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Beported Jn Washington That Gen
Lee Has Been Assassinated
Adjt Gun Rykerg of Tennessee Receive
m Telegram Ordering Him to Washing
ton and Asking Him How Many
Men Could Be Furnished
Washington Feb 6 Rumors 01
various descriptions were floating about
Washington Thursday night the most
sanguinary of which was one report
ing the assassination of Consul General
Lee Joined with this and other sen
sational reports was one that the war
department was exercised about a
prompt readiness of troops in southern
states and had addressed the re
spective southern state adjutant gen
erals accordingly At least one of
these military functionaries has an-
nounced that there was nothing in
Havana Feb 26 Dispatches re
ceived here from New York say a ru
mor is prevalent that United States
Consul General Lee has received his
passports This is not true Lee has
neither received his passports nor has
he resigned his post The fact is that
a day or two ago he intimated his dis
position to resign if the United States
government failed to sustain the atti
tude he had assumed in the cases of
Dr Ruiz and Mr Scott He has gone
no further than this
Fbankfort Ky Feb 2G When in
formed of the sensational report from
Washington Thursday night that Sec
retary of War Lamont had sent dis
patches to the adjutant generals of the
l southern states asking them how many
troops they could place in the field in
4S hours Adj Gen Collier said he had
received no communication from Sec
retary Lamont Gov Bradley had not
been advised of an such inquiry and
was inclined to discredit the report
Louisville Ky Feb 20 A dis
patch from Nashville says that Adjt
Gen Ryker of Tennessee Thursday
received a telegram ordering him to
Washington also asking him how
many men could be furnished the
That Notified Secretary Olney He Would
Not Stand Another Ruiz Murder
New York Feb 26 Secretary of
State Olney Thursday at Washington
reiterated his denials as to Consul Gen
eral Lee having applied for war ves
sels to be sent to Cuba In view of
these denials the Herald Friday morn
ing publishes the cablegram sent by
Gen Lee to Mr Olney The cable
gram is as follows
Havana Cuba Feb 22 1897
Olney Washington Have demand
ed release of Scott American citizen
who has been kept in prison and in
communicado without due process of
law 11 days
Trust that you appreciate gravity
of situation and are prepared to sus
tain me
Must have warship immediately
low many ships have you at Tampa
Key West and southern waters and
are you prepared to send them hero
should it become necessary
I can not and will not stand an
other Ruiz murder Lee Havana
No Cause for Alarm Over Ilia Physical
Condition His Health Improving
Canton O Feb 26 There seems to
be some unnecessary alarm in the east
over the physical condition of the president-elect
Telegrams of inquiry ad
dressed to various persons here indi
cate that a feeling of uneasiness exists
It is without foundation however
Maj who has had the
grippe for ten days is improving
hourly and took two walks about the
street and a long drive His color is
returning and the sparkle has come
back to his eye Both Maj McKinley
and his physician are confident that
his health will be fully restored by
Thursday next Mrs McKinley is
also much better and the grippe has
practically left her There were no
visitors of consequence Thursday and
no one with the exception of the fam
ily and a few personal friends talked
with the president elect
It is proposed by the people of Can
ton to form a large proce ssion Monday
night next to escort Maj McKinley to
the railway station ne was to have
been given a public reception on Wash
ingtons birthday but it was abandon
ed on account of his illness The pro
posed escort to the station is to take
the plce in a measure of the reception
The rumor that CoL J J McCook pre
fers some other post than secretary of
the interior continues to be current
- Incorporate and Elect Officers Tho
Principal Office Will Be in New York
Albany N Y Feb 26 The Amer
ican Newspaper Publishers association
was incorporated by the secretary of
state Thursday with a capital of 1000
The association will provide a common
agency for gathering and
ing information of value to pub
lishers of reliable newspapers to
protect them from irrespon
sible seizures etc The princial office
-will be in New York city and the
directors are Charles N Knapp of
St Louis J A Butler of Buffalo
Win Bryant H F Gunnison of
Brooklyn Frederick Driscoll of St
Paul W N Seif of Pittsburgh Mil
