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Thousands of People in Northwestern
Louisiana Destitute
The People Have No Money No Credit
and No Provisions A Train Load of
Sued Corn Distributed Among the
Farmers Many Cattle Dying1
New Obleans La Feb 5 The en
tire state has been aroused by stories
of the famine and in every hamlet
where prosperity exists funds and food
are being- collected for the north Lou
isiana suffer ers
The famine is spread over the par
ishes of IVinn Catahoula Union
Grant Lincoln East and West Car
roll Vernon and Webster and over
parts of Natchitoches and Rapides par
The lowest estimate placed on the
number in absolute need of immediate
relief is 75000 Besides rations it is
necessary to furnish the poverty
stricken farmers with seed to make a
crop this year and to avoid another
A train load of corn was distributed
Thursday in the destitute country
The drought which caused the pres
ent suffering- began in April and last
ed until November Crops on the most
fertile soil could not have survived
Cattle died for want of forage
Those saved are dying now of starva
A blizzard swept the country Janu
ary 25 This was followed by a week
of freezing weather killing small
crops of vegetables The intense cold
weather adds to the suffering of the
A correapondent who has traveled
over Vernon parish sends the follow
ing specimen cases of poverty
I saw one farmer of 73 and his aged
wife The husband is helpless The
family had no meat the man and wife
have been living on corn bread They
have lost 40 head of hogs out of 43
Their cows will die There was no
coffee sugar or molasses in the house
They had no money and no credit
One widow has been living for
weeks on scalded salad consisting of
boiled mustard and turnip greens She
had no meat and no corn bread
A husband wife and four children
were found barefooted There was
some bread in the house but it was
nearly gone
In another poor farmhouse a nus
band wife and two young girls had no
shoes no meat no bread not even mo
lasses which is one of the staples
Because ller Husband Shut Her Up In a
Folding Bed
Chicago Feb5 Mrs Annie Krusch
in a divorce bill filed in the superior
court complains that her husband
August C Krusch shut her up in a
folding bed and nearly smothered her
She says she was married in 1SS6 and
lived with her husband until last July
when she was compelled to leave
him In the summer of 1894 she al
leges her husband seized her by the
hair and dragged her into a bedroom
m wbjcb was a folding bed He threw
her violently down on the bed which
immediately closed on her and before
she could get out she was nearly suffo
cated and badly bruised The wife
asks for the custody of her children
The Pope Has Another Fainting Spsll
Rome Feb 5 Dr Lepponi the
popes personal physician was hastily
summoned to his holiness bedside at
530 oclock Thursday morning and
found that the pontiff had fallen into
a fainting fit from which however he
soon recovered Dr Lepponi has as
sured inquirers that the faintness of
the pope is not a serious matter as lat
terly in consequence of his advanced
age he has frequently had such spells
Nevertheless the doctor has forbidden
that his holiness hold any receptions
for the present
Edward J Ivory in New York
New Yokk Feb 5 Edward J Ivo
ry the young Irishman who was ac
cused by the Scotland Yard detectives
with being in a dynamite conspiracy
witn if d if xynan tne supposed no
torious No 1 and others to destroy
life and property in the British king
dom and whose trial in London two
weeks ago resulted in a miserable fias
co for the English authorities arrived
here Thursday on the steamer Majes
Dyins Prom Iuck of Pood
Xaipuk India Feb 5 The failure
Of the rice crop lias impoverished 1300
villages and hundreds of persons are
starving The worst part of the dis
trict is Dharmapara 30 miles from
here Many people have already died
from hunger The staff employed in
the work of relieving the sufferers is
inadequate to cover the enormous
area It will take three years to re
cover the losses in this district
Bill to Prohibit Gold Clauses in Con
Springfield I1L Feb 5 A bill pro
hibiting the insertion of gold clauses
in contracts and other obligations was
introduced in the house of the general
assembly Thursday by Representative
William A Compton of Macoma The
democrats will support the measure
and they say there are enough silver
republicans in the legislature to secure
its passage
The Decree Signed by the Queen Regent
Madrid Feb 5 The decree author
izing the proposed reforms- in the is
land of Guba which it was announced
would be signed on Saturday was
signed by the queen regent Thursday
Bucky Lee in Luck
Bellefontaine 0 Feb5 Bucky
Iiee of this city is said to have fallen
heir to 9000 acres of land and 9S000
-by the death of a relative in Montana
Lee was recently released from jail
where he was serving a sentence be
cause he could not pay his fine for vio
