription I tolc
him no but J had tried so many patent medicinei
that I was tired of them all and besides I did not
have enough money to pay the doctor and th
drug store- He said it I would get two oi
three bottles and try them and if it did not dc
my wife any good that he would pav for the med
icine I went to the drug store Mr Clawbef
on Elm Street and bought a bottle The first
and second did not seem to have much effect bul
the third seemed to work like a charm She has
taken in all about thirteen bottles 3nd she is to
day as stout and healthy as any woman in the
United States This is not the only case When
ever T hear tell of any woman who is sick in the
neighborhood I just send the book and paper that
is wrapped around every bottle and that does tht
business I am no lonjier bothered about doing
my own washing and cooking for my wife car
do it all in one day and never seems tired or our
oT spirits now
Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets cure consti
pation promptly and permanently
VfrL iL

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