ton A McRae of Cincinnati Charles
A Taylor jr of Boston and S H
Kaufman of Washington
Col Granger Commits Suicide
Winsted Ct Feb 26 CoL Cairn on
Algeron Granger committed suicide by
shooting at his home here early Thurs
day morning Col Granger was born
in New Marlboro Mass August 12
1S39 He was a member of the Second
Connecticut having served during the
war and participated in 19 battles with
out receiving a scratch Ill health the
npp4sed cause
Will Send a Committee
Springfield 111 Feb 2 The Il
linois legislature will send a commit
puttee to Carson City to ascertain
ivhther boxing contests are brutal
Ton y the Cubans One of the Most Jm
porlant of the War
Havana Feb 27 The estate of
Juan Csiollo in the province of Santa
31ara is becoming famous Besides
the great victory Gen Gomez won there
n February 1 the Cuban general has
just obtained in the same place the
most important success since the revo
lution began
The utmost efforts of the Spanish
luthorities in Havana have been ex
ited to suppress all news of the en
Gen Gasgo at the head of 1500 men
met Gen Gomez on the estate of Juan
Criollo Gomez was marching with
J 000 men Gen Gasco gave orders to
retire while his rear guard was in
structed to keep up fighting to
prevent the Cubans from too rapidly
pursuing Gomez ordered his cavalry
to advance rapidly on the flanks of
the Spanish column Gasco ordered
his column to form a square and stand
with fixed bayonets against the Cuban
Gomezs cavalry and infantry then
began to fire As soon as the Span
iards sought to leave the square and
deploy themselves in guerrilla order
the Cuban cavalry attacked them The
fight hacl been in progress two hours
and Gasco had already lost more than
100 men killed when Gen Segura ap
peared with a column Segura ad
vanced resolutely against the Cuban
cavalry obliging Gomez to withdraw
the two lines with which he was at
tacking Gasco The Cuban cavalry
then formed in one body to the left
and the infantry faced Seguras
But unexpectedly for the Spaniards
the Cuban artillery began to fire from
the higher of two hills The dynamite
gun did splendid work Three shells
exploding in the ranks of Segura blew
up 50 men
Gasco was then on La Reforma es
tate Then Seguras force also retired
to the same place severely harassed
Seeing that the forces of Segura were
also defeated Gasco sent messengers
asking help from Jatibuonico or Tag
asco Gen Ruis came with 1200
men At the approach of these Go
mez retire d to the Juan Criollo estate
The Cuban cavalry suddenly turning
on both sides attacked them while
the patriot infantry holding the two
hills with the artillery on the higher
one made havoc in the Spanish lines
Again the Spanish forces leaving
more than 500 killed on the plain were
routed in great disorder The news of
this battle reached Gen Weyler at
Placeta He was ill Some say that
he has been wounded others that he
is suffering from fever and again it
is affirmed that his illness was produc
ed by the shock of the news of this
battle It was a brilliant master
Btroke by Gomez It will usher in the
Beason with all Cubans dn good spirits
Of the New Administration In Regard to
the Cuban War No Meddling With tho
New York Feb 27 The Journal
Friday morning printed the following
dispatch from Julius Chambers its
staff correspondent at Cleveland O
Intense curiosity exists to know the
policy to be pursued regarding Cuba
by the incoming administration I am
able to state that policy on the high
est authority and in the epigram in
which it will be enunciated
There will not be any meddling with
the Cuban insurrection or any trifling
with Spain
Every citizen of the United States
will have the absolute protection oi
this government if war with Spain be
precipitated The first case of brutality
to a citizen of the United States will
be followed b3 immediate and unmis
takable action on the part of the ad
Maj McKinley is opposed to a recog
nition of the republic of Cuba because
he maintains that it does not exist
and that the only existing government
in Cuba is Spain The granting of
belligerent rights to insurgents he
argues would relieve Spain to a large
extent of her obligations to this gov
No claims of American citizens
would lie against Spain for the de
struction of their property on the is
land by the insurgents
Maj McKinley is equally opposed to
army intervention holding that condi
tions justifying such a step do not ex
ist The president elect has recently
expressed himself in writing to
the above effect The firmness nf
his attitude on the
due Americans living or