lating the local option ordinance his
family being in want
The Plague in Bombay
Bombay Feb 5 The official returns
of the health authorities show tha up
to Thursday there have been 5098
cases of plague and 3341 deaths from
Jfihe disease iu the city
ro Stop the Presidential Canvass Con
Kress man Murray Says South Carolina
Vote if Fraudulent
Chicago Feb 6 The Tribunes
Washington special Friday night says
President elect McKinleys right to his
seat may not be officially declared next
Complications have arisen which
may furnish a dramatic interruption
to the counting of the electoral votes
next Wednesday Representative
George Washington Murray the only
colored member of the house who rep
resents the Charleston district will be
the chief actor in the dramatic epi
He has just returned from South
Carolina where he was in consultation
with the leading republicans of the
Palmetto state He is armed with a
monster petition signed by thousands
of republicans of the state protesting
against the counting of the electoral
vote and asking for an investigation of
the election laws and the state consti
The claim is made that the election
laws and the state constitution upon
which they are based are not in accord
with the federal constitution
While the dispute over the vote of
South Carolina can not in any way af
fect the final result it may give rise to
complication of a serious nature The
best authorities agree that the petition
can not be ignored and the investiga
tion of the precedents shows that
when such a protest is entered the
count must immediately stop until the
question is settled
Whatever the immediate result of
this attempt to discredit South Caro
linas vote may be there is no doubt
that the programme which is to be
thus inaugurated is a part of a gigan
tic scheme on the part of southern re
publicans to overthrow the iegistra
tion and election laws in various
southern states where the Negro pre
dominates but his vote is not a factor
It is proposed by the promotors of
this big political scheme to secure
either the republican domination
in these southern states or reduce
the democratic representation in con
No Enthusiasm in Havana Over the Pro
posed Reforms Cubans Believe They
Will Have No Effect in Stopping the War
Havana Feb 6 News of the pro
posed reforms contained in the long
cable dispatches from Madrid to La
Lucha and the Diario de la Marina
has not produced great enthusiasm
because no one here believes that the
reforms will have any ef
fect in stopping the war The
only persons who appear satisfied
are a few Spaniards of the old reform
ist party the officials and a half dozen
autonomists who follow the marquis
of Montoro The thoughtful element
of all classes is very much disappoint
ed The Cubans see in the scheme
merely a rehash of the futile Abarzuza
law of 1895 without any real conces
sions to the colony
Those who are interested in tariff
reforms say that the plan of Senor
Canovas can have no practical benefit
for Cuba inasmuch as it leaves un
touched the nnjust commercial priv
ileges of Catalonia and other northern
provinces of Spain
They do not see furthermore in
what degree the general budget of the
island will be reduced as the council
of administration will be merely a con
sultative body and the final decision
on all financial matters will depend on
Spain The debt also is a general topic
of comment for the new plan does
not redeem Cuba in the least
from the awful burden Havana
full of sensational rumors
A Pund to Be Called the Prince of Wales
Hospital Pund to Bo Raised
London Feb G The prince of Wales
has issued to the press a lengthy com
munication in which he projects the
creation of fund to be called the prince
of Wales hospital fund for London to
commemorate the GOth anniversary of
the queens accession to the throne
The object is to secure about 150000
pounds annually by subscriptions of a
Bhilling and upwards to meet the well
known needs of the hospitals which
are not met by existing funds with
which the proposed fund is not intend
ed to interfere The communication
states that a council will be appointed
of which the prince of Wales will be
president and Baron Rothschilds treas
Duty on Tin Plates
Washington Feb 6 The ways and
means committee have not yet reached
a definite conclusion as to the rates of
duty on tin plates in the new tariff
bill The chances are that the rate
will be finally placed at a point be
tween the present rate and that in the
McKinley tariff the republicans be
lieving that the tin plate industry in
this country does not require the pro
tection now that was given to it under
the McKinley bill as it is now no in
fant industry
Immigration Bill Denounced
New York Feb 6 A mass meeting
was held in Cooper Union Friday night
under the auspices of the United He
brew trades to denounce the Lodge
immigration bill Emil Kirschner
presided Prof Daniel D Myer Lon
don and others spoke Resolutions
were adopted declaring the Lodge bill