Cuba is unmistakable
traveling in
The consul
general at Havana will not appeal to
him in vain President elect McKin
lej will order every ship in the navy
to Cuban waters if necessary to pro
tect the life of a man women
or child who has a lawful claim on
this government
A politi cian close to Maj McKinley
said afternoon that the president-elect
is delighted with the stand
taken by Gen Lee that he pronounced
it unassailable and just the attitude
that he approved I can not vouch
for this as I can for the statement re
garding the Cuban policy of the next
president That I know to be correct
Conservatism on every phase of the
Cuban question except the rights of
American citizens They must and
shall be protected are Maj McKin
leys words
Will Be Cremated
Logan O Feb 27 Dr David Lit
tle who died Friday will be cremated
in Cincinnati
Suit Entered Against Ex Auditor Moore
Lincoln Neb Feb 27 Attorney
General Smyth Friday began civil suit
against ex Auditor Eugene Moore and
his bondsmen for the recovery of 23
000 due the state The petition which
is nearly 3000 words in length is simi
lar to that contained in the criminal
information filed against Moore twu
days ago
One Dead the Other Dying
Liberty Tex Feb 27 Stfm P
Perryman the attorney of Houston
Tex shot and killed Archie W Over
lon Efe was probably fatally stabbed
himself An old feud was the
j -
cssaxsr m
ihL wSifaacJf i3
At His Church in Canton Before Go
ing to Washington-
The Pastor Asks the Divine Blessing on
the Outgoing- and Incoming President
Ail Preparations for Leaving Can
ton Made at McKinleys Home
Canton O March 1 Maj McKin
leys last Sunday at his home in Can-
ton before starting out for Washing
ton to be inaugurated president of the
United States was marked by no unus
ual happenings He went to the
Methodist church of which he has been
a members since he was 17 years old
The church has a seating capacity
exceeding 1000 and it was crowded
Maj McKinley drove to the church
and was accompanied by Capt H 0
Heistand and George E Morse of San
Francisco whp married one of the
president elects nieces Snow was fall-
ing rapidly and almost obscured Maj
McKinleys figure as he walked from
the carriage to the church Maj
McKinley joined with evident relish
in the singing of the opening
hymn Jesus reigns Dr C E Man
chester the pastor who was a member
of Maj McKinleys regiment during
the war said in his prayer O Lord
bless our nation grant that peace and
righteousness may prevail We pray
Thee that Thy blessing may be on the
president of the United States in the
closing days of his admin
istration and nothing may
be done displeasing to Thee
Let Thy blessing rest upon Thy ser
vant who has been chosen to be the
chief executive of this nation We
pray Thee to go with him give him
great faith in Thee may he be sus
tained by the prayers of Thy people
that he may carry out Thj will We
pray Thee to manifest Thyself to him
and to all of us
Dr Manchester found his text in the
third verse of the 21st chapter of
Matthew The Lord hath need
His theme was the higher life In speak
ing of his home training he paid in a
delicate indirect way a beautiful
tribute to Mother McKinley In con
clusion Dr Manchester said How
shall we preserve the peace of nations
What are we to do for this great land
of ours There is one thought in all
of our minds this morning as our dear
brother and friend goes out to take up
the duties that lie before him Our
prayers that he do aright the great
work set before him
B F McKinley of San Francisco
an uncle of the president elect ar
rived in Canton Sunday He will ac
company the presidential party to
All preparations for leaving Canton
have been made at the McKinley
home Mr and Mrs Lafayette Wil
liams who are to share the private car
occupied by Maj and Mrs McKinley
will arrive here Monday The presi
dential train will consist of seven cars
a combination baggage and smoking
car a handsome new Pullman for the
newspaper correspondents a dining
car two Pullmans a private car for
Mother McKinley and her party and
a second private car which will
be the last car on the train
and will be occupied by the
president elect The train will be pre
ceded by one bearing the Cleveland
troop which is going to do escort duty
There will be about 65 persons on Maj
McKinleys special train most of them
being relatives or close personal
friends of the president elect
The train conveying the president
elect will leave here at 7 oclock Mon
day night and is scheduled to arrive in
Washington at 11 oclock on Tuesday
It will not be run at a high rate of
speed on account of Maj McKinleys
venerable mother and other la
dies who will be passengers
on it Safety and comfort will
be the end sought rather than swift
ness Maj McKinley will probably
say a few words of farewell to his
friends and neighbors before the train
leaves Canton He is to be escorted to
the train by several thousand Canton
people and the streets along the line
of march will be brilliantly illumin
Maj and Mrs McKinley took a drive
Sundaj afternoon They are both in
possession of their usual health
Proparinir to Send Troops Through Flori
da A Necessity for Protecting tho Coast
May Arise
Tallahassee Fla March 1 From
an incautious word dropped by a promi
nent state official here Sunday night
it was ascertained that the general
government has been making arrange
ments for some dajs past toward the
quick transportation of federal troops
through Florida in case of necessity
The story is that the railroads in
this state have been asked to co
operate with the northern lines and
have special trains ready at a
moments notice to transport gov
ernment troops to all points on the
seacoast It is also stated that the
Washington authorities have been in
communication with the state officers
in regard to calling out the state
troops if necessary and to provide for
their quick transportation to points
It is understood that this has been
going on very quietly for the past
week and that alL arrangements have
been completed so that at a moments
notice the troops could be thrown into
Tampa Key West St Augustine and
other coast towns and Jacksonville
No Hack of Union Among the Poworg
London March 1 The Athens cor
respondent of the Times denies that
there is any lack of union among the
powers although he says it is impos
sible to dissuade the populace from be
lieving that there is no union among
them There is confident expectation
among the Greeks that their country
will emerge triumphant from the con
A St Louis Savings Bank Fails
St Louis March 1 The Mullanphy
Savings bank the oldest and largest
savings bank in St Louis closed its
doors Saturday morning
iblsJ 1
Passes the Bill Providing for the Adjust
moot of Certain Labor Troubles Julio
- Sangully Released From Custody
Washington Feb 27 In the house
Friday the house bill was passed pro
viding for the adjustment of labor
troubles between carriers of inter -state
commerce aud their employes It re
quires the commissioner f labor and
chairman of the inter state commerce
commission in case of trouble between
a railroad company and its employes
to make an effort to settle it by con
cilliation FaiHng in xhis a board of
arbitration is to take hold of the
matter both parties to be bound by
its award Senate bill prohibiting
the importation of impure and un
wholesome tea was also passed
Washington Feb 27 The sub
committee of the senate committee on
appropriations had the naval bill un
der consideration Friday night and
will meet to make a final report to the
full committee Saturday The senate
committee will not add any battleships
to the bill though three of the 30 knot
torpedo boat destroyers will probably
be added to the bill
Washington Feb 27 The commit
tee on elections of both president and
vice president and members Friday
heard further argument in the alleged
South Carolina election frauds
Dr Sampson Pope independent can
didate for governor characterized as a
great fraud the constitutional conven
tion and reviewed the circumstances
attending it
Mr Corliss said that the memorials
presented by Mr Murray and which
were the subject of the hearing were
addressed to the congress of the
United States and asked Mr Pope if
he thought under these circumstances
if it should not be joint the senate
participating Mr Pope replied that
the house committee he thought
could act independently but individu
ally he favored a joint investigation
After further hearing the committee
went into executive session and de
cided to submit the facts gathered by
them to the house with the recom
mendation that the whole matter be
referred to the next congress In view
of its importance it was deemed un
wise at this late day of the session to
undertake the inquiry
Notifid of SanguiHys Pardon
Washington Feb 27 Secretary
Olney with the official notification of
Sanguillys pardon by the queen of
Spain in his hands visited President
Cleveland at the white house an hour
lW7 jr
JULIO sanguilly
before the cabinet met The anticipa
tion is that a similar notification has
been cabled to acting Capt Gen Ahu
mada at Havana and that Sanguilly
will leave Havana for the United