was demogogic and fraudulent in its
face and should be relegated to tho
waste basket
French and Siamese Fighting
Paris Feb 6 The Echo de Paris
asserts that fighting has begun on the
Siamese frontier between the natives
under French protection and the
Siamese The date of the fighting is
aot given no details are furnished and
confirmation of the report is not ob
Pitcher Radbarn Dead
Bloomington 111 Feb 6 At 1 p
m Friday occurred the death of Chas
Radburn who for many years was the
pitcher for Providence and Boston
teams of the National league Death
ivas caused by paresis
S i
The Wine and Spirit Schedule of
McKinley Law Adopted
Most of the Other Schedules Go Back to
the McKinley Rates Barley Effgs Salt 4
Starch Salt Meat Extracts Salt
Meats Poultry Among Them
Washington Feb 5 The work of-
framing the new tariff law has been
well advanced by the republican mem
bers of the ways and means committee
and the United Associated Presses was
Thursday enabled -to report progress
with leading schedules --
The last of the formal hearings of
interested parties was given on the
11th of January so that only a little
more than three weeks has passed
The chemical schedule which comes
first on the list the earthenware and
glass schedule the metal schedule and
the cotton schedule have all been put
in tentative form with some contro
verted questions still open and the
agricultural schedule was nearly con
cluded Thursday
The wine and spirit schedule of the
McKinley bill has been adopted almost
without the erasure of a line One of
the most important changes is on live
cattle which are covered by a blanket
provision of the existing law for all
live animals at 20 cents ad valorem
The rate under the new law will be 5
per head on cattle more than one year
old and 25 per cent ad valorem on cat
tle valued at above 20 This is
thought to establish a more equitable
rate than the McKinley law which
imposed ten dollars per head on cattle
more than one year old without regard
to value and is sufficiently protective
against the importation of Mexican
The rate on barley is the McKinley
rate of 30 cents per bushel which was
demanded by the American barley
growers Hay is at t per ton the
same as in the McKinley law and hops
at 15 cents per pound which is also an
extract from the McKinley law Vege
tables all go back to the McKinley
rates potatoes being put at 25 cents
per bushel and flaxseed at 30 cents per
bushel Other items on which the
McKinley rates are restored are salt 12
cents per hundred pounds in packages
and 8 cents in bulk starch 2 cents
per pound salt meat extracts 35
cents per pound salt meats 25 per
cent milk 5 cents per gallon and
poultry 20 per cent
Eggs go back to five cents per dozen
Oranges and lemons will be adjusted
in a manner to meet the wishes of the
California fruit growers The rates
have not yet been absolutely fixed but
will involve a differential specification
from that of the McKinley law Un
der the chemical schedule soap made
of caustic of soda and kindred chemi
cals remains at the rate fixed in the
Wilson law which is considered suf
ficiently protective The xDrincipal
oils are left at existing rates except in
the case of linseed and flaxseed oil
where an advance was required be
cause of the restoration of the McKin
ley duties on the raw material Re
fined borax is advanced fromtwa
cents to three cents per pound
which is somewhat under the McKin
ley rate Boracic acid remains at three
cents per pound the rate fixed by ex
isting law while borate of lime is in
creased to two cents per pound There
are only slight changes in dye stuffs
and their elements
Lead in ores is fixed at one cent per
pound pig lead at two cents and
whitelead and lead acetates at two
and one half cents These rates are
considerably less than those of the Mc
Kinley law
Castor oil is left at 35 cents per gal
lon the rate fixed under existing law
The cotton schedule has not yet been
quite completed but there will be few
changes except upon the fine yarns
and the costly fabrics The schedule
was satisfactor in its construction to
many of the manufacturers when it
was put in its present from and they
are asking only minor changes
Wines and spirits will be made satis
factory if possible to the California
grape growers and manufacturers but
as indicated this can be accomplished
by the restoration of the McKinley
rates The iron steel schedule like
cottons was left in a f airty satisfac
tory condition to the manufacturers
by the present law and will not be
changed except upon a few special ar
ticles like tin plate and cotton
ties and some of the forms of tube
steel There may be changes also upon
the more finished articles of manufac
ture like surgical instruments and
tools but the advances will not be
French Sugar Bill Passes
Pajsis Feb 5 The chamber of dep
uties Thursday adopted the sugar bill
after a scene arising from the discus
sion of M Boisserins amendment tW
only refiners employinsr 70 ner cent
Frenchmen should receive bounties
hft os
large The duty on steel rails has not
3et been fixed and the committee will
endeavor to obtain some of the further
data before adopting it The earthen
ware schedule is also completed but
will be putupon a firm protective basis
The rates on decorated china
were put exceptionally low in the
present law because of irritation be
tween the manufacturers and their em
ployes The new rates will be specific
far as practicable and plate glass will
be subjected to some advances Glass
above 24 by 30 inches and not exceed
ing 24 by 60 inches will bs left at pres
ent rate of 22 cents a square
foot The next highest size will
also remain at the present rate
of 35 cents per foot The smaller
sizes of plate glass are advanced
some 5 to 10 cents per foot when not
SAceeding 16 to 24 inches and from 8
to 12 cents per foot when not exceed
ing 24 by 30 inches square
Will Furnish the Bible
Xenia O Feb 5 The African M
E church of this city has been grant
ed the honor of furnishing the Bible
on which President McKinley is to
take the oath of office and Bishop
Arnett of Wilberforce is in Cincinnati
to procure a suitable volume A hand
some case will be made for it
- -
the Proposed Reforms in Cuba and
Rico as Signed By the Queen
Madrid Feb 6 A full abstract of
the proposed reforms for Cuba and
Porto Rico approved by the queen re
cent will be promulgated Saturday in
bhe official Gazette
The decree approved by the queen
regent is substantially as follows
7 Article L The laws of March 15 1895
will be simplified
The municipalities and assemblies of
the six provinces of Cuba will enjoy all
the liberties compatible with the laws
and respect of individual rights
The assemblies will have the right
-to elect their presidents In each as
sembly there will be an executive com-
vmittee elected by the assembly every
six months and its president will be
elected by said committee
The mayors and deputy mayors will
be elected by the municipalities from
amongst the members They will ex
ercise without limitation the functions
of municipal administration
The provincial assemblies will havV
one rigno lu auspenu mc uecibiuu ui
the municipalities when they go be
yond the limits of municipal rights
but in this case the municipalities will
have the right of appeal to the highest
court of the province
The provincial assemblies will have
large powers in matters of taxes in ac
cordance with the general local sys
tem of taxation
The appropriations for the provinces
and municipalities will be separate
The council of administration of the
island will be composed of 35 council
ors 21 of them will be elected by the
The governor general will be honor
ary president of the council and the
actual president will be nominated
by the governor general from amOng
the members of the council
In order to be elected councillor it ia
necessary to have the same qualifica
tions as are required to be deputy to
the Cortes and it is necessary to have
resided two years in the island
The cbrtes will determine the amount
of expense of sovereignty imperial ex
and will determine the total of
the budget To meet that amount the
council of administration will vote
every year the taxes and revenues
necessary to supply the expenses ap
proved by the cortes Only in the
case of the council of administration
not haying approved and voted by the
first of July the taxes and revenues
necessary to meet the budget approved
by the cortes the governor general
will decree them with the advice of
The council of administration will
frame and approve the local budget
The establishment of educational in
stitutions to qualify for governmental
positions except for those of the army
and navy will pertain to the council of
administration as regards the custom
tariff will be as follows
1 It will fix all custom duties
2 It will modify the fiscal duties for
revenue of importations in the island
subject to these modifications national
products directly imported to Cuba
will enjoy the indispensible protection
taking into consideration that the
taxes on foreign products will be for
revenue only
3 Taxes for revenue established by
the council of administration will be
applied alike to foreign and to national
4 Taxes on exports will be equally
levied and will not be differential but
it will be possible to except from these
rules the direct exports to Spain for
home consumption
5 No prohibition on exports will be
imposed upon products directly ex
ported for home consumption in Spain
The custom tariff will consist of
these parts One for revenue only
equally applied and in the saftne pro
portion to foreign and home products
and the other will consist of differen
tial duties imposed on all foreign pro
ducts and in this there will be a margin-
of protection for the national in
dustry with a maximum that the
cortes will establish
The government will fix for the first
time the articles of tariff which will