States on the steamer which leaves
Havana Saturday having first given
his parole to participate no further in
the Cuban insurrection
Ruizs Death to Be Invrstisrated
Washington Feb 27 Official cable
grams from Madrid received at the
Spanish legation regarding the death
of Ruiz show that the government is
aroused to most energetic action and
that orders have gone forward to Cuba
to have a most thorough investigation
into the affair This is regardless ol
the question of Ruizs nationality
for whether he is an American or not
the government has determined that
if a crime has been committed those
guilty shall be punished If Gen
Lees charges are correct that the doc
tor was killed or driven to suicide by
his jailers the severest punishment of
military law will be executed on those
Cabinet Meet in er
WASHiNGTONFeb27 The last meet
ing but one of the Cleveland cabinet
was held Friday It is said that per
sonal affairs incident to the close of
the administration formed much of
the subject
American Consul General to Cuba Open
ly and Shamefully Insulted by a Higl
Spanish Official
Havana Feb 27 The Marquis de
Palmerola made a scandalous personal
attack on Gen Lee Wednesday night
in the palace in the presence of sev
eral American newspaper correspond
ents The incident arose because the
censor refused to pass a dispatch for
the correspondents which said that the
release of Scott had been demanded
because he was both arrested and kept
ii prison in defiance of the law
Who told you shat shouted Gen
Palmerola the secretary of state for
the island
Gen Lee replied a correspondent
Gen Lee ii a liar imposter and
rebel shouted the little marquis with
an oath
Gen Lee is ot course too busily en
gaged in endeavoring to induce our
government to protect the lives and
property of our fellow citizens to pay
any attention to Palmeralo s outbreak
Wm J Bryan in New York
New York Feb 26 Wm J Bryan
did not have a large audience in Car
negie hall Friday night to hear his
lecture on Money but the audience
was in a moderate degree enthusiastic
and it applauded whenever it got a
3hance A number of ladies were
present and energetically applauded
Mr Bryans sentiments
Prominent Jesuit Dead
Montreal Feb 2Y Father Hudson
5x superior general of the Jesuits of
Oanada died at the convent of the Im
naculate Conception Friday morning
e was born in this province in 1823
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1 sV5
Of the United States Senate Draws i
Crowd Sunday Afternoon
It Was Strictly a Business Session aud
Consideration of the Sundry Civil Ap
propriation Bill Was Resumed
The Last Days of the Session
Washington March 1 An open ses
sion of the United States senate on a
Sunday afternoon is such a remarkable
and unusual occurrence and so much
at variance with the religious senti
ment of the country that crowds were
attracted to the north wing of the cap
itol an hour before 3 oclock in the af
ternoon the time to which the senate
at half past 2 in the morning had
taken a recess All classes and condi
tions of people were in the crowd Some
were on hand early enough to obtain
seats in that section of the galleries
that is open to the general public
Others who were the holders of tickets
to reserved sections presented them
and were admitted so loner as anv
space was left Those who could get
inside stationed themselves near the
gallery doors waiting their chances oi
admission or wandering listlessly up
and down the marble staircases and
the spacious halls As to the senators
themselves the day seemed to make nc
difference to them They were pres
ent in about the usual number a
vote taken soon after the proceedings
began showed that there were nearly
seventy senators in the hall some of
them being paired Nor was there any
noticeable distinction as to the men
representing the New England states
and the men representing sections oi
the country where Sabbath observance
is not so general or strict and business
went on just as it does on week days
It was strictly a business session and
consideration of the sundry civil ap
propriation bill was immediately re
sumed the question being on those
committee amendments which were
passed over without action Saturday
night The first of these appropriated
1085156 to pay the producers of sugar
the balance of their claims for bounty
under the McKinley law On this Mr
Vest dem Mo demanded the yeas
and nays and it was agreed to 37 to 12
The next amendments were those
making appropriations for- the great
river and harbor improvements under
contracts authorized by former river