make up the differential columns
The taxes will not exceed 20 per cent
of the value of the articles The gov
ernment will decree a revision of the
valuation of merchandise after hear
ing all those interested pro and con
The council of administration will
be consulted as to the advisability of
negotiating commercial treaties and
conventions which it is the intention
of the government to negotiate and
this will be done after the final draft
ing of the treaty and its presentation
for the approval of the cortes
The council of administration will
respect mutual pending contracts and
at the expiration of the same will have
the right to accept or repeal them
The council will also have the power
of enforcing in the island the treas
ury laws of the peninsula so far as
regards a contract with the Bank oi
Article 2 provides that the govern
ment will embody in a single decree
the present rules and those of the laws
of May 15 1S05 developing both in by
laws which shall not change the strict
sense of the present decree
Article 3 enacts that the above men
tioned rules will apply also to Puerto
Article 4 prescribes that the date for
hft HTnlication to Cuba of the law oi
1895 and of the present decree to Cuba
and Peurto Bico shall be fixed by the
government as soon as the state of the
war will permit it
Plague Scare at Marseilles
Makseilies Feb 6 Many vessels
from India arrive at this port and the
ravages of the plague in that country
has excited among the inhabitants oi
this city a very lively fear that some
of them will be the means of introduc
ing the disease here The most vigor
ous precautions have been taken by the
Only One of the Crew Sared
Coruna Spain Feb 6 An unknown
French sailing vessel has been lost on
Cape Toriana the western extremity
of this province Calicia Only one oi
her crew was saved
Be Went Up with It Howerer When the
Steck Rose
Nicotine said the moralist accord
ing to the Washington Star is a ter
rible drug
I sometimes think that it doesnt
hurt a person who indulges in modera
tion responded the Star reporter who
was smoking a cigar
Thats the danger of it It is the
more pernicious because of its many
insidious phases If I had my way Id
abolish every leaf of tobacco from the I
markets Its a constant temptation
to waste and I am thankful that I never
squandered my resources in any such
Nor chewed
Certainly not
Nor iised snuff
Theidea is preposterous w
I suppose you must have saved a
great deal of money then These
small expenses count up yery rapidly
But of course a man must invest his
money to get as comfortable an income
as you appear to enjoy A friend of
mine was telling me about liow you
laid the foundation for your fortune
It was a small speculation was it
Urn yes it was
Would you mind telling me just how
you managed it
Why you see a friend of mine who
knows all about the market gave me
a tip and I bought some stock in the
tobacco trust
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the throat or larynx at a period long before
the discovery of equally well inarked symp
toms in the lungs is a fact which the daily
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Mother when you see your daughter lanpnifl
and indifferent to things that usually interest a
young- girl when you note that flush on her cheek
that glassy appearance in her eyes when your
daughter tells you that even the weight of her
dress waist oppresses her and that she has terri
ble pains in her stomach shortly after eating dont
ignore these signs If you do you will be follow
ing your daughter to the grave for she will die
This is gospel truth she is developing- consumption of the bowels
ILydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound is the greatest regulator known
to medicine Make haste to use it on the first appearance of the tell tala
symptoms it will restore all the female organs to their normal condition
Miss Marie Johnsons letter to Mrs Pinkham which follows should intei
est all mothers and young ladies She says
My health became so poor that I had to leave
I was tired all the tune and had dreadful pains
side and back I would have the headache
so badly that everything- would appear black be
fore my eyes and I could not go on with my
studies I was also troubled with irregularity of
menses 1 was very weaic auu iosi so mucn nesn
that my friends became alarmed My mother who
is a firm believer in your remedies from experi
ence thought perhaps they might benefit me
and wrote you for advice I followed the advice
you gave and used Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable
Compound and Liver Pills as you directed and am
now as well as I ever was I have gained flesh
and have a good color I am completely cured of irrecrularitv WnrflQ mnnflt
express my gratitude and I cannot thank you enough for your kind advice and
medicine Miss Mabee F Johnson Centralia Pa
i1 A

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