and harbor bills the various amounts
being generally reduced by the com
mittee about 25 per cent from the
figures fixed by the house Eight or
nine pages of those amendments were
disposed of with little debate but the
item appropriating 5100000 to prevent
the Mississippi river from breaking in
to the Cache river near Cairo 111 pro
voked an extended discussion during
which the whole subject of the im
provement of the Mississippi river was
gone over
An item in relation to electric light
ing in the District of Columbia to
which Mr Hill dem N Y was op
posed gave that senator an opportuni
ty of expressing his views in relation
to a Sunday session of the senate He
had doubted the propriety of the sen
ate meeting on Sunday to enact legisla
tion for the people of the
United States His attention had
been called to various peti
tions presented by honorable senators
asking for a rest day for the District
of Columbia and he had been disposed
to acquiesce in the sentiment expressed
in these petitions He also remem
bered that the senator from Michigan
Mr McMillan who had suggested
this senate amendment had in
troduced a bill to Protect the
first day of the week commonly
called Sunday as a day of rest
and worship in the District of Colum
bia That bill if it had passed was
broad enough to prevent any legisla
tion on this day For those reasons he
hesitated to engage in a general de
bate But now to be serious he
Have you not been serious all the
time a senator asked in low tones
That is a reflection on the remarks
which I have made Mr Hill replied
and then he went on with his state
The amendment was adopted
The last week of the Fifty fourth
congress finds the senate with the
great appropriation bills in a more
backward state than for several years
Six of the annual appropriation bud
gets have become laws with the ap
proval of the president The Indian
bill and the post office bill the
latter of which was passed at an
early hour Sunday morning are in
conference There are now before the
senate the fortifications District of Co
lumbia the sundry civil and naval
bills The sundry civil bill was under
discussion Sunday afternoon This
and the naval and district bills prom
ise to be prolific in debate so that the
senate will be compelled to give closer
attention to its work during the few
remaining days than it has up to this
time The general deficiency bill will
be reported from committee Monday
If the debate is prolonged as some
senators appear to be content to have
it there will be good grounds for the
belief that at least two of the bills
may fail altogether
Bussia in Accord With Other Powers
Vienna March 1 The Politisch
Correspondenz semi officially denies
the statement that Russia would or
der Greece to recall her fleet and all
her troops from Crete within three
days It says that Russia is in com
plete agreement with the other pow
Venezuela Commission at an End
WASHiNGTONMarch L The Vevezue
Ian commission terminated its exist
ence Saturday at noon when its mem
bers Justice Brewer Frederick R
Coudert Andrew D White Justice
Alvey and President Gilman accom
panied by Secretary Mallet Provost
called on the president and delivered
its report of the work accomplished in
the year of its existence
Weyler Mmy Quit
Madrid March L The pardon ol
Sanguilly has greatly annoyed Weyler
and it is said he contemplates resign
ing his post as captain ceneral of Cuba
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a splendidly mounted
map of theUnitedStates
or a pack of best quality
Playing Cards
L W WAKELEY Gen Pass Agt
Burlington Route St Louis Mo
To more thoroughly introduce our Farnonn TVLr
tl S Bus Exit for the extermination of Water
Bugs and ltoaches we will give away In prizes tom
First Prize 8700 2nd 8300 3rd EMO
oMSacTheilexfc8Meach ThentM5 00each
Send us 25c and 5c extra for postage and wrwm send
you abox of the Exterminator with full directiouot
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A booklet handsomely illustrated
and the opportunities there for
5m own4rf Maed without ohnrge on
application to P S Eustis General Passen
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Agent C B Q R R Chicaeo 111
Frost bites are like burns and scalds All
are cured by St Jacobs Oil
What men call failure may often be what
angels call success Rams Horn
April May are the hest months in which to
purify vitalize and enrich the blood and
prevent and cure all spring humors ind the
best medicine for this purpose is

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